stgraberhighvoltage: just realized it's going to be the first time we'll have the whole Edubuntu council in the same room, we'll definitely need a photo of that :)13:21
highvoltagestgraber: wow, indeed. we should have a party!13:29
stgraberhighvoltage: just got a working weblive session with both freenx and x2go. Took me an hour to debug freenx... for some reason they use "openssl md5" instead of "md5sum" which broke with the switch to the new ssl in oneiric...17:17
neodragonI just install edubuntu 11.04 for my daughter and it is not recognizing the AC97 sound card on the motherboard20:56
micahghi stgraber, did you see my note from yesterday?22:18
stgrabermicahg: where?22:19
micahgabove :)22:19
micahgshall I repost?22:19
stgrabernope, got it, sorry didn't notice before :)22:20
stgraberoh, one more team... is that what's done for the other <whatever>-dev that were created by the DMB but managed by some other team?22:21
stgraber(thinking of kubuntu-dev and ubuntu-desktop for these I remember)22:22
micahgwell, this is the first case where I think it's an issue, ubuntu-desktop it was just seb128, so he's already an admin22:22
micahgstgraber: the main issue as highvoltage explained to me was that the Edubuntu Council shouldn't grant upload rights either22:22
micahgerr..membership in that team shouldn't grant upload rights22:23
stgraberindeed, even though I think we're all in that team at the moment22:23
stgraberah, except scotty but that's because he didn't read his e-mails ;)22:24
stgraberso yeah, we can create one more team but it may be worth poking the LP folks to eventually get a way of either having multiple owners or some kind of non-member administrator status22:24
* micahg files bug22:26
micahgactually, let me poke the devs first to make sure I"m not missing something22:27
stgrabermicahg: anyway, created edubuntu-dev-owner, invited DMB and edubuntu-council and made edubuntu-council the owner22:28
micahgstgraber: actually, I think DMB should be owner in this case, since upload approver is a delegation22:28
stgraberstupid launchpad... change the ownership to some stranger22:30
micahgstgraber: just find a LOSA to fix22:32
stgrabermicahg: poked #launchpad22:32
micahgstgraber: please change edubuntu-dev back to the council until that's fixed22:33
stgrabermicahg: only the owner can do that ;)22:35
stgraberah right, nevermind :)22:35
stgrabermicahg: done (for some reason I didn't realize I was still a member of -owner and so could easily change the owner of -dev for now ;))22:36
micahgstgraber: right, I would've have done it, but the DMB wasn't added as an admin of the new team22:37
highvoltageheh, just saw the emails come in. that was kind of weird :)22:38
micahgedubuntu-dev-owner shouldn't be a member of edubuntu-dev (fixed)22:38
micahgthat's the problem we're trying to fix :)22:39
stgrabermicahg: should be all good now22:39
stgrabermicahg: I'm quite surprised kubuntu-dev isn't owned by the kubuntu council, might be worth poking them about it ;)22:41
stgraberor rather, isn't owner by kubuntu-council+dmb as for edubuntu-dev22:41
micahgstgraber: yeah, I'm working on that22:41

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