GrahamIRCHi, anyone sucessfully playing HD content on Mythbuntu?00:32
mrandGrahamIRC: many, many people00:42
GrahamIRCok I seem to get random pauses for like half a second00:42
GrahamIRCLooking at disc and CPU, nothing is stressed00:43
GrahamIRChappens with or without VDPAU00:43
mrandrunning fixes?00:43
mrand(i.e., 0.24.1)?00:43
GrahamIRCwhatever mythbuntu 11.04 is00:44
mrandyeah, that should be.  Hrm.00:44
mrandbe right back00:44
lenDoes anyone know the proper way to get an mce remote working in 11.10? With lirc installed I get nothing. Without lirc installed the remote works with the new kernel level support, but the keys are not mapped correctly. I'm following the mythtv org wiki about using the devinput lirc dirver, and that doesn't seem to be working either.02:00
lenThis remote is just about the most common one out there, so I assume a lot of people are going to have problems.02:01
lenDoes anyone here have a working remote since they started putting ir_remote drivers in the kernel and changing how things are done?02:04
GrahamIRChaven't tried that yet - sounds like I have some fun in store :-s02:04
lenEverything always worked without a hitch in Lucid and prior02:04
GrahamIRCI'm new to mythbuntu, been using CentOS for the last few years02:05
GrahamIRCI tend to use SpeedLink remotes - cheap and easy to get hold of and appear as keyboard and mouse so should be easy to map02:06
lenProbably, it seems like the whole ir thing is stuck in transition because the kernel guys wanted to hand ir differently than the lirc guys because they wanted to make it more similar to other input devices like keyboards.02:06
GrahamIRCcan't seem to find the mce remotes any more - I have one which I use on my CentOS system02:06
GrahamIRCkinda makes sense I guess02:07
lenMyth is still lirc-based, so you have to run both drivers and have some bridge between them.  The whole thing is very confusing.02:07
GrahamIRCyes I've used the devinput driver with the speedlinks02:07
lenYou shouldn't have any problems with it if you use Lucid LTS02:08
lenIt would be nice if I know what the official way you're supposed to go about setting up mce remotes for mythbuntu specifically02:09
GrahamIRCnothing in the myth control centre app?02:10
lenThere is a place in myth control centre where you can say you're device has "native support" in kenel, which mce remotes do in newer kernel, but all that does is uninstall lirc02:11
lenThe kernel drivers do work, but..02:11
lenThey don't map correctly to mythtv options.02:11
lenArrow keys work, but I can't figure out how to get any key to back up to a previous menu02:12
GrahamIRCIR remotes always seem to have been the trickiest thing in myth!02:12
lenI had some problems with other remotes in the past with Lucid-, but never with mce remotes because they were so common.02:13
* patdk-lap hugs his ps3 remote :)02:14
GrahamIRCah yes I was thinking of going the bluetooth route02:14
GrahamIRCdid play around with the Wiimotes02:14
lenWhat did you use for a receiver with the wiimotes?02:15
GrahamIRCjust a bluetooth dongle02:15
lenHow'd they work?02:16
patdk-lapI'm using it to just send keypresses, so it just looks like a keyboard02:16
GrahamIRCthere's a app/script called pywii if I remember correctly - you can use buttons and gestures to control myth02:17
GrahamIRCquite fun but I prefer a remote with fixed buttons tbh02:17
lenI have an ir keyboard that works fine, but i'd much rather just use a little remote than a bulky keyboard on my lap.  I mostly just want to navigate the myth menus02:18
patdk-lapI have the playstation button on the remote to an instant shutdown :)02:18
GrahamIRCsomeone must have an mce remote working02:18
patdk-lapI never could stand ir remotes02:19
lenYou'd think so, but judging from the small number of people in here, and the fact that there hasn't been much activity on the mythbuntu site, maybe mythbuntus days are waning.02:19
patdk-lapbefore I went full myth, I used wireless remotes, using rf02:19
GrahamIRCI hope not, I've only just moved to it from CentOS02:20
GrahamIRCCentOS has been great - the same server and build for 5 years!02:20
lenYou were running mythtv on centos?02:20
GrahamIRCbut it's kernel is just too old now for some of the stuff I want to do - even the kernel that comes with CentOS 6 is just that little bit too out of date to support HD Audio02:21
GrahamIRCI was going to use Fedora but it's lifespan is so short that I'd be forever upgrading02:21
GrahamIRCso here I am using Mythbuntu02:22
GrahamIRCYes len, CentOS runs it perfectly02:22
lenYeah, audio over HDMI can be a real bitch.  I've pulled my hair out many times02:22
GrahamIRCI've got audio over HDMI working ok, but not tried HD audio yet02:22
GrahamIRCI know I'll need to upgrade the alsa that comes with 11.04 - hoping it might be there in 11.10 when it ships02:23
