Kilosmorning superfly nuvolari and others06:11
superflymorning Kilos06:13
Maazsuperfly: By the way, nlsthzn on freenode told me "tell superfly hey, please remove my blog from ubuntu-za... sorry for the inconvienience, but it doesn't exits any longer, thanks" 4 hours, 38 minutes and 12 seconds ago06:13
skarrmorning Kilos06:13
Kiloshi skarr 06:14
Kilosif you use alien to convert a tar.gz to .deb where does it save the generated package to please08:21
nuvolariKilos: môre oom!08:22
Kilosmôre nuvolari 08:22
nuvolarioom Kilos, from what I can find, it should go to the current directary08:24
Kilosi have just used find and it is somewhere in miles08:24
Kilosi go look for it08:25
superflydrubin, tumbleweed: ping08:35
drubinsuperfly: pong08:36
Kiloshi drubin 08:37
drubinKilos: oom Kilos, hoe gaan dit met oom vandag?08:39
superflydrubin: I've removed the login block on the home page of the site... I think the spammers were getting in via the openid login08:39
superflydrubin: I've replaced it witha block that just links to the right page08:39
Kilosgoed dankie drubin en met jou?08:39
superflyso that people are forced to go via the recaptcha08:39
drubinsuperfly: cool08:51
drubinsuperfly: /me trusts you08:51
drubinsuperfly: is the website in some sort of repo?08:51
superflydrubin: I'm just trying whatever I can think of :-/08:51
* drubin would love to see see change log/history08:52
superflyno, this is all DB configuration08:52
drubinAh ok08:52
drubinthat is dumpped so that is ok08:52
superflydb-based configuration08:52
magespawnhowdy all.09:03
Kiloshi there magespawn 09:04
superflyhi magespawn09:06
magespawnwhats up peeps?09:07
Kilosall same09:14
magespawnback again09:35
inetprogood morning10:05
Kilosmorning inetpro 10:05
Kiloshi kbmonkey 10:05
superflyohi kbmonkey, been having fun in the cape, I see10:08
* nuvolari glares at kbmonkey10:09
nuvolariI know th cape is awesome, but what 'bout here?10:10
kbmonkeydurbs is also awesome. and I've had some days here I'd rather forget trust me ;P 10:17
kbmonkeymaybe we can have a meet up during Dec hols, I'l be that side until Jan10:18
nuvolariMaaz: tell kbmonkey I'm going home (bloemfontein) somewhere in Dec, so we need to organise before then :P11:00
Maaznuvolari: I'm not feeling too well11:01
KilosMaaz, coffee on11:17
* Maaz starts grinding coffee11:17
Kilosah not too ill to make coffee11:17
nuvolariMaaz: what's wrong?11:19
Maaznuvolari: What?11:19
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:21
KilosMaaz, ty11:22
MaazEnjoy Kilos11:22
superflyoom Kilos, how's the afternoon going?11:24
Kilosok ty superfly and with you?11:24
superflyjust getting started... hopefully it will be fruitful11:25
Kilosah. with?11:25
superflyKilos: lots of work11:31
WolfeyesHey everyone13:42
magespawnhi Wolfeyes13:46
Wolfeyeshey magespawn 13:46
superflyhi Wolfeyes13:47
WolfeyesHeya superfly 13:47
Kiloshiya Wolfeyes 14:47
magespawnlater it is home time.15:12
Kilosgo safe magespawn 15:13
Kiloshi nlsthzn 16:01
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos :)16:01
Kiloslo highvoltage you never say anything?16:02
Kilosmaybe the last mail from pauly will help queery16:03
Kilosbut he also lost16:03
KilosMaaz, eish16:03
MaazMet ys ja Kilos Met ys.16:03
highvoltageKilos: I so do!16:25
Kilosnot here enough highvoltage  you even miss meetings16:27
Kilosare you well?16:27
Kiloshi zeref 16:28
Kilostoo early to be yawning16:29
zereflooooooong day16:29
zerefsumbag lecturer: demands that we hand in all lab reports, marks only one, thats our lab mark16:29
zerefyeah, whole class was like FFFFUUUUUUUUU16:30
Kiloswell now you know in the future. all reports must be good16:31
zereftrue that.16:32
zerefwas for electronics course16:32
zerefall off us comp eng guys, hate that course16:32
Kilosthats nice. what are you planning on doing16:32
Kiloselectronics is very interesting man16:33
Kilosamazing how them little components work16:33
zerefthats true though16:33
zerefbut i like digits more16:34
