shayonjwhat do i do if i cant find the version number of a package ? (contact the author) ?00:14
micahgshayonj: where is this package?00:17
shayonjmicahg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/59008200:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 590082 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] batchcommander" [Wishlist,New]00:17
micahgno idea00:19
shayonjyeah, i am gonna rest it for a while00:20
shayonjdebian does not accept packages built with cdbs ?01:10
shayonjanyone ?01:11
broderwhat? no - something around 20% of packages in debian use cdbs01:12
broder(give or take...a lot - i haven't checked the stats recently)01:12
shayonjbroder, i see...well i thought so too. but i cant make sense of this - http://ftp-master.debian.org/REJECT-FAQ.html01:12
brodershayonj: that's referring to a specific feature of cdbs - DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL01:13
broderwhich automatically regenerates the debian/control file at build-time. it's a bad idea01:13
shayonjwell my control file was generated by dh_make.. how do i find that out if its used DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL01:13
ajmitchunless you changed it, it wouldn't have done it01:14
ajmitchyou can check in debian/rules though01:14
* RAOF would also *generally* use dh rather than cdbs, but that's a matter of preference and it's by no means mandatory.01:14
broderis anybody actually recommending cdbs for new packages these days? i feel like it's mostly moved into legacy territory01:15
* ajmitch thinks you'd be more likely to get sponsors by not using dh, but that can depend on if it's something that's covered by a team in debian, and their preferences01:15
shayonji see01:15
shayonjwell the only Deb i got in my rules file is DEB_PYTHON_SYSTEM=pysupport01:15
micahgajmitch: not using dh?01:15
shayonjthats it01:15
ajmitchmicahg: bah, I *meant* not using cdbs :)01:16
ajmitchmicahg: brain & fingers didn't likne up01:16
ajmitch^ again01:16
* ajmitch drinks more caffiene & shuts up01:16
* micahg was going to suggest an afternoon caffeine hit :)01:17
shayonji have a python package it builds and installs fine. but i believe its installing in the wrong place. any help on this ?02:14
ScottKshayonj: Is it a package you want to get into Ubuntu or Debian?02:20
shayonjScottK, ubuntu02:21
ScottKSure.  Where is it?02:21
shayonjScottK, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/60623102:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 606231 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Tornado" [Wishlist,New]02:22
ScottKWhen can I find your pacakge?02:22
shayonjScottK, https://github.com/downloads/facebook/tornado/tornado-2.1.1.tar.gz02:23
ajmitchhow is this different from the python-tornado package in universe?02:23
micahgnothing apparently :)02:25
ScottKLooks like the same thing.02:25
shayonjgood thing to practice on ;)02:26
shayonjajmitch, thanks :P02:26
ScottKshayonj: Is that a package you have interest in or just one you thought needed working on?02:27
jbichashayonj: also if you want to package a new Python app for Debian or Ubuntu, please use dh_python2, we're trying to get rid of python-support02:27
shayonjScottK, i am kind of in a learning stage.so just trying my hands on some real projects thats it. But dont worry wont mess it up.. thought it would be a good way to learn....but yes i did run rmadison and couldnt find it..02:28
shayonjjbicha, oh alright. sure, i will note that.02:29
ajmitchshayonj: sorry to spoil things like that :)02:49
shayonjajmitch, hah no its cool. learn one more thing i this :)02:53
ajmitchfor what it's worth, I did a search for "debian ITP tornado" to see if someone had filed a bug for it in debian, it it had turned out to be fixed there02:54
shayonjwill take care of this next time :)02:56
shayonji got a question. there are many packages i see, which have been tagged as [need-packaging] but already have a .deb file in the git/sourceforge02:58
shayonjany idea about this?02:58
jbichashayonj: just because there are deb's available does not mean that they meet the standards for inclusion in the Debian/Ubuntu archives02:59
shayonjjbernard, oh yes i understand. But what am i saying is, should we go ahead and see and if possible make them fit to the standards ?03:00
shayonjand submit to revu ?03:00
micahgalso, they don't usually include the source03:00
broderor were built with alien or something03:00
shayonji see03:00
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shayonjwhen we create a package is it mandatory or something to create for other ubuntu versions ? Atm i am testing only on lucid04:42
shayonjx86 and x86_6404:42
micahgshayonj: only needs to work on the devel release and future releases04:43
shayonjmicahg, sounds good. thanks !04:43
shayonjafter run the linitian test i get this - native-package-with-dash-version05:15
shayonjany help with tih s05:15
shayonjthis ?05:15
shayonji do have the 3.0 (native) in source/format05:15
shayonjif i remove it, lintian gives me another message saying it is missing...what should be done ?05:15
shayonjalso the same for watch file05:16
shayonjeverything is fixed now. thanks anyways )05:19
shayonjneed some help with native/quilt ...anyone up here ?05:33
RAOFWhat's the question?05:38
shayonjRAOF, i got 3.0 (native) in source/format05:39
shayonjand when do i do the lintian test05:39
RAOFThat's almost certainly wrong.05:39
shayonjit shows me this message05:39
shayonjyou mean i should have quilt ?05:39
RAOFA native package is one for which there is no upstream - ie: some software which only makes sense in Ubuntu and Debian.  Things like dpkg and apt are native, as they're Debian specific.  If you're packaging some software, it's not a native package.05:40
shayonjbut wait a sec05:40
shayonjsorry about that.. so you mean its fine to have a  .debian.tar.gz instead of a .diff05:42
shayonjor may be i just read the english wrong here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic#CommonMistakes05:42
shayonjthey just described what native and quilt and its not under common mistake05:43
RAOFThe .debian.tar.gz is a 3.0 (quilt) thing; that's the right thing to have.05:46
shayonjthanks RAOF ..just got confuse with the english i guess05:47
