Daviey* Please can someone accept libvirt, thanks *01:02
highvoltage /win 3201:03
infinity /linux01:04
infinityDaviey: You've gone over it with combs of various fine-toothiness?01:04
Davieyinfinity: yes, it was discussed earlier. :)01:05
DavieyThere is a Ubuntu grown patch which is smaller to resolve the same issue, but the consensus was upstream cherry pick.01:06
Daviey(and is passes the qa-regression-testsuite)01:06
Davieyand oddly, seems to work :)01:07
Davieyinfinity: thanks01:07
ScottKinfinity: Thanks.01:37
ScottKThat one ^^^ should fix pulse/skype integration.03:23
infinityScottK: Wait, is that why Skype keeps freezing up on my system?03:38
ScottKNot sure.  I mostly know it fixes phonon not finding pulse.03:39
infinityThe patch feels incorrect to me, but it does what it says on the tin.03:40
infinity(It would make more sense, surely, to try to detect if there's only a two-part version, and only then spoof the 0?  Unless Pulse upstream has decided to move to two-part versions indefinitely, I guess)03:41
* micahg doesn't understand why software make versions dependent on mutiple parts of a version03:46
infinitymicahg: When that version defines an API, it gets interesting.03:47
infinitymicahg: Which is the case with Skype.03:47
infinityOr, rather, how Skype was using pulseaudio.03:47
infinityFrom what I can tell.03:47
infinityAnd others, I'd assume.03:47
micahgstill, shouldn't the function that checks the version do a sane check regardless of how many points in the version?  i.e. 1.0 > 0.9 or whatever03:48
infinityBut if you're used to checking for major.minor.patchlevel, you might do it wrong. :P03:48
infinityAnd fixing everything that does that is harder than just keeping a consistent scheme.03:48
micahgyes, if you're checking for an exact match, that's probably wrong, we've seen this before (kernel)03:49
infinityOh, I know.03:49
infinityI just want dpkg --compare-versions in the standard libc. :P03:50
SpamapSHas anyone tried a debootstrap of oneiric in the last 3 hours?03:57
SpamapSWe're getting a corrupt Packages.gz problem03:57
* ScottK debstraps a chroot from inside a chroot to see what happens.03:58
SpamapSmight have cleared up04:12
ScottKdeboostrap inside a chroot is apparently like crossing the streams.04:21
infinitySpamapS: What was the actual error message?04:33
* infinity sees no issues on an hour-old mirror.04:35
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pittiinfinity: mesa-utils> sorry, didn't see that it was from a universe source; in my obsolete world model it was built by mesa06:29
pittiso let's not worry about this for oneiric then06:29
micahghi pitti, I will hopefully have a chromium upload for oneiric shortly , do I need buy in again from lubuntu and mythbuntu?06:32
pittimicahg: as for potentially breaking their daily build, or what for?06:33
micahgpitti: for potentially breaking their RC?06:33
pittiI missed how that worked previously; but I guess can't hurt to ping them06:34
pittimicahg: does it build an arch:all package with strict dependencies?06:34
micahgI was supposed to update for beta 2, but it never happened06:34
pittiso that a late amd64 build would break installability?06:34
* micahg will run a test i386 build after amd64 finishes06:35
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pittiinfinity: ^ this is a looong story; are you interested in hearing it, or just want me to review?07:55
pitti(4 people, 2 hours of discussion, an etherpad, and two merge proposals)07:56
pittibut now we at least all have a shared understanding what lightdm did wrong, and what needs to happen07:57
pittiinfinity: accepting, I'll take the bullets08:03
micahgpitti: will it make much of a difference if I upload chromium now or in ~8 hrs?08:43
pittimicahg: how long does it build? but in general, the earlier the better08:58
micahgpitti: i386 3hrs, amd64 1hr, armel 2408:59
pittimicahg: oh, then please "now"09:01
micahgpitti: ok09:05
micahgpitti: can you review chromium as soon as it gets in, I'd like to go to sleep soon :)09:32
pittimicahg: thanks, accepting09:34
