cody-somervilleJust got this error trying to instantiate a Launchpad object:00:48
cody-somervilleTypeError: __init__() takes at least 4 arguments (4 given)00:49
pooliehi nigel01:13
StevenKnigelb: Diff against target: 2522 lines (+1091/-1038) 8 files modified02:46
nigelbStevenK: You, sir, are a master :-)02:49
* StevenK still needs to find someone to review it ... :-)02:52
nigelbToo bad you're OCR today :P02:53
StevenKI'm so not self reviewing a branch with a 2,500 line diff.02:54
nigelbLook for victims like wgrant :P02:54
StevenKnigelb: lp:~nigelbabu/launchpad/create-description-5283 is still hanging around, do you need that tossed through ec2 again?02:58
nigelbStevenK: There's a conflict02:58
nigelbWorking on it today after breakfast and coffee.02:58
nigelb(Just need to create new sample data again02:58
StevenKLike fun you do.02:58
StevenKSample data needs to die, not be created.02:59
nigelbWell, sure.02:59
nigelbI don't want to break all dev machines though.03:00
nigelbBut, what's the alternative to sampledata?03:00
StevenKHm? How does no sampledata break dev machines?03:00
* StevenK actually reads the diff.03:00
nigelbI thought there were legacy tests depending on sample data.03:01
StevenKI can't see a conflict in the MP03:02
StevenKAnd your target should be db-devel03:02
nigelbI'm pretty sure there's a conflict.03:02
nigelbI landed a db patch right before this03:02
nigelbanyway, 20 minutes and I'll post it again :)03:02
StevenKUh? That branch *is* the DB patch?03:02
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sinzuiStevenK, I added a UI branch that extends the DSP vocab branch I have in review.03:17
StevenKsinzui: I have reviewed your first branch.03:18
StevenKsinzui: My mega-branch is up for review03:18
sinzuifab I will do that now03:18
lifelessnigelb: you -never- need to add sample data03:30
lifelessnigelb: you may need to tweak existing (but better to update the test that used it to not use it)03:31
nigelblifeless: I only need to run make sampledata and do the replacement thing.03:31
sinzuinigelb, there are two sampledatas03:48
nigelbnormal and dev?03:49
StevenKTesting and dev, right03:49
StevenKI think03:49
sinzuione (sampledata) is for tests and was frozen 2.5 years ago. No additions, but removals are okay. The other is sampledata-dev and it provides the data for your browser. It is good to provide sane data to look at Lp03:49
StevenKsinzui: FSVO 'sane'03:50
StevenKThe publication records in sampledata are *wrong*03:50
nigelbsinzui: "additions" in terms of adding new data or adding new fields?03:50
StevenKThe former03:50
sinzuinote in my last MP I gave instructions to populate the DSP table with proper data03:50
StevenKsinzui: I'd like to chat tomorrow about my denorm garbo job, by the way.03:57
StevenKIt is just making no progress at all.03:57
StevenKIf it isn't postgres backups, it's replication lag, and if it isn't those two, it's process-death-row.03:58
lifelessStevenK: is pdr doing long transactions ?04:00
StevenKlifeless: So before Dapper was cashiered out of the librarian, p-d-r took about 30 seconds. Now it takes 90 minutes.04:00
StevenKAnd we haven't done any work on it due to lol-maintaince.04:01
StevenKlifeless: But to be fair, p-d-r is a long third behind slony, backups and replication lag04:02
lifelessStevenK: ok, so it was fast enough that noone at the time considered one big xaction a problem, and now its not ;)04:05
StevenKlifeless: We probably need to just fix what it is choking over, TBH.04:05
StevenKOur represtantion of the archive is not clean in our prod db.04:06
mwhudsonlifeless: so there is exactly one test that breaks if LaunchpadTestRequest sets up a real feature controller04:27
mwhudson(it's testMemcachedWorking (canonical.testing.ftests.test_layers.ZopelessTestCase), excitingly)04:27
sinzuiStevenK, I could remove the maintainer. We are showing the maintainer because it is assumed that that is the person/team that will like be working with a private bug that you report04:46
sinzuiStevenK, We are showing all the binary package names in the expanded details so that you can see why the source package matched04:47
StevenKI just think there is more useful information to show besides the maintainer.04:47
sinzuiStevenK, we do not plan to distinguish between package, the bugs about assign to a package make it clear users do not want to think about source and binary04:47
StevenKsinzui: Oh, is it supposed to be an icon rather than the word?04:48
sinzuiJust the word, to be consistent with the case when we show project group, project, and distribution in target pickers04:49
