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didrocksgood morning05:47
oSoMoNgood morning07:03
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Andy80Kaleo: ping13:35
jcastrodidrocks: nice work on the printing searching thing. <313:41
didrocksjcastro: well, mhr3 did all the work :-) but yeah, you got it!13:41
didrocksso it was a real bug ;)13:41
jcastrospamaps found it first, I just encouraged him to file it13:42
jcastromhr3: I owe you a beer!13:42
didrockswaow, 5 caracters a beer13:42
mhr3finally i'll have unlimited source of beer13:42
didrocksit's quite a high price ;)13:43
mhr3thanks jcastro :)13:43
Andy80nerochiaro: ping14:17
nerochiaroAndy80: ciao14:17
Andy80nerochiaro: ciao :)14:18
nerochiaroAndy80: what's up ?14:20
Andy80nerochiaro: I've a proposal for Unity-2d project. Right now the IDE you (U2D team) suggest to use is QtCreator. I like it of course, but it's not very "compatible" with it. I explain better..... a .pro file does not exist, it's not possible to build/execute anything from the IDE, it's not possible to debug step-by-step, all the includes are not recognized (since they're not inside a QtCreator project) and so you get a14:20
Andy80lot of syntax error and it's difficoult to identify real errors.... (continue....)14:20
Andy80nerochiaro: why don't we re-organize the project and create a .pro (a real QtCreator project) so we can take advantage of all these features?14:21
nerochiaroAndy80: because we are building with cmake, and .pro files only work with qmake14:21
nerochiaroAndy80: in general qtcreator is compatible with cmake, there are a few things that don't work great but it's pretty much ok14:22
Andy80nerochiaro: uhm... and why not qmake? what is the thing the cmake can do that qmake can't? It would be possible to use both?14:22
nerochiaroAndy80: especially if you run the qtcreator nightly snapshots, they are better than the trunk version14:22
nerochiaroAndy80: no, it's possible to use only one or the other. cmake had some features that we needed that qmake didn't have, but i don't recall which ones.14:23
nerochiaroAndy80: you can open the CMakeLists.txt file in the root of the unity-2d project. It's equivalent to opening the .pro file. Not sure if you knew that already14:24
nerochiarowell, more or less equivalent14:24
Andy80nerochiaro: we could try two possible ways: ask Trolltech to implement in qmake the missing features or ask them to improve the compatibility of QtCreator with cmake too... how does it sound?14:24
Andy80nerochiaro: I didn't know about it14:25
nerochiaroAndy80: they are working on the second one. but please try opening the CMakeLists.txt and see if it becomes compatible enough for you14:25
Andy80let me try....14:25
nerochiaroAndy80: i find it sufficient for most things. the only real issue i have is that some files (like QML files) are not displayed in the file list, but they can still be opened manually, it's not a big eal14:26
Andy80(need some minutes, I have to start the VM ecc....)14:26
nerochiaroAndy80: take it easy14:26
Andy80soon I'll upgrade to Oneiric, no need to use a VM anymore ;)14:27
Andy80nerochiaro: uhm... no, it doesn't work at all: I renamed it to .pro and tried to open... it asks me to specify the target (I choose Desktop of course) but at the end the .pro is the only file I see in the project... no .cpp nor .h ecc...14:31
nerochiaroAndy80: wait. you don't have to rename it to .pro14:31
nerochiaroAndy80: you just tell Qtcreator to open it14:31
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Andy80nerochiaro: if I just open it it opens as a .txt file....14:32
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Andy80wait wait...14:33
Andy80probably I opened the wrong file...14:33
nerochiaroAndy80: in the menu choose File -> Open file or project and then select the CMakeLists.txt file. It should open it as a project14:33
Andy80nerochiaro: yes, I opened CMakeCache.txt before -.-14:34
Andy80the code completion is working at least :) let's see if it compiles tooo14:35
om26ersmspillaz, Hey about bug 867959 I have updated the title and description, you can look now :)14:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 867959 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher does not show on "Show desktop"" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86795914:38
smspillazoh fun, that14:38
Andy80nerochiaro: [100%] Built target msgfmt14:47
Andy80The process "/usr/bin/make" exited normally. :)14:47
Andy80nerochiaro: I would say... quite enough!14:48
