ali1234bug 86798500:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 867985 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad API "person" object can't get complete list of affected-by bugs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86798500:01
ali1234that bug shows up on API instantly :)00:01
poolieali1234, wow, putting that into update-manager would be amazing00:21
ali1234(21:31:38) ali1234: you know what would be amazing?00:22
ali1234^ that's exactly what i thought :)00:22
ali1234poolie: btw, where is your blog post about +affectingbugs?00:23
ali1234btw2: i already have this working, but only for bugs that i reported obviously. but i got the update-manager side working nicely00:23
ali1234why is isUserAffected a POST method with no arguments? is it intended only to be used when logged in?01:31
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idnarI wish my latency to launchpad was better, lots of roundtrips == pain04:27
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jimakirahi everyone07:49
jimakirai have problem uploading package to the server07:51
jimakirastalled at 2k/3k07:51
jimakirahere is full output07:51
jimakirai tried both ftp and sftp07:51
jimakiraany ideas ??07:51
wgrantjimakira: This shouldn't cause the hang, but your OpenPGP key isn't registered with your Launchpad account.07:52
wgrantTry registering it and uploading again.07:52
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tumbleweedaww, why can't we see launchpad.net/builders any more?12:48
tumbleweedah, that's better :)12:52
* tumbleweed wonders what just happened12:52
Laneymmm, long lists of idle builders13:20
tumbleweedI was getting a "you aren't allowed to see this page" message for 5 mins, then it went away again13:21
dakeri am getting an OOPS-2104AW76 here https://bugs.launchpad.net/~daker/+affectingbugs13:26
dakerand here OOPS-2104DY72 https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs?search=Search&field.affects_me=on&orderby=-date_last_updated13:27
afrankeI'm the admin of ubuntu-l10n-fr and I have 157 people applying that I need to contact to give them guidelines. The "Contact this user" feature will only let me send 3 messages/24h. Is there a way to raise this limit please?15:23
nigelbDo you have a mailing list for the team?15:24
afrankeThe guidelines I send tell them to subscribe to that list.15:25
nigelbAh! A chicken and egg problem :)15:25
nigelbI'll defer to danilos to help you figure out something :)15:26
danilosafranke, there is no way to raise the limit15:26
nigelbafranke: You could potentially, run a launchpadlib to grab the emails of at least those that are public.15:27
danilosafranke, generally, you should have probably set up a mailing list instead, and put that into the requirements for joining the team: "first subscribe to the mailing list and introduce yourself, indicating you have read the guidelines at ..."15:27
afrankenigelb, unfortunately not that many have set a public email address.15:27
danilosafranke, you can reject their membership with an information notice as well (they can always rejoin later)15:28
afrankeI find quite hard for them.15:29
afrankeI don't want to hurt their feelings.15:29
afrankedanilos, we have a lists.ubuntu.com list, not a launchpad one. Is there a way for me to put that on the launchpad team?15:30
danilosafranke, only as a link in the team description15:30
afrankeOk. We already have that.15:30
danilosafranke, but generally, I put guidelines and conditions on the team page, if people don't read them, I don't feel bad about rejecting them :)15:31
afrankeOur current policy is to sent a message to applicants with guidelines and decline membership if no feedback has been received 3 months later.15:31
afrankeWhich happens most of the time.15:32
nigelbAddiction is a shirt, a bedsheet, and the afghan my mother made for me, now all with cigarette burns.15:33
afrankeBut we also have a huge backlog of candidates from times where we didn't have that policy.15:33
nigelbaccidental paste15:33
afrankeWhich is why we reached 157.15:33
afrankeActually we even had 250+ at one point I think, but I already made that number go down… 3 messages at a time.15:34
danilosafranke, well, considering those candidates have been waiting for more than 3 months, declining them with an informational notice might be good enough15:34
danilosafranke, (probably more than 3 years, but hey :))15:35
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afrankedanilos, I might end up doing that, but I find it a bit sad nonetheless.15:35
danilosafranke, agreed, but what else can you do than admit to not being very nice in such cases? one should also note to these people that they can still translate Ubuntu to French, but they will have to have their translations reviewed15:37
