wrstwho do you use Unit193?00:12
wrstahh yes i think i have seen them before thats cool00:13
Unit193I've talked about them, and just gave you a link this afternoon :P00:13
wrstha ha yeah you did didn't you :)00:25
wrsti had a shell with shellium until it went south Unit193, but i really didn't use it much00:26
Unit193Only way shellium was better, they had cloaks ;)00:54
wrstthe community was a little... well they were different at shellium01:08
Unit193Mind if I ask how? (Did you meet canthus? :D )01:10
wrstthat sounds familiar Unit19301:19
binarymutantisthatsitedown says http://binarymutant.byethost8.com/ is running...01:25
Unit193You're just getting my IP01:26
Unit193Joke... Access logs01:27
binarymutantI dont get see those logs :/01:27
binarymutant-well I dont think I do01:27
Unit193Yeah, sad isn't it?01:27
binarymutanta little :(01:28
binarymutantanyone know php?01:29
Unit193[Freenode] There is no such nick php01:31
Unit193Last seen  : Aug 06 14:41:04 2010 (1 year, 8 weeks, 3 days, 10:49:51 ago)01:31
binarymutantwhat's the nick?01:33
Unit193Last addr  : Blade@unaffiliated/blade || Information on PHP (account PHP)01:34
Unit193You has yahoo01:35
binarymutantI haz all01:36
binarymutantyahoo is for spam :D01:38
cyberangerhotmail is for spam, yahoo is for solicited junk mail02:00
Unit193Gmail is for your main, GMX is your...?02:00
cyberangerGMX is german, so anything you don't want in the US02:01
cyberangersmaller forigen hosts for privacy02:01
cyberangermexico for encryption, copyright related (they have virtually no laws on either)02:02
Unit193It's not GPG = you're done? :P02:06
cyberangerUnit193: import & export laws for encryption = none02:07
cyberangerbut yeah, GPG, why make it easy ;-)02:08
* Unit193 starts to wonder how binarymutant doesn't go insane02:48
cyberangerUnit193: simple, insanity is a matter of perspective ;-)02:49
binarymutantwith the autolog off?03:06
Unit193The pingouts and resets03:07
binarymutantit only happens on irc for some reason03:08
binarymutantI think charter might not like irc (?)03:08
Unit193Connect with ssl on 700003:08
binarymutantk let me try03:09
* Unit193 wonders if he read how to do it with his client03:10
binarymutantdidn't really work03:12
binarymutant6697 did03:12
binarymutant(prolly do this a few more times)03:13
binarymutantUnit193: do you verify?03:15
Unit193Don't remember03:16
binarymutantverifying didn't work03:16
Unit193One thing I don't get. When you /who someone, you get a channel, nick, away status (with voice,op), number that is 0, hostmask and real name. What is that number?03:19
binarymutantno clue, not an irc-afficionado03:21
binarymutantI can't tell by the help file either :/03:25
Unit193Already looked03:25
Unit193IIRC, they are all 0. I just checked myself03:26
binarymutantthat's weird03:27
binarymutanteveryone here just has a 003:28
binarymutantinvisible boolean?03:31
binarymutantwhy you looking up everyone's host Unit193 ?03:32
Unit193I wasn't03:37
binarymutantoh :P03:38
binarymutantwhy you looking up our 0's :P03:38
Unit193Easy way to check if someone is away /w cy{tab}03:38
binarymutantI like how anames greys the away ppl out03:39
Unit193Yep, but this way it doesn't clutter the screen :P03:39
* binarymutant doesn't read backlog03:41
binarymutantfirst time seeing the WTFPL license! *Firsties*10:14
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
xpistosHey all15:25
wrsthowdy xpistos15:26
xpistoswrst: did we find out if it is you or me?15:26
wrsti don't know xpistos, i can receive fine from everyone besides you15:26
wrstmaybe its a sign ? :P15:26
xpistosI would think it is me then15:27
xpistossomething I have setup wront on my work box15:27
wrstdo otheres get your im's xpistos?15:41
xpistoswrst: Yep15:49
wrsthmm i think its gtalk then15:51
wrstsoemthing about a new user or soemthing15:52
* Unit193 thinks he should just IM xpistos 15:52
wrstxpistos: care to send me another message I tried something :)15:59
xpistoswrst: said you were away16:00
wrstnope xpistos didn't work, but got it on my phone :\16:00
vychunehow ya been dude16:39
Unit193I'm still breathing16:39
vychunethat bad huh?16:40
Unit193Last I checked, breathing was good16:42
vychuneyes, but you made it sound like thats the only thing you got going for ya lol16:43
Unit193Well, someone got a cloak update16:45
vychunepace_t_zulu: whats good dude?16:45
Unit193There is a chance he isn't here16:46
pace_t_zuluvychune: hi16:46
pace_t_zuluUnit193: you are right :)16:47
pace_t_zulubut i am16:47
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Figures...16:47