nerochiaroAndy80: glad it works for you :)14:48
Andy80nerochiaro: thanks to you :)14:53
Andy80nerochiaro: I'm going to note this on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity2D is it ok for you?14:54
Trevinhonjpatel: did you ever re-experienced the closing menu issue?14:54
TrevinhoBecause I guess that it was just due to the fact you were running a bad (old) version of the panel service, isn't it?14:55
TrevinhoI never got it... I experienced that only when I used a bad panel service.14:55
njpatelTrevinho, nope, couldn't reproduce14:55
njpatelTrevinho, I have a bug for you :P14:55
njpatelone sec14:55
njpatelTrevinho, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/86835414:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 868354 in unity "duplicate indicators bar" [Low,Confirmed]14:56
TrevinhoOk... Just let me know...14:56
njpatelseb128 got it14:56
TrevinhoMh, Ok I check that this evening14:56
njpatelTrevinho, thanks, looks like a fun bug :-)14:56
Trevinhonjpatel: if you have also other bugs I can help in this last period just let me know...14:56
TrevinhoI don't worked on unity anymore due to the FF. But if there's something I can help with, I would be glad to put my efforts14:57
njpatelTrevinho, okay, also, don't forget, we've branched for 5.0, so you can work on big things and we can merge into trunk14:58
njpatelwithout effecting Oneiric14:58
davidcallekamstrup, you rock sir :)15:10
om26erHi smspillaz :-) any thoughts on bug 86844715:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 868447 in unity "Qt applications don't have the focus when unminimized" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86844715:17
ach1mhi om26er, can you reproduce this bug? → https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/86518515:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 865185 in unity (Ubuntu) "snapped window doesn't stay on its workspace" [Undecided,New]15:18
om26erHi smspillaz :-) any thoughts on bug 86844715:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 868447 in unity "Qt applications don't have the focus when unminimized" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86844715:18
kamstrupdavidcalle: you're welcome :-)15:20
om26erand yeah I download pirated contents as well :-P15:20
apinheironjpatel, I have just included you on a merge proposal ;)15:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 78272 in tk8.4 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #78271 wish8.4 linked against libtk8.4.so instead of libtk8.4.so.0" [Undecided,Fix released]15:37
apinheirowell, not that bug15:37
apinheirodon't believe ubot515:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 843280 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity-panel-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke()" [High,In progress]15:37
apinheirothat one15:37
apinheironjpatel, it is ok or should I assign other person?15:38
Trevinhodidrocks: did you give a look to that patch for bamfdaemon?16:29
didrocksTrevinho: yeah, looks good for P, not sure for a SRU though16:30
didrocksTrevinho: let's get Oneiric out first, and then discuss about it, agreed?16:30
TrevinhoOk, didrocks... No problem, however when you want to merge it, the fix is there. :)16:31
didrocksTrevinho: heh, thanks for the ping :-)16:32
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njpatelapinheiro, thanks, I'll take a look ,but maybe lamalex will need to merge16:50
apinheironjpatel, so at this point we can't merge the branches by ourselves?16:50
njpatelapinheiro, in that code16:52
njpatelin the diff of the merge request16:52
njpatelline 1416:52
njpatelaren't you shadowing the other variable?16:53
apinheironjpatel, looking16:53
apinheiroyou are right16:53
apinheiroone mon, I will update the branch16:53
apinheironjpatel, updated (and tested)16:59
dakerbug 86858418:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 868584 in unity (Ubuntu) "Weird behavior on maximizing the window" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86858418:03
yeganehHi – a question about bugs/milestones.  I saw a bug (863252) that was a dup of another (841864) and marked it as such (841864 had a better desc).  But 863252 had a milestone, and I can't figure out how to add this milestone to 841864?  Can someone advise please?19:07
mhr3yeganeh, fixed19:32
mhr3yeganeh, but you'd need to ping someone to give you priviledges to do that19:32
yeganehmhr3: ok so it's a permissions issue (and not my inexperience with lp!) - thanks for fixing up this one19:35
