Mkaysi|ZNCubot4 stole prefix of OtusBot :(12:59
ubot4Mkaysi|ZNC: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:59
Mkaysi|ZNCubot4: misc last12:59
ubot4Mkaysi|ZNC: Error: You don't have the misc.last capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.12:59
ubot4Factoid 'misc last' not found12:59
Tm_TMkaysi|ZNC: ?12:59
Mkaysi|ZNCSo you have finally fixed that? Nice :)12:59
Mkaysi|ZNCTm_T: Nothing, I just checked is ubot4 still affected by https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria/issues/15713:00
* jussi slaps Mkaysi|ZNC, be nice to the bots! ;P13:03
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jelly-homehi, can someone jump in #ubuntu-hr and kill the 8-10 clones of user g0t?  They seem unintentional but the user is not responding and having 8 clones is frankly unsightly18:57
Unit193Is ivoks, ChaKy, or bud_ there?18:59
Unit193jelly-home: ^^18:59
jelly-homeUnit193: chaky's just waken18:59
jelly-homeso the situation's going to get under control I guess, thanks for the response19:00
Unit193jelly-home: Sure, you can check /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-hr to see who can help19:01
jelly-homethanks, didn't know that information was public19:01
Unit193Have a good day19:02
Unit193Would it also be good to recommend adding UbuntuIRCCouncil? (Or somthing like that)19:04
jussiUnit193: you forgot "list" on the end of that :/19:04
jussiUnit193: yes, that is good practice.19:04
Unit193jussi: Danit, I did...19:04
jussiUnit193: yer might want to /msg him and update yourself ;)19:05
Unit193jussi: Alright, sorry :/19:05
jussiUnit193: dont be sorry, Im just trying to help :)19:06
Unit193jussi: As was I. PM'd at any rate19:07
jussiUnit193: thanks :)19:07
Unit193jussi: He said no problem and he is able to use the bots help ;)19:13
jussiUnit193: excellent :)19:13
Unit193Better luck next time...19:13
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Unit193PreciseOne: Nice :P19:34
PreciseOneI try :P19:35
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=== PreciseOne is now known as pangolin
Darkwingtopyli: Hey mate, I would like a request that my cloak be renamed please?23:01
Darkwingtopyli: From DarkwingDuck to my LP name of david.wonderly23:01
topyliDarkwing: little birds already told me what you want, and i'm perfectly alright with it of course :)23:02
topylirww: could you do that?23:02
topylioh, but i'm not sure if a . is allowed23:02
rwwcloaks may not contain periods except when used in combination cloaks.23:03
DarkwingDavidWonderly is fine then.23:03
rwwubuntu/* doesn't do uppercase, iirc :P23:04
topyliit'll probably be all lowercase23:04
DarkwingAye it is.23:04
* Darkwing checkles23:04
topylistupid technology, doesn't give you what you want :(23:04
rwwalrighty, so ubuntu/member/davidwonderly?23:04
DarkwingYes thanks rww23:05
DarkwingI can't believe Disney did that LOL23:05
rwwtopyli: freenode doesn't care if you want upper-case, I've just always seen Ubuntu request them lower23:05
rwwDarkwing: changed23:05
DarkwingThank you so much.23:06
rwwno problem :)23:06
rwwtopyli: thanks for acking :)23:06
topylibest time to ask is late at night :)23:06

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