* c_smith is back00:38
c_smithso, I guess everyone is idling.01:11
nathwillhi c_smith01:12
nathwillyou lonely?01:12
nathwilljust saying hi, i'll be bailing as soon as i can pass ops off to bangalore01:13
c_smithjust trying to get a hold of Ben.01:15
c_smithBen being bkerensa.01:15
c_smithand what is ops?01:15
c_smithI like the new package installer in Kubuntu 11.1001:17
nathwilloperations, service engineering, the guys we call when sh*t breaks01:30
nathwillanyways... that's been done... have a good night c_smith, all01:30
c_smithah, I see.01:30
bkerensac_smith: Hi02:19
c_smithbkerensa, I've a few questions about the Ubuntu Hour.02:20
bkerensac_smith: shoot02:21
c_smithfirst off: members don't have to attend every single one, right?02:21
bkerensac_smith: Correct02:22
c_smithand secondly: what day of the week would be a good one for this?02:22
c_smithWednesday didn't seem to be a good choice.02:22
bkerensac_smith: Its up to the participants and organizer02:23
c_smithcool, having trouble getting a weekday set..... meh, gotta keep trying,02:23
c_smithat least it isn't being asked to carry the earth.02:24
c_smithfar more enjoyable, once this is set up, I think I'll enjoy this.02:25
* bkerensa sits on phone with customink to wait and get a sleeve print quote16:37
bkerensamy life fails16:37
nathwillaw come on16:38
nathwillwhat's sweeter than waiting on hold?!16:38
bkerensaheh after this I gotta finish our banner and call :P16:39
bkerensaI need a personal assistant :)16:39
bkerensaPersonal Assistant cant do GIMP work for me and respond to 50 e-mails a day :D16:47
nathwillprocmail + autohotkey16:47
nathwilli'm all about scripting "domyjobforme" scripts16:47
nathwillas much as possible. if it's routine... it should be scripted16:47
bkerensanathwill: http://imgur.com/a/bQxxd <--- T-shirts16:56
nathwilllooks good16:56
bkerensayeah I wasn't gonna do anything custom this time :P16:57
* bkerensa clicks Send (e-mail to sponsors saying pay this bill)16:57
bkerensanow just to figure out catering (if possible) and uhh yeah17:04
Brian_Hthose shirts are tight17:14
bkerensanathwill: it may be byob19:06
* bkerensa is trying to find a business card of a CEO of a tech company here in Portland19:06
nathwillworks fer me19:06
bkerensaIf I can get on the line with him then catering is a done deal19:06
bkerensaI have plenty of other people who want to sponsor stuff I just am lining them up for OSCON next year19:07
bkerensaOSCON is expensive even though our booth is free19:08
bkerensaElectric: $15019:08
bkerensaChairs are like $50 a pop19:08
bkerensaBrian_H's company had a really nice booth19:08
Brian_H:) thanks, our graphics guy rocks19:09
bkerensaBrian_H: Notably there was a company right next to us who had a booth but their package didnt arrive19:10
bkerensaso a guy sat at a booth with nothing... no banner... dress19:10
bkerensaPrecise Pangolin 12.04: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78419:15
nathwilldevelopers can all kiss my tucas21:08
nathwillhi c_smith23:07
c_smithNathwill, have you ever used the Ubuntu One Music Store?23:08
nathwilli've looked at it23:08
nathwillnever bought anything from it23:09
c_smithJust bought a Breaking Benjamin album from it.23:09
c_smithalso, do you know if the Fluendo Complete Playback Pack is any good?23:11
nathwilli think it's supposed to get pushed into your ubuntu one account, right?23:11
nathwillno, i don't know anything about fluendo23:11
c_smithlooks interesting, but to me, would probably be useless.23:11
nathwillit's just supposed to license mp3 playing right?23:11
c_smiththe Music was pushed to my Ubuntu One account, yes23:11
c_smithsays it actually enables much more than MP3.23:12
c_smithMPEG2, Window Media, MPEG4 Part 1/2, MPEG4 ISO, MP3, LPCM.23:12
c_smithwonder what time the RC of 11.10 is set to be released.23:20
c_smithI know it's set for tomorrow.23:20
c_smithis my hunch of it possibly being 1200 UTC correct?23:21
c_smithlet me rephrase that.23:21
c_smithwould 1200 UTC be a logical guess.23:22
nathwillgnoh tah klu23:22
c_smithmy only clue is that hunch, may be wrong, may be correct.23:22
c_smiththe wiki gives no indication as to time, guess I'll have to wait to see if I get an update prompt tomorrow.23:24
nathwillyou wouldn't get it for the rc would ya?23:32
c_smithdon't know, haven't beta tested before.23:33
c_smithif not, time to download an ISO.23:33
nathwillholy god23:45
nathwillsteve jobs :(23:45
c_smithayup, hopefully he had a backup for Jobs.23:50

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