genii-aroundrugbeeprop: Basically you find a place to have it ( preferably with internet), tell all the people you know, try to get it listed in events areas of your local linux user group, newspapers, etc. Then hope for the best.00:00
dscasselrugbeeprop: Yeah, that's about it, really. Just find a venue and meet up with Ubuntu people. :)00:00
dscasselThe only tricky part is getting the word out so people show up.  (It's best if you drag out a friend or two :)00:01
rugbeepropsounds easy enough, I could probably try to find a place, however, what are the timing, i.e. a couple of hours, half a day or a whole day?00:01
dscasselrugbeeprop: Whatever you'd like.  Usually a few hours.00:02
dscasselAlso, it doesn't *have* to be right after the release.  Vancouver usually waits a month or so.00:02
genii-aroundrugbeeprop: I've found here over a period of 3-4 hours that there seems to be a steady turnover of people every half-hour to hour00:03
BobJonkmandscassel: have you ever received a conference pack?  I'm thinking things like banners and tablecloths can be re-used00:03
dscasselBobJonkman: The banner and tablecloths are one-off. txwikinger has those.00:03
dscasselI haven't ordered it before.  txwikinger got one for last year's aborted Linuxfest.00:03
rugbeepropLet me scout for location first, I could probably set something out for a saturday or something00:04
genii-aroundIf the fee isn't incredibly horrible I can put in00:04
khooverdid i miss something?00:04
dscasselrugbeeprop: Cool! If you have details, email the ubuntu-ca list.  I can do the LoCo directory listing if you're not set up to do t.00:05
rugbeepropsounds good00:05
dscasselkhoover: Just the IRC meeting. :)00:05
khooverdscassel, for what?00:06
dscasselkhoover: ubuntu Canada!00:06
dscasselwe do this monthly.00:06
dscasselkhoover: Ever considered running a release party? :D00:06
dscasselIt's fun! You should! :D00:07
dscasselWhere are you again?00:07
genii-aroundkhoover: We discussed upcoming release parties, and the FSOSS Linuxfest at Seneca, where we would like to have a presence if possible ( http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2011/ )00:07
dscasselgenii-around: re: helping with brokerage fees, thanks. :)00:07
khoovereh, markham.00:08
khooverjust north of toronto00:08
genii-arounddscassel: No probs.. I can put in maybe $40-60 if it helps00:08
khoovertbh, i'd probably end up heading to the seneca thing. rather close to my house.00:09
khooverdscassel, exactly how would one host a launch party?00:11
genii-aroundmom phoned, back shortly00:11
dscasselkhoover: genii-around will be hostping a release party in Toronto next Thursday if you'd just like to attend. :)00:11
khooverthat sounds much nicer.00:11
khooverwhere in toronto exactly?00:13
dscasselkhoover: But more parties are also good.  basically find a venue and get the word out.  A party doesn't have to be anything more than a bunch of people at a restaurant/pub/cafe00:14
BobJonkmankhoover: Ubuntu-ca events list (including venues) at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca00:17
dscasselIf there's nothing else, I'll adjourn the meeting.00:17
dscasselBut feel free to keep chatting. :D00:17
genii-aroundkhoover: I'll get you details in a minute ....00:17
BobJonkmanGotta start dinner.00:17
genii-aroundMicrowave! ;)00:17
bregmahas anyone heard what the next Ubuntu release will be called?00:17
* BobJonkman thinks genii-around must be a bot00:18
genii-aroundkhoover: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/1262/detail/   is the details00:18
bregmahey mister moto I'm a coffee bot00:18
BobJonkmanbregma: Permanent Penguin :)00:18
genii-aroundPangalactic Penguin!00:18
bregmanot Phthisic Ptarmigan like I suggested?00:18
genii-aroundI just hope it's a penguin and not a panda00:18
genii-aroundBobJonkman: I quite often feel as if I'm on autopilot, it's true....00:19
genii-aroundkhoover: My gf is making Ubuntu cupcakes, and there will of course be free coffee and Oneiric CDs, as well as previous Official Natty CDs, courtesy of dscassel00:20
khooverso, having never gone through a new version of ubuntu, how does that work?00:20
khoovergenii-around, ooooh, cupcakes.00:21
dscasselkhoover: You'll get an update saying there's a new version. Just click the Upgrade button and wait a bit. :D00:21
bregma... on dialup the wait can be irksome...00:22
genii-aroundkhoover: Every 6 months there is a new release. So the idea of a release party is to have some fun, help people try out the new release if they bring their laptop/computer to install onto, etc.00:22
genii-aroundAlso of course to try and get more people using linux generally :)00:22
khoovergenii-around, aaaaaaah.00:23
genii-aroundbregma: You're on dialup?00:24
dscasselbregma: I can ship you a CD.00:28
dscasselI don't usually do CD updates, so I don't know how well that works.00:28
dscasselYou'll still need an Internet connection for packages you've installed that are not on the CD00:29
bregmadscassel, I'm not on dialup any more, and I get bulk CDs at UDS in a few weeks00:32
dscasselbregma: Even better. :)00:35
khoovermy beard has dreadlocks!00:41
dscasselkhoover: Intentionally? :)00:48
khooverdscassel, somewhat, they just naturally clumped for the most part.01:29
BluesKajHey all11:53
bregma... ah, another day begins12:54
kenjywhats up guys, did some one call me?16:44
bregmakenjy, about 18 hours ago, for a Ubuntu Canada meeting16:55
kenjybregma: haaaaaaaa Im always late dude, but tnks16:56
kenjywho wanna buy yahoo?17:10
BluesKajwhy kenjy ? thay should give it away...bet there wouldn't be many takers18:37
kenjyBluesKaj: totally agree18:38
DarwinSurvivorI'd take their hardware. could always do with an upgrade :D19:13
khooverDarwinSurvivor, you call it an upgrade?19:14
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DarwinSurvivorkhoover: over the old server *I* have, I should hope so :P20:09
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khooversteve jobs is dead?!23:47

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