pittiLaney: why do we need the dbus-sharp sync? it doesn't seem to change anything compared to our version in oneiric?09:37
micahgpitti: thanks, I'll check for any issues in the morning my time, have a good day09:37
pittimicahg: sleep well, thansk!09:38
Laneypitti: indeed, it was just to get the pkg back in sync. The world looked rather empty so I jumped in there.09:41
* cjwatson will be out for a bit - taking K to physio10:05
pitti^ that's from me, review appreciated10:12
pittiseb128: would you mind peer-reviewing http://launchpadlibrarian.net/82012196/gnome-menus_3.2.0-0ubuntu1_3.2.0-0ubuntu2.diff.gz ?10:19
seb128pitti, can do10:19
seb128pitti, do you think bug #864174 should be rc?10:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 864174 in lightdm (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "boot hangs waiting for lightdm after purging gdm (wrong default-display-manager) (affects: 3) (heat: 16)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86417410:19
seb128not sure how often it happens, or how10:19
pittiseb128: I think this can be SRUed, as it's pretty much an upgrade matter10:21
pittiseb128: but if we can get a fix nowish, fine for me to get it in10:21
pittiI think I switched between gdm and lightdm quite a bit, but /e/X/d-d-m seems alright for mne10:21
pittithis doesn't look very straightforward to me, or is there a known case where "lightdm" gets written there?10:22
seb128pitti, gnome-menus> ack from me10:23
pittiseb128: thanks, accepting10:23
seb128pitti, no fix that I know about, I'm just concerned it might be a real issue, dobey hit it this week and his box was hanging on an empty screen (from an user perspective)10:23
pittiseb128: yes, no doubt about the importance10:24
seb128ie. bug #856810 is similar10:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 856810 in netcfg (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Boot hangs at "Booting system without full network configuration..." (affects: 14) (heat: 76)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85681010:24
pittiseb128: I just think that fixing it in an SRU will be fine, as it doesn't affect a clean install10:24
pittithat doesn't mean that we are not allowed to fix it for release :)10:24
pittijust that it's not a blocker10:24
seb128pitti, right, well I mentioned it there just in case r-t wants to "track" it10:26
mvofwiw the update-notifier one is not critical, that is equally fine for -update IMO too10:27
mvothe software-center one would be nice because at least the "empty whats new" field will be a bad first run experience10:27
pittimvo: u-n> oh, uh -- wouldn't it be easier to just ignore the auto-open key?10:54
pittithat seems quite a large and rather untested change to me at this point (also for SRU)10:54
pittijibel, cjwatson, skaet: FYI, current amd64 live oversizedness (just a tad) is due to the new langpack deltas from yesterday, and will be fixed on Friday when we get fresh ones11:56
mvopitti: fair enough, could you please write that in the bug? I'm not sure what the unity-2 status is actually, but if the whitelist/blacklist is all sorted it may wait for P12:02
tumbleweedScottK: the pyside fix I uploaded is actually a bug in cmake-data (expecting all qt4 modules to live under QT_LIBRARY_DIR). I'm suprised it hasn't affected other Qt4 + cmake programs (or maybe it has, and we haven't noticed)12:44
tumbleweedor if that's a reasonable expectation, then it's a bug in phonon not being multiarched12:45
stgrabergood morning13:18
stgrabercan I get a respin of Edubuntu to pick up the new ubiquity please?13:18
Laneyargh, our new overlord!13:18
nigelbCongrats stgraber :)13:20
stgraberthanks nigelb13:21
ScottKtumbleweed: I have a vague recollection about this and I think the phonon developers said pyside was making unreasonable assumptions.13:28
ScottKI thought it was fixed though.13:28
tumbleweedScottK: the fix was broken (sorry barry), see the bug the upload closes13:31
tumbleweedand it's not pyside making that assumption, but cmake-data13:31
ScottKI see.13:34
stgrabercjwatson, infinity, pitti, skaet: Can one of you trigger a respin of Edubuntu?14:20