Kilosslices os silicon that works miracles16:34
Kiloslike in a cpu. thats pure magic16:35
zerefkilos, are you in Gauteng by any chance?16:35
Kiloswest of pretoria16:35
Kilosjust west16:36
zerefknow whether there will be a release party?16:36
Kilosno , i have been waiting for some to say something. normally the guys are planning weeks before but not this time looks like16:37
Kilosthere normally is at irene16:37
Kiloseveryone seems very busy16:37
Kiloszeref, are you on our mailing lists16:38
zerefhttp://imgur.com/gallery/0NciD << LAWL16:38
zerefi just signed up now now16:38
nlsthznzeref: nothing stoping you from getting a bunch of mates together and having a party :)16:38
zerefnlsthzn, new to gauteng, so dont know alot of peeps :P16:39
Kiloswe will here from maiatoday whats happening i hope16:40
zerefthe party will be for 11.1016:40
zerefstill on 10.0416:40
Kilosshe has been ordering the cd's for us16:40
Kilosim on 10.10 and love it16:41
Kilosofficial ubuntu cd's16:41
Kilosshe tries to have them for release parties or distributes them after to the different areas16:42
Kilosdepending on canonical of course16:42
zerefthats pretty cool16:42
Kilosyeah maia is a star but busy as can be16:43
nlsthznOld managment saying, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person."16:43
zeref18:41 < Kilos> im on 10.10 and love it16:45
zerefi've had bad experiences with the 6 monthers16:45
zerefso i stikc to LTS16:45
Kilosmaverick has been very good to me16:46
Kilosbetter than lucid16:46
Kilosnot much but little things16:46
Kilosand there is always help here from the guys\16:46
zerefunity sooon :fear:16:48
* nlsthzn <3 his Unity...16:49
Kiloslol the guys have it all worked out16:49
Kilosbut doesnt like old graphics cards16:49
zerefi sure by 12.04, they would have ironed out the bugs16:50
Kilosmethinks most are sorted alread16:50
Kiloshey nlsthzn 16:50
nlsthznWith Unity 2D old cards won't be a problem16:51
Kilosit told me to use gnome classic16:51
nlsthznIn 11.04 Unity 2D has to be installed seperatly... in 11.10 onwards the "classic" mode is not there anymore and Unity 2D becomes the default fallback16:53
Kilosoh i must try that then16:53
Kilosso i can use the unity interface in maverick then as well16:55
nlsthzn... no ... Unity 2D comes with Natty and above16:55
Kilosah ok16:55
nlsthznJust not a default install with natty16:55
nlsthznWhat I would suggest is waiting until 12.04, getting a disc and then upgrading to Unity (if you would like to use it Uncle Kilos)16:56
Kiloswell, if its better and the future way to go then i will do it when data allows16:57
Kilosor i can spend the rest of my life on maverick, its way better than winsucks16:59
nlsthznIf it works and does what you need ... then the only concern is security via the interwebs...17:00
Kilosthe security updates go for 2 years hey?17:01
Kilosso i got a year17:02
nlsthzn10.10 supported up until April 201217:08
highvoltageKilos: ok I'll try to make the next meeting :)17:08
Kilosty highvoltage  stay cool till then17:08
superflyzeref: Unity in 11.10 is apparently WAY better than 11.0417:09
nlsthzno/ highvoltage and superfly ...17:10
superflyhi nlsthzn17:11
superflyheya highvoltage, good to see that you're still surviving17:11
Kiloswas your day successful superfly 17:14
superflyKilos: mostly17:15
Kilosmostly is much better than no17:15
highvoltagesuperfly: :)17:16
zerefsuperfly, when i move to 12.04 still have to decide on gnome3 or unity17:19
zerefunfortunaltly have not tried unity that much17:19
Kiloszeref, you can also go kubuntu17:20
Kilosthe fly is a kubuntu fan17:20
zerefme rolls with gnome xD17:20
nlsthznzeref: gnome -shell or unity ... you will be using gnome 3 for sure either way...17:20
zerefoh ya, indeed17:21
zereflulz, past 3 weeks have converted 4 of my friends to ubuntu17:21
Kilosgreat well done17:21
zerefthey got sick and tired of the problems in wondows17:22
zerefwas like, forget going to repair shop, get ubuntu, then get community help17:22
