ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, robinetd said: !!! kernel.org is back up02:31
ubottuStevesicution called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:35
IdleOnesent him a PM02:36
IdleOneand the guidelines02:36
ubottuHyperWizard called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:36
IdleOneok so we got us some kids playing02:37
Madpilotsame silly person? different IPs...02:37
IdleOneto close to be a coincidence imo02:38
CoreyWhat do you mean close?02:39
CoreyThey're in different /8s02:39
IdleOnein timing02:40
IdleOneis what I meant02:40
IdleOneso either same person from diff ip's or two people trooling together02:40
IdleOnetrolling also02:41
CoreyIdleOne: Well, could also be that one gave the idea to the other.05:44
elkyis trooling where they're drooling while they troll?06:12
bazhangRHEL comes in iso ?08:28
ikoniaRHEL can be installed from an ISO08:28
ikoniaif you have access to the rhn to get it08:28
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ikoniawould someone consider talking to jonathon in #ubuntu in private about the random suggestions and incorrect advice he's pushing to people. I've tried to speak to him but he doesn't get it, it maybe better coming from someone else11:07
jonathonThat wasn't fair11:14
jonathonYou shouldn't ban people just for disagreeing with your outlook :(11:14
ikoniajonathon: I'm sorry I had to forward you here, but I am trying to lead you in disucssion in #ubuntu and your attitude is growing progressivly useful, so I've brought you to this channel to discuss it11:14
jonathonFine, I'll calm down, sorry11:15
ikoniano problem11:15
ikoniajonathon: I am simpley asking that you slow down in what you are saying in #ubuntu, understand the issue, and think before applying advice to people11:15
ikoniascale back on the assumptions, listen to what the person wants and try to get solution for them, not what you want them to use11:16
ikoniaeg: the previous discussion, you assumed the user was on a home network and had no security concerns, despite him saying he wanted secure transfer11:17
ikoniait turned out you where correct, the user was on a home network and the concerns where not valid11:17
ikoniahowever you didn't check that in any way shape or form despite him saying clearly he had security needs11:17
ikoniaif you can slow down and think, I don't think there will be an issue11:18
ikoniais that acceptable ?11:18
jonathonYea, see I always thought FTP Was secure, I didn't really know it was plaintext only11:18
ikoniajonathon: well, there is another issue11:18
jonathonI'm no grandmaster yet :P11:18
ikoniayour suggestions are not knowledagle11:18
ikoniaeg: you where telling people to mount the disks on /root/media because you thought /root and / where the same thing11:19
ikoniayou've suggested ftp as a secure solution11:19
ikoniainstead when people pulled you up on it of listening, you responded with arguing11:19
ikoniathe people in the channel will peer review your comments, it's worth listening11:19
ikoniathere are some experienced guys who will correct you to help you and the other person11:20
ikoniaare you comfortable with that ?11:20
jonathonYea, I do get a bit ahead of myself sometimes11:20
ikoniaok, I'll remove the forward and you can join again11:20
ikonia1 moment11:20
jonathonThank you11:20
ikoniaok, it's removed you can leave this channel and rejoin #ubuntu11:20
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Tm_Tikonia: that went well (:11:54
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oCeanany -server ops available? Pici Tm_T ?18:36
Tm_TI have some issues but, what is it?18:38
IdleOne2 of his clients also /notice he is away18:38
oCeanTm_T: g0t_ has a active google script (try in -server   !google | test) He has been banned for this several times18:38
oCeanI removed/banned them from #u, earlier18:39
Tm_Tah, I'm on it18:39
oCeanhello por, how can we help you?18:50
Tm_T2144.29 -!- JewsAreBastards [~vlagalish@] has left #kubuntu [requested by Tm_T (please don't return until having a proper nick)]18:51
porTm_T: send me here to continue our konversation18:51
pori've said to him that there is no rule agains nicks and a persons belives/religion18:52
