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DaskreechMDesade: Hello?00:37
DaskreechStill need help?00:37
naught101when my screen resolution changes, sometimes I end up with a "piece" of plasma sitting over the top of all my windows - eg, right now, it's on the left hand side of my primary display, and about 30px wide, and just contains some of my background image. anyone seen that before?00:48
Daskreechnaught101: switching desktops doesn't get rid of it?00:50
naught101Daskreech: I only have one desktop enabled00:52
Daskreechnaught101: Ah try pressing alt+ctrl+F1200:52
Daskreechwait about 20 seconds then press it again00:53
naught101Daskreech: no, did nothing00:56
DaskreechBah that should do a full screen refresh00:56
Daskreech are they functional or just artifacts of painting?00:56
naught101Daskreech: I can right click, and I get the context menu for the desktop, so I guess it's functional00:57
naught101Daskreech: might be related to me having two monitors plugged in00:57
naught101of different sizes, although the plasma bar width doesn't seem to have any relation to the sizes00:57
naught101Daskreech: my girlfriend's laptop also did this, and I had to find /.kde -iname "*plasma" -exec rm "{}" \; and then log out and back in to get it working again00:58
naught101Daskreech: but I'd prefer not to have to do that every time00:59
naught101is there a wa to restart plasma?00:59
Daskreechnaught101: I think that you would only need to mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasmarc ~/.kde/share/config/plasmarc.broken01:00
Daskreechnaught101: sure kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 4 && plasma-desktop01:00
naught101Daskreech: that worked, except of course I lost all my plasma settings. Might try moving it back and see what happens01:05
Daskreechnaught101: :)01:06
Daskreechi highly recommend moving before rm01:06
naught101Daskreech: yeah, yeah :P01:06
naught101Daskreech: thanks, that worked, got all my settings back. Funny, I actually tried restarting my girlfriends laptop last time, and that DIDN'T work..01:07
naught101luckily she didn't have much customisation when I killed her plasmarc :)01:07
Daskreech:-) It's the worst part of Linux I think01:08
MDesadehang on, just walked in the door01:09
naught101Daskreech: what's that?01:09
DaskreechMDesade: Cool01:10
Daskreechnaught101: It customizable01:10
Daskreechit is01:10
MDesadeyou read my problem???01:10
DaskreechMDesade: Yes you are still in that state?01:11
naught101Daskreech: definitely makes it harder to maintain, I guess... lots of wacky bug reports01:11
Daskreechnaught101: Also makes it suuuuuuuck when you lose your settings01:11
DaskreechI spent 6 years setting that up!!01:11
naught101yeah, although I don't usually have it so customised that I can't get it back to approximately what it was within an hour..01:12
Daskreechyou are young :)01:12
MDesadeblack screen, only a mouse pointer01:13
DaskreechMDesade: does alt+f2 work?01:13
MDesadealt F2 makes some titlebar popup01:13
MDesadeits the system activity01:14
MDesadeso, yes, it works01:14
DaskreechMDesade: The system activity?01:15
Daskreech that should be ctrl+Esc01:15
Daskreechalt+F2 shuld get you a floating bar at the top of the screen01:15
MDesadewell, there was an icon for "system activity" and the other icon brings up "available features"01:15
Daskreechif that comes up type plasma-desktop and press enter01:15
MDesadeyes, it brings it up01:15
Daskreechnaught101: at some point you have cron jobs and custom scripts, aliases, kwin rules for windows, data stores for things to speed stuff up01:16
DaskreechMDesade: are you ok now?01:16
MDesadepressing enter does nothing01:17
DaskreechMDesade: when you typed in plasma-desktop did it show any entries ?01:17
DaskreechShould say run plasma-desktop beneath it01:17
Daskreechok type konsole and then press enter01:17
Daskreechnaught101: worst part is that you can scrub your whole machine and install a brand new distro and as long as you keep your home directory all that comes back.01:18
DaskreechSo you lose sight after a while of what's defaults or what you made until you use a computer that doesn't have everything exactly as you want it01:19
Daskreechthen you want to kill everyone who isn't you01:19
MDesadeyep, in a terminal window01:19
Daskreechwhy why would you not have ctrl+shift+I?? It makes your life so much easier Raaaaaage!01:19
