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ubotturickyrich: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:00
Logan_Macs don't have that00:00
Logan_Or do they?00:00
rickyrichLogan_: no there isn't i know the normal way but in the mac keyboard there isn't00:00
Logan_rickyrich: System --> Preferences --> Keyboard Shortcuts; you can change the key combination there.00:01
guerrerohello can some one help me? its a problem that ubuntu caused with my windows...00:01
rickyrichLogan_: ok i will check it00:01
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ubottuguerrero: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:01
noisewaterphdLogan_, rickyrich: I remember my trackpad on my macbook working out of the box, but it worked a lot differently than it did in mac OS, I believe I downloaded something, and that something made my trackpad behave like it did on Mac00:02
OomElvisQ: guys... i have ubuntu 11.04 and have probs connecting to a hidden wireless network. i go "connect to hidden network", it tries to connect (and i can see it in the network manager - 2 bars signal) .... but it just shows the busy icon.. and it eventually cnat connect. but in windows it works - any ideas?00:02
rickyrichnoisewaterphd: well the experience with the touchpad in mac os in unbelievable and here is not the same00:03
guerreroi installed ubuntu and since that mi window 7 always does the disk c check.but yesterday it had an error and it said it was fixing it and now i boot windows 7 and after window 7 logo i just see the cursor.no login or welcome screen.and when i boot ubuntu it always say fixing ubnutu cause it wasnt closed correctly something like that00:03
alhubaishiguerrero, have u installed ubuntu inside windows operating system or u have made a new partition separated from windows00:04
ninwaguerrero, It sounds like your HDD is failing.00:04
excelsiorso I'm selling a Ipad2 16 GB 3G (ATT) unopened for $600, am I being ripped off?00:04
guerreroand when i boot up safe mode does the same thing.just white curser.and i cant doe no cntr alt del.no nothing00:04
guerreromi hdd cant be failing cause i have ubuntu installed inside windows and its working right not im in here from there00:05
Lasersexcelsior: Have you looked inside?00:05
Logan_!ot | excelsior00:06
ubottuexcelsior: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:06
Lasersexcelsior: And it's more of a question for #macosx00:06
ninwaguerrero, Are you able to check the SMART status of the drive?00:06
alhubaishiguerrero, so now ur booted in ubuntu to come here bro?00:06
guerreroyes i have ubuntu and its the only thing that boots up so here am i00:07
guerrerohow can i check the smart status of the drie?00:07
guerrerothe last thing i did was use the start up manager repair something like that00:07
ninwaguerrero, run the Disk Utility.00:08
rickyrichLogan_: ok i have change with f4 the key for screenshot00:08
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Logan_rickyrich: Cool.00:08
ninwaguerrero, hit the super key and type disk, it should show up in the list.00:08
The_CreatorHow do I Alt-Tab through windows on only the active workspace on 11.10?00:08
noisewaterphdguerrero: so you are at least abel to attempt to boot windows?00:08
alhubaishiits good to see Linux survived in ur windows since windows faulted00:09
ninwanoisewaterphd, ye said yes, he gets a cursor but nothing else, after checkdisk was prompted to run00:09
noisewaterphdnot good then00:09
guerreroyes it boots when the window seven does the liil boot thingy that it forms the window 7 flag there it goes black and i just see white curser00:09
simon_ghttp://www.wklej.org/id/603370/ hm... how can i check that something is using freshly created /dev/sda1 and sdb1 :?00:09
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ubottuThe_Creator: Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+100:09
alhubaishiThe_Creator,  #ubuntu+1 for 11.10 questions00:09
guerreroit usually does that black then white curser than it goes blue with the logon asking password.00:09
simon_gi tried to manually create mirrored array, /dev/md000:10
rickyrichLogan_: now i'm using my macbookpro with 6gb ddr3 @ 1333 mhz with hdd 640 gb and triple boot win7 x64 lion osx 10.7.1 and ubuntu 11.0400:11
alhubaishiguerrero, ur windows has virus or something ? possibly glitches , malware , before this incident happened , was ur computer pretty slow? or did this incident happen since u installed ubuntu.. doesnt make sense if it is00:11
guerrerosince i installed ubuntu.00:12
guerreroits like ubuntu caused an error on my w7... im experienced on fixing computers and mi window 7 was runing great i run it with 8gb ram00:12
ninwaguerrero, Were you able to run the Disk Utility and check the SMART status of the drive?00:12
guerreroi am on disk utility where do i check the smart status?00:13
CheapshotSomeone point me to the right direction. I want search and read txt from website via terminal using keywords. Example i know a certain word from a website and want to print some of the txt under it to the terminal.00:13
ninwaOn the left side it will show a list of controllers and attached devices, look for your hard drive (something like 1.0 TB Hard Disk or similar) and click on it.00:13
noisewaterphdguerrero: if the drive is in fact not going bad, then you need Windows help. Not that you wont get help here, just that this is a linux channel, and at least I personally don't know the first thing about windows00:13
ninwaThen, on the right, you will see a label "SMART Status: ..." and it will have an indicator.00:13
guerrerocheck and confirmed disk is healthy my 320gb hdd00:14
ninwaguerrero, In that case this channel can't help much more, as noisewaterphd said.00:14
rickyrichLogan_: do you know how to setuo the effect of the windows while i move them?00:14
hydesteryears ago i used cups-pdf.  since natty i have been using the "Print to file", which i  believe comes from Gnome.  i like the cups-pdf automatic file naming, although it seems that cups-pdf files are images and not text.  the "print to file" is PDF text, which is nice.  but it is a pain always having to type in the filename.  any way to have it guess based off of its input, like cups-pdf does?00:14
noisewaterphdguerrero: have you tried booting from your windows install disc and attemting whatever repair mode it may have?00:14
th0r1Cheapshot: if you just want to copy something to the command line, highlight it in the browser, click on the terminal, then press the middle button00:15
P-Chanhelp! my ubuntu is crazy! Metacity not work!!!00:15
guerreroyes i try to repair but it says that my windows is perfect...00:15
P-Channohup metacity --replace &   not work00:15
P-Chanmetacity --replace &   too00:15
guerreroi cant eaven boot safe mode.thaty is windows always booting way...00:16
alhubaishiguerrero, it cant be from linux the issue , u installed it in windows , it acts like a software , similar to ur firefox in ur add / remove programs , the extra drive for the ubuntu which is given is in a branch directory , doesnt effect windows00:16
ninwaguerrero, I would recommend attempting to boot safe mode and to turn off all windows services and startup applications. I would also recommend running a anti-malware software (perhaps MBAM) and perhaps you might even want to run ComboFix. If you cannot boot safe-mode, then reload the machine.00:16
P-Chanmy ubuntu is lucid lynx00:16
ninwaI would also check to see if your memory was bad. Although it's odd you aren't having problems in Ubuntu, it is possible that it's coincidence. You can run memtest from the Ubuntu CD.00:17
excelsior!passiveagressive | Logan00:17
Cheapshotth0r1: No im looking to do it all from terminal. So I could fetch the specific part of the site with just a line of command or maybe a script.00:17
guerreroi can reload the machin 20 times and it wil just boot safe mode or normal do the logo thingy and then go black screen and just show normal mouse curser00:17
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rickyrichLogan_: i found it it was compiz config manager thanks anyway00:18
P-ChanI solved my problem00:18
Logan_rickyrich: Okay, sounds good.00:18
ninwaguerrero, then perhaps there is something wrong with your installation media, either way, this is not an Ubuntu issue anymore.00:18
guerreroits that when i installed ubnutu it said i had to run startp manager and it said that it fixed my startup and wat it did was fu** it up :((00:19
guerrerothanks for the help tho.ill just keep googling00:20
alhubaishiguerrero, its hard to resolve issues the best doctor is a doctor of himself , u know ur computer , if it was infected with a virus or not , or malware , or something , try to repair windows 7 with windows 7 cd , if u think its virus download windows utility tools that can check and detect if ur system is compromised or any other factor with a solution of a fix.00:20
guerreroany other channal that can help me?00:20
Dori922hey! if i send some .mp3 files from windows pc to ubuntu do they keep they're .mp3 extension?00:21
SIFTUDori922: yes00:21
Dori922SIFTU: ty :)00:21
alhubaishiubuntu doesnt ask u to do stuff in windows like change ur reg or start up manager from ur msconfig , and dont play with msconfig , follow blackviper guide if u want to tweak ur windows www.blackviper.com00:21
alhubaishiGOD give us power please00:22
guerrerothanks :D00:23
a_cuttlefishhi all; not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but does anyone have a method for extracting jpegs from an online flv presentation?00:27
alhubaishidownload the flv00:28
alhubaishithen edit with movie maker like app00:28
a_cuttlefishhow do i pass data to it? it's a map viewer.00:28
a_cuttlefishit's not a movie.00:28
alhubaishiits .avi .flv . mpg they are all similar a_cuttlefish00:29
meomichey, does anyone know if ubuntu is planning to make auto-versioning whole /etc dir? - only config files are there - would be nice00:30
a_cuttlefishit's not a video stream00:30
a_cuttlefishthat's my problem00:30
alhubaishiuse firefox with addon downthemall and videodownload helper , do u get the logo over the logo over that flash video ? if yes u can download and convert it to .avi then extract with ur method if u cant do it with .flv00:31
a_cuttlefishalhubaishi: it's not a video.00:31
alhubaishigive me link00:32
SIFTUa_cuttlefish: you mean extracting pcis from a flash application.. never done that. what about just screenshots?00:32
alhubaishiim in 11.10 and im beta testing with laziness00:32
a_cuttlefishSIFTU: that's what i've been doing, but as you can imagine, it takes a really, really long time.00:32
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: what do you need the images for? would a screenshot do the trick?00:32
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: oh nevermind, beat me to it00:33
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: they kinda would, but i need the images perspective-corrected00:33
a_cuttlefishi'm building a virtual copy of a city.00:33
SIFTUa_cuttlefish: you could script it pretty easy.. like when you press a key it takes the shot and names it00:33
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: anyway, without the source .fla I don't know of any other way to go about it00:33
i12hey my people, Im having an issue with windows shares (samba) and ubuntu 11.1000:34
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: actually, can you use a converter of some kind and convert it to a sequence of jpegs, then go through and find the ones you need?00:34
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: i need to pass location data to the flv in order for it to ask the host server for the correct images. should i be looking into packet forming?00:34
i12I cannot seem to get the samba config started, its just not kicking in00:34
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: that's what i was thinking; something akin to the way curl can ask for a sequential range of urls00:35
genii-aroundi12: Does: testparm      give any clues?00:35
i12testpram is the one that should check my configs right?00:35
genii-aroundi12: Yes. testparm00:35
genii-aroundNot pram ;)00:36
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: oh, so you dont even have the file locally, ya, I'm afraid you're stuck with screenshots, unless there is enough of them that it really would save you time to automate it in scripting lang of your choice00:36
i12thats why it wasnt testpraming00:36
i12so yeah unable to open config file, no such file or directory00:37
SIFTUa_cuttlefish: what about screen recording, then splitting it up into images (thousands of them :)00:37
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: well, i can get the file locally, but that doesn't help anything00:37
a_cuttlefishSIFTU: oh, then just pass it through ffmpeg and keep every nth frame or something like that?00:37
a_cuttlefishthat's a really good idea00:37
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: right, cause it needs data00:37
SIFTUa_cuttlefish: yes00:38
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: script it or continue on with your evening of screenshots00:38
i12so if I touch smb.conf00:38
SIFTUa_cuttlefish: there is a youtube on it00:38
alhubaishia_cuttlefish, have u tried swish00:38
i12should I reinstall samba?00:38
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: i'm wondering how hard it would be to write my own javascript for this00:38
a_cuttlefishswish? no, i haven't. give me a sec to look it up.00:38
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i12genii-around: looks like smb.conf was missing00:39
genii-aroundi12: Ah, I scrolled up and see your earlier stuff. If the shares are on a win box and accessing from Ubuntu, then mostly you just need smbfs, and not full samba unless you want shares on the Ubuntu box the Windows ones can also access.00:39
SetiAmonwhat are files that end in .run00:39
i12genii-around: yep choice number 1 for the most part, there is also a printer that would be sweet if I could share00:39
SIFTUSetiAmon: usually scripts.. type "file <filename>" and it will tell you00:40
SetiAmoni mean they are old style binary or something right00:40
i12genii-around: I can browse to the network folder, but I cannot get access once Im there, I know the user name and pass, so I think I just need to find the right place to put it00:40
genii-aroundi12: Well, testparm results of no smb.conf is fine without samba installed. To just use the Windows shares, make sure package smbfs is on. Then you can try by putting in Nautilus smb://ip-or-network-name-of-win-box/share-name00:41
SIFTUSetiAmon: what does file say.. it could be anything .run doesnt actually mean anything, could be a bin or a script00:41
baktrakCan anyone help me?. i go to synpatic and go to linux headers because i wanna install a new kernel.. and i download the kernel<whatversion i want>.gearnic or w.e and wont install new kernel?00:41
a_cuttlefish...can swish open compiled flv's?00:41
alhubaishilast i used it was at 199900:42
i12genii-around: would samba provide a way to visually manage the connections though?00:42
alhubaishidno :,<00:42
alhubaishiif theyr updated to this generaion  im sure it can00:43
genii-aroundi12: Not really. There are separate gui frontends to samba though. At any rate, currently, I would suggest checking how the shares are set up on Windows side. You may need to login with different username than the Ubuntu box is trying by default00:43
luis_trying to uninstall netbeans 7.0.1  I used   sudo /usr/local/netbeans-7.0/uninstall.sh   and it says:    sudo: /usr/local/netbeans-7.0/uninstall.sh: command not found00:44
bfrederiHi, I'm using 11.04, and my wireless networking is working fine, but my wired connection isn't even showing up when I do an ifconfig. I can't connect at all with the wired connection.00:47
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: if I were you, depending on how many there were to do, I would automate the whole process with python, or java using xuggler. but I'm a developer00:48
i12Ubuntu is so awesome, its just finding the answers that is a little weird00:48
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: i'm looking into their javascript at the moment00:48
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: great minds, etc.00:48
Milosshhow do I use cp with directories?00:48
i12genii-around: Thanks so much dude! I totally got it00:49
bfrederiMilossh, cp -r00:49
noisewaterphdcp -r00:49
i12any hints on how to share the printer?00:49
i12cp -r00:49
i12 :D00:49
genii-aroundi12: You're welcome!00:49
Milosshand is there cp parameter equivalent of mkdir -p ?00:49
genii-aroundi12: The printer attached to the Ubuntu box to share to Win clients?00:49
qinMilossh: -p create parent00:50
i12genii-around: yep00:50
noisewaterphdMilossh: I dont understand how that relates to copy00:50
Milosshnoisewaterphd, I want to copy to a folder that doesn't exist, and I want to create it along the cp00:50
Milosshso, cp /my/dir /my/new/dir00:51
Milosshand new doesn't exist00:51
Milosshcan I do that with an parameter so that cp invokes mkdir/00:51
a_cuttlefishmkdir /my/new && cp /my/dir /my/new/dir00:51
JonShwhy is wireless such a pain in the ass to configure00:51
a_cuttlefishJonSh: it's wireless.00:52
a_cuttlefishthat's just how it is.00:52
Milosshbecause vendors don't care much about floss00:52
celestiusquick cron q: can i do * * * * */5 or do i need to do * * * 0 */5 ?00:52
a_cuttlefishnoisewaterphd: what do you develop?00:52
celestiusi don't actually care when it runs, as long as it's every five mins00:52
SIFTUcelestius: */5 * * * *00:53
noisewaterphdMilossh: cp doesnt have such a thing, need to different commands, or write your own quick script if you need00:53
celestiusah ha :) ty SIFTU00:53
i12genii-around: Im thinking that it might be a windows thing, Thanks again. Im out!00:53
SIFTUcelestius: first param is minutes00:53
celestiusgotchya. ya. that might've been bad00:54
jhaddadi only installed the server components of ubuntu.  i'd like to install all the nice gui stuff now too.  what's the easiest way to do that?00:54
MrSassyPantshey I'm thinking about switching to ubuntu lts for my home server and I wonder what the real life difference between using the 32bit or 64bit version would be00:54
noisewaterphda_cuttlefish: I'm currently paid to write java, but I use multiple languages00:54
SIFTUMrSassyPants: mainly memory size, although 32 bit has a PAE kenerl anyway. so if you have 4Gb or more it is recommended 64 bit00:55
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: use 64bit00:55
MrSassyPantsSIFTU, I don't see memory as a problem00:55
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, why?00:55
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: the better question is really why not00:56
nasuta-worki dont find the internet explorer, where is it?!00:56
SIFTUMrSassyPants: how much ram do you have?00:56
nasuta-workplease help00:56
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, some stuff might not be available for 64bit, or 64bit may give other compatibility problem. I mean, are there even advantages?00:56
noisewaterphdnasuta-work: firefox is your default browser00:56
a_cuttlefishMrSassyPants: being able to address more than 3gb of ram00:57
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, my #1 pro-64bit argument on the server is "I won't be getting 64bit on my desktop any time soon"00:57
MrSassyPantsa_cuttlefish, irrelevant00:57
a_cuttlefishMrSassyPants: you're not planning on ever having 4gb of ram?00:57
a_cuttlefishor even 3.5?00:57
SIFTUMrSassyPants: then if you have a small amount of RAM go 32 bit00:57
MrSassyPantsa_cuttlefish, currently no, and even if I did - all programs that actually make use of more than 4gigs of ram can do that in 32bit too00:58
JonShwhich linux distro is best for kernel ahcking00:58
Grecoodo someone have the Theft Deferrent Agent for linux?00:58
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: plenty of advantages, you wont find anything you can't use. you can install 32 bit programs on 64 bit just fine anyway00:58
a_cuttlefishi'm missing something here...00:58
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, ominous advantages that no one cares to explain :p00:58
MrSassyPantsa_cuttlefish, 32bit can handle 4+ gigs just fine00:59
SIFTUMrSassyPants: using PAE kernel, which has a slight overhead00:59
prometheanfireI've noticed a problem with ubuntu happens by default for ubuntu installs for me for some reason, the network gets REALLY slow00:59
prometheanfiremy connection is fine in any other OS00:59
prometheanfireor distro00:59
MrSassyPantsSIFTU, onoes, and 64bit addressing has overhead to00:59
datakidin a trouble shooting effort I did an apt-get remove that failed. Now that I have apt working again, I don't want the package removed. How can I tell apt to not remove that package?00:59
SIFTUMrSassyPants: not a performance overhead01:00
MrSassyPantsSIFTU, actually, in more ways than one01:00
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: besides the obvious answers, one good reason is simply to be thinking forward01:00
prometheanfire64bit performes better then PAE does01:00
SIFTUprometheanfire: yes thats true01:00
prometheanfireisn't ubuntu multilib anyway?01:00
MrSassyPantsprometheanfire, maybe so, except for when it doesnt01:00
a_cuttlefishoh good lord, i am completely retarded, just remembered that firebug captures GET requests01:00
pooltablewhat do  i need to do to update flash to version 11???01:01
MrSassyPantsprometheanfire, I've seen a lot of packages and applications marked unavailable for 64bit01:01
a_cuttlefishthanks to everyone for their help anyway =D01:01
prometheanfireMrSassyPants: use gentoo :D01:01
a_cuttlefishhi /g/01:01
MrSassyPantsprometheanfire, actually I'm gettint rid of gentoo01:01
nasuta-workcrux linux is better01:01
genii-arounddatakid: Probably like: sudo apt-get install --reinstall packagename01:01
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: then you install the 32 bit compat libraries and install them anyway with --force-architecture01:01
nasuta-workor arch linux01:01
datakidgenii-around, tx01:01
SIFTUMrSassyPants: lots?? or just precompiled 3rd party blobs?01:01
prometheanfireanyway, I can't for the life of me figure out why I can't get ubuntu to go over 10kbps01:01
MrSassyPantsSIFTU, the 3rd party blobs are generally vital01:02
pooltablewhat do  i need to do to update flash to version 11???01:02
prometheanfireMrSassyPants: heh, I'm about to become a gentoo dev :D01:02
MrSassyPantsSIFTU, whatcha do without flash and nvidia-drivers?01:02
SIFTUMrSassyPants: there are 64 versions of both of those01:02
MrSassyPantsprometheanfire, my take on gentoo is that it is now run by microsoft, trying to give linux a bad rep01:02
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: the way I do it is find out if you REALLY have any reason that you must have 32 bit, if you don't, then 64 bit.01:02
prometheanfireMrSassyPants: well, given that the council doesn't have a say in technical maters....01:03
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, that's really the "why the hell not" argument01:03
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: I run a 64bit linux desktop and I have both 64bit flash and the nvidia drivers01:03
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, not the point01:03
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: and that is the only argument01:03
prometheanfireanyway, I just wish ubuntu could actually do networking sanely01:03
ShattersHey, I want to install ubuntu 10 lucid onto USB but with file system greater than 4 gig, but Lili Linux installer says it requires FAT32 and so limit live file system. is it possible to make a live USB greater than 4gig?01:03
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: it sounds like you want 32 bit, so go for it01:04
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, it sounds like I want 64bit, but don't know why01:04
SIFTUMrSassyPants: you just seem to be ignoring the whole RAM things.. while you may not have >3Gb or RAM many do. PAE has a penalty and can only goto 64Gb of RAM anyway01:04
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: 64 bit is a better architecture01:05
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, it's got twice the bits!01:05
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: like I said twice now, its not why, but why not01:05
Shatterscurrently on windows 7 btw, and so it can't install with linux etx's as far as I knoww01:05
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, because of potential compatibility problems01:05
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, but I guess I'm just a late adopter and those are worked out by now01:05
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: and I'm telling you that after years of being 64 bit, I still have not found a single one01:06
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noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: but, you might actually need something that really will not work on 64 bit linux01:06
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: thats why I say, find out if you do01:07
boxybrownFYI I solved my problem01:07
a_cuttlefishShatters: keep in mind that i'm talking entirely out my ass and haven't actually tried this, but can't you just make two partitions on the same drive? use one for storage and the other for os?01:07
MrSassyPantsnothing comes to my mind. especially as it's the home server, meaning it doesn't need cutting edge01:07
boxybrownit was an issue with the VM:01:07
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Shatterslol that's what I did the last time I installed cuttlefish, but when I was in here last night it sounded way complicated to use the second partition (logical) to install new programs.01:08
Shattersand after all the updates required when installing ub. 10 luc. it leaves me with about 2 gig space for more programs.01:09
a_cuttlefish2gb isn't /that/ bad... right?01:09
a_cuttlefishif it comes down to it, could you move the programs off the main partition and put symlinks in their places?01:09
Shattersit's very bad when the updates are taking up 50% of the expected system space01:10
MrSassyPantsnoisewaterphd, don't you know, 64bit is recommended by ubuntu.com for servers. but 32bit is recommended for desktops.01:10
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: I am aware01:10
Shattershmm not sure about symlinks. gotta google it. I've only used Ubuntu for a few days now.01:10
a_cuttlefishShatters: ohhh. they're like shortcuts, but better.01:10
noisewaterphdMrSassyPants: besides physical address space, 64 bit ubuntu also consistently benchmarks faster than 3201:11
soreauShatters: apt-cache clean should give some room by deleting downloaded packages I believe01:11
soreauShatters: yes, symbolic links are like shortcuts in a way01:11
Shattersyeah I was using bleachbit for that soreau01:12
Shattershmm, last person I asked about installations said that they go to usr/bin or bins but how do I know after installing a package what files go where because frankly the bin folder just looks like a mess01:12
Shattersand I can't tell what files are associated with what apps, they seem mixed up.01:13
noisewaterphdShatters: /usr/bin is a common directory for program binaries, but it is not the only place they are put01:13
noisewaterphdShatters: and many times it is up to you where they go01:14
noisewaterphdShatters: either search, or just find out from wherever you got the software01:14
Shattershm. how to I select a target directory? I couldn't figure it out01:14
noisewaterphdShatters: use locate01:15
Shattersoh, like the package's website. but no way from package manager?01:15
noisewaterphdwhat software is it01:15
noisewaterphdI might already know01:15
zorklatI'm trying to install an HP LJ 1018, and when I try to get the proprietary component, the script complains it doesn't match its signature.  What do I do?01:15
noisewaterphdalso how did you install it01:15
Shattersany future software I want to install after that 2 gig runs out really. 2 gig won't go very far01:16
ShattersI've only been installing things through package manager01:16
noisewaterphdok, well if you install with apt or whatever, then the binary will be on your path no matter where it was put01:17
noisewaterphdso you can just type the name at the command line without caring where it is01:17
Shattersinteresting, even if the executable is on another partition?01:18
noisewaterphdor if it is a service of somekind, like apache or whatever that runs as a service then you would use either service programname start|stop, or /etc/init.d/programname start|stop01:18
noisewaterphdShatters: as long as that location is in your path01:19
noisewaterphdShatters: it could be on a network drive, external, whatever, as long as that drive is mounted, and the location is on your path01:20
=== peregrinator_six is now known as synaptic
Shatters'on your path' meaning the file path in the file's or symlink's properties, yes?01:20
noisewaterphdShatters: if the location is not on your path you would need to use the canonical name to launch it01:20
noisewaterphdShatters: literally your path01:21
noisewaterphdShatters: you can see what is on it by typing echo $PATH at command line01:21
=== Tac_Home is now known as atdiehm__
zorklatcan anyone help with my HP LJ 1018?01:22
zmbmartinwhen I go to upload a file through a flash based file uploader on the web (like uploadify) the browser to select a file is not themed. It is like ugly plain gtk. Any idea why?01:23
noisewaterphdzorklat: have you tried downloading it again01:23
noisewaterphdzorklat: maybe its incomplete or corrupt and not matching its signature01:24
zorklatmany times.  I get a warning about no permission when trying to get the key.01:24
noisewaterphduse sudo01:24
noisewaterphdzorklat: hp stuff has always 'just worked' for me in ubuntu for quite some time now01:25
zorklat??  I plug in the printer, the script requires my PW thru gksu, it runs, it downloads the plugin, but it can't down load the key.01:25
noisewaterphdzorklat: but HP themselves are actually great help with linux customers01:25
noisewaterphdzorklat: sorry to say that I have no clue, I've given you all the advice I could think of without actually being through it myself01:26
zorklatany suggestions on how I could pull the script output from xterm?  It won't let me copy to clipboard.01:27
ShattersOkay, cool. I copy/pasted all this stuff in notepad to refer to when I boot up ubuntu. Thanks all.01:28
noisewaterphdzorklat: what is it that 'runs' when you plug in the printer? via usb I assume you mean right?01:28
qinzorklat: highligh and middleclick to paste.01:28
noisewaterphdzorklat: or actually right clicking will let you copy I think?01:29
qinzorklat: Wait, xterm?01:29
zorklatqin, yes01:29
ubuntu_when you are in an empty directory01:30
noisewaterphdoh, I've got the gnome terminal I'm sure01:30
ubuntu_and search the full contents with ls -a01:30
qinzorklat: Redirect output to file?01:30
ubuntu_three dots appear01:30
noisewaterphdzorklat: are you using gnome though, should still work?01:30
ubuntu_one . and the other ..    what are the function of these?01:30
zorklatnoisewaterphd, LXDE/Natty.01:31
noisewaterphdzorklat: you could just do: programname >> output.txt01:31
zorklatqin, I don't run the script, it starts when I attach the printer's usb cable01:31
zorklatI don't know the script's name.01:31
noisewaterphdzorklat: oh, im no help either then01:31
SIFTUzorklat: use a different terminal emulator XFCE's "Terminal" doesnt have many dependancies01:31
=== Shadows` is now known as SoulShadow
soreauubuntu_: . means the current directory and .. means the directory above the current directory in the tree01:32
qinzorklat: SIFTU sounds like wise man.01:32
noisewaterphdzorklat: is that somethin you installed that runs?01:32
zmbmartinanyone know why when the file browser that pops up to select a file from a flash based file uploader does not follow my ubunt theme?01:32
soreauubuntu_: You can use ls . and ls .. in any directory to see this01:32
zorklatSIFTU, I would, but I don't choose the console.  Xterm fires up and runs the script, I don't know its name.01:32
noisewaterphdzmbmartin: flash is flash, doesnt use system theme01:32
SIFTUzorklat: how do you launch it?01:33
zorklatSIFTU, I plug in the printer's USB cable.01:33
zmbmartinnoisewaterphd: right but this is a gtk file browser the pops up to select a file. let me upload a screenshot.01:33
noisewaterphdzmbmartin: i understand, but thats just flash01:34
SIFTUzorklat: never heard of that before.. HP printers usually work with hplip01:34
noisewaterphdzmbmartin: i mean, yes its gtk, but that is just how flash is01:34
zmbmartinnoisewaterphd: in my archlinux install this is not the case.01:35
zorklatSIFTU, I installed that before I plugged in the printer.01:35
noisewaterphdzorklat: im with SIFTU, I've just got no idea what is happening on your machine to even come up with an idea01:35
SIFTUzorklat: plug it in and run "hp-setup" from a terminal01:35
noisewaterphdzmbmartin: let me rephrase, thats just how flash is on ubuntu01:35
zorklatSIFTU, command not found, unable to locate package.  Natty / LXDE, if it matters.01:36
SIFTUzorklat: shouldnt matter if you install hplip01:37
zmbmartinnoisewaterphd: OK, that seems weird to me considering how well Ubuntu integrates everything. Thanks01:37
noisewaterphdzmbmartin: not saying that its right, or that you cant fix it, just saying, same thing happens to me01:37
zorklatSIFTU, hplip is installed.01:38
g0rsis anybody using gnome3  ?01:38
SIFTUzorklat: type "hp" and use tab completion01:38
noisewaterphdSIFTU: its hp-setup I'm sure01:39
zorklatSIFTU, aha.  needs a hyphen.01:39
SIFTUzorklat: yes, i had that in the orginal01:39
zorklatmy bad then.01:39
zorklatSIFTU, here we go:  http://pastebin.com/c006TbTc01:41
noisewaterphdzorklat: I would assume that the downloaded file just doesnt match the sig, im not sure what you can do about that, but...01:42
SIFTUzorklat: hp-setup outputs that?01:42
zorklatSIFTU, yep.  every time.01:43
ETERNAI can proudly boast that I am a hacker... NOT that kind of hacker, a CODE HACKER. Jeez.01:43
noisewaterphdzorklat: why not just forget about that, use the 'Printing' app in Ubuntu and add and setup the printer that way01:43
ETERNAS' another name for a programmer.01:43
SIFTUnoisewaterphd: it will need the hp drivers01:44
noisewaterphdzorklat: and see what comes of that method01:44
ETERNASo... what's the problem.01:44
ETERNASome printer issue?01:44
noisewaterphdSIFTU: doesnt the printing app download them for you as well if they arent present? maybe he'll get a good download from it01:44
SIFTUnoisewaterphd: oh not sure01:44
ETERNAI'm a programmer. I can probably help if you tell me wat the problem is!01:45
zorklatwait, wait.  I think the device URI is messed up in the Ubuntu printing utility.01:45
SIFTUETERNA: doubt it01:45
noisewaterphdSIFTU: I'm relly not sure either, just trying to think a way around the issue01:45
ETERNAIt is true.01:45
SIFTUETERNA: doing "hello world" doesnt make you a programmer01:46
noisewaterphdzorklat: are you using Gnome?01:46
zorklathey, does this look right for device URI for printer:  hp:/usb/HP_LaserJet_1018?serial=KP032SM01:46
zorklatnoisewaterphd, LXDE/Natty.01:46
noisewaterphdzorklat: sorry, you already said that01:46
ETERNAI am using GNOME, and I have done WAY more than hello world.01:46
zorklatis ok, I forget stuff all the time.01:46
noisewaterphdETERNA: he was teasing, we dont care01:47
