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stgraberslangasek: I merged your change, then at cjwatson's suggestion, switched to .call() so we wait for the clear call to return and also moved it to a try/except IOError block just in case something goes wrong with /dev/ttyX01:03
psusicjwatson, I got a weird problem with grub on oneiric now... fails to install... grub-probe --target=fs /target fails to identify the fs... if I mount my lucid or natty logical volume in /target, it works fine..  nothing jumps out at me comparing the -vvv logs of the working lv with the failing lv... any ideas?01:06
psusi--target=device works fine, as does abstraction ( lvm )01:07
psusicjwatson, everything is ext4 btw01:17
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slangasekstgraber: sweet, thanks :)04:07
ScottKjbicha: I'm looking at your libmusicbrainz-2.1 sync.  Don't we already have hardening flags enabled via gcc in Ubuntu?  I think that sync is a no-op for us.04:25
ScottKThe wspanish changes don't look very RC either.04:27
micahgScottK: depends which flags04:28
ScottKmicahg: Would you look at the diff then, please?04:28
micahgScottK: can you point me to it?04:28
micahg+queue doesn't show it04:28
ScottKIt won't.04:28
ScottKI had to download and debdiff.04:28
* micahg uses LP04:29
ScottK(yes, I've file the bug about that)04:29
ScottKThat's the one.04:30
micahgyeah, that won't do anything for us this cycle04:30
ScottKjbicha: ^^^ I'm going to reject them both.  If you really think they should go in, let's discuss.04:31
micahgScottK: you can make LP show a diff here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+localpackagediffs for syncs, select All packages04:32
ScottKRight.  I tend to forget that's around now.04:33
ScottKExcept for syncs on +queue there's generally a diff on the page I'm looking at.04:33
jbichaScottK: I thought those updates wouldn't hurt but it's not a big deal to me whether they get in or not04:34
ScottKjbicha: Generally in the end game we prefer not to touch packages without a good reason.04:34
ScottKI agree they were almost certainly harmless, but also provided no real benefit.  Stuff like that is better waiting.04:35
jbichaok, no problem then04:35
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didrocksgood morning05:46
pittiGood morning06:25
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dholbachgood morning06:56
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pitticjwatson: lightdm 1.0.1-0ubuntu2 should fix your locale bug08:11
cjwatsonpitti: yay, thanks08:38
cjwatsonI'll tell you in a bit ...08:38
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zarlinoi all, I'd like to add my commercial software to the ubuntu software center. I read this http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/my-apps-packages/, but cannot figure out how exactly I should package my app. Any suggestions?09:20
pittizarlino: I suppose you are not using quickly for your app then?09:26
zarlinopitti: no it's a Qt app09:26
pittizarlino: above documentation assumes that, so if you don't use that, you might need to do the packaging manually09:27
zarlinopitti: I already have a generic .deb for my app09:27
pittididrocks: ^ does quickly help with creating packaging if you don't use it for creating the source skeleton etc.?09:27
zarlinopitti: I just don't know how to provide the "source package" format09:27
pittizarlino: oh, so much the better09:27
pittizarlino: well, how did you build your deb, if not with debuild or dpkg-buildpackage from a source package?09:28
didrockspitti: if the project is converted to the quickly format, yes09:28
didrockslike library_name and such09:28
zarlinopitti: yes I used dpkg-buildpackage09:28
zarlinopitti: i used the "native" debian format, not the "quilt"09:29
pittizarlino: then whatever you ran it from is a source package tree; "dpkg-buildpackage -S" will build the source package, which consists of a .dsc, usually a .debian.tar.gz or .diff.gz, and a tarball with the upstream source09:30
pittizarlino: so you probably end up with a .tar.gz and a .dsc09:30
zarlinopitti: ok but I'd prefer not to upload the sources09:31
zarlinopitti: so how to package the binaries, icons and stuff in a source package format?09:31
pittizarlino: then you can't use Launchpad PPAs, but need to provide your own repository09:32
pittizarlino: you can also do that, of course09:32
zarlinopitti: the software center developer site provides an upload form09:32
pittizarlino: it's called "source" package because usually it has the source, but technically the only requirement is that running dpkg-buildpackage in it builds .debs09:32
pittizarlino: e. g. the sun-java6 or nvidia driver packagages just ship the readily built blobs in the source and merely copy them into the debs09:33
pittizarlino: ah, for .debs or source pacakges?09:33
pittizarlino: if for .debs, it seems your problem is pretty much solved?09:33
zarlinopitti: i think both09:34
zarlinopitti: I'm talking about this: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/ to be clear09:34
ajmitchthe page does seem to state that it's a tarball of the source package09:35
pittizarlino: right, only source package09:35
ajmitchit's also a bit too focused on commercial apps, which is fine in this case09:35
pittizarlino: for more details I think I defer to mvo, I don't know that process very well09:36
cjwatsonI think #ubuntu-app-devel might have more people who are focused on this kind of thing, BTW09:36
zarlinocjwatson: thanks will also ask there09:37