zerefR0 spent17:22
Kilosnlsthzn, is unity and gnome3 the same thing?17:25
superflyKilos: no17:25
nlsthznUnity is a shell that runs on Gnome17:25
superfly^^ what nlsthzn said17:26
nlsthznThe new look for Gnome is the Gnome-shell ... Unity is a replacement for that part17:26
nlsthznIn 11.10 you will have Unity running ontop of Gnome 3 (in 11.04 it is Unity ontop of Gnome 2.32)17:26
Kilosah ty17:27
* nlsthzn made a nice blod entry explaining it... pity in a id10t moment he deleted his whole blog :'(17:27
nlsthzn*blog not blod >.<17:29
Kiloswhat was the motivation nlsthzn 17:44
nlsthznKilos: I suspect a combination of working for my 3rd nightshift in a row after already going at it for 4 days prior to that... and the fact that it was 3am in the morning... and I am an idiot...17:45
Kilosha ha ha17:45
nlsthznI started deleteing the more silly personal stuff to leave more things worth reading, got annoyed at not being able to make up my mind about one that should stay or should go and nuked 'em all17:46
KilosMaaz, patience17:47
MaazKilos: Sorry...17:47
Kilosits a big job removing bits outa a blog17:48
Kilosbut wiser to safe somewhere first before you get irritated17:48
nlsthznWise words uncle Kilos ... your just a few days late with them :D17:50
Kilosand its was all online hey nlsthzn  so data recovery tools wont work17:55
nlsthznKilos: yup, is funny... the blog warns you three times that what your about to do can't be reversed... and even then they still send you a an e-mail with a link you must also accept before they do it... So I had ample warning, just not enough presence of mind17:57
Kilosstubborn isnt the word17:57
Kilosblogspot only allows you to delete posts not the blog address17:59
nlsthznNot the providers fault... Mine and mine alone (but to be honest not much of value was lost)... Before I attempt that again I will make sure what I have to say is worth hearing :)18:01
zerefwas thinking of starting my own blog on blogspot18:01
Kiloswhatever you put there musta seemed important at the time18:01
superflynlsthzn: I have a technology blog, and I have a personal blog18:02
nlsthznsuperfly: makes more sense I suppose18:02
superflymy technology blog goes on Ubuntu-ZA, clug park, etc18:02
Kilosand 365 that heading for7oo and some change18:03
KilosMaaz, multiply 365 by 218:05
MaazKilos: Sorry...18:05
Kilosstupid bot18:05
Kilos703  i think18:05
Kilosyou havent been there nlsthzn 18:06
Kilossuperfly, link please18:07
superflyMaaz: 365*218:07
Maazsuperfly: 73018:07
Kilosah thats nice18:07
superflyKilos: sorry, to what?18:07
superflyOh, right... Code365.info18:08
Kilosthere nlsthzn ^^18:08
Kilosbut 730 now should be18:08
nlsthzngood looking site... and nice idea18:10
Kilosyeah i loved going there18:10
Kilosnow zac gets blamed18:11
Kilosjoking superfly 18:12
Kiloszeref, Code365.info18:12
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:15
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:15
KilosMaaz, coffee for all18:15
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:15
zerefKilos, yours?18:15
Kilosno the fly18:15
Kiloswhen the fly talks listen18:15
nlsthznMaaz: tea please18:16
MaazEverybody here drinks coffee or goes thirsty18:16
nlsthznMaaz: bite me 18:16
MaazChomps a big chunk outa your butt18:16
Kiloslol you dont give up nlsthzn 18:16
nlsthznaan houer wen (or some such)18:16
zereflol kilos18:16
zerefi'll listen18:16
Kiloshe's the man18:17
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:19
KilosMaaz, thanks man18:19
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)18:19
zerefmeh, comp freezing18:19
nlsthznsounds like it must be pretty cold there then18:20
Kilosgo sleep superfly 18:21
Kilosyou getting old now18:21
superflyKilos: I have work to do, oom...18:21
Kilosfarming is hard work18:21
Kilosnight all sleep tight19:20
tumbleweedaha, Precise Pangolin19:34
zerefPrecise Pangolin19:47

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