NCommanderso rebuilding gtk-sharp causes the GUI to appear but it doesn't actually wokr00:09
NCommanderGrueMaster: try testing with the debs in my panda homefolder
twbNCommander: you know that's a private address, right? ;-)00:24
NCommandertwb: I live with GrueMaster :-P00:24
twbYou poor man00:24
NCommandertwb: him or me :-P00:24
twb+1 brandini00:27
NCommanderGrueMaster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/banshee/+bug/85353900:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 853539 in banshee "Banshee wont start" [Undecided,Triaged]00:33
GrueMasterNCommander: Wrong arch.  Read the bug details.  May be similar, but since it works on x86, I'm doubting it.  Also, this is for 2.1.4.  We are on 2.2.000:36
GrueMasterfollowing the gconftool-2 instructions has no effect.00:40
GrueMasterAnd the bug you want to follow is Bug #85729900:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 857299 in banshee "banshee window remain white on startup on pandaboard" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85729900:41
NCommanderso the code that throws the exception only throws it if something is <000:54
NCommanderI'm blocking ATM on how to debug this01:01
NCommanderbut it is breaking in Banshee (Hyena.Gui)01:01
GrueMasterI'm still loading build dependencies.  Seems apt-get build-dep doesn't get all of them (gmcs, boo so far).01:06
GrueMasterInteresting.  I may have found the issue.  http://banshee-media-player.2283330.n4.nabble.com/Banshee-crashes-after-updating-compiled-version-tp3862966p3862966.html appears to say that banshee 2.2 requires mono-addins 0.6.2,  We have
GrueMasterNope.  Not it (apparently).03:00
twbBanshee needs mono now?  Sheesh.03:01
GrueMasterIts a mono app.  Always has been.03:02
twbRassum frassum03:02
GrueMasterPersonally, I don't like either of the two gnome music apps (Banshee, Rhythmbox).  But that's just me.03:03
twbLast time I looked at rhythmbox (8.04) it looks OK for what it was03:04
GrueMasterYes, but apparently it won't work with ubuntuone (or at lease ubuntuone won't work with it).  Don't ask me why.03:13
GrueMasterBut we may revert to that for this release.  Will know more Thursday.03:13
twbI expect canonical cares about that, but I don't :P03:16
GrueMasterWell, at least Pithos runs well on armel.  Pandora on Panda rocks.03:18
twbOh lame03:19
twbI thought you meant like the pandora game handheld03:19
GrueMasterMay need to move my normal pandora setup to this system.  Chumby is getting a little long in the tooth.03:19
GrueMasterNo, online music.  Beats my local collection.03:19
twb"We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S."03:20
twbThere's a couple of CC-flavoured ones that I would use if I could be arsed.  IIRC recent versions of rhythmbox know about them OOTB03:20
GrueMasterYea, blame the industry, not Pandora.  Freaking RIAA and ASCAP.03:20
GrueMasterBoth fight for licensing rights, neither really care about the artists.03:21
GrueMasterI used to work in a lounge that featured live bands.  During the day, they would play cds from the local bands that would play Friday & Saturday, until ASCAP came and told us to stop or pay.  We even had one of the artists there, while his music was playing.03:23
GrueMasterAt any rate, that is a long rant from 16 years ago ('95).03:24
GrueMasterWell, I've put in my 14 hours.  Time to go veg on the tube.03:24
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NCommanderGrueMaster: no love updating mono-addins (hadto take a brick to it to get it installed but no comparable difference :-/)09:00
NCommanderin banshee09:00
plasmasolutions_Hi guys, I've read every thread I could find on google groups but didn't find a new answer: Is hd video acceleration possible with natty on the pandaboard nowadays? I'm using the TI ppa with ubuntu-omap4-extras installed09:38
plasmasolutions_And as a second question: Is there no performance governor anymore with natty? I don't find it anymore in the usual place09:39
ogra_wait for oneiric or use maverick09:39
ogra_Ti did no work on the natty port of the omx bits09:39
plasmasolutions_ogra_: Wow fast answer...even if it's not what I hoped for ;)09:39
ogra_(lets hope that makes the oneiric one twice as good :) )09:39