ETERNASo what's the issue?01:48
noisewaterphdETERNA: nothing to be sorry about, just saying you dont need to prove yourself01:48
=== quentin is now known as Qmanjr5
ETERNAOk... thanks.01:48
Qmanjr5why can't I resize my current partition?01:50
Qmanjr5Meaning, the one I'm on.01:50
ETERNAIt is mounted01:50
ETERNAand if you do you will cause extreme file system damage01:50
Qmanjr5So um. What should I do? :P01:50
ETERNAUse a live cd to resize partitions01:50
Qmanjr5Alright. Thank you.01:51
ETERNAwhile they're not mounted.01:51
noisewaterphdQmanjr5: boot from install disk, use live dist and do it from there01:51
ETERNAHe already quit01:51
PastorBonesI've been using the Classic mode on Ubuntu 11 and my menus at the top have all disappeared and everything is lagging (typing, window opening, etc)...how can I fix it?01:52
ETERNAI have no idea... maybe try booting into recovery terminal and doing sudo aptitude install -f01:53
ETERNAPastorBones: I have no idea... maybe try booting into recovery terminal and doing sudo aptitude install -f01:53
ETERNAGotta jet.01:54
yeats!panels | PastorBones01:55
ubottuPastorBones: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:55
PastorBonesYEAH!!! they're back, thank you01:56
g0rshas anybody tried gnome 3 yet ?01:59
g0rshi realazthat02:00
realazthatI mistakenly chose the wrong kbd layout during installation I think02:00
realazthathow do I reset it to "us"?02:00
g0rsrealazthat: you should be able to reset in settings ?02:00
realazthatI did a minimal install ... no settings, only console02:00
g0rsrealazthat: Not sure about that02:01
KM0201realazthat: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data02:01
realazthatKM0201: ty, I don't think there is console-data, I tried console-setup though02:04
KM0201realazthat: hmm, did that work?02:04
uofm49426what do i need to install for a bttv card in ubuntu 101002:04
uofm49426i only want the fm tuner02:05
KM0201realazthat: it looks like you need to install console-data     sudo apt-get install console-data02:05
realazthatKM0201: no, it was about encoding on the console, not hte keyboard02:05
realazthatkk, I'll try02:05
KM0201realazthat: that should do it.. i just did it on my server and it worked fine.02:06
realazthatyeah its configuring02:07
realazthatworks :D02:07
realazthatnow I can use the pipe symbol again :D:D02:07
balzacI just about burst a blood vessel when I read this error message02:11
=== Jayus is now known as zwick
Palace_chanim getting "kill: SIGINT: invalid signal specification" if i run "kill -s SIGINT $pid" in a bash script but it works to run that in the terminal...how come?02:11
balzacxfce depends on _____ but it is not going to be installed02:11
CoreyPalace_chan: man signal02:11
balzacwhat a bad error message.02:12
Palace_chanCorey, it works in the terminal, SIGINT is signal 202:12
balzacSomebody ought to go back to school02:12
balzacMeanwhile, my pinky finger is going numb, making it hard to type.02:12
CoreyPalace_chan: Right.  Firstly it's likely a pathing issue to a different kill (possibly the builtin), secondly specify 2 instead of SIGINT.02:13
balzacMaybe it's carpel tunnel syndrome02:13
almoxarifebalzac: seems to me like a good error msg, I got it02:14
balzacno clue as to why this is the case02:14
balzacalmoxarife: what beyond what is self evident do you get from that error message02:15
almoxarifebalzac: I find those when I have ppa'ed my system into broke dependencies02:15
Palace_chanCorey, so changing SIGINT to 2 worked..that's curious02:15
balzacso we descend from english into technical jargon02:15
almoxarifebalzac: sucks don't it? for free one would expect so much better02:16
qinbalzac: Have you tried install _____ ?02:16
jasefbalgarath, I would argue that technical jargon is ascent, not descent :P02:16
balzacalmoxarife: free or not, people should take pride in their work.02:16
jasefbalzac, *02:17
jasefAlso, balzac, if you have broken dependencies, I'd try 'sudo apt-get -f install'02:17
jasefUsually fixes that issue for me02:17
balzacLooks like the Ubuntu repository  maintainers are playing favorites a lot.02:18
balzacI ain't feeling the "ubuntu".02:18
almoxarifebalzac: is that a question? I can help you with that02:18
balzacNice idea, but something is lost in translation.02:18
balzacxfce and kde should install without such difficulties.02:19
balzacWe're not locking in one desktop to rule them all02:19
balzacNot at the expense of having other options02:19
balzacOr else it's time to go back to debian.02:20
almoxarifebalzac: I can help you with that, you need to take a pill, get some warm milk and call it done for the day02:20
jasefEr, balzac, I can install xfce or kde fine02:21
balzacwell I can't. I have to do something fancy to clear the dependencies.02:21
jasefdid apt-get -f install do anything?02:21
balzacAlso, my xfce installation got messed up somehow.02:21
almoxarifebalzac: how many ppa's you got installed?02:21
balzacjasef, I haven't done it yet.02:23
balzacI've been overly reliant on synaptic02:23
jasefAh, lol. I hate synaptic... I only use it when I need to go through a proxy and my stupid apt proxy doesnt work02:24
stigma_Hello Ubuntu community! I could use some assistance; should I read the terms before asking questions, or are those general behavioral guidelines?02:25
jasefAfaik just behavioral guidelines.... I never read them though02:25
stigma_Okay, I just installed Ubuntu on my home machine (replacing Windows altogether).  My system will not boot now, stopping at the "Loading Operating System..." prompt.  It waits for 20-ish seconds and then says "error: no such device: " very large hex(?) string.  Then "grub rescue>".  This is an AMD x64 machine with two SSD's in RAID 0.  Any ideas what the problem may be?  Any more information I need to furnish?02:27
detlyokay, so I put the ubuntu installer on a usb stick using unetbootin and tried to install it, but two things went wrong: (a) the installer told me that dpkg returned an error and all of the libreoffice packages are broken, which is probably recoverable, and (b) when I reboot, I just see a screen that says "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key"02:27
maynardwv1I am running an ubuntu derivitave called Zorin, and am unable to connect to the network wired. Any suggestions?02:28
SIFTUstigma_: are you using the mb raid?02:28
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: make sure you dont need a driver for your particular nic02:29
stigma_Yes, the driver was provided by Gigabyte and the controller is onboard.02:29
maynardwv1Any idea as to how I can check?02:29
scratchingmyheadHello all... Zorin is linux isn't it?    Why cant I find a source code to compile my own02:29
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: find out what your nic is and use google02:29
SIFTUstigma_: I would suggest using the linux software raid mdadm02:30
maynardwv1Sorry, but I am not exactly a smart man. How do I find what my nic is?02:30
SIFTUstigma_: those mb raids are are usually only written for windows02:30
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: actually, is wired an option you can select, but just not getting connected to your router, or is it just unavailabe. Should clarify that first02:30
scratchingmyheadWhen asking the oracle....  Zorin Source code.. I find 0         Isnt that a violation of linux not providing the source code???02:31
maynardwv1It is available to connect to, but does not connect. I just watch the litte connect widget cycle through for a few, but no connection02:31
stigma_SIFTU: Can you point me to good documentation for that?  I am not well versed in Linux.  I've used Ubuntu in the past, not far from a power user.  Also, should I chose to reinstall Windoze parallel to Ubuntu, will the software RAID cause problems with Windows?02:31
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: are you able to get connection wirelessly?02:32
maynardwv1yes. without issue02:32
stigma_SIFTU: Excuse me: that should be "but far from a power user".  Very far from a power user, lol.02:32
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: because unfortunately at this point its diving into a whole different matter of your router and its setup. I will go ahead and assume you have made sure that the ethernet cable is actually plugged in at each end02:33
SIFTUstigma_: you will need the alternate cd with with text based installer02:33
stigma_oh noes, lol02:33
SIFTUstigma_: there are documents out there i fyou googlw02:33
datakidI"m having trouble mounting an NTFS external drive with -o iocharset=utf8 - basically, it's not working02:34
datakidI'm still getting wide char errors, even though it should be ok with utf8?02:34
SIFTUstigma_: you will need to break the RAID on the mb, which could cause problems with your windows install if you have already installed it on there02:34
datakidsorry, I should re phrase that02:34
maynardwv1noisewaterphd: yes. I have actually checked with other hardware even to ensure that the port isn't the problem. everything seems to work with port except the Zorin computer02:34
datakidI'm mounting a drive successfully using -o iocharset=utf8 but when I rsync to the drive, it fails on wide chars02:34
stigma_SIFTU: Windows is currently not installed.  I may, however choose to reinstall in the future, as I play some games that AFAIK are not supported on Linux (Starcraft II, for example).02:35
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: can you run ifconfig from a terminal and give us the output in pastebin02:35
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!02:35
SIFTUstigma_: yeah that wil be fine02:35
IdleOneStevesicution: yes?02:35
maynardwv1Sorry, but... pastebin?02:35
MadpilotStevesicution, ?02:35
stigma_SIFTU: Windows will be able to use the Ubuntu software RAID?02:36
SIFTUstigma_: also I suggest partiting with /boot not part of the RAID, on another disk maybe?02:36
IdleOne!guidelines > Stevesicution02:36
ubottuStevesicution, please see my private message02:36
SIFTUstigma_: no but it will see the disks, just leave room when you partition02:36
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!02:36
FloodBot1HyperWizard: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
SIFTUstigma_: also if you install windows after ubuntu it will overwrite the mbr, so you will need to reinstall grub02:37
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/, you paste into that and give us the unique URL so that you dont fill the room with a whole bunch of output02:37
edwardthefmahello all02:38
maynardwv1noisewaterphd: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702550/02:38
=== william is now known as Guest14417
edwardthefmai have this weard problrm02:38
stigma_SIFTU: Yes, I am aware of that problem and also that grub is rebuildable.  Not ideal, but at least fixable.  Anyway, I'm not sure I'm following the first part.. you are saying that if I use Ubunut's software RAID and leave room, Windows RAID drivers will be able to consume the remaining space as a separate RAID?  In other words, I will have two separate RAIDS spanning the same two physical devices?02:38
edwardthefmawith my dns i just set up02:38
maynardwv1This is from wireless connection. Should I have connected to the ethernet ?02:38
detlyalso, I asked this last night but couldn't hang around for an answer, but is there any way to tell the ubuntu installer to use a repo in my country rather than the US one?02:39
edwardthefmai need help sorting out a dinamic dns issue02:39
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: ya, select "Auto eth0" from that menu, let it do its thing and give us another pastebin02:39
maynardwv1just a min02:39
SIFTUstigma_: no windows wont be in a raid unless you make it a software raid in windows.. basically you cant use the MB raid with any other OS than windows. they are cheap like that02:40
edwardthefmai just set up my dns today but for som strange reason its not letting me acess it02:40
edwardthefmabut my frends and other pepol can vewe it02:41
stigma_SIFTU: I very much appreciate your advice and assistance.  Hate to ask more questions, but I'm not familiar with software RAID.  Does it come with overhead such that the performance increase is no longer worthwhile?02:41
=== orange__ is now known as gregoryo
noisewaterphdedwardthefma: ping your domain address real quick and see if you are getting served the correct ip02:42
Pilif12pwhy does my computer suddenly shut down after i unplug it?02:42
SIFTUstigma_: so you partition each ssd the same, probably 3 partitions, 200Mb for /boot XXGb for / , XXGB for swap and XXGB for windows, then when you install you combine the / and swap to be raid 002:42
noisewaterphdedwardthefma: could be caching an old one or something02:42
Pilif12pi suppose i should mention that this is a laptop :P02:42
SIFTUstigma_: no more than the MB RAID, as the MB RAID uses the cpu too.. basicially on modern CPU's there is plenty of power for the CPU to do RAID02:42
edwardthefma<noisewaterphd> it works for other pepol to vewe02:42
noisewaterphdPilif12p: is your battery bad?02:43
edwardthefmai just cant acess it for som weard reson on this particular pc02:43
noisewaterphdedwardthefma: your personal machine could be caching an old record02:43
stigma_SIFTU: Honestly, do you think it's better (e.g. less likely for me to blow up), if I simply break the RAID altogether and install one OS on one disk and the other OS on the opposite?02:43
SIFTUstigma_: usually <5% CPU for RAID depending on specs and disk speed etc. My dual core atom is good for 400Mb/s read with the linux raid02:43
edwardthefmaits not just the web brouser02:43
noisewaterphdedwardthefma: your router can cache an old record, your particular isp can cache an old record, etc, etc,02:43
Pilif12pnoisewaterphd: no, it's only about a year and a half old, it started today, it doesn't full the full charge anymore, but it says 91% with 3.5 hours left right now02:43
Pilif12pIt only happens right after I unplug, then I can reboot02:44
stigma_SIFTU: I'm running a Phenom II x602:44
SIFTUstigma_: you could do that.. but I thought you wanted the performance increase of RAID002:44
Pilif12pIt says that the battery level is critical, then shuts down, with no more than 5 seconds warning02:44
edwardthefma<noisewaterphd> is thare a way to fix this quickly02:44
Pilif12phm, i should be in #ubuntu+1 i guess...02:44
noisewaterphdedwardthefma: well we need to find out if that is even the problem, if it is, then yes02:45
maynardwv1noisewaterphd: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702553/   This is with ethernet plugged in, and after hitting auto connect, but I can't spot a difference02:45
stigma_SIFTU: Oh I do, but if this is a solution that is likely to fail given my experience level... what can ya do?  Think I can handle it given zero software RAID experience and very little Linux experience?02:45
maynardwv1my bad, auto etho02:45
SIFTUstigma_: software raid actually has advantages too.. you can rebuild on any linux system (not MB dependant etc)02:45
SIFTUstigma_: yeah there are good guides02:46
SIFTUstigma_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID02:47
stigma_SIFTU: Thanks for the link.  Do I need to break the mobo RAID before following the steps there?02:47
scratchingmyheadDoes anyone know where the Linux source code for Zorin is??????    I cant find it on Goodge02:49
noisewaterphdPilif12p: OK, just checking the obvious. If it just started happening overnight you'll have to  go back and take a look at any updates or new softare you may have installed and see if any of them have bugs that may have done it02:50
Pilif12pnoisewaterphd: Nope, I haven't installed anything lately02:51
balzacCurrently the xfce re-installation is taking place on very sluggish wifi.02:52
AtharvaHi..how can I install kde ?02:52
noisewaterphdAtharva: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:53
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: sorry, didnt notice your new paste til just now02:54
dockhornheya, i'm looking for help with my system, specifically getting the video card on my motherboard to behave better, tried asking on #kubuntu but doesn't seem to be anyone there...02:54
maynardwv1noisewaterphd: its okay.02:55
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: it looks like your driver is fine, next step is to start looking at the router and cables02:55
maynardwv1I have checked everything I know to check.02:56
stigma_SIFTU: Well thanks again for all your help.  I honestly was not aware of this "FakeRAID" deception, lol.  I will do more research before proceeding.02:59
TtechWhat just happened with flood bot?03:00
knightvoidanyone have advice on where to dl safe torrents?03:00
somsip!share | knightvoid03:01
zorklatI have figured out my printing problem.03:01
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balzacthe xfce package was reinstalled broken03:02
=== c-bill is now known as william_
balzacno title bars, no menus, no maximize and minimize03:02
zorklatnoisewaterphd, SIFTU, the problem is that openprinting.org is down.03:02
twotennI just installed Ubuntu Studio 11.04 and I installed the wrong nvidia driver and now I get a black screen login, how can I get back to vga graphics to fix this?03:03
balzacthat's what I'm talking about with the careless package management03:03
scratchingmyheadTried to find the source code online with google but there doesn't seem to be any????03:03
balzacmaybe there's a stray .conf file somewhere03:03
knightvoidsomsip can you explain03:03
somsipscratchingmyhead: zorin is not supported here - it's not an official derivative of ubuntu03:03
qinscratchingmyhead: zorin, yeah?03:03
somsipknightvoid: this is not a sharing channel.03:03
scratchingmyheadqin   yeah03:03
scratchingmyheadqin   yeah os 503:04
scratchingmyheadqin   How can they claim to be linux but not provide the source03:04
noisewaterphdzorklat: ha, well that solves the signature mystery03:04
twotennI rebooted to a repair shell and installed mc to get around but the old x11 config file is no longer there03:05
Atharvaknightvoid : Join #ubuntu-offtopic03:05
qinscratchingmyhead: Besides what somsip just told you, "what licence it comes with?" is right question to ask.03:05
twotennso how can I kick out the bad nvidia driver from a root shell?03:05
knightvoidty atharva03:05
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: at this point I'm afraid I'm not of much help short of actually being there03:05
Atharvaknightvoid  : ?03:06
scratchingmyheadqin  hhuummm  Not sure///  REALLY love the disto and was looking to learn about it... Thanks for your input03:06
knightvoidjoin #ubuntu-offtopic03:06
jasefbalzac, which package did you install? xfce4?03:06
maynardwv1noisewaterphd: I really appreciate your help. I was at a loss, and thought I'd give irc a shot. You have at least given me a few things to look at. Thanks.03:06
twotennhow about apt-get remove nvidia?03:07
knightvoidthanks atharva03:07
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: there is still the off chance that you need a special driver (but in most cases the nic just wouldnt even be available), or maybe the card could be bad? I dont even know what else to tell you to check. You said you already checked the cable, and connect a different machine, so I just don't know what else to do to help.03:07
noisewaterphdmaynardwv1: sorry we didnt get it fixed03:08
balzacokay, finally got it going again03:08
balzacyeah, that's the one03:08
balzacI had to run xfwm from the command prompt03:08
maynardwv1noisewaterphd: could definitely be right with bad card. My dual boot with something else as a check. thanks again03:09
jasefbalzac, Okay, I'm downloading xfce4 now to see if it happens to me O-o03:10
twotenncan anyone here me? or are you all just ignoring me?03:10
balzactwotenn: thanks03:10
balzacI'm just in an environment full of irritating people03:10
Atharva!wait | twotenn03:10
ubottutwotenn: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:10
twotennokay sure03:11
balzacjasef: thank you03:11
william_Can anyone help me with SAMBA file sharing Ubuntu 11.04?03:13
soreaubalzac: What's the problem you're having again?03:13
AtharvaWilliam_ : Whats the problem dude ?03:13
bebe-bothi everyone03:13
soreau! samba | william_03:13
ubottuwilliam_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:13
Atharvabebe-bot : Hello..!03:14
william_I have a successful SAMBA share going on my PC on my home LAN, but my Laptop won't even see it over wi-fi03:15
bebe-bothi Atharva03:15
bebe-botis it a linux channel ?03:15
nikitakittouchscreen/tablet are working poorly on my computer. Can anyone help?03:15
bebe-botubuntu i means03:15
* Aiya greets~I have question.I have defult movie player in ubuntu.How do I install all codec for the player so when i ever I want to play a video in new format its does not need to download and install it.Thanks03:15
c_nickI wanted to access my computer at my workstation.. now we have an external ip but to which they have linked many individual copies .. is there a way i can access the same ?03:16
bebe-botI'm trying to edit a file locate in /ect/modprobe/alsabase.conf , when finish to edit and have problem to save the file , the message error is acces denied . please can you help me to save ?03:16
ljsoftnetAiya install VLC media player it play almost all media files03:16
william_My SAMBA share works from other wired WIndows and Ubuntu PCs... But not my Laptop over wifi03:17
balzacIt's a good thing a gnu screen session persists after logging out03:17
balzacGreat program03:17
Aiya<ljsoftnet>  : do I need to install codec also for it?03:17
Atharva<bebe-bot> : open using -> sudo grdit /etc/modprobe/alsabase.conf03:17
xanguaAiya: ubuntu-restricted-extras will download restricted audio/video codecs, flash and java stuff, etc03:17
=== william_ is now known as c-bill
Aiya<xangua> how do I set it.03:17
Atharvabebe-bot : sorry..   sudo gedit /ect/modprobe/alsabase.conf03:18
xanguaAiya: sudo apt-get install03:18
bebe-botThanks Atharva03:18
Aiya<xangua> Thanks03:18
Atharvabebe-bot : Working ?03:19
bebe-botAtharva : yes working perfect03:20
Atharva<bebe-bot> : Congrats :)03:20
datakidok, what03:21
=== c-bill is now known as william
bebe-botsince yesterday trying to open it , read a big book . Thanks very much03:21
sysyogi<william> you might want to look at your smb.conf file to see if it is allowing your wireless network address03:21
datakidwhat's the difference between something being mounted fuseblk vs smb?03:21
=== william is now known as Guest92552
jasefbalzac, it's finished downloading, how do you want me to test it? starting from command line? or the gnome session manager?03:21
nikitakitMy touchscreen (evdev input) insists on dragging everything to the top left corner, (0,0). Can anyone help?03:24
bebe-botafter edit a file does it need me to reboot my laptop to get it working ?03:26
jasefbebe-bot, depedns what file03:27
jtragbeb: no just reboot whatever service is using the file (restart it)03:27
bebe-botok , i will reboot , the service still in process , thanks to you03:28
sysyogi<william> let me know when you are back in here03:28
jtragYou're welcome03:28
xgt001hello , how to delete a folder from cli ? whats the command?03:28
sysyogi<xgt001> if the directory is empty: rmdir03:29
jasefrm -rf <folder>03:29
sysyogiif it has contents do what <jasef> said03:29
jasefI love how rm -rf / doesn't work in ubuntu lol03:29
xgt001thanks :)03:29
jtragrmdir <your directory you want to erase here>03:30
jtragthat removes a whole folder03:30
jtragrm just removes a single file03:30
jtragrmdir removes the whole folders03:30
jasefrmdir only works if it's empty03:30
jasefrm -rf deletes an entire folder and everything in it03:30
jtrag-rf is recursive and forced03:31
jtragyeah that would have to be added03:31
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
jasef-.- Thanks, I already said that in the beginning03:31
xgt001folks, i need a mp3 player in ubuntu which doesnt wake up my laptop fan.... i have had tried rhythmbox and banshee, but it ends up running my fan in fullspeed even if i play a single song03:32
jasefI hate it when people try to be smart -.-03:32
starsinmypocketsI'm trying to enable apache suexec module.. however, using a2enmod suexec doesn't seem to create the binaries...03:33
qinxgt001: mplayer song.mp303:33
jtragnice song03:34
starsinmypocketsFlags --enable-suexec --... are not recognized03:34
xgt001qin,  any good frontend for mplayer?03:34
jtragyeah it's called Amarok03:34
starsinmypocketsNot sure how to compile this once the mod is enabled...03:34
qinxgt001: No clue, just test if fan will start.03:34
xanguaxgt001: gnome-mplayer, umplayer03:35
xgt001thanks :)03:35
furyoshonenI think my screen saver is causing my Internet connection to disconnect, and not be able to reconnect, does anyone know if thats what this means: [25244.324522] gnome-screensav[27362]: segfault at 4 ip 00007feb27007dce sp 00007fffd6fab990 error 4 in libGL.so.1.2[7feb26fa5000+c0000]03:35
SIFTUxgt001: smplayer03:37
aaronanyone know how to change the color of folders etc when doing an ls in terminal?03:37
=== aaron is now known as Guest96698
nikitakitaaron: do you want to enable color, or change the color scheme?03:38
=== jtrag is now known as jtrag|AWAY
* jtrag|AWAY is away: Gone away for now03:39
ram0042anyone in 11.10?03:42
Atharva<ram0042> : join #ubuntu+103:43
=== Senix is now known as look
=== look is now known as Senix
zyrdanyone familiar with the process of installing the correct realtek module for the whole 8111/8168 snafu? i... don't know that i am locating the correct tarball03:45
ponyofde1thhi, im running oneiric and trying to get an only kde desktop anyone know what virtual packages i need to remove?03:46
ponyofde1thalso how do i disable services starting at boot?03:47
peeps[lappy]how can i change my settings so that i can type a backtick without gnome menu intercepting the keystroke and opening instead03:48
peeps[lappy]i disabled it in keyboard shortcuts, but it still does it03:48
Kabuthunk'Ello all.  Don't know if anyone remembers me from a few days ago.  Unlikely, anyway.03:51
theadminKabuthunk: You should just re-ask your question, or ask the new one, or whatever03:52
KabuthunkNah, the problem is essentially gone by completely unexpected and unusual means.  I was just going to let those who helped me know what happened if they were curious as to the outcome of their suggestions.03:53
theadminKabuthunk: Ah, I see.03:53
theadminKabuthunk: Well, all is well that ends well03:53
bobotcoming back , now get it working , thanks to you guys03:56
datakidhow can I stop the OS from mounting a drive fuse, and instead mount it ntfs?03:58
zenroxfuse uses ntfs03:59
theadmindatakid: fuse mounts ntfs just fine...03:59
datakidtheadmin, zenrox I'm having trouble getting the fuseblk type to recognise utf804:00
datakidusing -o iocharset04:00
datakidbut apparently mounting the drive ntfs with nls=utf8 will work....04:00
KabuthunkOohh... I won't be able to do it now, but I might as well ask about the difficulty levels... how hard is it to change grub to have dual-boot set up when Linux and Windows are on two separate hard drives?04:00
theadmindatakid: Meh... mount -o remount,nls=utf8 -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdz15 /mnt04:00
zenroxhmm thats a hard one datakid04:00
zyrdreally, i just need to know that r100_v1.07.tgz somehow becomes the r8168-8.009.00.tar.bz file i keep seeing used to compile the correct module/driver for realtek8111 onboard ethernet. ubuntu 10.4 being utilized....04:01
theadminKabuthunk: You don't really need GRUB for that, just use your BIOS boot menu04:01
KabuthunkWell yeah, I could hit F11 every time it boots up, but that's kinda annoying.04:01
zyrdif not, could someone please point me in the right direction... i've been trying to get this ethernet issue fixed for... 12 hours now. ish.04:01
KabuthunkThat's what I've been doing until the Linux drive up and died :P04:02
theadminKabuthunk: Well then, it can't be too hard, and I think there are some GUI tools to manage GRUB as well, but I don't know a thing about how grub2 works so04:02
=== dmitry is now known as Guest88353
theadmin!grub | Kabuthunk, read this stuff04:02
ubottuKabuthunk, read this stuff: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:02
KabuthunkEh, I'll hunt it down online eventually.  It's not a necessity, and like I said I can't do it immediately anyway.04:02
datakidtheadmin, nope, still getting errors: "Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character (84)"04:02
KabuthunkNeed to format drive, re-partition, and re-install Ubuntu.04:03
KabuthunkJust haven't gotten around to... all of that yet :P04:03
KabuthunkGotta say though... having Linux and Windows on separate drives has saved my ass on multiple occasions.04:03
KabuthunkSuch as now, since I'm in Windows :P04:03
kendrickLeiterWhat is the best windows VM in the repositories?04:03
theadminkendrickLeiter: Virtualbox is the best way04:04
kendrickLeiterthank you04:04
theadmin!info virtualbox04:04
ubottuPackage virtualbox does not exist in natty04:04
theadminBah, ubottu.04:04
theadmin!info virtualbox-ose04:04
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.4-dfsg-1ubuntu4.1 (natty), package size 14793 kB, installed size 42956 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 all)04:04
theadminkendrickLeiter: ^04:04
datakidtheadmin, also note: the nls=utf8 doesn't show up when I less /etc/mtab ...04:05
theadmindatakid: Probably not a valid option for NTFS at all04:05
trevelyonhello, anyone on here have experience with md?04:06
bobothey , quick question please , when am using pidgin for a messenger or msn chat i can't make a video or audio call , does it need me to download others package ?04:06
theadminbobot: Pidgin doesn't support voice/video except on XMPP04:06
bobotor need others software ?04:06
datakidtheadmin, the ubuntu docs would suggest it is04:07
zyrdi guess not. onwards then.04:07
bobotwow , so i need to download others sofware , rihgt ? can you advise me others ?04:07
bobotbecause ebuddy also do not support it .04:07
theadminbobot: I *think* amsn has VV support on MSN04:08
xanguabobot: pidgin support voice and vide with jabber protocol only04:08
kendrickLeiterThanks for the help theadmin04:08
xanguatheadmin: bobot until it broke, as always when microsoft make changes04:08
=== walter_ is now known as JPSman
JPSmanI was wondering how to make an ubuntu USB - NOT the live cd version but a portable version04:09
trevelyonAnyone familiar with mdadm or is there a better channel for software raid questions?04:09
* theadmin never actually uses voice/video calls except with imo.im users, and that works with all imo.im users no matter what's the protocol, some weird APIs around xD04:09
JPSmanI already made a "live usb" but I want to be able to change is and customize it - how can I do that?04:09
FoolsRunDoes anyone know a scripty way (either sh or python) to get the display number (like :0 or :1) of the X session running on the monitor?04:09
JPSmanis it possible to just alter this live usb in some way?04:09
bobotwow , so no way , lol or maybe i will emule msn with wine .04:09
theadminFoolsRun: echo $DISPLAY :P04:10
FoolsRuntheadmin: but will that work from an ssh session?04:10
theadminFoolsRun: Probably yes04:10
FoolsRuntheadmin: sadly no :(04:10
theadminFoolsRun: Isn't it *always* :0?04:10
FoolsRuntheadmin: apparently not if you've restarted GDM04:10
theadminFoolsRun: Oh, how weird04:11
theadminFoolsRun: Well then, just "export DISPLAY=:0"04:11
datakidtheadmin, see here for instance: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions04:12
FoolsRuntheadmin: that's what I'm trying, but since the monitor's display is now :1, my app won't run.04:12
KabuthunkAaand I'm off to sleep for the night.04:12
KabuthunkLater all.04:12
theadminFoolsRun: How about "DISPLAY=:1 yourapp"?04:12
FoolsRuntheadmin: that does work, but it'll break again next time I reboot. I'm trying to find some way to make it work regardless of whether GDM has been restarted.04:13
theadminFoolsRun: hm, that's a toughie04:13
FoolsRunSo I want export DISPLAY=:Whatever_it_actually_is_right_now04:13
theadminFoolsRun: For me at least04:13
FoolsRunI wonder if I can ask GDM what its display is somehow04:14
theadminFoolsRun: Apparently, you can set the following in the [servers] section of gdm.conf: "0=/usr/bin/X11/X"04:16
theadminFoolsRun: Should fix it up, I guess, and just remove any other displays in there04:17
FoolsRuntheadmin: that should make it always use :0?04:17
theadminFoolsRun: Yeah04:17
FoolsRunLet's find out!04:18
FoolsRunYup, that did it!04:19
FoolsRunThanks a ton!04:19
theadminFoolsRun: No problem. Just so you know, I just googled "GDM configuration" :P04:19
FoolsRunha. I wasn't even looking at that. I was googling things like "list all X displays"04:20
theadminFoolsRun: Man, GDM is complicated :/04:24
FoolsRuntheadmin: aren't they switching away form GDM for Oneric?04:24
Avenger1432Hello...   I   need some help with ubuntu 11.04 ??04:24
theadminFoolsRun: Yeah, they made up something called "lightdm"04:24
FoolsRunAvenger1432: can you be more specific?04:24
theadminAvenger1432: Just ask your question.04:24
theadminFoolsRun: I use lxdm+xfce04:25
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
Avenger1432ok.. I have a new Aspire 5750-6589 laptop... and I cant get wired ethernet or wireless working04:25
theadminFoolsRun: XFCE has no display manager of it's own, so I had to find something desktop-independent but configurable, and there I was :D04:25
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest6728
FoolsRuntheadmin: I actually like Unity. I think it's great for typical "I only actually ever use a web browser" laptop usage.04:25
=== c-bill is now known as william
theadminFoolsRun: "I only actually ever use a web browser"? lxdm, "poweroff" in /etc/lxdm/PostLogout, and "exec opera" or whatever browser you use in your .xinitrc :P04:26
=== william is now known as Guest55560
=== Guest55560 is now known as c-bill
FoolsRuntheadmin: Plus it's pretty and I'd feel comfortable putting my parents in front of it. I think that's important and I like that Ubuntu thinks so, too.04:27
OnlyodinHas anyone seen the Aldi Fission multitouch mouse, and have any idea how to get scrolling working?04:28
Avenger1432my ethernet... just spins that wheel thing in the top right corner and kind of glitches or  flashes...  and wireless just does not appear at all04:28
Avenger1432wondering how to fix it04:28
kolearyrfay, ping04:28
Avenger1432on aspire 5750-648904:28
FoolsRunAvenger: I hate to ask, but have you googled it?04:29
theadminAvenger1432: As for ethernet, what is the result of "sudo ifconfig eth0 up ; sudo dhcpcd eth0"?04:29
Avenger1432idk I would have to go back to it... and find out im using win 7 right now04:29
FoolsRunAvenger1432: do you have another device handy you could join this chat from while booting to Ubuntu?04:30
Avenger1432ya kind of i have a desktop i guess04:30
theadmindonattt: On the wall?04:30
FoolsRun(okay totally unrelated but wow: XBMC recently added AirPlay support and it works amazingly well and easily)04:30
Avenger1432one sec cuz i have to reconnect the internet on there.... using it for my xbox04:30
=== icelure is now known as Icelure
donattttheadmin, ok04:31
Avenger1432havent used my desktop in like a month lol04:34
Avenger14322hi im on my desktop now...  what was the code i have to put in04:37
FoolsRunsudo ifconfig eth0 up ; sudo dhcpcd eth004:37
nikitakitI need help with my touchscreen: whenever I take my finger off the screen the cursor moves to (0,0) - top left corner- before being released04:38