pittistgraber: running14:20
pitticjwatson, infinity: I'm uploading apport for disabling for final release; should be accepted together with kerneloops on Friday, I just wanted to get the upload out of the way (to be able to stash P fixes into bzr)14:42
skaetpitti,  ack.14:53
ScottKSigh.  Alternates grew 8MB overnight.15:53
cjwatsonpitti: I just NEWed some language packs and realised they seem inconsistent again16:51
cjwatsonpitti: language-pack-kde-ky but no language-pack-kde-ky-base; language-pack-kde-my but no language-pack-kde-my-base; language-pack-mhr-base but no language-pack-mhr; language-pack-gnome-mhr-base but no language-pack-gnome-mhr16:52
GrueMasterskaet: Are we not doing an RC release this week?  Or is this just another daily test week?17:10
skaetGrueMaster,  we'll be spinning up a full set of ISO images tomorrow and populating the ISO tracker for everyone to do the testing,  but won't be posting on the web site.17:10
GrueMasterAh, ok.17:11
ogra_skaet, do you have an ETA ? we still have that banshee issue and i would like to have as much time as possible before we decide if we switch to RB or not (seed change + meta upload)17:11
* GrueMaster goes back to the arm pit.17:11
skaetogra_, as soon as the langpacks land was the plan with pitti.17:12
ogra_skaet, oh, and we need to talk about an EOL message for lucid armel :)17:15
ogra_(happy to do that after release though)17:15
GrueMasterYes.  Kill it please.  I'll even bring a Titanium Spork to UDS if necessary.17:16
kenvandinedoko, i just uploaded the ido ftbfs on armel fix17:50
kenvandinei didn't get to do an armel build on it, but it works on amd64 and should build on armel too17:50
skaetogra_, after release +1.17:58
dokokenvandine, thanks, however it still ftbfs, see https://launchpadlibrarian.net/82046752/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-armel.ido_0.3.0-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:29
dokoplease test build on kakadu18:29
kenvandinedoko, ok... i'll look18:29
kenvandineok, never tried that before :)18:29
infinitykenvandine: Or test build on scheat, it's much faster. :P18:32
kenvandineinfinity, wow kakadu is slow... i figured ido is quick to build so who cares if it is an extra couple minutes18:41
kenvandinedoko, uploaded again, fixed the last failure19:00
dokokenvandine, looks fine, but I can't approve. infinity: ^^^19:11
ScottKSo I guess we can update devscripts, ubuntu-dev-tools, etc now: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78419:19
slangasekat last :)19:23
tumbleweedScottK: thankfully we've been trying to use distro-info for all of that. /me pokes bdrung19:34
ScottKI think debootstrap doesn't use that.19:45
tumbleweedyeah, devscripts needs a patch too19:45
micahgooh, maybe deboostrap should be patched to use distro-info at build time :)19:47
ScottKNormally we get debootstrap unmodified from Debian.19:47
ScottK(they have Ubuntu releases in theirs)19:47
ScottKI don't think we should mess with that.19:48
micahgdebian could probably benefit as well as they have distro-info19:48
micahgor at least be willing to take a patch19:50
ScottKI guess you know what to do with that idea ....19:50
infinityslangasek: Care to give that a quick once-over for me? --^19:54
slangasekinfinity: --swap-file-size argument is relative to the root?19:58
infinityslangasek: Yeahp.  Ends up using chroot/$LB_SWAP_FILE_PATH19:58
* slangasek nods19:58
infinityAnd I assume you mean s/size/path/ ;)19:59
slangasekyes :)19:59
infinityslangasek: I don't want to touch xdiagnose with a 20-foot pole, I suspect it's more up your alley.20:06
slangasekoh, is it?20:06
infinityWell, it does sketchy upstart things, which you've become intimate with lately. :P20:07
infinity(And that's totally my excuse for not reviewing the rest of the diff)20:07
* slangasek chuckles20:10
skaetblock post has been made,  we have a name for P now.  :)20:10
charlie-tcapronouncable and spellable, too!20:11
slangasekinfinity: actually, I may have written that patch to the upstart job ;) you sure you don't want to review it after all? :)20:12
