alhubaishiwell im here for 1 urgent question , i have upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10  , i dont know but it feels weird everytime i make updates in 11.10 an error appears00:02
alhubaishiis this normal for the upgraded users from 11.04 to 11.10?00:03
micahgzorael: your archive could be out of date00:06
alhubaishinow im trying to install updates , il tell u what exactly these reoccuring errors that comes up whenever i update , this is not a fresh install of 11.10 its upgraded from 11.04 to 11.1000:07
alhubaishiim running 11.10 now which has been upgraded*00:08
The_CreatorHow do I Alt-Tab through windows on only the active workspace on 11.10?00:10
simon_gis anyone here?00:13
alhubaishiok this is the error im getting " Package operation failed00:13
alhubaishiThe installation or removal of a software package failed. "00:13
alhubaishieverytime i install updates from 11.10 this error appears00:13
alhubaishiit installs it and after installing this what comes up00:13
simon_gi would like to install 11.10 on lvm based on softraid. i would like to use seperate /boot /on /dev/md0 / and /dev/md1 would be one big volume group. are there any "do" and "don't" that i have to know before i start (i'm using livecd; alternate did not start)?00:15
alhubaishi:/ too lazy to make a fresh install of 11.1000:24
alhubaishiil keep teamviewer open if some1 want to make some tests , im lazy an going to sleep00:24
alhubaishipm me for id/pass00:25
zmbmartinwhen I go to upload a file through a flash based file uploader on the web (like uploadify) the browser to select a file is not themed. It is like ugly plain gtk. Any idea why?01:21
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jason_whats up with the printing menu in 11.10?03:18
jason_it seems so... bare... and under-featured03:18
jbichajason_: if you mean the printing icon in the top right, it's just a print job icon and hasn't really been converted to a proper indicator status menu yet03:24
jason_jbicha: I mean when you go into the printing menu to set up a printer03:25
jason_its so bare.03:25
jason_I cant even change the driver. or change the type of printer it is.03:25
jason_I have local and network, and it auto finds the printers for me.03:25
jason_problem is my printer auto-assigns a konica-minolta driver to it, which is incorrect. I always have to reassign a "minolta" driver for it to work. in 11.10 without that feature being present I have *no* clue how to do that...03:25
jbichajason_: try right clicking on the printer and selecting Properties then change Make and Model03:27
jason_I dont think I had that option when I was at home?03:27
jason_jbicha: but Im also away on my laptp now so I figured Id just hop in here and generate conversation03:28
jason_jbicha: if you right click on the printer do you really get a menu? I honestly dont think I had that03:28
jbichayes, the app also has a regular menu, but Unity's appmenu makes it a little less clear that it's there03:29
mikii want to ask if anyone else has this happen to them when i click on ubuntu software center i get a long pause of nothing before ubuntu software center pops up then when it does start i have to wait for it to load it's not really a big problem but it takes awhile to load?03:36
jasefLol... you're lucky03:37
jasefWhen I was running oneiric, my software centre was broken03:37
mikilol mine seems to work just takes awhile to load03:38
jason_oh, Im using gnome shell though jbicha03:38
jason_I wonder if thats why03:38
jason_jbicha: have you been in gnome shell in 11.10 yet?03:38
bjsnidermiki, try checking .xsession-errors for messages about that issue03:40
jbichajason_: yes I switch back & force between gshell & Unity, in gshell, you have to run system-config-printer manually as System Settings will show you the upstream GNOME printer applet03:42
copproHey guys04:20
OnlyodinHas anyone seen the Aldi Fission Laser (+wireless) mouse, and know how hard it is to get the multi-touch scrolling working?04:20
copproI use a laptop and xmonad and previously used gnome-volume-control-applet and gnome-power-manager applets to manage power and volume04:21
copprothose packages have been removed04:21
copprohow do I get these applets or equivalent functionality?04:21
i_is_brokewhats the easiest way to add gnome3 to the lubuntu desktop.04:31
jasefapt-get install gnome-shell04:32
jasefI think04:32
i_is_brokeya i think i found it thanks tho.04:33
Kiranosanyone else have issues with playing music?06:43
Kiranosneither banshee or spotify through wine works06:44
Kiranosthe progressbar doesnt move06:44
farciarz84Hi, I got some question. Having 64-bit ubuntu version, I need 32-bit gl libraries that wine reqieres. Wine is 32-bit only. How to get 32 gl drivers working properly?07:36
mekwallfarciarz84: wiki.winehq.org/WineOn64bit <-- did you check that?07:40
farciarz84mekwall: no I've start "The Ubuntu way" approach07:45
mekwallfarciarz84: try it out :) it should be the same07:45
farciarz84110 MB to download :) I have 2Mb/s line :/07:51
Crovax-31haha! I found an original feature in unity, ctrl+t on desktop put a unusable empty tab08:26
Crovax-31that take all desktop space08:26
rwwi vaguely remember seeing an LP bug report for that08:29
rwwubottu: bug 81479908:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 814799 in nautilus (Ubuntu Oneiric) "It is possible to create a new tab on the desktop window with Ctrl + T" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81479908:29
Crovax-31thx rww08:35
jbichaoh please don't encourage people to try it :)08:41
zniavretoo late  ...08:44
Ian_Corneyou can close the tab09:33
zniavre_ctrl+w ? as nautilus ?09:34
szymon_gi think i've found a bug in cfdisk program. where/how can i report it?10:19
htorqueszymon_g: do "which cfdisk" - that gives you the path of the executable, then run "sudo dpkg -S <path you found>" to get the package where the file is coming from, and finally "ubuntu-bug <package name>" to start filing a bug.10:24
brendandwhen's RC1 out?10:38
zniavre_tomorow ?10:38
Ian_Corneno zniavre_, right click the tab :p10:43
muszekhi... can I read about new features in oneiric anywhere?  all I can find is stuff from May and blueprints @ launchpad (which are not really readable)11:43
claudiuvladhell, everybody11:48
claudiuvladhello, everybody11:48
sagaciyou could check the beta 2 release notes11:48
claudiuvladsince I upgraded to oneiric, my onboard wifi  is not available11:49
claudiuvladi mean  it is not detected11:50
BluesKajHey all11:53
FernandoMiguelhey BluesKaj12:32
BluesKajhi FernandoMiguel12:33
farciarz84hi, in the morning I noticed some problem with wine14:29
farciarz84some of you tell me to read wine on 64-bit os faq what I did. Unfortunately after adding wine to rep and installing it again problem wans't solved14:33