pace_t_zuluUnit193: i am working on improving my connection method16:47
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Ah, nice! What are you changing it to?16:47
pace_t_zuluUnit193: znc16:47
pace_t_zuluUnit193: currently i'm rolling w quassel16:48
pace_t_zuluUnit193: but i am dissatisfied16:48
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Ah, that way you can use irssi, weechat, xchat, pidgin or anything and still have an always on. I just don't know how far back the scrollback goes :/16:48
pace_t_zuluUnit193: you can set how far back16:50
pace_t_zuluUnit193: i'm thinking ~5000 lines16:50
pace_t_zuluUnit193: but i don't know how my server will handle it16:51
pace_t_zuluvychune: what's up man?16:51
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Alright. I'm personally fine with irssi. When the scrollback doesn't have that far, either I don't care that much, or I read logs16:51
vychunepace_t_zulu: oh nothing pondering my life and wth i need to do with it, as well as webpage coding.16:52
pace_t_zuluvychune: what part of tn are you in?16:57
vychuneMemphis man Memphis16:58
vychunewhich just got voted 2nd most dangerous city in the us16:58
vychunepace_t_zulu: :where are you from sir?17:12
pace_t_zuluvychune: nashville tn17:12
pace_t_zuluUnit193: what about you?17:12
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Uhhh... I'm from out of town ;)17:13
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Ohio17:13
pace_t_zuluUnit193: that's cool17:13
pace_t_zuluUnit193: you are still welcome here17:13
vychuneUnit193: Cleveland?17:13
pace_t_zuluvychune: would you be interested in a Ubuntu 11.10 release party in nashville?17:13
Unit193pace_t_zulu: That's what cyber said, still a bit odd though (but GREAT people)17:13
Unit193vychune: No17:13
vychunepace_t_zulu: yes but no funds to go17:14
vychuneif i get a job before then maybe17:14
Unit193pace_t_zulu: I had been trying to find a way to /part and leave you at peace, but I actually got to know more than just wrst and cyber (Yes I know how to use tab)17:16
vychunewhere are those two anyway?17:17
vychuneping: wrst cyberanger17:17
wrstvychune: pong17:18
vychunewrst: what u up to over there? Mischevious things perhaps?17:19
wrsthopefully vychune :)17:20
vychunehmm i havent seen linuxman in a minute17:21
pace_t_zuluvychune: are you looking for work exclusively in memphis?17:21
vychuneyeah, i have to17:22
* vychune rides the bus17:22
pace_t_zuluvychune: ok... if you were willing to look outside of memphis i might have suggestions ... but i understand17:22
pace_t_zulubrb guys17:22
vychunethat was quick17:23
wrst20 second rebooot... nice :)17:23
vychunewhat are your suggestions, pace_t_zulu ?17:24
pace_t_zuluvychune: what kind of work are you looking for?17:24
pace_t_zuluwho is this johnhaitas character? :P17:29
vychunejohnhaitas: double nicking are we?17:29
* Unit193 has that, one for his backup on unlogged channels (or ones he really doesn't want to miss) if his main goes down17:31
* vychune doesnt use his17:32
johnhaitasvychune: actually … i think i'm going to be dropping pace_t_zulu in favor of johnhaitas17:34
johnhaitasvychune: i'll hang on to pace_t_zulu for a bit while i transition17:34
vychunejohnhaitas: now about the jobs17:36
johnhaitaswrst cyberanger Svpernova09 orias xpistos chris4585 pleia2 …. i'm transitioning from 'pace_t_zulu' to 'johnhaitas' … fyi17:36
pace_t_zuluwrst cyberanger Svpernova09 orias xpistos chris4585 pleia2 …. i'm transitioning from 'pace_t_zulu' to 'johnhaitas' … fyi17:36
wrstwho is this johnhaitas? is he some sort of super hero?17:37
johnhaitasvychune:  sorry … yes17:38
johnhaitasvychune: what kind of work are you looking for?17:39
vychunejohnhaitas: still gonna leave i on your account though right?17:39
vychunejohnhaitas: anything17:39
vychunesomething a 20 year old with not much exp. can do17:39
johnhaitasvychune: "leave i on you account" ?17:42
johnhaitasvychune: would you consider relocating to say … nashville?17:43
vychuneleave the nick on your account. and if i could find a way to yeah17:43
johnhaitasvychune: i am keeping pace_t_zulu indefinitely17:49
johnhaitasperhaps forever17:49
vychunefor ever ever for ever ever for ever ever17:49
Unit193He's flooded17:51
vychunemight wanna drop pace_t_zulu for a min lol17:52
pace_t_zuluvychune: insight as to what caused that?17:55
vychunepace_t_zulu: you used the same host for two nicks17:55
vychunepace_t_zulu: did you get it?18:10
vychuneMr. D's using the radio app18:13
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I'll keep that in mind18:13