paulus68I have this command to show me the largest files in this directory how do I actually grab this file in order to move it to a new location find /media/backup1/backups -size +10000k -print0 | xargs -0 ls -l04:38
Avenger14322ok...   output says       Link encap: Ethernet   Hwaddr b8:70:f4:ad:ef:f8    UP BROADCAST MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1   RX packets:0 errors: 0   dropped:0 overruns:0  frame:0   TX packets: 0   errors: 0  dropped:0 overruns:0  carrier: 0  collisions:0  txqueuelen: 1000   RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)   TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)   interrupt: 16                       and   sudo: dhcpcd: command not found04:42
FoolsRunAvenger14322: type ifconfig04:42
theadminAvenger14322: Then replace dhcpcd with dhclient.04:42
Avenger14322did that..04:44
Avenger14322didnt do anything... gave me an output for ifconfig if you want that..04:45
FoolsRundoes it say whether you have an IP?04:45
theadminAvenger14322: Well, try pinging google now and see if it works04:45
Avenger14322i did the dhclient... it paused and returned me to the prompt04:45
Avenger14322ok one sec04:46
FoolsRunAvenger: follow theadmin, try typing ping google.com04:46
Stuppgood morning, I need help to get timidity working with pulseaudio04:47
MononaHow do I check my hard drive for bad sectors?04:47
theadminMonona: fsck04:47
paulus68with this command I can get the largest file however what do I need to adapt in order to move it to another location ?find /media/backup1/backups -type f -exec ls -s {} \; | sort -n | tail -n 1 |04:47
theadminpaulus68: mv $(all that mess) /some/location/04:48
Stupphttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems/KarmicCaveats there's a fix but it doesn't work, I'm running natty04:48
Mononatheadmin: what options should I run it with?04:48
theadminMonona: Just your drive, e.g. /dev/sdb504:49
Avenger143221chown: failed to get attributes of 'etc/resolv.conf': no such file or directory                      chmod: failed to get attributes of 'etc/resolv.conf': no such file or directory    was the output after i connected lan and did the code again04:49
theadminMonona: Err, partition... Oh wait, that checks filesystem, not exactly what we want04:49
FoolsRunMonona: you can even use the drive's mountpoint, e.g. /media/ExternalDrive04:49
Stuppdoesn't badblocks work?04:49
paulus68theadmin: if I understand you correctly it's better to put the find in a variable and then use mv in order to ship it over to the new location?04:50
Avenger143221and the icon flickers in the top corner04:50
Avenger143221and disconnects04:50
theadminFoolsRun: Not really, you can't fsck a mounted partition unless you want "SEVERE filesystem damage"04:50
theadminpaulus68: That'd also do it, yeah04:50
paulus68theadmin: thx04:50
FoolsRuntheadmin: no, but once you unmount it you can still refer to it by its mountpoint04:50
Mononatheadmin: Should I run it from a boot CD?04:50
theadminpaulus68: But $(COMMAND) allows to put the output of COMMAND basically anywhere :D04:51
theadminFoolsRun: Only if it's in fstab04:51
FoolsRuntheadmin: true04:51
FoolsRuntheadmin: which all of mine are. I can never remember my device names, so I use the mountpoints04:51
Stuppmy timidity/pulseaudio problem, anyone?04:51
FoolsRunAvenger: did you ping google?04:51
Avenger143221no  thought it would be useless...  it was telling ethernet was disconnected04:52
theadminFoolsRun: Heh, I mostly use /dev/disk/by-label/*04:52
theadminFoolsRun: Given that the device *has* a label, that is04:52
theadminAvenger143221: Networkmanager will not track the result of those commands04:53
Avenger143221flickering like its trying to connect and it disconnects and quits04:53
theadminAvenger143221: Just go and ping it04:53
FoolsRunAvenger: are you sure you can get an IP from this ethernet connection? If you were in Windows before it would have defaulted to using the wifi connection for everything.04:53
Avenger143221brb again then i cant have internet on both ocmputers at the same time04:53
Avenger143221no i can use the ethernet in windows perfectly04:53
MononaFoolsRun: I should run fsck from a boot cd, then?04:54
FoolsRunAvenger: not to beat a horse, but you're _sure_ it's ethernet and not the wireless in Windows?04:54
theadminFoolsRun: You are wrong, Windows defaults to ethernet if it's actually present04:54
FoolsRunMonona: is it your boot drive you need to fsck?04:54
theadminFoolsRun: Just like, well, every other sane OS04:54
Avenger143221both work in windows... so i dont understand04:55
Avenger143221anyways im going to try to ping and i will brb04:55
MononaFoolsRun: I should do my external hard drive, and also my hard drive.  I'll try that on the external drive first.04:56
Avenger14322pinging wont work.. says unknown host04:58
holbenis 'iw' the replacement for 'wireless-tools'?04:59
FoolsRuntheadmin: I'm double-checking but I'm really sure that Windows prioritizes wireless connections over wired04:59
nixjrwhy would df and nautilus be giving me different figures for my free space?05:00
Avenger14322is it possible i can download the wirelesslinux driver.. i believe its broadcom... and put it on my flash drive and install it on my laptop... like i can do in windows?05:02
needhelp1can anyone tell me if the ubuntu certified professional certification is still obtainable ?05:02
needhelp1all i can find05:02
FoolsRunAvenger: technically yes, but it'd be way easier if we could get your ethernet working and you could just run the restricted drivers tool05:02
Avenger14322ya but im wondering if its too hard to figure out the ethernet and if it may save time to just get the wireless drivers05:03
Avenger14322unless you disagree and can help me further05:03
FoolsRunAvenger: the weird thing is ethernet really should Just Work. What's the laptop model again?05:03
oooaaaooohi guys, i have a laptop with 11.04 installed. I want to get the wireless drivers installed for it but it doesnt have hardwired access to the network. Can I download and install the packages(if any) offline?05:03
DDRHello. Trying the live boot CD from the website on my laptop, 11.04 64-bit version, and it won't boot up. It gets stuck trying and failing to load CUPS. Next, it froze my computer's bootloader. Got stuck at 'Press f2 for setup.' forever. Worked again when I manually ejected the disk, so I put the disk back in and tried the 'check disk for errors' option. It worked for a moment, stood still,...05:04
DDR...and it just powered the computer off. Any tips?05:04
Avenger14322Aspire 5750-658905:04
Northwoodswhen i try to save a file in my  /var/www/test.php , it doesn't let me save it says permission denied , i have only one login i.e Northwoods , which is probably should have admin rights05:04
Northwoodswhat should i check or do ?05:04
oooaaaoooits a acer travelmate 2410 btw05:04
FoolsRunNorthwoods: you may have to use sudo05:04
Avenger14322another acer aye05:05
Northwoodssudo in terminal window ?05:05
holbenis 'iw' the replacement for 'wireless-tools'?05:05
Avenger14322i have the same issue oooaaaooo with ethernet not working05:05
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: ^05:05
FoolsRunNorthwoods: or gksudo in X05:05
Avenger14322but mines not a travelmate still acer tho05:05
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: let me try05:05
DDROh, thanks Northwoods, I'm using an acer... uhm... 7735.05:05
oooaaaoooAvenger14322: i dont know if the ethernet works or not , the system just doesnt have physical access to the network. Only wireless05:06
Avenger14322oo ok05:06
Avenger14322nvm then05:06
ajayhello i have an issue using ubuntu one on Xubuntu any help?05:06
ljsoftnetajay whats the issue?05:07
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: i did gksudo , it brings up a window to do a TASK as root , but i want to login into my desktop enviorment as ROOT ?05:07
ajayit says auth_failed05:07
ljsoftnetajay maybe you have a wrong password?05:08
Northwoodsljsoftnet: ^05:08
FoolsRunNorthwoods: you want to save your file as root. Well, sorta. The problem is that your user doesn't have rights to /var/www. That's normal.05:08
Avenger14322i have googled   ubuntu and the aspire 5750....  but nothing with a problem with ethernet and my model...   just nothing at all with ubuntu and my model05:08
ljsoftnetNorthwoods ?05:08
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: yes , but how do i login as ROOt?05:08
ajayno i entered it right and it is also added in the list of machines in my account while checking with firefox05:08
NorthwoodsWhen i haven't even set any passwords for root05:08
Northwoodssu - in terminal window ?05:09
FoolsRunNorthwoods: you could just sudo mkdir /var/www/Northwoods    and then    chown it to your name, then save stuff there05:09
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, I just figured out why my card reader wasn't working last night....05:10
NorthwoodsWhat if i have to do everything again and again , i mean what if i want to login as root permanently ?05:10
FoolsRunNorthwoods: you can't, or shouldn't. You should run as a limited user unless you actually need to do something as root. Then you can sudo05:10
FoolsRunAvenger14322:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181897605:10
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: sudo mkfile /var/www/ this means that i will have to use X everytime i have to make a new file for my project05:11
Stupphi, I need help to get timidity working with pulseaudio05:12
FoolsRunNorthwoods: sudo mkdir /var/www/your_folder_name05:12
Avenger14322o ok... i see ...   it was for 10.04 and i have 11.04 so thought it wouldnt apply.. maybe i should of actually opened the link...05:12
raQiProbably should know this, but just to be 100% sure: Does Ubuntu make similiar MRU lists as Windows, e.g. recently viewed images?05:12
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: did that , but it wont  let me paste any files into this folder even05:12
FoolsRunNorthwoods: did you chown it to your user?05:12
Northwoodsnopes , sorry let me try05:13
ajayljsoftnet any suggestions?05:13
FoolsRunNorthwoods:  sudo chown northwoods /var/www/foldername05:13
ljsoftnetajay i think it has a recover password, click on it05:13
dfcnvtI'm planning on going to install a webserver on my laptop directly for an expermentation purpose. I wonder do you know of any framework that does that?05:14
ajaybut i do not think there is an issue with the account password.05:14
zapmanHi guys, can anyone get bitmap fonts such as console-terminus working in OpenOffice.org? (Ubuntu version: 10.04).05:15
FoolsRunNorthwoods: here's an even better option,  http://heriman.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/enabling-apache-user-home-public_html-directory-in-ubuntu/05:15
ajayi remove the device from my account and try reconnecting with the client my system gets added.05:15
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: yes it worked ,05:16
dumbo88dfcnvt: ubuntu server ?05:16
FoolsRunNorthwoods: the userdir mod for Apache, which should ship disabled with Ubuntu, will let you work in /home/Northwoods/public_html05:16
dfcnvtI mean, any framework that perform less? I'm planning on going to install in my laptop, meaning I'm not expecting to have more than 5 user on my webserver.05:17
FoolsRunNorthwoods: which would be available at http://hostname/~yourname05:17
dfcnvtdumbo88, no just ubuntu desktop05:17
NorthwoodsFoolsRun: yes link you sent , seems to be solution to my problem05:17
Northwoodslet me check it05:17
dfcnvtdumbo88, I will plan on going to install whichever package is needed for my laptop.05:17
FoolsRunNorthwoods: not sure if you have to make the public_html folder yourself or not05:17
jasefYou do,05:17
jasefAt least on debian you do05:17
ajayljsoftnet:i even ran a script put on the faq of ubuntu one and it showed errors05:18
Northwoodsi have a www dir already , i just have to update it into apache.confg05:18
dumbo88most livecd s have some type of webwerver, what else ?05:18
FoolsRunNorthwoods: good luck! I'm out for the night.05:19
ajayljsoftnet:Tomboy GConf returned no tokens, skipping.Testing Ubuntu SSO Service token:  ERROR: 400 /!\ WARNING: Time difference is 20258 seconds. Authentication may fail.Ubuntu One-specific gnome-keyring returned no tokens, skipping.Visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ/HowDoICheckOAuthTokens tofind out what this means.05:19
dfcnvtdumbo88: No, I'd like to install on my laptop. Ah, nevermind, I'll just keep on researching on google.05:19
dfcnvtI came up with a package, "thin" it's a high performance http webserver.. So, I'll play with that.05:21
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: what was it?05:21
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, in short, the device was working just fine...it's simply obsolete....05:21
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: were you able to end up making it work with ubuntu/be useful?05:22
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, I realized every card I was trying was SD HC, as soon as I put a standard SD card in, it auto mounted....05:22
dumbo88dfcnvt if you want to promote it, why not prep a package ?05:22
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: Ah. So does that mean it was the card reader and not linux (does it do this in windows?)?05:23
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, I'll have to try, fortunately this computer dual boots Ubuntu and Vista, so I can load in there, try a few cards, and see what happens...but at least in Linux, it looks like the firmware simply can't handle the HC cards05:25
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, it's a known issue with older SD card readers, and generally there's no solution but replacement....05:27
ajayhello i have an issue using ubuntu one on Xubuntu any help?05:30
DominosPizzaHello.  I'm thinking about using LTS versions of ubuntu.  However, is there something special I'd be missing out on if I use the LTS versions ? Any fancy new software or anything that would make me go "jolly, I wish I had that version instead" ?05:35
Stanley00DominosPizza: LTS is for stable, if you want new software, ues the newest ubuntu version05:36
Stanley00!LTS | DominosPizza05:36
ubottuDominosPizza: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)05:36
RobbieCrashDominosPizza: check this out http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-ubuntu-10-10-and-vs-ubuntu-11-04/05:36
DominosPizzayeah I know what LTS is05:36
gregorywsAnybody here familiar with SAMBA/filesharing on 11.04?05:37
DominosPizzaRobbieCrash: that's more what i'm looking for05:37
RobbieCrashgregoryws what do you need05:37
DominosPizzaRobbieCrash: but that's 10.10 vs 11.04..05:37
RobbieCrashDominosPizza I'm not sure what all is different on the desktop end, but from what I understand, Unity is new and wonderful/awful, Ubuntu One seems nice.05:37
DominosPizzaRobbieCrash: seems they are claiming to have a better preformance when 11.04 hits due to the new kernels.05:39
gregorywsto RobbieCrash  Have a weird problem between two samba/PC's05:39
gregorywsEach has apparently working samba smbclient shows both machines on each side05:40
RobbieCrashDominosPizza probably in many areas, but depending on the machine you're running it on, you may not notice many of them.05:40
DominosPizzaRobbieCrash: E2200 + 4670 + 2GBs of 667MHz DDR205:40
gregorywsbut only the "Master" can access ANY share, and then only the local one...05:40
PMellomasters, anyone knows why pidgin not connect to MOC, with error "Read error", and after i retry reconnect  so many times and accept the certificate, i can connect normally?05:41
RobbieCrashwhat are the permissions on the files, and how did you share them?05:41
DominosPizzaRobbieCrash: perhaps I'll just download the LTS version, see if I'm happy with it.. go from there ?05:42
arovijglebihan : ping.05:42
karen_mwhy not go with the latest?05:42
karen_mforget LTS05:42
gregorywsusing a "Public" folder shared through the stock "one-click" sharing options in nautilus05:42
RobbieCrashDominosPizza noting wrong with that.05:42
DominosPizzakaren_m: I don't want to be bothered with updating every 6 months.05:42
karen_myou'll need to go latest anyways for newer hardware and wifi05:43
karen_mDominosPizza, you'll update 4 times a month anyways.05:43
DominosPizzaDominosPizza: not the distro05:43
=== GirlyGirl is now known as Guest73621
RobbieCrashgregoryws what error do you get when trying?05:43
karen_mDominosPizza, on 10*, my wifi would drop.  Now on 11, it's rock solid05:43
karen_mthink about that for a second :)05:43
DominosPizzakaren_m: use wired.05:44
arovijHi I am having problem with correct entries in my sources.list file. Here is my problem and list of commands I ran in detail http://pastebin.com/EiYncaVY . thanks for help.05:44
karen_mDominosPizza, it will say "there is an update, would you like to proceed." click it and you're done05:44
karen_mwhat's hard about that? :)05:44
karen_moh well, got LTS05:45
gregorywsIn Nautilus it only gets as far as the Workgroup and then shows a dialog about Opening "Workgroup"05:45
RobbieCrasharovij are you sure the package is just called firefox? Not, firefox_x86 or something similar?05:45
gregorywsEvetually fails to mount and cant retrieve share list from serfver05:45
DominosPizzakaren_m: *shrug*.  I'm just looking to get off XP on this 'general usage machine' without paying for Win7 32bit since it seems dumb to pay for an OS I wont be using games on anymore.05:46
arovijRobbieCrash : I am following this link https://developer.mozilla.org/En/Simple_Firefox_build05:46
RobbieCrashgregoryws what changes have you made to your smb.conf?05:46
karen_mDominosPizza, trust me, go 11 and you'll love it05:46
karen_mi quit doing win7 about 2 years ago and never looked back, it's awesome05:46
=== disturbedmime is now known as mimechael_jackso
karen_mand when an upgrade is available, the same box will pop up and say "would you like to upgrade" .. .press it and answer a few questions ... reboot and you're on the latest05:47
karen_mubuntu is on every computer i own05:47
RobbieCrasharovij but you're installing from a ppa, not from the default repository05:47
karen_mvirtualbox runs win7, so if i need to do anything in windows i pull up my virtualbox05:47
Girly-Girlkaren_m: #ubuntu-offropic maybe05:47
DominosPizzaIt can't be on every computer I own, cause the i5 + 6850 has to be the gaming machine now.. This machine wouldn't pull GTA4 and Metro2033 for jack.05:47
karen_mGirly-Girl, do you speak english?  We're talking about ubuntu and which one he should decide.  If that's off topic, would you like to discuss poker?05:48
arovijRobbieCrash : Please help me with making correct entries in sources.list. Those entries are a result of trial and error.05:48
gregorywsOne machine has stock smb.conf file, that I manually added one share to, and the other share was created through Nautilus.  The other is stock all the way.05:48
DominosPizzakaren_m: I doubt even intel verterilazation or AMD-V/SMV would run games well in a virtual machine..05:49
RobbieCrasharovij you stated you can't update due to legacy reasons, I can't give you a list of repositories that are safe for you to use. It would probably be easier to download firefox source and build from source05:49
karen_mDominosPizza, i have not tried that.  for gaming, i reboot... I've got an i5 with 6990, and if i want to game I reboot into windows.  grub ftw05:50
gregorywsEach machine will behave one of two eays, depending directly on if it is currently the "Master" Samaba server...05:50
RobbieCrashgregoryws what do you mean by master?05:50
Girly-Girlkaren_m: Still its not ubuntu support05:50
DominosPizza6990? must have robbed a bank and known a guy that works at your lightbill company.05:50
arovijRobbieCrash : That's exactly what I am trying to do but issue is the site states I need to to install some build tools for building firefox05:50
Girly-Girlkaren_m: Support = help to resolve problems with Ubuntu05:51
karen_mwon it lol  ... DominosPizza have a good one... conversation is over :)05:51
gregorywsWith "SMB" one machine always becomes the "Master" and all other samba servers are subbordinate.05:51
DominosPizzathe dots make it over........................ I guess..........................05:51
karen_mGirly-Girl has a problem with our conversation05:52
RobbieCrasharovij, do you have build-dep installed?05:52
RobbieCrashtry just doing apt-get install build-dep05:52
gregorywsIf I restart one PC running a SMB share (SAMBA), the other usually assumes "Master"05:52
glebihanarovij, first thing, there are no packages for hardy at all in that ppa05:52
Girly-Girlkaren_m: DominosPizza I did not want to be rude or anything, its just better not to clutter this channel so people generally talk about such things in offtopic or by pm05:52
DominosPizzaIf I stopped conversating on IRC or real life cause someone didn't like my conversation or had a problem with me , and everyone did it there wouldn't be any conversations. :_/05:53
arovijRobbieCrash let me try that and get back. glebihan : i was using http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/generate.php to generate my sources.list entries05:53
Us3r_UnfriendlyHas anyone used centerim and irssi or weechat?05:53
arovijglebihan : sorry it's this one.. http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/05:54
RobbieCrashgregoryws ok, can you browse smb shares on localhost from either of the machines05:54
Girly-GirlHi I have kubuntu 11.04. Aparently something removed kde-workspace packages. I am stuck without GUI now as KDM will not login to anything. I know how to fix this but I need an Internet connection. How can I connect to a 802.11g WPA-PSK wireless network from command line?05:55
gregorywsOnly the one who is currently the "MASTER", and then only it's own local shares...05:55
glebihanarovij, well I don't know exactly how this site works, but it doesn't really matter05:56
RobbieCrashso Master can browse its own shares, but not slave's and slave cannot browse either? Does it matter who the master is?05:56
Us3r_UnfriendlyGirly-Girl I'm running off a machine with no X either05:56
arovijglebihan : ok..05:56
glebihanarovij, as I said there are no packages for hardy in the ppa you added, and there is no chance you'll ever get to build firefox 10 for it05:56
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl is the network encrypted?05:57
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: Yes05:57
Us3r_UnfriendlyGoing to irssi, be right back05:57
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: Like I said 802.11g WPA-PSK05:57
arovijglebihan : I can't build this on later versions of ubuntu.. I have to build with 6.06 ... what entries can I make?05:58
gregorywsRobbieCrash is there a difference between browsing the SAMBA share normally and doing it through localhost?05:58
glebihanarovij, nothing you can do. It simply won't work. And why adding a hardy repository on 6.06 ? Why do you need to build for that version05:59
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Girly-GirlIdeas for wireless?05:59
th0rGirly-Girl: you can configure the network in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf and /etc/network/interfaces, then use ifup to bring it up06:00
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl, assuming eth0, all commands are sudo, ifdown eht0; dhclient -r eth0; ifup eth0, iwconfig eth0 essid "SSID"; iwconfig eth0 key HEXKEYNOTASCII | iwconfig eth0 key s:ASCIIKEY06:00
Us3r_Unfriendlymucho better06:00
arovijglebihan : I have to make some changes for firefox and later deploy it on some 100 odd machines.. Now these machines use very old version of linux. i have to replicate the same enviornment in my machine..06:00
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: Does it have to be in ASCI?06:00
RobbieCrashgregoryws it just goes out over the network that way, rather than just browsing through the file explorer.06:01
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl the last one is OR, not both06:01
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: OR???06:02
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, yep, tried in Vista, the regular SD card loaded right up, the SDHC card was totally ignored...06:02
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: Ah. That's a bummer, but at least it isn't an unfixable ubuntu quirk :)06:02
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl the | for or06:02
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: ok06:02
glebihanarovij, well 6.06 is way outdated... and not supported at all. The thing to do is either upgrade those machines or stick with old versions of firefox06:03
RobbieCrashso you either do iwconfig eth0 key HEXKEY, OR you do iwconfig eth0 key s:ASCIIKEY06:03
DDRHm, kubuntu's live CD doesn't want to even start booting, here...06:03
DDRThis installation thing is kinda hard. :(06:03
arovijglebihan : you are right. ok let me try putting some sense in my seniors.. Thanks for your time :)06:03
glebihanarovij, you're welcome06:04
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl if you're not using ASCII, don't do anything before the key, if you are you need to put "s:" before the key06:04
Us3r_UnfriendlyI should actually learn command line wifi06:04
dummyquicktime for linux?06:04
Us3r_Unfriendlynever had to yet06:04
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: I guess I must replace eth0 with wlan0?06:04
RobbieCrashand make sure you put sudo before each command06:05
dummysomething to convert video files06:05
RobbieCrashI just am lazy06:05
Us3r_Unfriendlydummy: handbrake06:05
gregorywsRobbieCrash as far as I can see the local shares are only browsable on the machine that is "Master".06:05
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: I'm on windows now, I will make it into a script and reboot then06:05
dummyhandbrake 4 linux?06:05
Us3r_Unfriendlydummy: avidemux06:05
Us3r_Unfriendlydummy: handbreak for linux yes...but i'm not sure if it's in the repos yet.  I'd check but i'm in tty right now06:06
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl good luck06:06
dummyI use avidmux..I need to make quicktime conversion06:06
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: like this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/702595/06:07
Us3r_Unfriendlyi'm not sure i can talk about handbreak here seeing that it's not in the repos and is considered 3rd party app.  but I use it and it's great.06:07
dummyyep gonna try it now06:08
gregorywsRobbieCrash smbclient -L localhost -U% indicates that each server is aware of each other, but smbclient -L "other-server" ends in connection failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL).06:08
dfcnvt...I forgot how to set up init06:09
dfcnvtI have two files already placed in two different directory06:09
dfcnvtone of them in /etc/init.d/06:10
dfcnvtanother in /opt/script06:10
gregorywsdummy Handbrake is in the repos, I use it often06:10
dfcnvthow do I start init ?06:10
gregorywsdummy sorry, Handbrake is in a ppa06:10
RobbieCrashgregoryws what version of Ubuntu?06:10
dummyokay going to log into launchpad and get handbrake06:10
dummyyea ppa from launchpad06:10
gregorywsRobbieCrash Ubuntu 11.0406:11
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl yes, but replace SSID and HEXKEY with yours, obviously.06:11
dummyI luv linux06:11
dfcnvtI have a script in my /opt directory and a proper init file in /etc/init.d directory... How do I run init to say I have a new script here please run them every boot.06:11
Girly-GirlRobbieCrash: Thanks for your help06:11
gregorywsdummy I can say that the Handbrake ppa has been one of the few reliable things for me with 11.0406:13
PanArturdfcnvt: update-rc [scriptname] defaults06:13
RobbieCrashgregoryws can you enable guest access to the shares and test that?06:13
dummyI am all ears06:13
RobbieCrashGirly-Girl you're welcome06:13
dummyvideo transcoder06:14
dummyavidmux vs handbrake06:14
dfcnvtPanArtur: I recently tried out your command, found out update-rc isn't in ubuntu06:14
RobbieCrashgregoryws unfortunately, that smb error is the generic one, so it's hard to troubleshoot.06:15
dfcnvtPanArtur: Would update-rc.d do?06:15
PanArturdfcnvt: ooo my mistake. yes06:16
RobbieCrashcan you grep through /var/log/samba/log.OTHERHOST06:16
PanArtur dfcnvt rc.d06:16
dfcnvtto be sure.. does it have to be a script file or init file?06:16
PanArturdfcnvt: I think it could be symlink06:17
dfcnvtokay, how do I undo them?06:17
gregorywsRobbieCrash don't I know it.  It took me two days to get the first smb share going on my desktop.  I'd swear that UBU11.04 samba doesn't behave the way stock samba is supposed to.  I finally managed to get it to where I could access it repeatedly from other windows/ubuntu pc's on my lan.  But today, it's not even browsable..06:17
=== dummy is now known as you2
=== you2 is now known as dummy
PanArturdfcnvt: use disable instead defaults - read man update-rc.d06:19
glebihandfcnvt, is your script just a task to run on boot or really a service ?06:20
gregorywsdummy what's your target viewing platform?06:20
dfcnvtIt's a firewall script.06:21
dummywell, to make a long story short...I have ubuntu at home and mac at school.06:21
glebihandfcnvt, ok but is it just something that needs to be run one time on boot, or does it keep running in background afterwards ?06:22
dummyI need quicktime.  I don't have windows anymore...waaah.06:22
dfcnvtI'd like to have my firewall to run at all time.06:22
dfcnvtSo, run on boot every time.06:22
dummywindows withdrawals06:23
glebihandfcnvt, you didn't really answer my question. Does you script just do some initializations or does it keep running ?06:24
gregorywsdummy do you need to convert files to watch them on the mac or convert to watch on the UBUNTU?06:24
dummyI am going to install the ppa handbrake like you said awhile back06:25
dfcnvtglebihan, both, this script requires a boot everytime the machine run. Meaning, it keep running in the background.06:25
RobbieCrashgregoryws and you haven't changed any of your smb.conf or iptables, or installed any firewalls or anything?06:25
RobbieCrashon either box?06:25
dfcnvtglebihan: So, assuming this line, "update-rc.d firewall defaults" is what I want it to do.06:26
gregorywsRobbieCrash not since it last worked across my network.  And I haven't touched my iptables.  I didn't even know what UFW was, till I ran down a T/S lead.06:27
dfcnvtglebihan, not to be confused, this script run once for iptables to set up the configuration. This script doesn't require a long running in the background.06:27
dummyhow do I install a ppa?06:28
dfcnvtglebihan: maybe that is answering your question?06:28
glebihandfcnvt, err, well not really. You just told be that it both kept running in background and did not. Which one is it ?06:28
gregorywsdummy can you, or, have you included med-buntu in your repo list?06:29
dummyI    will look now06:29
dfcnvtglebihan, let me be clear again. This script only need to run once at the boot up.06:30
gregorywsThere are alot of "grey-area" packages for video playback.  There isn't a video I  haven't been able to play on my Ubuntu pc.  Medi-buntu might be your ticket..06:30
dummyno medibuntu06:30
* rhin0 never had a problem with vid on ubuntu06:30
rhin0use totem06:30
glebihandfcnvt, ok then the simplest way is just to put a line to run that script in /etc/rc.local06:30
rhin0or use ..06:30
rhin0whats the name --- the player06:30
rhin0plays eveyhting06:31
dfcnvt..Okay, I'll check06:31
dummyfound medibuntu in launchpad06:31
dummyokay load medibuntu first06:31
gregorywsdummy google medibuntu  the homepage has instructions on how to add it.06:32
gregorywsRobbieCrash  would simply enabling guest accounts through the smb.conf be the way to check what you suggested earlier?06:33
dummynice..you have more than answered my questions..06:33
keyzscan anyone tell me how i open port for utorrent on ubuntu 11.0406:35
keyzson firewall06:35
dfcnvtglebihan: Am I to understand the purpose of rc.local is to run at the end of the booting's sequence?06:35
gregorywsdummy finding the right packages sometimes takes trial and error.  I've found that different flavors of ubuntu (kubu, xub, ubu, etc) and different versions favor different media players.  DVD playback usually takes a little tinkering for example..06:36
glebihandfcnvt, that's right06:36
dummythis is all new to me06:36
dfcnvtglebihan, thanks... I think I'm interested in learning more about rc06:36
dummybut it certainly is more fun that windows06:36
dummythere is no way I would have found this chat on windows06:37
glebihandfcnvt, that may not be such a good idea actually (I mean to learn too much about it). It's not deprecated on ubuntu and is only still there for compatibility reasons06:37
glebihandfcnvt, the init process is now handled by upstart, so this is probably what you'll want to learn about06:37
glebihanmeant "it's *now* deprecated"06:38
dummyty and goodnight from ca06:40
jasefFirst time I've heard about upstart.... time to research.06:40
dfcnvtglebihan: I might be interested in making my own distro, say, gentoo... Would this learning process require me to understand rc?06:40
=== tensorpudding_ is now known as tensorpudding
dfcnvtglebihan, nvrmnd, it's just a substitution is all you're saying.. rc --> upstart. http://upstart.ubuntu.com/06:42
xgt001any cpu frequency selector for unity?06:42
dfcnvtAlright, I'm out. thanks anyway06:44
xgt001how do i set cpu frequency in unity? in natty/oneiric06:47
oratedEven after usinf autoclean, clean and autoremove, I keep getting E: You don't have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives/.n/ is 2.4GB Can anyone  suggest any resolution please?06:48
ABi1gnome 3 not working in vmware workstation 806:49
xgt001ABi1, are you on oneiric or natty?06:50
BiKER-JENSHallo :)06:51
xgt001did u install vmware equivalent of guest additions and try?06:51
BiKER-JENSI've been trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 server LTS on a FITPC2i06:51
BiKER-JENSAnd I have some problems with GRUP06:51
BiKER-JENSIt will only work if - have a usb stick in06:51
BiKER-JENSand GRUP is written on it06:52
BiKER-JENSi have 160 gb sata2 disk in06:52
BiKER-JENSsome one have clue howto make it boot from harddrive and not the usb-stick06:52
olliiare there some problems with the apt host: ?06:52
PanArturorated: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/arcives*.deb06:52
olliisamba packages seem to be missing06:52
PanArturorated: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb06:52
ABi1any solution to run gnome 3 in vmware06:53
xgt001ABi1, i think it requires hardware accelaration anyways...most likely wont work..is fallback mode workingh06:53
biborncannot run?06:54
PanArturBiKER-JENS: run ubuntu from pendrive open terminal and enter sudo grub-instal /dev/sda06:54
ABi1xgt001 i m usin intel 965 chipset06:54
olliiFailed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/samba/samba-common_3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.8_all.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]06:54
oratedPanArtur: Its empty06:55
PanArturorated: du -hs /path/to/directory - and check06:56
oratedPanArtur: How much space is assigned to / with installer selected for guided/auti installation?06:57
xgt001ABi1, apparently vmware and gnome 3 dont go well... but virtualbox DOES work well with guest additions recently06:58
xgt001ABi1, did u check if hardware accelaration is enabled for your vm?06:58
oratedPanArtur: 8.0K    /var/cache/apt/archives/06:58
