mako_thank you so much00:00
mako_goog bye00:01
mako_and see you00:01
phillwCheapshot: Sorry, I do not have netbook on my system. My only suggestion would to be ask on the mailing list at  lubuntu-desktop@lists.launchpad.net 00:06
Cheapshotphillw: yeah. But the netbook-sessions install default with lubuntu installation I gues00:07
phillwCheapshot: that sort of thing can be edited, but I do not which of the files need to edited.00:08
CheapshotI mean it installs but its not used as default. Its just there with other sessions u can start from. Just havent found anything related for that launch window. Not even system themes affect it anyway00:09
CheapshotNot a big deal but would be nice to tweak it a bit00:09
phillwCheapshot: have a look at https://launchpad.net/lnr and ask the devs about it :)00:11
uofm49426any have experiance with bttv 878 card and how to get it woking on 10.1002:14
DominosPizzaHello, is Lubuntu now an offically supported OS of the Kubuntu/Ubuntu series ?05:19
DominosPizzaor is it still 'unofficial' ?05:19
JohnDoe_71Russtill yet05:27
JohnDoe_71Rus"Lubuntu 11.10 will be the first version of Lubuntu that has official sanction as a member of the Ubuntu family." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubuntu05:30
xsaidxhello guys11:28
xsaidxafter a fresh install idk why when i use sudo it doesnt ask me for psw and now chomuim and pidgin doesnt until launch em via terminal with sudo11:28
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xsaidxhello guys11:53
phillwxsaidx: hmm, by using sudo you will most likely have messed up the permissions for both chromium & pidgin. :(11:53
xsaidxphillw: but whne i laucnh em normaly nethon work11:54
emce_PLI maybe mistaken but if you give password once in session after another sudo there won't be prompting again for it11:54
xsaidxemce_PL: sorry  didnt get it11:55
phillwonce you have used sudo on them once. they will no longer work normally. If you ever have the need to launch a graphical programme, such as Chromium as a super user us gksudo. This will preserve the permissions.11:55
IAmNotThatGuyah! xsaidx Did you add some untrusted repositories/downloaded from an untrusted repository? Just making sure that you are not attacked. coz Sudo 'ing and unsing the applications is like giving full access to do anything in your machine. Which will lead to attacks11:55
emce_PLwhy do you lauch apps with root permissions??11:56
xsaidxwell IAmNotThatGuy i  did but only pidgin repo's and guys i tried to make myself the owene of the config giles but still doesnt work11:56
xsaidxwell i jsut removed these repo's i had the chromuim and pisgin11:58
xsaidxwhat shud i do now after removin those repo's /11:59
xsaidxemce_PL: i already  removed  the repo's12:01
emce_PLbut have you removed packages from them?12:01
xsaidxill test now without sudo btw guys when i sudo i dont get asked to type the psw :P12:01
xsaidxill reinstall pidgin and chomuim now12:01
xsaidxhang on guys thanks12:01
IAmNotThatGuyGreat! running it as root :[12:02
* phillw whenhe returns.... I can't believe no one tried changing permissions. I fixed simply by doing: sudo chmod 770 -R ~/.config/chromium sudo chown USER:USER -R ~/.config/chromium (replace USER with your own user) I think this error comes when chromium/chrome it's opened with sudo (it happened just after I did that) so the folder changes it's permissions to root and only lets read permission. Firs I tried the other solution, but copying back De12:02
IAmNotThatGuyphillw: but why for the pidgin?12:03
phillwSoz for te delay... I was looking which file permissions he had borked!12:03
phillwIAmNotThatGuy: I think he also sudo'd that :P12:03
IAmNotThatGuyeh! :P12:03
phillwit would be ./purple for pidgin12:07
emce_PLguys - I've got problem with lxpanel - it takes all of my 2 cores (100% load), and I can't identify, what causes it12:09
emce_PLI removed applets one by another, by it changed nothing12:09
emce_PLbut after removing lxpanel everything back to normal12:10
xsaidxback guys i did einstall but still the same12:18
xsaidxi did chown -R user .purple but nethin new12:19