slangasekyes, p-a-n-g-o-l-i-n, pronounged "panguin"20:12
skaetslangasek, ^ I think the "l" is pronounced. ;)20:14
slangasekskaet: depends on the accent!  I'm pretty sure I heard "penguin" ;)20:15
skaetslangasek,  lol,  :)20:15
* charlie-tca was thinking this was finally an easy name :)20:16
tumbleweedyeah, the l should be pronounced20:16
charlie-tcaobviously, locale specific ;)20:16
* ScottK will look at python3-defaults.20:37
ScottKDaviey: ^^^ updating memcached looks like pure fixing goodness.  There's a lot of noise in the diff, but once you get to the meat of the changes it's all good.  http://code.google.com/p/memcached/wiki/ReleaseNotes146 and http://code.google.com/p/memcached/wiki/ReleaseNotes147 are the upstream changelogs.20:38
cjwatsonI've uploaded debootstrap to unstable with the 'precise' symlink; I guess I should do a fast-track sync of that rather than waiting for LP to pick it up?21:00
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DavieyScottK: looking, sorry for the delay - on really bad ()[Dbut free[C wifi21:16
ScottKDaviey: Thanks.21:17
infinityDaviey: Seems "sane" to me, for some value of "sane" that includes "upstream has some very, very, very bad programmers".21:22
infinityDaviey: But their ugly code appears to do what it says it should. :P21:22
infinityDaviey: But since you seem to still be looking at it and not noticing I've reviewed it, I'll wait until you're done. :)21:23
* cjwatson fast-syncs debootstrap, since nobody's complained21:24
cjwatsonI'll miss being able to do this ;-)21:25
infinitycjwatson: "this" being fake syncing, or syncing from cocoplum?21:26
Davieyinfigah! :)21:27
tumbleweedif we could get lp to harvest packages from incoming.debian.org, native syncing could be fast too...21:27
ScottKWe can't even get LP to keep up with what's in the actual Debian archive.21:28
tumbleweedyeah, that could be faster21:28
cjwatsoninfinity: scp blahblah cocoplum:, then copy to ~lp_archive/syncs/ on cocoplum and dpkg-scansources . /dev/null >Debian_incoming_main_Sources; sync-source.py -b cjwatson -S incoming debootstrap21:29
infinitycjwatson: I'm sure that we can get incoming scanning as a feature at some point.  Maybe.21:30
infinitycjwatson: (It might be another one to put on the list of "stuff that should be done before you take away our shells")21:30
cjwatsonI could've fakesynced as an alternative, so not critical.21:32
infinitycjwatson: Though, doing it properly means having the full Debian keyring handy, since incoming offers no signed Sources.gz.21:32
cjwatsonIndeed, and keeping that in sync, and and and21:33
kirklandumm, i just just accidently uploaded byobu to oneiric21:47
kirklandi meant to just upload to PPA, but I neglected to give the do-not-release-to-oneiric flag in my release script21:48
kirklandit's relatively harmless (affects the experiment, non-main byobu-tmux bits) -- but it should probably be rejected at this point in the release21:49
kirklandlots and lots of apologies21:49
NCommandercjwatson: infinity: I've gotten a request to add impitool for armel. Any chance we can slip an upload in for it? (it only needs a change to the Architecture line to build, and possibly a P-a-s change)21:49
infinityNCommander: Do we know why it was excluded?21:49
infinitykirkland: Rejected, and removed byobu from oneiric entirely for good measure.21:50
kirklandinfinity: :-D21:50
NCommanderinfinity: not sure. it requires a kernel module which I'm unsure is available for armel, but IMPI hardware is in the pipeline21:50
slangasekkirkland: fwiw, AAs do have access to the unapproved queue for rejects21:51
slangasek(just not permission to accept stuff from it unless they're also wearing a release team hat :)21:51
infinityipmitool: i386 amd64 ia64 powerpc                                     # i386 specific21:51
* infinity likes how that comment fails to match the arch line.21:51
NCommanderinfinity: yeah, I saw that :-/, no comment.21:52
infinityNCommander: So, there's a claim that we'll be seeing IPMI BMCs on ARM, and this might actually work?21:53
infinityNCommander: If so, sure.  Upload, but not until I've fixed P-a-s.21:53