sinzuiSince we are going to show all the binary names, I think the maintainer is the big issue here.04:50
sinzuiStevenK, That value changes if the uploader changes right?04:50
StevenKWhich property of bpr/spr are you using?04:51
sinzuiStevenK, dsp.currentrelease.maintainer.displayname04:53
sinzuiThat is the SPR for the current series04:54
StevenKIf maintainer is pulled from the source package itself, it's going to be "Ubuntu Core Developers" for an awful lot of the archive.04:55
sinzuiStevenK, that is interesting. If I were reporting a bug in a future private distro derived from oneiric, are "Ubuntu Core Developers" the group who will be seeing the bug besides the private distro owners?04:58
lifelessmwhudson: win04:58
StevenKsinzui: Perhaps. We haven't designed private distros yet. :-)04:59
sinzuiWe may need to fix the dsp bug supervisor role/policy which is an old bug04:59
nigelbOk, breakfast has been had. Now to finish off those MPs.04:59
sinzuiStevenK, Do you want me to remove the maintainer? Force it to None so that it can be discusses at a later time, or keep it as it is?05:00
StevenKsinzui: I like the idea of removing it so we can discuss it later.05:01
sinzuiI will remove it05:01
sinzuiStevenK, do you need any more information?05:02
StevenKsinzui: I think that's it.05:03
sinzuithanks. I will do this now.05:03
mwhudsonargh everything is horrible05:10
* mwhudson gives up for today05:10
nigelbLaunchpad - "argh everything is horrible"05:11
StevenKSounds right to me.05:12
nigelbI should redo this entire branch.05:14
StevenKIt sometimes comes to that.05:15
StevenKbzr di > /tmp/foo ; cd .. ; rm -rf <branch>05:15
nigelbhrm. Ouch05:15
nigelbI deleted that as well.05:15
StevenKThe fact that I typed it quickly is in no way a sign of how often I do that ...05:16
nigelbI did, however, save the db patch file.05:17
nigelbSo, if I'm not mistaken, all is not lost :D05:17
StevenKIf the branch is still on LP, you can grab it again05:17
nigelbIt is \o/05:18
nigelbReminds of the poor soul in this one http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/112270/small-company-15-developers-doesnt-use-managed-source-version-control-is-thi05:18
StevenKnigelb: Cold sweat.05:20
* StevenK resubmits his MP, due to the diff going from 243 lines to 2788 ...05:21
nigelbwhen I add a column, do I force default NULL or do I just leave it alone?05:23
nigelbohwait. This has db ack.  I should not be worrying about this.05:24
nigelbhelp -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/702588/05:26
StevenKbin/py doesn't exist, run make05:27
nigelbGetting distribution for 'txlongpollfixture==0.1.3'.05:28
nigelbmake: *** [/home/nigelbabu/launchpad/lp-branches/create-description-5283/bin/py] Error 105:28
nigelbalready started :)05:28
StevenKOr update your download-cache05:28
StevenKEither way, blame Red Squad05:28
nigelbI was about to say #blame-bigjools but that works :D05:28
StevenKRight, I think that MP is squared away until the previous pipe lands and wgrant re-surfaces.05:29
nigelbIs he off this week?05:31
StevenKNo, just today.05:32
nigelbHe should be online in an hour :P05:32
StevenKPerhaps. I know what he's doing today, and he may not be.05:33
nigelbDo you both live in the same city btw?05:34
StevenKNo, wgrant is in Melsbum.05:34
nigelbAnd you?05:35
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wgrantStevenK: Is the refactoring pipe reviewed?06:57
pooliestub, if you can also give any suggestions on how to improve bug 868021 i'd appreciate it07:03
_mup_Bug #868021: +affectingbugs times out <affectsmetoo> <bugs> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/868021 >07:04
stubpoolie: I've already added some reworked queries there.07:04
stubpoolie: Bringing a 9s query down to subsecond. I haven't gone over the OOPS report now it should have synced.07:04
pooliereally 868021?07:07
pooliethe other similar one, 866100, we tried your queries and they're generally good but intermittently slow07:07
poolieperhaps in a way that varies by db server07:08
stubSorry, thinking of the other bug07:11
* stub looks07:11
StevenKwgrant: The pre-req branch was +1'd by Curtis.07:11
StevenKwgrant: I had to resubmit the second branch because of it, so it needs your +1 again.07:11
stubpoolie: I suspect fixing Bug 866100 would address Bug 868021 too07:12
_mup_Bug #866100: bug search with affects_me=on times out <affectsmetoo> <bugs> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/866100 >07:12