IAmNotThatGuyxsaidx: Ph illw told the following for you: when he returns.... I can't believe no one tried changing permissions. I fixed simply by doing:   sudo chmod 770 -R ~/.config/chromium sudo chown USER:USER -R ~/.config/chromium (replace USER with your own user)   I think this error comes when chromium/chrome it's opened with sudo (it happened just after I did that) so the folder changes it's permissions to root and only lets read permission. Fir12:19
xsaidxback guys12:24
IAmNotThatGuyxsaidx: Ph illw told the following for you: when he returns.... I can't believe no one tried changing permissions. I fixed simply by doing:   sudo chmod 770 -R ~/.config/chromium sudo chown USER:USER -R ~/.config/chromium (replace USER with your own user)   I think this error comes when chromium/chrome it's opened with sudo (it happened just after I did that) so the folder changes it's permissions to root and only lets read permission. Fir12:24
xsaidxok thnaks12:25
xsaidxstill the same :P12:27
xsaidxbtw guys when i sue sudo itdoesnt ask me for psw12:27
IAmNotThatGuyyou 've logged in as root I believe. Create another admin user account and try it12:28
xsaidxi jst tried to set a psw to my root user hang on12:30
xsaidxIAmNotThatGuy:  u told me to creat new user with admin previlege right ?12:32
xsaidxhow can i give him admin previlege12:33
xsaidxi only kno adduser ;P12:33
xsaidxshud i add the --system option ?12:35
xsaidxbrb guys12:37
xsaidxhello again guys13:07
xsaidxstill cant run pidgin and chomuim witout root pevilege13:10
phillwxsaidx: move to your home directory in terminal13:32
xsaidxphillw: im there13:32
phillwnow issue sudo chmod 770 -R ~/.config/chromium13:33
xsaidxphillw: i did this alreadu iamnotthatguy transfeed me your msg : ]13:33
xsaidxwell lets try again13:33
phillwthen issue sudo chown USER:USER -R ~/.config/chromium (replace USER with your own user name)13:34
phillwnow cd .config/chomium13:34
phillwthen ls -l13:35
xsaidxphillw: i have to logg of to make myself .purple dir okies ill brb after doin what u said13:35
phillwall the files should be rwxrwx---13:35
xsaidxphillw: back13:37
xsaidxi guess its not fron those config files13:37
xsaidxphillw: here you go http://pastie.org/264378813:38
phillwcd /home/kosiadpo13:40
phillwnow issue sudo chmod 770 -R ./.config/chromium13:40
phillwnow do ls -l ./.config/chomium13:40
phillwhave the permissions changed to rwxrwx---13:41
xsaidxphillw: yes thats what i have when i type ls -ld13:42
phillwnow try to launch chromium from your desktop using your mouse13:42
xsaidxphillw: ok13:42
xsaidxphillw: still the same13:43
phillwwhat does it say?13:43
xsaidxhang on13:43
xsaidxill read and try to translate its long test tho phillw13:43
xsaidxphillw: this in the bottom Erreur 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) : Impossible de résoudre l'adresse DNS du serveur.13:44
phillwhmmm... give me a few minutes13:45
xsaidxphillw: ok13:45
phillwxsaidx: I've seen it reported several times, but cannot find a solution. The most recent one was https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/815626 I suggest going to that bug & clicking on the 'effects me' tag. The other thing to try is gksudo chromium, this will protect your files from having root take owenership of them.13:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 815626 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "ERROR105 on browsing every 5 minutes " [Undecided,New]13:57
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curious-userhi all, can anyone help me out? I want to change the items in the system menu. Bring one item one level up to access it quicker. How can I do that?14:42
ErwinJungecurious-user: Good question. I did some looking around in .config for you and have no idea.14:51
ErwinJungeI did find out you can remove the logout and run things though. Edit ~/.config/lxpanel/Lubuntu/panels/panel for that. Look for "type = menu".14:52
ErwinJungeNot what you asked for, I know, but still interesting.14:53
curious-userno sign of a configuration tool? What is the point of a light enivironment? lack of tools? :-)14:59
androidfirst time trying linux any cool stuff i could do ?15:11
curious-userandroid: little more than what you used to, little less then what you can expect15:13
