slashtomgood morning09:45
tdr112morning all10:14
slashtomhey tdr112, how's things?10:39
tdr112grand , booked some time off work for some events i want to go to10:42
slashtomgood, i'm glad they're letting you take some holiday10:44
czajkowskitdr112: nice what ones10:45
tdr112darklight, Irisscert, 28c3 ,10:46
czajkowskitdr112: dontforget FOSDEM10:49
czajkowskiebel: coming this year10:49
slashtomwhat are Irisscert and 28c3?10:49
tdr112IRISSCERT Cyber Crime Conference10:50
tdr11228c3 is a hacking one on every year , the names chnages each year eg last year was 27c310:51
tdr112czajkowski: what are the dates again i think i am away snowboarding10:51
ebelfosdem, probably not....10:52
czajkowski3/4 feb10:52
czajkowskiebel: you're no fun any more :(10:52
ebelslashtom: Xc3 is the big hackerspace conference just after xmas.10:52
* ebel hadn't considered fosdem10:52
slashtomah, in germany?10:52
slashtomit does sound more fun than visiting my family10:52
ebelberlin IIRC10:52
slashtomand i would like to visit berlin...10:54
tdr112czajkowski: sorry but i am going away on the 4th10:59
czajkowskitdr112: tut tut missing again the largest EU conference for FOSS11:00
tdr112slashtom: there will be a good size crew goiing to 28c3 from ireland11:00
tdr112 czajkowski i know but a group of us are going could not chnage it11:01
dumb1224sorry if it's a bit naive...delete a file or directory requires the execute permission?13:34
slashtomdirectories require an execute permission13:35
dumb1224got it thanks!13:36
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