_mup_Bug #868021: +affectingbugs times out <affectsmetoo> <bugs> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/868021 >07:12
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wgrantStevenK: Ah, great. Will hopefully look later tonight.07:12
pooliestub, yes i wasn't sure whether it made sense to split them or not07:13
StevenKwgrant: I'm in no rush, since I want the pre-req to land first.07:13
pooliebut since the conversation was getting a bit long i thought i would split07:13
stubpoolie: separate bugs could be fine, but I'd tackle the simpler case first.07:14
poolieand 866100 is simpler?07:15
poolieok great07:15
stubpoolie: 866100 is simpler because I've done diagnosis :-)07:19
stubpoolie: I'm just assuming 868021 may be fixed as a side effect, as the trigger condition is the same (bugaffects clause)07:20
nigelbStevenK: lol, wgrant did come online in about 1.5 hours :D07:25
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allenapnigelb: Your download-cache is out of date.07:51
nigelballenap: yeah, fixed that.07:51
allenapnigelb: Cool :)07:51
bigjoolsmorning everyone07:53
nigelbHello bigjools!07:54
bigjoolshey nigelb07:54
nigelbsomeone changed 2010 to 2010-2011 in current.sql07:56
nigelbIs a better fix to fix whatever generates newsampledata.sql?07:56
nigelbHey mrevell :)08:02
nigelbStevenK: ohai, still around?08:25
StevenKnigelb: Barely08:29
nigelbStevenK: oh. I was just about to put that MP into your queue. Nevermind, I'll catch the euro train :)08:30
nigelballenap: Hi, OCR'ing today? :)08:48
allenapnigelb: My day is tomorrow... let me see who's on call...08:54
allenapnigelb: danilos is down for the EU slot today (jtv too, but he's away). Aaron is on later. If it's something small I don't mind taking a look though.08:56
nigelballenap: bah, right. My bad. I looked at Thu instead of Wed.08:57
nigelbIts an approved db patch which I couldn't land because of conflicts - https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/launchpad/create-description-5283/+merge/7681808:58
nigelbI made one extra change in database/schema/Makefile08:58
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=== danilos changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: danilos | Critical bugs: 255 - 0:[#######=]:256
danilosallenap, thanks for the reminder :)09:27
danilosnigelb, btw, why did you not just merge the db-stable instead of starting from scratch?09:30
nigelbdanilos: Well, I screwed up massively :D09:31
danilosnigelb, right, but in this case, I'd have to ask you to make a new merge proposal and get patches reviewed again, because we can't tell if they are the same or not09:31
nigelbdb review?09:32
danilosnigelb, yeah, db review as well09:32
* nigelb does that.09:32
nigelbwhy did I just delete the branch.09:34
danilosnigelb, btw, did you use "bzr push --overwrite" for this?09:34
nigelbdanilos: I did.09:34
danilosnigelb, right, well, that makes any merge proposals you've got invalid since you are changing the branch history behind LP's back :)09:35
danilosnigelb, whoops :)09:35
nigelbdanilos: Ah. Drat. Anyway, its nicer this way.09:35
danilosnigelb, nicer? if you are refering to "bzr push --overwrite", it's not, just a simple "bzr merge lp:~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-stable && resolve conflicts && bzr ci -m 'Merge db-stable.'" is the best thing to do09:36
danilosnigelb, the thing you did was basically rebasing, bzr doesn't require that at all :)09:37
danilosnigelb, and your revision will end up as one revision when it's finally merged anyway09:37
nigelbwell, at some point of cleaning this up, I lost of track of what I was doing.09:37
nigelbBut yeah, noted for next time.09:38
nigelbstub: hi, around?09:38
nigelbstub: Need a re-ack of a db patch because I messed it up :)09:38
danilosnigelb, I am sorry to cause you more work :/09:39
nigelbdanilos: heh, np. I think I shot myself in the foot there :D09:40
nigelbmrevell: around?11:55
mrevellI certainly am nigelb11:56
nigelbmrevell: I was reading about Open Badges, it certainled seemed interesting to think of LP giving out badges for certain things - http://openbadges.org/About/11:56
* mrevell looks11:57
mrevellHmm, interesting.11:57
Gnigelb: do systems like that really do anything though?11:57
nigelbG: Well, this is the first such system.11:58
Gnigelb: I can understand in the context of Four Square, but in software development, I'm not sure11:58
nigelbIts about showing your achivements in learning/coding.11:58
Gnigelb: the way I personally see it (and this is my own warped mind) but I think that sorta stuff is just 0 value fluff12:03