curious-userbtw, my earlier question about the menu editor: alacarte does the trick, but it is not default in lubuntu. Mayby nice to include it by default. I think it is a crusial element of the userinterface. First find the right place to post such an idea15:17
androidehhh so its very fast on my old laptop than winxp.. but its very striped down have tried ubuntu but my old hp ze2000 didnt like that but there were alot of extra i could download but cant see any packages here ?15:18
androidholy crappp how to get wifi to work +15:27
androidwifi help16:08
androidtotal lackness wifi is this it ? Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver source17:29
xsaidxhello guys17:41
xsaidxim still havin the same prbolem even i did a fraich install but the first time i run chromuim it was ok then it behave like now17:42
new2lubuntuanyone know why Transmission .tor client breaks my wifi.. so i cycle it then it takes about fives mins before transmission somehow renders the active connection useless again.. no prob with wifi in my home other then when Transmission is running.18:35
androidim new to Linux ... when i downloaded a package we say bittorrent were did it go??18:38
new2lubuntuyour download folder18:38
new2lubuntuclick your file manager button to the right of the "start menu"18:39
Unit193new2lubuntu: Check dmesg, but it could be flooding your connection18:39
new2lubuntuwhat am i looking for in dmesg exactly i have it pulled up but im stumped after that18:40
Unit193Reasons ehy it might drop out :P18:41
Unit193You could just lower the connection count in transmission18:41
new2lubuntuthats probably a good idea.. so just give it a speed cap is what youre saying and see if that prevents the error?18:42
Unit193No, lower connection count isn't the same as speed, it's how many can/will connect at a time18:43
androidnope it isnt in downloadfolder....?found some files in /usr/share but cant find the exe file ??18:45
new2lubuntu_got logged off18:45
Unit193android: Look in /home/(YOUR USER)/Downloads18:46
xsaiddxhello guys when i do pidgin -d i get this http://pastie.org/264513018:46
androidit isnt in in /home/downloads           all files i get ends up in /usr/share18:48
androidim getting close /usr/share/man/man1 and i found bittorrent zip file ??????????????????+18:51
Unit193android: Open a termina and type     sudo updatedb; locate NAME OF THE FILE18:52
Unit193android: What did  you download? exe a windows program....18:54
xsaiddxUnit193: i cant login in pidgin and chromuim too without using root18:55
androida package in synaptic called bittorrent18:55
xsaiddxUnit193: any idea even idid another fraich install18:55
androidall bittorrent files i downloaded is in /usr/share/18:56
phillwxsaiddx: As I keep saying, every time you use root / sudo on either Chromium or pidgin - you break it. Untill and unless you stop doing that, no one can help you.18:56
Unit193android: That package is a terminal/commandline program18:57
Unit193android: You shouldn't be downloading to that location...18:57
androidhehehe is it hehehe opps i uninstalled it now ....18:58
androidany bittorrent for Linux then?19:00
Unit193You can use transmission, deluge, and many others19:01
androidwhen i search for deluge in synaptic packages 8 files emerges should i install them all??19:04
androidok sorry about that it fils in automatic!19:05
Unit193It's an option, you can pick what's best for YOU19:06
androidworks great ...19:09
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wxlhey folks.. trying to stick ocelot on my ppc powerbook and having trouble with ubiquity.. this choose-mirror issue to be exact (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/756719).. is there any way i can work around this or do i just need to wait until it gets released (hope not)19:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 756719 in choose-mirror (Ubuntu Oneiric) "PowerPC Natty Beta LiveCD Hangs Bad Mirror" [High,Fix released]19:54
phillwwxl: the bug report says 'fix released' read the bug report and ensure you have the version of the crashing app before you install.19:56
androidwhat command should i type im terminal to see what kind of broadcom device i have?19:56
wxlthanks philw but sudo apt-get install choose-mirror don't produce any results.. can't find such a package19:56
m6locksandroid: dmesg | grep broadcom20:00
