[08:28] jbicha: bug 867893 is a bit odd, I just went to the page and it's allowing edits fine [08:28] Launchpad bug 867893 in ubuntu-docs "A minor detail in wiki, but i cannot edit :(" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/867893 [08:30] right, it works for me, I didn't know if there was a different access level or something [08:31] Worth making it affect ubuntu-website and having someone from there look into it? === Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan === apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger [14:23] Greetings everybody... This is my first time venturing on here... I am trying to make some humble efforts towards transitioning the Ubuntu Community Documentation from the old theme to the new theme [14:24] I have obtained the ubuntu-docs oneiric branch from Launchpad, and am first trying to generate the static html... [14:24] May I implore somebody to guide me as I go through it? I realize this would never get done by me unless I just sit down and do it whilst I do my other stuff [14:25] To start with - I have no idea how to generate the static html (I was under the impression that one needs to make the package to do so, but the legendary mdke clarified that this was not the case) [14:35] Moreover, after using autotools to create the Makefile, I get an error in Make [14:37] hi manjul [14:37] you would be better off emailing the mailing list for answer to your queries [14:38] or you might be incredibly lucky to actually get someone who can answer your question whos alert in here [14:38] Heh thanks... I just thought it would be much faster if I did it in realtime... I realize everybody, especially mdke, is busy with the release of Oneiric [14:39] it generally is faster heh. just gotta hope someone is actually present on here for that tho [14:41] Yeah... I guess I'll just hang around myself as well :) Thanks for responding though! [14:41] I've been trying to balance this with my research work, and the only solution is to try to do them side-by-side [14:50] Be back later :) [14:55] Aha... I see that the legendary mdke is himself here === manjul is now known as manzdagratiano [20:12] jbicha: I assume 11.10.4 was never uploaded from what Launchpad is telling me, correct? [20:21] mdke: you uploaded it yesterday though, right? [20:22] oh, never mind, that was 11.10.3 [20:22] no, I never uploaded 11.10.4 nor was it sponsored in [20:24] and 11.10.3 was 2 weeks ago [20:26] fine, it's going in today hopefully [20:26] jbicha: if you have any bugs or sponsor requests open to do it, please close em [20:27] I was only looking for a sponsor the day I tagged it but then you said you would upload it [20:28] there's one major screenshot that we need to do something with though [20:28] can you do it now? [20:28] the first one on help:ubuntu-help/unity-introduction [20:29] if I do it, I'd probably just replace it with a generic desktop without labels [20:30] if j1mc or someone wants labels then they can do it (?) [20:30] * mdke nods [20:30] I don't really mind. [20:30] disadvantage of the labels is that they are very unlikely to get translated [20:30] we haven't had any screenshot translations yet [20:31] damn [20:31] the package won't build [20:31] the translators may not know how to do the screenshots [20:32] we have too many help files :/ [20:42] jbicha: what do you think re the screenshot? If you can do one now, I'm happy to have no labels [20:42] otherwise i'll upload [20:43] mdke: just pushed an updated screenshot [20:43] legend, thanks [20:45] jbicha: uploading. Thanks again for your great work this cycle === DarkwingDuck is now known as Darkwing === Darkwing is now known as DarkwingDuck === DarkwingDuck is now known as Darkwing