bhaveshI want to Uninstall Ubuntu, should I just delete the linux partition, and follow the three commands for Uninstalling GRUB using Linux from a live Ubuntu USB?06:58
bhaveshthat will boot me into windows by default?06:59
bhaveshhere: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-how-to-uninstall-grub/06:59
ardithoxhahey guys, how to go to change SYSTEM SOUND like when shut down or logging in!06:59
dummyjust one last comment06:59
susundbergbhavesh: umm the 'dd' command will really un-install the boot loader of any kind -- your system wont boot after that07:00
Northwoodshow do i search a string in vi editor ?07:00
dummyI found a site compilelinux07:00
susundbergbhavesh: use windows installation / repair disk or similar07:00
ardithoxhahey guys, how to go to change SYSTEM SOUND like when shut down or logging in!07:00
rumbaHas anyone manged to run Portal 2 in Windows 7 in Virtualbox?07:00
bhaveshsusundberg: So,, is there any linux command for it?07:00
susundbergbhavesh: well linux does not contain windows bootloader so no afaik07:01
xgt001ardithoxha, sound effects under the sound indicator menu07:01
dummyadding handbrake now and chatting in another terminal07:01
bhaveshsusundberg: ok07:01
susundbergbhavesh: i guess somebody has done such (didn't google for that though) but using windows installation disk is just easier i would say07:01
oratedbhavesh: And after that if you want to boot directly into Windows after deleting linux partition, you will have to fix the mbr07:02
dummyok bye for now07:02
ardithoxhaxgt001: but where, preferences> or administatration>07:02
gregorywsRobbieCrash enabled guest access to my share on one box, and cannot access it from the other.07:03
bhaveshorated: ok07:03
gregorywsLOL anyone know a good technical book on linux networking?07:03
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
oratedPanArtur: ?07:05
ardithoxhahey, how to change sound schemes? preferences or administration?07:07
oratedPanArtur: I'm stuck with that error. I cannot install or upgrade ...07:07
xgt001ardithoxha, sorry for late reply... under preferences07:08
ardithoxhaxgt001: f*** I have made like Windows 7 and dont know which is? what is named?07:09
NorthwoodsWhy does my ubuntu doesn't let me create folders or files in /home/ directory through GUI ?07:09
Northwoodsnot through X07:09
xgt001ardithoxha, are you on 10.10 or 10.04?07:10
ardithoxhaxgt001: im 10.1007:10
mekwallhmm, for some reason Ubuntu doesn't remember my ssh passwords. what could be the reason for this?07:10
xgt001Northwoods, are u referring to /home/user or just /home directory07:10
mekwallkeeps asking me for passwords when autofs is remouting my ssh mounts07:10
jasefNorthwoods, /home is owned by root, I think, and /home/<user> is owned by the user07:10
Northwoodsxgt001: you mean i need to create a user /home/user/  , then i can create files and folders under it ?07:11
jasefmekwall, have you tried using keys for autoauth? I don't think it does remember SSH passwords.07:11
mekwalljasef: I am using password protected keys07:12
jasefmekwall, Oh... I'm not sure about it remembering those - I use keys without a password so I don't have to enter anything to connect07:12
xgt001Northwoods, see if your user name is sample then the home  will have /home/sample directory where you have the full access to create anything07:12
bhaveshsusundberg: But can't I use the second command # dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sdX bs=446 count=1 ? Because the statement above it says "Just remove MBR, without the partition table "07:12
mekwalljasef: heh... well, it's for remote access to corporate servers so I have to have passwords on the keys ;)07:13
bhaveshsusundberg: Just because I dont currently have windows DVD :(07:13
xgt001Northwoods, you cant modify /home folder07:13
somsipmekwall: that's what password protected kets do. You'll have to regen them without keys to avoid that07:13
somsip...without passwords...07:13
Northwoodsxgt001: thanks got it07:13
mekwallsomsip: that can't be right...07:13
anandvenkat4Is there any way to differentiate between the ethernet, ppp and pptp interface in linux?07:13
mekwallsomsip: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeKeyring/Ssh for example07:14
susundbergbhavesh: the dd command will erase the MBR -- that handles the booting of the machine -> your windows will not boot07:14
mekwallsomsip: I've already added my keys with ssh-add07:14
ardithoxhaxgt001: im 10.10 as said but what is name of that app for system scheme?07:14
jasefmekwall, Oh, okay. Sorry :( I dunno what to suggest, I don't have any experience with using passworded keys past that my SSH doesnt remember the passwords07:14
=== aidenhong_ is now known as aidenhong
bhaveshsusundberg: ok07:14
susundbergbhavesh: you can also write the grub such that it will boot directly to windows, and then from windows erase the linux partition07:14
bhaveshsusundberg: For that I need to make sure my grub is installed on another partition .. so when I delete Linux partition, mu grub wont get deleted?07:15
somsipmekwall: and do they list when you ssh-add -l ?07:15
mekwallsomsip: they sure do :)07:16
gregorywsNorthwoods what are you whishing to do with your/home ?07:16
xgt001ardithoxha, sound preferences i think sorry not sure coz i am on 11.1007:16
somsipmekwall: and they have &.pub paired files...etc...?07:16
susundbergbhavesh: http://www.unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/1170-how-to-change-the-default-boot-order-for-grub2-in-ubuntu-1004-and-ubuntu-1010-maverick-meerkat07:16
kaushik_is there any very good creator of html5 sheets for ubuntu07:16
mekwalljasef: removing passwords from keys is merely an insecure workaround :P07:16
mekwallsomsip: indeed they do :)07:16
anandvenkat4Is there any way to differentiate between the ethernet, ppp and pptp interface in linux?07:16
susundbergbhavesh: afaik the grub is installed on MBR and not on any particular partition07:17
xgt001mekwall, did u try bluefish editor or even quanta plus07:17
ajayi have a prob running ubuntu one in xubuntu any help?07:17
mekwallsomsip: have two keys for different server farms, and they both start with id_rsa_07:17
bhaveshsusundberg: ok :)07:17
xgt001ajay, what problem07:17
mekwallsomsip: and they have 0400 permissions07:17
susundbergbhavesh: but beware -- i am not sure about this -- this was the case with lilo and grub but i guess you are using grub207:18
mekwallxgt001: think you got the wrong person ;)07:18
ajayxgt001:it shows auth_failed though the pass is right and my machine is added to the list on ma account07:18
oratedsusundberg: What if he tries to fix mbr directly after deleting linux partitions by using Windows recovery disc and running commands like bootrec.exe /fixmbr, /scanOS etc ... using command prompt?07:18
somsipmekwall: so you have a id_rsa_server1 (private key) and id_rsa_server1.pub for each in .ssh?07:18
mekwallsomsip: yup07:18
bhaveshsusundberg: yea im,.. it was installed with Ubuntu 11.10 beta 207:18
susundbergorated: i suggested that, but he didnt have windows install disk07:18
mekwallsomsip: the pubs are also added to authorized_keys07:19
sajimonhmm, how come i have latest version of ubuntu font family from gentoo portage and on ubuntu its still old version without mono and condensed variants, funny07:19
mekwallsomsip: I am using autosshfs (https://github.com/hellekin/autosshfs)07:20
somsipmekwall: can you connect without passwords trying direct SSH?07:20
mekwallsomsip: yeah, that works07:20
Emmanuel_ChanelIs there a web page how to install lilo on the installation of Ubuntu Server?07:21
mekwallsomsip: but whenever its remounting it asks me for the pwd07:21
somsipmekwall: can you tail the sshd.log (or is it auth.log) to see whatthey error is when sshfs tries to connect?07:21
Emmanuel_ChanelIf I install Ubuntu Server to my server PC, grub wouldn't work.07:22
susundbergorated: oh i guess he could have just booted to windows and run fixmbr from there?07:22
oratedsusundberg: Yes07:22
ajayxgt001:any advice?07:22
mekwallsomsip: ah, good idea!07:22
susundbergorated: ups .. well i hope he survives07:23
Velshteinpardon me, would anyone be willing to help a newcomer to linux with a /dev/dm-0 issue?07:23
susundbergVelshtein: state your problem and we will see :)07:23
VelshteinSuper. Give me a moment07:23
mekwallsomsip: http://pastie.org/2642376 <-- replaced the host with ? for security reasons ;)07:24
jasefmekwall, :( getting me curious >>07:24
ajayi have a prob running ubuntu one in xubuntu any help?07:24
mekwalljasef: about? :)07:24
rkhshmI pulled in a torrent via vuze but the vuze interface is not opening on my machine. but i can see heavy netwrok activity(downdoing)07:25
rkhshmtop does not show that vuze is runnig.07:25
rkhshmhow do i get the interface?07:25
somsipmekwall: http://linuxindetails.wordpress.com/2009/12/30/gnome-keyring-daemon-unsupported-key-algorithm-in-certificate-1-2-840-10045-2-1/07:25
mekwallrkhshm: try with: ps aux|grep vuze07:26
Velshtein< mostly a windows user. Installed Ubuntu 11.04 as a dual-boot option to toy with (I always wanted to learn). Friend heard I had done it and wanted me to look at a clients hard drive that needed to be recovered, but he couldn't access it from windows.07:26
VelshteinGave it to me, I plugged it in - shows up fine in the BIOS, but not at all in windows. Thought that odd, so booted into Ubuntu and took a look in Nautilus. Nothing. Ran a fdisk -l and it showed both of MY drives just fine, but this /dev/dm-0 in place of the new one.07:26
jasefmekwall, what host needs to be ?'d out for security :P07:26
somsipmekwall: suggest installing libpam-unix2 (shrugs)07:26
gregorywsRobbieCrash thanks for your time on my problem. I think I'm just going to have to scrap SAMBA and look at NFS or some other route.  I can't keep banging my head against a wall on a regular basis.07:26
rkhshmmekwall: yes its running..07:26
rkhshmbut i dont have the UI07:26
rkhshmto see whats going on07:26
rkhshmall i can see is that its downloading something07:27
mekwalljasef: because its only used internally :)07:27
Velshtein(I should probably note that I understand little to none by way of linux lingo, so be gentle :))07:27
jasef>.> lol k07:27
mekwalljasef: and you never know what people is sitting here :)07:27
rkhshmmekwall: any ideas how to get back to UI07:27
mekwallrkhshm: uhm, so vuze gui is gone? :)07:28
rkhshmmekwall: lol.. yes07:28
rkhshmmekwall: vuze is happily downloading something .. i dont even know what that is :)07:28
mekwallrkhshm: no idea, I don't use vuze :P07:28
ABi1so there is no way out to run gnome 3 in vmware07:28
mekwallvuze is a insanely bloated client07:29
rkhshmmekwall: transmission?07:29
The_PhoenixI'm seeing this guide. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer At the end, I see references to netboot folder in install. Which ISO is this tutorial referring to? I mounted the i386 iso on WinXP but I don't see netboot folder07:29
mekwallrkhshm: for local torrents, yes... otherwise rtorrent07:29
gregorywsMy first pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702618/plain/07:29
mekwallrkhshm: you want to kill vuze?07:30
mekwallrkhshm: I bet thats the best way... kill it and start again :)07:30
rkhshmmekwall: yeah tryring it07:30
gregorywsSigh, last time, lol, ANY SAMBA/UBUNTU filesharing gurus out there?07:30
mekwallrkhshm: try with killall vuze :D07:31
ABi1any way out to run gnome 3(ubuntu    11.04) as vmware client07:31
mekwallrkhshm: or killall -9 vuze if that doesn't work07:31
The_Phoenixgregoryws: am not a guru but I might be able to help07:31
ajayi have a prob running ubuntu one in xubuntu any help?07:31
mekwallABi1: gnome 3 on 11.04 isn't very stable07:31
rkhshmwhy does pgrep vuze not show anything?07:31
rkhshmno PID07:31
mekwallABi1: tried it before I went for 11.10 beta, which works so much better07:31
rkhshmand ps aux |grep vuze shows a PID but when i pkill it it says no such process??07:31
gregorywsThe_Phoenix it's pretty tough, I've spent over 5 hours and I'm not new to linux...07:32
VelshteinWith a little research, I think my /dev/dm-0 drive is a LVM2 encrypted drive. I need to recover it. Anyone know how?07:32
jasefWow... my window manager is bgging up... I think I better restart it -.-07:32
mekwallrkhshm: trying with sudo?07:32
rkhshmmekwall: yea07:33
jasefIt keeps stopping me from alt-tabbing or switching windows until I right click around07:33
mekwallrkhshm: ps aux|grep vuze will show the grep command as well :P07:33
mekwalljust so you know07:33
rkhshmmekwall: yeah i know07:33
mekwallrkhshm: what if you do killall -9 vuze?07:33
rkhshmvuze not found07:34
rkhshmbut still there is network activity.07:34
rkhshmmy ubuntu has gone bonkers07:34
mekwallrkhshm: do a which vuze07:34
mekwallrkhshm: so you know where its located07:34
mekwallthen do killall <location of vuze>07:34
mekwallkillall -9 /usr/bin/vuze07:34
rkhshmno process found07:35
mekwallweird :)07:35
mekwallrkhshm: and its still running?07:35
rkhshmmekwall: and a timely du -h on the vuze download folder shows the size increasing07:35
mekwallsomsip: seems that libpam2 solved the problem :) big thanks! that pwd dialog was getting on my nerves07:35
mekwallrkhshm: lol ok07:35
somsipmekwall: np - i learnt something about gnome-keyring too :)07:36
mekwallsometux: gnome-keyring is good shit :D07:37
somsipmekwall: I may look closer at it. ta07:37
mekwallsomsip: btw, check out autosshfs if you do any ssh mounting07:37
mekwallwhen you do ls ~/mnt/ssh/domain.com it will automount domain.com :)07:38
mekwallno need for configs07:38
vltHello. When I open an .odt document in OOo 3.2.0 the program crashes after a few seconds. What to check first?07:38
somsipmekwall: thanks, but mostly I route via svn/git or scp odd files.07:38
mekwallsomsip: ah, cool :)07:38
rkhshmmekwall: here is the best part.. I removed vuze pkg itself.. still there is network activity07:38
rkhshmha ha07:38
somsipmekwall: will rmemeber for other time though07:39
mekwallrkhshm: usually, removing a package doesn't kill the process07:39
farciarz84Hi, I got some question. Having 64-bit ubuntu version, I need 32-bit gl libraries that wine requieres. Wine is 32-bit only. How to get 32 gl drivers working properly?07:39
mekwallrkhshm: it's still in memory :)07:39
gregorywsSAMBA problem: Ubuntu 11.04 on 2 PCs; both running full SAMBA from 11.04 repos, smbclient of localhost proves both are aware of each other.  But only master can browse and only it's own shares, no matter which one is master at the time.07:39
farciarz84I guess multiarch is what for.07:39
rkhshmok no choice but to reboot now07:39
susundbergVelshtein: if its encrypted, and you do not have the key, i would drop hopes for recovery07:40
Velshteinyikes. okay, well assume i acquire the key. what would i do from there?07:41
susundbergVelshtein: it might be possible, but as the encryption is designed to prevent that its not easy that job ..07:41
Velshteinyeah, i can understand why07:41
BiKER-JENSthank you sudo grub-install /dev/sda/ worked like a charm!07:41
BiKER-JENSLove you dudes ;)07:42
susundbergVelshtein: try 'sudo lvdisplay'07:42
Velshteinno volume groups found07:43
Velshteinhere's the result of my sudo fdisk -l07:44
susundbergVelshtein: huh, i though the dm-0 would be lvm partition, but no .. (?)07:44
Velshteini assumed it was based on research... maybe not?07:44
Velshteinagain, i know nothing about the drive save that my BIOS read it, but windows can't, and it isn't showing up in nautilus either07:45
Velshteinsusundberg: sorry, is proper etiquette to include the name of the person you're talking to?07:46
jasefVelshtein, sorry, I'm coming in late but... are you trying to keep some data on that drive or is it blank?07:47
Velshteinjasef: my friend would like me to recover data off of it for a client. family photos or something07:47
Jordan_UVelshtein: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid"?07:47
susundbergVelshtein: I am kind of out ideas what to do. I would probably try to dig up first why its a) showing up as dm-0 if its not LVM disk -- could it be that its encrypted disk with LVM and it shows in they way it does -- or is it maybe corrupted?07:47
susundbergVelshtein: oh good somebody else with more skillz is showing up07:48
VelshteinJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/sjMHTj5807:48
VelshteinJordan_U: /dev/sda and dev/sdb are both my drives07:49
dannNHi. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 Server on VirtualBox. How can i load a CD mounted to the virtual cd drive in command line?07:50
VelshteinJordan_U: also note that this is a dual-boot machine. Those NTFS drives are for Win707:50
Jordan_UVelshtein: Can you pastebin the output of "ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/" ?07:50
VelshteinJordan_U: jesus. yes. give me a second. lots of pretty colors07:51
VelshteinJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/iaY3hJun07:51
Jordan_UdannN: sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/07:51
VelshteinJordan_U: on that note, I see a mention of something being unformatted. Surely it would show up in Nautilus then?07:52
Jordan_UVelshtein: It looks like encrypted swap "cryptswap" which would mean that it has no files on it.07:53
dannNJordan_U: thank you07:53
Jordan_UdannN: You're welcome.07:53
VelshteinJordan_U: Interesting. He claims otherwise. Is there a reason it isn't showing up to mount?07:54
VelshteinJordan_U: Or, assuming he's wrong, how would I access it to format it?07:54
jasefI just find it strange that it said it had an invalid partitioning table O-o07:55
Jordan_UVelshtein: Does /dev/dm-0 go away if you remove your friend's disk?07:55
=== syadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
VelshteinJordan_U: Depends how long you're willing to wait. I don't know how safe it is to pull the SATA cable directly out of the drive while the computer is on07:55
Jordan_UVelshtein: I'm guessing from the fact that only two physical devices (/dev/sda and /dev/sdb) are listed that your friends drive is not currently being recognised at all. My guess is that /dev/dm-0 is actually part of your normal system.07:56
VelshteinJordan_U: that's odd, because the BIOS recognized it07:57
VelshteinJordan_U: Are there any other drive formats out there that Ubuntu wouldn't read by default?07:57
Jordan_UVelshtein: As an ugly last resort you can always copy off the files with FreeDOS then (DOS uses the BIOS to access drives).07:58
GirlyGirlHi how to I generate a package download script with apt-get or aptitude?07:59
Jordan_UVelshtein: Only obscure FakeRAID, and in that case I think we would still see the member devices as /dev/sdc, /dev/sde etc in /dev/disk/by-id/ (though I may be wrong, I don't work much with FakeRAID).07:59
VelshteinJordan_U: Interesting. How would I go about that?07:59
VelshteinJordan_U: Hmm. Let me do a quick reboot and see what the drive is listed as in the BIOS08:00
Jordan_UVelshtein: /join ##freedos.08:00
Jordan_UVelshtein: I need to leave now. Good luck.08:00
VelshteinJordan_U: thanks for the help mate08:00
Jordan_UVelshtein: You're welcome.08:00
gregorywsSAMBA problem: Ubuntu 11.04 on 2 PCs; both running full SAMBA from 11.04 repos, smbclient of localhost proves both are aware of each other. But only master can browse and only it's own shares, no matter which one is master at the time.08:01
sammyI thought checking the 'make available for all users' in a network setting in network-manager would make the computer connect to that wireless network at boot. please tell me I dont have to completely NOT use network-manager to have my computer connect to an available wireless network at boot?08:02
sammy(at boot read: before a user logs into gdm)08:02
gregorywssammy I'm late to this party, but are you using a bluetooth or other device external to your machine?08:03
sammyexternal? its not bluetooth or usb. its an internal wireless card.08:04
almoxarifegregoryws: how did you setup samba?08:05
sammyand you're not late gregoryws I just like to jump right in.08:05
sammymaybe checking 'make available for all users' and having it connect at boot is only for wired connections. I swear Ive seen this behavior before without having to manually configure the connection in a console. I thought network manager, since it starts at boot, could connect to a wireless network at boot. I know how to configure /etc/network/interfaces to connect at boot, but Id rather network-manager handle it if possible.08:06
almoxarifegregoryws: listen to sammy08:06
sammyalmoxarife: I have no idea what gregoryws is trying to do :P sorry, I was asking my own question08:06
gregorywsalmoxarife the first PC took awhile, ubuntu 11.04 uses a modified samba setup.  It took me >10hours to get to a working samba share as I wanted it.08:07
gregorywsBUT it worked08:07
Guest98726anybody here familliar with the usb katana?08:07
gregorywsNow, over a week later, I can't access the shares anymore across the network08:08
almoxarifegregoryws: yet they don't share data between them, as sammy said, via nautilus setup sharing, its painless, unless you have configured something in the conf that would negate the changes introduced by the nautilus method08:08
sammyanymore? the shares have disappeared? we'll have to play the 'what changed' game08:08
sammyalmoxarife: again, I have no idea what gregoryws is talking about, I was asking my own question, not responding to him.08:08
almoxarifesammy: got it08:10
sammymy issue is wireless not being started at boot, which is what I thought the behavior was when you checked 'make available for all users' or however its written. though almoxarife sounds right, if you configured samba manually, it might be best to ask in a samba setting, and not here. everyone here tends to be very 'use the UbuntuWay or "do it yourself" as linus would say'08:10
sammywhich would be great if everything worked out of the box more often than not :P devs lately are a bit too worried about bells and whistles to worry about regressions and unified behavior across the board.08:11
ga_pro1988 #join backtrack-linux08:11
almoxarifesammy: yes, if wireless is checked and some wifi is set to auto-all I would expect it to be up at boot08:11
sammyalmoxarife: auto-all? in /etc/NetworkManager or some sort?08:11
gregorywsThe 'Ubuntu Way' isn't working right now either.08:12
ga_pro1988how do i join backtrack??08:12
almoxarifesammy: yes, in networkmanager, no cli and no conf changes08:12
sammyga_pro1988: I think you're looking for /join #channelname08:12
ikoniaga_pro1988: #backtrack-linux is the channel name08:13
almoxarifegregoryws: is what you want in the end to have two desktops being able to share files? and are they in the same network?08:13
sammygregoryws: if you'd like, try installing etckeeper. that will commit your /etc to a concurrent version system. then try apt-get purging any samba packages, and re install them. that might guarantee any config changes youve made that would hose the 'UbuntuWay' are purged08:13
sammygregoryws: if that doesn't work, you can use the cvs system set up in /etc/ to restore that directory to its previous version08:13
sammymaybe concurrent version system isnt the right term; whatever CVS stands for, git and bzr and the like08:14
sammyalmoxarife: so ill fire up my user, check to make sure ... auto-all you say. I dont know where to find this but I'll poke around in the network-manager gui08:14
almoxarifesammy: in the wifi tab of net-manager08:15
gregorywsalmoxarife yes, and yes.  smbclient -L localhost yields :http://paste.ubuntu.com/702630/08:15
almoxarifegregoryws: and to achive the above discussed you installed full samba?08:16
sammyin the wifi tab of network manager all I see is a list of networks, their names and when they were last used, nd three buttons to add/edit and delete networks08:16
gregorywsalmoaxarife if you attempt to share a folder thrue nautilus, it will ask to install full samba.. so I did on both machines08:17
sammyoh! look at that. the 'available to all users' isnt checked. whoooooops08:17
ga_pro1988why i can't go to web site backtrack??08:18
ikoniaga_pro1988: no idea, ask the guys in #backtrack-linux08:18
gregorywssammy didn't know cvs could be used like that...08:18
awaadI want to install RHEL 6 besides my Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop08:19
awaadIs there any tool that can help me to install it from my flash memory ?08:19
sammygregoryws: its a very handy tool. etckeeper actually runs commits before and after each apt procedure, in case the installation/removal of software makes changes to /etc files you don't like. its one of the first things i install on every debian machine08:19
almoxarifegregoryws: it does a bit more than that, may I suggest you un-install what ever you installed above what was on the machine already related to samba, then using nautilus right click on the folders you want to share, insure everything is checked , most important is that 'anyone' can access , I have been down the road of full installs and I have always gone back to the method discussed above, because it works08:20
iuytfri got 3 pc on my LAN, i want to sent message over broadcast08:20
iuytfrany idea ?08:20
sammyawaad: flash memory as in a usb stick? or sd card? I beleive unetbootin is a very good tool for that, though ubuntu does have its own usb disk creator. i forget its name exactly, googling should yield it.08:21
gregorywssammy etckeeper?  I'll write that down:)08:21
sammyiuytfr: could you be more specific? send a message how, exactly? to where?08:21
awaadsammy: It is a usb stick08:21
awaadsammy: Do you mean "Ubuntu Live Usb Creator" ?08:22
sammyawaad: thats the one08:23
ajayi have a prob with ubuntu one on xubuntu any help?08:23
bazhangajay, try #ubuntuone08:23
AdvoWorkhow can i tell if the version of ubuntu i have installed is desktop or server edition? cat /etc/issue just shows Ubuntu 10.04 LTS \n \l08:23
ikoniaajay: #xubuntu - some of the guys where saying it no longer works with xubuntu08:23
awaadsammy: Do you think it will help me for installing not Ubuntu but RHEL6 ?08:23
ikoniaajay: up to you08:24
ikoniaajay: sorry, that was for awaad08:24
gregorywsalmoxarife wouldn't the 'anyone' can access make it too easy for someone to steal files?08:24
ikoniaajay: the guys in #xubuntu where saying that ubuntuone no longer works with xubuntu08:24
sammyAdvoWork: 'server' and 'desktop' editions of ubuntu only differ by having different meta-packages installed that contain different software. there is no real difference. if you check for the installation of ubuntu-desktop, that will tell you08:24
AdvoWorksammy, how would i check that, from the console? sorry08:25
almoxarifegregoryws: if its not a home net then you can leave it unchecked, you will have to provide user and pass info when you try to log in though to the other folders08:25
sammyAdvoWork: from many places. synaptic package manager, for a GUI. you can run 'sudo apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop' from the command line, too.08:25
awaadikonia, sammy: I found UNetbootin in Ubuntu repositories. But I want to use it to install RHEL from USB flash memory not on the USB flash memory08:26
almoxarifesammy: that /etckeeper looks interesting, do I have to already have git access or is it all done on install?08:26
awaadikonia, sammy: Will it help ?08:26
ajayikonia:i see but any specific reason why it does not work?08:26
VelshteinAaaand we have an interesting update to my little issue:08:26
VelshteinDrive appears in the BIOS during a cold boot. When I try to boot my linux partition, it hangs on loading cmain(). If I do a standard reboot, the drive disappears in the BIOS.08:26
VelshteinOn a whim, I booted from a LiveCD. Lo and behold, when I try to access /dev/sda I get the lovely "Permission denied"08:27
FloodBot1Velshtein: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:27
GirlyGirlHi what is the smallest download install in the repos for a very basic desktop environment for recovery purposes as I am stuck in CLI right now.08:27
ajaybazhang:wil try thanks08:27
sammyawaad: i'm sorry, yes, unetbootin is what you'd like. the live usb creator only makes ubuntu images, I think. unetbootin can use a pre-existing disk image file, or it can download one of many different images online08:27
GirlyGirlFixing KDE needs some downloading over the Internet and its too difficult without Wifi.08:27
awaadsammy: Thanks a lot08:28
sammyGirlyGirl: and youre looking for a gui live cd? I think there's only the 650mb image or the 'alternate' image which doesn't have X08:28
AdvoWorksammy, out of interest, what exactly does sudo apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop do?08:29
GirlyGirlsammy: No a small de to install on a currently working Ubuntu without GUI08:29
bazhangGirlyGirl, lubuntu-desktop08:29
GirlyGirlbazhang: How big is that?08:30
sammyAdvoWork: try 'man apt-cache' and look for policy :) it will tell you what versions of a particular package you have installed, and where versions of that package are availabe to install from, ie local versions, or repositories08:30
AdvoWorkok, nice one thanks08:30
bazhangGirlyGirl, no idea08:30
GirlyGirlsammy: bazhang I've tried all sorts of ways to connect to w WPA network from CLI but it always fails connecting, if I manage to do that I know how to fix KDE08:31
AdvoWorksammy, doh -bash: man: command not found lol, i forgot it was a base system, ive got a copy on another server though08:31
StarminnWho could help me (or steer me in the direction of help) with this error: 'Unable to connect: java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission getProtectionDomain)' -- this really doesn't have anything to do with Ubuntu, but you guys are great redirectors.08:32
sammyAdvoWork: just run the policy command, i promise it wont do anything but spit out if 'ubuntu-desktop' is installed or not :) you could even try just installing ubuntu-desktop with apt-get and see if it tries to install, or says its already installed. that will tell you if you ahve a desktop install.08:32
sammyAdvoWork: i didnt mean to make it more complicated by suggesting you read the man page08:32
sammyStarminn: did you try putting the entirety of the error into google? ;)08:33
AdvoWorksammy, its not, dont worry, also is it just sudo apt-get install manpages or man (both exist) ?08:33
xannenBetween xen and virtualbox which is easy to use and install?08:34
Starminnsammy: Yes, I did, but I'd rather not comb through hours of reading on Oracles site (especially when what I did read, as well as skim I could not find the answer)08:34
sammyAdvoWork: I couldn't tell you which package youre trying to install, but I can tell you right now, if you tried to run man and nothing happened, you definitely do not have ubuntu-desktop installed. in fact id be surprised if you have ubuntu-minimal installed.08:35
AdvoWorksammy, afaik its a base/barebones ubuntu server(installed from debian via xen as a virtual machine, so i think it always installs the server version, was just checking)08:36
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest85307
sammyStarminn: hm. try googling for different parts of the error and see if you can find someone other than the oracle website,maybe. sorry, maybe someone else recognizes the error, but I don't. I usually have luck finding a blog or some such where someone has had the same error as I.08:36
Starminnsammy: :) Yeah, usually a search of the whole things solves it pretty quick. :) Alright, well thank you for your time08:37
VelshteinI can't seem to access my /dev/sda drive. Using gparted to print the information gives me an "unrecognized disk label" error. Opinions?08:37
VelshteinAnd fdisk doesn't even mention the thing08:38
sammyGirlyGirl: so you're looking for another desktop environment to be able to help you connect to your wifi? from which you can then fix the problem?08:38
sammyVelshtein: can you run 'disk utility'?08:38
shubham_rathihey is razer death adder mouse supported on ubuntu?08:39
Velshteinsammy: sorry, relatively new to linux here. What's the command?08:39
GirlyGirlshubham_rathi: Yes08:39
GirlyGirlshubham_rathi: sorry08:39
GirlyGirlsammy: Yes08:39
sammyVelshtein: are you in a gui or the command line? disk utility is a gui tool.08:39
Velshteinah. i've got the terminal open but i'm also browsing via nautilus08:40
shubham_rathigirlygirl sorry for what?? :P08:40
Velshteinsammy: i've got a copy of nautilus that seems to recognize the drive in my dev/disk/by-id folder, but it doesn't show up anywhere else08:40
sammyVelshtein: Id see if you can run 'disk utility' which I believe is a gtk tool, so if youre using kubuntu it might not be there. its a very handy, comprehensive tool for examining disks08:41
sammyand GirlyGirl I dunno. you're looking for a super tiny de, but anything less than xfce, kde or gnome, and you'd probably have to use a third-party tool to connect to the wireless, like wicd08:42
Velshteinsammy: would love to. is it possible to do from a LiveCD? because that's the only way I can boot an OS and keep the drive accessible in the BIOS08:42
cvamif I opened many windows like browsers with many tabs, media player,  terminal emulator and moving between tabs and windows ,  system gets to console screen(black & text only) and prints some system messages. Why this happened08:42
sammyGirlyGirl: you might be able to run something very simple like twm (tiny window manager) and run wicd from within08:42
GirlyGirlsammy: I already have knetworkmanager and basically nthe complete kde except for kde-workspace which has problems . I can't ask here about that as its not an ubuntu maintained kde.08:43
gregorywscvam can you go back to your desktop?08:43
GirlyGirlsammy: I was thinking this http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/lxde-core08:44
sammyVelshtein: I think disk utility comes on a live cd, yes. if it doesnt you can still install packages, they just wont persist from one boot to the next. i'm not sure what the package contains disk utility, you can search packages.ubuntu.com though08:44
cvamgregoryws: no system get struck there and i have to reboot08:44
hypertypercan grub be accessed from windows to change entries?08:44
Velshteinsammy: ah, super. I found it08:44
sammyGirlyGirl: I honestly dont know if any of the other window managers have built-in network manager support, or even their own network configuration applications.08:44
ikoniahypertyper: no08:44
vltHello. When I open an .odt document in the program crashes after a few seconds. What to check first?08:44
samsuldisk utility > palimsest08:45
samsulpalimsest is the package name...08:45
gregorywscvam so ctrl+alt+Function key doesn't get you back?08:45
sammyvlt: try ~/.xsession-errors08:45
GirlyGirlsammy: But I should be able to launch knetworkmanager once lxde is up08:45
cvamgregoryws: i have not tried. is it due to segmentation fault08:46
GirlyGirlsammy: Rebooting from win xp to try it out08:46
Velshteinsammy: i've got it up and running. Interestingly enough, I've got "-" for a variety of options, and the Volumes are all Unknown.08:46
sammyGirlyGirl: you could launch knetworkmanager within twm (tiny window manager) if all you need is window decorations and a way to start an xterm08:46
gregorywscvam so then, the system messages mentioned above include an error message about a segmentation fault?08:47
vltsammy: Nothing is written there when OpenOffice closes.08:47
sammyVelshtein: well that doesn't sound good. its possible the disk has been formatted/partitioned in some odd way? maybe hardware failure? disk utility should also give you SMART data to see if your disk is failing.08:48
Velshteinsammy: doesn't say failing. Simply says "Not Supported"08:48
Velshteinsammy: I'm more curious and intrigued than worried.08:48