nigelbG: Well, karma is 0 value as well.12:03
nigelbI'd like to able to show off my skills12:03
nigelbLike coderwall12:03
nigelbOr like stackoverflow12:03
nigelbHrm, what does fixing bug 184737 involve?12:59
_mup_Bug #184737: No tag autocomplete or official list in +filebug extra options <bugtag> <filebug> <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/184737 >12:59
nigelbI think there's some code I can reuse from the tag autocomplete in the bug's index page13:00
nigelbgary_poster: tech-debt helps. I often look into it for bugs to fix :)13:27
gary_posternigelb, cool :-)  please reply with that note then13:27
nigelbWhoever did the logpoll documentation has a *lot* of patience.13:32
nigelbThe diagram is ascii is pretty awesome13:32
rvbanigelb: ;)13:32
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deryckHi adeuring.  I didn't ping for the standup.  I assumed you weren't around until top of the hour.  Sorry.13:39
deryckadeuring, just noticed you here :)13:39
adeuringderyck: ok, I'll join13:39
deryckadeuring, oh, we're done now.13:40
adeuringderyck: yeah, noticed that too :) no problem13:40
deryckadeuring, I was apologizing for not inviting you in. :)13:40
deryckabentley, adeuring -- ready for skype?13:58
adeuringderyck: yes13:58
abentleyderyck: yes13:58
deryckrestarting… you guys don't show for me13:58
abentleyderyck: I've had that plenty.  Just call me anyway.13:59
deryckabentley, we don't hear you.  hear us?13:59
abentleyderyck: yes.14:00
abentleyderyck: grr14:00
deryckabentley, should we drop you and add you back?14:01
abentleyderyck: sure.14:01
mrevellHey sinzui?14:03
danilossinzui, hi, did you ever figure out the oneiric librarian problem?14:37
sinzuino I did not14:37
sinzuimatsubara, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702790/ the top 12 bugs14:53
matsubarathanks sinzui14:53
deryckabentley, mumble?15:05
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bacabentley: are you OCR today?15:34
sinzuigary_poster, I do not think anything should high in launchpad-results. cr3 created it we may maintain it, but we never hack on it15:38
timrcapproximately how long do the code updates on staging take?15:38
timrcand is there a notification system for updates so I can plan around it?15:38
gary_postersinzui: oh, we maintain it?  I thought this was kind of an odd triaging experiment for traiging someone elses code15:38
gary_posterwhere "odd" means "I don't care for it" :-)15:39
sinzuioh, we do not maintain it15:39
gary_postertimrc, I'm not sure, but IIRC staging is having a long outage because of some db issues15:40
gary_posterwhere long means 24 hours AFAIK15:40
sinzuigary_poster, This is a case of community vs organisation. Like most canonical project groups. ours is intended to be what we own. but anyone can add their project to someone elses project group.15:40
gary_posternormally I assume updates are similar to qastaging: just a few minutes15:40
sinzuigary_poster, The consequence of this is that we are triaging their bugs.15:40
sinzuiThis is bad15:40
gary_posteragreed sinzui15:41
sinzui~launchpad-results needs to do this, maybe he should remove this project from our project group15:41
gary_postersinzui, if we want the policy of "just triage other peoples bugs as low" I guess that is fine with me, though I think that policy should be publicized.  I was going with the policy of "why the heck is this in front of me?  I'll make arbitrary decisions."  I thought Francis spoke with Marc about this already and for some reason they agreed it would stay where it is15:42
gary_posterbut I really just agree with you: I wish it were not15:44
cr3sinzui: someone suggested that maybe launchpad-results shouldn't be under ~launchpad, but there was a wiki page about projects related to launchpad saying otherwise. I've been meaning to touch base with lifeless about it but haven't gotten around to it15:44
gary_postercr3, the only reason I care in this case is that it means we triage your bugs, because we are supposed to drive the count to zero15:44
gary_posterSo I stomp on you15:44
gary_posterAnd don't like it :-(15:45
sinzuicr3, This is a common problem. The problem is that project groups look like communities, but all the code implies it is organisations. We are still discussing the removal of groups15:46
cr3gary_poster: since this is a recurring problem, I could remove launchpad-results being "part of" launchpad-project and maybe we could change that again later15:47