cjwatson(or maybe not, I confess I haven't been in there lately)09:37
ajmitchit's been fairly quiet there lately09:37
zarlinopitti: so your suggestion is I should look at nvidia or java debs and how they do it?09:38
pittizarlino: as I said, they just have the final binaries, and the debian/ bits are by and large nothing more than installing these binaries09:38
ajmitchreading the info there, it looks like packaging commercial apps is something canonical offers help with09:38
pittizarlino: i. e. just having a debian/mypackage.install file and the standard 3-line debian/rules ought to be enough09:39
zarlinopitti: It'll look easy to me too when I'll found about what those 3 lines are...09:40
pittisee "man dh":09:41
pitti#!/usr/bin/make -f09:41
pitti        dh $@09:41
zarlinopitti: reading that man, thanks for your help!09:45
Laneycongrats new TB :-)09:48
micahgdid I miss an e-mail?09:49
ajmitcha blog post by sabdfl09:49
ajmitchmaybe an email as well, I haven't checked this evening :)09:49
Laneyjust saw the blog09:50
micahgah, just saw it09:51
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binarymutantis there a way to search the archives for a particular license?10:25
binarymutant* an easy way *10:25
Laneyerm, packages.u.c links to .copyright files that don't exist10:27
tkamppeterI have an old 32-bit HP Compaq 12-inch laptop and it does not boot with the 3.0.0-12 kernel, but only with the last Natty kernel. How to report a bug/debug this?10:30
Laneybinarymutant: I cannot think of any place you can get the copyright file for an Ubuntu package other than from the binary package itself10:31
binarymutantthanks I found a way :D10:33
binarymutantgoogle `site:packages.debian.org inurl:changelogs/pool/main filetype:copyright wtfpl`10:34
LaneyI found out that the links from packages.u.c are wrong but the copyright files are actually there10:35
Laneyso yes, s/debian.org/ubuntu.com and s/main// might work10:35
sabdflmicahg, sorry for the impersonal approach! congrats and welcome10:38
nigelbsabdfl: Hey! Dictionary alright? We still haven't got a name :D10:38
ogra_oh, awesome, stgraber made it !10:39
ogra_stgraber, congrats !!!10:40
stikonasdpm: Hello. Can I ask a question about launchpad translations? Something strange happens that I don't understand.10:46
dpmhi stikonas, sure10:46
stikonasdpm: according to https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/kde4libs/+pots/libplasma/lt/+details there are no differences between upstream and Ubuntu10:47
stikonasBut in upstream  "%1 Settings" is translated as msgstr "Nustatymai: %1|/|$[get-case Kilmininkas %1] nustatymai", while in Launchpad the translation is "Nustatymai: %1"10:48
stikonasit seems that Launchpad has older translation10:48
stikonasand has not reimported translations after the change in upstream. But it still thinks that there are no differences10:49
dpmstikonas, when you say upstream, where are you looking at? Could you point me to the string that differs in the upstream repo?10:51
stikonasbtw, I'm upstream translator who made that change.10:51
stikonasdpm: http://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/branches/stable/l10n-kde4/lt/messages/kdelibs/libplasma.po10:51
stikonasdpm: please search for msgid "%1 Settings"10:51
dpmstikonas, I can see the string. Are you certain that the libplasma version this PO file belongs to has already been uploaded to Ubuntu?10:52
stikonasdpm: it should be. I change the upstream translation in March or April, so it should have been imported with KDE 4.7.010:53
stikonasdpm: and Launchpad lists this new string as a suggestion10:54
dpmstikonas, hm, I'll have to investigate further, then. In the meantime, if this is an important change, could you please updated in Launchpad, so that at least we ensure that the language packs will contain the correct translation?10:55
dpms/updated/update it/10:55
stikonasdpm: OK, I'll fix it in Launchpad now.10:57
dpmthanks stikonas10:59
stikonasdpm: I a few strings in this file. I'll now look at some other file11:00
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dpmok, thanks stikonas, let me know if you see any other inconsistencies11:01
tseliotcjwatson, pitti: do you think it would be better to merge the package from debian or would a 2 lines fix be more appropriate, given the fact that we're in final freeze? bug #81101611:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 811016 in pbuilder (Ubuntu) "Move to /run breaks pbuilder --execute" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81101611:06
pittitseliot: without having looked at the merge delta, a cherry-pick is generally better at this time IMHO11:11
stikonasdpm: I have found something similar in https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/kde-workspace/+pots/powerdevilglobalconfig/lt/+details11:20
tseliotpitti: I figured as much but I wanted to be sure11:21
stikonasdpm: If you want, we can leave it as a testcase. It is not as important as the translations that we talked previously.11:22
stikonasdpm: e.g. this string is not updated: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/kde-workspace/+pots/powerdevilglobalconfig/lt/34/+translate11:23
stikonasdpm: corresponding upstream is http://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/branches/stable/l10n-kde4/lt/messages/kdebase/powerdevilglobalconfig.po11:25
dpmstikonas, thanks. Perhaps a good idea might be to collect those you notice in an e-mail and send it to the ubuntu-translators list. I cannot promise that we'll be able to look at them straight away or before release, but it will help to keep track of them11:25
