GridCubegood night00:46
GridCubesooo, next meeting is the 23?00:46
Unit193Next meeting is October 23, 22:00 UTC to elect project lead00:47
GridCubeits not been updated on the channel topic00:47
Unit193charlie-tca or micahg: Topic?00:47
Unit193Just noticed that too00:47
GridCube:) i had a test today so i couldnt come 00:49
Unit193I missed it myself, and I can't vote at the next oen00:51
Unit193You still want the tests done on your site?00:52
Unit193If so, link me?00:52
GridCubewhat do you think about it?00:54
Unit193It's not great if I have a test finish right at 00:0000:56
GridCubeoh, yes... should i allow people to change the date? 00:56
GridCubei could00:57
Unit193Well, there may be problems with that, charlie is the person telling you what he needs, no?00:57
GridCubenot really XD00:57
Unit193(And yes, I have finished past 00:00 before :P )00:57
GridCubehe said what he wanted back in the day, since then im doing it all by myself XD00:57
GridCubebut i need feedback to know that im doing things right01:00
Unit193I had a few comments, but that's the only one I remember01:01
GridCubei added a way to remove duplicated entries from the admin area01:01
GridCube:P because there is an ├╝bber admin area01:02
Unit193I've had to go and change mine before, will I be able to change my own01:02
GridCubeno :(01:03
GridCubebut you can ask an admin to do it, or add a comment stating why the previous is wrong and the admin will delete it01:03
Unit193Hmmm.... So I'll have to restrict my idiotness01:03
GridCubegiving people the power to delete entries is dangerous01:04
Unit193I agree, that's why I was asking about my own, but that's fine to ignore01:04
GridCubei could make a "password" field so people will be able to delete entries if they added a password for themselfs01:05
Unit193Would that expire after 3 days?01:05
GridCubei don't think i know how to do that, if i do that i would be permanent01:06
Unit193Alright... Might be best to talk to madnick maybe?01:06
Unit193I think those were my comments :P01:08
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #xubuntu-devel to: Xubuntu Development | Oneiric Ocelot Beta2 released | #xubuntu for support | Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu | Xubuntu Community meeting 2011-10-23 at 22:00 UTC - Election for Project Lead | Oneiric Ocelot images at http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/
Unit193Thank you majic fairy01:39
charlie-tcaYou are welcome01:39
GridCubegood night charlie-tca :)01:40
charlie-tcaHello, GridCube 01:40
GridCube:) how are you?01:40
charlie-tcaDoing fine, sir. And how are you?01:41
charlie-tcaTopic change the day of the meeting? That's asking a lot ;)01:42
Unit193Well, I'll wait a week or two next time ;)01:43
GridCubeim fine, doing midterm tests this week01:45
GridCubetoday it was Automation of Information Centers, and in two days is Information Resources on Global Networks :D, gods i love my classes names01:46
charlie-tcaThey sound fun01:48
charlie-tcaUnit193: Thanks for reminding me to change the date01:48
Unit193charlie-tca: Your welcome, but it was also GridCube 01:49
charlie-tcaI really want as much response as we can get for nominations and elections01:49
charlie-tcaGridCube: thank you too, then01:49
GridCube:) your welcome01:50
GridCubeso i was talking to Unit193 about my interface :P01:50
GridCubeand he proposed that users should be able to delete their own entries01:50
Unit193Might be handy, but the day is more to look at01:51
GridCubeso i was wondering on ways to allow poeple to delete entries by adding an extra box where they can add a "password" so if they feel the need to delete they can do it by entering said password that no one else should be able to know01:51
charlie-tcaSo, you are thinking each person that enters data would delete/change their own entries only?01:52
GridCubegiven that they fill the password fiel01:52
charlie-tcaConsidering that we started with something anyone could do anything to, including changing the form itself, why not?01:53
GridCubedunno :) i think its a pretty good idea01:53
charlie-tcaAs long as they can not change someone elses data, I think that would be a good thing to have01:53
GridCube:) if you don't know other peoples password then you wouldnt be able to alter anyones else data01:54
GridCubeI can make it happen :P but not this week, studying and all01:55
Unit193Or you could do a random password to be more strong01:55
GridCubeUnit193, i could, but people would have to remember it01:55
GridCubeso it would make much sense01:55
charlie-tcaGridCube: Sounds good to me02:01
charlie-tcaMake it happen when you can02:02
Unit193Make it so02:02
