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danilosgary_poster, I did a test call and I am ready :)12:31
daniloshi, btw :)12:31
gary_posterdanilos, cool :-)12:31
gary_posterbac benji (not here IIRC) danilos gmb, call in 112:32
benjiyou recall correctly12:33
gary_posterbenji, now you've done gone and confused me :-P12:36
bacskypee crashee12:36
bac+1 on RT stupidity12:41
* gmb lunches12:52
gary_posterdanilos, call @ 20 minutes past the hour, cool?12:53
danilosgary_poster, cool12:54
gary_posterdanilos, but 20 minutes past *what* hour, yes? :-)13:37
gary_posterdanilos, ready any time13:37
gary_postergimme a call when you like13:37
danilosgary_poster, heh, yeah, there are also :30 timezones :)13:37
bacdanilos: i'd like to chat when you get finish with gary_poster13:40
danilosgary_poster, https://pastebin.canonical.com/53876/13:44
danilosbac, hi14:33
danilosbac, up for a call now?14:33
bachi danilos.  i think i figured out the proper place to make the fix.  looks like a change to the call of getSubset in _guessed_potemplate_for_pofile_from_path14:34
baci hadn't found that bit of code yesterday14:34
bacdanilos: so let's not do a call atm14:34
danilosbac, cool, sounds right14:34
gary_posterbac benji gmb, confirmed with Francis that Marianna's email was a template: we, and all LP engineers, should attend Budapest if possible (benji will not be able to go, I think).14:57
bacgary_poster: ok14:58
* gmb tries to work out a route that doesn't involve a connection at Schipol14:58
bacbring your mittens14:58
gary_posterbecause of security and uzis, gmb?14:59
gmbgary_poster: No; Schipol is the luggage-loss capital of Europe :)14:59
gary_posterheh ok14:59
gary_posterC! H! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!15:00
bacdanilos: could you review my branch?  https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/bug-867411/+merge/7827015:31
danilosbac, heh, sure, it's a short branch15:36
bacdanilos: yep...and should be unsurprising15:37
danilosbac, transaction.commit() is needed for librarian, right?15:43
danilosbac, (in tests, that is)15:43
bacdanilos: i can try to remove it and see15:43
* bac < lunch15:44
danilosbac, oh, it's actually a script run, fair enough15:44
danilosbac, r=me, and I am off :)15:45
gary_posterlunch/babysitting begins now15:54
gary_posterI expect to be gone just over an hour15:54
bacgary_poster: you sure get to show off your work today:  https://qastaging.launchpad.net/16:57
gary_posterbac, heh, I didn't think about that17:16
gary_posterbut yes17:17
bacgary_poster: i just noticed on my calendar a dentist appt for 8 am tomorrow.  i'll miss the standup.18:17
gary_posterok bac.  hope it goes well18:25
bacgary_poster: i'll probably get yelled at...but i always do18:35
baci really like the floss on a stick.  hygienest does not18:35
bacgary_poster: both branches sent off to ec2 land.  going back to the well.18:55
gary_postergreat bac thanks18:55
bacgary_poster: do you know much about gpghandler wrt host vs public_host?19:11
gary_posterno sorry bac19:11
bacgary_poster: can you see this link https://launchpad.net/~speed-dreams/+archive/ppa/+admin20:21
gary_posterlooking bac20:22
gary_posterbac Not allowed here20:22
bacwonder why i have super powers20:22
* bac finishes chr, woo20:32

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