farciarz84I still need 32-bt gl drivers14:34
farciarz84how to get them and install in the easisest way14:34
farciarz84btw. how do you like new gnome fotns?14:37
farciarz84hi, how can I intall 32-bit intel drivers on ubuntu11.10 having 64-bit os? Wine raises error with having just 64-bit intel driver.14:45
Stanley00farciarz84: đi you install libia32 ? I cant remember the name exactly...14:45
Stanley00!info libia3214:46
ubottuPackage libia32 does not exist in oneiric14:46
Stanley00!info ia32*14:47
ubottuPackage ia32 does not exist in oneiric14:47
genii-around!info ia32-libs14:47
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in oneiric14:47
genii-around!info ia32-libs-multiarch14:47
ubottuia32-libs-multiarch (source: ia32-libs): Multi-arch versions of former ia32-libraries. In component universe, is extra. Version 20090808ubuntu25 (oneiric), package size 105 kB, installed size 768 kB (Only available for amd64 ia64 i386)14:47
Stanley00genii-around: :))14:48
farciarz84Stanley00, genii-around: it is already installed14:49
farciarz84err:ole:CoCreateInstance apartment not initialised14:50
farciarz84err:winediag:X11DRV_WineGL_InitOpenglInfo Direct rendering is disabled, most likely your OpenGL drivers haven't been installed correctly14:50
farciarz84fixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub14:50
farciarz84how to check if OpenGL drivers are installed correctly? Glxgears are running good.14:52
Ian_Cornesudo: Can't open /var/lib/sudo/icorne/1: Read-only file system14:55
farciarz84direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)15:01
dorkso apparently this 'suspension' thing is a known issue correct?15:01
dorkwhere a desktop goes into a suspended-like state after being idle?15:01
BluesKajis skype working on 11,10 ? I had aversion for a while on 11.04 , but after upgrading to 11.10 it disappeared15:07
dorkBluesKaj: it's in the repos, so it probably just needs to be reinstalled15:08
drusselldork: yeah15:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 864479 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu Oneiric) "System goes to hibernate or suspend even when set to "Don't suspend"" [Critical,Fix released]15:12
coppro`/win 415:14
dorkdrussell: cool thanks, looks like gnome-settings-daemon updated with my upgrade today15:17
BluesKajdork, i was using the static version , seems it's the best for my setup15:18
dorkBluesKaj: gotcha15:18
edgyHi, how can I use fbcat?15:19
edgy$ fbcat15:19
edgyI won't write binary data to a terminal.15:19
edgyUsage: fbcat [fbdev]15:19
zacktuyesterday i described my dislike about a change from 11.04 to 11.10 -- the suggestion was to try something -- i've tried it and it didn't work, so i'll try again15:29
dorkwhat was the change15:29
zacktuin 11.04 i can open the dash and type a few letters -- for example "libre" -- all of the libreoffice suite is displayed, in the windows, and i can use the tab key to move across the list to the one i want and then press "enter" -- the application opens --- for a touch typist this is ideal -- no mouse action needed15:31
zacktunow in 11.10 the tab key selects among the four icons at the bottom of the window -- the suggestion yesterday was that the right arrow key would select among the icons for "libre" -- i tried it today, and nothing happens -- so i'm back to the mouse - keyboard - mouse sequence --15:32
Stanley00zacktu: and you can use arrow key instead of tab key ;)15:32
zacktuno the arrow key didn't do anything that i could detect15:33
copprowhat is the suggested replacement for the GNOME power management and volume control tray applications?15:34
Stanley00zacktu: try type down 2 times ;)15:34
dorkunfortunately i'm of no help, i'm able to do what you are trying to do but in gnome315:34
Stanley00zacktu: or type a few more keys, and press enter...15:34
Ian_Cornezacktu: move down to the buttons15:36
Ian_Cornethree times down15:36
Ian_Corneand then you can select from the list15:37
Ian_Cornenot practical, should be fixed, but works for now15:37
ElderDryasI noticed that rhythmbox no longer displays an icon in the notification area in Xubuntu 11.10b2.  Is this a feature, a bug, or a "yup, that's the way we planned it" thing?15:37
zacktuthanx -- i'll see how this pans out -- thanx for the suggestions15:37
zacktudork: i've never tried gnome3 -- is that a login choice? installation?15:38
dorkElderDryas: is there a check box in it's properties for placing it in the tray?15:38
dorkzacktu: i find unity to be horrible, so i went with gnome3 after finding it tolerable on fedora15:38
zacktudork: shoulda asked whether it's a startup choice or to be installed15:39
dorkzacktu: you have to install it15:39
dorksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome-shell15:39
dorkthen select it before you log in15:39
dorkat gdm screen15:39
ElderDryasdork: As far as I can see, the plugin that was present in the 11.04 version has gone AWOL.15:39
zacktuthanx to all15:39
dorknp, good luck15:40
dorkElderDryas: i'd hold out, i think xubuntu's a little behond on keeping up with the main release cycle15:40
charlie-tcadork: I think not15:40
* ElderDryas ducks and covers15:41
dorkcharlie-tca: i think when i dist-up'd to natty xubuntu was behind, so think what you want.15:41
charlie-tcarythmbox is not maintained by Xubuntu at all, it is maintained by Ubuntu developers, Xubuntu has nothing to do with it or it's notifications15:41
charlie-tcaI would think as Xubuntu Project Lead, I would not have to think your way.15:41
dorki'm all out of medals, but i know for a fact that when natty was released xubuntu wasn't advertising 11.04 as it's current15:42
charlie-tcaI'm sorry you are wrong. Xubuntu announces its releases at the exact time as Ubuntu.15:43
ElderDryasAnything to divert attention:  Another interesting rythmbox factoid: Accourding too the "about" the version is 2.90.1, while the rythmbox web site says the current version is 0.13.3 ?15:44
dorki really don't care either way, if xubuntu 11.04 were an option when i dist-up'd to natty and found unity being what it is, i'd be using xfce on this box15:44
charlie-tcaElderDryas: I would guess Ubuntu changed something if it is no longer showing up in indicators.15:44
charlie-tca!info rythmbox15:45
ubottuPackage rythmbox does not exist in oneiric15:45
Stanley00!info rthymbox15:45
ubottuPackage rthymbox does not exist in oneiric15:45
Ian_Corne!info rhythmbox15:46
ubotturhythmbox (source: rhythmbox): music player and organizer for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.90.1~20110908-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 510 kB, installed size 2716 kB15:46
charlie-tcaThat's the one15:46
* ElderDryas notices that he is not the only one that cant spell rhythmbox15:46