GridCubethank you for giving me this chance charlie-tca :)02:02
charlie-tcaYou are most welcome02:02
Unit193I couldn't help that. You're doing great02:02
GridCubethis is the very first time i work doing something lit this :D02:02
charlie-tcaXubuntu succeeds if people succeed02:03
GridCubethank you, i hope it will be useful02:03
charlie-tcaI appreciate your efforts02:03
GridCube:) I appreciate your appreciation 02:04
GridCubewell food and sleep is ahead :)02:04
charlie-tcaWe all keep trying... :)02:04
charlie-tcaGood night, then. I am also gone very soon.02:05
GridCube:) see you when we see again :)02:05
Unit193Reminds me. I should always remember to check NS for EMailMemos before I send one02:06
charlie-tcaI never remember how to check for memos, so I have to hope I don't have any02:07
Unit193MemoServ gives you a notice until you read it02:09
charlie-tcaI see.02:25
charlie-tcaWell, got to go get some sleep now. Good night.02:26
madnickI was thinking, all GPL'd software could technically go into Ubuntu right? It's just a question if they want it in?09:40
knomeif anybody want to use the countdown banners, even if we didn't get them to the ubuntu servers...10:24
knome(the official ubuntu countdown banners aren't yet up either)10:24
knomepleia2, ?10:24
knomethat's just the ideas, not the actual banners that change themselves day to day in the same location10:27
knomewell, people have added their own stuff, yeah10:27
Unit193I know10:27
knomebut before it's been on ubuntu servers10:27
knomefor usecase :P10:28
Unit193http://thisisthecountdown.com/ As close as they got :P10:29
knomebut, eh, that's different10:32
knomeyou can't embed that to your website10:32
davmor2Unit193: there was an Embedded one posted to planet.ubuntu.com at one point10:34
Unit193Didn't know that part10:34
davmor2Unit193: http://www.projblog.com/?p=352510:36
Unit193Hmmm... That's not official though, is it?10:37
knomeyep, but that's as unofficial as our stuff.10:37
knomeUnit193, as i said, there is no embeddable, official, banner.10:37
knomeUnit193, not for ubuntu, and not for xubuntu.10:38
Unit193knome: Exactly, but there should be by now :/10:38
knomeUnit193, exactly.11:18
Unit193Heh, you updated with embed code :P11:22
knomeyeah, thought that would be nice12:37
madnickFinally something to put on my home page :P13:15
charlie-tcaGood morning14:07
madnickmorning :)14:12
charlie-tca * unseeded universe final freeze will be on Oct. 11 at 1200 UTC14:21
madnicknot oversized anymore15:23
charlie-tcaWe should thank micahg and mr_pouit for that15:31
* micahg did nothing15:33
* micahg thinks it's something Ubuntu did15:33
charlie-tcaIt's magic15:33
charlie-tcaOur images grow and shrink by themselves, sometimes ;)15:34
* mr_pouit did nothing either15:35
charlie-tcait's magic :)15:36
charlie-tcadropped from 702MB to 693MB overnight15:37
charlie-tcaWe are very appreciative to whatever happened!15:38
madnicktodays image cannot install, the live one15:45
madnickwhat does one do, about bugs like that, it will be a duplicate15:46
madnickshould i file it anyways?15:46
charlie-tcaIs there a bug on file already? What is failing15:47
madnickTypeError in Ubiquity15:47
charlie-tcaThere shouldn't be any other "fail to install" open bugs, so it should not be a duplicate, unless someone opened one today15:48
davmor2madnick: drop into desktop and do ubuntu-bug ubiquity  also it maybe worth you talking to ev and cjwatson on #installer too15:49
madnickokay, nothing shows up on this for "xubuntu", so ill report it15:49
madnickdavmor2: okay :)15:49
madnickOn the bright side, live session works nicely :)15:53
madnickbug 86762015:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 867620 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu failed to install, Ubiquity crashed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86762015:56
charlie-tcaThank you15:59
charlie-tcaWill try to confirm it16:00
madnickcharlie-tca: i've been wondering, when it says "LiveCD" does it mean live session? Or does it mean install from live session?16:01
charlie-tca liveCD is live session, yes16:01
charlie-tcadesktop cd means install either from live session or menu of that cd16:02
madnickSo if I fill out the testing form, it should be LiveCD = fine today, but Desktop Image = fail?16:02
charlie-tcatwo tests, one pass and one fail16:02
pleia2knome: yeah, the countdown banners were supposed to be updated last week, nothing happened (and the thisisthecountdown.com site isn't counting down to the release, it's something else)16:05
madnickwow, they didn't spare the words about the Ubuntu release :P16:06