DaskreechMDesade: Ok in there type plasma and press tab twice01:20
Daskreechtell me if it gives you a list of options01:20
MDesadeplasmaengineexplorer plasmapkg plasma-windowed plasma-overlay plasmawallpaperviewer01:21
MDesade5 choices01:21
Daskreechthat's interesting01:21
MDesadewhat SHOULD be there?01:21
Daskreechok can you give me a moment/01:21
MDesadesure man, i appreciate this01:21
Daskreechplasma-desktop or plasma-netbook01:21
MDesadenope, neither of those01:22
DaskreechMDesade: can you try sudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace ?01:23
Daskreechin konsole01:23
Daskreechit should ask for you password01:23
DaskreechLet me know if it asks to confirm the install01:24
naught101MDesade: have you tried manually typing in plasma-desktop to the alt+f2 bar (krunner?)?01:26
naught101might just be hidden at the bottom of the list01:27
MDesadeok, which would you like me to try? the apt-get? or?01:28
Daskreechnaught101: it should be the only thing in the list01:29
Daskreech and konsole doesn't have it listed01:29
DaskreechMDesade: the apt-get please01:29
MDesadesays it already is the newest01:30
MDesade0 upgraded, 0 installed01:31
DaskreechMDesade: could you try sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop01:32
Daskreechyou can just press up on Konsole01:32
MDesadei was just gonna ask if there is a newer version to upgrade to?01:32
Daskreech it will give you back the last command and you can replace kdebase-workspace with kubuntu-desktop01:32
DaskreechMDesade: I don't know what version you have now. 11.04 ?01:33
MDesadeok, 38 packages installing01:33
Daskreechhmm ok01:33
MDesadeINCLUDING plasma-desktop (just saw it whiz by01:33
DaskreechMDesade: sweet01:34
MDesadeok, should i reboot?01:34
Daskreechwhen it's done press alt+f2 and run plasma-desktop01:34
MDesadewell, hellllooooo nurse....01:35
DaskreechYou can logout now and log back in01:35
MDesadeall my icons are still there... sweet01:36
Daskreechshould start kdeinit401:36
MDesadeim back up and running...01:36
MDesadeTHANK YOU!!!!01:37
DaskreechMDesade: cool :)01:41
DaskreechNot sure what font you changed but enjoy01:41
MDesadehaha! i think this happened from installing asterisk/freepbx/FOP in a script called "freedoh"01:42
MDesadewhich then tells you to "apt-get purge mysql*" which takes about 40 packages and deps with it01:42
DaskreechAh yea that would do it01:43
naught101yep, that sounds like a bad idea01:43
MDesadethe dude who wrote the script is a bit of a control freak...01:43
dockhornhi, i haven't used IRC much in quite a while...  i'm looking for help with my system.  i'm running kubuntu, 10.4 i think, and it's more or less functional but does poorly with my video card setup.  is there someone who can give me a hand?02:49
dockhorn...anybody there?02:52
dockhornis this a good place to ask for help with getting my video card behaving better?  i'm running kubuntu 10.4, i believe02:56
Daskreechdockhorn: Sure what is the problem?03:07
dockhorndaskreech: hold on, i'm new to this irc client...03:09
dockhorndaskreech: ok, so, when i installed the OS it was able to figure out my video card (on the motherboard) and my monitor well enough03:09
dockhorndaskreech: but it wasn't able to get full resolution on my main monitor at the same time that i had a second one plugged in to the second port (DVI first port, VGA second port)03:10
dockhorndaskreech: so i tried installing the fglrx drivers, and that kind of hosed things,03:10
DaskreechHow so?03:10
dockhornso i tried removing them, and now it's still not working well03:11
Daskreechah how did you install fglrx ?03:11
dockhornum, nothing showed up on the second monitor if they were both plugged in, and the first monitor could only operate on low-res03:11
dockhorni found instructions online, installed proprietary drivers, lemme see if i can find the page i used...03:12
DaskreechOh hmm03:12
dockhorn(what does !jockey mean?)03:12
Daskreechprobably should have run jockey-kde03:12
dockhornwhat's that?03:13
DaskreechI thought ubottu might have known that03:13
Daskreech!info jockey-kde03:13
ubottujockey-kde (source: jockey): KDE user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.2-0ubuntu5 (natty), package size 12 kB, installed size 136 kB03:13
DaskreechShould allow you to install fglrx for your hardware pretty easily03:13
dockhorni just run jockey from the command line?03:14