androidnothing happend?20:02
phillwwxl: From my brief read, it seems that the alternate works okay (the text based install). have you tried that route>?20:02
wxlphillw: read that too and so burnt the alternate cd and it failed to read the cd... even though it had obviously read the cd to boot, so go figure there20:03
phillwI do not have a PPC system I can test it on :(20:05
m6locksandroid: oh sorry20:05
m6locksandroid: try lspci if it's like an integrated device20:05
m6locksyou got it?20:06
phillwwxl: The alternate install CD works, but you have to manually specify ports.ubuntu.com for the mirror. The default is just 'Mirror'20:06
wxlmakes logical sense to me, but again, my alternate apparently doesn't ;)20:06
phillwwxl: That bug is marked as fixed last May... I am not even sure if you have the same bug?20:08
androidyes but i want to see some numbers on my ethernet device ,if its [14e4]20:08
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m6locksandroid: like the model or so?20:09
androidyes found a driver for my wireless broadcom device      HP 802.11g Wireless man: 14e4 dev: 4311 Mini-PCI Bcm43xx20:10
wxlphillw: yep, checked the syslog and i'm looking at http://Mirror/...20:10
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androidbut dont know if i have the right one??20:11
m6locksandroid: ifconfig displays stuff too20:11
m6locksusually it's mapped as ethXXX20:11
androidwhats this ? have Broadcom wifi device and a realtek 8139 drivers wich one is using the wifi connection?20:13
wxlandroid: realtek = ethernet20:14
androidgodamm shiiit.........oops beeen looking at wrong device20:14
androidlooks like this is a known issue back to google search20:16
phillwwxl: then set it to the one noted at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/756719/comments/120:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 756719 in choose-mirror (Ubuntu Oneiric) "PowerPC Natty Beta LiveCD Hangs Bad Mirror" [High,Fix released]20:19
wxli don't get that far with the alternate phillw and have no clue how i would go about doing that with ubiquity20:20
phillwwxl: but as it marked as 'wont fix' in Natty and the fix is only in Ocelot, I'm a bit stuck as to how to further help you except to say that whilst betas are not really for production use, I've never had a beta kill my machine.20:21
androidsudo lshw -c network                      its looks like i have the drivers but wont work ..........logical name eth0 ???20:24
androidim running eth0 on cabel ??20:24
xsaidxhello guys20:26
xsaidxi cant always launch chromuim nor pidgin as normal user and now even with root cant launch pidgin20:26
phillwwxl: the lubuntu 11.10 beta is kind. There are still problems with the standard install. If you do not mind giving it a try?20:34
wxlphillw: well now i can't even get ubiquity to load :(20:35
wxlit's complaining about some obsolete packages so i'm upgrading away :/20:37
phillwwxl: then use the alternate... there are several little paper cuts with ubiquity last time I looked. I must get back up to speed as we will shortly be testing the rc's!20:37
wxlphillw: i wish the desktop version came with the text installer as an option :/20:39
phillwwxl: join the club :)20:40
xsaidxphillw: still cant launch chromuim as normal user and pidgin now even with root cant20:40
wxloops forgot i need the latest python-gobject to make it work too20:45
wxli'm in the installer again, horray!20:46
wxli'm given an option here to update the installer.. which disappeared last time i went through this.. yet it is unresponsive. interesting.20:47
xsaidxguys hats what i get when i run pidgin -d20:48
xsaidxhere http://pastie.org/264591520:48
wxlxsaidx: don't read french but i'd look at 147-157 for your problem20:50
phillwxsaidx: please do a complete re-install of your system. do NOT use su / sudo on ANYTHING. When I say complete re-install - I mean from the cd. If, after doing that you can not still get chromium or pidjin to work you must only issue gksu chromium or gksu pidgin -- do NOT use su for ANYTHING... kos ... PLEASE take a read of http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to understand why you keep breaking it. Until you do, we can not help you.20:52
xsaidxwxl: ok20:52
