cjohnstonAlanBell: you need to set a commit message on https://code.launchpad.net/~alanbell/loco-directory/backbutton/+merge/73526 please01:01
cjohnstonjono: any chance you can approve https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-p-summit and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-p-ltp please01:48
cjohnstonjcastro: I believe that the intro and keynote is listed in the wrong room02:21
jcastroyeah I don't know why it's doing that02:21
nigelbOh no.02:22
nigelbMark Pilgrim disappeared from the internet.02:23
nigelbNo more diveintopython, diveintohtml5, etc.02:23
cjohnstonjcastro: fixed02:26
jcastrowhat was it?02:26
cjohnstonassigned to the wrong room02:26
jcastroyeah but when I created the event there was no option for even assigning a room02:27
jcastrousually just making it plenary is good enough02:27
cjohnstonwe need to clean up the room stuff more betterer02:27
cjohnstonjcastro: added Wednesday to http://uds.ubuntu.com/social-events/02:28
jcastroooh nice02:28
jcastrowe might have a movie night too!02:28
cjohnstoni saw02:28
jcastroman, the builder has been stuck on 6 minutes for like 15 minutes02:29
jcastroI want to try this so bad02:29
nigelbI feel bad missing this UDS now.02:29
jcastro"If I am not there they will assign me all the work items."02:30
nigelbI will be there remotely anyway.02:30
AlanBellcjohnston: what do I put in a merge proposal commit message? Is it just a duplication of the description or is there some other kind of comment that should go there?06:00
nigelbAlanBell: commit message is what goes into bzr commit when merged06:00
nigelbdescription can be lengthier06:00
nigelbcommit is smaller and concise06:01
AlanBellhttps://code.launchpad.net/~alanbell/loco-directory/backbutton/+merge/73526 so there are commit messages on the two commits that are in it06:01
AlanBelldo I repeat those?06:02
nigelbno, what would be the commit message for the entire MP?06:02
AlanBell"yay, fixed it! wooot!"06:03
nigelbSomething like "add the team name link in the subnav"06:03
nigelblol, that is fun but hard to decipher while looking at trunk's histry06:03
AlanBellso there are three things in this merge really06:03
* AlanBell adds a commit message06:05
dholbachgood morning06:56
dholbachhi dpm, hi czajkowski07:17
popeyMorning all!07:18
dpmhey dholbach, czajkowski and popey, good morning!07:23
nigelbdholbach: Not a serious accident I hope?07:33
dholbachnigelb, no, my brother was driving and he quickly hit the brakes when 5-6 cars in front of us braked hard - the guy behind us "touched us" in the back - the plastic of the rental car was dented and broken - the highway was quite busy so it could have been a lot lot worse07:35
nigelbdholbach: phew. Glad everything's okay :)07:35
nigelbWas it the autobahn? (Does it have speed limits now?)07:36
jonomorning popey07:41
nigelbHey jono!07:41
jonohey nigelb :-)07:41
nigelbHolidays are WIN07:42
Tm_Texactly why one should keep distance to front, especially on high traffic (:07:44
dholbachnigelb, yes, the Autobahn - it does have speed limits where it makes sense to drive slower (areas with just 2 lines, where construction is going on, etc.) - but lots of parts don't have limits07:46
nigelbdholbach: heh, must be a dream to drive on :)07:46
dholbachalthough I enjoy driving every now and then and enjoy driving faster, it's not necessarily a good thing - you're much more prone to accidents and for the environment it's also not a good thing either07:48
nigelbpopey: *hug*07:51
nigelbpopey: I like what you brought up at the CC meeting07:51
popeysomeone mentioned to me that increasing speed by 10-20MPH (say from 70 to 80) can increase fuel usage by ~30%07:54
kim0Morning folks07:55
nigelbMorning kim007:55
kim0nigelb: hey man07:55
dpmmorning kim007:57
nigelbpopey: I think there's a bit of burn out involved as well.07:57
kim0dpm: hey :)07:57
nigelbpopey: Initially, I was very interested in applying for the Asia Board vacancy. Then, I realized I didn't have enough time.07:58