dockhornso i ran it, it found the proprietary driver i had installed and is asking me if i want to activate it03:16
dockhornlast time i tried activating it, it didn't improve things.  if i recall correctly, i rebooted, and it never got to the screen where i could log in.  i rebooted several more times, and it finally let me log in, but the video settings weren't any better than before, so i deactivated it.03:17
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DaskreechApple invented everything04:20
Daskreechalso latest packages04:20
evanvarvellwhat is this link^^^04:22
evanvarvelli just upgraded my packages04:22
evanvarvellwho's here?04:22
Unit193You may be looking for #kubuntu-offtopic :P04:22
ssfdre38is there a way i can put 2 sata hdd as one partition?05:37
mase_workssfdre38: you can create an LVM05:55
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ArnoldKDE SC  is partially updated to 4.7.2 in Oneiric. Especially the KDE PIM part (Kontact, Kmail, Akonadi).10:14
ArnoldCan't wait for the rest to be updated as well (especially KWin).10:14
ArnoldSince it will bring another performance fix for it: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2011/08/rendering-at-60-frames/10:15
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bazhang!it | lido197011:44
ubottulido1970: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:44
lido1970thank you ubottu11:44
BluesKajHey all11:53
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Peace-hi everyone12:13
BluesKajhey Peace-12:22
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Peace-BluesKaj: :)12:24
alvinCan anyone tell me what against what package I report the following bug? (Oneiric). Every few minutes, a message pops up "<my-mail-account-here>: Select failed, server replied: A000247 NO Permission denied". I'm very glad that permission is not denied and fetching mails works, but the constant stream of warnings is irritating.12:29
alvinHoppakee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi/+bug/86832212:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 868322 in akonadi (Ubuntu) "Select failed, server replied: A000247 NO Permission denied" [Undecided,New]12:34
BluesKajalvin, best to ask in #ubuntu+112:35
alvinthx, but I reported already. I tried the upgrade in order to see if it will be production ready in a week. So far, only imapfilter, akonadi, postgresql, pulseaudio and flash broke. There are also dependency problems with qtdbus.12:39
alvinMost of those things can be fixed by someone experienced enough.12:40
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g0rsHello - anybody using skype here ? skype disappears after start and wont dock into system tray after it is closed. Is it something to do with desktop theme? I chose current desktop theme. Any ideas?13:36
TheLastProjectI'm using Skype together with Kopete, but I'm not having any of those issues so I am afraid I won't be able to help you =/13:37
g0rsTheLastProject: are you using a standalone skype client?13:37
TheLastProject2.2 Beta13:37
TheLastProject2.2.0.35 to be more precise13:37
g0rsTheLastProject: I have installedskype.  Skype starts but is only in the panel. If i close it , it disappears and Its not in the system tray. I'm on kubuntu natty.13:38
TheLastProjectI'm using Kubuntu Natty Narwhal (11.04) as well, without any issues.13:39
TheLastProjectDid you download it from the Skype website?13:39
g0rsI think I installed it from software manager13:39
g0rscant recall the exact method used to install it.13:39
TheLastProjectThat may be the difference =/13:40
g0rscould be . I'll try reinstalling from their site.13:40
TheLastProjectGood luck13:40
g0rsTheLastProject:  Skype has the same problem13:49
TheLastProjectThat's strange =/13:50
TheLastProjectI wonder if Skype has any configuration files that I can give to you to maybe fix the issue =/13:50
TheLastProjectOtherwise I honestly have no clue =13:50
TheLastProject(Except using the command line to purge the Skype installation and retrying_13:50
g0rsi googled this issue and somebody said that it has something to do with desktop settings . but that isn't a fix.13:51
g0rsTheLastProject: i did remove skype from the folder and and re-installed it13:51
TheLastProjectHmmm =/13:51
TheLastProjectSorry, I don't know =/13:53
TheLastProjectThe icon shows up just fine for me =/13:53
g0rsno problem. thanks.I'll ask some other person here13:54