sammyvlt: maybe you can run openoffice in a terminal and see if it spits out any errors, or try /var/log/Xorg.0.log (if I got the file name right)08:49
sammyVelshtein: usb disk?08:49
Velshteinsammy: negative. Hard drive. 1 TB08:49
Velshteinsammy: yes08:49
sammyim not sure why a sata drive wouldnt be reporting smart data.08:49
Velshteinsammy: is there a formatting type that Ubuntu wouldn't recognize by default?08:50
cvamgregoryws: once i  have seen08:50
sammyVelshtein: really really odd ones? nothing that was created by windows or ubuntu08:50
Velshteinsammy: and i'm seeing 3 partitions, though all Unknown. 1000 GB, 247 MB, 123 MB08:50
sammyVelshtein: is it posisble theyre exfat?08:50
pamwe_chetei need some help setting up a kios using ubuntu - it's a touch screen - and i need to limit the user to firefox and limit firefox to one domain only08:51
sammyexfat isn't supported by default in ubuntu, I don't think. I had to install a fuse driver from a ppa. disk utility just saw them and was confused. but knew that they werent blank.08:51
pamwe_cheteis there a tutorial somewhere , i cant find anything on the web08:51
Velshteinsammy: maybe? like I said, I received this drive from a friend who has a client that needs to access it. Says it has family photos on it08:51
sammypamwe_chete: I think google will be your friend. I dont think ubuntu has a specific mode for a kiosk install. you might also want to look into using a specific distribution created for kiosks.08:53
oooaaaooohi guys, how do i create a terminal shortcut on the desktop in 11.04 unity?08:53
gregorywscvam keypress combination of ctrl+alt+Fx (functionkeys 1 thru 12) can switch terminals on standard Ubuntu.  Right now my desktop is on F7, but its osmetimes changes. If your desktop crashed then you probsbly will have to check to system logs.  Someone a little smarter than me will have to direct you on that I beleive.08:53
sammyVelshtein: look into installing the fuse-exfat driver from the ppa. then you can mount them manually.  im not sure what other partitions these days arent recognized. gparted is pretty comprehensive in its recognition of partition types.08:54
nergal_I have a strange problem. According to ifconfig my if recieves traffic. But when performing tcpdump on that interface I get no packets (without any rules). Anyone knows why this may happen?08:54
pamwe_chetesammy, google isn't helping much, and the client insists that the os is ubuntu, he's a zulu guy and ubuntu is a word from his language, i think he's a bit obesessed with ubuntu08:54
oooaaaooohi guys, how do i create a terminal shortcut on the desktop in 11.04 unity?08:55
cvamgregoryws: probably desktop is crashing . thank you any way08:55
sammyoooaaaooo: right click on the desktop and select 'create launcher' also, google is your friend.08:55
pamwe_chetesammy, i know the freedom toaster kiosk is ubuntu, so it's should be easy, i just can't find anything08:55
Starminnoooaaaooo: You could just "Create Launcher" and then set ithe command ot the name of your Terminal program08:55
pamwe_chetenever mind , i found what i was looking for08:56
gregorywsoooaaaooo also ctrl+alt+t will get a terminal08:56
almoxarifepamwe_chete: there is a guest account, and without knowing the user info a guest won't get anyplace else08:56
sammypamwe_chete: I hate to break it to you, but something that specific is probably done manually in most places. if google isnt finding an out-of-the-box kiosk install, it might not exist.08:56
oooaaaooogregoryws: cool but is there anyway i can create a desktop launcher?08:57
Starminnoooaaaooo: I just told you.08:57
almoxarifepamwe_chete: in 11.04 run in classic you could remove all the panels? leaving firefox on the desktop?08:57
gregorywsoooaaaooo also if you click the button in the upper left corner and navigate to a program, you can drag the icon into the launcher bar08:58
almoxarifesammy: think out of the box, make it work!, think its snowing and lives depend on it, if it were easy anyone could do it08:58
oooaaaoooStarminn: sorry yeah i tried that but it doesnt work. Im using "bash" as a command08:58
oooaaaooogregoryws: no i want it on my desktop08:59
Starminnoooaaaooo: Heheh... You're not searching anything, are you? *sigh* Google really *is* your friend. Alright, try "gnome-terminal" I suppose?08:59
oooaaaoooStarminn: im on unity08:59
Velshteinsammy: exfat support currently a work in progress. I'll let you know what happens08:59
almoxarifeoooaaaooo: get it from /users/share/applications, drag it to the desktop09:00
Starminnoooaaaooo: And?09:00
pamwe_chetealmoxarifa : yes it's possible to lock-down gnome and create a kisok where the user only has access to firefox09:00
sammyoooaaaooo: you cant use bash as a command, bash is a shell interpreter. you need an X application, like xterm, or terminal, or terminator. you cant run a bash shell in X without a window to run it in.09:00
pamwe_chetehttp://users.telenet.be/mydotcom/howto/linuxkiosk/ubuntu01.htm <-- ubuntu kios09:01
gregorywsoooaaaooo yep, xterm is a valid app on mine...09:01
Velshteinsammy: interesting. attempting to mount the drive manually as a exfat drive gives me "BUG: failed to read 512 bytes from file at 0."09:01
Starminnoooaaaooo: Unity is just a shell -- it still uses GNOME, so one would think that it would still use gnome-terminal. :) And if you want to change the icon of your Launcher, just click on the default icon and find the image you wanrt09:02
gregorywsoooaaaooo so create a launcher sammy's way and type xterm for the command09:02
Velshteinsammy: perhaps it's not an exfat drive?09:02
sammyVelshtein: its possible its not exfat. if gparted doesn't knwo what type the partition is... then I don't know. gparted or disk utility should at least be able to recognize teh partitions and partitioning scheme.09:03
sammymaybe they're part of a logical volume group? honestly if gparted gives you no information on the type of partitions, you might need more information from the client. maybe a 3rd party tool could help. look into the emergency boot disk. it comes with tons and tons of tools for hard drive exploration, and I think its only a 100mb disk09:04
sammyI dont remember how gparted reports lvm volumes, I would think as such.09:05
Velshteinsammy: what REALLY interests me is that the drive prevents me from booting my Ubuntu partition from a cold boot09:05
gregorywsoooaaaooo does that work for you?09:06
oooaaaooogregoryws: yup i tried both and they both work09:06
Velshteinsammy: if I do a system reset, the drive disappears from my BIOS and I can boot properly, but if it's from a cold boot, the drive is there and I hang while booting09:06
sammyprobably because its being set up in the bios as the first drive to boot from, and the boot attempt fails09:06
armis71hmmm not sure about unity... anyone don't like it?09:06
oooaaaooogregoryws: thanks09:06
gregorywsoooaaaooo that's great :)09:06
Velshteinsammy: then it's found a way to override my BIOS settings, because the BIOS is set to go by default to my windows drive, which then directs it to my modified boot sequence (Win7 or Ubuntu)09:07
sammyid look into tools to verify the hardware integrity of the drive. and see if you could find something in the ultimate boot disk that can identify the partitions09:07
sammyultimate boot cd i think its called. tons of good stuff on there09:07
armis71i got an unused partition, it doesn't show in linux09:07
zarlinohi all, I'd like to add my commercial software to the ubuntu software center. I read this http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/my-apps-packages/, but cannot figure out how exactly I should package my app. Any suggestions?09:09
ikoniazarlino: what part is not clear ?09:10
=== matt is now known as Guest49559
zarlinoikonia: I don't know and cannot find info on what a "source package" is09:10
zarlinoikonia: "source package format"09:10
ikoniazarlino: ok, they mean a debian package format, so a "source debian package" format that can be used to either build the package09:10
gregorywszarlino there is a dev channel09:11
ikoniazarlino: are you aware of debian package format ?09:11
zarlinoikonia: yes, i already created my .deb09:11
ikoniazarlino: does it comply with the other rules, eg: install to /opt/$package have the configs in ~/.$package etc09:12
zarlinoikonia: no, it is a plain .deb. I didn't create it for the Software Center09:12
zarlinoikonia: can you point me to docs that describe the "source package format"?09:13
ikoniazarlino: ok, so you need to make the deb to comply with those requirements listed on that page09:13
zarlinoikonia: I'd prefer to let the Software Center do packaging and prive this "source format"09:13
zarlinoprive => provide09:14
gregorywszarlino are you familiar with linux?09:14
ikoniazarlino: the source format contains things like the layout, so submit the debian source package format with the correct parameters to allow it to build in line with the requirements on this page09:14
zarlinogregoryws: yes09:14
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zarlinoikonia: ok, it is just that I cannot find on google anything that describes this "source format"09:15
sammyzarlino: a source debian package. as opposed to a binary one. you should look at the debian packaging docs.09:15
ikoniazarlino: it's basically a tarball, with the sources, the package, the patches, the description file09:15
ikoniazarlino: let me see if I can find a reference link09:15
sammyi wonder how many of the 1400 idlers in here are just bots scraping the hosts of new ubuntu installs to hack09:17
gregorywszarlino: I believe it is possible to have a .DEB package with only binary.  That reference even says that the source code isn't required09:17
sammygregoryws: it is, but they are trying to submit a package for inclusion in the official repositories. I belive they require a source package.09:17
zarlinoikonia: if you can change that page I'd suggest you link to some relevant docs, the world of debian packaging is quite obscure09:17
gregorywssammy: is that possible?09:17
moneo_Hey everyone. My second monitor won't appear in the monitor preferences window... Ubuntu 11.04 just won't detect it. Works OK in windows so the hardware is OK. Any ideas how I can get dual monitors working?09:17
moneo_I have 2 graphics cards, but both monitors are plugged into the primary one. One works, but the other isn't found09:18
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports09:18
ikoniazarlino: ahhh check the first link there.09:18
ikoniazarlino: I'm trying to find a page that used to have a great breakdown09:18
zarlinoikonia: ok thanks will do09:19
sammythere's an entire official debian packaging manual, and the new mantainers guide.09:19
codehottercan I start a process and capture its pid, so I can kill it later?09:19
zarlinosammy: the point is I don't want to read everything about packaging. I just want to know the format required by the Ubuntu Software Center09:19
gregorywssammy: I mean can you hack a fresh install through an IRC client?09:20
Kingsywhich package do I need in order to get shockwave installed for firefox?09:21
Kingsybasically loads of websites are asking for activeX09:21
Kingsyforums are saying to install firefox on wine.. for shockwave.. no way that cant be the way09:22
sammygregoryws: I'm saying you sit in here, and as people join, you get the IPs of people who may not have properly secured their ubuntu installs, and hack them in other ways. not necessarily through IRC.09:23
sammyzarlino: was just trying to point you to docs that outlined what a debian source package is.09:24
Error404NotFoundi have a file: /etc/cron.d/test which contains http://pastebin.com/QjF2UJgd but i don't see it actually running, any ideas?09:24
sammyzarlino: you would technically be a 'new maintainer' of a debian package, so I thought that guide might be helpful.09:24
sammyKingsy: can you be a bit more specific? the website youre going to in firefox in ubuntu is saying you need to install activeX?09:25
jivjivI want to install GTK+ 3.0 through command line. what would be the appropriate apt-get install command?09:25
linuxuz3rhow do you get a full screen shot of ubuntu09:27
sammyjivjiv: you'd have to know what package you want to install. are you doing development? youre looking for libgtk-3- packages, probably libgtk-3-dev if you want to develop09:28
gregorywszarlino what's the app your trying to put through?09:29
sammylinuxuz3r: if youre running gnome I believe 'take screenshot' can be found in accessories09:29
sammylinuxuz3r: try browsing/searching for it as you would any other application.09:29
jivjivsammy : i did sudo apt-get install libgtk3.0-dev ... "couldn't find" ... so i did "sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev" .. http://pastebin.com/5RYnz7fN is the output09:30
sammyjivjiv: what version of ubuntu are you running?09:30
sammyI see libgtk-3-dev which apparently replaces libgtk-3.0-dev -- "sudo apt-cache search whatever" is your friend. you can also use packages.ubuntu.com if you can get there.09:32
jivjivsammy.. : cat /etc/issue gives me Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS .. it's a very old version but I need to work with this. I modified sources.list to include http://pastebin.com/NJ0guvCv09:32
jivjivsammy : sorry din read your message before pushing enter.. let me try that.09:33
sammyjivjiv: it may not be in lucid's repositories. you may need to use something more recent. but I advice against installing packages from such a newer version- you can run into serious libc problems.09:33
jivjivsammy : ok please suggest something09:34
sammyupgrading to a newer version? you can always try to use a recent enough version that contains libgtk-3-dev in it, which you could find by using packages.ubuntu.com09:35
jivjivsammy : I can't upgrade. Need to work with that constraint.09:35
sammyyou might also be able to build the libraries from their source packages, which is suggested when running a package from a different version of ubuntu09:36
jivjivyes this sounds like a better idea..09:36
jivjivBut i am not very familiar with how dependencies work.. gtk is dependent on lot of other libraries also.. getting them manually may be a little difficult09:36
sammylook into package pining. theres an ubuntu doc for it. it should walk you through adding a newer repository (which youve already done, but you may need newer ones) and installing only the few packages youll ned from the newer version.09:37
sammythe docs have instructions on how to do this for firefox, but its the same for any package. what you want to avoid is using the binary package for the libraries - theyre meant to be used with the rest of their version of ubuntu.09:37
jivjivit will be great if you can ping me the link.. actually I am doing this for firefox... Building it in an older versionof linux09:38
=== rchavik is now known as lamebot
sammyi dont know the link off hand, youre looking for ubuntu documentation on 'apt pining' which happens to walk you through building from source as well. you can use links or lynx as a browser from the command line.09:39
jivjivsammy : thanks... will look for it..09:40
liran I removed apache2 package with apt-get remove apache2 and I removed the dir from /etc - how I can re-install it ?09:40
cutiyari didnt remeber and i puted usb flasj where the ubuntu 11.10 alpha on it , so now my 11.4 now ask for upgrades because first i clicked upgrade09:40
cutiyari want to stop it till the official 11.10 is coming09:41
sammyliran: if you want to make sure you remove any configuration files, I'd suggest using "apt-get purge apache2" -- since youve already removed it, id suggest using 'apt-get install apache2' then purging, then installing again.09:41
liransammy: I did it, still not creating new apache2 dir under etc :(09:42
gregorywszarlino: What is the app you're trying to publish?09:43
cutiyarwhat to do ?09:44
liran I removed apache2 package with apt-get remove apache2 and I removed the dir from /etc - how I can re-install it ?09:44
sammyliran: installing apache2 should create the apache2 directory. did you try purging?09:44
caddoousing spotify on latest ubuntu, is there any way i can turn the bass up09:45
liransammy: yes I tried, it didnt09:45
sammycutiyar: short of putting a hold on every package currently installed, or disabling the update-manager, I think ubuntu will always tell you about available upgrades, probably because they could be security upgrades.09:46
Starminncutiyar: Open Update Manager, go to Settings...09:46
sammyliran: if there is no directory called /etc/apache2 when you install apache2, i don't know why it wouldn't create the directory. does 'apt-get install apache2' not report any errors?09:47
Starminncutiyar: Then go to the Updates tab and choose (about halfway down) which you like09:47
cutiyarsammy, i know about updates but its upgrades from 11.4 its not released its happen when i putted usb disk with 11.10 alpha release09:47
sammycaddoo: google pulseaudio equalizer. you might have to add a ppa to install the package.09:48
liransammy: it doesnt, and also not starting apache since files are missing09:48
cutiyarStarminn, i dont understand09:48
sammycutiyar: check /etc/apt/sources.list -- starminn is showing you to a gui that manages that file, but you may have repositories in there listed for oneric, not natty, which is 11.409:48
* Starminn nods yes, sammy read my mind.09:49
cutiyarsammy, in source.list all are changed to oneiric its my problem09:49
gregorywscutiyar maybe he meant synaptic?09:50
sammyliran: never delete files on an ubuntu install you didn't create yourself :P I cant imagine why apt-get install wont create the apache2 directory and isn't giving you an error when it tries. would you please try installing it, purging it, and installing it again? make sure there's no errors reported?09:50
cutiyargregoryws, sammy Starminn , i want my ubuntu be same with yours if have 11.409:51
sammycutiyar: you need to change every instance of oneric to natty and update your package information. then only the versions available in 11.4 will be available to upgrade to. but if you started the upgrade process and stopped it somewhere along the way, it should have changed everything back to natty for you, if you stopped the upgrade cleanly, that is09:51
sammyotherwise you may be too far gone to go back to natty cleanly. I'm not sure exactly what happened when you put the alpha usb key in and clicked upgrade09:51
cutiyarsammy, nothing upgraded was just in calculating changes09:52
cutiyarsammy, when i canceled it09:52
sammycutiyar: ah. check in /etc/apt/ and see if it made a backup copy of your sources.list09:52
gregorywscutiyar what version do you have now?09:52
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cutiyargregoryws, 11.409:53
sammycutiyar: it may have also made backups in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ as well. you should be able to use those backups, and update your package information.09:53
sammyI was under the impression it restored those backups when the upgrade was cancelled. I could be wrong.09:53
sh00pI know /usr/local/lib/ is in ld's path... does directories like: /usr/local/lib/myprogram/ also end up in the library path?09:54
cutiyarsammy, there source.list.save and sources.list.d folder and sources.list.distUpgrade file09:54
sammythe .distUpgrade files are the backup the upgrade program made. those are the ones you want to be using.09:54
cutiyarsammy, so what should i do now?09:54
vltsammy: I already tried to run it from terminal but it seems to detach. Once the program is running I get my shell prompt again.09:55
vltsammy: (OpenOffice)09:55
cutiyarsammy, its contain natty09:55
sammycutiyar: wonderful. those are your backups.09:55
jonathonBanshee can't play MP3's, However VLC can, Any ideas?09:56
cutiyarsammy, just change the name to source.list ?09:56
cutiyarsammy, and dellte this sourcelist that contain oneiric?09:56
sammyvlt: is it crashing outright, openoffice? I did find this: http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugReport09:57
sammycutiyar: that should do it.09:57
cutiyarsammy, ok thanks.09:58
sammyjonathon: I think banshee and vlc use different libraries to play mp3s. what does banshee do when you try to play an mp3? is there no option to install additional software?09:58
cutiyarsammy, Done thanks.09:59
lanstonpenghow can i make a livecd with a usb and store something in it09:59
jonathonsammy: When banshee tries it just starts skipping everything, And I've seen no option to install anything else.09:59
sammyjonathon: you may need to look into restricted formats, installing something like ubuntu-restricted-extras.09:59
jonathonI've got the restricted extras installed09:59
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:59
sammyhm. try running banshee from a command line and see if it spews any errors as it tries to play mp3s... or check ~/.xsession-errors10:00
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jonathonsammy: I get this10:01
jonathonCannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory10:02
jonathonCannot connect to server socket10:02
jonathonjack server is not running or cannot be started10:02
jonathon[Error 04:01:03.875] GStreamer core error: StateChange10:02
szymon_gi try to set partitions in cfdisk as "linux raid autodetect" /FD/, but cfdisk insists to create them as ext2. any ideas :?10:02
FloodBot1jonathon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:02
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sammyjack? do you have jack installed? banshee uses gstreamer. can you play mp3s with totem?10:02
sammyszymon_g: can you use gparted? or parted?10:04
liran I removed apache2 package with apt-get remove apache2 and I removed the dir from /etc - how I can re-install it ?10:04
jonathonDon't have totem, Not sure what jack is, But I just checked in the package manager, and It doesn't list gstreamer as installed, so I'm gonna try installing it and try that10:04
szymon_gsammy, i'm used to cfdisk. i'll try them thou. are they on livecd?10:04
GirlyGirlsammy: Installed lxde and managed to fix kde from there10:05
sammyjonathon: I wonder how banshee got installed without gstreamer. I think its a dependency. you might want to try re-installing banshee?10:05
sammyszymon_g: I think so. I used to use cfdisk, but I find its a bit dated now10:05
jonathonWoo, Installing gstreamer got it working now, So all's good. Many thanks, sammy10:06
sammyliran: no errors when installing, purging, then installing again? I'm surprised apt doesn't complain10:06
liranno errors10:06
sammyGirlyGirl: yay! using kde4? i havent tried it since it was a beta.10:06
szymon_gsammy, parted doesn't seem to be able to create filesystem "linux raid autodetect". i need it, because i would like to create raid partition /alternate cd doesn't seem to work for me/10:07
liransammy: how can I delete the cache of older packages that I downaloaded?10:07
liranso apt-get will fetch the package again10:07
GirlyGirlsammy: Yes Kde 4.7 series . I've been using kde since 200310:07
sammyliran: you can find them in /var/apt/cache, I believe10:07
sammyliran: aptitude can also clear the cache for you.10:08
gregorywszarlino: what is the app you are trying to publish?10:08
beachbrakeIs it safe to install Gnome3 on my ubuntu 11.04 now?10:08
sammyszymon_g: this is a particular partition type? linux raid autodetect? hm.10:09
szymon_gyes, "FD" in type in cfdisk10:09
beachbrake^ I read that there is some trouble with the PPA.10:09
szymon_gthan i can join them /i.e. partitions/ in raid device like /dev/md010:09
sammyand you write teh changes, szymon_g? sorry i have to ask10:09
szymon_gand than format md0 into ext2 :)10:10
szymon_gyes, of course :)10:10
sammysometimes changes to partitions dont get updated until after a reboot10:10
sammyi remember that message in cfdisk, anyway10:10
daihey guys, I have a question - Can I access a partition that isn't part of Ubuntu via the terminal ?10:10
beachbrakeCan anyone help me out with my query?10:10
almoxarifebeachbrake: safe? no10:10
szymon_gbut when i re-lunch cfdisk i got my first partition /sda1/ in ext2, but second big one- in proper raid autodetect type10:10
jonathondai: Yes10:11
szymon_gbecause i create 2 of them - one small for /boot, another big for lvm10:11
liransammy: fixed this issue, removed any apache2 related packages and than re-install them all10:11
jonathondai: it'll be in root/media/10:11
beachbrakealmoxarife, you mean it is giving the errors experienced by that blogger?10:11
sammyliran: good idea. i wouldn't have thought of that.10:11
beachbrakealmoxarife, So what is the safest way to try Gnome 3. I dont want to take a backup or use a different partition.10:12
almoxarifebeachbrake: I mean that you will need to add certain ppa's and at some point you will find yourself with broken dependencies10:12
beachbrakeSomeone suggested I use Fedora or Arch.10:12
sammybeachbrake: I'd wait a few months and use 11.1010:12
daijonathon: I open terminal, type "ls" and Media isn't part of it, how am I supposed to get to it?10:13
sammyill double check, but I just saw that gnome-shell should be available in official repos for 11.1010:13
almoxarifebeachbrake: not sure, a livecd of gnome3?10:13
somsipbeachbrake: I saw a good write up for Fedora 13 today as a stable G3 platform, but I should encourage you to stay with ubuntu :)10:13
beachbrakealmoxarife, Which I dont have :(10:13
jonathondai: you gotta get to root first, usually by typing   ../    twice10:13
beachbrakesomsip, but I am an aspiring Gnome outreach student, I need to test Gnome 3.10:14
sammybeachbrake: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/gnome-shell10:14
beachbrakeWhich is the safest option I can go for?10:14
somsipbeachbrake: then you have a number of options10:14
beachbrakesomsip, without losing data on my only laptop?10:14
daijonathon: If I see [ Desktop Documents Downloads Music Pictures Public Templates Videos] when I type i "ls" - I'm in root, right?10:14
overdubany know if there is a command line network speed test utility?10:14
daijonathon: :o10:14
jonathonyou're in your home directory10:14
sammyyou could even upgrade a bit prematurely to oneiric, or just add the oneiric repositories, apt-pin gnome-shell and build it from the source packages in natty10:14
somsipbeachbrake: will it run a VM?10:15
tomodachioverdub: tptest , but its not in the repositories10:15
almoxarifebeachbrake: here is a thought, install vistualbox, then install away in it?10:15
tomodachioverdub: the problem is you need something in the other end to transmit the data, a close enough ftpserver that you can pull from could suffice10:15
daijonathon: typing "../" doesn't much10:15
daijonathon: I'm missing something.. I think..10:15
jonathontype it twice, then type ls again, what does it show?10:16
almoxarifebeachbrake: virtualbox10:16
overdubtomodachi, thanks for the information10:16
sammydio: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:16
beachbrakesomsip, Never tried it though. What are the requirements? and what build of linux must I use in the VM to test Gnome 3?10:16
beachbrakealmoxarife, ^10:16
sammydio: there's a section on how to change directories.10:16
jonathonmy bad10:16
szymon_gsammy, problem solved /kind of/: i created partitions in parted /as unformatted/, than i created fs in cfdisk. seems to be working atm /btw, they were supposed to be unformatted, but cfdisk saw them as "linux" partitions10:16
daijonathon: I type in "../ ../" and it replies with "bash: ../: is a directory"10:16
jonathondai: You gotta type      cd ../10:16
sammybeachbrake: the version of ubuntu that comes out *this month* has gnome-shell in it... I may not have gotten your attention when I said that before.10:16
tomodachioverdub: youre welcome. tptest though is both a server and a client. You can download and install them both for free. The isp:s in my country (sweden) often have a tptest server so that one can try out the connection. it tests a lot of things both tcp/udp and responsetime etc10:17
jonathonSorry bout that10:17
somsipbeachbrake: virtualbox is free and on the repos, so it should not take much to install it. You have a choice of a number of distros that a few of us have mentioned for G3. It depends what you want to spend time downloading and trying. Reach out, eh?10:17
szymon_gwhere can i report bug in 11.10 :?10:17
gr33n7007hcd ../..10:17
beachbrakesammy, I need to apply before October 31 of this month else I would have loved to wait too :)10:17
somsip!oneiric | szymon_g10:17
ubottuszymon_g: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:17
icerootszymon_g: ubuntu-bug packagename  also use #ubuntu+1 for 11.1010:17
daijonathon: mind blown10:17
szymon_gthanx somsip10:17
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beachbrakesomsip, Gnome Women's Outreach Programme.10:18
szymon_gbtw, fifteenth release... :)10:18
jonathondai: lol10:18
sammybeachbrake: you can always add the oneiric repositories, apt-pin gnome-shell, and have apt build it for you for your version of ubuntu (which im guessing is 11.4) the apt-pinning guide in the ubuntu community docs spells that out for you.10:18
greenmang0hey friends, how to arrange icons in natilus "by modification date / reverse"  by default?10:18
somsipbeachbrake: insall Virtual box. Download 11.10 beta. Try it. If you don't like it, try another?10:18
sammybeachbrake: a vm seems a bit overkill, but if youre going to be doing seroius development, maybe its not a bad idea.10:18
liranHow do I add SSL support anddeflate for apach2?10:18
beachbrakeOkay sammy, Thank you! Will try virtual box now.10:19
somsipbeachbrake: agree with sammy, but if you have limited resources and can't afford to mess up the lapop, it'll give an easy taster of what you could have if you wanted to inves more time/money10:19
beachbrakeI have only one laptop and some important data on it.10:19
beachbrakeAnd my HDD is b0rked10:19
daijonathon: this might be a stretch but how would I wrote the location of my files in media ? cd ../../media/ ?10:20
jonathonbeachbrake: I know that feeling, I've had to wipe my HDD twice, losing everything10:20
daijonathon: write*10:20
beachbrakejonathon, How much did you lose?10:20
somsipbeachbrake: if Virtualbox doesn't do it, you may have to look at a thumbdrive or external HD. But maybe that is one step away from where you need to be now10:21
jonathonbeachbrake, like bout 200 gigs of stuff10:21
jonathondai: Not sure whatcha mean...10:21
jonathonbeachbrake: Now I'm a lil smarter about it, I got 3 partitions now, 1 for my linux, 1 for windoze, and one massive for all my files I wanna keep, That way should I ever mess something up badly, I won't lose my data partition :P10:22
liranUbuntu Aapache 2 with SSL, which the default public and private certs it's using ?10:22
gregorywsjonathon: do you back your files up to something reliable, like dvd?10:23
daijonathon: i think you said that my terminal starts in /home directory so if I have a file on my desktop i can write /home/Desktop/filenamehere  but what do I write if it's above the /home directory when i open my terminal? do i write ../../Media/folder/filenamehere ?10:23
jonathongregoryws: nope, I'm gonna save up for an external though, just to be safe10:24
jonathondai: ahh no, it would be /root/media/partition/filenamehere10:24
beachbrakejonathon, That is wise indeed :P10:24
* beachbrake will be back later!10:25
jonathonlaters beachbrake10:25
daijonathon: oo.. kinda weird to use /root/ since the drive is a completely different partition10:26
ikoniano-one should be using /root for anything10:27
jonathonWell the parttion is accessed from root, so yea10:27
ikoniathat is totally the reverse of the ubuntu design10:27
gregorywsjonathon: I'm roughly an intermediate Linux user ( with 30+ years of PC experience), but I am an electronics repair expert:  hard drive fail.  Don't trust em as a backup.10:27
jonathongregoryws: any better idea then?10:27
jonathonDVD's would require way too many to bother with10:28
daijonathon: can I access it without needing to use cd ../ ?10:28
jonathondai: not that I know of10:28
gregorywsjonathon: optical discs... DVD, CD, blu-ray if you can afford it10:28
jonathonyou gotta use that to get to root first10:28
ikoniajonathon: what is your requirement ?10:29
jonathondai: you could type straight in cd /root/media/10:29
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ikoniawhy is anything being put in /root ?10:29
jonathonikonia: Accessing partitions, gotta use root10:29
jonathonthrough the terminal anyways10:29
ikoniajonathon: why ?10:29
ikoniajonathon: why do you "have" to use root?10:29
ikoniajonathon: partitions from external devices are in /media normally10:30
ikoniawhy are you not using /media10:30
daijonathon: typing cd /root/Media/ gives me "Permission Denied"  sudo cd /root/Media/ doesn't work :P10:30
jonathoniokonia, /media is in /root10:30
jonathondai, sudo su first, then cd /root/media10:30
gr33n7007hjonathon your right!10:30
jonathongregoryws, it's cool, I'm not that worried about losing stuff, It's all replaceable10:31
jonathongregoryws: If I have anything that is irreplaceable, it goes on my sd card10:32
daijonathon: sudo su gives me all the power.....OMG I DONT NEED TO WRITE SUDO NOW10:32
jonathonso not that worried bout backups for now10:32
daijonathon: I CAN TASTE THE FREEDOM.10:32
jonathondai: lol, I never go into terminal without usin sudo su :P10:32
daijonathon: thx!10:33
jonathondai: Anytime ^^10:33
gregorywsjonathon: sd cards are actually less safe than usb sticks.  Bought a Gateway 2 years ago. Good price, but it's reader eats sd cards.  An sd card is often just a kind of IC chip that takes a loooong time to forget what it's told.  Just saying :)10:34
jonathongregoryws: Stop scarin me :P10:34
daijonathon: hey! i was wondering, is it possible to rename the partition drives? I have an ntfs drive i share with my windows 7 os and it's named '241 GB Filesystem' can I change that?10:34
gregorywslol :)10:34
jonathondai: Not sure, I've not figured it out yet10:34
daijonathon: what about changing the name of the drive number, the name after /Media/10:35
jonathongregoryws, So what would you recommend if I only need say 32 megs of important information stored10:35
jonathondai: Same, I'm not sure about that either10:35
daijonathon: aww10:36
jonathondai: I wanna find out because it give it a ridiculous number10:36
ikoniajonathon: /media is not in root10:36
ikoniajonathon: media is in the root files sytem of "/" not "/root"10:36
cutiyarwhy i cant XBMC ??10:36
gregorywsjonathon: A good quality burnable cd x2.  If security is important you can use an encrypted archive.10:36
jonathonikonia: Same difference10:36
ikoniajonathon: no - it's not10:37
daijonathon: there's a rename option when you right click the drive but renaming it gives you "The item could not be renamed" error10:37
jonathondai: Yea10:37
ikoniajonathon: /root is the home directory of the root user, which under the ubuntu model is locked and unusable10:37
ikoniajonathon: / is the root file ssytem of the operating system10:37
ikoniajonathon: they are VERY different10:37
zpwwho can tell me how to use the ir10:37
jonathongregoryws, but see, I keep a password file, which I have to change once in a while, so cd's won't quite cut it10:38
jonathonzpw: You're using it?10:38
paulus68how can I put this find /media/backup1/backups -type f -exec ls -s {} \; | sort -n | tail -n 1 | into a variable and use this to copy the content of this variable to a different location with a bash script10:38
jonathonIkonia: Oh see, I was calling '/' root, Didn't know, but whatevs :P10:38
llutzzpw: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/irctutorial.html10:39