charlie-tcaThey have about 4 countdown url's now, and none of them are correct to the release date16:07
charlie-tcaThey said at least one of them is for system76 to release a new computer, though16:07
madnickI have not had anything in my apache folder for ages :P16:08
charlie-tcapleia2: this is supposed to be the actual countdown site now:16:12
davmor2charlie-tca: nice16:13
pleia2yeah, I saw that yesterday :)16:14
charlie-tcaUnfortunately, it is not correct either, since the release is Oct 13, which really is more than 7 days16:14
pleia2they aren't wrong, they just aren't counting down to release16:14
pleia2I suspect they're counting down to a device, maybe some shiny ARMM thing :)16:14
charlie-tcaI see. 16:15
charlie-tcaNo one seems to really know16:15
pleia2no, it's all a big secret16:15
madnickUbuntu tablet :)16:15
charlie-tcamadnick: Download updates and 3rd party software checked?16:15
madnickcharlie-tca: nope, nothing16:15
madnickI figured there wont be any updates on the daily image since it was just released16:16
charlie-tcaYou didn't click to migrate data?16:19
charlie-tcaInstalling here16:19
madnickI did this one in virtualbox16:19
charlie-tcaThe install is working on hardware16:20
madnickHave you got by selecting passwords?16:20
charlie-tcaI am looking at the firefox/thunderbird page of the slideshow16:20
madnicki think it took about 3-5 minutes16:21
madnickthen it crashed16:21
charlie-tcabooting vbox, will try there16:21
charlie-tcamadnick: what did you run before the installer?16:25
madnickI booted into the installer16:25
madnickthen after that i tried live session16:25
charlie-tcacrashed on hardware16:27
charlie-tcaDo we know if the alternate images work today?16:34
charlie-tcaHm, wonder if losing 9MB on the desktop images makes it fail?16:37
Pjotrlightdm-gtk-greeter has been updated today (fix released): https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm/+bug/86242716:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 862427 in Light Display Manager "lightdm-gtk-greeter does not set translation domain" [Medium,Fix committed]16:41
PjotrThis has solved the translation problem largely, but not entirely. There are still three untranslated strings: 'Password', 'Guest Account' and 'Other...'16:41
charlie-tcaThere is a fix for the crash, should be tomorrow16:41
PjotrHas this something to do with comment #3 by Sebastien Bacher, about gtkbuilder .ui? See: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm/+bug/862427/comments/316:41
madnickPjotr: the Guest Account is hardcoded16:41
madnickand Password is not translatable16:42
Pjotrmadnick: but it should be... how can that be repaired?16:43
madnickThe "Guest account" is tricky16:43
madnickill look into it more16:43
Pjotrmadnick: thanks!16:44
madnick"1, "Guest Account",16:44
madnicknot sure how to fix that16:45
charlie-tcaNot sure it can be, since that is a user name, isn't it?16:45
madnickThing is, its not mandatory for it to show IIRC; therfor its not in theui file16:45
madnickSame with "Other"16:46
madnickbut "password" is easily fixable16:46
madnickPjotr: a translation file, do you have an example of one?16:47
PjotrBe right back, my wife has served dinner... I'll see to it in 45minutes16:49
charlie-tcamadnick: tomorrow's images should work16:56
charlie-tcaYes, Seb's comment #3 on the lightdm bug says the Password string is marked as not translatable, which which means it will not be translated16:57
madnickI dont see a simple solution to this :)16:58
madnickUnless one reads the data from the translation file16:58
madnickBecause it is hardcoded16:59
madnickMaybe we could ask Robert Achell17:00
charlie-tcaThen it probably is not going to happen for Oneiric. We are really down to critical fixes now17:00
charlie-tcaThey plan to start publishing the final image candidates for smoketesting friday, that leaves very little time to fix things now17:02
madnickcharlie-tca: if guest account is enabled, does it get a locale specific name?17:04
madnickLike if you choose something other than english17:04
madnickI dont even know if its a specific account or how it works 17:06
charlie-tcaI don't really know17:08
charlie-tcaI believe if the Guest Account is a user name, it is going to be hardcoded guest as a username, since translating that would require a ton of user names 17:09
charlie-tcaBut, I do not know if that is a true user name or not17:15
PjotrOK, I'm back.... I read all further entries, and I understand that this problem won't be solved in Oneiric.17:22
PjotrA pity, but it was late in the day...17:22
PjotrI'm glad that most of the problem was solved, though. In 12.04 LTS everything will be allright. :-)17:23
