Cheeseheadshayonj: Hey00:41
* Cheesehead sent out an invitation e-mail for a 8:00 PM hangout00:41
shayonjCheesehead, how is everything going. btw, do we have a meeting now ?00:41
shayonjoh right00:42
CheeseheadMeeting tomorrow night00:42
CheeseheadPizza-and-beer tonight00:42
* shayonj gears up00:42
* Cheesehead puts on loud music00:42
* shayonj will pretend he is 21+00:42
* Cheesehead turns on the disco ball00:42
Cheeseheadshayonj: Thanks for the reminder about the wiki page meeting date00:43
shayonjanytime ;)00:43
shayonjbe back at 800:44
* Cheesehead changes the music to techno and starts dancing like a robot from the '80s00:46
* shayonj back with a old school pizza..00:54
Cheeseheadanyone else joining us this evening?01:01
Cheeseheadshayonj: What's your goal for the LoCo?01:02
shayonjCheesehead, well, this will technically be my first week so on a personal goal i'd take it slow. But i really would like the LoCo an its members to reach  techie and non-techie person situated in WI as much as it can. I personally dont go by numbers and i think its just the beginning for ubunut. We still need a lot of end-users and developers01:05
shayonjLoCo and its members (including me)01:05
shayonjperson=people *01:05
CheeseheadWhat do you, personally, want to get out of the LoCo experience...beyond virtual pizza?01:05
shayonjsome fun, meeting people, leanr more about Ubuntu, even if its working or how it is changing peoples life and at the end learn how to Ubunut (have a good time ;) )01:07
shayonjubuntu *01:07
* Cheesehead thinks you read the answers out of the back of the book01:07
CheeseheadThey're so well written...01:07
shayonjwell i only have pizza infront of me and a java book01:08
CheeseheadEr, by the way WELCOME to the WI LoCo01:08
shayonjCheesehead, er, thank you :)01:08
CheeseheadWe have fun01:08
CheeseheadWe say silly things01:08
shayonjeverybody does..me a lot though01:08
Cheeseheadshayonj: You'll fir right in here.01:09
shayonjCheesehead, yeah its my course book actually was studying a while back ..01:09
shayonjCheesehead, ;)01:09
Cheeseheadhello emeitner01:09
emeitnerHi all.01:09
shayonjhi emeitner01:09
* Cheesehead steps out for a moment to tekk the kids to *go to sleep*01:10
emeitnerI'll introduce myself...01:10
* shayonj looks into packaging for a while01:11
shayonjemeitner, sure.. i am listening :)01:11
emeitnerI am the systems administrator for a natural foods cooperative in Madison.01:11
Cheeseheademeitner: Welcome aboard the great LoCo adventure01:12
shayonjemeitner, and i am a student studying in UWGB.01:12
CheeseheadI'm Cheesehead, and I'm an alcoholic.01:12
CheeseheadNo, wait...01:12
CheeseheadI'm not an alcoholic.01:12
CheeseheadWhat am I?01:12
emeitnerWe have around 65 Ubuntu 10.04 desktops in the organization. We use Debian servers on the back-end. LDAP/NFS setup so people can log in to any machine and get their stuff.01:12
shayonjCheesehead, alcoholic ..01:13
CheeseheadPerhaps amnesiac01:13
Cheeseheademeitner: Sounds like you really know your way around the systems101:13
* Cheesehead offers emeitner some virtual pizza01:13
shayonjthat cool emeitner01:14
shayonjeven i am trying to get some linux (ubuntu) servers installed on our campus01:14
shayonjso far we got a one ubuuntu amongst the 10 pc and windows01:14
shayonjnot bad i guess :)01:14
Cheeseheademeitner: So if you could make one change to Ubuntu, what would it be?01:16
Cheeseheadshayonj: Same question01:16
shayonjCheesehead, you know thats a pretty vast question.. but still let me think01:17
emeitner1 Change = stop putting so much time into bling and shiny stuff and focus on stability and the "enterprise".01:17
Cheeseheademeitner: You mean the server end?01:18
shayonji wouldnt say so.. an org should attract all kind of users .. but at the same time balancing out stuff is important01:18
emeitnerNot that a natural foods Co-op is an enterprise...01:18
emeitnerNo. Desktops.01:18
emeitnerAgain, I use Debian servers because thats what I cut my teeth on.01:19
Cheeseheademeitner: Could you amplify what you mean by 'enterprise'? I've seen the term used pretty loosely to mean a lot of things. So I'm curious...01:19
Cheesehead(and a natural foods co-op is bigger than my mom & pop business, with one Mac and one PC)01:20
emeitnerEnterprise=B.S. Term to make people sound like they know what they are talking about. :)01:22
* Cheesehead laughs01:22
* Cheesehead takes another slice of virtual pizza01:22
CheeseheadIs the LTS concept living up to it's promise?01:23
emeitnerEnterprise could also pertain so larger deployments of machines where standardization of the desktop machine, and the user experience is the norm. Also where there is a solid server infrastructure underpinning it. Hows that? My best guess.01:23
