ntrly_owlikt: yes, i ran into the python error on wicd 1.7.9002:13
ntrly_owlhead_victim: script sounds useful thanks02:42
ntrly_owlshould 10.04 be distro updated to 10.10 or 11.10?04:06
blahdeblahntrly_owl: You can chose whichever one you prefer.  LTS releases can be upgraded to the next LTS release, or to the next normal release.04:07
ntrly_owl11.10 isnt lts is it?04:07
blahdeblahntrly_owl: I'm not sure about 11.1008:15
head_victimntrly_owl: you should go 10.04 > 10.10 > 11.04 > 11.10 or you can just wait for 12.04 and then go 10.04 > 12.04 The only release jump officially supported is from LTS to LTS.08:18
head_victimGday blahdeblah 08:18
ntrly_owlill just go 10.10 for now i guess08:54
head_victimntrly_owl: you can try it but it's not generally recommended.08:55
head_victimIf you break it you get to keep all the pieces.08:56
ntrly_owlyeah any kind of distro update on ubuntu breaks too much stuff08:56
blahdeblahhead_victim: hi09:27
blahdeblahhead_victim: LTS to the next non-LTS has been officially supported as long as i can remember09:27
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah that's what I was trying to say, jumping releases except lts to lts is not recommended09:28
blahdeblahAnd i'm saying the opposite :-P09:29
blahdeblahI've done it several times with no ill effects09:29
head_victimblahdeblah: you've skipped releases without dramas?09:30
blahdeblahno, not skipped - just LTS to the *next* non-LTS e.g. from 8.04 to 8.10 or 10.04 to 10.1009:31
head_victimAh yeah, I think I"m more tired than I thought.09:31
head_victimYeah non lts to non lts is no dramas but from 10.04 to 11.10 might be a stretch unless you do it in intermediate steps09:32
blahdeblahYeah - i definitely wouldn't try that without jumping through the other distros 09:33
blahdeblahAlthough, i have upgraded from 8.04 to Debian 5 (lenny). ;-)09:33
head_victimI'm awaiting 12.04 to update this machine. Unity has come a very long way in the last 6 months (using in VMs) and would probably start with 11.10 if it weren't for the upgrade path being convoluted from 10.04.09:37
head_victimI wasn't happy with 11.04 but 11.10 is looking good09:37
gorillahead_victim: what about Unity?10:04
head_victimI'm starting to like how it's progressing. 11.04 was far too beta for me but 11.10 is starting to come together. 10:04
gorillaHere's hoping as it could annoy half the community if it doesn't gel with the masses.10:05
head_victimYeah, I'm hoping the refinement continues. I've been trying to compare it to other new GUIs and I'm starting to think will do more than enough for my needs.10:07
head_victimAt least in 11.10 it's back to being able to chop and change the DE without breaking things.10:08
gorillaHere's hoping that Windows 8 is as bad as people have been saying. The alternative OS would needs another Vista.10:17
head_victimOn a brighter note I was asked to set up a windows 7 pc the other day. I had to decline because I'm so far out of how to set them up securely I couldn't honestly even attempt that anymore.10:18
gorillahead_victim: Ditto. Though I am considering a Windows laptop for work purposes. Need to figure out how to secure that.. wihout recurring fees for anti-virus and the like.10:20
head_victimgorilla: if you figured it out please let me know, the wife still "has" to have windows on her PC.10:20
head_victimI'm getting a crappy Dell for my work laptop that I'm going to use for personal use by installing Ubuntu to a USB stick and booting off that10:21
gorillaI have installed AVG free on a windos machine at work.. appears to work okay. It doesn't receive email so I'm not sure how to see if it is working.10:24
head_victimGoing to see if I can stretch the integrated video to Urban Terror or something.10:24
head_victimIn the past I've used AVG, Spybot S & D and common sense10:24
gorillathe terrorist wins!10:25
gorillacommon sense is okay untill someone else uses the laptop.10:25
head_victimMy parents call me whenever something looks suss to see if it's ok to install/open/upgrade10:32
gorillabetter than being called to undo the mistake. I must say that my folks seem to keep themselves out of trouble pretty well.10:33
head_victimYeah never once had anything really go wrong other than hardware failure so here's hoping it stays like that10:34
gorillayou should be okay. :-)10:35
head_victimMy brother's are another story 10:36
ntrly_owlhow do you add a 10.10 cd as a source to dist-upgrade from on 10.04?10:37
ntrly_owlapparently it says 'insert cd to use as source' etc but its greyed out10:37
ntrly_owland cd is inserted10:37
ntrly_owlits the desktop cd i think |:10:39
ntrly_owlill ask10:39
ntrly_owlwhat is this command line crap10:50
ntrly_owlwhy doesnt ubuntu have a gui for upgrading >_>10:50
head_victimntrly_owl: does it you have the network :)10:51
head_victimRead the first part of the link I posted just before10:51
ntrly_owlUse this method if the system being upgraded is not connected to the Internet. ?10:52
ntrly_owl3. A dialog will be displayed offering you the opportunity to upgrade using that CD. 10:53
ntrly_owlthis doesnt happen10:53
head_victimAre they using the alternate?10:53
ntrly_owldesktop i think10:54
ntrly_owlcant you update from that10:54
head_victimAccording to the wiki, needs to be alternate10:54
head_victimSpeaking of which I linked you to the Natty upgrade not the Maverick10:55
head_victimSo just swap Maverick to Natty BUT the instructions are the same either way10:55
ntrly_owlyeah i found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades?highlight=%28\bCategoryUpgrade\b%2910:55
head_victimCool, well it does specifically say alternate so I'd say it does need to be the alternate10:56
head_victimEvening sagaci 10:56
sagacinot sure how much internet I'll have coming up to this weekend, I have my phone but that's no replacement for a desktop/laptop with ethernet10:57
sagaciI'll be fine for this weekend's meeting though10:57
head_victimNo worries, fingers crossed the party goes off well10:58
head_victimRemember the pictures ;)10:58
* gorilla goes off to kick his printer.10:58
head_victimI'm heading off to do some other work I think.10:59
head_victimntrly_owl: good luck with the upgrade, the wiki page you ahve knows more than I do anyway by the looks so just follow it and there shouldn't be an issue.10:59
gorillaan upgrade of kernel didn't go well.10:59
head_victimAh, I have 2 HP printers and both are great and never had a hitch11:00
ntrly_owldidnt work on desktop cd11:03
ntrly_owli have 2 hp printers too ^^11:04
ntrly_owlhow long would this upgrade take? should it be left overnight?11:05
head_victimntrly_owl: my experience - 10 - 15 mins but depends on the machine11:06
gorillahead_victim: it's not the printer that's the problem. The issue was that somehow I had installed a Xen enabled kernel, hardware doesn't support it, kernel panics and reboots. On reboot, kernel panics, reboots.11:13
ntrly_owlc2d box11:17
head_victimsagaci: nearly finished Kubuntu-Docs11:20
sagacigoodo, looking to get to around ~80,000 by release date11:21
head_victimThese aren't in Ubuntu, they're in the Launchpad ones11:21
sagaciso we just have to do what we did this cycle for the next one too11:26
sagacisigning into the ubuntu wiki on a bad connection, this should be fun11:28
head_victimsagaci: https://translations.launchpad.net/kubuntu-docs/oneiric/+lang/en_AU11:49
sagacigoodo, I glad I got chromium-browser done for this cycle11:52
head_victimAnd fingers crossed the xchat comes through11:54
sagaciyeah, hopefully11:55
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