plasmasolutions_ogra_: I'm experienced with beta versions, is there already support for it in the current dev version of oneiric?09:40
plasmasolutions_I would test it then and give feedback...09:41
ogra_plasmasolutions_, i dont think TI has uploaded to the PPA yet, ndec1 might be able to giev an ETA (i would gueyy by release its there though)09:42
ogra_*guess even09:42
ndec1plasmasolutions_: short answer: not available now. long answer: http://groups.google.com/group/pandaboard/browse_thread/thread/2aa25aab6635fb0209:43
plasmasolutions_ogra_: ndec1: Thank you for your help...I'm reading your post now...09:45
plasmasolutions_ndec1: Wow, this post was needed... why is it so difficult to find?! Should be linked on the ubuntu wiki...09:50
plasmasolutions_ndec1: So ist's more than likely that we'll get the packages once oneiric is ready...that's goog news!09:51
plasmasolutions_goog = good :)09:52
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
ndec1plasmasolutions_: this is the last message in the pandaboard group...09:56
plasmasolutions_ndec1: I'm now a member of this group...so important news will not pass away again :)09:58
plasmasolutions_ndec1: So thank you very much..I have to leave now. But I will try maverick and oneiric once it's ready! Looking really forward to this release...bye10:01
janimondec1, what is the difference between gst-ducati and gst-openmax?10:23
janimoI read the mail you lined to above and it mentions this change in the PPA10:23
ndec1janimo: they do the same thing, in the sense that they decode/encode using h/w acceleration. but they use different low level APIs to do it10:24
ndec1gst-openmax uses OMX, gst-ducati uses DCE10:24
janimondec1, are they competing or is one replacing the other?10:24
janimois DCE a TI-only technology?10:25
ndec1Distributed Codec Engine.10:25
ndec1codec engine is TI API for codecs10:25
ndec1OMX uses CE API, and DCE uses the same API.10:26
ndec1janimo: http://groups.google.com/group/pandaboard/browse_thread/thread/2aa25aab6635fb0210:26
ndec1oops... wrong copy paste... here is it: http://bloggingthemonkey.blogspot.com/2010/11/announcing-libdce-and-gst-ducati.html10:26
janimondec1, thanks. Still not clear from it whether it is preferred to openmax. Probably not if portability is in mind. Is TI also updating gst-openmax though?10:29
ogra_janimo, the point is that whatever android chooses as default should be used, else you add extra workload10:30
ogra_and i think android moves away from omx10:31
janimook, but android moves to something that is not in classic linux10:33
janimobut I see your point10:33
ogra_its not in classic lunix, but the kernel side implementation will be the same10:33
ogra_*linux indeed :)10:34
ndec1ogra_: no android is not moving away from OMX.10:37
ogra_oh, i thought they do10:37
ndec1we are moving away from what we do in android ;-)10:37
ogra_i stand corrected then :)10:37
ndec1ogra_: if you read that somewhere, please share the link10:37
ogra_i didnt :)10:37
janimoogra_, Andoid moves from OpenCore to StageFright maybe that's what you (and I) mixed up with moving from OMX?11:46
ogra_yeah, i just knew everything is moving right now :)11:47
janimolots of multimedia related codenames around11:47
ogra_wohoo, another sprint in budapest \o/11:47
* ogra_ guesses infinity will like that :)11:47
janimowhere is it announced?11:48
ogra_check your mails :)11:48
janimoI checked right aft6er you said it. But I rmember my inbox is lagging a bit. So will get it in 20 minutes :)11:51
ogra_are ysou using uucp ? *g*11:52
janimohoming pigeons11:52
janimounladen though. For maximum speed11:53
ogra_flying forwards or backwards ?11:53
ogra_(or belly up ?)11:53
janimoshow out of a cannon, wings tied to the body11:54
ogra_heh, yeah, that should be pretty fast11:54
jondoHi everybody13:13
jondoI have got a BeagleBoard-xM and wonder  which Ubuntu release to use.13:15
ogra_depends on the board revision ... the newer the more likely it is that your revision isnt supported out of the box in an older release13:16
jondoAccording to u-boot it is "Rev C". (That's probably also the meaning of the "C" sticker on the board.)13:17
ogra_then i would suggest oneiric13:17