charlie-tcaElderDryas: since everything is synced/merged from Debian, if the latest version at the time of the sync was 2.90.1, that will be the latest one in Ubuntu repositories15:47
* Stanley00 never good at English :))15:47
charlie-tcaThanks, Ian_Corne15:47
Ian_Corneyour welcome!15:48
MrZepedaHas anyone got xmonad to work with Oniric?15:48
charlie-tcaMany times the application sites will have later versions, but they will have been relesed too late for Ubuntu to pick it up15:48
Ian_Corneto many times i've had to start it from cmd line to see what goes wrong, why it crashes again :(15:48
Ian_Cornecharlie-tca: that's where ppa's come in!15:48
charlie-tcaTrue enough15:49
Ian_Cornelike firefox stable, chromium,15:50
charlie-tcaElderDryas: 0.13.3 looks old to me. There is a ppa at https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/rhythmbox shows that version to be at least a year old15:51
ElderDryascharlie-tca: I thought so too, just noticing the difference and trying to divert attention :)15:52
charlie-tcaWorks for me15:53
Ian_Corneooo system76 is shipping to 25 countries now15:55
ElderDryasis Ebonia one of them?15:56
Ian_CorneSystem76 only manufactures US keyboard layouts. System76 products are compatible with world wide power grids. You will need to purchase a plug adapter for your computer.15:56
Ian_Cornewhat's that :p15:56
Ian_Cornewtf is zealandia15:57
Ian_Corneisn't it's just oceania15:57
Ian_Cornefor australia+new zealand + some other islands?15:57
ElderDryasZealandia also known as Tasmantis or the New Zealand continent, is a nearly submerged continent or microcontinent that sank15:57
charlie-tcaI gave up trying to follow country names these days. They change too fast. :)15:58
* genii-around sips and thinks about Pottsylvania15:59
ElderDryasHail Fearless Leader15:59
Ian_CorneThe Republic of Elbonia is a fictional country in Dilbert and Plop: The Hairless Elbonian16:00
ElderDryasBack to work   What is the difference (in general) between the Nvidia driver (recommended) and (post-release updates)(version current-updates) in additional Drivers?16:03
charlie-tcacurrent version is the latest driver available from nvidia.16:05
charlie-tcaI am confused by the question16:05
bjsniderElderDryas, current-updates refers to the x-updates ppa, where we will put nvidia stable driver updates16:06
bjsniderat least i think it does16:06
MrZepedahow can I rebuild libffi.so.5? because only libffi.so.6 is now provided16:06
bjsniderwhy do you need the old one?16:06
MrZepedaxmonad uses it16:07
MrZepedaoh. Maybe I should rebuild xmonad insted?16:07
ElderDryasbjsnider: I dont necessarily...I was just wondering why the "old" driver was still "recommended" if there was an updated driver?16:07
ElderDryasoh, nevermind :)16:08
bjsnideryes, you can rebuild that against the new lib. a soname change indicates possibly a lot of difference between the two but it may still build16:10
MrZepedathank you bjsnider. I will try16:12
joejoehi, i try to figure out how to set usb networking for n900 with network manager on ubuntu 11.10. On ubuntu 11.04 it is working out of box.16:18
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jtayloromg I think ubuntus new font just hit my pc, man it looks weird16:33
Machtinhey there. is this a known issue with skype: "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"?16:34
jtaylorkind of16:35
jtayloryou need to install the 32 bit libraries16:35
jtaylorsimplest way: sudo apt-get install skype:i38616:35
Machtinhm, kay16:35
Machtinthanks :)16:35
Ian_CorneMrZepeda: did you install xmonad by package manager?16:37
MrZepedayes. But I was told on #xmonad that I should build it myself16:37
MrZepedaand I'm trying to do that16:37
Ian_Cornewell, the package manager should supply you with .516:37
MrZepedait doesn't16:38
MrZepedaapt get says:16:38
MrZepedaE: Package 'libffi5' has no installation candidate16:38
jtaylorI thinkg its ffi6 now16:39
Ian_CorneMrZepeda: but when you install xmonad via the package manager16:40
Ian_Cornewhat does it pull in?16:40
copprohi guys, I appreaciate you ignoring mg16:40
copproreally nice16:40
Ian_Cornethen it will work with 6 too16:40
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:40
copprowhat is the suggested replacement for the GNOME power management and volume control tray applications?16:41
Ian_CorneI don't understand your question16:41
Ian_Cornewell I do, but i don't know any other things16:41
Ian_Corneyou could look at the kde equivalents but they won't mix with unity/gnome-shell16:42
copproI don't need unity or gnome-shell equivalents, I need tray applications16:42
copproI use xmonad16:42
copprothe KDE equivalents are all plasma weirdness16:42
MrZepedathank you Ian_Corne16:42
copproand the gnome ones were inexplicably removed16:42
Ian_Cornemaybe you should ask in #xmonad what they use16:43
Ian_CorneI have no idea16:43
coppropossibly, but I woul dhave assumed the gnhome ones since they worked so well16:43
copproI don't understand why they were removed from oneiric16:43
Ian_CorneI'm guessing they were gnome2 specific?16:44
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user82cheers. i wanted to ask if you can update the beta to release version without any problems or negative effects of any kind?16:57
Ian_Cornenot 100% sure16:57
Ian_Cornenever 100% sure16:57
Ian_Corneif you can wait, and are not interested in testing, wait for release16:57
user82my computer is kinda broken i kinda need it now and its kinda 8 days to release...little problematic now :D16:58
user82i guess ill just use it with the beta and do a full re-install in doubt..takes a short time16:58
user82is the gnome 3.2 shell already in the beta software center or is it still a 3.1.x version?16:59
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josePHPagodahello everyone16:59
josePHPagodai might have found a bug... I'm trying to use curl, and it can't resolve any names, though I'm browsing the net and am able to do an nslookup16:59
josePHPagodaanyone have any ideas?16:59
Ian_Corne3.2 is in user8217:00
Ian_Cornewfm josePHPagoda17:00
user82thanks Ian_Corne then i guess i will do the beta for a week..whatever!17:00
Ian_Corneworks for me17:00
Ian_Cornecurl: Installed: 7.21.6-3ubuntu317:01
josePHPagodaany ideas on what I should look for that might be causing my issue?17:01
Ian_Cornecheck your /etc/resolv.conf file17:02
Ian_Corneis it there?17:02
Ian_CorneI know you can browse, and other stuff17:03
Ian_Cornebut i'm just guessing17:03
josePHPagodait is there17:03
josePHPagodaand is valid17:03
Ian_Cornehave you tried... rebooting17:03
Ian_Cornewtf am i saying..17:03
josePHPagodai just added the entry i fetched from nslookup to my hosts file to get around it17:03
josePHPagodabut it seems rather odd17:04