zpwthx llutz10:39
llutzpaulus68: var=$( find /media/backup1/backups -type f -exec ls -s {} \; | sort -n | tail -n 1)10:39
paulus68llutz: then the second command would be mv $var /media/home/user right?10:40
ikoniajonathon: it makes a massive difference hence why I'm trying to get a definition10:41
gregorywsjonathon: The cd's would be an archive against the failure of your day to day; I prefer bi-annual.  'Course my Password archive is an encrypted text file.10:41
llutzpaulus68: you'd have to strip the size from filename10:41
overdubpaulus68, why not just do find /media/backup1/backups -type f -exec ls -s {} \; | sort -n | tail -n 1 > /mydir/mydir10:41
jonathongregoryws: Well as I said, not too worried about it for now, so my sd card will do for now :)10:42
paulus68overdub: didn't know that this was also an option thx10:42
overdubpaulus68, just redirect the output from your command with ">" and skip the variable all together10:42
Horst123hi! I have in my /etc/hosts the line:10:42
Horst123   login1.zih.tu-dresden.de<tab>lintud. typing ping lintud tells me10:42
Horst123   unknown host10:42
rjharv!seen mjbarks10:43
ubottuI have no seen command10:43
paulus68overdub: so this will copy the particular file to the new location?10:43
gregorywsjonathon: Absolutely :) There must be a balance between caution and inconvenience ;)10:43
Horst123whats wrong with that? ping login1.zih.tu-dresden.de works10:43
llutzpaulus68: paulus68             cp $( find /media/backup1/backups -type f -exec ls -s {} \; | sort -n | tail -n 1|awk '{print $2}')   /media/home/user10:43
rjharvanyone in millbank tower? if so can you give mjbarks a kick from me please and tell him i'm heading over10:43
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overdubpaulus68, it will send the standard output from any command to the directory specified10:44
ikoniaHorst123: please show us the line in your /etc/hosts file10:44
jonathongregoryws, So how come you boast about cd media as the best, considering heat damage and scratches are very dangerous in that area?10:44
Horst123ikonia: login1.zih.tu-dresden.delintud10:44
jonathonEven cd's used minimally get scratched pretty quick10:44
paulus68overdub: llutz thanks10:45
Horst123copied from begin to end of line10:45
llutzHorst123: man hosts  (ip-adr missing)10:45
jonathongregoryws: You work for a CD manufacturer, don't you? <.<  :P10:45
Horst123llutz: damn, your right... Can't I use the hostname for that?10:46
llutzHorst123: you can't10:46
gregorywsjonathon: everything has its failure point, you burn a good-quality 65 cent optical disc and stick it in a $200 fire-resistant safe.  Still less failure chance than all those little semiconductor joints in a hard drive or sd card..10:47
Horst123There should be a possibility to alias one hostname with another, or?10:47
jonathonGregoryws: Damn dude, Are you backing up top secret government files? lol10:48
jonathonHello, Friend ^^10:49
gregorywsjonathon: Nah. Funny, I've only had 1 hard rive failure and 2 flash-ram failures in over 30 years personally.  But I've seen LOTS of other people crying over lost jpegs and such. lol10:49
llutzHorst123: setup a dns, create a CNAME  for the host. /etc/hosts cannot create aliase without IP  (afaik)10:49
Kartagiswhy does libreoffice install when I attempt to install openoffice.org?10:50
jonathongregoryws: Thanfully I've had no failures yet, Only time I lose stuff is because I mess it up somehow10:50
Parsindwhat is a CNAME?10:50
llutzParsind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CNAME_record10:50
Horst123llutz, I think the easiest would be to look up the ip address manually and type it once and give another alias in /etc/hosts. I'm hoping they won't change their IP10:51
vltszymon_g: What exactly did you do? Run cfdisk, press “t”, “fd”, “W” …?10:52
Parsindim way over my head here but doesnt IPV6 makes dns redundant?10:53
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szymon_gvlt, right. i did it. it saved only second partition (the big one). the first one was, in fact saved as ext210:53
jonathonParsind, Not exactly10:53
szymon_gi.e. it displayed 'raid autodetect', but after writing and exiting cfdisk, and launching it again, it detected this one as ext210:54
* BiKER-JENS just falled in love with htop10:54
gregorywsAnybody out there set up a lot of file shares?  I need a good suggestion how to handle sharing sensitive files over my network. SAMBA did not work very well for me at all.  20+ hours down the tubes.10:54
jonathonDNS applies a name to an IP, ergo it should assign ones to IPV6 just as it does IPV410:54
llutzParsind: if you like to fiddle with ipv6-addresses instead of hostnames, sure10:54
jonathongregoryws, Like how many files?10:54
ikoniagregoryws: you need to give us specific requirements and explain what didn't work for you with samba10:55
Parsindist ipv6 built to make its addresses known to other machines on the network10:55
Horst123Is there a possibility to tell ssh, that I always want to login with a specific username to a certain host?10:55
vltszymon_g: Is there an ext2 fs on that partition?10:55
ikoniaHorst123: ssh -l username host or ssh username@host10:56
vltszymon_g: If yes, that’s why cfdisk shows it.10:56
llutzParsind: addresses aren't hostnames10:56
Horst123ikonia: I dont want to type the username all time10:56
szymon_gdisk was empty10:56
jonathongregoryws, you could try ftp, That's what I use generally to share files between PC's10:56
Horst123ikonia: so ssh should remember that10:56
ikoniaHorst123: it you don't type a username it will default to your current username10:56
ikoniaftp is insecure10:56
ikoniahe said secure10:56
pentarexguys why I cant see setenv.sh file in my tomcat/bin directory ?10:56
ikoniaponbiki: how did you install tomcat10:57
ikoniapentarex: how did you install tomcat10:57
jonathonikonia, he said over his home network, security shouldn't be too big an issue, and you can put a pass on FTP10:57
pentarexikonia: it was with the server10:57
xauthHorst123: ssh_config(5)10:57
szymon_gvlt: i created 2 partitions: 1 small 130mb, one big 970gb /for lvm/. the big one was properly labelled as raid autodetect, the small one wasn't- after restarting cfdisk cfdisk showed it as ext2 /despite earlier, before writing changes to disks, it recognised it properly/10:57
pentarexfrom the installation there was a checkbox what i want to install10:57
llutzHorst123: add a "User" entry to your ~/.ssh/config for that host10:57
ikoniajonathon: he said nothing about a home network and he said sensative files10:58
vltszymon_g: What does "hd -v /dev/sda1 | head" look like?10:58
ikoniapentarex: "with the server" ? what server, have you bought a server from a provider ?10:58
jonathonikonia, he says right in his post "Send files over MY Network10:58
ikoniajonathon: that doesn't mean a home network10:58
ikoniajonathon: and he also said sensative files10:58
AdvoWorkif ive ssh'd into a machine before, accepted the key etc, then have setup a new machine with the same ip, and have tried to connect, it wont allow me due to it being different, it says: Add correct host key in /home/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message.  but how?10:59
ikoniaAdvoWork: remove the key from the known hosts10:59
pentarexikonia: when I was installing ubuntu 10.04 LTS server edition there was a checkbox with what do you want to install and tomcat6 was in there for choice. I click it and tomcat6 was instaleld10:59
jonathonFTP Is still fine, I highly doubt he is going to be under an attack during the transfer, and FTP isn't insecure if you set it up right10:59
ikoniaAdvoWork: or disable host checking10:59
ikoniajonathon: ftp is totally clear text password and transmission,11:00
gregorywsikonia: I don't know why SAMBA didn't work.  I had it working over a week ago.  I tried it yesterday and there's a strange issue.  I need something reliable and I don't see the Ubuntu 11.04 flavor of samba as worth the hours of unsuccessfull troubleshooting.11:00
jonathonNot if you enable encryption11:00
ikoniajonathon: yes, it is still clear11:00
szymon_gvlt, http://www.wklej.org/id/603448/ but its not a problem anymore :) i created partitions in parted program, than i set their type in cfdisk. works fine :)11:00
ikoniagregoryws: ok - so what type of clients are using this11:00
jonathonIkonia, Well for all your dismissing of FTP< You've yet to offer up any suggestions11:00
ikoniajonathon: because I'm not rushing in with silly comments before understanding the requirements11:01
gregorywsEasy guys.11:01
ikoniagregoryws: tell us more about the requirements, what are the clients ?11:01
jonathonWell let's just see where this goes then...11:01
AdvoWorkikonia, cheers, done11:02
gregorywsikonia, jonathon: I have a home LAN with UBUNTU machines.  I'm looking to segregate my really sensitive files ( password logs, etc.) from my less sensitive: software projects, and family pictures.  I'm hoping to have static shares that auto mount when there available.11:03
janisozaurhello, I'm using 11.10 and I have a problem of totem (the movie player) being default handler of open-the-folder, i.e. when I click "show file in directory", the totem opens. how do I change it?11:04
jonathonikonia, SEE HA, FTP Would be perfect for that11:04
Obituary37anybody please know why i cannot install new ubuntu? my laptop gets hot and unplugged!!11:04
ikoniajonathon: you still don't know that11:04
pentarexikonia: did you respond mate because pidgin drops me and I lost contact11:04
jonathonikonia, I do know that11:04
ikoniajonathon: and the difference between finding out inforamtion before recommnding stuff and blindly jumping in is the key, not the actual solution11:04
ikoniapentarex: sorry I did, I'll change my response though due to a little thought, what is leading you to believe there should be a setenv.sh file there ?11:05
jonathonikonia, No, You offer a suggestion, let them determine if that works, if not, work towards a new one11:05
jonathonIn this case, I was right, he can use FTP Just fine11:05
ikoniajonathon: not if they actually don't understand the implications of what you're saying, I'm just requesting you apply thought to what you recommend11:05
ikoniagregoryws: are you comfortable transmitting the data clear text and passwords clear text across your home network ?11:06
jonathongregoryws, Clear text is fine for most, The ones with more sensitive information you can encrypt yourself beforehand11:07
jonathonWhich would be the best thing to do regardless11:07
adam_i made a booboo :( i created a home directory in cmd line called "steve" with comas included now when i 'sudo rm -R /home/"steve"' it says the file deosnt exist :(11:07
ikoniathe username and passwords are still sent in clear text11:07
ikoniaif gregoryws you are comfortable with that, then a lot of options are available to you11:07
adam_i can see it with ls but cant delete it :(11:07
gregorywsikonia: ikonia jonathon: I think I could clear text it at home.  My wireless is encrypted with a very long key...11:08
jonathonGregoryws, WPA2 I assume?11:08
ikoniagregoryws: what OS is the client running ?11:08
fritschadam_: easiest way to to do is graphically: gksudo nautilus11:09
jonathonikonia, what does it matter?11:09
fritschadam_: this runs nautilus as super user11:09
jonathonikonia, FTP can run on any client11:09
fritschadam_: select the directory and remove it11:09
ikoniajonathon: because the client will show options11:09
gregorywsikonia jonathon: preshared tkip wpa11:09
adam_fritsch: i dont have a gui set up :( unless i try a live cd11:09
fritschadam_: so you have to escape11:09
[poisonborz]hola, I'm trying to customize the gnome panel clock in 10.04, but no tutorial helped.. I can't find the folder in gconf-editor: there is no "clock_screenX" in /apps/panel/applets, just a "default setup", where changes have no effect.11:09
fritschadam_: the dir is called "steve"' with the " and '?11:09
ikoniajonathon: he doesn't have to use FTP - he may find it easiier to use network shares, or ftp, or http or rsync or whatever, finding out the client will help determian options for him11:09
jonathonikonia, See that's your problem here, You're trying to overcomplicate this11:09
jonathongregoryws, Awesome :D11:09
ikoniajonathon: no, I'm trying to find a solution that is best for him, rather then blindly ram a solution down someones through11:10
jonathonikonia, Overcomplication plain and simple <.<11:10
fritschadam_: rm -rf \"steve\"\' will delete a dir calle "steve"' with " in front and "' behind11:10
ikoniajonathon: no, understanding the users request and guiding11:10
jonathonikonia, which is what I did but faster, He wants to transfer files, plain text is fine, Ans ftp take slike 10 minutes at most to set up, so it's simple, fast, and does what he needs11:11
gregorywsjonatho ikonia: Please, you are awesome for just trying to help:) I'll research before I implement.  Just looking for a good general direction is all.11:11
ikoniajonathon: I have no issue with you suggesting ftp, I am requesting you think about the users needs not what you want him to use11:12
ikoniagregoryws: what OS is the client running ?11:12
jonathongregoryws, I RECOMMEND checking out FTP, for it's simplicity, but feel free to research 500 other alternitives that ikonia would like to mnention after 4 hours of detail discussion11:13
gregorywsikonia:  ubuntu is the only OS I need for my sensitive stuff:)11:13
ikoniagregoryws: even the client ?11:14
gregorywsikonia: I might try my android phone, but I'm leary of it's security so it's just Ubuntu for now.11:14
babilenjonathon: One time transfer? I am kinda fond of running "python3 -m http.server" or "python -m SimpleHTTPServer" in the directory that I want to share on http://$HOST:8000/11:15
ahhughez_does anyone here have a init.d script that works for pms-linux ?11:15
M0TRN_th1how can I get rid of those annoying "floating/autohide" scroll bars ? the little f*ckers don't work in half of my apps11:15
gregorywsjonathon:  I'll check out FTP.  Thanks :)11:15
M0TRN_th1ahhughez_, pms-linux lol11:16
adam_ty fritsch11:17
pentarexikonia: I want to increase my java heap size and I read in google that there must be a setenv.sh in /usr/share/tomcat6/bin directory11:18
icerootpentarex: its a normal shell-var which can also be placed in ~/.bashrc11:21
* samsul is away: samsul11:22
* samsul is away: samsul11:23
* samsul is away: samsul11:23
* samsul is away: apa ya?11:23
=== jonathon is now known as Kaleidoscope
bazhang!away > samsul11:24
ubottusamsul, please see my private message11:24
samsuli'm sorry... my bad.. i did not mean to...11:25
GirlyGirlWhat can be done to speed up unity on a system with Intel Gma 945G Express (Arkendale 27ae)? The same car performs fine with kde but on unity its laggy11:26
bazhangGirlyGirl, use unity-2d ? not sure what you mean by laggy11:26
KaleidoscopeGirlygirl, Did you check your video drivers to make sure you got the latest?11:27
kleopatraHow do i delete all files that end with .xxx and do not begin with xyz  ?11:28
icerootkleopatra: #bash11:29
GirlyGirlbazhang: Kaleidoscope  Driver is latest, No I do not want to use 2d and was just trying out unity. I was wondering if there was a solution to the slow graphics that's all. KDE is my main system11:30
KaleidoscopeGirlygirl, Sorry, no Idea here11:31
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=== Foxi352_ is now known as Foxi352_Work
AdvoWorki see webmin is now unsupported, does it have a alternative, or something similar?11:34
bazhang!ebox | AdvoWork11:34
ubottuAdvoWork: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).11:34
z0mbixkleopatra: You could use something like this: for file in `ls *.xxx|grep -v ^xyz`; do rm $file; done11:36
geirhaz0mbix: No, that's dangerous11:39
Parsinddoes rm moves files to the recicle bin?11:41
z0mbixParsind: no11:41
z0mbixgeirha: how?11:41
=== Guest46488 is now known as jrib
jribkleopatra: you should use find11:42
georgebhey, if there a preferred method for setting static network settings in ubuntu?11:44
jribgeorgeb: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/net-fixed-ip-address.html11:44
kleopatrain bash they told me about extglob, which seems pretty powerful and easy to use, thx11:44
sh00pok so this is weird... I have /etc/init.d/networking... but nowhere in my /etc/rc*.d/ is there a link to iw11:45
sh00pto it*11:45
sh00phow can it be active when I boot up?11:45
geirhaz0mbix: You risk removing the wrong files11:45
AdvoWorkive just done sudo apt-get install “^ebox-.*”   how can i undo that/remove, just sudo apt-get remove ".. ?11:45
z0mbixgeirha: that will remove only the files kleopatra specified11:45
jrib!upstart | sh00p11:46
ubottush00p: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:46
geirhaz0mbix: Not if any of the filenames contain whitespace, or glob characters11:46
jribkleopatra: what's the solution using extglob?L11:47
iuytfris it possible to send message broadcast messenge ?11:47
ubuntu_running 11.04; wanted to sudo apt-get snownews, but no luck :(11:47
kleopatrajrib: rm !(xyz)*.xxx11:47
=== ubuntu_ is now known as phaedral
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: sudo apt-get remove `dpkg -l | grep ebox- | awk '{print $2}'`11:47
ActionParsnip!info snownews11:48
ubottuPackage snownews does not exist in natty11:48
iuytfris it possible to send message broadcast messenge ?11:48
ActionParsnipiuytfr: to whom?11:48
geirhakleopatra: rm !(xyz*).xxx11:48
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: something like that?11:48
phaedralActionParsnip: thanks for trying; looks like there's been a move away from providing console apps for us luddites11:48
th0riuytfr: wall?11:48
kleopatraBTW: is #gnuplot the right channel for gnuplot question or another server?11:49
ActionParsnipphaedral: console ftw :)11:49
AtharvaIs there any browser which can operate in terminal ?11:49
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: gah, it's not good, the guys in #bash will have some awesomeness11:50
iuytfrto other11:50
AdvoWorkActionParsnip, ok thanks for the help :)11:50
phaedralActionParsnip: yeah, I know, it's a bad habit I should shake. Think I'll try #! on this pendrive. Cheers11:50
AdvoWorkwhy is webmin no longer support, any ideas?11:50
icerootAdvoWork: lynx, w3m11:51
icerootAdvoWork: its bad, useless, not working with the way debian/ubuntu are configuring things11:51
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.11:51
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).11:51
th0riuytfr: I was serious...the command is wall11:51
AdvoWorkahh ok, i just tried installing ebox and it kept asking about ldap, which is irrelevant? all installed but then i tried IP/ebox and nothing11:51
icerootAdvoWork: if you are an admin of a server and want to use webmin or other things like that. its a good idea to learn something about linux instead of using strange web-based guis11:52
=== naba_ is now known as naba
AdvoWorkiceroot, i normally do things without a gui anyway, im considering sticking that way11:53
BluesKajHey all11:53
ActionParsnipsticking to CLI means your skills are transferable between distros too :)11:53
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj11:53
BluesKajhi ActionParsnip11:53
iuytfrth0r: wall ?11:53
iuytfrhow it works ?11:54
th0riuytfr: open a terminal and type 'man wall'11:54
iuytfr wall — write a message to users11:55
iuytfrbut i m talking is it send message to users who are on the same network11:56
icerootiuytfr: something like "echo foo | wall" this should write to all open shells "foo"11:56
icerootiuytfr: all using the same system on the network?11:56
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=== naba__ is now known as naba
Kartagiswhy does libreoffice install when I attempt to install openoffice.org?11:57
jribKartagis: because libreoffice has replaced openoffice11:57
icerootKartagis: there is no openoffice anymore in ubuntu/debian11:58
ActionParsnip!info openoffice.org11:58
ubottuopenoffice.org (source: openoffice.org): office productivity suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.3.0-7ubuntu2 (natty), package size 3 kB, installed size 156 kB11:58
icerootiuytfr: imo there was the tool "talk" or "chat"11:58
ActionParsnipit is still in the repos, even in oneiric11:58
jribActionParsnip: did you see the package descriptions?11:58
Kartagisthat's why I'm asking11:58
icerootActionParsnip: its not openoffice.org11:58
icerootActionParsnip: inside the packqage11:58
jribKartagis: read the package description of what you are installing11:59
ActionParsnipiceroot: then its named badly and should be sorted11:59
Kartagisjrib: apt-get install open<Tab> brings it up11:59
jribKartagis: yes, now read the description.11:59
iuytfrok thanks to all11:59
ActionParsnipKartagis: i'm gussing its some metapackage for old school users11:59
diurnohola a todos11:59
bazhang!es | diurno11:59
ubottudiurno: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:59
ActionParsnipjrib: I don't use or have software centre  / synaptic installed12:00
KartagisThis is a transitional package, replacing the OpenOffice.org packaging with the LibreOffice packaging.12:00
jribActionParsnip: apt-cache show openoffice.org12:00
jribKartagis: mystery solved? :D12:00
ActionParsnipjrib: ahh wasn't aware of 'show'  cheers dude12:00
ActionParsnipmystery solved indeed12:00
icerootActionParsnip: its a metapackage, conflictng with openoffice and installing libreoffice12:01
* ActionParsnip uses abiword, and doesn't use libreoffice12:01
xinyii got something wrong with dbus12:01
xinyibin # thunderbird12:01
xinyiGConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; the most common cause is a missing or misconfigured D-Bus session bus daemon. See http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Failed to get connection to session: The connection is closed)12:01
xinyig_dbus_connection_real_closed: Remote peer vanished with error: Underlying GIOStream returned 0 bytes on an async read (g-io-error-quark, 0). Exiting.12:01
xinyi/usr/bin/thunderbird: line 130: 26109 Terminated              $MOZ_PROGRAM "$@"12:01
FloodBot1xinyi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:01
xinyiwho can tell me howto?12:02
xinyishould i install a dbus packet?12:03
icerootxinyi: dbus is already installed12:03
icerootxinyi: what is the output of "ps aux | grep dbus"12:03
icerootxinyi: is dbus running in ps aux?12:03
xinyi01       1253  0.1  0.0   3764  1964 ?        Ss   17:18   0:14 /bin/dbus-daemon --system12:04
xinyizpw       2442  0.0  0.0   3420   712 ?        S    17:18   0:00 dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session12:04
xinyizpw       2443  0.0  0.0   3920  1620 ?        Ss   17:18   0:01 /bin/dbus-daemon --fork --print-pid 5 --print-address 7 --session12:04
xinyizpw      27173  0.0  0.0   3664   732 pts/3    S+   20:02   0:00 grep dbus12:04
FloodBot1xinyi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:04
=== hdd is now known as Guest68284
icerootxinyi: what ubuntu-version is that?12:04
xinyiopensuse 11.412:05
bazhang#suse xinyi12:05
icerootxinyi: not supported here, try #opensuse instead12:05
=== user__ is now known as akem
xinyithe last question, i unchechked the dbus whilst updating, is this the problem?12:08
bazhangxinyi, suse is not supported here, try their channel12:08
ActionParsnipxinyi: your distribution is not supported here, this is ubuntu support ONLY. Ask in #opensuse that is the channel for your distribution, not here12:08
ActionParsnipSOme people need telling twice, no idea why but it gets there12:09
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
cantonichey guys. i am quite new to linux. i have opened a manuel with the "man" command, but how to close the man again?12:21
Picicantonic: q12:22
BluesKajcantonic, the Q12:22
cantonicthank you very much guys. q worked :)12:23
cantonici am starting with ubuntu server (don't want a gui)12:23
cantonicand i will use it for installing several virtual machines on it. hope it is not toooo complicated12:23
NotAnonymoussounds painful :p12:23
NotAnonymouswhy not use GUI? GUI can be handy12:24
NotAnonymousand once you have setup your server just disable the GUI12:24
cantonicNotAnonymous: nah, i already have succesfully installed ubuntu server. now i am trying to build the VMs but i get an error each time when starting the vm. sudo virt-viewer vm1 brings a "cannot open display" error12:25
cantonicNotAnonymous: I tried that. i installed a gui (is it called gnom?) but i could not deactivate it again...12:25
NotAnonymoussure you can.. you just have to uninstall it once you're done12:26
NotAnonymousif you hit CTRL+ALT+F1 you go from GUI to terminal directly12:26
NotAnonymousand from there you can kill/uninstall all the GUIs12:27
cantonicNotAnonymous: which gui should i use on an ubuntu server?12:27
NotAnonymousyou can use any you want.. Gnome works fine12:28
th0rcantonic: something lightweight...lxde might be a good choice12:28
cantonicNotAnonymous: nah, Gnome is too heavy for a server12:28
cantonicth0r: thank you. i will try this one12:29
NotAnonymouswell if you are going to use GUI temporarily then lightweight is not a big issue :)12:29
th0rcantonic: lxde or maybe xfce...I would suggest trying lxde first12:29
cantonicNotAnonymous: I have to run several virtual machines on that pc and a gui like gnome could vanish a lot of my system ressources… that's what i fear12:30
jribcantonic: why even install one then...12:30
th0rcantonic: and you might look into disabling X and lxde instead of uninstalling them. Or even let them run but don't log into the gui...that way it is there if you want it.12:30
cantonicjrib: because i try to install VMs but fail :(12:30
jribcantonic: don't use gui tools to do so?12:31
th0rjrib: there are times when there is a gui app that does something just so much easier12:31
cantonicth0r: what is X?12:31
cantonicjrib: yeah, i try to install using shell but get errors :(12:31
th0rcantonic: X is the underlying framework that makes gui environments work12:31
jribcantonic: installing gui would not affect that then12:31
cantonicjrib: maybe… the error message i get when starting windows 7 virtual machine is "cannot open display"12:32
cantonicsounds like it cannot run gui12:32
NotAnonymousinstalling Gnome, xfce etc. will install X automatically12:32
cantonici wanted to connect using vnc...12:32
jribcantonic: anyway installing a gui will not really have any effect.  You don't even need to uninstall it, just don't start it once you are done12:32
cantonicbut dunno how12:32
jribcantonic: you need a gui for vnc12:33
* tMH- is gone. nsf12:33
jrib!away > tMH-12:33
ubottutMH-, please see my private message12:33
cantonicjrib: on a previous installation of ubuntu server i installed gnome and could not exit it again as it loaded automatically12:33
jribcantonic: just add "text" to your kernel line12:33
th0rcantonic: if you want to run vnc you won't be disabling it anyway...it has to be running12:34
cantonicjrib: sorry, don't understand that :(12:34
=== root is now known as Guest2679
cantonicwhat i understood is: "i need a gui to connec to a vm via vnc"12:35
jribcantonic: in /etc/default/grub you would add " text" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT12:35
jribcantonic: yes, that's true.  If at some point you no longer want to the gui to start automatically, then you can do what I said in /etc/default/grub12:35
cantonicah nice! i see! so grub controls which apps to start on system boot?12:36
=== bm is now known as Guest26894
jribcantonic: no, but the gdm init script checks if you used "text" in your kernel line12:37
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest24387
ActionParsnipcantonic: you can also tell kernel moudules to not load too12:37
NotAnonymouspersonally I would just uninstall the gnome. Much faster than digging into config files and grub12:37
cantonicNotAnonymous: yeah, but if you need it you would have to install it again...12:38
ActionParsnipNotAnonymous: hardly, plus it's more destructive to remove all the packages12:38
jribcantonic: if you need to start it, you can just do « sudo service gdm start » after the machine boots12:38
cantonicso ok. i have no gui so i cannot open the virtual machine. i understand that. but i should be able connecting from another computer to the VM using VNC, right?12:38
NotAnonymoushow can uninstalling be destructive? oO12:39
jribcantonic: right12:39
cantonicjrib: but it does not connect. i see that the vm is running when typing in "virsh -c qemu:///system list"12:39
cantonicunfortunately it doesn't show the VNC-Port12:39
ActionParsnipNotAnonymous: its removes the files, if you just add the boot option, the files are still present but are not used, the change can be rolled back easily. Uninstalling all the packages requires reinstallation of packages. Its simply not necessary12:40
PanArturcantonic: if you disconnect your monitor cable the X won't start.12:40
oratedHello! I've few backup files in tar.bz2 format in desktop. I can connect/transfer files from desktop to laptop with ssh/scp. Since I'm out of space, is it possible that I uncompress  and also delete the files uncompressed initially?12:40
jriborated: you could uncompress during the transfer, would that work?12:40
oratedjrib: I'd like to do that!12:41
ActionParsniporated: do you have excess kernels? You can remove those to free up space12:41
jriborated: ok, I'm pretty sure you can but I don't recall how atm :)12:41
NotAnonymousActionParsnip oh ok. I thought you meant it was going to break the system or sth somehow12:41
oratedjrib: duh12:41
oratedActionParsnip: nope12:41
jriborated: that's code for "google with me"12:41
ActionParsnipNotAnonymous: it wont break it per se, it just removes data when you can just tell the OS to not use it12:42
dell_i am getting these error:   dpkg: error processing firmware-b43-installer (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 Errors were encountered while processing:  firmware-b43-installer12:42
jriborated: I think tar can read from stdin12:42
ActionParsnipdell_: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc12:42
oratedjrib: Oh, you mean pipe it ?12:42
delinquentmecould anyone make a suggestion as to what channel would be good to ask questions on floating point math in? .. perhaps a general CS chat room?12:42
oratedjrib:  using | and  >12:42
ActionParsniporated: could mount the sshfs and copy it like a regular file copy12:42
dell_ActionParsni_ : maverick12:43
dell_ ActionParsnip_ : maverick12:44
jriborated: yeah just use ssh to cat the tar.bz2 to the server and pipe that output to "tar xvf -".  That should work.  Try with a small file to test.  ActionParsnip has a good suggestion too.12:44
iuytfrhow to send message over terminal like that : send message to IP ?12:44
oratedCould you elaborate ActionParsnip ?12:45
PanArturiuytfr: http://goo.gl/UO1cV12:46
cantonicdoes somebody know where the settings are stores which i used when creating a vm with virt-install?12:46
iuytfrlike this12:46
iuytfrnet send "hello"12:46
iuytfri need something like that12:47
iuytfrhow to do ?12:47
iuytfrnet send IP destination "hello"12:48
PanArturiuytfr: what do you want to see on destination pl12:48
iuytfri simply want to send12:49
iuytfrlike this12:49
iuytfrnet send "hello"12:49
iuytfr172.16.6.99 is the destination IP12:49
tomodachiiuytfr: net send functionality has been locked down for years since it was abused so much12:49
PanArturiuytfr: http://goo.gl/qxXHE have you tried this? but in my opinion you should use notify-send over ssh12:50
iuytfrno i don't like that one PanArtur12:50
oratedjrib: You said cat to the server, what server?12:50
iuytfrthat command works on windows what you don't work on linux ?12:51
PanArturiuytfr: maybe make an alias to this command12:51
jriborated: when you ssh there is a machine acting as server and one acting as client12:51
iuytfrhow ?12:51
ActionParsnipiuytfr:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BroadcastAlertWithSound12:52
PanArturalias send=[command to send "$1"]12:52
KamZouHello, i've a problem with my DHCP & DDNS, cause during a certain period, the dhcpd remove the RR's and not re-write it for some minutes / hours. Any idea ?12:53
tmusDoes Ubuntu have a certification like RedHat has the RHEL?12:53
norbert79Good day. Have an interesting question for you all: Is it anyhow possible limiting .fonts.conf for one application, when started? I would like to configure only one application making autohints disabled for it, yet .fonts.conf applies settings session-wide. Now I know some shell scripts might do some workaround, but I am merely looking for something long term, without using additional shell scripts.12:54
KamZouhere an example of my DHCP & DDNS problem : http://pastebin.com/7wbDys0r12:54
PanArturiuytfr: if you write this command to your .bashrc alias will be created autotaticly after login12:54
iuytfrActionParsnip: you mean i have to do installation on each pc ?12:55
ActionParsniptmus: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/training12:55
iridiumnorbert79, reason to do that? (I'm asking because is unlikely)12:55
ActionParsnipiuytfr: not sure, just found it12:55
norbert79iridium: Very basic issue: Hate the automatic font-hinting in Wine. Since changing that has been removed since 1.2, Wine relies on Xft. Now if I apply .fonts.conf, it gets applied session-wide... Real ugly.12:56
iridiumI will answer you in pm12:56
norbert79iridium: Cheers12:57
tmusActionParsnip, thanks...12:57
KamZouanyone good at dhcp & ddns questions ?12:57
ActionParsnipnorbert79: have you asked in #winehq too12:57
norbert79ActionParsnip: Well, question isn't really based on Wine, could be any application12:58
ActionParsnipnorbert79: but any app in wine, right?12:58
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:58
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/12:58
norbert79ActionParsnip: No12:58
norbert79ActionParsnip: Basically I was merely looking for a methodf controlling font hinting appl,ication based12:59
norbert79ActionParsnip: ANY application12:59
ActionParsnipnorbert79: ah, I see. You just mentioned wine and it seemed to relate purely to that12:59
norbert79ActionParsnip: I see. No, wasn't really the goal12:59
ActionParsnipnorbert79: np man, its clear now12:59
oratedjrib: ActionParsnip: Right. In my case its between and, devices connected to same network. It goes to the local hub and then to the local machine. It only stays inside the local internal network.13:00
dell_ActionParsnip : The output of  lsb_release -sc : maverick13:00
jriborated: that's fine.13:00
sveinseI'm struggling with getting my e1000e nic up and running (on a Dell laptop). dmesg finds the nic, and reports eth0: link is not ready. However ethtool sais that there is no eth0... What can I do?13:00
dell_ The output of  lsb_release -sc : maverick13:00
oratedjrib: I meant to say there is nothing like server wherein the temporary operation of cat will take place13:01
AdvoWorkon an old system i used to do sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pitti/postgresql  but how can i do that on 10.04?13:01
ActionParsnipsveinse: if you unload then reload the driver module, does it work?13:02
jriborated: you have openssh-server running on one of the machines, yes?13:02
sveinseActionParsnip: Nope.13:02
oratedjrib: yes13:02
jriborated: good, that's your server13:02
dell_i am getting these error:   dpkg: error processing firmware-b43-installer (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 Errors were encountered while processing:  firmware-b43-installer  The output of  lsb_release -sc : maverick13:03
norbert79ActionParsnip: Since of your silence I can assume you have no ideas either :)13:03