Phantomashello, my package has as a build-dependency the python-distutils-extra package, and launchpad failed to build my package because of this dependency missing, what should I do?15:47
bigjoolsPhantomas: you need to find out why it's missing, perhaps you're depending on the wrong version or it's building in a series that doesn't have it16:12
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cos^hello, should updating an expired pgp key work?17:38
cos^i uploaded my extended key > 30 mins ago and it's still not accepted17:39
cos^when uploading sources i get "Changes file must be signed with a valid GPG signature: Verification failed 3 times: ["(7, 153, u'Key expired')", "(7, 153, u'Key expired')", "(7, 153, u'Key expired')"] : Permission denied.17:45
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cos^just the day i wanted to make 1.0 release and announce on slashdot etc :-)17:52
tumbleweedcos^: was the upload actually accepted? That warning is known to be often broken17:52
cos^tumbleweed: yes, gpg: sending key A47B515C to hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com17:54
cos^was successful17:54
tumbleweedcos^: no, I mean did you get an e-mail saying your *package* upload was accepted?17:54
cos^ah, hold on..17:55
cos^yes, looks like it was accepted17:56
tumbleweedyou can ignore that error17:56
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PhantomasIs it possible to build the same version of a package for many Ubuntu series in a PPA, without having to add ~SeriesName at the end of the version number?20:08
tumbleweedPhantomas: no, because then you'd have different binaries with the same version20:08
Phantomastumbleweed: you remind me the launchpad error messages :P20:08
tumbleweedif it doesn't actually need to be rubilt for each series, you can copy the bineries between series20:09
Phantomastumbleweed: so, I will have to change the changelog, and make a new dput for every series?20:09
Phantomastumbleweed: I think it needs, it uses python20:10
tumbleweeddepends. If you are using dh_python2 or have C extenisons, then probably, yes20:10
tumbleweed(you'd need to rebuild for each release that has different supported python versions)20:11
tumbleweedyes, touch changelog, build, sign, upload. (actually you don't need to touch the changelog, you can accomplish it by editing the .changes file, but I probably shouldn't say that :P )20:11
tumbleweedanywa, easily scriptable20:12
Phantomashaha yes, but I was wondering if there was an easier/more quick way20:12
Phantomastumbleweed: thanks ;)20:13
Phantomase.g. 0.1b1~maverick should do?20:13
tumbleweedas long as newer series have newer version numbers, you are fine20:14
tumbleweedusers won't be able to upgrade your packages when they upgrade releases20:16
Phantomasyes, I mean, what should I use then?20:17
tumbleweedwhat you have sounds fine20:17
Phantomasbecause I see some packages use something like 2.3.2-1~bazaar1~lucid120:18
Phantomastumbleweed: If I use recipes, will it build automatically for many ubuntu series?20:20
PhantomasYou didn't tell me :P20:22
PhantomasOK, I'll search for documentation!20:22
Phantomas(on recipes)20:23
PhantomasIf I delete a PPA, is it possible to create another with the same name?20:35
tumbleweedno, ppas don't actually get deleted20:35
Phantomasouch! :D20:36
Phantomastumbleweed: Is it correct to have e.g. Distribution: lucid in a maverick/natty/oneiric package?20:45
PhantomasI mean, by using recipes, this is what you get20:46
Phantomasor I should have a different debian/ catalog for every ubuntu series...20:46
tumbleweedPhantomas: I don't understand the question. When the recipe builds, it'll add a changelog entry for the release its building for20:46
Phantomastumbleweed: I have my debian directory inside the development branch, inside the debian/changelog I must have something like package (version) natty; urgency=low20:48
Phantomasisn't this correct?20:48
tumbleweeddon't worry about it, it'll add a new changelog entry20:48
tumbleweedit doesn't matter what you have in the changelog20:48
Phantomasyes it adds a new changelog entry but keeps natty, even if it's for oneiric for example :-\20:50
Phantomaspackage (0.1b1-0~15~oneiric1) lucid; urgency=low20:50
michaelh1Hey, Im' getting a timeout on https://bugs.launchpad.net/~michaelh1/+affectingbugs with OOPS-2104CF11520:50
Phantomastumbleweed: (lucid in this case instead of natty)20:51
tumbleweedPhantomas: which PPA?20:53
janimojelmer, hi this page was accesible half an hour ago, but no permission anymore https://launchpad.net/builders20:54