gary_posterbigjools, you around?  I've tried to figure out what to do with https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/868366 but simply don't understand enough.  Could you let me know what you think about triage?15:48
_mup_Bug #868366: Diff from current Ubuntu version to current Debian version pending sync missing from +localpackagediffs page <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/868366 >15:48
cr3done, I hope that helps a bit drive your bug count to zero... a good source of inspiration for me too :)15:48
gary_postercr3, thank you. :-) we drive *triage* count to zero every day, which is what this is about.  sadly, not so much for the bug count15:49
cr3gary_poster: an unfortunate side effect is that your drive was a bit contagious being part of your group :)15:49
bigjoolsgary_poster: sure thing15:49
gary_postercr3 lol15:49
gary_posterthanks bigjools15:49
cr3gary_poster: I agreed to try and adhere to your policy of driving the triage to zero for launchpad-results but I don't quite have the same level of vanguard as your team :(15:50
gary_postercr3, you are a team of 1 for this, right?  Understandable, I think.15:50
cr3gary_poster: an army of 1! :)15:51
* gary_poster must go babysit during lunch. :-) biab15:54
abentleybac: theoretically, but we have three job interviews today, so I haven't been able to do any.15:55
deryckabentley, Skype time.15:57
abentleyderyck: online.  Even if it doesn't look like it.15:58
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abentleyderyck: had to restart skype.  b16:00
abentleyderyck: back online.16:00
sinzuijcsackett, mumble?16:14
jcsackettsinzui: sure.16:14
deryckabentley, he called me on regular skype16:34
deryckabentley, adeuring adding you back now16:34
abentleyderyck: cool16:34
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timrchas any one experienced random failures with syncSources()? I tried syncing a package between two ppas it failed the first time and succeeded the second time.17:04
timrcthis is on production17:04
timrcit looks like a BadRequest exception was raised17:05
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timrchm, actually, there is an oddity and so now I'm leaning towards a bug in my code17:07
timrcwait, was looking at wrong ppa, back to thinking it's a problem with launchpad17:07
sinzuigmb r=me17:23
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lifelessyawn, morning18:17
lifelesscr3: hi18:18
cr3lifeless: hola senor18:20
lifelessyou invoked me earlier ;)18:20
cr3lifeless: you might've noticed I mentionned your name earlier, do you think launchpad-results should be a "part of" launchpad-project?18:21
cr3lifeless: the problem we've encountered is that the ~launchpad folks are driving bug triage to zero more quickly than me, so the bugs for launchpad-results are appearing on your radar18:21
lifelesscr3: given your goals, definitely :) - that is, becoming a component, with ui in the main tree, backend as a microservice etc.18:21
lifelesscr3: what makes that a problem ?18:22
lifeless(it sounds like a benefit to me :))18:22
cr3lifeless: the "radar" part seems to be a problem where folks on launchpad have felt the need to set the status to triaged but feeling uncomfortable doing so on behalf of a project they are not familiar with18:22
=== abentley changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: abentley | Critical bugs: 255 - 0:[#######=]:256
cr3lifeless: it has more than benefited me, it has actually inspired me to keep up with the same level of bug management as launchpad, but I'm afraid about the making others uncomfortable part which makes me uncomfortable as a result :)18:23
* lifeless blinks18:24
lifelesscr3: the lp CHR gets uncomfortable ?18:24
cr3lifeless: CHR?18:24
lifelessthe rota18:24
lifeless(the folk doing bug triage do so on a rota basis, sharin the load around)18:25
cr3lifeless: still lost me, rota == person on rotation, ie vanguard?18:25
cr3lifeless: it seems like they're seeing bugs against launchpad-results and the general reaction is: wtf!18:25
lifelesshave you read https://dev.launchpad.net/BugTriage ?18:25
cr3lifeless: I think I did but I'll read it again. I remember at some point I read something and agree to follow the same process as launchpad, not to make you guys happy as much as because it would benefit the launchpad-results project to follow such a process :)18:27
lifelessso the next question was, have you been happy with the results of the lp team doing triage in -results ?18:27
cr3lifeless: however, I haven't been quite as fast at triaging bugs as the CHR. there's also the importance of bugs to consider, "high" just for launchpad-results might mean something different than "high" for the launchpad project as a whole18:27