ogra_latest daily, shouldnt change much until tomorrow (when we build the Release Candidate images)13:18
jondoThis would be http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/oneiric-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap.img.gz then?13:18
jondoGreat! Because I have already tested Maverick in order to avoid Natty's https://launchpad.net/bugs/771537, and could not get it to boot.13:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 771537 in linux "Beagle XM lacks proper 1Ghz support" [Medium,In progress]13:20
ogra_right,. oneiric should fix that13:31
jondoThanks. I'll report back when I continue testing tomorrow.13:41
ogra_great, feedback is really appreciated since we are testing for release13:42
BlInK311will the new oneiric not work with the older Beaglebaord xM Rev.A3?13:58
ogra_it should work with all beagle XMs that are currently available13:58
BlInK311ok thanks13:58
ogra_the older ones dont since the boards showed up after or around release time13:59
ogra_we offer updated bootloader and kernel files you can replace on the older images, oneiric includes all these bits13:59
BlInK311ok, I have an Rev A3 and a Rev B, im gonna play with both of them by the end of the week.  glad to hear they will both work with oneiric14:00
ogra_if you find issues, please tell us14:01
BlInK311will do14:03
BlInK311downloading image from link above14:03
ogra_ndec1, yo ! i just got an oder acknowledgement for a 4460 :)14:55
ndec1ogra_: ?14:55
ogra_from TI14:55
ogra_seems there is a 4460 in shipment to me14:56
GrueMasterI got one Saturday.  Still no box though.14:57
ndec1ogra_: cool! do you have the ID ?14:59
ogra_hmm, there are a bunch of numbers, which is the ID ? :)15:00
* ogra_ thinks what he just got from the postman is just a bill ... has the usual $0.0015:01
GrueMasterndec1: The Order Ack # for mine is 143064217.  Is that the number you are looking for?15:02
ndec1do you have a RQST number? or the model number?15:03
GrueMasterOMAP4460UEVMES11GP12GHZTIWI-BLE or UEVM4460G-02-01-00.  Those are the only other numbers on my copy.15:05
ogra_same here15:05
brandiniI wish it was friday and I could hack on my pandaboard15:15
ndec1ogra_: GrueMaster: ok. that looks good!15:19
GrueMasterndec1: Any info on the new boards?  Same/similar to panda?  Same power?  I'd like to get mine online as soon as it arrives so that I can say it works for Oneiric.15:23
brandiniIf you get an 4460 then *I* should get a 4460 too!15:34
brandiniYou just plug that into your pandaboard and voila eh? ;)15:34
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brandiniwonder if I could get a job doing dev for these SoC things16:02
prpplaguebrandini: plenty of job openings for skilled developers16:04
brandiniI don't have any experience doing it, but I do have good skills and a great ability to learn16:05
=== Jack87|Away is now known as Jack87
ndec1brandini: as prpplague said, yes, we are always open to great people ;-)16:06
=== Jack87 is now known as Jack87|Away
brandiniwe == ubuntu?16:07
prpplaguebrandini: and others16:08
brandiniwonder if there are any in NE ohio16:09
ndec1brandini: i work for  TI ;-)16:14
xranbynice sound on the panda board!16:15
xranbytested todays daily image  20111005 and can confirm that the fix from 1003 fixed16:15
brandiniLinux localhost 3.0.0-1205-omap4 #10-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 29 03:57:24 UTC 2011 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux16:16
brandiniarmv7l x316:16
GrueMasterxranby: Excellent.16:16
brandinindec1: any openings near NE ohio?16:16
xranbyGrueMaster: when testing  i noted that the soundscard did not get detected while running the oem-setup      but the soundcard got found when the lightdm login screen got displayed16:21
xranbyso the first thing i heard was the login sound..   excellent16:21
GrueMasterxranby: That could be a pulseaudio thing.  Not sure.16:22
GrueMasterRight now, I am fighting to get through oem-config without respawning.  Seems I am the only one experiencing this (although I can do it reliably on multiple boards with different SD cards).16:22
ndec1xranby: GrueMaster: i am also seing that the soundcard is detected only after loging in16:26