Phantomastumbleweed: https://launchpad.net/~phantomas/+archive/epopt-test1/+packages20:54
Phantomastumbleweed: e.g the oneiric changelog: https://launchpad.net/~phantomas/+archive/epopt-test1/+files/epoptes_0.1b1-0%7E15%7Eoneiric1_source.changes20:55
jelmerJanC: hi20:55
jelmerJanC: sorry, wrong nick20:55
jelmerjanimo: That's probably related to it wanting to display some data you don't have permission to access, like a private build on one of the builders.20:55
janimojelmer, but that makes the whole page suddenly forbidden instead of omitting private info?20:56
jelmerjanimo: that's not correct of course, ideally it should just show you that there *is* a private build rather than not displaying the entire page20:56
janimoit is the first time I see this page20:56
Phantomastumbleweed: This is my debian/changelog http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~epoptes/epoptes/trunk/view/head:/debian/changelog    and this is the recipe: https://code.launchpad.net/~phantomas/+recipe/epoptes-daily20:56
janimoI mean first time I see it not display20:57
jelmerjanimo: please file a bug about it20:57
tumbleweedI saw that this morning too20:58
tumbleweed(and I've also been seeing the usual "private build" build description that masks anything really private20:59
tumbleweedPhantomas: the "Changes" distribution doesn't matter, the "Distribution" does21:00
janimojelmer, filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/868710 , even though I don't think it will get more love than other years old bugs I filed on LP itself :)21:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 868710 in Launchpad itself "builders page sometimes forbidden" [Undecided,New]21:01
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jelmerjanimo: the Launchpad team has been fixing an amazing amount of bugs like this recently, rather than piling on new features21:02
jelmerjanimo: (I'm not a Launchpad dev)21:02
janimogood to know, although some I filed were feature requests :)21:02
Phantomastumbleweed: but is it correct to have whatever series in the changes file? I mean, I could have feisty in the changelog of a build for oneiric?21:11
Phantomassorry for the many questions, I am trying to understand :)21:11
tumbleweedI guess it could confuse people, but there's nothing technically wrong with it21:13
Phantomasand I guess there is no other way to change it when using recipes than of having a different debian directory for every ubuntu series you want to have builds for, which is insane...21:17
tumbleweedyes. You could file a bug against bzr-builder, if you feel strongly about it21:20
broderare the lp devs entertaining merge proposals to add non-gmail.com google apps domains to the dkim whitelist?21:23
Phantomashaha! tumbleweed: Thanks for all your answers! :)21:23
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stgrabercan someone please set the Ubuntu Developer Membership board as the owner of https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-dev-owner22:30
stgraberinstead of the stranger I just selected by mistake22:31
stgraberthis team is for upload rights management so would be great if it could be done quickly ;)22:31
wgrantstgraber: Could you file a question at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion?22:31
stgraberwgrant: sure22:32
micahgwgrant: this should actually happen immediately, is there someone we can grab?22:32
wgrantI'll throw it to a LOSA once it's filed.22:33
wgrantShould be done in a couple of minutes :)22:33
micahgwgrant: nevermind we can work around for the moment22:33
micahgwgrant: not as bad w/the archive frozen22:34
stgraberwgrant: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/17337422:34
wgrantLOSA ping: could you please fix https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/173374?22:35
thedacwgrant: taking a look22:35
thedacwgrant: done22:37
stgraberthedac: thanks22:38
thedacstgraber: no problem22:38
tumbleweedlifeless: if bug 868710 is a dup of bug 760303 (as you marked it) then bigjools' comment #1 on 760303 is incorrect22:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 760303 in Launchpad itself "duplicate for #868710 builders page inaccessible if a private recipe build is building" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76030322:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 760303 in Launchpad itself "builders page inaccessible if a private recipe build is building" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76030322:42
lifelesstumbleweed: same set of code, same issue22:51
lifelessyes, his comment may well be wrong22:51
lifelessor more likely we've regressed somehow22:51
tumbleweedok, I'll follow up, thanks22:53
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