kdub__all alone at the ubuntu hour :(01:26
kdub__DarkwingDuck still coming?01:26
DarkwingDuck:( My ride forgot about me.01:27
DarkwingDuckI'm 30 miles out.01:27
DarkwingDuckI don't think I'll be able to make it... I was hoping tht lady who wanted help installing would be there.01:28
DarkwingDuckSorry Kev...01:28
kdub__ah, dang01:28
kdub__alright then01:28
kdub__phil couldnt make it either, guess its a bust this time01:29
kdub__i'm gonna head out, this place makes me a touch uncomfortable01:29
pleia2yikes, no one is sticking around in case others show up?01:39
pleia2DarkwingDuck: any release party plans down there?01:43
pleia2I think jono, grantbow and I being out of town during the release is a perfect storm for nothing happening up here ;)01:45
akkWhen is the release?01:45
pleia2thursday the 13th01:45
akkAnd btw, is there a url with info on the upcoming ubuntu release, in general, with dates and links to downloads?01:46
akkI had some trouble a few days ago finding a valid link to a beta2 iso (googling -- never been able to find it from ubuntu's top level site).01:46
pleia2there's the release calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ubuntu-release-calendar/ and the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule01:47
pleia2the wiki one actually links to all the details01:48
akkYeah, the wiki page looks like what I would have wanted.01:48
akkNow I'm trying to figure out what I should have searched for on the wiki to find it (so I'll be able to find it for the next release).01:49
pleia2"release schedule" is usually a good bet01:49
pleia2searching for the version name or number works in google01:50
pleia211.10 release cycle or oneiric release cycle01:50
akkI was searching for oneiric beta in google -- it took me to a page that had only mac ISOs but didn't say it was a mac page.01:50
akkI was very confused about why there were 64-bit builds but no x86 builds for oneiric until I finally noticed the -mac- in the filenames.01:51
pleia2huh, that is annoying01:52
akkSearching for "oneiric downloads" on the wiki doesn't find anything, so that wouldn't have worked. "oneiric beta" gets a huge long list of png files.01:53
akkI'll try to remember "release schedule" even though I was only looking for downloads at the time, not the schedule.01:53
pleia2IS at Canonical isn't exactly great at SEO though, for a very long time edubuntu.org wiki pages would come up before the identical ubuntu.com ones, was very annoying01:53
akkI really wish there was some link, maybe a small one, on ubuntu's main site for "beta builds" or "help us test" or something.01:54
pleia2they used to, but they got really bad feedback from "normal people"01:54
akkoh, sigh01:55
pleia2it was two-fold, people didn't realize that beta meant testing (thanks google for your gmail beta, et al) or they thought all of ubuntu was beta software01:55
DarkwingDuckpleia2: No. Libertopia looks like it will be cancelled too... They are kicking us out of our apt for termite tenting03:49
DarkwingDuckpleia2: I'll see what I can put together... But this month is <CENSORED>04:04
DarkwingDuckanyone seen Mark?04:06
pleia2DarkwingDuck: *nod* sorry to hear that :(06:11
DarkwingDuckpleia2: Yeah, it sucks so, During that time I'll go stay with my dad about 3 hours away.06:16
* DarkwingDuck rubs eyes06:25
nhainesDarkwingDuck: pong06:44
grantbowDarkwingDuck: MarkDude? I think he got a girlfriend.07:23
pleia2jyo: drat, it is Pangolin19:09
pleia2Precise Pangolin http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78419:09
pleia2I looked a couple weeks ago when jyo suggested Pangolin, may be impossible to find a Pangolin stuffed animal ;)19:15
DarkwingDuckIt's a scaley anteater19:15
MarkDudeFedora called- they said thx for making the likely new name of Beefy Miracle look even better19:15
MarkDudeDarkwingDuck, it is precise also19:16
pleia2cool, the san diego zoo has a pangolin19:16
MarkDudeprecision anteaters19:16
DarkwingDuckIt does?19:16
MarkDudewith scales19:16
DarkwingDuckI'll have to go check it out.19:16
MarkDudenot rly19:16
pleia2ack, it's raining /again/19:17
* bkerensa leaves comment on Mark Shuttleworth's Pangolin post19:17
pleia2san francisco is being weird :(19:17
bkerensapleia2: Weird? LOL it rains often in SF19:17