josePHPagodai've used curl a ton and never had this issue before17:04
Ian_Corneare you using curl from a script or commandline?17:04
josePHPagodafrom a script17:05
josePHPagodait's the amazonaws stuff17:05
josePHPagoda(most annoying stuff in existence I think)17:05
josePHPagodatheir documentation is a little sparse17:06
Ian_CorneI bet if you'd have to do it on windows, it'd be more annoying :p17:06
* josePHPagoda hasn't used anything but linux for the last 5 yrs or so17:06
popschI am trying out 11.10 beta 2. Apt fails to update the kernel. I'm running the beta off a USB stick. Any ideas what goes wrong? Here's the transcript: http://pastebin.com/5LTtLVxk17:11
user82Ian_Corne i decided to wait for the release candidte tomorrow!17:13
Ian_Cornethat's probably the best course of action17:13
pulbhi, i already asked the following question in #ubuntu, but theres too much trafic :-)17:13
user82are ubuntu releases also at a certain time of day..or whenever they wantß17:13
pulb I've found a bug in oneiric which is pretty critical for me but fixing should take minutes (I attached a fix). could someone responsible please have a look and predict if a fix will make it into oneiric?17:13
Ian_CorneAnd if your install is broken now, it will probably be after your upgrade17:13
Ian_Cornewhen they're ready user8217:13
pulb its here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf2/+bug/86461517:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 864615 in gconf2 (Ubuntu) "Thumbnailers are missing in gconf" [Undecided,New]17:13
Ian_Cornenice pulb17:14
user82okay Ian_Corne i should take the "running"(90% broken) system unetbootin and a usb stick to university..:D17:14
pulbIan_Corne: nice?17:15
Ian_Cornebut i'm not sure how much gconf will be used, isn't it gsettings now?17:15
Ian_Cornethat you supplied a patch17:15
pulbIan_Corne: yes, but gtk2 and even some gtk3 apps still use gconf17:15
jtaylorhow does one reproduce the problem?17:16
pulbapps that rely on thumbnailing won't work in oneiric wihout those keys17:16
pulbjtaylor: the gconf problem?17:17
jtaylorbasenji mentioned is not in the repo yet17:17
pulbjtaylor: I thought you were able to build basenji? :-)17:18
user82i guess the devs now have had 20 cups of coffee and zero nerves left. good luck for your bug pulb17:18
jtayloryes but I did not install it17:18
jtayloralso I have no idea about thumbnails :/17:19
jtayloralways the first thing I disable17:19
user82are they strictly doing security updates only after a release or also small bug fixes and improovements?17:19
jtaylorbugfixes too17:19
pulbuser82: this one is really easy to fix17:19
jtaylordepends on severity17:20
user82ah ok..17:20
user82well its not a securiy risk. i guess they will ignore anything not related to that one night before RC or am i wrong..?17:20
jtaylorthis bug will probably not be fixed before release, the main archives is pretty locked down now17:20
jtaylorexcept it really breaks a lot17:21
jtaylorwhich it apparently does not judging by the late report17:22
pulbjtaylor: that may be because most people didn't fully migrate and install all there apps yet17:23
jtaylorcan you tell me how to reproduce an issue without requiring to install non repo stuff?17:24
pulbjtaylor: here is a sniped to reproduce the problem: http://pastebin.com/z4RvvJvn17:24
jtaylorwhat happens when you do that?17:25
pulbjtaylor: GenerateThumbnail always returns null on files with known mimetypes17:25
pulbimporting the thumbnailers.xml into gconf will fix the problem17:26
pulbthis affects all gtk2 apps doing media previews17:27
jtaylorcan you give an example?17:28
pulbthe fix is simply adding the thumbnailer gconf keys17:28
pulbexample app?17:28
freakabcdhi all17:29
freakabcdI'm on daily updates on amd64. flash is broken17:29
pulbjtaylor: all apps that make use of that api are affected: http://developer.gnome.org/gnome-desktop/stable/GnomeDesktopThumbnailFactory.html17:30
freakabcd/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer.bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/i686-pc-linux-gnu/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so: undefined symbol: gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored17:30
freakabcdi looked through my system and there are 2 (two) libcamberra-gtk-module.so files each provided by a different package!17:30
jtaylorpulb: it works fine for me17:30
freakabcdlibcanberra-gtk-module: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so17:31
freakabcdia32-libs: /usr/lib32/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so17:31
pulbjtaylor: what did you try?17:31
freakabcdand no, they are not symlinks. both are different sized files17:31
freakabcd22132 2011-09-30 00:12 /usr/lib32/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so17:31
freakabcd23080 2011-09-30 15:50 /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so17:31
jtaylorpulb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702869/17:31
freakabcdi seem to remember a few days back something major broke with libcanberra where none of the gtk stuff worked. and it was seemingly fixed.17:32
freakabcdi suppose no one bothered to check if flash was still working on amd64 ?17:32
pulbjtaylor: sorry, i forgot to mention that images arent affected. please try a video17:32
pulbjtaylor: for images the api seems to rely on an internal thumbnailer not those specified in gconf17:33
BluesKajfreakabcd, the video works on my setup ,but no audio on websites , flv files play fine on the desktop tho17:33
BluesKaj<--- amd6417:34
freakabcdBluesKaj, ofcourse flv, mp4, mkv, ogv, etc. work fine from a term. its specifically flashplugin that crashes on firefox17:34
freakabcdsomething was borken with libcanberra and now thats exactly the thing thats crashing flashplugin17:35
bjsniderjtaylor, you mean the monospace font?17:35
BluesKajthe video works in webcontent here, just no audio on any browser17:35
jtaylorbjsnider: yes17:35
BluesKajfreakabcd, ^17:35
freakabcdBluesKaj, are you up to date with latest updates for today?17:35
jbichapulb: that documention is for libgnome-desktop 2.32, current supported version is 3.217:35
freakabcdif yes, can you please check if your system has 2 libcanberra-gtk-module.so files ?17:35
BluesKajfreakabcd, on kde here tho17:36
freakabcdfind /usr -name 'libcanberra-gtk-module.so'17:36
freakabcdi am on kubuntu17:36
bjsniderthe monospace "i" looks weird17:36
pulbjbicha: does not matter, its the same17:36
pulbjbicha: see  http://developer.gnome.org/integration-guide/3.2/thumbnailer.html.en17:37
jtaylorpulb: do you know how to fix that in the package?17:37
popschupdate-grub fails when using overlayfs in oneiric: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702872/17:37
pulbjtaylor: in the basenji package?17:37
jtaylorno gconf17:37
