SanbarComputingThere is a problem with the following UBT wiki.  I wrote an e-mail to the author, but got no reply.  Who can I ask about it? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Devbeginnings08:47
head_victimSanbarComputing: what's the problem?09:50
* samsul is away: samsul11:22
* samsul is away: samsul11:23
* samsul is away: samsul11:23
* samsul is away: apa ya?11:23
M0hi!away | samsul11:23
ubot2samsul: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also Ā«/msg ubottu GuidelinesĀ»11:23
samsuli'm sorry... my bad.. i did not mean to...11:25
M0hiNo prob. But don't repeat it ;)11:26
samsulthanks... i'm newbie just wanna try any command... but i did not know i send to every channel...11:28
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sangelionhi all..12:41
sangelioncan i ask something about c programming here??12:42
sangelionor do we have another forum for that12:42
geirhaThere is a ##C channel12:45
geirhaYou might have luck asking in here too, but ##c likely has more experts on C. :)12:46
sangelion@geirha.. tq.. how to get into that channel??12:48
geirha/join ##c12:48
sangelioni get this error.. Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services12:52
IAmNotThatGuysangelion: /ns help register12:53
sangelion@IAmNotThatGuy.. tq.. i will try12:54
sangelionhow to know i already register..12:59
sangelioni try again but get the same error13:00
IAmNotThatGuysangelion: /ns help identify13:01
sangelion:D thank you IAmNotThatGuy..13:04
IAmNotThatGuynp :)13:08
sangelionthank you.. already can join.. :D13:08
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sluckxzim looking for a wireless/network manager on fresh install kubuntu 11.10 beta 1.  i normally use wicd on other os's19:22
sluckxzlooks like the kde network stuff is gonna work.19:23
sluckxzwow ive never seen that before ;)19:23
nlsthznKubuntu is pretty awesome rigth now :)19:24
SanbarComputinghead_victim:  See the following forum post and discussion for details (especially last post at the end): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11313225#post1131322519:26
SanbarComputings/last post/last reply/19:28
SanbarComputinggeirha: Did you get an answer to your C question?19:29
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geirhaYes, I have the answer, but unfortunately I do not know the question.19:44
SanbarComputingsangelion: Did you get an answer to your C question? (geirha - sorry ...)19:50
SanbarComputinggeirha:  I am age, brain and sight challenged - oh heck, just put me in a home now ... :)19:51
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sangelionSanbarComputing: not try yet.. but c forum suggest me about tail and strrchar..20:18
SanbarComputingsangelion: strchr?20:20
sangelionnot strchr but strrchar20:20
sangelionowhh.. i not mention my problem in this channel..20:21
SanbarComputingsangelion:  Oh, last instead of first20:21
SanbarComputingPrivate message - if you want further help from me in private on this problem.20:22
sangelionim new in this xchat.. still dont know how to pm20:22
SanbarComputingYah, me too - I think I will open a new channel for us using your name, and you just join.  Want to try?20:23
sangelionhow?? is it works?20:24
SanbarComputingdoesn't seem to be working ... hey, all, how do I pm sangelion in irssi?20:25
SanbarComputingOh, /q - here, I'll try again, sangelion20:26
SanbarComputingsanglion: try to join channel #sangelion now for our pm ...20:26
SanbarComputingsangelion:  there may not be a # in front of it, and it may already be in a window in xchat.20:28
sangelionSanbanComputing: still there?20:29
SanbarComputingsangelion:  yes, want to try again?20:29
sangelioni already inside #sangelion20:29
SanbarComputingsangelion:  I misdirected you - quite #sangelion - it is a pm called sangeiion without the # - you should already have a window for it, I think ... just switch to the pm window somehow20:31
sangelion?? don't understand20:32
SanbarComputingOK, just go to #sangelion - that will work as well.  It won't be a pm, but it will work.20:33
head_victimSanbarComputing: re the wiki page thing, that might be a change in recent versions of Ubuntu. Feel free to update the wiki with the correct informaion. Afterall, wiki's are meant to be edited by many :)20:44
SanbarComputinghead_victim:  I thought about that, but it is immutable, I think ... for me ...20:56
head_victimSanbarComputing: that usually means you just have to log in.20:56
SanbarComputinghead_victim:  OK, let me try ...21:08
SanbarComputingActually, the problem is with an externally referenced site, now that I look at it better.  This site needs to say (I believe) that you do not need to do anything special for Natty explicitly to install the software:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bazaar-explorer-advanced-version-control-made-simple.html21:11
SanbarComputinghead_victim:  However, the Wiki could add a blurb to that effect before the link reference, and maybe that would help - when I used the tutorial, I got confused, so it would have helped to have it spelled out.  Maybe it is obvious to everyone but me, though ... :)21:12
SanbarComputinghead_victim:  looking at it, I think that the Wiki should directly give the very simple instructions for Natty install (just sudo apt-get install qbzr bzr-explorer, i am pretty sure) then refer people to the tutorial only if they are on versions before Natty.  Also, there is a broken link as well.  Should I go ahead and make the necessary changes?21:23
SanbarComputing(after verifying that the instructions work on my natty machine, of course)21:24
SanbarComputinghead_victim: and, if I make the changes now, would you mind peer reviewing them for me?21:25
SanbarComputing(or anyone else listening for that matter)21:26
SanbarComputingAnyway, I would be glad to make an update to the Wiki, but hesitate to without some sort of oversight from a peer since I am brand new.22:05
sluckxzhow do i switch runlevels? telinit 3 doesnt do anything.22:57
nlsthznsluckxz: I have switched with sudo init 3 before I think22:58
* nlsthzn might be mistaken22:58
sluckxzthanks nlsthzn23:08
nlsthznsluckxz: did it work?23:11
sluckxzi ran stop kdm to kill the desktop23:12
sluckxzthen init 3.  then dpkg-reconfigure -a23:12
sluckxzcrashed somewhere doing dpkg-reconfigure -a23:13
nlsthznah ok... :) not sure then but good luck getting it working :)23:14

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