nigelbI'm liking how TB is now evenly split.08:13
nigelb3 people working for Canonical and 3 people not working for Canonical.08:14
Tm_Tmeeting logs available?08:16
nigelbTm_T: CC meeting? I can link you.08:17
nigelbTm_T: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/04/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t21:0508:18
Tm_Tah, I was blind then, thanks08:18
czajkowskiit was an interesting read08:26
czajkowskisorry I missed it, stupid connection last night was less than helpful08:26
nigelbczajkowski: I only noticed it because you thanked alan in meeting.08:27
nigelbThen I scrolled up and read the whole thing :)08:27
dholbachnigelb, can you get me out of the loco.u.c WEBADMIN variable with your next RT ticket?08:32
dholbachnigelb, the next cycle it will be impossible for me to make time for it08:33
nigelbdholbach: will do :)08:33
nigelbdholbach: *hugs*08:33
dholbachsorry about that, but the pace at which my todo list and list of plans for P is growing, I would outright lie to you if I stayed WEBADMIN :)08:34
nigelbWe know how that goes :)08:34
* dholbach hugs nigelb back08:34
jonokim0, nearly four thousand new uniques yesterday08:35
kim0jono: yes .. it's getting addictive ;)08:35
jonokim0, I know you can do it :-)08:35
* kim0 grabs morning coffee08:37
Tm_Tmy comment on the struggle on finding the leaders: could it be that more and more it's not leading but "paperwork" due to the grown community and grown hierarchy?08:41
Tm_TI know I've been involved on Ubuntu since 2004 or 2005, and I've seen more and more of boards and councils08:43
Tm_Tthis is not bad btw, just part of the growth I think08:43
popeywe dont have that many councils / boards really08:45
Tm_TI know08:45
popeygiven the number of people we have in the community08:46
nigelb3 RMB, DMB, TB, CC, IRCC, FC, & LC08:46
Tm_Tyes, but it is a change that do affect on how leaders or possible leaders do see their position08:46
Tm_Tthis is not criticism, just a thought what came to my mind while reading the meeting logs08:48
Tm_TIRC channel management is an example that I'm familiar with08:51
Tm_Tback in the day, I was just asked if I wanted to be an op in a channel08:51
Tm_Tnowadays? you apply, there's a council that makes the decision and I might not even know why I was picked or was not picked at all08:51
czajkowskitrue the irc bit always confuses me tbh. but that's me08:52
Tm_TI do think this is necessary change, but I also see how this can be seen a bit scary or seen too much of a hassle for some08:53
czajkowskiTm_T: I dont think scary is the rght term, possibly the unknown08:54
czajkowskibut it is kinda necessary but not hassle if you enjoy it08:54
Tm_Tczajkowski: indeed08:54
czajkowskime I love dealing with locoteams so I don't find it hassle it's really enjoyable to see how different teams operate08:54
czajkowskiI may not agree with some of their decisions08:54
czajkowskibut they do an interesting job of promoting Ubuntu08:54
Tm_Twhat I'm trying to say is, how this whole community works has changed during the years, and it has an impact on enthusiasm to lead08:55
Tm_Tczajkowski: indeed08:55
czajkowskithe community has grown08:56
czajkowskiand not sure things are laid out as well as they could be in some areas08:56
czajkowskilook at mozilla as a really good example08:56
czajkowskithey have multiple "community" managers over different areas08:56
Tm_Talso, I think we should find a way to provide a "growing path" for people from their locos to our bigger community08:56
czajkowskiso one over mozilla reps like our Ubuntu members and have a team under that08:56
czajkowskiI do feel the community team does a fantastic job and fair fecks to them with their work load, but it just seems always dev focused and not about the folks who don't dev any more08:57
Tm_Tto be honest, I don't even know how I can get leaders within our loco08:59
czajkowskiyeah ouir loco doesn't want a leader08:59
czajkowskiwhich I think is good and bad09:00