charlie-tcaYes, we have to hope it all gets ironed out. At least we got lightdm usable this time17:23
PjotrI'm pretty satisfied up till now. Xubuntu 11.10 looks rock solid already on my test machine17:25
PjotrGreat job! :-)17:25
charlie-tcaThank you from all the developers17:25
charlie-tcaalternate image installs good today17:48
Olbiis it possible to have cd with text and gui install?17:50
charlie-tcaI suppose you could make one. It would probably have to include both alternate and desktop images17:53
charlie-tcasince there are changes when the installer changes17:54
charlie-tcaOlbi: might download a Ubuntu dvd and see how they work. I think they have both installers on it.17:57
Olbinow, I download todays livecd 64bit and install it on computer to tests, it is upgradable to last changes after install?:P17:59
charlie-tcayes, just do upgrades18:02
charlie-tcaupdates, rather18:02
charlie-tcaAs long as you update it, it will be at the same level as the daily images18:03
jarnoscharlie-tca, I have long had the problem that "not all updates can be installed". Is it harmful to do a partial upgrade?18:10
charlie-tcaWhat are using to do those updates?18:10
jarnoscharlie-tca,  Update manager18:11
charlie-tcaI use 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' daily in terminal, and I no updates being held back18:11
charlie-tcapartial upgrades can be harmful, depending on packages are being upgraded at the time.18:12
jarnoscharlie-tca, update manager does not show in which way the upgrade would be partial.18:14
charlie-tcaIt should list every package, with check marks on the ones being upgraded18:14
charlie-tcaWithout knowing what is being held back, it is not possible to know if it will be harmful or not.18:15
charlie-tcaI do not use update-manager to do upgrades in development releases. It breaks too often18:16
micahgbreakage in update-manager should be a bug18:17
charlie-tcabreakage is a bug, but the fact remains. It still breaks too often in development releases to be reliable18:18
* micahg wishes aptitude worked properly with multiarch18:18
OlbiI have pink color during first display of ubiquity :P21:17
Olbion the top21:17
Olbiof window21:17
charlie-tcaIs that during installing?21:26
charlie-tcaAre you installing direct from the cd menu or from a live session?21:27
Olbidirect from pendrive :P21:27
Olbiand choose from boot menu install, no livecd mode21:28
Olbibut it isnt alternate21:28
Olbiit is livecd install21:28
Olbiand are problems with translating :P21:28
Olbifor my language :]21:29
charlie-tcaright, those are missing headers, bug 84009421:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 840094 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[xubuntu] There is no screen title" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84009421:29
charlie-tcatranslations are in work, I don't know how far they will get21:30
Olbinot that means, there is good translating into my lang, but some text is in english and with some others strings :P21:30
OlbiI wait for approve to polish team in Xfce21:31
Olbibut dont know when it will be, I want good translated Xubuntu for polish before it will release :)21:31
charlie-tcaInstaller is Ubiquity, not Xfce. If they don't get fixed, it is a bug against ubiquity21:32
Olbiso translate to ubiqutiy is another thing ;p21:39
charlie-tcayeah, that's done through launchpad translations21:42
OlbiI wonder why teams of Red Hat, canonical and Debian dont fusion and create one, universal installer for all distribution :P21:44
OlbiInstallation fail :(21:45
genii-aroundOlbi: There was something before, "Click N Run" or CNR for short, but it never caught on21:59
pleia2charlie-tca: heh, I'm pretty sure that to avoid the burnout/disinterest/etc from ubuntu is why I came here22:01
pleia2(I didn't quite realize that until now)22:01
charlie-tcaOlbi: oh, I know that bug. it's bug 86762022:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 867620 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Xubuntu failed to install, Ubiquity crashed" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86762022:02
charlie-tcapleia2: Sometimes that is what it takes, though22:02
pleia2charlie-tca: it worked out well for me, but I suddenly realize that my solution to the problem won't help others (or the ubuntu community in general)22:02
* pleia2 back2work22:03
charlie-tcaYeah, but you got to take of *you* first. 22:03
charlie-tcaOlbi: I am sorry, I should have remembered when you said you were trying to install from today's images. 22:12
charlie-tcaTomorrow's images should be working again22:13

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