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tseliotpitti: ok, I've just uploaded the fix for pbuilder11:53
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larsutkamppeter, ping12:20
dokodholbach, updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CompilerFlags12:21
tkamppeterlarsu, hi12:21
larsutkamppeter, did you get the direct messages I sent you?12:21
dholbachthanks doko!12:23
jibelmvo, I tried an upgrade to oneiric on i386 and bug 853688 is still there.12:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 853688 in command-not-found (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Natty to Oneiric - failed to calculate the upgrade with gcj-4.4-jre installed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85368812:40
jibelmvo, to reproduce I installed gcj-4.4-jre-headless on an up to date natty then upgraded to oneiric.12:41
mvojibel: thanks let me try to reproduce again12:51
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stgraberogra_: thanks!13:03
ogra_stgraber, time for LTSP wold domination then :)13:03
ogra_*world :)13:03
ogra_we can talk about it in SW harbor :)13:04
* ogra_ finally got the tickets sorted13:04
stgraberhehe :)13:04
stgraberogra_: cool, when are you arriving in SW harbor?13:04
Chipzzdoko: there's a small "error" on the page you updated13:04
Chipzzdoko: the section about -Wl,--no-copy-dt-needed-entries has this sentence twice: "This option affects the treatment of dynamic libraries referred to by DT_NEEDED tags inside ELF dynamic libraries mentioned on the command line."13:05
ogra_stgraber, 17:23 it says13:05
ogra_on the 27th13:05
ogra_i'll likely need a lift13:05
stgraberogra_: ok, I'm sure we'll find someone who can give you a lift. We'll be in SW Harbor at around 1-2pm to pick up pscheie but either someone driving a bit later than we are can pick you up or we'll just have someone drive from SW Harbor.13:07
ogra_yeah, i know jim likes to do such stuff13:08
ogra_i'm sure i can get him to pick me up13:08
ogra_renting a car like i did last time somehow doesnt cut it since i dont really drive around much13:08
dokoChipzz, thanks, fixed13:08
stgraberogra_: are you on the same flight to Orlando as alkisg, highvoltage and I?13:09
ogra_not sure, let me check the flight '13:10
Chipzzdoko: yw :)13:10
ogra_stgraber, US 83513:10
stgraberogra_: hmm, different than us. What time is this one leaving from Bangor?13:10
ogra_leaves PHL at 6pm13:11
ogra_no, through philly13:11
stgraberah, ok, and what time is your flight from Bangor to philly?13:11
rbasakcyphermox: ping13:12
cyphermoxrbasak: pong13:12
ogra_stgraber, 3:30 pm13:12
rbasakcyphermox: got somewhere with bug 85620913:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 856209 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "NM fails to set IPv6 default route when IPv6 details entered manually" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85620913:12
rbasakI think it's an issue in libnl313:12
rbasakI have a patch to libnl3 which makes your program work, but it's maybe a bit invasive13:13
rbasaklibnl3 sets routes using multipath destinations only, looks like it expects a single destination to be a special case of that13:13
rbasakI tried changing it so that if there is only one destination specified, then rather than requesting a multipath route it requests a normal one13:14
rbasakThat worked13:14
rbasakAlso to fix the "::" vs. "default" thing, you have to set the prefixlen to 0.13:14
hallyn_skaet: Daviey: bug 522710, does nothing but add manpage for libvirtd.  Is a trivial but wishlist fix like that doable during final freeze?  :)13:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 522710 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "libvirtd does not have a man page" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52271013:14
stgraberogra_: ah, ok. I see this one arrives quite a bit later in Orlando than ours do (Bangor => NYC => Orlando), my goal was to arrive at the hotel around 6pm.13:14
cyphermoxrbasak: yeah, the default part I knew about, just didn' t bother to touch it, since it didn' t work either way13:15
ogra_stgraber, my goal was to get a payable flight at all ... since i'm late as usual :)13:15
cyphermoxbut yeah, your thing does make sense13:15
rbasakThe catch is that AIUI because the libnl3 API doesn't distinguish between single and multipath, you must set an interface index13:15
rbasak(since it doesn't have the option of not setting one)13:15
rbasakSo in my patch I ignore an interface index if set and only one destination is specified13:16
cyphermoxand you can' t set it outside multipath :)13:16
stgraberogra_: hehe, yeah, I guess there wasn't too many flights left when you booked ;)13:16
cyphermoxrbasak: you should still be able to set the index if it' s specified in the multipath parameters, as long as there' s only one multipath, set it directly as a destination?:13:16
rbasakWhat I'm not sure about is whether there is any case where it does make sense to specify a single destination but with a device index, and if so I'm not sure how to implement that without changing the API13:17
rbasakYeah but at the stage where the netlink payload is generated, it's not possible to distinguish between the API user having set an interface and not having set one (AFAICT)13:17
rbasakThere is no sentinel or flag, AFAICT, because in the multipath-only case a per-destination interface is mandatory13:18
cyphermoxrbasak: isn't there already a check being done for whether an interface is set in the multipath struct?13:19