czajkowskibad in some ways as it's a bit too lax which leads to frustartion amongst others who want more drive09:00
czajkowskiyet it's worked for 4 years or so, but sometimes people get comfortable and don't want to change as well09:00
Tm_Tin my loco, we used to have "lead figures" but some left, some are busy with other things more nowadays, and we didn't succeed (and failed to see the need) on growing new leaders09:03
Tm_Tfrom a personal perspective: I feel bad I don't have more time nor skill for leading the loco09:06
Tm_Tthat's actually a bad situation when leaders feel that ^09:09
czajkowskiTm_T: so I've a guy in my loco who's non dev a09:10
czajkowskiand really wants to add more structure and plan things more09:10
czajkowskibut not everyone in the loco wants more structure09:11
czajkowskiso he feels he hinders09:11
czajkowskiso we point out no he's good he keeps us on track09:11
czajkowskiyou have to find a happy medium, no 2 locos are the same09:11
czajkowskineither can we say each leader should be doing x y and z09:11
czajkowskiwe can suggest by all means09:11
czajkowskiand we do encourage some things to happen09:11
czajkowskithats why I love team reports09:12
Tm_Tyup, every (sub)group (like loco) needs to find their own way of doing things09:12
czajkowskigives you an insight on how teams are doing each month09:12
jussiStructure is important, but we need to make sure we dont lose spontaneity and fluidity.09:14
Tm_Tjussi: that09:16
Tm_Twe also need to be able to communicate about the structure AND fluidity (:09:16
Tm_Tmeh, my thoughts are all big mess now09:17
jonoquick question09:21
jonoI have weekly team calls on G+09:21
jonodo you think people would find it useful if they could watch?09:21
jonoable to tune in but not speak09:21
popeyteam calls with whom?09:21
jonobetween my team09:22
jonoto open them up a little bit09:22
popeyok, so within the team rather than between you and other teams09:22
jonoyeah, within my own team09:22
jonojorge, daniel, dpm, kim0, and eric09:22
popeyI'm not sure how useful that would be09:23
jonohence why I figured I would ask :-)09:23
popeybut that is partly because I honestly have no clue what you guys talk about09:23
jonothey would like this:09:23
popeyis it even practical?09:23
jono * I ask everyone to do a roundtable to discuss what they have been working on over the last week09:23
popeyI mean don't you guys talk about confidential canonical stuff?09:23
jono * I then usually have some administrative team topics and then some strategic topics09:24
jono * then it is open to the team to raise topics09:24
jonosometimes, but not often09:24
jonobut we could also reserve a the last 15mins or so for any confidential bits09:24
popeywould your team be less likely to discuss stuff if it were broadcast openly?09:24
jonoI doubt it09:24
jonothis might be something we could try once and see if it works09:25
jonoI also need to run it past the team09:25
popeynot sure how you'd technically do it09:25
czajkowskijono: you're up well past your bedtime09:25
popeyhangouts can only have 10 people09:25
jonoI would just open it to all on G+09:25
jonoand mute folks09:25
AlanBell10:25 < sabdfl> P is for...09:25
AlanBell10:25 < sabdfl> tell you later ;-)09:25
czajkowskiwhat happened the whole mumble server?09:25
czajkowskiit kinda died a death09:25
jonoAlanBell, aha, he is getting close09:25
nigelbAlanBell: lol09:25
jonoI know what P is09:25
jonoI think it is cool09:25
jonoczajkowski, yeah, on a plane09:25
nigelbjono: dammit. DO NOT DO THAT!09:26
jononigelb, LOL!09:26
nigelbNow I erally want to know09:26
jonoczajkowski, public mumble server?09:26
jonopopey, ahhh, nevermind09:26
jonoI did ask Google for the special broadcast hangout, but they haven;t replied yet09:26
popeyits technically difficult but not impossible09:27
czajkowskijono: aye that was "mumbled " about a while back09:27
jonoczajkowski, yeah, not sure where that went09:27
jonoI personally find Mumble doesn't work well for me09:27