lifelesse.g. are they identifying high/critical/low for you sensibly ?18:27
cr3lifeless: I've been happy and I've tried to return the favour as best I can, but there's also the above mentionned problem about importance that might need some tweaking18:28
lifelesscr3: I think we want to avoid having different rules; but the rules in BugTriage should be broadly compatible.18:28
lifelesscr3: if (say) most of the time the triager gets it right, and you need to tweak some to be accurate - thats fine [that happens within LP too]18:29
cr3lifeless: ok, so "high" would mean the same to all of us: likely to get attention within the next six months, no matter which team actually does the fixing18:29
lifelessyes; the folk doing triage are expected to be *broadly* aware of projects underway across LP (otherwise we could use a bot and make everything not-critical low :P)18:30
cr3lifeless: sounds good to me, I removed launchpad-results from launchpad-project earlier but I'll add it again. thanks for making sense of all this! :)18:31
lifelessso I don't think we would want - or be able to sustain - different rules for -results. OTOH I think the same rules should work for -results :)18:31
lifelesscr3: have you announced on -dev that it was part of -project, and the consequences? (Or would you like Francis or I to do so ?)18:31
cr3lifeless: perhaps I should do that myself so that I could answer most questions as a result18:32
cr3thanks for offering though, it makes the project feel welcome :)18:33
lifelessflacoste: did you see http://h30565.www3.hp.com/t5/Feature-Articles/Innovate-or-Suffer-Slow-Brain-Asphyxiation/ba-p/499 ?18:40
flacostelifeless: i saw, didn't read it yet though18:41
lifelessworth a quick read, I think you'll nod in agreement all the way through; some nice physiological references connected to reward programs.18:42
lifelessflacoste: you may want to chase those for your upcoming task ;>18:42
flacostelifeless: i actually start researching the issue, and found the evidence-based management work of Pfeffer and Sutton very interesting18:53
sinzuijcsackett, gary_poster is bragging about his madd html5 cross-domain scripting skillz. Maybe you want to talk to him about bug 823471 and get his comments on to the bug19:11
_mup_Bug #823471: privacy ribbon does not appear on secondary sites <disclosure> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/823471 >19:11
* gary_poster snorts19:12
jcsackettsinzui: did you just actually use "mad skillz"?19:12
sinzuiMy fingers did19:12
jcsackettsure, blame it on the fingers. :-P19:12
jcsackettgary_poster: you likely to be free tomorrow morning-ish to talk about cross-domain scripting?19:13
gary_posterjcsackett, on call, and not quite clear on what you want, but happy to talk later.  Sure, sounds good.  It would be late morning--I have a call at 9 and one at 10, so 10:30 or 1119:14
jcsackettworks for me. i'll ping you tomorrow then. :-)19:14
gary_postercool jcsackett, I look forward to it19:14
sinzuilifeless, may I call you on skype?20:34
lifelesssinzui: I will ping you in ~5, gotta wrap ELOCAL with the cats.20:34
lifelesssinzui: ping20:42
=== jam2 is now known as jam
lifelesssinzui: ping21:37
lifelesssinzui: I am back, should you wish to continue21:46
lifelesssinzui: I am going to start digging into updating LP for the latest round of oops changes, so just call me on skype whenever21:46
mwhudsonany reviewer around? https://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/unconditionally-endInteraction-after-test/+merge/7832422:09
mwhudsoni guess abentley is no longer on call, seeing as he is not online any more22:10
=== StevenK changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Critical bugs: 255 - 0:[#######=]:256
StevenKmwhudson: r=me22:14
StevenKmwhudson: Sorry, I was waiting for the diff to update.22:14
mwhudsonah right yeah22:14
* lifeless closes the window22:14
mwhudsonthe update was removing exactly two empty lines :-)22:15
mwhudsoni wonder why ec2 test remangles the postgres config each time22:16
mwhudsonsurely that could be done in the image?22:16
mwhudsonah well22:16
lifelesssinzui: (hi)22:24
sinzuilifeless, hi. wgrant and I will want to talk to you on skype shortly22:24
micahgso, I need to have multiple teams be non-members so as to not grant upload rights, is the only way to do this currently to make a single team containing the others set as owner?22:28
wgrantmicahg: The owner of a PPA primarily indicates upload rights.22:28