ndec1aplay -l does not return the same thing before and after login16:27
ndec1you know where it's coming from?16:27
GrueMasterIt could be that pulseaudio is having issues running as root during oem-config.  On firstboot, there is no default user and no user environment established.  pulseaudio runs as a user app.16:30
ndec1even after installation, i get this. if you open a console before logging into lightdm (ssh or serial), aplay doesn't return anything16:31
GrueMasterVery odd.  On my server images, I see both Panda & PandaHDMI in /proc/asound/cards.  May need more alsa tweeks.16:34
infinityYou're supposed to see both.16:35
GrueMasterYes, but you should also be able to use both.16:36
GrueMasterIt appears we are missing a mixer device when logged in through the console (testing on ubuntu-server).16:41
GrueMasterogra_: On today's image, clicking on the ti icon and telling software center to use this source causes software center to crash.18:26
GrueMasterI'd file a bug, but I am getting an "Unexpected Form Data error from lp.  sigh.18:31
ogra_GrueMaster, ouch18:42
infinityGrueMaster: Did you have an open bug for the "no swap" thing?19:21
infinityGrueMaster: Going to slide that in right now.19:21
GrueMasterI'll look19:21
infinityogra_: Did you have any urge to have swap on ac100?  ac100-tarball-installer doesn't currently look for and enable it.19:22
infinityogra_: (Right now, I'm just enabling it for jasper-using images)19:22
GrueMasterinfinity: I could have sworn I had a bug filed on that, but I'm not turning up anything.  Will try google.19:27
infinityI see nothing filed by you...19:29
GrueMasterI don't even see where it was removed in jasper.19:32
GrueMasterWait, Revno 119 removed it from jasper and added it to livecd-rootfs.19:33
GrueMasterAnd I guess it was never enabled in the new image build tool.19:33
infinityRight, which is what I'm fixing.19:34
infinityWell, what I've fixed.  Was just curious if you had a bug to reference in the changelog. :P19:35
infinityWhich would be nice.19:35
* infinity goes to find a drink and see if a Tobinish bug appears while he's gone. :)19:35
GrueMasterShould I create one?19:35
GrueMasterBug #868662  for you to play with.19:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 868662 in live-build "Switching to live-build dropped swap file creation on preinstalled images" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86866219:40
infinityGrueMaster: Thanks, fix uploaded.19:48
infinityI find myself wondering if your oem-config* issues are just bad timing with the fact that (ana)cron is still running during the install.19:49
infinityI'd hoped to fix that in ubiquity, but I might be running out of time.19:49
GrueMastervery possible.19:49
infinityStill annoying that I can't reproduce.  Could just be because I have faster SD cards, so the timing is different.19:50
GrueMasterDefine "faster".  I have everything from class 4 to class 10, 4G-16G.19:51
GrueMasterDifferent brands even.19:51
infinityMy testing is mostly on a 32G Lexar class 10, which actually seems to perform faster than the box should suggest.19:51
infinityBut s/faster/different/ is all it takes for timing issues, really.19:52
GrueMasterAh, well I don't have any of the extremely big ones.  Cost too much still.19:53
GrueMasterI actually think it may be more of a kernel issue than an actual SD card issue.  Same cards work fine on beagle.  I even have tried the microSD cards in an adapter.19:54
prpplaguesebjan: ping20:29
utlemmingskaet: for tomorrow's RC and Cloud Images....did we want to promote a daily build or not?20:37
skaetutlemming,  yes we'll want to promote the daily builds to the iso tester.20:38
brandiniis there any word on getting mongodb to work properly on here?20:51
brandiniI built it by hand but it's got bugs and won't start up20:51
janimobrandini, which version?21:04
janimothe one in oneiric?21:04
janimodo you have a bug link in LP?21:04
janimobrandini, if not, please file one with details and add tag arm-porting-queue to it21:05
infinityErm, haven't we talked about it before?21:27
infinitymongodb needs serious upstream love to support anything !x86.21:27