nmarquesanyone can help me with a tiny problem I'm having building libappindicator ?19:58
kenvandinenmarques, sure19:59
kenvandinewhat's up?19:59
nmarquesnvm, let me just one thing19:59
nmarquesthe thing is that I'm trying to build libappindicator with gtk320:00
nmarquesand there's a bit of hacking involved on app-indicator.c includes20:00
nmarquesbut I think I know how to go around this20:00
nmarqueskenvandine, it's fixed, noobish stuff from my side :/20:02
nmarqueskenvandine, just one question, is this ok to apply this kind of hack20:03
nmarques-#include <libdbusmenu-gtk/client.h>20:03
nmarques-#include <libdbusmenu-gtk/parser.h>20:03
nmarques+#include <libdbusmenu-gtk3/client.h>20:03
nmarques+#include <libdbusmenu-gtk3/parser.h>20:03
kenvandinenmarques, where?20:16
kenvandineshouldn't there be an ifdef in there?20:17
nmarquesI havent found it20:17
nmarquesI used --with-gtk=3 on configure20:17
kenvandineyeah, that should be all you need20:17
nmarques#ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H20:19
nmarques#include "config.h"20:19
nmarquesthis is the only ifdef on that file20:19
kenvandineoh... right20:22
kenvandinebecause those headers are actually the same20:22
kenvandinewhat is your failure?20:22
nmarquesindicator installs the headers on libdbusmenu-gtk3 and not on libdbusmenu-gtk (version 0.3.93)20:24
nmarquesso it fails those includes20:24
kenvandinewhat indicator?20:25
nmarqueswhat I mean is when building libappindicator, app-indicator.c fails to include those headers20:26
nmarquesbecause my dbusmenu package installs them in libdbusmenu-gtk3 and not libdbusmenu-gtk20:26
kenvandinedo you have libdbusmenu-gtk devel package installed?20:26
nmarqueswell, not the old one20:27
kenvandinebut it doesn't include the headers?20:27
nmarqueswait, I'll show ya20:27
kenvandineok, so in that case it is fine to just patch it the way you did20:27
nmarquesdevelopment package installs those files20:28
nmarquesthe filesystem place where they are deployed is different20:29
nmarquesthey go to /usr/include/libdbusmenu-0.4/libdbusmenu-gtk320:29
kenvandineright, so you don't have a package that provides /usr/include/libdbusmenu-0.4/libdbusmenu-gtk/client.h20:29
nmarquesand not /usr/include/libdbusmenu-0.4/libdbusmenu-gtk20:29
kenvandineso your patch is fine20:29
nmarquesall is cool .) the mono issue was really because I didnt used my brain, there's no issue with mono :)20:31
kenvandinenmarques, any plans to update those packages?20:32
kenvandinethat version of dbusmenu is very old now :)20:32
kenvandineyou should get 0.5.020:33
kenvandinelots of bugs fixed20:33
nmarquesfirst fixing the ones which are broken for the upcoming 12.120:34
nmarquesI wonder if it's now that Unity will see some light :/20:34
kenvandinenmarques, what version of unity do you havenow?20:37
nmarquesbut I've never tried to run it :P20:38
nmarquesjust got it to build to provide dependencies20:38
nmarquesbefore all packages build successfully, not going to look inot that20:38
kenvandineok, we are at 4.22 now20:38
nmarquesand compiz always gives me the chills20:38
nmarquesthe nice part about it20:38
nmarquesis that it was dropped from openSUSE :P20:38
kenvandineyeah, you really should be pulling our compiz snapshot :)20:39
nmarquesso now I can run my own show and just care to duplicate your packages20:39
nmarquesthat's what I will do, but like I said, that stuff always gives me the creeps20:39
nmarqueskenvandine, do you know if unity-asset-pool is still needed ?20:43
nmarquesand also if there's a mailing list (or RSS) where you announce Ayatana software releases20:44
kenvandinenot sure20:47
kenvandineand no...20:47
kenvandineoh... but you can look at the versions page20:47
kenvandinethat is what we follow20:47
nmarquesnice, I can write a perl thingie to parse it and buzz me on changes :920:48
nmarquesthx, that solves my issue20:48
nmarqueskenvandine, thx for the help, I'll around once I fix all this broken packages and package compiz to see if we can get Unity going :/20:51
nmarqueskenvandine, at least now I have full priviliges and don't require anymore reviews so it will go faster from my end20:51
kenvandinenmarques, great!21:04
magciusIt seems BAMF uses _NET_WM_DESKTOP_FILE -- has an email ever been sent out to xdg-list about this?21:27
magciusIt's not part of the EWMH spec21:27
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Andy80R.I.P. Steve :(23:48

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