RAOFThe packaging guide is possibly out of date, too :/05:47
shayonjyeah i kinda had a hard time matching up two same type of info.. specially in case of copyright05:52
shayonjdo i need to debdiff after i performed debuild and pbuilder ? because i already have the .debian with me05:54
RAOFA debdiff is a the difference between two versions of the same package.  Since you don't have two versions of this package, it doesn't make sense to have a debdiff.05:55
shayonjguess i will just make notes where all does it needs update on the packaging guide...05:55
shayonjanyways thank RAOF . its been lot of pacaking. time to hit bed. Thanks so much :)05:56
shayonjpackaging *05:56
dholbachgood morning06:56
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jamespagemorning all08:01
SanbarComputingThere is a problem with the following UBT wiki.  I wrote an e-mail to the author, but got now reply.  Who can I ask about it? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Devbeginnings08:45
micahgSanbarComputing:  #ubuntu-beginners08:45
SanbarComputingmicahg: thanks08:46
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LaneyRhonda: are you aware that packages.u.c has 404 links to copyright files?10:32
Laneysome are there ...10:33
Laneyah, maybe it links to $package.copyright when it should be just copyright10:33
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nigelbHi, I helping add something to the etherpad that dholbach mailed about.11:06
nigelbI need some help phrasing this11:06
nigelbWhat I want to add is that you need not be a member to contribute11:07
RhondaLaney: the copyright and changelog files are extracted and get published on a different host11:14
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LaneyRhonda: seems like it's just a matter of fixing the link?12:04
Laneycurrently it goes to http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/o/ocaml-dssi/ocaml-dssi_0.1.0-1/libdssi-ocaml.copyright but it should be http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/o/ocaml-dssi/ocaml-dssi_0.1.0-1/copyright for example12:05
RhondaThe thing is, that would break other things12:06
Rhondamultiple binary packages in a single source package12:07
LaneyI suppose they could technically be different12:09
LaneyI don't know how the importer decides when to create binary.copyright12:11
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jtaylorsomeone feel like sponsoring bug 811721?16:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 811721 in pycryptopp (Ubuntu Natty) "update pycryptopp to version 0.5.29-1 in natty" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81172116:45
jtaylorlast reply is an ack from SRU if I did not misinterpret it16:45
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tumbleweedjtaylor: is there anything else of yours that needs action for oneiric?16:47
jtayloryes one thing, but thats still wip :/16:47
tumbleweedok, reminder again to apply for upload rights16:48
jtayloryes, I delayed it as I needed to judge how much time/will I still have for it after starting my new job16:49
tumbleweedyou don't need to commit to any particular amount of time :)16:49
tumbleweedjtaylor: sponsored17:34
jtayloryey only 6 month and it is finally fixed :)17:36
jtaylorI hope ;)17:36
tumbleweedit still needs to be approved and SRU verified...17:40
jtayloryes but thats not needs to be done by me ;)17:44
alkisgHi. I have a native package (I'm upstream + packager). So I do `debuild -S -sa; dput ...` and upload it to my PPA for e.g. Lucid.19:20
alkisgThe problem is that if I want to reupload it for e.g. Natty, launchpad refuses it because the source is already uploaded19:21
alkisgHow can I handle this?19:21
jtaylordon't use -sa for that19:21
alkisgSo, run `debuild -S -sd` for a second time, and upload to natty?19:21
alkisgWith the same package version?19:22
alkisgThe package is not in the ubuntu archives, so the first time I do have to upload it19:22
jtaylorhm not sure, but I think the version must be different19:23
jtaylor~natty1 added or so19:23
alkisgHm. Then it would be faster to not have a native package, i.e. to split the source from the packaging19:24
jtaylor"Version numbers must be unique. This has implications if you want to provide packages for multiple Ubuntu series at once:"19:24
alkisgI could then upload the source once, and use the same `debuild -sd` for all the other series19:24
* alkisg reads...19:24
jtaylor"If your package does need to be recompiled to support multiple Ubuntu series, then you should add a suffix of a tilde and the series name to the version number"19:24
alkisgjtaylor: sorry I forgot to thank you - I ended up using a recipe so that I don't have to create a script for all those ~lucid1, ~natty1 uploads20:45
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jtaylorgna I overlooked another important bugfix in meld git :/21:20
jtaylorbtw thats another package where the sync from experimental should never have been made21:21
tumbleweedjust how much do you use meld?21:21
jtaylorvery much21:21
* tumbleweed uses it a couple of times a year21:21
jtaylorI pretty much daily21:21
jtaylorwhenever there is something to compare21:21
jtaylorI'm all in favor of tightening the sync rules from exp21:22
jtaylorthere is a reason it is a development version and that its only in experimental21:22
jtaylorand whoever requested the sync never even commented on any of the resulting bugs21:23
tumbleweedwell, at least we have someone caring for it now21:26
shayonjwhere can i find a list of sections in ubuntu. i somehow lost the link..cant find it now. anyone ?22:08
shayonjits for the debian\control22:09
shayonjtumbleweed, thanks22:16
shayonjthis program doesnt has a man page and when i run lintian on .changes it tells me it cant fine one. is it okay not to have a man page ?22:56
RAOFshayonj: Maybe.  Generally what that means is that it's time to write a manpage (which can be pretty easy with the help of help2man and similar tools)23:00
shayonjRAOF, okay. looking into it. thanks :)23:01
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kaushalis there a glassfish version 3 package available for 8.04 ?23:43
shayonjanyone here uses(ed) pod2man ?23:57

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