NCommanderinfinity: yeah.21:53
kirklandslangasek: thanks -- i realized that after i asked21:54
infinity(And make sure you've done a local test build)21:54
NCommanderinfinity: already did the test build. Poke me when P-a-s is fixed (might as well add both armel and armhf so we don't need to smack this again in P-cycle)21:54
infinityI already added both, yes. :P21:55
infinityThough we have a massive armhf patch landing later anyway.21:55
NCommanderinfinity: thatwas fast :-)21:55
infinityNot sure which machine creates build records these days.21:56
infinityIf it's cocoplum, you're good to go.  If not, wait 15 minutes for cron to update P-a-s elsewhere. :P21:56
infinity(You can upload now, I just won't accept for "a while".21:57
NCommanderinfinity: upload away22:05
NCommanderinfinity: thanks for your help22:05
cjwatsoninfinity: I think it's cesium22:19
ScottKDaviey: Conclusions on memcached?22:19
infinitycjwatson: cesium dispatches builds, it's unclear to me what creates them.  I *think* it's done by cocoplum on accept.22:20
DavieyScottK: I dropped off it as infinity had it in hand.22:23
infinityDaviey: ahh, all I saw was garble from you. :)22:23
infinityBut yes, I've reviewed it.22:23
infinityI'll poke it through.22:23
DavieySorry, laggy connection is hurting.22:24
infinityDaviey: S'all good.22:25
utlemmingskaet: are you around22:26
* infinity looks at the 9MB ubuntu-docs diff and sighs.22:26
skaetutlemming, yup.  what's up?22:26
utlemmingskaet: for our RC tomorrow, do we want to spin up some RC Cloud Images or just rely on the regular daily?22:27
cjwatsonfor the other images I was just going to let the daily builds take care of it22:29
* cjwatson doesn't see a need for unnecessary work :-)22:29
utlemmingsounds good to me22:30
skaetutlemming,   what cjwatson says.22:30
cjwatsonI'd appreciate review of localechooser; part of my last work item for the Qin images22:33
cjwatson(still testing the other part)22:34
bdrungtumbleweed, ScottK: distro-info updated (will be synced tomorrow)23:13
tumbleweedbdrung: I updated devscripts git, but the ubuntu upload needs a core-dev. I assume some of these also need SRUs23:19
bdrungtumbleweed: i could sponsor you ;)23:20
bdrungtumbleweed: can we get a list of packages that needs a modification?23:20
tumbleweedI suppose I could whip up a patch. We mentioned debootstrap, devscripts, distro-info, and older ubuntu-dev-tools, can't think of anything else right now23:22
bdrungtumbleweed: i hope that i will have time to modify devscripts to use distro-info23:23
cjwatsonI've done debootstrap (for precise, not for distro-info)23:24
bdrungcjwatson: "ubuntu-distro-info -a | grep -v gutsy" should do the trick for you23:27
cjwatsonnot now23:27
cjwatsonthere's a list of other ones in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewReleaseCycleProcess23:28
cjwatsonanyway, debootstrap can't depend on distro-info23:28
cjwatsonit'll have to continue being bumped by hand23:28
tumbleweedbdrung: yeah, I left that for you. devscripts: http://paste.ubuntu.com/703067/23:32
slangasekcjwatson: maybe it could use it at build time, though?23:32
cjwatsonI suppose that would be possible23:33
bdrungtumbleweed: dch is the last item on the list to make that work on debian and ubuntu better23:33
* slangasek blames LVM for bug #818177 \o/23:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 818177 in udev (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 3 other projects) "boot failures caused by udev race (affects: 7) (heat: 54)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81817723:46
cjwatsonooh, progress23:49
slangasekand that is an Ubuntu-specific udev rule in lvm223:50
cjwatsonthe watershed one?23:56
slangasek/lib/udev/rules.d/85-lvm2.rules in toto is Ubuntu-specific, yes23:56
cjwatsonthat dates from UDS-Seville; I recall that there was a very detailed blueprint, if that helps23:56
slangasekI'm not saying it's wrong that we have it... just that we're on our own for fixing it ;)23:57
infinityMountain View is in Seville now? :)23:59

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