jonoI always get dropouts09:27
jonoI know there were some technical challenges for delivering it to the community09:28
czajkowskijono: right but G+ arrived and everyone switched to that but limited to 10 to a hang out09:28
czajkowskiI guess it's hard to please everyone09:28
jonoczajkowski, yeah, G+ is awesome for small discussions, but it struggles to scale up09:28
popeymaybe not09:29
jussican you not use some live screencast sw to screencast jono's g+ ?09:42
jussisay on ustream?09:43
jussimind, I have no idea what sw does that apart from skype09:43
nigelbmornin akgraner :)09:59
akgranerthanks nigelb.../me is working on finding my coffee cup so I can put a "good" in front of morning...right now it's like *blink*  *blink* *yawn* :-)10:01
nigelbakgraner: hehe, I know that feeling :)10:01
jonook I think I am going to try and get some sleep10:06
jononight all10:06
akgranerjono, night...10:06
nigelbnight jono :)10:07
dpmdholbach, when is the CC election?11:46
popeydholbach is prepping it today I believe11:47
dpmok, thanks11:54
mhall119akgraner: +1000000 for coffee11:55
akgranermhall119, :-)11:55
akgranerpopey, I meant to tell you this yesterday - sorry for the delay - Thank you for having the courage to bring up the community brokenness topic yesterday11:56
akgranerand thank you to those that chimed in...I think it was and will be one of the most important discussions to date.11:57
akgranerI should have said "important public discussions" - thanks for putting it out there.11:58
dholbachdpm, kim0: is Jono around today or travelling already? (just asking because of the team call and because I'll have to go to the vet today)12:11
kim0I think he mentioned he won't make it12:12
dpmdholbach, he said he'd miss the call, if I understood it correctly12:12
kim0in that Boston email12:12
dpmso you can safely go to the vet :)12:12
dpmkim0, looking at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/gfxboot-theme-ubuntu/+pots/bootloader/ca/+translate?show=untranslated - do you know what enlist means in "Enlist with Ubuntu Orchestra Server"?12:18
mhall119nigelb: is this for real? http://www.firstpost.com/business/indias-35-tablet-computer-will-prices-dive-further-98550.html12:18
akgranerenlist - like join?12:19
popeymhall119: yes12:19
popeyit's been mooted for some while, originally it was supposed to be a laptop12:20
* mhall119 wouldn't mind a $35 Android laptop either12:20
nigelbmhall119: apparently so.12:20
nigelbmhall119: I would have preferred OLPC12:20
nigelbThis is a whole slew of support troubles waiting to happen.12:21
dpmakgraner, it might be, but I don't know if a system can join an Orchestra Server - kim0, would that make sense?12:21
mhall119OLPC XO is pretty slow, 400MHz processor12:21
kim0dpm: momento .. otp12:21
nigelbmhall119: But a $35 tablet can't be superfast either.12:21
akgranerdpm or is Enlist a new server something or another - like ensemble I mean juju12:21
dpmkim0, no rush12:22
dpmakgraner, I'm quite lost when it comes to cloud, regardless of the names :)12:22
nigelbdpm: lol.12:23
akgranerdpm, that's why we have kim0 :-) (thank goodness - I am lost on that front too)12:23
* kim0 hugs akgraner 12:23
kim0dpm: so Orchestra has a listing of servers12:24
kim0an internal binding between their dns names, and their mac addresses12:24
kim0probably "enlist" here .. means add to that internal list12:24
kim0but I'm not exactly sure12:24
nigelbI'm officially regretting skipping this UDS with the testing BoF mail thread.12:27
dpmkim0, thanks, that makes it clearer12:27
Pendulumnigelb: there are about 5 things happening that make me regret missing this UDS. Unfortunately I don't have the money for the hotel (flights are cheap)12:30
* AlanBell would like to go to the next UDS12:31
nigelbPendulum: :(12:31
popeyAlanBell: wanna share a room? :D12:34
nigelbAlanBell: Ohh. I still am yet to meet you and popey. Next UDS hopefully :)12:35
* czajkowski wishes she was going to UDS more than ever today :( 13:20