phillwwxl: yeah, the installer does keep nagging for an update.... it is a know paper-cut20:52
xsaidxphillw: i did another fresh install earlier and get the same thing20:53
wxlxsaidx: i'd be more helpful btw but can't read french, sorry20:54
wxland if you REALLY want to go lightweight, you'd use bitlbee instead of pidgin ;)20:54
xsaidxill try to turn to english20:54
phillwxsaidx: then put a clean ubuntu install on. fully formatted. From there I can add lubuntu, but I do really feel that your problem is not lubuntu.20:55
wxlphillw: did you just say gksu? isn't that a *shudder* gnome component?20:55
wxlwell crap disconnecting the network didn't help20:56
phillwwxl: gksudo keeps your permissions in tact, running sudo takes your personal stuff to be owned by root... this is not a good thing, as when you want to use it you are blocked :)20:56
phillwwxl: from the alternate install - you do not require an internet connection?20:57
wxlno i tried another suggestion someone gave20:58
wxli'm gonna burn a new alternate20:58
wxlonly thing i have is cd-rws :/20:58
phillwwxl: well, if you are trying mulitple things at the same time... things get overly complicated :\20:58
phillwwxl: I prefer to use cd-rw... makes them burn slowly, very important for an iso burn.20:59
wxli think there's something wrong with the cd though is my concern.. and wonder if it isn't related to it being a cd-rw20:59
wxli ALWAYS burn slow20:59
phillwask the cd to self test?20:59
wxli've learned that lesson one too many times :D20:59
wxlwell i can verify20:59
wxlunfortunately on my other machine (os x) i have no idea how to run an md5 on the cd itself21:00
wxli guess i could run a lubuntu virtual machine..21:00
phillwwxl: a couple of moments... md5 is available for macs... I will go find the link for you.21:01
wxloh i know that much21:01
wxli can run the md5 on the iso no problem21:01
wxlbut i'm talking about checking the cd too21:01
xsaidxphillw: ill do a clean install but i guess its frrom the iso that i have21:01
xsaidxcus this is the 3th time phillw21:01
phillwwxl: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=2006031409571550921:02
phillwwhen I was more into Macs, I used to get Macworld.. a decent magazine :)21:02
xsaidxphillw: icant check the md5sum from a bootable iso in my usb stick ?? cus the is file i lost it21:03
phillwxsaidx: check the iso is okay21:03
xsaidxphillw: i mean in the usb stick where the iso its bootable21:03
wxlyou gotta pipe dd of the device into it, though philw, but you're right21:03
phillwxsaidx: if you are trying to boot from a corrupt iso, you are on a hiding to nothing.21:04
phillwwxl: i still dip my toe into Mac :)21:04
wxlphillw: it's pretty decent, but certainly not libre or gratis21:05
wxli do love my imac..21:05
xsaidxphillw: i jst wann make sure if iam using a corrupt one or not but now i have only the usb stick with iso file where its bootable so can i still md5sum it ?21:05
wxlxsaidx: you copied your iso to your usb?21:05
wxlno, if it's bootable you couldn't have21:05
xsaidxwxl: the iso its extracted in my usb so icant smd5sum it ??21:06
wxluse lspci lsusb or dmesg to figure out which device your usb is21:06
wxlthen try something like dd if=/dev/path/to/usb | md5sum21:07
wxlbasically it's not an iso anymore21:07
xsaidxwxl: even the iso its extracted into many files ?21:08
wxlit's a direct block-for-block copy of the content of the iso21:08
wxlbut dd is a direct block-for-block copy program21:08
wxlmake sense?21:08
xsaidxwxl: wud it still have the same md5sum ?21:08
phillwwxl: indeed not, but if it an install iso, it will still have 'check the cd' which will check all the areas on it21:08
xsaidxguys it looks like all apps cant luanch em as nomal user  now tried transmission to get new iso and also xchat diditn work21:09
xsaidxguys when the lubnutu 11.10 will be out /21:13
wxlhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto actually it's dd if=/dev/path/to/device count=5953476 | md5sum21:16
phillwxsaidx: if we ever manage to bring out a release you do not break by diving in and wrecking it, before we have a chance to help you will be wonderful.21:16
xsaidxim dl new iso hope my net will nice and all go smooth21:22
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