rbasakThis is assuming that the issue isn't something to do with the multipath handling - I fixed it by taking that out13:19
rbasakNo, I don't think so - the only check is to see if multipath is enabled, which happens automatically when you add a single nexthop13:19
rbasakThe reason is that in the wire protocol for multipath an interface isn't an option, it's part of the RTA_MULTIPATH struct13:20
rbasakso in the add nexthop libnl3 function, I think you're supposed to set one in all cases - you can't leave it undefined13:21
larsutkamppeter, okay, I have a non-crashing verions of liblcms1. It does generate lots of "Error: Can't create transform" errors, though13:21
larsubut that seems to be a deeper problem13:21
cyphermoxrbasak: you have a patch ready no? if you send me I have an idea I could send you back what I mean as a revision of your patch :)13:21
rbasakNote that when I do "ip -6 route add default gw ..." without a device specified, the kernel nevertheless works one out and adds one - but that's done at kernel level, not in userspace13:21
cyphermoxrbasak: well, something is done by the ip util to send a netlink message, but I suspect it' s an "old"  message13:22
pittimterry: is there a bug for the lightdm upload? this change isn't straightforward and obviously regression free, so I'd like to know more details13:22
pittimterry: (will answer in a bit, need to run out for some errands)13:22
rbasakcyphermox: the ip util follows a different path depending on whether you are using multipath or not13:22
rbasakcyphermox: I tried doing a single destination specified in the multipath syntax and ip rejected it - this might be ipv6 only13:23
mterryseb128, you said you hadn't seen a bug for the gdmflexiserver thing, that it came over IRC?  I'll search for one13:23
pittimterry: in particular, how does this prevent the utility path from appearing in the actual session?13:23
seb128mterry, right, I had a look and didn't find one open13:23
mterrypitti, we want it in the actual session.  the bug is that it's not13:23
mterrypitti, this is how we've had lightdm override gdm's gdmflexiserver13:24
rbasakcyphermox: patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702750/13:24
pittimterry: that's strange, though, and might still break with custom $PATH settings in ~/.profile, etc?13:24
pittimterry: don't we rather want to put those programs in to $PATH in the .deb?13:24
pittianyway, really off now13:24
pitti(back in ~ 45 mins)13:24
mterrypitti, only custom PATH settings that completely override PATH, which is bad behavior, no?13:25
mterrypitti, well, putting it into PATH has its own set of problems.  GDM's executable is already in PATH.  There's another kdm package that adds a divert to it to add their own.  So we could add another divert, switch to an alternatives system, modify PATH, or maybe something else.  PATH was seen as least offensive, although seb128 continues to feel icky about it13:26
mterrypitti, There is no bug associated with it, because we used to do things this way, then someone noticed that it was no longer being inserted into PATH and commented to seb128 about it on IRC.  I can file one?  To reproduce, uninstall gdm and lock your screen.  Normally, you should be able to switch users from that dialog, but since it can't find gdmflexiserver, you can't.13:33
seb128mterry, yeah, it's chrisccoulson who asked if the "switch user" was missing in the lock screens for others earlier13:33
chrisccoulsonhi :)13:34
seb128hey chrisccoulson13:34
chrisccoulsonit was actually jo who noticed it was missing ;)13:34
seb128chrisccoulson, want to open the bug? ;-) mterry is fixing it13:34
rbasakcyphermox: so "ip -6 route add default via 2001:db8::1" would be how I'd do it, but I think "ip -6 route add default nexthop via 2001:db8::1" is syntactically correct in that it defines a single entry multipath route. But the latter fails with "Error: an IP address is expected rather than "2001:db8::1"". I wonder if IPv4 single-entry multipath routes work but IPv6 doesn't?13:34
chrisccoulsonseb128, for lightdm or gnome-screensaver?13:34
seb128chrisccoulson, lightdm13:35
seb128well lightdm has a gdmflexiserver13:35
cyphermoxrbasak: it's very possible ipv6 doesn't, you' d have to look it up in the libnl or netlink kernel code13:35
seb128it's just that it fails at injecting the directory in the path13:35
seb128which mterry has a merge request for now13:35
seb128that should fix the bug13:35
rbasakcyphermox: well, that's what libnl3 is requesting from the kernel :-)13:35
rbasak(without my patch)13:35
seb128(why did we switch to #ubuntu-devel? ;-)13:36
cyphermoxthat said, I want to make sure we don't only cover the default gateway, because if this fails now nothing says it wouldn't also fail for a "<net> dev <dev>" route13:36
seb128(oh, pitti pinged there)13:36
cyphermoxrbasak: what about this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702756/13:36
rbasakYeah, that's the kind of thing I was worried about, but I didn't think of that very common case!13:36
seb128chrisccoulson, mterry, pitti: the other option is to patch gnome-screensaver to tech it about the lightdm gdmflexiserver path13:36
seb128but we might have other things trying to use gdmflexisever13:37
seb128that command is an hack to start, we should replace it with dbus interfaces next cycle ;-)13:37
rbasakcyphermox: that's fine, but what if I didn't want to set an ifindex (in the default case)?13:37
seb128or make gnome-screensaver use those interface if we already have them13:37