stephen_Trying to get HDMI working with my pandaboard on my HDMI tv. It doesnt seem to autodetect the edid and set the sscreen correctly21:28
stephen_anyone have any suggestions on what I could do?21:28
GrueMasterstephen_: Which Ubuntu release?21:28
infinitybrandini / janimo:21:28
infinity  The mongodb server depends on both little-endianness and unaligned memory21:28
infinity  access, which I believe means it can only work on i386 and amd64. We believe21:28
infinity  that the mongodb will be useful even it is not available for all Debian21:28
infinity  supported platforms.21:29
stephen_Im running natty 11.0421:29
stephen_(pandaboard precompiled image)21:29
infinitystephen_: Is the TV pluggged in when you boot?  Hot-plugging HDMI seems to be a bit iffy here.21:29
GrueMasterI just hit an oddity.  Switched my keyboard/mouse to a different system, and it reported caps-lock opposite of the keyboard LED.21:29
stephen_all plugged in on boot yeh21:29
stephen_my TV is slightly older, only supports 720p21:30
stephen_(I need HDMI mode 16 I believe, 1280x720@50Hz)21:30
GrueMasterstephen_: You might try the latest daily for Oneiric.  A lot of changes have been made to the edid code.  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current21:30
stephen_ah I wasnt aware one of those was avilable yet :) I'll certainly give that a shot. If not, where is a good resource for bootargs21:31
stephen_I was having a look around, but the wiki I saw was a bit light21:31
GrueMasterI'll have to look for the bootargs, but I think they are on omappedia.org21:32
stephen_for bootargs, when I create a boot.scr would I just need the opne arg, or are there other trimmings requred?21:34
infinityYou shouldn't need any args at all, unless autodetection still fails us.21:34
GrueMasterinfinity: On some sets it may.  Hence why I suggested using Oneiric as a test first.21:35
stephen_I will be giving oneric a shot as soon as I can. After that Ill pop back if I don't have any luck21:36
stephen_Im expecting that it wont work, as my TV is probably a bit useless.21:37
stephen_I just had a look at boot.script in my /boot directory21:37
AustereGrimOk, so I think I'm going to start putting my abilities to getting ubuntu arm on the android toshiba thrive...21:37
stephen_is it just a plain text file, or will I be needing to use the boot.scr way (I forgot the exact commands)21:38
GrueMasterAustereGrim: Cool.  Good luck.  If you succeed maybe we can add it to our community images next cycle.21:38
AustereGrimGrueMaster I hope, it's more of a hopeful endeavour, I just don't see me needing to make another android image that someone else is already doing the same thing...21:39
GrueMasterstephen_: The link you want for the display parameters is http://omappedia.org/wiki/Bootargs_for_enabling_display21:42
stephen_ah i see21:43
stephen_is that what I would likely want?21:45
GrueMasterPossibly.  Not sure about your system.21:52
MrCuriousgot a second grue?21:52
stephen_for HDMI is it more likely that sort of thing, or setting omapfb.hdmimode21:54
GrueMasterMrCurious: Barely, what's up?21:55
GrueMasterstephen_: I think the omapfb.mode is what you want, but I'm not really sure.21:57
MrCuriouswas thinking about reinstalling pandaboard ubuntu and was wondering if the usb speed fix has made it into the distro's yet and if you knew21:57
stephen_thanks anyway :)21:58
stephen_ill try oneric, then experiment :)21:58
GrueMasterMrCurious: It is in Maverick-updates and Oneiric.  I have to test Natty-proposed as soon as it comes up (this week I hope).21:59
MrCuriousso i just have to be a little more patient :)22:00
infinityMrCurious: Or just install oneiric and help test. ;)22:01
MrCuriousis Oneiric a 11.10 variant?22:02
GrueMasterOne and the same.22:02
MrCuriousthen i definitely need to give it a test run (in a week when the fix i hang on is in)22:03
infinityMrCurious: Hrm?22:03
infinityMrCurious: What fix is that?22:03
MrCurioususb speed22:03
infinityMrCurious: It's in.22:03
MrCurioushard disk/camera22:03
GrueMasterMaverick=10.10, Natty=11.04, Oneiric=11.10, and as of today, Precise=12.04.22:03
infinityMrCurious: It's only natty where the fix is lagging.  It's been in oneiric for ages.22:04
GrueMasterMrCurious: It is in on the Oneiric builds for a few weeks now.22:04