pulbjtaylor: unforunately i have now idea, i guess its about gconf default keys17:38
pulbor a ubuntu-data package that comes with predefined gconf keys17:38
freakabcdBluesKaj, the find is still running on your /usr ?17:39
freakabcdor did you not run it?17:39
pulbjtaylor: possibly the nautilus package is responsible for them17:42
jtaylorhm I can't load that xml ._.17:44
pulbjtaylor: lemme try17:45
jtaylorthat bug is out of my comfort zone, maybe ask someone in -bugs to triage it17:45
pulbjtaylor: i'll repost it there17:46
jbichapulb: you might want to ask in the GNOME channels, there may be a new way to do thumbnails and the docs just weren't updated17:47
BluesKajfreakabcd,  libcanberra-gtk-module not installed17:48
pulbjtaylor: may i attach your snipped to the bug?17:48
pulbjbicha: ok17:48
BluesKajfreakabcd, that module is for event sounds according to the decription in synaptic17:49
freakabcdyou sure you don;t have that installed?17:49
BluesKajIU have event sounds turned off anyway17:49
BluesKajI have'17:49
BluesKajnot installed17:50
freakabcdsome days ago there a furore because firefox, syunaptic, even rekonq for people using only kubuntu stopped working because of it!17:50
BluesKajwell, I don't have audio in HTML5 either , so it's not entirely flash that's problematic on web audio content for me.17:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 862553 in libcanberra (Ubuntu) "Latest libcanberra update causes Firefox and Thunderbird to crash on startup" [Critical,Fix released]17:52
freakabcdthats the one i speak of17:52
BluesKajit's more to do with alsa imo17:52
freakabcdsee in the comments section. people saying that rekonq was not working, even chromioum not working17:52
macer1bug 86461517:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 864615 in gconf2 (Ubuntu) "Thumbnailers are missing in gconf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86461517:52
freakabcdthe exact same error i have. undefined symbol gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored in /ust/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so17:54
BluesKajfreakabcd, are you loaded up with a bunch of gnome/gtk apps ?17:55
BluesKajfreakabcd,or did you migrate to kde from gnome17:55
freakabcderr.. sure i have ubuntu on this laptop as well17:55
freakabcdyeah, installed ubuntu daily and installed kubuntu after that anmd daily update17:56
freakabcdbut 2 days back everything was working fine. I missed that libcanberra-gtk-module bug mostly because a "fix" was released fast and i was at work the whole day and when i got back, i simply had updates waiting for libcanberra-gtk-module17:57
BluesKajok, I'm kde all the way , clean except for what synaptic pulls in , so i don't and haven't had any FF or other breowser crashes as described by that bug17:57
freakabcdso i personally didn;t meet those "apps not working" bugs. but since that update flash never worked in forefox17:57
freakabcdneither in chromium nor in rekonq. because they all use the same flash plugin17:58
freakabcdand that seems to somehow tie into libcanberra for what reason perhaps god understands! grrr17:58
freakabcdi mean17:59
zonkersthank you ubuntu for unity.   i tried gnome 3 and almost puked18:00
freakabcdeh.. i didn;t intend to type the previous "i mean" apologies18:00
freakabcdzonkers, to each his/her own. i couldn't stand both unity and gnome3 and came running to kde. i must say it is much better than the mess it was long ago18:01
zonkersfreakabcd, i cannot use kde 4 or gnome 3.   I gave kde 4 another shot yesterday and uninstalled.  i just don't get why the linux desktop has to have radical changes.18:02
freakabcdoh well. my perspective is that both gnome3 and unity are the radically changed ones18:03
freakabcdanyway. i seem to be happy with kde4 for now. lets hope that lasts18:03
ali1234kde 4 is radically changed as well18:03
ali1234you used to be able to configure the desktop and the window manager the same, now you can't18:03
ali1234you have one set of settings for themes, and another one for plasma18:04
ali1234and they are totally different18:04
freakabcdas opposed to gnome where you hack tyhe registry^H^H^H i meant gconf-thingamabob18:04
ali1234the difference is that with gnome you can make everything look the same, with KDE it is impossible18:05
freakabcdreally? hah18:05
ali1234because plasma and normal widgets don't even use the same theme formating18:05
freakabcdright now i run kde apps and gnome apps and even firefox looks exactly like a native kde app!18:05
ali1234does your panel look like a native KDE app?18:05
ali1234the answer is no, because it is written in plasma, which can't use kde themes18:05
freakabcderr.. the panel is from KDE18:05
freakabcdobviously it looks like its integrated into the environment18:06
zonkerswhy can't i just have a normal desktop18:06
ali1234but does it look like all the other apps?18:06
ali1234are buttons on the panel the same colour as button in an app?18:07
freakabcdwhat other apps do you want? almost all gtk apps look like native and kde apps are obviously native and even firefox/libreoffice like i said looks native18:07
ali1234KDE apps18:07
freakabcdbuttons on the panel looking native is hardly a requirement for me18:07
ali1234so buttons on your panel do not look like buttons in other KDE apps...18:08
Syph1xzonkers: try running a "ubuntu classic" session from gdm, which is gnome 2.3.x just like the old ubuntu releases18:08
freakabcdbecause you don;t have people complaining that the windows7 taskbar buttons don;t look like buttons on windows7 or regular windows apps18:08
ali1234yes you do18:08
ali1234i complain about it every time i have to use windows18:08
zonkerssyph1x: i'm done with the gnome fallback until it works exactly the same18:08
freakabcduh, ok. i like it this way becasue i know these buttons are not part of an application18:08
ali1234ok fair enough if you like it that way18:09
ali1234i don't18:09
freakabcdif they look the same ad the kde main panel looks like a reguylar taskbar of a kde application, then i'll have to remember that the kde panel is different18:09
ali1234and it is a radical change to use a totally different API to make panels vs apps18:09
freakabcdthis way i don;t even need to try to remember. i know it is different just looking at it18:10
ali1234it used to be that all the panels were just like other apps18:10
ali1234why do you need to distinguish between plasma widgets and apps anyway?18:10
ali1234most of them are exactly the same18:10
ali1234eg kde calculator app vs kde calculator plasma widget18:10
ali1234why is it necessary for both of these to exist?18:10
freakabcdok, as might have been evident from my statements before; i like the separation. i look at widgets as light weight applications or even seriously limited applications18:11