cyphermoxrbasak: right, I don' t think it's a common case, but since it is actually correct (e.g. p2p links)... and ifindex is set unconditionally in multipath, so why not set it unconditionally in the route13:37
cyphermoxrbasak: I'd test this first of course, but if you don' t want to set it I think it defaults to nothing13:38
rbasakcyphermox: I'm concerned that it defaults to undefined13:38
mterryseb128, it's also gnome-shell and I think one more package13:38
cyphermoxrbasak: isn't that fine?13:38
mterrymaybe gnome-session13:39
cyphermoxrbasak: we' re also always setting it up in NM when the route is being added :)13:39
rbasakno, because it'll be whatever happened to be at that memory location previously13:39
chrisccoulsonseb128, mterry, pitti - bug 86836313:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 868363 in lightdm (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Can't switch user from a locked screen (no gdmflexiserver binary in $PATH)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86836313:39
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks13:39
mterrychrisccoulson, awesome13:39
rbasakOK so if NM does set it then it'll be fine in that case13:39
cyphermoxI believe it just defaults to 0, but it would be nice to test it13:39
cyphermoxand doing so couldn' t be easier :)13:40
rbasakBut then the libnl3 API won't allow the "please kernel work it out yourself" case that I do with the ip tool13:40
rbasakHowever, if the NM case will work, then I don't think we'll have broken anything and we'll have fixed the bug13:40
rbasakand it'd be nice to see my ipv6 working in oneiric :)13:41
cyphermoxwould be nice to have a second opinion from upstream; do you want to send it to the mailing list?13:41
rbasakme? :)13:41
cyphermoxor actuially, would be best to give it a bit of testing first, but then I can send it :)13:41
rbasakI did try writing an email for the list, but I had great difficulty in explaining the issue13:42
rbasakPlease remember to check that it doesn't break ipv4 - that would be embarrassing :-)13:43
ScottKRAOF: Is there any actual content in your dbus-sharp sync?  From debian/changelog it looks like a no-change upload.13:43
cyphermoxrbasak: who needs ipv4 now anyway?13:44
rbasakcyphermox: those of us with a missing ipv6 default route :-P13:44
pittimterry: ah, I didn't see the discussion in #u-desktop, I just reviewed the upload14:01
pittithanks for the explanatino14:01
mterrypitti, (it's understood that PATH mangling isn't optimal, but we haven't come up with an amazingly better way that doesn't involve GNOME switching to dbus for this)14:02
pittimterry: accepted and closed the bug, thanks!14:03
skaethallyn_,  its a reasonable SRU candidate.  If the fix is ready though, we haven't started spinning images, so if Daviey reviews and doesn't see side effects, I'm ok with it going in.14:07
hallyn_skaet: thanks14:07
hallyn_skaet: oneiric-proposed won't open until next month I assume?14:08
cjwatsonyou can upload to oneiric-proposed right now, although that isn't to say anyone will look at it14:09
cjwatson(and it's not necessarily a good idea unless you're certain the package in oneiric is at its final version there)14:09
cjwatsonwe do sometimes use it just before release14:10
mvojibel: I can reproduce and I think I found the problem14:12
SpamapSjamespage: hey are you familiar with the udevadm settle initramfs bug that adam_g has seen?14:12
mvojibel: I will have a word with doko about it, its really odd14:12
jibelmvo, thanks for confirming, I reopen the report then.14:14
mvojibel: please open a task against gcc-4.4-base again14:16
mvojibel: the bug is in the breaks of the gcc-4.4-base package14:16
mvojibel: I will add details tehre14:16
frafuCan anybody please tell me whether it is possible to extract the tooltip for translation from the following tag of an xml file?14:35
sladenfrafu: URL?  path?  example?14:35
frafu                <key group="bottomrow" id="showclick" image="show-click.svg" button='true' tooltip='Toggle click helpers'/>14:36
frafuThe corresponding program (named Onboard) is written in python.14:37
sladenfrafu: the ideal would be use an XML parser.  Failing that, some quick and dirty grep/awk would do it.14:38
frafuIs intltool not able to extract the tooltips in order to put them into the pot file?14:40
cjwatsonI think that only works with files in a certain form; in particular (from a quick reading of the code) I think it would need to be _tooltip=14:40
kelemengaborfrafu: have you tried adding translatable="yes" ?14:41
kelemengaborif this is from a glade file, it should do the trick14:41
cjwatsonthat wouldn't help intltool-extract in this case14:41
cjwatson    while ($input =~ /<(property|atkproperty|col)\s+[^>]*translatable\s*=\s*"yes"(?:\s+[^>]*context\s*=\s*"([^"]*)")?(?:\s+[^>]*comments\s*=\s*"([^"]*)")?[^>]*>([^<]+)<\/\1>/sg) {14:41
cjwatsondoes not match <key ...>14:41
cjwatsonthat doesn't look like glade to me anyway?14:42
frafuI think that  translatable="yes" works for tags that also have a closing tag. But the <key /> tag does not have a closing tag.14:44
frafuAssuming that I change the xml file to use _tooltip instead of tooltip without underscore. Does it also remove the underscore from the tooltip tag in the xml file (it is not a glade file) before putting it into the source package when calling ./setup.py sdist?14:49
frafucjwatson: Here is where the file is hosted.  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~onboard/onboard/main/view/head:/layouts/Compact.onboard14:54