bkerensaIt is October after all19:18
MarkDudehttps://admin.fedoraproject.org/voting/about/relnamef17 how horrible are the other names? It is almost like the decided this Miracle thing would keep going- so the figured they should get it over with19:19
MarkDudePanguipulli ?19:19
* MarkDude hopes that name is not chosen. precise Panguipullian XD19:20
bkerensaGarmin Operator: I'll transfer you now19:21
jyopleia2: YES!19:27
* MarkDude wonders if there is a time when SF is NOT being weird?19:28
MarkDudeTHAT would be scary19:28
DarkwingDuckShould have called it Pika Pikachu19:29
bkerensaDoes anyone know if message templates are possible in Thunderbird?19:33
bkerensaDue to the volume of e-mail I send and receive it seems like canned messages may be required19:33
jyobkerensa: Clippings add-on?19:35
* bkerensa checks19:35
bkerensasuccess :)19:35
bkerensajyo: Thanks you just saved my poor fingers a lot of typing19:36
MarkDudePokemon would have been a good name also19:37
MarkDudeOr maybe... idk, PENGUIN19:37
pleia2can't actually use a proprietary name ;)19:38
pleia2and penguin is too obvious19:38
MarkDudeLike using the word LINUX on the Ubuntu site?19:39
bkerensaMarkDude: Eucalyptus people are very friendly19:40
jyo[20:23] <jyo> Wouldn't it be awesome if we got... Pangolin for the next codename?19:51
jyohttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/09/20/%23ubuntu-us-ca.txt WIN19:51
MarkDude+1 jyo19:55
pleia2now it's beautiful and sunny again :)19:59
nhainesDarkwingDuck: pong20:37
DarkwingDucknhaines: I answered my own question. Sorry mate. :)20:38
nhainesAh, okay!20:40
=== jbermudes1 is now known as jbermudes
DarkwingDuckpleia2: http://benjaminkerensa.com/2011/07/30/netflix-instant-is-coming-to-the-entire-linux-community/ You read this?21:00
pleia2DarkwingDuck: yes, ages ago21:01
nhainesSeems to be the same hearsay that's been floating around for the last two or three years.21:01
iheartubuntuold news :)21:01
iheartubuntuso as i understand netflix isnt avail to european countries?21:02
nhainesUS, Canada, Brazil, and *maybe* Mexico.21:02
iheartubuntui would think that would be a smart move to expand there for at at least online streaming21:02
pleia2iheartubuntu: yeah, even if you're a US customer abroad21:02
pleia2(the netflix app for android came out when I was in budapest, such torture :))21:03
iheartubuntuthat sucks21:03
iheartubuntuto watch on a phone? or tablet?21:03
DarkwingDuckI watch it on my phone and PS321:03
pleia2I watch on my television (it came with a netflix app), phone and cr-4821:03
pleia2all of them use a linux kernel, btw21:04
iheartubuntuthats funny!21:04
nhainesIt's not really up to Netflix.  Most companies simply refuse to license different territories at once, and of course very territory needs its own licenses.21:04
pleia2yeah, they've been working to expand coverage but it may not be economically reasonable either21:05
pleia2countdown banners are finally being updated: https://lists.canonical.com/archives/ubuntu-website/2011-October/001180.html21:05
* pleia2 was getting pretty grumpy about it21:05
pleia2just waiting on the switch to be flipped for them to actually update them ;)21:06
nhainespleia2: now I just have to decide if I care enough at this point to update my site!21:06
pleia2nhaines: heh, I just kept them up forever21:06
pleia2actually, on my blog I don't, but yeah, it's so late that it's just kind of annoying now21:07
nhainespleia2: me to.21:07
nhaineserr, too.21:07
* nhaines kills his keyboard.21:07
DarkwingDuck8 more days...21:07
iheartubuntuthe 13 year olds banner is pretty nice21:17
iheartubuntui jsut started using his21:17
iheartubuntu(talk about lazy)21:17
nhainesCorbin had a nice design.21:17
iheartubuntuplug that into your site for corbins design21:19
iheartubuntudid they ever pick a winner?21:19
nhainesLeszek PruszyƄski won.21:20
DarkwingDuckWOAH! EPIC!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHJOz_y9rZE21:48
DarkwingDuckI want one.21:51
iheartubuntuhow do they do it22:08
DarkwingDuckI just got a phone call from Disney22:48
=== DarkwingDuck is now known as Darkwing
MarkDudeDont tell me22:49
MarkDudeDid they say what I think you are going to say?22:49
=== Darkwing is now known as DarkwingDuck