MrCuriousthen i have something for this weekend. locating its download spot now :)22:04
GrueMasterMrCurious: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current.22:05
GrueMasterEven has working audio.22:05
MrCuriouseven better, but i was only about 2 clicks away from there, and i lost the race :(22:05
MrCuriousthanks, will cry and complain once i get it installed :P22:07
MrCuriousthat was funnier before i typed it22:07
infinityI'll go put on my ignoring IRC pants.22:08
MrCuriousguess i wont be quitting that day job any time soon22:09
zulhey how do you get into single user mode on the pandaboard?22:17
GrueMasterSingle user mode?  I would guess it is the same on any Ubuntu platform (not that I know what that is).22:18
GrueMasterMrCurious: If you ask any silly questions, I will be forced to make you listen to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIPWGAzEZlA22:20
AustereGrimI was reading about that... in the creation of a live cd.22:21
AustereGrimhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization if it helps22:21
AustereGrimuhm single user mode...22:21
AustereGrim"Removing the (Casper) Autologin" ?22:22
AustereGrimor reverse of that?22:22
zulGrueMaster: with uboot?22:22
AustereGrimor is that something different than what you're looking for zul?22:23
zulsomething different i changed a permission on a file that i shouldnt have and now i cant login i need a way to init=/bin/sh with ubuntu22:24
AustereGrimah... i get you... sorry.22:25
janimoinfinity, thanks, had no idea they were so non-portable. I wonder if it was a consciously made trade-off or it just happened22:25
janimomaybe in order to dealwith their bson format they do byte level manipulation or it is too slow22:25
GrueMasterzul: SD or USB drive?  OYu can just mount the device on a pc (running linux) and reedit the file.22:25
zulGrueMaster: sd card i dont have an sd reader handy22:26
infinityjanimo: I imagine it could be ported (but perhaps with non-portable DB formats, which is fairly common for that sort of thing), but I also suspect it would be some Serious Effort.22:28
janimoinfinity, their focus is probably speed (that's what  I keep hearing about mongo) so they do not even consider ARM for the moment22:29
brandinijanimo: thanks for the reply22:29
brandiniI'm running daily22:29
infinityjanimo: ARM likes speed!22:29
infinityjanimo: But yeah.  I don't think it's a "throw a few hours at the problem" deal, I think it's a "get deeply involved upstream and seriously think it through" thing.22:29
janimobrandini, see what infinity said, that is likely more helpful than what I said. Still a bug in LP as a reminder/tracker would not hurt, maybe even linked to an upstram bug if it exists22:29
janimoinfinity, well fox likes grapes too22:30
infinityjanimo: Is that a Romanian saying?22:30
brandinijanimo: they have a bug filed in their tracker22:30
brandinithey being mongodb22:30
janimoinfinity, hmm, I think it is from one of Aesoph's fables22:30
janimofox saying grapes wee sour after it could not reach them22:30
janimobut regardless, probably a bad analogy22:30
brandiniare there alternative nosql DB's that run on arm?22:31
janimoas in ARM likes speed, but cannot attain it at the level x86 does these days22:31
janimobrandini, couchdb does22:31
infinitybrandini: By "nosql", you mean not SQL, or not an RDBMS server?22:32
janimocasandra and other java based ones are affected by java itself being slow and buggy on ARM22:32
janimoopen source java that is22:32
AustereGrimjava, slow? buggy? nooo... that can't be... .22:32
infinity(And it also depends on how you want to access it... If via libraries and bindings is cool, the options are endless...)22:32
infinityBDB and SQLite being the two usual choices, though.22:33
brandiniugh, an apache project :)22:33
brandinihow well does couchdb run on the pandaboard?22:37
brandiniI can give it an SSD to store its data on :)22:37
MrCuriousgrue: little fluffy clouds rocks22:42
MrCuriousperhaps the worse version of the song, but at the same time intriguing22:44
MrCuriouswow! even a surprise ending22:46
MrCurioussounded a bit jordi to me22:46

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