Cheeseheadshayonj: Great point about balancing01:25
shayonjCheesehead, thanks01:25
shayonjCheesehead, does our LoCo do any kind of initiatives or programs accross the state ? and do we good or adequate amount of funding for that ?01:25
shayonjdo we get good *01:25
CheeseheadWell, there was a workshop in Rhinelander yesterday.01:25
CheeseheadNo funding.01:25
shayonji see01:25
emeitnerLTS? Yes. I find that some people triaging bugs do not always remember that LTS does not automatically get thrown the to ditch when the "next big thing" comes along.  I am satisfied and will continue to stay with LTS releases.01:26
CheeseheadI'm thinking of jumping off the 6-month release upgrade wagon when 12.04 rolls out.01:26
CheeseheadTry newer stuff in a VM, perhaps.01:27
CheeseheadBut 6-month releases used to have huge improvements in X or printing (stuff I cared about), and all that is now done.01:27
CheeseheadThe last few have been fun changes, but more change than real improvement in the stuff I use.01:28
shayonji knew about that. but then never thought into too deep during that time..01:28
CheeseheadFunding might be possible someday, but nobody has stepped forward to create the infrastructure (like 503(c) cert and bank account, etc)01:30
CheeseheadWhat's the point donating to a non-tax-exempt organization?01:30
CheeseheadWe also haven't identified what to spend funds on.01:31
shayonji see, well thats why i was saying if we got some initiatives like Ubuntu-Wisconsin-Culture type thing, we could probably have that01:32
CheeseheadMyself, I want to have fun with theis LoCo, and perhaps help people.01:32
CheeseheadUbuntu-Wisconsin-Culture initiative?01:32
* Cheesehead takes another slice of virtual pizza01:33
shayonjwell just said.. idk, we can probably have like a day where people gather and meet other ubuntu fans f2f and do some stuff01:34
shayonjwell thats a lot to think about now i guess.. but having something like that someday will be pretty cool01:34
shayonjlike meeting on a thanksgiving01:34
shayonjand celebrating Ubuntu-Wisconsin-thanksgiving01:34
shayonjhah, i am just saying.. :)01:34
CheeseheadWe're on the way - we do Ubuntu Hours in both Milwaukee and Madison Monthly.01:34
shayonjoh i see. nice01:35
CheeseheadI'm trying to convince somebody to start one in the Appleton/GB/Rhinelander area01:35
* shayonj is from GB01:35
CheeseheadI'm als trying to start couple-times-a-week IRC hangout01:35
shayonjwhat you planning for01:35
shayonji meant i live in GB01:35
CheeseheadI'm in MKE, so I'll let you up-north people figure it out.01:36
CheeseheadI can tell you that there are a bunch of you.01:36
CheeseheadI don't know about Thanksgiving. My family would be quite miffed if I skipped out on them for a while.01:37
CheeseheadOne advantag to Ubuntu Hours is that they are short and public and primarily social01:37
CheeseheadSo you can bring a friend or a spouse, and they can bring a book for just an hour01:37
CheeseheadThere is some interest in bug work, and I'm trying to kindle that into a working group01:38
shayonjyeah, thanksgiving was just a bad example i guess01:38
CheeseheadSince I always enjoy working bugs much more when not alone01:38
shayonjCheesehead, bug work ?01:38
CheeseheadTriage or patching01:39
* shayonj currently working on [needs-packaging] bug01:39
shayonji see01:39
Cheeseheadpackaging, too.01:39
CheeseheadWhat are you packaging now?01:39
shayonjits a new request01:40
Cheeseheadbug number?01:40
shayonjits 'python'01:40
shayonjwait a sec i lost it01:40
shayonjbug 60623101:41
lubotu1`Launchpad bug 606231 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Tornado" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60623101:41
CheeseheadI love it when the bot is listening...01:42
shayonjat first i just pasted the number but then typed bug again.. :)01:42
* shayonj offers some old school sausage and pepperoni pizza 01:43
CheeseheadSo you package it, and send it to REVU?01:43
shayonjCheesehead, yep.. i hopefully will be applying for an ITP too, lets see01:44
shayonjits a cdbs package01:44
* Cheesehead takes the slice before emeitner can grab it01:44
shayonjand atm i am having a nice time with the debian\rules :P01:44
emeitnershayonj:  Enjoy...01:45
shayonjemeitner, hah yeah01:45
* Cheesehead offers to refill emeitner's beer as a consolation for taking the slice01:45
shayonjbtw, i was being sarcastic01:46
* emeitner offers mug01:46
* Cheesehead pours01:47
* emeitner drinks :)01:47
CheeseheadAny particular fun with the debian rules?01:47
shayonjumm its the python01:48
