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genii-aroundEleven seconds hardly seems long enough to wait for a reply to "hello" ...17:52
charlie-tcaYou don't have it on auto-respond?17:55
charlie-tcaI have problems getting anything typed fast enough when they give me a whole minute, even :)17:56
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profus2good evening18:52
profus2can anybody help me in finding program path of file manager in xubuntu?18:54
profus2situation: email arrives with attached photos18:54
Craig_Ethunar is the app name18:54
profus2where is its path located so that I can point to it18:54
charlie-tcaprofus2: according to "which thunar" in terminal:  /usr/bin/thunar18:54
Sysiapplications → accessories → catfish for searching files18:55
profus2@charlie-tca: thumbs up18:55
profus2after klicking on photo, dialogue appears and offers libre office as a viewer18:57
profus2how can I link to a photo viewer18:57
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AzelphurUsing Xubuntu 11.10, it seems that my theme doesn't apply to some apps (gcalctool, gedit). I'm thinking this might be a gnome 3 thing. Any ideas on how to workaround it?19:30
m6lockshow to disable visualisations in totem? (not the plugin)19:31
SysiAzelphur: get theme with gtk3 theming or copy greybird's gtk3 to your theme folder19:35
charlie-tcaUsing Xubuntu 11.10, already has greybird installed. choose it in appearance and window manager settings19:40
charlie-tcaSysi: default theme in 11.10 is greybird19:40
Sysithat's how I knew he could copu gtk3 part of it19:41
charlie-tcaI thought it was all automatic with greybird. It should use gtk2 or gtk3 parts of the theme as needed?19:44
charlie-tcaOr is that not possible?19:44
Sysihe apparently isn't using greybird19:47
charlie-tcaThat is very possible.19:48
charlie-tcaThere are still only two themes that are gtk3, too, right?19:48
TheSheepin the light-themes package19:51
TheSheepradiance and ambience19:51
charlie-tcaand greybird and awaita(?) for Xfce19:53
charlie-tcaThe only one Xubuntu ships is greybird, though19:53
django_hey, i ran into problems installing ubuntu on an old hp compaq nx9020...i think the 400mhz cpu does suffice so i thought xubuntu....do you guys think that would work?22:17
charlie-tcahow much ram?22:17
django_(here's a list of hardware specs fyi) http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/11996_div/11996_div.html22:17
django_not sure..let me check, charlie-tca22:18
django_i just noticed..it actually has 1.4 ghz22:19
charlie-tca224MB ram? It will be slow with Xubuntu22:19
charlie-tcaprobably limited to about a single app at a time.22:19
charlie-tcaLubuntu might be a better choice for it, since it is made for low memory units.22:20
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.22:20
genii-aroundSince that box can go to 1GB of ram, you should probably try to stuff some more in there first... at least 512 anyhoo22:20
django_yea more ram should do it..22:21
charlie-tcadjango_: you can always download and try the desktop cd. It is a live cd, so you can try without installing.22:21
django_yea i'll try that now, thanks22:21
django_it's not my own laptop...i think i'll try out lubuntu first and also ask the person whether she wants to invest a bit in more ram22:22
django_could it be a graphics card issue that the ubuntu installer didn't load though?22:23
charlie-tcaprobably a direct result of the ram22:23
django_ok thanks22:24
django_i'll obt for more ram then22:24
charlie-tcaUbuntu now requires either 384MB or 512MB to install, as I recall.22:24
django_i should have looked at that before i erased xp :(22:26
django_but whatever, i'll go get more ram tomorrow then22:26
django_thanks a lot for your help charlie-tca, genii-around22:27
charlie-tcayou are welcome22:27
br1hello every123:51
br1does anyone here speak spanish? i got a problem while installing Nnvidia driver on xubuntu23:51
knome!es | br123:51
ubottubr1: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.23:51
br11st time 4 me23:51
br1ty, will do23:52
br1hmm no luck over xubuntu es23:54
knomeyou can also try #ubuntu-es (they should be able to help with xubuntu too), or just ask in english here23:55
br1well im trying to install the driver for my Nvidia video card on xubuntu (my other pc, this one has lubuntu)23:57
br1i followed a tutorial for ubuntu in this matter23:57
knomeyes, that should be the same23:57
br1but after reebot desktop doesnt word, so i tried "sudo service gdm stop" and then the same with "start"23:58
knomehmm, what happens?23:59
br1and get: gdm-binary[1354]: WARNING: Unable yo find users: no seat-id found23:59

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