Riddellmdke: please add me "jr" to ~ubuntu-core-doc14:55
lamontmy wife is not happy with oneiric14:56
lamontlpstat got a segv, she let apport report it, and now her display is hung up.14:56
frafucjwatson : What approach would you recommend? Manually extracting the tooltips into a separate file, which intltool can read? (We are doing it already for the some labels of the gui. )14:58
cjwatsondon't know sorry15:00
cjwatsonmeeting now15:00
cjwatsonmy instinct is that if you put things in a .in file in a way that intltool-extract can read then it should drop things like leading _ in the output file - but I cannot help in detail sorry15:01
frafucjwatson : I will first try the underscore method. Thanks anyway for the help you have given.15:03
jamespageSpamapS, I'm familiar with it symptomatically and spent some of yesterday with jhunt trying to diagnose furthur15:05
kelemengaborfrafu: no, removing the _ markers is not automatic, you need to call intltool-merge -x on the files at build time15:07
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adam_gjamespage: were you guys able to gain any insight into Bug #818177 ?15:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 818177 in udev (Ubuntu Oneiric) "boot failures caused by udev race" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81817715:40
jamespageadam_g, jhunt tried a few things on my reliable test case - but I don't think we move much further forwards15:41
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hallyn_jamespage: has anyone tried hacking udev to keep handling events until the queue is empty when asked to exit?15:46
hallyn_I'm still unconvinced that we won't lose kernel netlink uevent msgs between shutdown and startup of the rootfs udev, but...15:47
hallyn_(but i suppose the replay is supposed to fix that)15:47
adam_gjamespage: im wondering if the 'udevadm control --exit' is blocking the subsequent move of /dev to ${rootmnt}/dev.15:49
adam_ghallyn_: ^15:50
adam_gremounting the udev devtmpfs again after a failed boot shows the directory populated15:51
hallyn_adam_g: well the udevd does hang (bc there are unhandled events) so yes the move doesn't happen until after that...15:51
hallyn_but i'm working from memory atm15:52
hallyn_i never was able to reproduce it with udev instrumented to tell me the *contents* of the non-empty worker and/or event lists :)15:53
adam_ghallyn_: did you modify udev to output that or were you depending on additional shell commands in the hook?15:55
adam_gah :(15:57
hallyn_just added some code to walk the lsits and print the contents15:57
hallyn_if i just had it say 'list empty' or 'list not empty' i coudl still reproduce,15:57
hallyn_but adding looping over the list, that heisenberged on me15:58
bdmurrayjhunt:         - ProcEnviron: A subset of the process' environment (only some standard15:58
bdmurray          variables that do not disclose potentially sensitive information, plus15:58
bdmurray          the ones mentioned in extraenv)15:58
jhuntbdmurray: maybe apport could be tweaked to include all environment variables *names* (but no values)?15:59
jhuntbdmurray: ... we might get a few 'MY_DODGY_PICS_AND_VIDS_DIR' entries, but... :)16:00
bdmurrayjhunt: what's the value of doing all names?16:00
jhuntbdmurray: atleast we could know if DISPLAY say has some value. If sensitive, we can then ask for a sample value from the user. Right now, we've only got a small handful of vars. Maybe we just add a few more like DISPLAY in full though.16:02
bdmurrayjhunt: /win last16:03
bdmurrayjhunt: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apport-hackers/apport/trunk/view/head:/apport/report.py#L39216:04
frafukelemengabor : Thanks for the tip about removing the underscore.16:06
kelemengaboryou are welcome :)16:06
jhuntbdmurray: how about DISPLAY and TERM then? Re env names only, would be useful to just know that LD_LIBRARY_PATH was set to any value I think.16:08
jhuntbdmurray: and LD_PRELOAD :)16:08
cjwatsonkelemengabor: FYI I corrected a Hungarian translation of gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (s/_/^/)16:08
kelemengaborcjwatson: thanks! a bad reflex from me :(16:10
cjwatsonjust noticed while merging into the package16:10
bdmurrayjhunt: bug 86850116:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 868501 in apport (Ubuntu) "ProcEnviron should include DISPLAY among other things" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86850116:13
jhuntbdmurray: thanks!16:14
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LaibschCan somebody help me understand where the package alarm-clock-applet picked up the run-time dependency on gconf2 >= 2.28.1-2 although that package is not in the PPA or its dependencies?  The same package locally compiled has a dependency on gconf >= 2.10.1-216:38
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jtayloris someone working on bug 851383? it would be a shame to release with a broken geany (and possible other gtk2 apps) :/17:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 851383 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu) "geany crashed when trying to open a second file" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85138317:05
jtaylorapparently caused by a libgtk2.0-0 2.24.6 regression17:06
tjaaltonisn't auth-client-config deprecated? still in main, no updates in over three years17:24
micahgok, so chromium failed to build on armel, I disabling --no-add-needed will fix it, I hate to do it, but we're close to release and I don't want to block armel images (if they exist for lubuntu/mythbuntu), opinions?17:30