lenIt's running fine right now, but I have had lots of different problems.  Pulse audio wanted to always channel to the optical out instead, and hdmi won't work at all with the radeon driver, you have to use fglrx02:24
GrahamIRCI've always plumped for nvidia with Myth - seems like the line of least resistance and VDPAU and HDMI seem to work a treat02:25
lenI've had more audio problems in linux than anything right.  They keep adding more and more layers and things seem to get more and more complicated with more conflicts and misrouting.02:26
GrahamIRCI've stuck to alsa02:26
GrahamIRCand just route the audio straight out the hdmi with no processing02:27
lenI have nvidia on my main system, but for media machines that are on all the time I use boards with built in ati for low power.02:27
patdk-lapnever had issue with audio, even audio over hdmi02:28
lenWell, you always end up using ALSA, it's just a matter of how many additional layers are in-between.02:28
patdk-lapI won't use vdpau though02:28
GrahamIRCI found a great option for low power frontends - a laptop!02:28
GrahamIRCthe one I'm on here has nvidia built in with hdmi and s/pdif outs02:28
GrahamIRCsupports vdpau02:28
lenI've been removing pulseaudio for ages, but finally gave in since ubuntu has been pushing it so hard.  They really, really want you to use it.02:29
* patdk-lap uses a normal computer, with a gt220, and network boot02:29
GrahamIRClow power. quiet and built in IR reciever, bluetooth and UPS!02:29
GrahamIRCI've just swapped by GT220 for a GT520 as the 220 doesn't quite support HBR for HD audio02:29
GrahamIRCand the 520 is fanless so nice n quiet02:29
patdk-lapI need low profile02:30
patdk-lapwife keeps the tv on 24/702:30
patdk-lapand it draws like 8x more than the computer02:30
lenSpeaking of low power, I just got a AMD C-60 netbook with much more video power than other netbooks.02:30
GrahamIRCany good?02:31
lenSeems like a great chip for myth boxes02:31
GrahamIRCthere's some interesting hardware coming through02:31
* patdk-lap only cares about h264 performance anymore02:31
lenYeah, seems more like a notebook than a netbook, but lasts all day on a charge02:31
patdk-lapnever watch anything else02:31
lenAlways like fanless for mythboxes.  They don't use the 3D anyway, so you don't need the big monster video cards02:32
GrahamIRCI've transcoded pretty much everything to h264 too02:32
lenWhat about people using a Roku myth channel as a front end?  It only takes 2 Watts.  Hard to beat that for low power usage.02:34
lenThe roku 2 is only about the size of a hockey puck.02:35
lenpatdk-lap, are you using an ir-remote?02:37
GrahamIRCbut can it do HD?02:39
lenYeah, it does 1080p02:41
GrahamIRCwifi only?02:43
lenI haven't tried getting it to work with Myth.02:43
lenThe XS versions has wifi and wired ethernet02:43
GrahamIRCI wonder if it's hackable02:43
GrahamIRCcos wifi not really good for HD02:43
GrahamIRCespecially if there are other devices using it02:44
lenI have it hard wired.02:44
GrahamIRCgood plan02:44
lenYou can put it in developer mode and start messing around with it.  That's what you have to do to get a myth channel02:44
GrahamIRCI only really use wifi for laptops and smartphones02:44
GrahamIRCI was thinking more like diskless frontend :-)02:45
lenIt's $99 for the one with wifi and ethernet port.  $79 for the one with just wifi.02:45
lenYeah, that's what it is, I think.  I 2 watt one :)02:46
GrahamIRCmight have to invest in one of those for playing with02:46
lenIt's hard to beat the price02:47
GrahamIRCnot sure how $99 becomes £138 :-S02:47
GrahamIRCrip-off Britain strikes again!02:47
Shadow__Xwould i actually be able to play mpeg2 hd streams from mythtv though?02:47
Shadow__Xi would think it would have hardware decoders02:47
GrahamIRCthink you'd use h26402:48
lenHmm.  That does seem very odd.  Can't you just buy direct from Roku with a CC to pay the $99 in dollars and have the cc  do the conversion?02:48
GrahamIRCyeah probably but a pain if it goes wrong and needs to be returned02:49
lenThink the new version 2 units use h26402:49
GrahamIRCthat's what you want :-)02:49
lenStill only $9902:49
lenXS 2 is the one you'd want02:50
GrahamIRCyup that's the £138 one02:50
GrahamIRCis the XD the wifi only one?02:51
GrahamIRCXS is £118 on Amazon - still seems like the exchange rate is the wrong way round!02:52
lenIt's like the XS, but doesn't have the ethernet port, come with the motion controller, or have angry birds. :)02:53
Shadow__Xthere arent any ports for it though right02:53
lenNo, just wifi on the XD02:53
Shadow__Xso you would have to figure a way to do on the fly transcoding to use it as a real frontend02:54
GrahamIRCAngry Birds!02:54
patdk-laphmm, my video card gets pretty hot when I'm playing movies, and that is without vdpau, and only 720p02:55
lenHD is probably the same as the XD with software crippling to sell it cheaper.  Can't imagine why it wouldn't be able to to 1080p, I'm sure the hardware is the same.  You could prob hack an HD to be the same as a XD02:55