oCeanpor: well, I can understand that, seeing what nick you used there18:52
oCeanpor: there is a general rule of respect18:53
porwhich is equal to discrimination18:53
oCeanpor: sorry?18:53
LjLBe respectful. The Ubuntu community and its members treat one another with respect. Everyone can make a valuable contribution to Ubuntu.18:53
poryes i respect all of the guys : ) but i still have my belives18:54
oCeanpor: not just us, you have to respect everyone18:54
LjL"us" includes jews, anyway, sorry for the bad news por18:54
porfree speach means that nobody can gripe other persons believes18:57
porotherwise its communism18:57
Tm_Tpor: irc doesn't have a thing called "free speech"18:58
Tm_Tpor: let's make this clear so there's no room for doubt: racist remarks, nicks or any racistic behaviour is not tolerated on ubuntu channels18:59
poroh so you're all communist, you wan't everybody to be equal to others but don't let everybody to speak freally( nothing personall, sorry, i won't ever help in any linux irc channel again ) : ) be free18:59
Tm_TPaulW2U: yes?19:00
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LjLvyrgozunqk: if you have no fuhrer business in here, please part19:05
LjL(typo! i swear. maybe.)19:06
oCeanPerfM: 'sup?19:09
PerfMoCean, just came in for a hello, you know~~19:10
oCeanPerfM: sure, thanks. If that was all please /part19:11
PerfMoCean, it's national sad day today, and you're making me sadder19:11
PerfMbut fieen, no one has hearts nowadays anyways, amirite?19:12
ikoniacan someone now please put a ban on him in this channel19:12
ikonia"her" sorry19:13
IdleOneI would ask that the ircc set the ban as to not appear biased.19:13
LjLdoes it bother you that much? i just had a laugh19:13
ikoniato be honest the constant repetition of it does19:13
ikoniathere is no reason to allow it19:13
IdleOneI find it extremely annoying like most of you do but at the same time it could be so much worse19:13
ikoniajust +b it and lets stop playing these stupid games with her19:14
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mrmistif you put up a ban, it'll only encourage her, I expect.20:00
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Pici!nickspam > pangolin20:12
ubottupangolin, please see my private message20:12
pangolinI know :(20:12
pangolinthis is it until next release name announcement20:12
rwwoh, that was /you/?20:14
pangolinit is20:14
rwwtime to /msg nickserv fungroup pangolin20:14
rwwpangolin: forced ungroup :320:15
pangoliny u no luv me20:15
rwwi hold grudges for a long time20:16
pangolinI sorta like this nick. I may just keep using it as my main nick20:16
LjLso do i, rww, so do i20:33
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bazhangpangolin is the next release name?21:25
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78421:25
jribwhat is a pangolin?21:26
charlie-tcaa scaly anteater21:26
jribreminds me of a badger21:27
macois it what happens when an anteater and an aardvark love each other very much?21:27
genii-aroundThey look alien21:27
jribbreezy badger best release ever21:27
charlie-tcaheh, that's good, maco21:27
jribthey should make it the wallpaper21:28
jrib(maco's comment)21:28
jribhow many animals can there be that start with the letter 'q'?21:30
jrib"no shell" = "no graphic interface" how interesting21:39
Myrttiah, ant pinecone21:53
Myrttithat's what it is called in Finnish21:53
charlie-tcadoes that eat ants?21:55
Myrttiwell it's only a translation of the Finnish name of pangolin ;-)21:56
charlie-tcaAh, I see21:56
ubottupangolin is <alias> precise - added by Pici on 2011-10-05 19:38:5622:48
ubottuprecise aliases: pangolin - added by Pici on 2011-10-05 19:38:4322:48
rwwaww, i'm less than a day behind on news22:48
rwwi need to pay less attention22:48
bazhangoneiric onwards can be dd'd?22:56
bazhangforgot the terminology to describe that kind of distro22:56
Jordan_Ubazhang: I believe so. I usually call it a hybrid image.23:01
bazhangJordan_U, thats it, thanks23:01
Jordan_Ubazhang: You're welcome.23:02
bazhang* [CimarronTij] (~efsenable@ merdam  <---- thought he was banned in #ubuntu23:19

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