jcastrowoo I'm on a plane!13:35
AlanBellin flight?13:35
czajkowskijcastro: where are you invading ?13:36
Pendulumczajkowski: I think he's coming near me13:37
jcastroI am going to boston13:37
Pendulumjcastro: that is relatively near me :P13:37
Pendulum(and is where I thought you were going)13:38
jcastrolooks like the hotel is next to the airport13:38
Pendulumalso, jcastro expect czajkowski to ask you to get her salt water taffy13:38
Pendulumczajkowski: I was at this big faire thing a couple weeks ago and there was salt water taffy and my parents actually asked if I wanted to get some for you13:38
jcastroI only except to do lobster related things13:39
Pendulumit's turning into a running thing in our family13:39
jcastroI want a huge lobster.13:39
jcastroand some clam chowdah13:39
Pendulumjcastro: *cough*LegalSeafood*cough*13:39
Pendulum(the best one is in the city near the NE Aquarium, but there's a good one at the airport as well)13:39
jcastroI have a Legal right next to my place in FL, I love it.13:39
Pendulumjcastro: how long are you in Boston for?13:40
AlanBellor a McLobster Sandwich13:40
jcastro3 days and out I'm afraid13:40
* jcastro is doing a part of Jane's keynote13:40
czajkowskiPendulum: aswwwwww13:44
jcastrokim0: so I tried LXC yesterday, but no luck13:57
jcastrohave you tried it?13:57
kim0jcastro: not yet .. planning to though13:58
kim0Anyone got creative/cool ideas for cloud.u.c on launch day14:27
czajkowskipuff of smoke14:28
czajkowskismoke signals14:28
czajkowskiint the sky14:28
czajkowskiprety cloudd sign looking like the circle of friends14:28
kim0yeah we really need a graphics ninja14:29
czajkowskikim0: poke someone in canonical design team14:29
czajkowskithey manage to whip things up fast14:29
kim0yeah .. if u guys get any ideas, lemme know14:30
kim0jcastro: any idea if Clint recorded the deployment he was doing yesterday14:31
czajkowskikim0: just ask the folks in ayatan who to ask ian farrel was on a plane yesterday14:31
kim0I mean apart from a graphic .. perhaps we can do something even better :)14:32
czajkowskikim0: if you flash folks are gonna cry14:35
Pendulumand throw things14:37
czajkowskiI meant use flash14:52
czajkowskinot flash folks14:52
czajkowskigood lord14:52
Pendulumczajkowski: and I meant that if flash is used, at least one person will likely throw things at their computer ;-)15:04
czajkowskioh yes true true15:05
* popey has had no reply from AlanBell about his room sharing15:09
* popey takes that as a "no" :D15:09
czajkowskihmm  600 quid sun-> sat15:10
czajkowskior 400 sunday->sunday15:10
czajkowskiskyscanner is evil15:10
dholbachhey erward, jcastro15:11
erwardgood morning15:14
kim0erward: morning o/15:18
dholbacherward, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CompilerFlags is up to date now15:18
AlanBellpopey: room share sounds great :)15:35
dholbachhum, can you sign the CoC in LP if you don't have a gpg key associated with your profile?15:39
czajkowskidont think so15:42
czajkowskidon't you have to sign it wiht that15:42
dholbachI just encountered 2 cases where it seems to be possible, which makes finding all email addresses of all ubuntu members even more painful :)15:45
dholbachand I'm not done yet15:45
nigelbdholbach: One could be a robot15:45
czajkowskidholbach: oh do not get me started on that15:45
nigelbThere's a robot Ubuntu member :)15:45
czajkowskiannoying thing: team contacts and having their email address HIDDEN!!!15:45
czajkowskinot very helpful15:45
dholbachnigelb, I removed that from the list already15:45
nigelbdholbach: ah :)15:46
dholbachthere's more15:46
jussidholbach: you sure they havent signed the coc and then removed the gpg key from their profile?15:46
dholbachthat might be possible15:46
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
popeydholbach: cant you just use their launchpad ID @ ubuntu.com ?16:25
dholbachpopey, no, some people changed their LP ID afterwards, etc16:29
popeybut their email address changes too16:29