wgrantmicahg: If people should not have upload rights, they are not the owner.22:29
micahgwgrant: sorry, this is for the archive, not PPA22:29
micahgowner of a team w/upload rights  doesn't grant upload rights to the archive22:30
wgrant"I need to have multiple teams be non-members so as to not grant upload rights"22:30
micahgright :)22:30
wgrantI'm confused.22:30
wgrantJust don't add them to the team?22:30
micahgwgrant: so, these teams need to administer, but not gain rights22:30
micahgexample: DMB and Edubuntu Council can approve edubuntu-dev, but neither team should have upload rights to the edubuntu packageset22:31
wgrantYou'll need to create a new team, right.22:32
micahgis it worth filing a bug for a feature request to have multiple non-member admins?22:42
lifelesssinzui: I am here when you want me22:52
sinzuilifeless, I will start dinner near. wgrant and wallyworld_ will be ready in about an hour22:53
lifelessstub: how goes slonyI-2?23:05
stubMigration process all thought through. Mulling over how to best do the migration script so it runs with as little modification on production after testing on staging.23:08
wgrantWe're not just going to dump and rebuild the slaves?23:08
stubWe could, or we could make use of the Slony-ii 2.0 feature that lets us skip that.23:09
lifelesswhat are the tradeoffs?23:09
stub'subscribe, and btw. all the data is already there and up to date so no need to recopy it'23:09
stublifeless: If we rebuild the slaves, they are freshly packed. But better to do that one at a time after the update anyway.23:10
wgrantDidn't know it could do that.23:10
lifelessstub: if a slave is not identical, will slony as a whole barf, or just that node ?23:11
lifelessstub: (at the first inconsistent update, I mean)23:11
stublifeless: We won't know about it until the first inconsistent update, at which point that slave will stop replicating.23:11
wgrantBut that's no worse than would happen if it were inconsistent already.23:12
stubThe migration scripts are more complex though, as we will be dealing with all 7 nodes instead of just the 2 master nodes.23:12
wgrantWill we have to run SSO from a detached slave for the duration, or can we install it live?23:13
stubSSO has some sort of read only mode it uses, and the downtime should only be a minute or two anyway.23:13
wgrantRight, but it presumably needs an accessible slave :)23:13
stubI dunno. It always seemed problematic before and we do so few updates to that system it is always new and exciting.23:14
stubMight be pulling stuff in from cache.23:15
wgrantI don't know what the SSO SLA is these days.23:15
wgrantI suspect its availability hardly exceeds Launchpad's new process, though.23:15
lifelesshmm, need a new storm code drop23:20
lifelessnot today.23:20
wgrant0.19's about to be released, did you see?23:21
wgrantlifeless: Also, set_up_tacfile_logging is terribly buggy and responsible for a number of poppy-sftp issues.23:22
wgrantSo any attempt to remove it would be most welcome.23:22
wgrantOh, 0.19 is actually out now.23:23
StevenKThey've actually made a storm release?23:24
wgrantNot quite a year since the last one.23:25
lifelesssure, I've made some notes about how in the bug23:25
lifelessI think a good twisted component is the first step23:25
StevenKwgrant: You were saying something about parent class ordering for my branch?23:38
wgrantOh right.23:39
wgrantBear with me, Optus is only routing some of the DC subnets.23:42
wgrantStevenK: BasePesronEditViewWidget? Why not just put it in BasePersonEditView?23:43
wgrantOtherwise it should be something about checking renames, not BasePersonEditViewWidget.23:43
StevenKBecause TeamEditView also needs it23:44
wgrantAlso, remember that the MRO is first base class to last.23:44
wgrantSo you probably want that setUpWidgets mixin early in the base list.23:44
StevenKAnd I wasn't sure about the schema set in BasePersonEditView23:44
StevenKwgrant: So if you think using BasePersonEditView is okay for both, I'm happy to try it.23:45
wgrantI'm not sure what's in it.23:45
wgrantBut the current name is silly, and it would be handy if we didn't have a dozen base classes shared between those views when we only need one.23:46
StevenKA schema, fields, action_save and next_url23:46
wgrantStevenK: Perhaps a PersonRenameFormMixin?23:52
StevenKwgrant: I've put it into BasePersonEditView, what could possibly go wrong.23:53
StevenKBasePersonEditView defines field_names as [], and TeamFormMixin as a large array23:54

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