sveinseActionParsnip: The thing is ifconfig lists eth0, but I cannot ethtool it for some reason.13:03
AdvoWorki keep getting sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found  any ideas?13:03
ActionParsnipnorbert79: correct, I have no idea of fonts, never had an issue (either that or I simply don't care about 'ugly' fonts)13:03
jribAdvoWork: what ubuntu version?13:03
AdvoWorkjrgp, 10.04 server13:04
oratedActionParsnip: Could you aleaborate on sshd way?13:04
norbert79ActionParsnip: I see... Thank you though :)13:04
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: install python-software-properties13:04
ActionParsniporated: mount the sshfs, there are guides around13:04
ActionParsnipsveinse: does it get an ip?13:04
sveinseActionParsnip: No. dhclient just sits there doing nothing13:05
ActionParsnipsveinse: ok then run:  dmesg | less    and see what happens during boot with the interface during startup13:05
sveinseActionParsnip: The kernel log sais that it's found the NIC, configures it (PCI wise). The two last messages are eth0: link is not ready and PME# enabled. But I should be able to reach eth0 using ethtool even if there is no link13:07
theotheroneWhen my pc uses many memory from swap, sometimes it crashes with black screen, and error "sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Unhandled error code" "sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Result: hostbyte=DID_BAD_TARGET driverbyte=DRIVER_OK" What to do?13:08
cantonicguys, when entering "virt-install --help" the list is too long. how can i read the text at the top?13:10
oratedActionParsnip: ok13:10
ActionParsnipsveinse: if you run:  sudo rfkill list    is it blocked?13:10
ActionParsniporated: nautilus can mount sshfs13:10
barkodeless|virt-install --help13:10
oratedActionParsnip: I don't know properly about it. I just have sshfs installed13:11
ActionParsniporated: its like samba, but secure13:11
ActionParsniporated: you can mount it using nautilus13:11
oratedActionParsnip: But it will eventually take space in desktop?13:12
oratedActionParsnip: I mean the process of uncompressing and extracting13:12
ActionParsniporated: you can extract to the mounted sshfs, the kernel will manage the transfer13:13
sveinseActionParsnip: It didn't come up in this list.. Strange13:13
ActionParsniporated: the remote storage will appear as a local folder13:13
norbert79see you13:13
RobinJcan anyone try and see in this dmesg what just caused to freeze the system twice? http://paste.ubuntu.com/702742/13:13
cantonicbarkode: thank you very much13:13
RobinJgetting a bit sick of this, no'one keeps using an os that keeps freezing13:13
sveinseActionParsnip: Should eth0 show up in rfkill? eth0 is wired NIC not wireless...13:14
oratedActionParsnip: Then what's the use of sshfs when one can transfer the folder where all the files are uncompressed and extracted?13:15
ActionParsniporated: you can extract the files TO the remote directory,keeping the source archive on your client13:15
barkodelol kermit. lord nikons pw in hackers13:16
ActionParsnipsveinse: i guess, after you remove then reload the module. run:  dmesg | tail   it may give clues13:16
tendiI have xubuntu 11.04 and I want to switch it from Xfce to gnome13:16
ActionParsniptendi: select it at login13:16
dell_i am getting these error:   dpkg: error processing firmware-b43-installer (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 Errors were encountered while processing:  firmware-b43-installer13:17
MonkeyDusttendi: backup your /home and reinstall is the fastest and easiest way13:17
tendidont I have to install something first13:17
tendidoes it come by defualt with xubuntu13:17
barkodeyou might have to install gnome then purge xcfe if you wanna13:18
cantonicguys, i created a virtual machine using virt-install, but how can i delete that virtual machine including all dependencies?13:18
MonkeyDusttendi: does wqat come wome with xubuntu?13:18
ActionParsniptendi: it will need installing if you have xubuntu13:18
barkodedepends on how big your iso was13:18
sveinseActionParsnip: No clues in dmesg. I see from google that others have similar problems with this driver. It could be something13:18
sobersabrehi guys.13:18
cantonicbarkode: was that to me?13:18
ActionParsnipsveinse: check for bug reports13:18
barkodehey sobre13:18
cantonichi sobersabre13:18
sobersabreI have tried using several remote access gui tools. and each ... had some problems.13:19
oratedActionParsnip: The remote directory will be part of desktop / ?13:19
barkodeno cantonic. never used virt-install13:19
tendiso wat do i have to install because i have xubuntu13:19
EftarjinKHi. Can someone with full $HOME encryption with ecryptfs tell me what files you have in /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs? It seems I’m missing something13:20
barkodecan you apt-get to get gnome?13:20
MonkeyDust!gnome| tendi13:20
ubottutendi: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.13:20
MonkeyDusttendi: backup your /home and then install ubuntu is the fastest and easiest way13:22
tendiwat is the desktop environment now for ubuntu 11.0413:22
Stanley00tendi: it's unity13:22
ActionParsniporated: its the same as mounting a share13:22
tendiso can i install unity on xubuntu 11.04?13:22
barkodei been usin kubuntu, but i might be unity a try13:22
Ollehactually the fastest and easiest way is to just apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment13:23
ActionParsniptendi: or you can use ubuntu classic13:23
ActionParsnip!info gnome-desktop-environment13:23
ubottugnome-desktop-environment (source: meta-gnome2): The GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.30+7ubuntu3 (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 48 kB13:23
Ollehor if you want just a minimal install, just install gnome-core, gdm, and maybe a theme13:23
ActionParsniptendi: sure, unity is just a plugin for compiz13:23
barkodetendi. go to the ubuntu homepage, and download the default...\13:23
ActionParsniptendi: if you switch the xfce window manager for compiz,you can use unity13:24
MonkeyDusttendi: backup your /home, get rid of Xubuntu and then install Ubuntu13:24
zmbmartinnoisewaterphd: not sure if you are interested but I solved my flash file browser issue by installing ia32-libs.13:24
oratedActionParsnip: Ok, I'll read and try it. The problem is that I'm out of space on both laptop and desktop and the parts of the bz2 are stored in three different partitions. So is there to configure to cat to ask for each next part to cat?13:26
oratedthere a way to*(13:26
Stanley00orated: why dont you use >> instead of >?13:27
oratedStanley00: >> to add to the starting of file? How will it help?13:28
daihey, how do I give myself permission to copy files into /usr/share/ ?13:28
TuxOtakuhey, I'm on 11.04 and I keep having a really weird problem with compiz. Windows which are all sitting on separate desktops will spontaneously all bunch together onto one desktop13:28
TuxOtakuI thought it might be something to do with the fact that I was running Conky13:29
Stanley00orated: >> append to a file, afaik, not from the starting...13:29
TuxOtakubut even without conky running, it still happens13:29
fmaurodai: with chmod, but what is it you're trying to acheive?13:29
barkodedai. how locked down do you want /usr/share/13:30
barkodeis it a single user system?13:30
chrisvtxneed help with inconsistent ftp performance.13:31
chrisvtxi have ubuntu 10.1013:31
chrisvtxwith vsftpd installed and service running.13:32
ljsoftnetyour downloading something?13:32
barkodewith konquorer or dolphin?13:32
oratedStanley00: Is there any way to configure cat so that it asks for next file to cat?13:32
chrisvtxwhen i connect via ftp with filezilla13:32
chrisvtxthe connection will work about 20% of the time.13:32
chrisvtxmost of the time ftp fails and i get this error in filezilla:13:33
chrisvtxStatus:Connecting to
chrisvtxStatus:Connection established, waiting for welcome message...13:33
chrisvtxError:Connection timed out13:33
chrisvtxError:Could not connect to server13:33
FloodBot1chrisvtx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:33
Stanley00orated: afaik, there isnt.13:33
barkodeorated. script?13:33
daifmauro: barkode  oh crap there was no beep whenyou guys replied, I'm trying to install a screen saver on ubuntu, the tutorial said to save the folders in /usr/share/gnome-screensaver/ but i can't write into that folder13:34
oratedbarkode: umm not sure13:34
Dice-Mani want to install 4 gig of ram on my laptop, i'm actually running lucid 32 bits should i move to 64 ?13:36
Stanley00Dice-Man: pae kernel will also recognize all your ram, give it a shot first...13:39
Dice-ManStanley00: you mean on my 32 bits version ?13:39
Stanley00Dice-Man: yes. pae kernel and 32 bits system13:40
Dice-Manhum are there any other warnings ? i want to install the ram on a netbook13:40
Stanley00Dice-Man: I'm not sure actually, just know that it exist, I have never tested it.13:41
b0otAre there any tools out there that help with configuration. I'm looking for something where a user can select something... see some stats, and as the user selects various other accessories the stats change. Each item the user selects should have optional linked accessories etc13:42
hjGuest20673 --> ×àê?13:42
Dice-ManStanley00: okay then i'll test :), it's one module of 4 gig ram :)13:42
Stanley00Dice-Man: Good luck! ;))13:43
Benkinoobyhi, i am right now playing around with some ipv6 sit tunneling... some1 here how can help me a bit further? or a place/channel where i could ask13:44
hjÝé âû ÷åðíûå óáëþäêè13:44
=== Guest20673 is now known as Sakha
hjñîñèòå íàõóé13:44
FloodBot1hj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:44
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hjñîñè íàõóé13:44
PanArturb0ot: what are you talking about? do you mean ubuntu-tweak?13:44
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SakhaAmerikosy Yakut and we know that we have developed what you =)13:45
SakhaYakutia taxis, and you are a pathetic =)13:46
LjLhj: stop13:47
hjLjL --> ïàøîë íàõóé13:47
genii-around!ru | hj13:47
ubottuhj: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:47
hjubottu --> èäè íàõóé13:47
asdjaputraare those russian?13:47
LjLif they are they aren't using Unicode, but i guess so. KOI-813:47
genii-aroundasdjaputra: Their hostmask indicated Russia as origin13:48
asdjaputragenii-around, true, or they're just testing their charmap?13:48
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Sakha» asdjaputra » » as yes13:48
LjLSakha: well, please use #test for testing13:49
Sakha» asdjaputra » not Russian, and Yakut13:49
Sakha» LjL » what?13:50
LjLSakha: if you and hj are testing keyboard, use #test13:51
Sakha» LjL » and why do we test? no thank you inappropriately! I'll manage13:52
asdjaputrahj also floods in #debian13:53
alainghow do i install open office from the command line?13:53
Piciasdjaputra: We have no control over than channel.13:54
asdjaputraof course13:54
asdjaputrai'm just telling13:54
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Sakha» LjL » I went to the channel test and what I do there? Explain please13:54
xgt001hello i need a good task manager which has good integration with hamster13:54
xgt001please suggest13:55
asdjaputraSakha, if you're testing your new keyboard layout, or unicode characters13:55
zykotick9alaing, open a terminal and type "open" then TAB (x2) to get all the options starting with open (sorry i have LibreOffice installed so can't check on my system)13:55
asdjaputraif you wouldn't need to be there13:55
codefriarI see on launchpad that version 6.26-1 for sun-java6-jre exists, but i can't figure out how to get apt-get to see it. do I need to add some kind of ppa? for : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/i386/sun-java6-jre/6.26-1lucid113:56
Picicodefriar: What release of Ubuntu are you using?13:56
Picicodefriar: Its in the partner repo then.13:57
Pici!partner | codefriar13:57
ubottucodefriar: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »13:57
compdocalaing, its called libreoffice now13:57
RevTorAHey everyone... I'm getting rather poor video playback performance on my new ubuntu system. On this same PC running windows 7 I had no issue playing videos but on this system, videos both offline and online run with lower FPS than they should be. Ideas?13:57
Sakha» LjL » Americans tupite you like it! Che is all gloomy! Negros all =))) hahaha I'm going out of luck Irk province !=)))13:57
zykotick9alaing, sorry you said install, I was thinking you asked how to start it (sorry my mistake)13:57
compdoczykotick9, that tab tab thing is a neat trick14:00
PanArturalaing: sudo aptitude install openoffice or apt-get instead aptitude14:00
fmaurodai: just copy it via terminal and prepend sudo to the copy command and you should be fine14:01
PanArturRevTorA: what is your GPU?14:01
RevTorA9600M GT14:01
g0rswhen skype is started, skype disappears after start and wont dock into system tray after it is closed. Is it something to do with desktop theme? I chose current desktop theme. Any ideas?14:01
twoten210I just installed Ubuntu Studio 11.04 onto my Ubuntu 11 box and I get a blank screen at startup, I can't even see the grub menu14:02
PanArturRevTorA: have you installed nvidia-current package?14:02
twoten210I can boot into rescue mode and run mc14:03
RevTorAPanArtur: Hrm... don't think so, let me check. I only installed the proprietary drivers through the "Additional Drivers" setup14:03
PanArturtwoten210: to see grub menu hold shift after bios post screen14:03
alaingThanks PanArtur and zykotick9 and compdoc14:03
alaingi 'll try that now14:04
Girly-Girlg0rs: Are you with the default settings of Ubuntu14:04
RevTorAPanArtur: According to apt-get, I have indeed the latest version of nvidia-current14:04
PanArturRevTorA: open terminal and write sudo nvidia-xconfig - then reboot14:05
twoten210ok , I'm just doing an apt-get install nvidia-current right now14:05
RevTorAPanArtur: Alright, bbiab14:05
g0rsGirly-Girl: yes, I chose default settings in skype and even tried a few alternatives like oxygen14:05
RevTorAPanArtur: There was an error, should I still reboot?14:05
PanArturtwoten210: what is your GPU14:05
zykotick9RevTorA, FYI if you using nvidia you can use VDPAU as a video output with mplayer (you might need to install libvdpau1)14:06
PanArturRevTorA: what error?14:06
twoten210it's an nvidia 6800 on the motherboard14:06
RevTorAPanArtur: v14:06
g0rsGirly-Girl: skype only appears in task bar and not in system tray .14:06
RevTorAPanArtur: http://pastebin.com/F0s9BHh114:07
Girly-Girlg0rs: Ubuntu 11.04 unity I assume?14:07
g0rsGirly-Girl: kubuntu 11.04 natty14:07
=== [1]z0mbix is now known as z0mbix
PanArturtwoten210: nvidia glx 173 is for your card14:07
Girly-Girlg0rs: let me check that since I have kubuntu also and skype14:08
g0rsGirly-Girl: i've installed the latest version but didn't have this problem before14:08
zykotick9RevTorA, "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.notworking" then "sudo nvidia-xconfig" to generate a new xorg.conf14:08
g0rsGirly-Girl: Thanks14:08
PanArturRevTorA: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak then reboot and check14:08
RevTorAAye, bbiab14:09
Girly-Girlg0rs: Right click the systray and click system tray settings14:09
twoten210sorry, it's a GeForce 7025 on the motherboard14:10
g0rsGirly-Girl: after that?14:10
raj-darkmysteryguys need help with mod_rewrite how can I point xyz.domain.com to domain.com if someother mod_rewrite is already working for example.com for anything.example.com14:10
Girly-Girlg0rs: Do you see skype under entries14:10
g0rsGirly-Girl: I see that there are applications whose visibility can be configured14:11
jribraj-darkmystery: #httpd14:11
g0rsGirly-Girl: I see it and after i set it to 'always visble', it disappeared14:12
Girly-Girlg0rs: hit the close button on skype and see if it is there in entries14:12
PanArturtwoten210: than nvidia-current14:12
Girly-Girlg0rs: It disappeared??14:12
g0rsGirly-Girl: i see it gain after i restarted skype. i set it to always visble but it doesn't appear in system tray14:14
Girly-Girlg0rs: I had this problem once and solved it by deleting plasma's config14:15
Girly-Girlg0rs: Are you ready to do that Note: plasma will take default Kubuntu settings14:15
g0rsGirly-Girl: I can delete plasma settings and restart kde if that helps14:15
hellboy_hey i want to know what is segmentation fault14:15
PanArturg0rs: write in terminal ps aux | grep [s]kype14:16
twoten210no, no good, I reboot, hold down shift and still get a blank screen, I also get a second single beep after the first one, could that be grub trying to tell me something?14:16
=== ostr is now known as xontech
Girly-Girlg0rs: Do that then14:16
Girly-Girlg0rs: You know how it is done?14:16
twoten210segmentation fault is when a program tries to alter some memory outside of it's assigned territory14:16
g0rsGirly-Girl: yes , they are in .kde directory ?14:17
Girly-Girlg0rs: Yes14:17
hellboy_whenever i run ccsm14:17
hellboy_i get this msg(segmentation fault)14:17
hellboy_what should i do?14:17
g0rsGirly-Girl: brb14:18
Girly-Girlg0rs: ok14:18
PanArturtwoten210: when screen is blank press ctrl+alt+f1, login into your account and write sudo nvidia-xconfig then sudo reboot. If you don't have nvidai drivers installed write X -configure then sudo cp xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf (X -configure will gives you where the xorg.conf new is)14:19
xgt001hellboy_, do u get it when u run it via terminal?14:19
zelozelosi need to set up a partition as a go-between for ubuntu and vista, which type of format can be read/written to from both - but i'd like it to be able to drag n drop files with out having to delete them from ubuntu's?14:19
xgt001are you running natty or maverick?14:20
bastidrazorzelozelos: ntfs14:20
zelozelosbastidrazor, ntfs works for windows but i have 2 delete the files after i put them on that one..is there a way around this?14:20
RevTorAPanArtur: I have run that configuration script and rebooted :)14:20
PanArturhellboy_: do you have webcam?14:20
PanArturRevTorA: and?14:20
hellboy_no why14:21
bastidrazorzelozelos: i don't know what that means.14:21
hellboy_hey panartur give me ur email id14:21
twoten210PanArtur: yeah I've been trying to get to a console using ctrl-alt-F4 but no luck, I have to go thru the Studio 11.04 install cd into rescue mode to get to a root shell14:21
PanArturhellboy_: a6193427@nepwk.com14:22
Girly-Girlg0rs: My system Skype on Kubuntu 11.04 Natty with KDE SC 4.7.1 works fine14:23
zelozelosim using ubuntu 11.04 bastidrazor when i drag a file to a ntfs from ext3 it still remains on the ext3 partition, and windows thinks that when i move/delete a file that has been added durring a ubuntu session that its a shared folder and i have 2 confirm the file actions14:23
hellboy_PanArtur: CCSM comes and it vanishes what should i do14:23
PanArturtwoten210: have you got access to your linux filesystem?14:23
zykotick9PanArtur, FYI putting an email address into a logged IRC channel will almost certainly guarantee spambots will find your address.14:23
twoten210yes, I can mount sda1 and get a root shell looking at my file system14:24
PanArturzykotick9: it is a 10minutemail http://goo.gl/U3cb14:24
zykotick9hellboy_, i'm just curious (I can't help you) - but are you using ATI/AMD card/drivers?14:24
zykotick9PanArtur, smart!14:24
bastidrazorzelozelos: that doesn't sound like a filesystem issue but how nautilus handles it. i do not know the solution.14:25
twoten210nvidia-xconfig wrote a new xorg.conf file14:25
hellboy_twoten210: hello can u help me with the segmentation fault in ccsm14:26
zelozelosbastidrazor, ? whats the solution?14:26
hellboy_twoten210: give me ur email id14:26
twoten210no I'm sorry, but hey, try running ccsm from a terminal and you will get more information, maybe a pointer to a log file that you can read14:27
Girly-Girlg0rs: My system Skype on Kubuntu 11.04 Natty with KDE SC 4.7.1 works fine14:27
=== whinos is now known as Seganku
hellboy_twoten210:  i runned it frm terminal and got that fault14:28
=== Mic1 is now known as And
twoten210Panartur: still no luck, blank screen, but the second beep now occurs a couple seconds later ...14:29
zelozelostwoten210, are you having issues with compiz / metacity?14:30
twoten210I wish, I can't even get to a terminal much less a graphic screen14:30
zelozelostwoten210, ive broken mine a few times, what did u do?14:31
twoten210I had natty running, installed Studio 11.04 on top, seemed to go fine, but after first reboot I get a blank screen, no grub menu, no bootup14:33
PanArturtwoten210: take a look at this http://goo.gl/TKms section GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 - but maybe you gave installed grub on your usb stick or somewhere else?14:33
twoten210I have a Studio 10.10 cd here, I think I'll install that, then do the upgrade to 11.04 through the update manager14:34
g0rsGirly-Girl: it worked. Its in system tray now . Thanks14:34
twoten210no, I actually re-installed grub onto sda and I can see the files in mc14:34
Girly-Girlg0rs: You're welcome14:34
ubuntu_mamo kupa14:35
zelozelostwoten210, oh no. ok what u need to do is boot live cd, recover any files needed to be saved by mounting the fs's and putting them on a diff partition/backup media, then re-install. what happened was the settings durring the upgrade got messed up, b4 reboot you was still in the old system, after when it tried to boot the new stuff the settings are'nt right, next time only upgrade dist-dist of the same (ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10)14:36
zelozelosdont upgrade to a diff flavor, instead always do a full install, upgrades are prone to breakage14:36
twoten210now that makes sense, in order to save my apps in /opt I didn't reformat the root partition, that sounds like the problem14:37
PanArturtwoten210: is ubuntu your only system on this pc?14:38
twoten210yes, maybe I should put vector linux on a small partition, that thing always works14:38
antihoaxrealtime kernel tests14:39
zelozelostwoten210, a little suggestion, always keep another partition on the drive for backing up, most of the time reinstalling os's isnt a big deal for the hd, but that way if somehting goes wrong they're alrady saved14:39
zelozelosthats exactly what im trying too get going now, cept i keep forgetting to delete files from ubuntu's parttion when i move to the go-between partiton14:40
PanArturtwoten210: so could you edit your /boot/grub/grub.cfg and check is GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT phrase is there14:40
twoten210mind-reader, that's just where I'm headed!14:41
zelozelostwoten210, your issues are probably deeper than grub but good luck, im off to re-format to ntfs14:41
twoten210you poor thing!14:42
zelozelosanyone know if / how to make it to where when i move a file to the ntfs drive it actually moves it? or at least deletes the orig after the move or whatever ?14:43
asteveis anyone else experiencing long delays in ec2 with apt?14:44
PanArturzelozelos: in terminal?14:44
zelozelosPanArtur, no i try to stay away from term when messing with files when i drag n drop14:45
PanArturzelozelos: do you want to move your / to another drive?14:46
=== DaGeek247 is now known as __DaGeek247__
zelozelosPanArtur, idk, all i want is to be able to share a partition between windows and ubuntu but not have to always mess with deleting files n such14:46
phper_Hello, I installed at my ubuntu, apache2, php5 and libapache2-mod-php5. Now, at ifconfig I get default IP but that is not accessible from other computers, what can I do to make my server accessible from other computers?14:47
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
PanArturzelozelos: have you read this http://goo.gl/LCzg14:48
zelozelosPanArtur, that one idt i did yet, i have to log out to set up automount bbs14:49
PanArturzelozelos: easiest way to do this is resize your partition, create new one (ntfs), mount it (in fstab) and mv files14:50
manas_how do i update libre office?14:50
manas_i have 3.3 but 4.3 is out i suppose14:51
edwardthefmahow do i flush the dns14:51
g0rsGirly-Girl: are you using a web based irc client?14:51
manas_How do i update libreoffice14:51
somsip edwardthefma: what dns ar eyou using? ISP, opendns? bind?14:52
Stanley00manas_: use ppa?14:52
Girly-Girlg0rs: yes why?14:52
g0rsGirly-Girl: what is that client?14:52
manas_im new to linux so i dont really know much. Im sorry, how do i use ppa14:52
anteridI got crossover cable and have laptop and desktop connected. How do I setup for network conection? I read that ifconfig IP up on both and ping helps but not able to. Can anyone help me to set it up?14:52
=== gianni is now known as Guest91709
Stanley00!ppa | manas_14:53
ubottumanas_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa14:53
comitthello. i am not sure if this is the relevant channel for this: is there a setting that would make double clicking a word in the adress bar in firefox select just the word (and not the whole adress)? thanks14:53
Girly-Girlg0rs: http://webchat.freenode.net14:54
PanArturmanas_: http://goo.gl/F89zB14:54
edwardthefma<somsip> im using a free dns provider14:54
edwardthefmadiynamic dns14:54
manas_one more thing, when i click on a link in a email or also here in Xchat, it doesnt open the browser, dunno why but ideally it should!!14:54
PanArturcomitt: http://goo.gl/Ssd7v14:55
PanArturmanas_: rmb on link14:56
PanArturmanas_: right mouse button14:56
somsipedwardthefma: you don't refresh it. Dyndns will probably obey the TTL (refresh period) provided by the nameservers for the domain in question14:57
=== Girly-Girl is now known as GirlyGirl
dorkis there something in oneiric like suspend? my machine's in a 'suspended' type of state when i come in to the office, it's a desktop...not sure what the deal is. i have to hit the power button to get my monitors to fire up and it's a desktop. power settings have no suspend/hybernate events defined14:58
edwardthefma<somsip> im not using  Dyndns im using dnsexit14:58
edwardthefmaa dynamic dns service14:58
somsipedwardthefma: the 'dydns' typo confised me. But I'd imagine the same will apply as I said before14:59
edwardthefmaevry 1 can acess my server but for some weard resom its not letting my pc14:59
Benkinoobyis that a fake site? http://www.ubunut.com/14:59
GirlyGirldork: #ubuntu+115:00
GirlyGirldork: Also that is a know issue15:00
dorkGirlyGirl: ok, thanks.15:01
somsipedwardthefma: close/restart browser, close/restart computer. Otherwise, just wait for DNS changes to propagate. I get DNS changes from places like Amazon almost instantly, but have to wait hours for changes from places like GoDaddy sometimes15:01
ardithoxhaanyone herE?15:08
compdocwho wants to know?15:09
g0rscompdoc: know what?15:10
compdocif anyone is here15:10
cantonichey guys. anyone here experienced in using virtual machines on ubuntu server?15:13
cantonici cannot get a virtual machine to run in vnc mode15:13
cantonici think i do something wrong in the network settings15:13
zmbmartinI have an HP Envy 17 not dual graphic just 1 ATI Mobility 5800 series. Is it possible to turn off the GPU when in battery mode? My battery life sucks and I have tried all the tricks that I can find.15:14
zmbmartinOr some sort of serious power saving mode?15:14
WoollyJumperForgive my noob question, how to open a terminal with a keyboard short cut?15:15
fmaurocantonic: what software are you using to virtualize?15:15
MonkeyDustWoollyJumper: ctrl-t15:16
MonkeyDustWoollyJumper: forget that15:16
WoollyJumperMonkeyDust: thanks15:16
mfilipeanyone here use r8192se_pci?15:16
mfilipemodule r8192se_pci15:17
cantonic fmauro: i used virt-install15:17
cantonicso KVM i guess?15:17
fmaurocantonic: I have no experience with kvm, so I'm not your guy. sry mate15:18
cantonicfmauro: no problem. thank you very much anyways :)15:18
WoollyJumperMonkeyDust: Thanks for your help the other day with my slow internet but I didn't find any kworker processes. I still have the problem. Anything else to suggest?15:18
tomodachicantonic: well kvm seems a bit young still, if you want enterprise stability I would go for XEN. Ive been using it for years15:18
compdoccantonic, I use qemu-kvm a lot. what OS is the guest?15:18
compdockvm is perfectly stable15:19
cantoniccompdoc: win715:19
MonkeyDustWoollyJumper: i use an alternative GUI, it's different here15:19
cantoniccompdor: yeah, that's what i heard too15:19
cantoniccompdoc: but i am doing something wrong15:19
compdoccantonic, I think in kvm, only the gui console uses vnc to view the guest. But windows doesnt have a vnc service. you have to use remote desktop to connect15:20
WoollyJumperctl-alt t worked with Gnome15:20
cantoniccompdoc: what is remote desktop and how can i do it?15:21
compdoccantonic, you are trying to connect to the guest's desktop remotely? is that the problem?15:22
primerashi. my english isn't very well. how to using "cut" command with -s parameter15:22
cantoniccompdoc: yes exactly. i want this ubuntu server to have several different VMs running which I can connect to from anywhere through the internet15:23
mrtcSecondary/right click isn't working on Natty, not quite sure how to fix this15:24
mrtcon a Macbook I should add15:24
compdoccantonic, google for ubuntu remote desktop client, if you want to connect from ubuntu to the windows VM. however - you must enable remote desktop in the guest15:25
=== matt is now known as Guest12354
cantoniccompdoc: how can i enable that? in the xml-configuration file of the vm?15:25
theadmincantonic: Meh... Search for "TeamViewer". It's by far the easiest remote dekstop solution for Windows/Linux (with GUI)/Mac15:26
fmaurocantonic: I'm almost certain kvm will give you direct access to the VM screen without remotely connecting directly to the client15:26
cantonicfmauro: yeah, but i don't want to install a gui on the ubuntu server15:27
compdoccantonic, you dont use the gnome desktop on your Ubuntu box?15:27
cantoniccompdoc: no. I have installed ubuntu server15:27
cantonici thought that gnome could eat too many ressources which i could need for the VMs15:27
angel28Hello I've installed Ubuntu on my laptop (I had version 9 before) and now when I try to enter several website such facebook everything moving slow any idea? maybe something related to the flash ?15:28
cantonictheadmin: yeah, teamviewer would work perfect! but how should I install it when I cannot access the guest?15:28
compdoccantonic, I dont think Windows defaults to allow remote connections, so youre stuck15:28
cantonicseems like i have to install a small gui like lxmd15:28
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)15:28
compdocI use the virt-manager15:28
theadmincantonic: Ah, sounds like trouble...15:28
fmaurocantonic: you're not stuck , and you don't need a gui15:29
cantoniccompdoc: i tried installing virt-manager but it failed so i tried virt-viewer15:29
cantonicfmauro: no?15:29
pentesterrrfuck you all , i love windows and i love windows, viva bill gates, and you fuck you and fuck your ubuntu ;)15:29
fmaurocantonic: gimme a second, why would you ruin a great server setup with a resource hog15:29
MonkeyDustpentesterrr is showing off his vocabulary15:30
cantonicfmauro: ok :) i am excited to see an alternative way.15:30
pentesterrrMonkeyDust: what  ?15:30
cantonicright :D15:30
pentesterrrno one want to kick me from this channel ???? ____ :o:o15:30
cantonichahaha. too funny15:30
compdocWindows is OK, but its not all there is15:31
=== unixfg_ is now known as unixfg
* w30 thinks pentesterrr should switch to #xanax15:31
hiranthahow v can config astrerisk in ubuntu15:32
hiranthaasterisk server15:32
cantonici think i fucked up my network settings… i created some virtual machines and have some bridge entries now…15:32
angel28Hello I've installed Ubuntu on my laptop (I had version 9 before) and now when I try to enter several website such facebook everything moving slow any idea? maybe something related to the flash ?15:32
natrixnatrix89join #xanax15:33
cantonichow can i remove anything what has been created while using virt-install?15:33
Picicantonic: Mind your language here please.15:33
cantonicPici: german?15:33
Picicantonic: no cursing.15:33
cantonicsorry :)15:33
cantonicbut when you are not a native english speaker it is sometimes easier that way :)15:34
hiranthahow i config asterisk in my ubuntu 11.0415:34
theadminangel28: Not flash, it's probably just your browser or Unity's visual effects15:34
theadminangel28: Also, the new Facebook interface *is* heavy.15:34
hiranthaany help15:34
theadmin!patience | hirantha15:34
ubottuhirantha: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:34
angel28theadmin: OK so if its my browser or Unity's visual effects what can I do in order to fix the problem ?15:35
fmaurocantonic: give me half an hour, the internet connection on this train is horrid. I'll get back to you as soon as I get home15:35
cantonicfmauro: wow, thank you for your time man :)15:36
fmaurocantonic: this is what I'll try when home: http://www.linux-kvm.com/content/tip-how-run-headless-guest-machine-using-vnc-kvm15:36
cantonicfmauro: ok, i will read through this. thank you15:37
WhitorHi all.  Is this a bug or is it by design? : that when I move a bunch of files in nautilus (drag and drop menu drriven) if the move fails because there was an eror reading -one file- ... none of the files are removed from the source... even though all the files up to the one that errored were successfully copied to the destination... ? any one have any idea ?15:37
Whitor10.04 btw15:37
theadminangel28: Use another browser, or disable the visual effects...15:38
melvincvHow would I use a personal password keyring in seahorse?15:38
cantonicfmauro: that is what i already tried but compdoc said that i cannot use vnc to connect to windows because vnc is not active by default15:38
cantonici installed lxde now. how can i start the gui?15:38
melvincvfmauro: VNC is not on windows. You may install REALVNC free edition...15:39
theadmincantonic: You need a display manager as well. Given that you have lxdm, you should be able to do it with "sudo service lxdm start"15:39
fmaurocantonic this is outside of the vm. so it will work. it is not client dependant15:40
cantonicfmauro: but look what melvincv said15:41
cantonicmelvincv: yeah that's what i thought too15:41
=== Noxton is now known as QuiDormit[afk]
fmaurocantonic you guys dont realize it is transferring the screen of the vm. just be patient. itll work15:42
melvincvcantonic: you're right, vnc is not supported by default on Windows.15:42
=== e-anima is now known as e-anima_afk
drapedupwhat do you mean by default?15:42
drapedupas in right out of the box ?15:42
cantonicbut fmauros statement makes sense15:42
and471If I install the Release Candidate of 11.10 tomorrow (when it is released), when 11.10 comes out, can it be upgraded to it by simply upgrading packages?15:43
angel28ok thanks15:43
cantonicdrapedup: yes, that is what he(she?) means15:43
fritschand471: yes, it can15:43
cantonictheadmin: i started lxdm but i don't see a gui15:43
and471fritsch, and it should then be as stable as the final release (when upgraded) ?15:43
fritschand471: momentarily there is a bug in nautilus, wait till tomorrow15:44
and471fritsch, cool thanks15:44
crfhi, is there a volume control applet?15:44
cantonici think fmauro is right. the only reason i cannot connect using vnc are the network settings i guess15:45
and471crf, what release?15:45
and471crf, of ubuntu?15:45
crf11.04, and47115:45
mauricio_has anyone gotten xmonad working with ubuntu 11.10?15:45
melvincvAny symmetric crypto encryption, for encrypting files, instead of seahorse?15:45
and471crf, and you are using unity?15:45