DarkwingDuckThey are asking me to stop using a copyrighted name as my nickname.22:49
DarkwingDuckand Darkwing is taken.22:49
pleia2wow, seriously?22:49
* DarkwingDuck is NOT happy22:50
DarkwingDuckand Darkwing is taken.22:50
iheartubuntuas irc nick?22:50
iheartubuntuthats bs22:50
* DarkwingDuck is going to do some research22:50
pleia2I guess this means disney is officially more evil than lucas ;)22:50
iheartubuntuthe cost of taking you to court doesnt make any sense22:51
DarkwingDuckThey asked. I don't want to be a pain... But, I'll offer to sell them the domain name darkwingduck.org for 85,000USD :D22:51
iheartubuntudont they have anything better to do22:52
* iheartubuntu plays imperial march on floppy discs again22:53
nhainesHaha, they really asked that?22:54
nhainesIncidentally, offering to sell a trademarked domain can be used as evidence of profiteering.22:54
MarkDudeWell Lucas has some folks smart enough to know not to screw with the Princess22:55
DarkwingDuckYeah.. I wont do that.22:55
rwwDarkwingDuck: Darkwing is droppable, if you want it.22:55
rwwIt expired a couple of months ago.22:55
DarkwingDuckrww: Please?22:55
rwwDarkwingDuck: /nick to it22:55
=== DarkwingDuck is now known as Darkwing
rww22:55 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- The account darkwing has been dropped.22:55
DarkwingI'll need to change my cloak too.22:56
rwwDarkwing: I can sort that out too, once you /msg nickserv help group and /msg nickserv help set accountname22:56
rww(and I find an IRCC person)22:56
iheartubuntu"DarkwingDuck is now known as Darkwing'... wish i could slim down in real life that easy22:58
pleia2I guess this is a bad time for my "I'm going to Disney World!" cheer?22:58
Darkwingrww: Darkwing is not the accountname23:00
MarkDudeIs DisneyISevil taken?23:00
rwwDarkwing: /join #ubuntu-irc, highlight topyli saying you want your cloak changed23:00
MarkDudeHow about SCREWdisney23:00
iheartubuntuwell, Shuttleworth wont be able to use Darkwing at all for Ubuntu 19.04 thats for sure23:02
rwwI already strongly dislike them for wrecking copyright law, so... ;)23:08
* rww misses stuff going into the public domain ever23:08
pleia2ack, eaten by wikipedia23:09
pleia2man, I had the biggest crush on don karnage as a kid23:09
pleia2and wanted to BE Gadget23:10
DarkwingThis name is in my GPG AND my SSH keys23:11
* Darkwing crys23:11
rwwssh is trivial to change, you just edit the relevant text in id_rsa.pub, ne?23:11
DarkwingDavid (DarkwingDuck) Wonderly23:11
rwwmy personal preference for gpg keys is "Whatever's on the ID you're going to be showing me when I keysign" :P23:12
rwwand for people with established pseudonyms, make a key with both on it, I'll sign one based on reputation and relationship and the other based on teh government23:14
* rww spends too much time thinking about this sort of thing23:15
DarkwingI'm going to just remake a key and not include ANY nick in there.23:18
iheartubuntuwow its after 4 already. the time just goes so fast!23:18
philipballewDarkwing, what happened bad?23:19
rwwDarkwing: perhaps-obvious note: generate a revocation certificate for the old key with a description that explains that you're no longer using the key, it wasn't compromised, and that your new key is 0xwhatever23:20
rwwexplanation doesn't matter so much since you have no signatures on your old one, but revoking it does.23:20
rwwand upload it to the keyserver network, ofc23:22
=== Ttech is now known as evilttech
=== evilttech is now known as Ttech
MarkDudeAnd another thing Disney- FU for messing up the whole copyright thing over Mickey rat23:43
* MarkDude had a mickey rat shirt as teen, and was not allowed to enter the park with family while wearing it23:43
MarkDudeAll these dudes in matching suits and ear wires to scare me- made me reverse it23:44
MarkDudeThen I walked inside, and turned it around23:44
jyoSteve Jobs died. Holy crap.23:46
DarkwingSay What?!23:46
pleia2yeah :(23:46
MarkDudeMethodologies aside- the dude was a real visionary23:47
DarkwingNo kidding.23:48
MarkDudeHard to think of many people that changed a company as much, and in turn affected society in so many ways23:51
akgranerMarkDude, +123:53

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