slangasektjaalton: I don't believe there's anything else that implements the NSS side of things17:40
tjaaltonslangasek: but it conflicts with pam-auth-update? maybe it just needs some cleanup & love, and of course support for sssd :)17:41
tjaaltonconflicts as in functionality wise17:42
slangasekdidn't I neuter it to *not* conflict with p-a-u?17:42
slangasekor maybe jdstrand did17:42
tjaaltonoh, the changelod does mention something about that17:42
tjaaltonnevermind then, haven't actually ran it myself, just heard that it exists17:43
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jdstrandI should probably remove it18:02
jdstrandsome people do still use it aiui, so I've been reluctant18:03
tjaaltonjdstrand: not so fast, it could still prove useful :)18:08
jdstrandwell, I'll take some time to look at it18:12
hallyn_jamespage: fwiw http://people.canonical.com/~serge/udev-debug.debdiff is the simplest patch i'm trying to debug with18:19
infinitymicahg: There are no ARM images for lu/myth, but it would still be nice to not have it broken..18:25
ScottKjtaylor: there's an upload in queue to address it.18:54
jtaylorah good18:55
jtaylorhm only that one patch added?18:57
jtaylorthat did not fix it for me18:57
barryScottK: bzr merging sid's python3-defaults source branch into oneiric's is not conflict-free.  however, i think we can drop the one ubuntu delta in our branch, so i'm thinking a sync would be better, except for this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702924/18:58
barryScottK: thoughts?18:58
jtaylormaybe I screwed it up, building the apcakge18:59
ScottKI think some of the versions need to be different in the maintainer scripts for when 3.2 became supported.18:59
ScottKI may be wrong though.18:59
ScottKIt can't actually be a sync though due to the version differences.19:00
barryScottK: here are the diffs from doko's last change: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702928/19:00
barryScottK: so essentially, all those will be mirrored or overwritten in a "sync"19:01
ScottKRight, but we need the 3.2~rc1/3.2.2 changes.19:02
barryScottK: yes, but after a merge debian/rules will have this:19:03
barryPREVVER := 3.2.2~rc119:03
barry 19:03
ScottKRight and it needs to be
superm1jtaylor, i wasn't able to reproduce it in geany with that patch19:04
barryprobably 3.2.2-0ubuntu2. because of the version numbers, as you say we can't do a straight sync, so i'll try to smack bzr merge-package around some more19:04
superm1jtaylor, you were just opening the 'file open' dialog several times right?19:05
jtaylorsuperm1: weird, I'm almost done building19:05
barryScottK: ^^.  not sure why merge-package is puking all over the merge tho :/19:05
jtaylorsuperm1: you have to open a file once first19:05
jtaylorI'm also cloning git to see it there something else needed, but that will take a while with my connection ._.19:05
superm1jtaylor, yeah i tried several different ways to open it, geany $ARGS followed by opening a file19:05
ScottKbarry: You and your fancy UDD stuff are on your own for that bit ...19:05
barryScottK: ;)19:06
superm1and # geany, open a file and then try to open another19:06
superm1wasn't getting any crashes with it applied19:06
jtaylork maybe I screwed something up while patching19:06
barryScottK: yeah, i'm just afraid that if i go old skool, the udd importer will choke on it, which will just make things more crappy.  /me wonders if james_w has any thoughts19:07
ScottKbarry: It won't make things crappier for the actual code in the archive, so I'd suggest short that out later when we aren't in a time crunch.19:08
hallyn_Daviey: are you around?19:08
barryScottK: yeah, you have a point there19:09
james_wbarry, what does the puke look like in this case?19:15
barryjames_w: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702939/19:16
james_wbarry, urgh19:17
barryjames_w: i don't get the debian directory conflict19:17
james_wbarry, what's the diff -r ancestor:../sid look like?19:17
barryjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702940/19:18
james_wbarry, odd, it looks like it somehow has a different root file id or something19:20
james_wI'm not sure how to deal with that exactly19:20
james_wa merge and then returning all the contents of the files to what is desired (without using revert) would be one (perhaps painful) way of doing it19:21
barryjames_w: i can generate a diff in the sid branch and manually change the oneiric branch, so for immediate purposes, i can muddle through.  is it possible when p opens to just blow away the oneiric branch and overwrite it with the sid branch (i.e. just sync us back up with debian)?19:21
james_wthat wouldn't reflect reality though19:22
james_wand likely the problem would continue with p19:22
james_wapplying the diff indeed works, but the same thing will occur next time you want to do a merge19:22
barryjames_w: my concern is that after the merge debian/ only has the conflict files, while debian.moved/ has all the good stuff in it, though i'm not sure their contents is what we ultimately want19:25
james_wbarry, that would be the (perhaps painful) :-)19:26
barryjames_w: so i'm thinking: apply the patch and produce a source package for ScottK to approve for his time-constrained need.  then go through the painful merge to see if i can get some sanity.  that painful merge can even wait in a separate branch until p opens up19:27
james_wthat sounds good to me19:28
barrycool, thanks19:28