Shadow__Xhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VdyIcL7wY4 thats kind of neat02:55
lenYeah, it looks pretty slick.02:57
GrahamIRCright time for bed02:58
GrahamIRCnice chatting guys02:58
Moscherkoboldhello everyone11:48
Moscherkoboldhello, i have a problem here maybe someone can help me13:22
Moscherkoboldwhen i switch channel in livetv frontend i get the following error13:22
Moscherkobold"error opening jump program file"13:22
Moscherkoboldhere is a part of my backendlog13:22
st8ofmi9dI'm working to get MythTV running using an HVR-2250. I was able to get the card setup but when I go to LiveTV, I get a split second of sound and video before it freezes. I did a lot of searching and some posts indicated that it might be a problem with a video drivers. I verified xorg.conf and I am using NVIDIA for the display. cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version shows that I have:19:06
st8ofmi9d NVRM version: NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  195.36.15  Thu Mar 11 21:41:46 PST 201019:06
st8ofmi9d GCC version:  gcc version 4.3.2 (Ubuntu 4.3.2-1ubuntu12)19:06
st8ofmi9dAm I going down the right path to correct the freezing problem? Any thoughts on how to get it working?19:06
tgm4883st8ofmi9d, I'm not sure why it would be an issue with nvidia19:09
tgm4883are you using linuxmce?19:10
tgm4883Have you asked them?19:10
st8ofmi9dyes, but no luck so far.19:10
tgm4883does the card work outside of mythtv?19:11
tgm4883or rather, you have identified it is the playback as the issue, and not the recording?19:11
st8ofmi9dI seem to remember having the same issue with a different card and a different system on my Mythbuntu machine so i decided to stop by here. No, I have never gotten the card working.19:12
st8ofmi9dOk, I will try to verify that it's a playback issue and not a recording. How do I access teh logs to see where it locks up?19:12
tgm4883how about you cat the device to a file then try playing it back?19:12
tgm4883perhaps on another machine that you know works?19:13
tgm4883The information you provided so far is about half of what we would need to even start working on this issue19:13
st8ofmi9dtgm4883: Understood. I'm trying to gather information so I can help myself get help. I'm trying to learn my way around linux. I've used Mythbuntu for two years now on another machine. I had difficulty getting it running but so far it's been running on it's own19:16
lenAny idea why my Mythbuntu Control Center Auto Login Configuration is Grayed out, so I can't configure auto login?19:17
lenAfter upgrading to 11.10 it stopped loggining automatically, and the section to config it is disabled.19:18
superm1len, there isn't a GUI tool for configuring automatic login on lightdm for oneiric unfortunately19:22
superm1so MCC doesn't have one to open19:22
superm1the problem you hit is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/85443119:22
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #854431 in lightdm (Ubuntu): “GDM automatic login is not transitioned to lightdm automatic login”19:22
superm1len, i reported the missing GUI tool as bug 868652 if you want to subscribe to that19:29
ZinnBug 868652 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lightdm doesn't provide a gdmsetup type tool" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/86865219:29
lensuperm1, Zinn:  Thanks for the info.  I'm kind of surprised it didn't just retain the autologin from the previous version when I upgraded.21:01
ZinnHi len, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.21:01
Moscherkoboldi was not able to find a solution for my problem, here is it again:21:05
Moscherkoboldhello, i have a problem here maybe someone can help me21:05
Moscherkoboldwhen i switch channel in livetv frontend i get the following error21:05
Moscherkobold"error opening jump program file"21:05
Moscherkoboldhere is a part of my backendlog21:05
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:06
Moscherkoboldany sugestions?21:06
superm1len, yeah hopefully that bug will get fixed that the information is transitioned to lightdm21:06
Moscherkoboldmaybe the reason is here? 2011-10-05 15:13:47.798 NVR(/dev/video0) Error: Can't open vbi device: ''21:07
lenI just upgraded it from Lucid, so I'm not familiar with lightdm.  No more XFCE?21:07
lenI use KDE on my regular systems, so I don't follow what's happening with ubiquity and all that.21:08
superm1len, lightdm replaces gdm21:09
superm1for the login manager21:09
superm1most of the GTK based ubuntu derivates switched to it21:09
lenOh, OK.  So Mythbuntu is still built on xbuntu21:10
superm1yeah still xfce21:11
superm1so if we didn't follow the lightdm switch we would be using code that wasn't maintained at all, which leads to problems with so many moving pieces in ubuntu21:11
lenMakes sense.  Better to concentrate mostly on the Myth-specific elements that to maintain your own gdm21:12

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