freakabcdhence the cpu/ram/network/diskspace/clock widget18:11
freakabcdif i really wanted to do some calculations, i opent he calculator application. not hunt for the calculator widget18:12
ali1234have you tried the activities thing? that's pretty radical as well18:13
jbichaSyph1x: GNOME 2 is _not_ available in Ubuntu Oneiric, gnome-panel 3.2 is which is a newer version of the traditional GNOME destop18:13
ali1234i couldn't even understand what it was supposed to do18:13
freakabcdthats just a new fanged way of saying "you know you had multiple workspaces right? .... tadaa.. now you can have multiple sets of multiple workspaces"18:14
freakabcdthats what all this activities business is (atleast for me)18:14
templetis there a torrent since oct 1, 2011 for a daily built of oneiric ?18:16
ali1234i don't think so18:16
ali1234torrent the beta 2 and then use zsync18:17
BluesKajhmm, I just keep the desktop as uncomplicated and uncluttered as possible , activities don't come into the picture ar all18:17
zonkersyeah that activities tab is ridiculous18:17
freakabcdBluesKaj, jup. i never click on the dang activities button/thingy on the top right18:17
freakabcdthe way i see it: the kde guys brought out this fancy "activity" crap to appease the windows/old_mac people who never had the pleasure of using multiple workspaces/virtual_desktops18:19
BluesKajfreakabcd, , i wish we could get rid of it , haven't bothered trying mind you.18:20
zonkersstill waiting for the day when xfce decides to go off the deep end18:21
freakabcdnah, i don;t think they will get rid of it. has some use cases: eg: you could have 1 activity for "porn" where you have lots of windows of images/docs/etc. open on multiple workspaces. then you switch to your "browsing" activity and everything disappears and you're left with a few browser windows showing launchpad/slashdot/etc.18:22
freakabcdand now you can switch between the 218:22
freakabcdnote that this isn;t my scenario, i never use the crappy activities18:22
ali1234nah, activities is so you can have one "system" that switches between desktop/tablet/mobile phone/tv mode18:23
BluesKajI just switch desktops18:23
ali1234or between touch control/mouse control if you prefer18:23
ali1234that's the idea anyway18:23
ali1234i'm not sure how it is supposed to do that18:23
ali1234cos i couldn't make any sense of it18:24
freakabcdali1234, not really. when you switch to a different activity, all your previous windows disappear.18:24
freakabcdbut they are still around18:24
zonkersali1234, i agree with you18:24
ali1234that's the idea18:24
ali1234you don't want to see that huge spreadsheet on the "media player" activity that is supposed to be controlled with a remote contorl18:24
freakabcdlike i said. its to switch between different work modes "work", "procrastination/web_browsing", "pron", etc.18:25
ali1234that is what multiple workspaces are no18:25
freakabcdthe only benefit you get is that within one activity all window switches, alt-tab expose etc. work only for the windows within that activity and you can switch to a different set of windows in another activity if you so desire18:25
ali1234activities are basically to let you run plasma active on a tablet, and then switch it to a "full desktop" mode when you plug in a keyboard and mouse18:26
freakabcdyeah. i said before. activities is a "multiple sets of multiple workspaces" thingy18:26
freakabcdbasically trying to beat multiple workspaces into evolving to the NextLevel(tm). it kinda makes sense. but it totally lame and useless for me (and many others i'm sure)18:27
zonkersi guess i'm stuck with unity.18:28
ali1234i don't like unity much... but it is the best of a bad bunch18:28
freakabcdheh, least of all evils ;)18:28
freakabcdguys, i tried out windows 8 dev preview18:29
zonkersit's application finder is getting better (what ever that's called).  what I don't like it you close some apps and they go missing.  banshee is one of them18:29
freakabcdi loved the colours in the taskmanager18:29
freakabcddunno have much impression on metro and the other shit18:29
freakabcdwhy cannot linux use nice flat colours?18:30
zonkersbecause we want all the compiz bs18:30
freakabcdeverything has to be gradient/shiny/3d/effect/etc.18:30
freakabcdits gets insanely ridiculous18:30
ali1234lol KDE everything is shiny gradients18:30
freakabcdsimple flast shading with some subtle shadows ot gradients is all thats needed18:30
ali1234yes i totally agree18:30
zonkersjust to prove how much glitzier linux is than windows18:30
freakabcdyeah, thats why i'm using a theme that has extremely less amount of the bling18:31
ali1234i recommend QTCurve if you want a nice simple KDE style18:31
ali1234unfortunately there isn't much you can do bout anything involving plasma, for reasons i pointed out before18:31
ali1234you can only fix normal apps18:31
zonkerstried the new mandriva.. it's horrible.  unity and 11.10 are much much much better18:32
freakabcdjava is anothe thig i absolutely hate. the ugly peice of shit.. :(18:32
IdleOnePlease mind the language and topic18:33
zonkersyeah, same code fails tween versions18:33
freakabcdfor all the money sun had, for all the money ibm, rh, all the other guys leveraging java had. they couldn;t make a nicer new default theme for java than shitty metal18:33
freakabcdfor the language18:34
ali1234check it http://imagebin.org/17651718:34
zonkersfreakabcd: too funny18:34
zonkersi wish unity would go back to the gnome 2 desktop widget on the taskbar.  that's my biggest gripe so far18:34
freakabcdzonkers, the way i see it. they are going to end up wanting to make everyting widgety, etc. :(18:35
freakabcdenter plasma and those mess again18:36
zonkersi'm not enamoured with the global menu either but can get used to it.18:37
freakabcdand i'm sure all these people driving to get rid of the simple menu are bolstered by the news that microsoft got rid of the Start menu because no one used it18:38
ali1234no one used it because they made it into a huge mess that's even worse than the KDE one18:38
freakabcdexactly. the one in gnome was forgivable. something like a visual /usr/bin for the "important" applications18:39
ali1234gnome classic18:39
freakabcdnow its inside a nice launcher + search "app"18:39
freakabcdand what was so bad about synaptic? not blingy enough to remove it from default install and show more of "software centre" and peddle it ?18:40
zonkersfirst thing i did when i installed unbutu was to put synaptic back.. ridiculous18:40
zonkersis there a cpu indicator like the one available in 11.04?18:42
ali1234the problem with synaptic is precisely that it does what software centre does except without also showing paid apps18:42