adam_gslangasek: i just hit the bug with udev event logging.20:01
slangasekadam_g: yay!  Dump please :)20:01
adam_gslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702960/20:01
adam_gim still hung in manual recovery, if there is anything else you want me to poke at. i can dump a log of a successful boot if thats useful20:02
slangaseka successful boot would be nice to compare with, yes20:03
slangasekalso, would be great if you can attach both to the bug so we don't lose them20:03
slangasekadam_g: to be clear, this is bug #818177? or #862823?20:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 818177 in udev (Ubuntu Oneiric) "boot failures caused by udev race" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81817720:04
adam_gslangasek: 81817720:06
shadeslayerjono: does half a pitcher of beer count as drunk? :P20:09
adam_gslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702962 <- a good boot. both logged on the ticket20:12
Davieyhallyn_: o/20:21
barryScottK: here's the diff.  i'm building it in my ppa for testing and if it looks good, i'll dput the package (unless you want to give the thumbs up now): http://paste.ubuntu.com/702967/20:25
ScottKprevver shouldn't change.20:27
ScottKOther than that, looks good.20:27
ScottKPlease upload when that's fixed and you're ready.20:27
* barry nods20:27
hallyn_Daviey: is there a certain step in package creation that is supposed to substitute in the right values for '@sysconfdir@', or do we need to do that by hand in debian/rules?20:32
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hallyn_suppose i'll just do it by hand...20:39
mdkeI've uploaded a new ubuntu-docs with translations. If someone could approve this so that the translations will be included in the langpacks for the release, that would be much appreciated20:47
jonoshadeslayer, lol20:50
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Davieyhallyn_: Good question.  I believe that is DEB_CONFIGURE_SYSCONFDIR21:10
jtaylorI supose updating gtk2 to git HEAD for oneiric is not possible at this stage or?21:10
jtaylorthe gtk2 24.6 filechoser mess cleanup is pretty much impossible to backport without making some mistake :/21:11
Davieyhallyn_: if it is dh, you could do: override_dh_auto_configure: dh_auto_configure -- --sysconfig=/etc/21:12
micahgjtaylor: superm1 updated gtk2 for a crash in the filechooser21:12
Daviey(there is a linebreak and tab between :)21:12
jtayloryes but not correctly21:12
superm1micahg, unfortunately it's sounding like there might be another codepath that was causing the crash too21:12
micahgah, ok21:12
superm1it fixed it for me, but it's still happening to jtaylor21:12
jtaylorno blame on him, its not easy to backport this 1000 line diff21:12
micahgwell, is it only on installed systems or live media as well?21:13
hallyn_Daviey: sysconfdir is being set right for the code, it just isn't being expanded in the manpage21:13
hallyn_Daviey: what you suggest is for if that isn't being set in configure right?21:14
bdmurrayslangasek: would moving bug 745501 to file-roller be the right thing?21:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 745501 in Ubuntu "psrG4g" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74550121:14
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RAOFScottK: I haven't requested a dbus-sharp sync?  If it's a sync of 0.7.0-4 then it will indeed be a no-op.  That might be Laney driving needless diff-from-debian down.21:20
TheMusoScottK: Oh thanks so much for pushing that fix for pulse. I was looking to do the same.21:20
TheMusoScottK: Do you have a bzr branch you used anywhere, so I can sync up the packaging branch?21:20
ScottKTheMuso: Great.21:20
ScottKTheMuso: No.  I dput it.  I figured the importer would handle it.21:20
ScottK(I grabbed the other change that was pending in bzr, so the diff from what's there is what I added to the package)21:21
TheMusoScottK: we don't use the ubuntu branches for packaging. Never mind, I'll fix it up.21:21
ScottKOh.  Thanks.21:21
ScottKI thought the Vcs-* field pointed there.21:21
TheMusoNo it doesn't, but never mind.21:25
slangasekbdmurray: I suppose so :)21:28
slangasekbdmurray: (as opposed to redirecting it to someone who speaks German?)21:28
bdmurrayslangasek: don't you? is the german about file-roller or something else?21:29
Davieyhalyno, that is for if it IS for ./configure21:31
Daviey(DISLAIMER: i have been wrong before.)21:31
Davieyhallyn_: ^^21:32
slangasekbdmurray: it's about an "archive", and he reported it via file-roller... so that may be what he's referring to21:32
slangasekhe seems to be saying he can no longer create archive files through file-roller21:32
bdmurrayslangasek: got it thnaks21:35
jtaylorsuccess! f4814585 aa8f54b736 79d16aab need picking, maybe one of them can still be removed22:19
jtaylorbut that I'll do tomorow gn822:20
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slangasekadam_g: it would probably be useful to see if some lvm-related scripts are still running at the time everything gives up22:26
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broder"Ubuntu precise" - that's going to take a while to get used to parsing22:38
barrystgraber: ping22:44
stgraberbarry: pong22:45
infinitybroder: Yeah, but we'll have the best post-release updates ever with precise-security and precise-updates.22:46
* ajmitch thinks that quickly should be renamed to precisely22:46
infinityajmitch: You've clearly not looked at what it does.22:47
ajmitchwouldn't you want to 'precisely package'?22:47
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