popeyi did that16:29
dholbachie: ~ben-collins vs bcollins@...16:32
dholbachbut that might be because of a Canonical accouint16:34
akgranerLP is horrible for snagging email address  - and if someone their email address is hidden for get getting it16:37
akgraneryou can only email 3 people per day to ask them for it16:38
akgranerif you try 4 you're locked out for 24 hours16:38
popeyhow many are you missing dholbach ?16:39
duanedesignhello Mario 'dholbach' Andretti ;)16:42
dholbachduanedesign, hm?16:43
dholbachpopey, 73 - I'll do the rest tomorrow16:43
dholbachpopey, I'll probably ask the LP team if I can rely on lpid@ubuntu.com :)16:44
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!16:53
* dholbach calls it a day16:53
nigelbg'nite dholbach!16:55
dakeranyone having this bug http://i.imgur.com/l5qxJ.png ?17:46
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
popey"Precise Pangolin" huh.19:07
pleia2very hard to find a stuffed animal pangolin19:10
jussiwhat the heck is a pangolin?19:10
pleia2kinda like an armadillo, but not19:11
pleia2earlier this month one of my loco guys was like "maybe it'll be a pangolin!" and I said "noo, there are no stuffed animal pangolins!" ;)19:11
pleia2when you search for stuffed pangolin you get the wrong kind of stuffed animal :\19:12
popeythere's a market there then :D19:18
popeyQuick! Design one!19:18
pleia2yeah, might have to go with plastic one19:32
pleia2you can get a phone case! http://www.etsy.com/listing/23300219/pongo-the-pangolin-case19:33
=== IdleOne is now known as PreciseOne
PreciseOne"I can also vouch for their toughness; pangolin’s regularly survive encounters with lions." <--- little dig at Apple ;)19:43
mhall119yeah, I wondered that too19:59
mhall119maybe not so much a dig, as recognition19:59
mhall119What's with the new trend of "OMG, ubuntu development codenames are up for a public vote!"?20:00
akgranerPrecise Pangolin - seriously20:01
mhall119it's almost enough to make me miss the "OMG, nobody will ever take an operating system seriously when it's codenamed after an animal, that's why I'm sticking with OS X $feline"20:01
akgranerI have to pronounce that....20:01
mhall119akgraner: "precise" is easier than "oneiric"20:01
akgranerwell that's true20:01
mhall119we usually only used the adjective anyway20:02
akgranerI stopped saying the codenames with oneiric -   I'll just use 12.04 - like I use 11.10 when I am talking about it20:02
mhall119it also allows us to make bad jokes: "What version of Ubuntu you running?", "Precisely".20:02
akgranermhall119, that's  set up for a bad "who's on first"20:03
mhall119like there's a "good" one20:03
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=== pangolin is now known as PreciseOne
=== PreciseOne is now known as pangolin
czajkowskijono: ping20:53
jonohey czajkowski20:53
czajkowskijono: ready for our call ?20:54
jonoczajkowski, apologies I am not going to make this one20:54
jonoI am currently in Boston20:54
jonoI wasnt sure if you were still joining the calls, as we hadnt done the last few, so I didnt mail20:54
czajkowskijono: aye the last time I was online as well but nobody called, maybe it should be removed from the cal then as I've just come home for the call again20:55
jonoczajkowski, would still love you to join them, but I remember looking for you for the last few and didnt see you so I assume you were not around20:55
czajkowskimaybe next cycle it can be more concrete like it used to be, agenda and items to go through20:57
czajkowskiJoeb454: also I'm always on irc skype sometimes signs me out but always poking me here first grabs my attention21:05
czajkowskijono even21:05
Joeb454czajkowski: I'll keep that in mind if I ever need you for something ;)21:24
akgranerSteve Jobs Dies: Apple Chief Created Personal Computer, iPad, iPod - http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/steve-jobs-apple-ceo-dies/story?id=1438381323:50

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