mhall119cjohnston: yes, next time the user logs in it will update their username to match SSO00:03
mhall119or Launchpad00:03
mhall119whichever we're using now00:04
cjohnstonmhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/loco-directory/rename/+merge/7818300:56
mhall119that better be less than 100 lines of changes01:11
cjohnstoni cant make that mp into something that small01:12
cjohnston19.13.59 < cjohnston> mhall119: when you update settings.py will it fix the already borked ones?01:13
nigelbmhall119: if you add another 0 and double it, you might be close :P01:13
mhall119cjohnston: add OPENID_STRICT_USERNAMES=True and OPENID_FOLLOW_RENAMES=True in settings.py01:14
cjohnstonnigelb can do the review01:15
nigelbcjohnston: look again01:15
nigelbI already did do the review01:15
mhall119that way we can blame him when it explodes01:15
cjohnstonmhall119: does that fix the openiduserXX  too?01:18
mhall119cjohnston: yes, STRICT_USERNAMES won't allow logins without nickname, and FOLLOW_RENAMES will rename any existing ones once they get a valid nickname01:18
cjohnstonso bug #642132 bug #57404901:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 642132 in summit (and 2 other projects) "openid nickname changes aren't handled (affects: 10) (dups: 6) (heat: 52)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64213201:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 574049 in loco-directory "User referred to as "openiduser44" in event RSVP (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 1)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57404901:19
cjohnstonbug #63716601:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 637166 in loco-directory "No Real Name appearing in Attendees list (affects: 2)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63716601:19
cjohnstonbug #63977201:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 639772 in summit (and 2 other projects) "New user name after LP login (affects: 8) (dups: 6) (heat: 51)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63977201:21
cjohnstoncorrect mh?01:22
cjohnstonmhall119: if you answered my question, i didnt understand it.. do we need to do anything to fix the chrisjohnston2 problem, or will that fix itself01:24
cjohnstonmhall119: nigelb https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/openid/+merge/7818501:30
* nigelb defers to mhall119 01:30
cjohnstonnigelb: do you think you could help me with the track leads thing to get that in this cycle or no?01:34
cjohnstonmhall119: whats your plan for the screens01:36
nigelbcjohnston: how can I help?01:37
cjohnstonnigelb: each time i try i fail miserably01:37
cjohnstonmhall119: nigelb https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/812625/+merge/78190   <-- please actually test it.. i dont have an env right now to test it01:55
nigelbOh no, I'm not going anywhere near that rabbit hole :D01:56
cjohnstonif someone can make the virtual inv make crap work, i can test stuff01:57
cjohnstonmhall119: nigelb where did we get the icons that are used for the meeting page and the blueprint page from the schedule page?02:02
nigelbcjohnston: what do you mean? It works!02:05
dakercjohnston, this https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/loco-directory/ltp-blog-fixes/+merge/73095 has been merged10:29
ryanakcaHow does one access user preferences from the light wiki theme? Presumably by clicking on your login name in the user bar, (i.e., going to https://wiki.kubuntu.org/UserPreferences), but moinmoin whines that it can't load the macro UserPreferences (mouse-over <<UserPreferences>>)10:48
* nigelb tries10:50
nigelbryanakca: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/?action=userprefs works for me.10:54
ryanakcanigelb: How did you get to it?10:55
nigelbryanakca: clicking my name10:57
nigelbon the ubuntu light theme10:57
ryanakcaHmmm. Alright, I get sent to a different page from wiki.k.o using the kubuntu-light theme, which is identical to the ubuntu-light theme except for the colours in the CSS file / images.10:58
* ryanakca checks if ubuntu-light has changed since kubuntu-light was made.10:58
ryanakcaNope, I wonder if the sysadmins made some local changes to the theme.11:00
ryanakcanigelb: I'll find out, thanks11:02
dakernigelb, mhall119 cjohnston draft http://ubuntuone.com/1n9KCQyCxDA9x9H7fqWkYF11:05
nigelbryanakca: happy to help :)11:06
nigelbdaker: WOW.11:07
cjohnstonI just got a 500 error on summit11:34
mhall119cjohnston: stop doing that11:56
nigelbcjohnston: lol, lets fill mhall119's inbox.11:57
nigelbdammit. It did not 500.11:57
mhall119cjohnston: what url where you on?11:59
nigelbI went to every day's schedule!!11:59
nigelbmhall119: summit hates cjohnston :D12:00
dakermhall119, cjohnston what do you think http://ubuntuone.com/1n9KCQyCxDA9x9H7fqWkYF ?12:01
mhall119daker: I love the body, not sure about the header though12:16
dakermhall119, explain...12:16
dakermhall119, you don't like the menu ?12:18
mhall119daker: the whole main nav bar is quite different from the style guidelines12:18
cjohnstonmhall119: admin stuff12:31
cjohnstoni think ii agree with mmmh12:32
nigelbkid on the laptop?12:32
cjohnstonno.. when using synergy, sometimes it sticks12:32
dakermhall119, what do you think is the best 960px navbar or fullwith ?12:34
dakercjohnston, what do you think ?14:34
dakeryou too czajkowski14:38
czajkowskiwhat ?14:41
dakerczajkowski, http://ubuntuone.com/1n9KCQyCxDA9x9H7fqWkYF14:44
YoBoYdaker: what do you plan to have in the right column ?15:00
czajkowskiYoBoY: started to dev yet15:44
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dakerYoBoY, the venue (small map)+ some other stats16:04
dakeralso the twitter feed of the event it self16:05
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dakerRonnie, http://ubuntuone.com/1n9KCQyCxDA9x9H7fqWkYF16:44
Ronniehi daker17:11
Ronniei have to admit that is a very slick design, nice work17:12
Ronniedaker: are there any plans to make this new design?17:15
dakerRonnie, i have the green light17:16
Ronniedaker: do you have more page designs with the same '17:25
dakerno Ronnie i have just started yesterday17:25
YoBoYczajkowski: sorry, nope. Always the same time problem, and I can't find the schematics of the time machine with google :]17:32
dakerczajkowski, mhall119 cjohnston why do we have teams without country http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams ?17:39
mhall119daker: when a team is imported from Launchpad, it doesn't come with country information, this allows us to display those teams until we get the field set by one of their admins17:54
dakermhall119, i know but i am asking why we haven't ask the admins to set it18:03
mhall119no reason really18:17
mhall119usually the LC keeps up with that18:17
czajkowskimhall119: h usaly I get harassed to do it20:11
czajkowskibut I don't think that is scalable20:11
czajkowskiteam admins should select country20:12
mhall119czajkowski: right, I meant the LC usually harasses the team to set it21:57

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