TheLastProjectGood luck13:54
g0rsor find a solution on the internet13:54
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genii-around!info debdelta15:13
ubottudebdelta (source: debdelta): diff and patch utilities which work with Debian packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.39trlubuntu1 (natty), package size 89 kB, installed size 408 kB15:13
genii-aroundGirlyGirl: ^15:15
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Guest52705Hi,guys,I just wanna change the hotkeys "Alt+left mouse",any hints about this,I try to modify it in "keyboard and gesture" in system settings,but failed,any hint about this ?16:58
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dellhi there guys i need urgent help on Assembly in linux using Nasm and Gas assemblers18:27
dellcan u tell me the channel for it ?18:28
kaddihi, i slightly screwed up my upgrade to natty, by shutting the PC down while he was still configuring packages. (yeah, i know, i rock). Anyhow, upon reboot everything goes reasonably well to the point where I log in and stuff starts to load and plasma crashes. I tried running it manually with plasma-desktop and it said: http://pastebin.com/eJNfaqrq Any ideas how to fix that? (I'm chatting from the broken pc)18:28
kaddiand in cxase this is relevant: i'm running 64bit18:28
kaddi(and I seem to have no sound.. but that's a minor issue)18:29
dellbump !18:29
well_laid_lawndell: try #programming and get a nick that's not an add pls18:31
delladd ?18:31
well_laid_lawnthere's been ppl lately with nicks for well known franchises and products - yours is a well known computer brand18:32
well_laid_lawnI find that dumb and offensive18:33
BluesKajdell, he means ad as in advertisement18:34
well_laid_lawnyes I do...18:35
dellah i c18:35
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well_laid_lawnwell the iq in the channel dropped amazingly didn't it JewsAreBastards18:40
well_laid_lawnTm_T: ^18:41
JewsAreBastardsit depends : )18:41
JewsAreBastardswell_laid_lawn: the nick is not a mark for a persons IQ... I'm just racist : )18:42
well_laid_lawnracism is a mark of a depleted iq dude18:43
JewsAreBastardsi feel discriminated!18:45
JewsAreBastardsthis is free community with the right of free speech18:45
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Tm_T!guidelines | por18:47
ubottupor: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:47
Tm_Tfurther discussion in #ubuntu-ops18:48
porTm_T: i didn't saw anything about this kind of nicks ?!18:48
Tm_Tpor: further discussion in #ubuntu-ops18:49
pormy nick is directly connected with my belives (relligion), which comes from germany... there is no rule against that !18:49
BluesKajfree speech doesnt give ppl the right to make racist remarks , por18:55
kaddiso it was the plasma-config files that made it crash and I have to recreate my config again.. isn't there a parser or something to make the config files from 4.4 compatible with 4.5?18:55
porBluesKaj: neither to gripe the racist remarks !18:57
well_laid_lawndon't feed the troll18:57
BluesKaj!COC | por18:57
ubottupor: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct18:57
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LjLthis is being handled in #ubuntu-ops as we speak, so please let's drop it and go back to Kubuntu discussion18:59
kaddiis that "message indicator" going to work with thunderbox?19:00
Vulcan_07Hello, a "newbie" here19:01
Tm_TVulcan_07: welcome19:02
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sluckxzfresh install kubuntu 11.10 beta 1.  what apps do people use to manage wireless.  i dont see wicd installed by default.  kub/ubuntu beginner here.19:19
kaddiwicd isn't installed by default, NetworkManager is.. I don't recall how the app is called.. nm-applet should also be installed though19:21
sluckxzcool looks like the default kde network manager may actually work!  cool.19:24
kaddiyeah, i recently made that discovery too :p19:25
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BarkingFishevening all.19:38
BarkingFishGuys, silly question maybe - but I'm trying to mix packages from versions of (K)ubuntu to get the right set of what I want, and I can't seem to get lucid's pool to add on.  Anyone got any ideas on the correct deb address for lucid main's pools please?19:38
rorkBarkingFish: I guess you would be helped out if I give you my lucids /etc/apt/sources.list ?19:42
