Unit193Precise Pangolin, destined to become Xubuntu 12.04 LTS - http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78419:23
Unit193Needed to be Pink Panther or something to do with a Penguin19:23
paultagthe names get stupid-er and stupid-er19:35
Unit193Makes sense why they didn't use Penguin, but still....19:35
paultagthe names are getting harder and harder to spell too19:36
Unit193What? 12.04 is easy to spell! ;)19:36
paultagone-eyed-rick os-a-lot is a bitch19:36
Unit193I just go for Oneiric or 11.10 and screw the rest of it19:37
paultagUnit193: yeah, but I have to write it for uploads to the ppa system19:38
Unit193No kidding...19:38
Unit193Precise is actually a used word too, so can't do it like that :/19:38
paultagIt's OK, one of these days I'll be doing my own PPA thing for Debian19:42
paultag"unstable" or "experimental" makes sense19:43
paultagbest of all I can build for ARM19:43
paultagperhaps I'll give my friends upload keys19:43
Unit193And guess what? I can spell/remember Sid (Just don't know if it's unstable or testing)19:44
paultagUnit193: you don't need to :)19:44
paultagUnit193: but yeah - remember all debian versions are from toy story19:44
Unit193You know, Arch is more updated than Testing and Unstable still19:44
paultagUnit193: sid was the nasty kid next door who broke toys19:44
paultagUnit193: then use arch :)19:45
Unit193paultag: Heh, didn't think about that. I would be willing to try testing because it's actually updated19:45
paultagdebian's not about rolling bleeding edge, it's about stablity :)19:45
paultagUnit193: erm, testing is more unstable the sid19:45
Unit193paultag: Unstable is more stable than testing?19:45
paultagUnit193: because of missing r-depends and such19:46
paultagUnit193: yes19:46
paultagtesting is only more stable before a debian release, when we're in freezer19:46
paultagerm, freeze19:46
paultagit's a common misconception19:46
paultagI ran testing for a long time19:47
Unit193paultag: Well, my Ubuntu is fine and I've added a few launchpad PPAs and even GetDeb repos, I like programs that were actually updated in this yera :P19:47
paultagbut GNOME's almost always fucked19:47
paultagUnit193: :)19:47
paultagjust to be sure19:47
dzhowe had a kid book that had a Pangolin in it, so I'm on this one19:47
Unit193I wouldn't care about Gnome though19:47
paultagyou know ubuntu pulls over 80% of packages from Debian?19:47
Unit193I fully understand this19:48
paultagit's rare something's newer in Ubuntu then in Debian sid19:48
paultagvery very rare19:48
paultagbecause often it'll get pushed to Debian and sync'd back down19:48
paultagthat's how we work19:48
paultagso no old debian jokes19:48
Unit193Ubuntu isn't on unstable is it? I didn't exactly get where they lineup, but I think LTS = Stable and current is next one up19:48
Unit193paultag: That was an old Ubuntu joke :P19:49
paultagUnit193: LTS pulled from testing last cycle19:49
paultagah, gotcha19:49
paultagUnit193: but Ubuntu usually pulls from sid19:49
Unit193Hmmm... Alrighty.... "Ubuntu" version 1.0.8-4 PPA: 1.2.99-1~natty~ppa1 and I installed Pianobar from Oneiric page on launchpad so it worked again :P19:51
paultagIIRC I saw a d.m.n post on that software19:52
paultagletm e look19:52
paultagperhaps not19:53
paultagOhhhhhh right right19:54
paultagUnit193: my buddy who I got drunk with this weekend maintains that19:54
paultagUnstable version in Debian is 2011.09.22-119:54
paultagGood ole' luke-ey f :)19:54
Unit193That's the only version that even works... What's his name?19:55
Unit193Yep, that's the one I've seen19:55
paultagUnit193: Luke Faraone19:55
paultagor @ubuntu19:55
paultagwe're fb-official19:55
paultagBRB, work's over19:55
Unit193I noticed it was the same person for Debian and Ubuntu19:55
paultagUnit193: the kid's a freshman in college :)19:57
paultagalso, super cool19:57
paultagI should go for my DD soon19:58
paultagI'll do it before I'm 23.19:59
Unit193Then you can make packages for the LoCo!! ;)19:59
paultagUnit193: I already can :)19:59
paultagI have upload rights, the packages just need DMUA19:59
* Unit193 wonders why inxi isn't in Debian20:01
paultagBBL, work's over20:02
paultagone love20:02
jrgiffordOk, I dont want to use 12.04 "Precise Pangolin".20:03
jrgiffordThats a horrible name.20:03
Unit193Be like me and call it Pink Panther or 12.04?20:03
jrgiffordI'll going to call it plain 12.04.20:04
jrgiffordSide note: it's a pinecone with legs - http://img.xrmb2.net/images/564782.jpeg20:04
Unit193Our next release will be... A pinecone with legs!!20:09
Unit193paultag: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784#comment-374959 Ahahahahaha!!!20:12
jrgiffordUnit193, thats a good one.20:22
jrgifford"pangolin’s regularly survive encounters with lions." - hinting at OSX Lion there?20:22

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