freakabcdzonkers, thats another thing i didn;t like about not having a panel on top. wheres my cpu/ram/network indicators ?18:43
jbichafreakabcd: we can't have every cool app on the CD ;)18:43
freakabcdno way to put anything on the "panel" upstairs18:43
freakabcdjbicha, heh :) i'm just happy that its still available18:44
ali1234jbicha: the problem being that there seems to be plenty of room for apps that aren't cool18:44
jbichaali1234: like what in particular?18:44
ali1234software center18:44
ali1234ubuntu one18:44
zonkerswho uses empathy?18:45
ali1234anything involving mono18:45
bjsnideri do18:45
zonkersor gwibber?18:45
bjsnidercool people do18:45
freakabcdali1234, theres lobbyists for many applications and environmentsetc.  just like in politics18:45
ali1234gwibber and empthy together still does less than what pidgin can do, and do better18:45
jbichagwibber's quite popular, empathy's not bad and there are architecture reasons why it's preferred18:45
freakabcdand sometimes decisions are made on "how blingy can the app be?" or "is there a simpler app for doing this?", etc.18:46
jbichaSoftware Center is far better than Synaptic for Ubuntu's target audience18:46
ali1234i agree18:46
ali1234however it is missing lots of functionality18:46
jbichafreakabcd: simplicity is a valid reason to prefer an app, simple-scan is much better than xsane for Ubuntu for instance18:47
bjsniderthat's for sure18:47
bjsniderxsane is nightmarish18:47
ali1234also it has problems that are bad not only for the nerds, but for ubuntu's target audience18:47
ali1234see for example this bug i am about to go and find18:47
freakabcdtrue i agree in most cases. but sometimes i disagree. i.e. the principle must not be applied in a blanket fashion18:47
BluesKajstill stick with synaptic ..It's a good repos reference18:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 863745 in unity-lens-applications (Ubuntu) "Searching for "flash" in the "applications for download" section of the dash gives confusing results." [Undecided,New]18:48
jbichaI'm not saying synaptic is bad, I have it installed, but the UI could be better18:48
ali1234ok that isn't really software centre, but the dumbing down of software centre doesn't make that bug any easier to deal with18:48
ali1234basically if you are on 64 bit18:48
ali1234and you try to install flash plugin using the supposedly "easy" ubuntu way18:48
ali1234you have a 50% chance of it breaking18:48
ali1234and there's no way, no matter how much knowledge you have, to work out whch is the correct choice, using only the ubuntu approved ways18:49
BluesKajmuon broke on my setup and has permission problems even with sudoer no pwd and aiiases , it still buggy18:49
freakabcdi believe einstein said "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler."18:49
ali1234so basically what you've done is make a UI that is equally hard for everyone18:49
ali1234but not any easier for anyone18:49
The_CreatorHow do I Alt-Tab through windows on only the active workspace on 11.10?18:50
zonkersgnome should be ashamed of themselves for the disaster that is gnome 3.18:50
bjsnidercomplain to the manufacturer18:51
ali1234The_Creator: you can't. it's one of the features i want too18:51
freakabcdzonkers, its not a very bad disaster. i think they are on par with the crappy release of kde 4.0 when it came out18:51
zonkersfreakabcd, i think it's worst than kde because they saw teh disaster of kde 4 and didn't heed it's warnings for their product18:54
bjsniderzonkers, gnome has their own irc server if you want to go over there and flame them, but they've heard it all before18:55
zonkersi'm done18:56
zonkersat least unity has the effort to make it more usable18:57
bjsnideri'm sure apple will hear all of this crap when they switch everything to ios18:57
jbichaGNOME wants to be more usable too, it's just that apparently their definition varies from yours18:58
bjsniderthere are gnome-shell extensions to add menus and a bottom taskbar19:01
bjsniderif learning the new way is out of the question19:01
zonkersin the end the consumer wins and the de that pleases the most people will win19:07
OrionidFrom reading the last couple of posts, is the general feeling in here that Unity is better than GNOME then?   Just curious where you all stand.  I prefer GNOME myself.19:24
thiebaudei dont know but i have always used gnome sine 6.0419:24
freakabcdthey weigh the same on my scale19:24
OrionidI found the gnome to unity change to be a difficult one.  I'm not one to shy away from change.  As a matter of fact, I love change.  Still waiting for unity to capture my heart though.19:26
zonkersorionid.  i prefer unity to gnome 3.  and i primarily use unity-2d19:26
OrionidI probably just need to use it more.19:27
zonkersorionid, i didn't like unity until the latest 11.1019:28
* jussi smacks jbicha's hand :P19:28
freakabcdoh.. Precise Pangolin19:29
OrionidZonkers: I imagine you're using a pre-release?19:29
zonkersorionid, yes, at work in vmware player 3.1.4 and at home on older (4 year old) dual core19:30
OrionidCool,  it's good to know that the next release has made an impact on you.  I look forward to it then!19:30
zonkersi was negative for a long time on 11.10 but i'm liking unity and the whole ubuntu eco system much better now19:31
OrionidGood to hear.  Oct 13th isn't too far away! ;)19:32
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The_Creatorali1234: Thanks for letting me know.19:36
tech2Hi all, just upgraded to Oneiric and I have one package held back "update-notifier-common", apt-get -f install or dist-upgrade don't fix it, trying to install it causes it to report it will remove ubuntu-desktop, and trying to remove it says the same, any ideas?19:45
robin0800tech2, wait19:47
BluesKajtech2, it's not real important as long as it's not blocking any updates/upgrades19:47
tech2BluesKaj: it's a constant annoyance in the update manager and I don't understand _why_ it's listed. Perhaps if I could understand that part I'd be a little happier.19:48
tech2is there a recommended method for working out why?19:49
BluesKajturnoff the notifications in update manager ...run you rupdates and upgrades in the terminal ...less intrusive and cumbersome19:49
tech2BluesKaj: perhaps, yes, but I'd still like to know the reason for it being held back, other sources seemed to suggest things like dist-upgrade or manual installation would "fix" it, but nothing really explained why.19:50
i12hello my people, I am having an issue starting the samba package in order to share files on a windows network19:52
BluesKajtech2, it's a beta release , get used to it ..it's no biggie , it'll be taken care of in due course19:52
robin0800tech2, it probably has dependancies waiting for updated files that are not on the server yet19:52
tech2BluesKaj: if that's the case, cool, thanks. 8 more days to go I guess ;)19:52