shayonjthis is my first time with python01:48
shayonjit build perfectly fine01:48
shayonjbut i know that its not building it fine, because i cant find the package after it installed01:49
shayonj.deb package01:49
emeitnerit may be building but not installing it into the right place where the packaging tool expects things to be.01:50
shayonji cant find where it needs to be installed01:51
* Cheesehead is looking at the wiki01:53
shayonjtornado wiki ?01:53
shayonjor ubuntu wiki ?01:53
emeitnerThat may help. I have not packaged any Python apps yet so I am not sure.01:54
shayonjemeitner, i am currently on that page :)01:55
shayonjCheesehead, ok01:55
emeitnerThe key part is where is shows: python setup.py install --root=debian/python-foo01:56
emeitnerthat is where one sets where debian/rules tells the installer where to install.01:56
shayonjwell i do havethat01:56
shayonjbut not sure of thing..01:56
shayonjokay wait, what is foo here  --root=debian/python-foo ? version01:57
shayonjmy rules01:59
shayonjpython setup.py build python setup.py install --root=debian/python-foo --install-layout=deb --install-lib=/usr/share/python-foo --install-scripts=/usr/share/python-foo01:59
shayonjand the overrides01:59
emeitnerdebian/python-foo is the path to where the installer will install it. replace "python-foo" with your package anme01:59
shayonjyep gotcha01:59
CheeseheadShould foo = packagename?01:59
* Cheesehead sees on the scrollback he was a few seconds late01:59
CheeseheadCurses, foiled again...02:00
CheeseheadWell, my hour is up. So back to work for me...02:00
CheeseheadThanks for a great hour, fellows.02:01
CheeseheadSee you again soon02:01
* Cheesehead goes out to clean the kitchen02:01
shayonjhave a nice one guys02:01
shayonjemeitner, any other possible suggestions /02:02
emeitnerNo. I'd have to see what you got in the debian/ folder.02:03
shayonjhopefully everything is normal..is there any specific one i should look into or you would like to knwo /.?02:04
emeitnerHow did you create the debian/ folder? By hand or with a "debianizing" tool?02:04
emeitnerWhat is the command you are using to build the package?02:06
shayonjand then pbuilder on *.dsc02:06
shayonjtrying pdebuild now02:07
shayonjdidnt work02:09
emeitnershayonj: sorry I couldn't be any help. I've gotta go.02:12
shayonjemeitner, no problem.good night02:12
* emeitner wipes beer from chin and departs02:12
bigbashdid I miss the virtual pizza and beer?02:56
* shayonj got some leftovers :)02:57
* shayonj passes some to bigbash 02:58
shayonjsorry bigbash i cant drink so passed some green tea ;)02:58
bigbashno problem, too late for me to be drinking02:59
bigbashCheesehead, just an FYI.  I won't be able to make the meeting tomorrow night :( bar league VB game got pushed back03:00
bigbashshayonj you said you are learning java?03:05
shayonjbigbash, yep..taking course this semester03:05
bigbashnice, know any good books for learning?03:06
shayonjbigbash, this is a good one - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0321200063/martyhallsrecomm/03:08
shayonjand java concepts 6th edition by cay horstman03:08
bigbashI'll have to look at that03:09
bigbashi've been meaning to learn Java03:09
shayonji see. I am also still learning so cant recommend more. I can ask my professor.. will let you know soon. he mentioned a really good book once in the class. but i forgot03:10
bigbashthat'd be cool03:14
shayonjwill tell you on thursday. that is when my next class is03:15
bigbashok, I use ZNC so I always show i'm on here but I connect very often.  I usually have IRC up at work03:17
bigbashWell I'm headed to bed, work in the morning. night all03:21
=== bigbash is now known as zz_bigbash
shayonjzz_bigbash, sounds good03:26
h00koh, I have some scrollback to read13:45
h00kwe have more packagers13:47
h00kripps: are you around anymore?13:47
=== zz_bigbash is now known as bigbash
* Cheesehead checks in18:05
CheeseheadYou all remember what happened last time you didn't show up. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN18:06
Cheesehead(For those who don;t recall, see http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/09/28/%23ubuntu-us-wi.html#t00:03 )18:07
h00kPrecise Pangolin19:34
CheeseheadSo...sort of an Accurate Anteater?20:43
h00kCheesehead: ^20:56
CheeseheadWell, an Accurate African/Asian Anteater21:12
Cheesehead(Need starts-with-A synonyms for 'nocturnal' and 'scaly')21:12
* Cheesehead opened his e-mail and foud a meeting reminder for 8:00 CDT tonight21:13
* Cheesehead is surprised that worked...21:22
CheeseheadAnyone use fwknop to protect internet-facing servers? I might give it a try...23:58

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