vychuneO_O oops worng chan18:13
xpistospace_t_zulu: roger18:33
pace_t_zuluvychune: oh ... i see18:41
pace_t_zului suppose i can log out of pace_t_zulu18:42
pace_t_zului can always flip to it to prove it's me18:42
Unit193That shouldn't be why, check wikipedia on what that means, too much in (oh what's it called again??)18:48
Unit193johnhaitas: So the kernel update didn't nuke you? Great!19:12
johnhaitasUnit193: wasn't a kernel update ...19:14
Unit193johnhaitas: Oh, (Quit: Kernel Update ... Reboot) must have confused me ;)19:15
johnhaitasUnit193: resolving that flood issue19:16
Unit193Precise Pangolin, destined to become Xubuntu 12.04 LTS - http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78419:23
Unit193Needed to be Pink Panther or something to do with a Penguin19:23
johnhaitashey guys ...19:53
johnhaitasper Unit193 pointing out that Precise Pangolin is the mascot for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS … i posted it on facebook19:54
johnhaitasplease "Like" or "Comment" on it to give it a higher profile … catch the attention of folks who would otherwise miss it19:54
johnhaitas^ Unit193 wrst xpistos  cyberanger chris4585 elijah-mbp orias Juzzy twayneprice vychune ZenAdm1n19:55
Unit193johnhaitas: I would, but I don't login to facebook (And not sure it it would count ;) )19:56
johnhaitasUnit193: no worries ...19:57
johnhaitasUnit193: just trying to raise our/ubuntu's profile to all of our social contacts19:57
Unit193I'm sure all the other facers will do it ;D20:01
johnhaitasUnit193: thanks for bringing that to my attention20:01
Unit193johnhaitas: You're welcome, I'll just save my comments :P20:02
* cyberanger looks for the dislike button20:02
* cyberanger likes Ubuntu 12.04 LTS codenamed "Pink Panther"20:03
Unit193Take a look here http://img.xrmb2.net/images/564782.jpeg20:06
Unit193Welp, "Similar Facebook Pages: Ubuntu Satanic Edition" -_-20:10
* johnhaitas thinks there may be trademark issues with "Pink Panther"20:30
johnhaitasbinarymutant: i'm switching from 'pace_t_zulu' to 'johnhaitas'20:30
* wrst doesn't care about code names as long as its good20:30
vychunejohnhaitas: do we have a google plus page?20:41
johnhaitasvychune: no20:41
johnhaitasvychune: i am not yet familiar with google+20:42
johnhaitasvychune: you are welcome to create one … just let us know if you do20:42
Unit193johnhaitas: You should do it!! G+ > Facebook20:43
johnhaitasUnit193: i'm not a fan of facebook20:44
Unit193Yep, G+ is better20:44
johnhaitasUnit193: i don't need any "greater than" Facebook atm20:44
johnhaitasUnit193: i know i need to check it out … but i've been pretty busy lately20:44
Unit193johnhaitas: Heh, yeah... I'm not "good" at G+ either :P20:45
Unit193s/G+/Social networks/g20:45
vychunejohnhaitas: it's got angry birds20:45
vychuneanybody here on g+?20:46
johnhaitasi don't20:53
vychunejohnhaitas: dont what20:55
johnhaitassorry ...20:58
johnhaitasi'm not20:58
johnhaitas… on g+20:58
vychuneoh ok20:58
vychunegot it right now?21:19
johnhaitaswrst: any suggestion on disabling quassel-core daemon without uninstalling?21:20
johnhaitaswrst: i'd like to keep it around … but not running21:21
wrstsudo service stop quasselcore  will stop it21:22
* wrst wonders where the startup daemons are held in ubuntu21:23
johnhaitaswrst: how do i disable it from launching on boot21:23
wrstwell in arch it woudl be easy comment it out in /etc/rc.conf :)21:23
wrstlet me see21:23
johnhaitaswrst "/etc/init.d … The directory containing System V init scripts." from $ man service21:25
johnhaitasman service21:25
wrstyeah but where do you disable the daemon? or did i miss it in turning on man services? :)21:27
johnhaitas$ sudo service quasselcore stop21:28
johnhaitas^ command to stop service21:28
wrstyeah i know that but how do you stop it on startup?21:28
wrsthmm and i wrote the command wrong earlier :\21:28
johnhaitas$ sudo  update-rc.d -f quasselcore remove21:29
wrstahh cool21:29
wrstthat is good to know21:30
johnhaitasnow … how do i launch znc automatically21:30
wrstreverse of the previous command?21:32
* wrst prefers configuration files on this stuff21:32
vychunebinarymutant: hello there21:40
johnhaitask wrst21:42
johnhaitasi have znc sorted21:42
johnhaitaswrst: http://doomclaw.de/index.php/2009/08/18/run-znc-at-boot-with-an-init-script/21:42
vychunerolls eyes wrong window21:45
vychune*rolls eyes* wrong window21:45
vychunenvm gtg22:14
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binarymutanthello :D23:19
binarymutantoh too late :/23:20

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