BluesKajtech2, yup :)19:52
i12I was able to connect to the network from ubuntu to the server, but I can't seem to get things in line to connect  from the other computers to my printer/files19:53
i12no luck yet...19:56
i12I can deffinitely print, I just need to figure out how to share the printer with the workgroup19:56
robin0800i12, have you set up sharing on the printer server settings19:59
Ian_Corne2011-10-05 22:02:02,268 WARNING: /sys/module/fglrx_updates/drivers does not exist, cannot rebind fglrx_updates driver20:02
Ian_Corneanyone got fglrx to install yet?20:02
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=== pangolin is now known as PreciseOne
=== PreciseOne is now known as pangolin
matyyIn oneiric, the option in the keyboard settings to force the user to take a break of x minutes after a period of y minutes is gone. I cannot find a replacement. Does anybody know an alternative?20:21
daavisi guess x server or smth crashes constantly and I get an error.. but this time i did not get an error but my toolbar for all applications dissapeared anyway20:22
BluesKajjust installed skype static , I get this : skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. libXss doesn't exist in the repos is it lib6ss?20:22
daavishow to fix this?20:22
templetjust installed oneiric.  i need to add my home directory to automount on boot.  i guess i forgot to add that.  can anyone point me to a url ?20:23
BluesKajtemplet, did you create a separate /home partition?20:27
BluesKajtemplet, if so it should auto mount20:28
pangolinBluesKaj: http://community.skype.com/t5/Linux/latest-skype-not-working-on-ubuntu-11-10/td-p/104494 worked for me20:28
pangolinBluesKaj: you have to enter the package names by hand, copy/paste for some reason doesn't work.20:30
pangolinI think because :i386 somehow confuses apt20:31
pangolinand yeah you need multiarch installed20:33
BluesKajpangolin, nope, it couldn't locate20:35
BluesKajpangolin, I pasted the apps into synaptic searchbar and installed them that way20:39
i12+robin0800 looks like it is, the printer does say "shared" on it20:40
i12robin0800: but it doesn't seem to be sharing it with the right workgroup, since I cannot see it from the other machines20:41
BluesKajpangolin, ok , skype is up and running ..thanks for the tip :)20:44
pangolinsure thing BluesKaj20:45
guntishey, smth really crashed.. i lost my icons and panel on the left. I am logged from guest user. The error message contained something about blueman.. How get back my real user. I guess it has smth to do with compiz settings.. ?21:06
zonkersok how do i add a new .xml for the background in unity. I can modify the background-1.xml but can't seem to add a new one21:09
guntisi've never seen answers here..21:10
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zonkersunity needs a little bit more seasoning21:19
daavislooks like21:19
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drussellzonkers: garlic?21:20
zonkersdaavis, i did see an article that says it can do it if i install 3rd party app.   may try that21:20
daaviswell, thing is.. i can't do anything through my real user. If i try fix problem with guest user it will work, zonkers  ?21:21
zonkershow do you even do guest user. i dont' see that option21:22
daavison startup21:23
jeinorHi people! I have a question concerning the Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 Alternate Install CD for amd64: have anyone successfully completed a installation with that CD? I'm having problems in the "Select and install software"-step.21:32
daavisprevious problem solved by marking "Unity plugin" in compiz settings through guest user21:40
daavisbut still missing toolbars21:40
Tophanp/win 521:48
jeinordavis, who were you talking to?21:48
LLStarkspangolin. a pangolin. no perfect penguin?22:10
pangolinno such thing22:10
LLStarksprecise pangolin22:10
pangolinthere is no such thing as a perfect penguin22:11
LLStarksprodigious penguin?22:11
pangolinyou can read why Mark chose the name22:12
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78422:12
LLStarksi read22:12
LLStarksbut precise may backfire. it's not going to work for web searching. if i search for "postfix oneiric" and "postfix precise", i'll probably get different results.22:13
szymon_gcould anyone wise explain me, why in new ubuntu if i wanna change a font-size, i have to install 39 packages including gnome-shell (or maybe it's there a easier way than installing gnome-tweak-tool; the way that i do not know about)?22:17
copproszymon_g: hah what?22:18
szymon_gok, sorry, i'm a bit bitter today. could you tell me how can i easily change size and type of fonts in unity?22:19
jbichaszymon_g: install gnome-tweak-tool22:24
szymon_gjbicha, hm.. http://www.wklej.org/id/603750/22:25
szymon_gso- 39 new programs, another 80+ mb for just changing the font? great...22:25
jbichaLLStarks: so google for pangolin then22:26
jbichamaybe that's part of why the names are unusual to make googling easier22:26
jbichaszymon_g: you wanted easy22:26
LLStarksthe codename is VERY IMPORTANT for repoing22:27
jbichayou could use gsettings directly from the command line without installing anything but it's a bit more complex :)22:27
LLStarkspangolin is not the important part22:27
LLStarksprecise is22:27
jbichaszymon_g: installing gnome-shell won't hurt you :)22:27
szymon_gok, tell me- why should i install *anything* to change something that basic as font?22:28
LLStarkshttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted... etc22:28
szymon_gsorry, but even kde2 and gnome1 had it22:28
jbichaszymon_g: why do you consider changing the font "basic"? there's a simple font size adjuster in System Settings>Universal Access22:28
szymon_g... because it is pretty basic? because (thanx to great X/gnome/whatever) functionality font's don't look as good as then, when changed manually?22:30
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jbichaszymon_g: very few people change the font, and for those that do, there's a tool for that22:30
jbichalike I said, your choices are gsettings, dconf-editor, or gnome-tweak-tool, g-t-t is by far the easiest22:31
szymon_ghm.. apt-cache search dconf-editor finds nothing22:32
jbichait's part of dconf-tools22:32
szymon_gah thanx, btw, i'm getting that error: http://www.wklej.org/id/603755/22:33
voidrhello, does anyone know how to disable the touchpad?23:00
cccangelIs it just me or does Ubuntu look more appealing as an OS after each upgrade?23:05
bjsniderwell, that's what they're trying to do23:09
bjsniderso that would be an indication that they're succeeding23:10
WADSWhen is the expected schedual release of 11.10's ?23:35
PiciWADS: On the 13th23:45

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