b0sf9g7h2hey guys is the release candidate for 11.10 out yet? if not, where can i find the latest beta/19:42
b0sf9g7h2nevermind, releases tomorrow19:43
BarkingFishrork, That might work. I'm looking for the line for software sources in kpackagekit, which starts deb http://  for the lucid pool. If that's in your sources list, that'd be fantastic.19:43
rorkBarkingFish: yes, I have several of those, that's why I suggested to paste the sources.list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702947/19:44
BarkingFishbrilliant, thanks!19:45
BarkingFishI'm trying to match a stable version of a few programs with things I need, without them changing so fast that support for the stuff I use doesn't keep up.19:46
rorkb0sf9g7h2: the RC will be released tomorrow, the beta2 can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview/Beta2#Download_the_Beta_219:48
vadimhi 2 all19:49
rorkhi vadim19:49
vadimdoes anyone use kde 4.7.x and has experience with keyboard layouts on it?19:50
vadimcan't set WinKeys variant for Romanian language layout on kde 4.7.x. could someone help me?..19:51
rekcuFniarBvadim: I've no problem with it, 4.7.1 Kubuntu 11.0419:52
rorkb0sf9g7h2: sorry, should've linked you to the kubuntu page: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Beta2/Kubuntu19:52
b0sf9g7h2thanks rork19:52
b0sf9g7h2but i just downloaded the current daily instead19:52
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BarkingFishrork - thanks for those links from the lucid pools. While I have someone who knows what they are doing, once I get a package installed that I *don't* want updating, how do I pin it to stop it being changed?19:57
vadimrekcuFniarB: same versions here... only Default variant available for Romanian layout. this leads to impossibility to type romanian diacritics. this problem started with kde 4.7.0. prior to this version there was the posibility to set WinKeys variant for Romanian layout. any idea will be helpfull...19:58
rekcuFniarBvadim: http://img.flashtux.org/upload/img132de9d35c50xc8f5802.png20:02
vadimrekcuFniarB: do you speak russian? :)20:04
vadimrekcuFniarB: спасибо! помогло :)20:04
rekcuFniarBНе за что20:05
vadimrekcuFniarB - ни за что не догадался бы... я в обоих верхних комбобоксах ставил румынский...20:06
vadimrekcuFniarB - ещё раз спасибо :)20:06
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál20:06
vadimbye all20:07
rorkBarkingFish: You can "hold" packages at their current version: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=24020:07
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ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto20:11
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teezetthi, can someone help me to configure the headphone? when i plug it the sound also comes out of the monitor boxes20:47
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jbernAnyone else having problems with black boxes appearing on dropdown menus while running firefox 7?21:42
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simon___hello everyone23:00
simon___how can i save my passwork network23:00
simon___that everytime i start the computer i should type it23:01
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ib-mobilehow do I reconfigure xorg on a kubuntu 11.04 install.  It fails to run after a failed attempt to install the propriatory drivers23:17
xenoxaosI'm having an issue.  Ubuntu and Xubuntu load find on my desktop.  Gnome is pissing me off, and Xfce isn't cutting it for me.  I can't load the live cd portion. the monitors just go to power save. I can load the installer, partitioning, everything seems fine, then monitors shut off.  anyone have any ideas?23:37
xenoxaosKubuntu that is23:38
BarkingFishTech, BREAKING NEWS - Steve Jobs has died, statement released by Apple board of directors23:44
OerHeksjust read it BarkingFish > http://www.apple.com/stevejobs/23:45
russ__for real?!!!!!23:45
OerHeksyes, or apple is hacked.23:46
BarkingFishnope, it's real. Apple's not been hacked, it's an official statement23:46
russ__yeah just seen the wiki fucking WOW!!!!23:46
BarkingFish!language | russ__23:53
ubotturuss__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.23:53
BarkingFishI know it's a shock, but keep it clean pls :)23:54
russ__Sorry bro23:54

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