rethuswhich kernel-module i need for : nVidia Corporation CK804 AC'97 Audio Controller15:46
MonkeyDustmauricio_: wrong channel, type /j #ubuntu+115:46
whowantstolivefohi people, i have samsung story 2TB storage usb harddisk, i have lots of programs softwares and special files in this harddirve and today i start to get this error when i mount harddrive and this give that error, what is my problem http://pastebin.com/HJ7RCvTz  ?? how can i fix ?15:46
crfI'm using the gnome desktop, and47115:46
and471crf, there is no applet, however there is a volume control indicator15:46
mrtccould I get some help? Right click not working with Macbook pro / Natty15:46
fmaurocantonic just wait 10 more minutes. may i pm you once i return?15:46
and471crf, which is called the sound indicator15:46
and471crf (also includes controlling music applications)15:46
oratedhey jrib ... I tried to use sftp to test the transfer but in the basic thing it gives error. The part file of .tar.bz2.aa is of 4.7GB and it gives error that it cannot read ...15:46
cantonicfmauro: yeah of course. i am really thankful for your help15:46
and471crf, do you have the indicator applet added to your gnome-panel ?15:47
crfand471, I do, but there is no volume applet in it, just logout,login.shutdown, and this "broadcast accounts" thing15:47
and471crf, ok15:47
and471crf, can you check if indicator-sound is installed?15:48
and471crf, either through software center or synaptic15:48
drapedupis there a better/faster way of doing remote desktop from my ubuntu headless machine to my windows 7 machine ?15:49
drapedupI'm using xrdp / windows remote desktop connection15:49
crfand471, indicator-sound is installed15:49
cantonicdo i need to install anything else in order to make lxdm working?15:49
drapedupxrdp is nice, I get the full desktop, but it's a bit laggy15:49
cantonicdrapedup: i am struggling around with win7 VM too15:49
and471crf, and indicator-applet complete is also installed?15:50
th0rdrapedup: I found NX faster than vnc, but x-forwarding seemed to be the fastest overall....at least that is how it was a few years ago <smile>15:50
drapedupcantonic: I like the xrdp setup, but it's just a bit laggy. It's definitely not my network setup. I'm on all wired cat6, gigabit ports and nics, and switch15:50
MonkeyDustdrapedup: try rdesktop15:50
=== brian is now known as Guest84435
drapedupth0r: MonkeyDust thank you both. I will check those out15:50
=== Guest84435 is now known as BrianOfTacoma
w30my sound applet is supplied not by indicator-applet but by indicator-applet-complete, evidently they are different.15:51
crfand471, yes indicator-applet complete is installed15:51
MonkeyDustdrapedup: rdesktop linux > win worked for me, even in vbox15:51
and471crf, ok, can you check that Indicator Applet Compltete is added to the panel15:51
drapedupMonkeyDust: but I'm trying to remote into my linux machine, not the other way around15:51
maulanahai alll15:51
and471crf, this is different from normal Indicator Applet15:52
=== BrianOfTacoma is now known as _2briancox_
drapedupMonkeyDust: isn't rdesktop a linux client15:52
MonkeyDustdrapedup: it's a command in Terminal15:52
maulanaam need manual for make ubuntu desktop to home server did have link for i read tutorial for make it15:52
drapedupMonkeyDust: I'm doing Win --> linux15:52
th0rdrapedup: if you try NX, use the free version for NX itself...it is much better than the freeNX in the repos15:52
maulanaam need manual for make ubuntu desktop to home server did have link for i read tutorial for make it thanks15:52
drapedupth0r: i'm going to try NX15:52
_2briancox_I need a bash command to delete all files recursively under my Music folder of the type .wma ... help please.  =)15:53
th0rdrapedup: then go to the NX website and get their version.15:53
crfand471, thanks, I see15:53
and471crf, all works now?15:53
drapedupth0r: already on it. thanks bro. I'll let you know how it goes if you're around15:53
=== orated_ is now known as orated
crfI did not have "complete" only "session"15:53
and471ah ok15:53
_2briancox_I'm sure it uses find and delete ... just can't find syntax15:53
crfand471, thanks for your help15:54
and471crf, glad it works for you :)15:54
tjiggi_fomaulana, https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html15:54
th0rdrapedup: just so you know, you can install cygwin and do X-forwarding via ssh from a windows workstation.15:54
drapedupth0r: that sounds like a better idea...15:55
haddock_trying to install webkit. put nightly build in home folder. how to proceed ?15:55
haddock_want to make Postler textfireld work15:56
drapedupth0r: i'm going to try and forward it first. at least I have experience with ssh tunneling and forwarding and such15:56
th0rdrapedup: I was working with Xming in place of cygwin last time I messed with this. Xming seemed to work better than cygwin...used less resources15:56
drapedupth0r: sweet. I'll check it out. I'm not a huge fan of cygwin15:57
maulanatjiggi_fo, am need setting ubuntu desktop but have server fitur?15:57
fmaurocantonic: alright, re. I'll pm you then15:59
_2briancox_I need a bash command to delete all files recursively under my Music folder of the type .wma ... help please.  =)  I am sure it uses find with the -delete parameter, but I can't get the Syntax right....15:59
_2briancox_I just tried:      find -delete /home/brian/Music/ '*.wma'16:00
th0r_2briancox_: you can just do 'rm -R /home/<user>/Music/*.wma', I think16:00
_2briancox_but that syntax seems only delete the files at the level of ..../Music/16:01
_2briancox_I know you have -R but ... idk16:01
iridium_2briancox_, find -type f -iname "*.wma" -exec rm "{}" \;16:01
_2briancox_iridium, where should the path go in that command?16:02
_2briancox_I just want it to concentrate on /home/brian/Music/ obviously16:02
llutz_2briancox_: find path/ -type f -iname '*.wma' -delete16:02
jaequeryhi guys16:02
jaequeryi got a samba question16:02
jaequerywhen im on bridge networking, my windows machine can access the file system over the ubuntu vm's samba shares just fine.  but when i switch to NAT, it won't let me (keeps asking for uesr/pass). anyone know why? i believe i opened/routed all the necessary ports.....  TCP 139, 445 and UDP 137, 138, 445 .... please help me16:02
_2briancox_grazi llutz!16:02
FloodBot1jaequery: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:02
iridium_2briancox_, find PATH -type f -iname "*.wma" -exec rm "{}" \;16:02
MonkeyDustjaequery: with bridge, you go into the host's network range16:03
jaequeryok so?16:04
MonkeyDustjaequery: with NAT, you don't16:04
jaequeryso does that mean samba won't work over NAT?16:04
_2briancox_llutz ... How did you master bash syntax?  Can you recommend a good book?16:04
MonkeyDustjaequery: it seems so16:04
Axelleerm hello peeps, got a silly question ( I'm pretty noobish ) When I press ALT-F2 it opens a console, then how do I revert to the X interface ?16:05
jaequeryomg are you sure?16:05
Axellestartx says X server is already running...16:05
th0r_2briancox_: check the linux documentation project....tldp.org16:05
maxzoilhow i can change form normal user to  root  in ubuntu 10.10 ?16:05
tMH-Axelle: try ALT+F716:05
MonkeyDustjaequery: what's the issue, you know how to solve it: by using bridge16:05
AxelleI'll try that thanks tMH-16:05
llutz_2briancox_: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/16:06
jaequerywell bridge doesn't work here for some reason, even though it works fine at home and all the other places16:06
_2briancox_ty again16:06
w30maxzoil, when you change to root many invironment changes take effect so use with care. That being said type in a terminal sudo -i16:08
w30maxzoil, exit to go back to user16:10
AxelleThere was something silly I had last time. I had to install Xubuntu on an old machine with 500Mb RAM ( it was SDRAM memory so couldn't buy easilly 1Gb to install regular ubuntu )16:10
AxelleIt was 10.10 I believe16:10
vinchi all16:10
AxelleWhen 11.04 came up, the update prompted me to update to 11.0416:11
jaequeryi have a brand new laptop. i launch a VM in bridge network. it works. everywhere, home/office/friend.  but just couple days ago, i was no longer able to bridge at my house (wont assign me IP).  anyone know why that is? this is really frustrating ...16:11
AxelleSadly it updated to Ubuntu and not Xubuntu16:11
AxelleAfter update the system couldn't boot...16:11
drapedupAxelle: you can change from ubuntu to xubuntu16:11
drapedupfrom command line16:11
jaequerydid my question make sense16:11
oratedHow to rsync when  ssh is active. I know how to rsync over ssh with something like rsync -avz -e ssh user@host:/ dest ... but I'm now connected on ssh to another system and hope to rsync a file, possible?16:11
AxelleToo bad the updater didn't install the right version :/16:12
cdcdabbahow could i disable a usb port so that it only provides power?16:14
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cyclist_2Hello, there! I have a problem using my wireless adaptor; I did a 'lshw' and found that it is 'disabled'; how can I re-enable it? the wired conection works fine, but I want to re-enable the wireless one; I am on Lucid; my wireless adaptor is Atheros AR5001 [acording to 'lshw']16:16
theadmincyclist_2: Does "sudo rfkill unblock all" help?16:17
majdekalelhi hello i have urgent question please16:18
mo12i have a hidden folder named .fr-Blo2lL on the desktop(10.04), i have no idea how it got there, what are the chances that my computer has been hacked?16:18
theadminmajdekalel: Just ask it16:18
majdekaleli have a group in facebook when someone post anything or make any comment its just deleted directly !!!16:19
theadminmo12: Unlikely. Examine the contents of that folder.16:19
noisewaterphdcyclist_2: are you using a machine that has a hardware button for enabling/disabling the wireless? Perhaps you accidentally hit it if so.16:19
theadminmajdekalel: That's NOT an Ubuntu question.16:19
majdekalelok man can you help about that ?16:19
mo12theadmin: it is empty16:19
theadminmo12: Just remove it. Probably a temporary folder generated by some software.16:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:20
cyclist_2theadmin: I issued the command and it seems that no errors where returned; but until I reboot I do not think I will see any result [or should I...?]16:20
mo12theadmin: thanks, i will delete it16:20
theadmincyclist_2: That should have unblocked your wireless conection, now "sudo ip link set wlan0 up" and see if it works.16:20
cdcdabbaWould it be possible to only provide power to one USB port and not data access? (11.04)16:21
mo12i use transmission, what ports does bit torrent use? are there fixed ports that it works on?16:21
donrussso is there any launchers that work with unity that I can use and easily remove if I don't like it16:21
th0rcdcdabba: just get an external usb hub, plug in the power, but don't plug the hub into the computer16:21
ActionParsnipdonruss: launcher in what way?16:22
donrussActionParsnip. like a docked at the bottom launcher16:23
ActionParsnipdonruss: you can dock any app to the panel16:24
donrusseyecandy basically16:24
cyclist_2noisewaterphd: I use a HP G70-120EA; the only button for the wireless connection is one next to the switch on/off and it does not switches the wireless per se - it only informative; the PC shows a blue light on it, which indicates that the adaptor is recognized [I assume...], but I cannot get it to receive any signal [and my modem/router is right next to it]16:24
melvincvIs the official bitorrent GUI version available yet?16:24
w30cdcdabba, Is the computer the only power source? It's an expensive device to short out if something goes wrong. Better to spend $20 bucks at Wal Mart16:24
melvincvfor Ubuntu16:24
ActionParsnipdonruss: well, what do you need?16:25
ActionParsnipmelvincv: sure, bitorrent has been in the repo forecter16:25
donrussActionParsnip. yes but that's the unity panel. I'm looking for something like Oscar style launcher16:25
noisewaterphdcyclist_2: dont know about that particular model, but on most HP's that little blue light you are talking about actually is a button. Blue is enabled, if you touch it it will turn amber and be disabled, or vice cersa.16:26
donrussimean osx16:26
theadmindonruss: Try cairo-dock16:26
ActionParsnipdonruss: do you mean a dOCK, like in MacOS?16:26
cyclist_2theadmin: I entered the command you suggested above, but only got the following error message [looks bad...]: 'RTNETLINK answers: Unknown error 132'16:26
theadmincyclist_2: Makes no sense at all :/ Someone should learn to write descriptive error messages.16:27
cdcdabbaw30:  Its not completely necessary, I just want to charge something without it getting detected by the computer.  Didn't want to have to use something else since the computer's usb port is right here16:27
noisewaterphddonruss:  maybe try gnome-do, I personally can't go without it or something similar16:27
donrussyes ActionParsnip. sorry using a touch screen keyboard16:27
ActionParsnipmelvincv: transmission is in a default install, it has a GUI16:27
w30cdcdabba, I just spent $24 at Wal Mart for a pack of cigarette lighter and house wall socket usb chargers16:27
ActionParsnipdonruss: yeah, saw you are using android. I use andchat :)16:27
melvincvActionParsnip: That's awesome, but why not on their site http://www.bittorrent.com/downloads ?16:27
The_Phoenixhow large is xfce for ubuntu base server?16:28
ActionParsnipdonruss: docky or avant window navigator are used a lot. I don't use them so cannot comment on their functionality16:28
melvincvActionParsnip: I need a way to schedule torrent downloads...16:28
ActionParsnipmelvincv: schedule in what way?16:29
cyclist_2noisewaterphd: in my PC's case, it's  just a light, I am afraid; I have been pressing it for some 15 seconds straight and no joy16:29
ActionParsnipThe_Phoenix: I'd go with LXDE if you have to butcher your server with a GUI16:29
melvincvActionParsnip: Transmission does not do that as far as I know... schedule to download from 2am - 8am [night unlimited]16:29
donrussI'm trying to get used to the touch screen keyboard since there is no new good android QWERTY phones coming out and I need to get off sprint asap16:29
noisewaterphdcyclist_2: ok, at any rate blue is good16:30
w30cdcdabba, and if it blows up I am out $24 and not $600 + for a computer, well maybe an extension cord also.16:30
ActionParsnipmelvincv: transmission can schedle bandwidth, so you can set zero bandwidth normally, then between 2 times use a different speed. Is this what you need?16:30
nicolaciao a tutti16:30
donrussthanks ActionParsnip16:30
negevhi, does ext4 have an 'archive' bit?16:30
ActionParsnipdonruss: Android G1 phone has a sweet keyboard :)16:31
cyclist_2theadmin, noisewaterphd: I will reboot the system now; maybe something I have done up until this moment will chance my luck...; I will be back soon; thank you for the support!16:31
The_PhoenixActionParsnip: It's not exactly a server. I installed ubuntu base and server stuff. Then, chose to install XFCE. The download seems to be running still. Just wondering how large it is.16:31
melvincvActionParsnip: Not really, it should disable DHT and not use the Internet at all...16:31
ActionParsnipmelvincv: you set zero up and download, doesn't use and internet16:31
SpiderFredhi I have general question, I am currently using rtorrent is it possible to schedule downloading by time? I mean throttle to 1kb per sek from 2pn to 5 pm and go full the rest of time?16:32
ActionParsnipThe_Phoenix: then install xfce4  and you will get a minimal XFCE desktop, youo should also install lightdm or slim for a login screen16:32
donrussyeah but its dated. I have an epic from Sammy right now. I love my Samsung but I can't take sprint anymore.16:32
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: XFCE isnt large enough that you should be waiting long enough to start wondering how big it is. Not with a decent connection anyway16:33
ActionParsnipdonruss: HTC ChaCha  then16:33
The_PhoenixI'm on a 512kbps which is the slowest *broadband*.16:33
The_PhoenixNonetheless, it's been around 2 hours. ie it should've downloaded 200-300MB or more.16:33
kay_hey guys! i have some problems with my display. im getting only when connecting an external monitor. can't find solutions on the net. any ideas? (00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)16:34
kay_00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)) ?16:34
melvincvActionParsnip: You mean the temporary speed limit section? Not exactly a scheduler though... I thought it's meant to reduce bandwidth.16:34
ActionParsnipmelvincv: it can be however you want. If you set ZERO up and down, it won't use any speed, then set the temporary speed between 1am to 8am to be unlimited.16:35
melvincvActionParsnip: Thanks, I'll try that out. By the way what does the bittorrent-gui package install anyway? Is it an official version?16:36
io!info bittorrent-gui | melvincv16:37
ubottumelvincv: bittorrent-gui (source: bittorrent): Original BitTorrent client and tracker - GUI tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4.2-11.3ubuntu1 (natty), package size 10 kB, installed size 100 kB16:37
The_Phoenix!info xfce416:38
ubottuxfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.8.0~ubuntu1 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 40 kB16:38
ActionParsnipmelvincv: no idea, I always use transmission16:38
KittyGirlHello i'm using Yate to connect to my call center and i'm getting no sound.16:39
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: even allowing for possible dependencies, I dont think the xfce4 download would be much more than 100mb16:39
melvincvActionParsnip: Then I'll check it out :)16:39
KittyGirlI get a tone.16:39
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ActionParsnipmelvincv: it sings with my android phone and I have a low speed set for the day then full speed (50Mbps line here) during 2am to 9am)16:39
KittyGirlso i know that the soundcard is set up right but i can't hear the other person.16:39
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: but were you installing on a system  with no gui at all? That might make the dependencies a lot larger16:39
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: how did you install it? apt tells you how much its downloading before it starts16:40
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melvincvActionParsnip: Wow! And I'm in India with a 512kbps line...16:40
alainghow do i install open office from the command line?16:41
The_Phoenixnoisewaterphd: I doubt. Even LXDE runs at 120MB or so.16:41
alaingi tried sudo apt-get install openoffice but it was unable to locate openoffice16:41
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: I'll just try to install it and see what it says, hang on a sec16:41
rymate1234hai der16:41
dattashantihalaing: openoffice has been replaced with libreoffice16:41
The_Phoenixthanks though noisewaterphd and ActionParsnip16:41
rymate1234I have a very weird problem16:42
rymate1234my window manager seems to not be loading16:42
rymate1234I have my desktop with icon, i have my bottom panel, but no window title bars D:16:42
donrussso just out of curiosity why do you guys choose Ubuntu?16:43
rymate1234I'm using xubuntu 11.0416:43
alaingdattashantih: i'm running ubuntu server edition and installing coldfusion and it asked me if i had open office so it could use it to make pdfs16:43
The_Phoenixnoisewaterphd: I was installing via PXE installer for 11.04 in a system with no GUI. My router is still being strained. So, I know the download is still running.16:43
theadmindonruss: I don't :P I just sit in this channel cause I'm bored16:43
wlightningis there a place to go for questions about Ubuntu beta? (mostly just trying to figure out which component to report a bug against)16:43
alaingwhy has open office been renamed?16:43
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: sudo apt-get install xfce4 tells me 93.4 MB of additional disk space will be used. I made a pretty good guess, should be playing on the price is right today! Oh, no wait, I went over, cant go over on that show right?16:43
dattashantihalaing: what version of ubuntu server are you running16:43
theadminalaing: It wasn't renamed, it was forked.16:43
cyclist_2theadmin, noisewaterphd: I am back, having re-started the system; 'something' changed; another 'lshw' informs me now that the wireless network is 'unclaimed' instead of 'disabled', as before; do you have any ideas from here? theadmin: could you post those commands for the wlan0 again, please? I forgot to note them down before I began to reboot16:44
alaingdattashantih: 11.0416:44
theadmincyclist_2: "sudo ip link set wlan0 up", but that's only if the network is unencrypted or encryption has already been configured.16:44
donrusstheadmin. lol16:44
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: I do already have gnome and unity installed though, which may have made my system need a lot less dependencies16:44
donrusswhat's your Choice16:45
theadmindonruss: Arch.16:45
alaingtheadmin: i dont think coldfusion 9 is going to like a fork16:45
The_Phoenixnoisewaterphd: Thanks. Perhaps you should buy a lottery after all. Thanks. Am installing on a bare bone system. Perhaps the dependencies arte higher. I will give it another 2 hours.16:45
theadminalaing: Most OpenOffice plugins still work if that's what that is16:45
noisewaterphdcyclist_2: what desktop are you using. just try using the auto connect if you can16:45
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: I assume you used apt-get to install? Just scroll back up and see how much it said it needs to download16:46
alaingtheadmin: i'm not quiet sure i installed coldfusion 9 on windows and it never gave me the option so I was supprized to see the options but I would like to use them16:46
ShattersSo I have installed Ubuntu 10 lucid onto a USB to run persistent.  When it logs into the default account, I want to set a password but can't from "users and groups" because I don't know the 'current password'. any way to set a password for default account?16:47
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: that will be the only way to know, as it will vary from system to system based on dependencies16:47
Shattersit did however allow me to change the accounts name16:47
The_Phoenixnoisewaterphd: Nope, I would have known if I had used apt-get.16:48
theadminShatters: Reboot into the recovery mode, and from there on, "passwd USERNAME" (where USERNAME is the name of your user)16:48
ActionParsnipShatters: what is the output of:   whoami16:49
noisewaterphdThe_Phoenix: if you havent done much else on the network with that machine today, you could use something like top to determine roughly how much it has downloaded so far16:49
Shattersit says "ubuntu"16:49
ActionParsnipShatters: run:  sudo passwd ubuntu     and you can set the password16:49
noisewaterphdShatters: hey sorry, this isnt really help, just curious how you set up an account without a password in the first place. I wasnt aware you could even do that16:50
The_Phoenixnoisewaterphd: Am out of options. Even my router has been running for a while. I will give it some time.16:50
ActionParsnipnoisewaterphd: it can cause issues as far as I am aware, plug it significantly reduces security16:50
Shatterswhen running it from usb I was given option at boot for persistent vs live etc and after selecting persistent, it automatically loaded to desktop16:51
noisewaterphdActionParsnip: will he be able to do that without knowing, or actually having the password in this case?16:51
Layke2What's a hacky way of having a PHP script calling every 15 seconds using a cron.16:51
Layke2I don't know any shell script at all, so I am not sure how I could do a sleep(15) wget http://address.com four times to make it work as expected.16:52
ActionParsnipnoisewaterphd: you'd have to do it yourself, the liveCD has no password set for the  ubuntu account, but you can set one16:52
noisewaterphdShatters: follow ActionParsnip advice and see what happens. If that doesn't work try typing just passwd at the terminal as the account you are trying to update16:52
Shattersgreat, think I got it fixed then. Hmm. ActrionParsnip, when I boot next time, will it ask me for password instead of just logging in?16:53
noisewaterphdActionParsnip: ok, never done that, learn something everyday16:53
theadminLayke2: Eh... I think this would work: while true ; do sleep 15 ; for i in {1..4} do wget http://example.org ; done ; done16:53
theadminOh, missed a semicolon16:54
ActionParsnipnoisewaterphd: me neither, its really bad practise to have blank passwords for anything ever16:54
humehi...anyone got advice on how I make everything (not just text) look smaller on my screen? I have the highest resolution the screen permits, but would like windows and stuff slightly smaller....16:54
theadminLayke2: Put a semicolon before that second "do"16:54
ActionParsniphume: use a higher DPI16:54
Shattersbrb, going to reboot to see if it asks for pass before log on16:54
noisewaterphdShatters: i think it will indeed make you login, unless ubuntu also has a auto login that I am unaware of too16:54
humeActionParsnip, ok..where?16:54
noisewaterphdActionParsnip: definitely16:54
Layke2theadmin I think for readability, since I don't know, could I just have... * * * * * sleep 15; wget <address> then on another line have * * * * * sleep 30; wget <address> ?16:54
Shattershoping not noise, because that would be terrible for security16:54
bahamashello. i have some issues with my wireless card. it's a broadcom 4313. does anyone know if there's a fix? i've seen several solutions on the internet, but i don't know how well they apply to me16:55
Layke2I don't intend this to be a permanent solution. :)16:55
theadminLayke2: Why do you need "sleep" in cron, anyway?16:55
humeActionParsnip, do you mean on the font settings tab of Appearance in System settings?16:55
bubblehouseI have a basic question I can't seem to find a simple answer to16:55
Layke2theadmin, I don't have time (over the next few days) to get my Job Queue working in a proper manner, ie using GearMan through PHP.16:56
Layke2So at the moment, all my Jobs are just saved and ran every minute. I just want to reduce that time a little.16:56
usr13bubblehouse: Ask it.16:56
theadminLayke2: I see... Well, I guess that's the way, since cron doesn't seem to have a "second" section16:56
Layke2I fully realise that this is wrong. :)16:56
torstehuWho is the right person to talk to if i suspect the chromium-daily buildbot is somehow malfunctioning16:57
theadmintorstehu: Whoever mantains that PPA?16:57
noisewaterphdhume: first let me say that I'm not entirely sure where ActionParsnip is going with his help for you so far, and he very well may have a trick up his sleeve. But, if you are at max resolution, I'm afraid that there isn't much else you can do that will really satisfy what I think you are trying to accomplish16:58
MonkeyDusttorstehu: check the credits to know who maintains the PPA16:58
josePHPagodai'm trying to use curl and I'm getting a name lookup timed out error16:58
torstehuwill do16:58
josePHPagodabut I can resolve the name using nslookup16:58
josePHPagodaany ideas what could be happening?16:58
alaingi know libreoffice has replaced openoffice but can i download openoffice?16:59
theadminalaing: Only from their site16:59
MonkeyDustalaing: it's in the repos16:59
snake_i can't access my ntsf drives :(16:59
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usr13alaing: Sure you can.  But why?16:59
glebihanMonkeyDust, no it's not16:59
theadminMonkeyDust: No it's not, libreoffice has replaced it16:59
Shattersdang, looks like persistent won't ask me for password before loading desktop16:59
alaingi need it for a coldfusion installation16:59
Shattersany way to possibly force ubuntu persistent to ask for password first?17:00
ActionParsniptorstehu: I use the daily, its fine here, which release are you using?17:00
* MonkeyDust uses a different GUI, OO is still in the repos17:00
humenoisewaterphd, do you mean that the DPI setting only affects fonts? Not other stuff?17:01
glebihanMonkeyDust, nothing to do with the GUI, if you're running natty, openoffice is not in the repos17:01
usr13OO has been replaced by libreoffice from natty ->17:02
Calinouhow do I disable numpad controls?17:02
ShattersI'm going to create a few user accounts and then reboot to see if it will load login screen that way..17:02
Calinouevery time I press a numpad key the mouse goes up/down17:02
CalinouI don't want that17:02
usr13Shatters: Well, sure it will.17:02
NikroHi guys, I just bought myself core i5 and it seems that ubuntu 11.04 @ 64bit has some issues with it, specifically with GPU which is integrated on the chip, Xorg starts to blink and then just dies..17:03
Nikroare there any articles/tips for that? =\17:03
Shattersusr13, but it doesn't with one acct and I just set up the password. not sure why it just loads to desktop17:03
usr13Nikro: Might just be an issue with the video card.17:03
alaingso how can i download OO and install it from the commandline17:04
Shattersanyone could just take the usb and boot to my desktop17:04
ActionParsnipCalinou: check in keyboard or mouse settings, you probably have mouse keys enabled17:04
Shattersgod, I smell someone's pizza and it's killing me.17:04
bahamasanyone know how to fix an issue with broadcom 4313 wireless chip? sometimes it works, sometimes i have to plug in the internet cable into my laptop and restart for the wireless to start working as well17:04
usr13Shatters: Time to visit the neighbor...17:04
bahamasShatters: why don't you order one?17:04
bubblehouse I have a simple newbie question for you: how do you edit a read-only file?  specifically, I'm attempting to alter the /etc/default/rcS to reflect the proper system time17:04
ActionParsnipbahamas: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc17:05
nuclearwormhello, i guess that after installing programs packages remain somewhere. how do i delete those packages?17:05
Nikrousr13: videocard? I have no videocard, I have motherboard biostar that uses CPUs GPU17:05
bubblehousei can't seem to get past the read-only status, and can't find a simple solution posted17:05
usr13bahamas: Replace it?17:05
usr13Nikro: Ok "chip"17:05
bubblehousenuclearworm: you can usually do this through the package manager or seek out the folder and remove them directly17:05
usr13Nikro: What video chip is it?17:05
Shatterswell, fixing my ubuntu usb was consuming my full attention until that smell. must.. resist.. distraction17:06
usr13Nikro: lspci17:06
bahamasActionParsnip: natty. i'm on 64-bit ubuntu 11.0417:06
nuclearwormbubblehouse, which folder?17:06
bahamasusr13: how?17:06
hdtdiguys how can i open .cbr i installed sk1 i installed incscape. but when i open .cbr with either of the programs the files are empty.. (normally they arent)17:06
usr13bahamas: Buy another, pull the old one out, put in the new one.17:06
ActionParsnipbahamas: instead try unloading then loading the wireless driver module17:07
weatherjeIve a problem17:07
Nikrousr13: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)17:07
weatherjeI wanted to install ubuntu and the installation cant install grub17:07
weatherjewhat hav i to do now17:07
bahamasusr13: another what? card?17:07
bahamasActionParsnip: how do i do that?17:08
ActionParsnipbahamas: sudo modprobe -r name; sudo modprobe name17:08
usr13Nikro: That doesn't look like a model number.  Hummm.... May be an identification problem?   "Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller"17:08
usr13bahamas: Yes17:08
Calinouno option for this... can't disable it17:08
Calinouisn't there a shortcut to disable it?17:08
ActionParsnipbahamas: you can see what name is by running:  sudo lshw -C network17:08
Calinouit enabled it itself... without doing anything17:08
pulbhi guys, I've found a bug in oneiric which is pretty critical for me but fixing should take minutes (I attached a fix). could someone responsible please have a look and predict if a fix will make it into oneiric?17:08
Shattersgod, that must be canadian bacon17:08
bubblehousenuclearworm: sorry, I'm on another system can't think of it at the moment but you can look for it with places and surf around your packages17:08
bubblehousepackage manager is the easiest way17:09
pulbits here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf2/+bug/86461517:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 864615 in gconf2 (Ubuntu) "Thumbnailers are missing in gconf" [Undecided,New]17:09
bubblehousefrom ubuntu if that is what you are using17:09
vibedigitalif i had pfsense installed on a virtual machine like vmware, i could use this virtual machine like a internet gateway for other machines? it s that possible?17:09
theadminpulb: You should just attach your patch there17:09
weatherjecan anybody help me17:09
pulbtheadmin: i did17:10
bahamasActionParsnip: ok. the thing is that right now it's working, so i can't test it at the moment17:10
theadminpulb: I think it'll be fixed before the release, but can't be sure17:10
popschI am trying out 11.10 beta 2. Apt fails to update the kernel. I'm running the beta off a USB stick. Any ideas what goes wrong? Here's the transcript: http://pastebin.com/5LTtLVxk17:10
ActionParsnipbahamas: try it later ;)17:10
theadmin!ubuntu+1 | pulb, popsch17:10
ubottupulb, popsch: Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+117:10
MonkeyDustpopsch: wrong channel, type /j #ubuntu+117:10
pulbtheadmin: that would be awesome and save me a lot of packaging trouble17:10
Shattersupdate manager is currently installing all the new items for u. 10, and it changed my system time to advance by 5 hrs. strange17:10
popschMonkeyDust, sorry. thanks.17:11
theadminShatters: Probably set your timezone back to UTC instead of whatever yours is supposed to be17:11
Nikrousr13: any tip how I can look at it? lspci gives only physical addresses and no model numbers17:11
bahamasActionParsnip: i will. hopefully it will work. thanks17:12
Nikrousr13: CPU Intel Core i5-2400 (Intel HD Graphics) - that's from the pricelist17:12
Shattersyah. I just punched in the time.17:12
weatherjehow can i install the bootmanager from ubuntu in the windows 7 boot manager. Im online from the live/cd17:12
Polah!grub | weatherje17:13
ubottuweatherje: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:13
theadminweatherje: You make no sense, you can't have both. You can replace bootmgr with GRUB, but that's the best you can get17:13
glebihannuclearworm, you can just run "sudo apt-get clean" to delete all packages from the local repository17:13
ActionParsnipweatherje: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/17:13
noisewaterphdNikro:  try lspci -nn | grep VGA (but actually grep whatever is applicable in your case, or just dont grep, whatever)17:13
hdtdiguys how can i open .cbr i installed sk1 i installed incscape. but when i open .cbr with either of the programs the files are empty.. (normally they arent) any idea?17:13
Calinouso... is there any shortcut to disable keypad mouse controls?17:13
CalinouI did NOT enable it in the menu17:13
weatherjei had installed windows at first and todz intslled ubuntu. but the ubuntu installation had an errror. grub wasnt installed17:14
theadminweatherje: sudo grub-install /dev/sda17:14
nuclearwormglebihan , thanks17:14
noisewaterphdhdtdi: you might get lucky on this channel, but really you should be asking that in an inkscape oriented venue17:14
theadminweatherje: Actually, wait, I think we have a GUI tool for that now17:14
theadmin!grub > theadmin17:14
ubottutheadmin, please see my private message17:14
hdtdinoisewaterphd thaks17:15
theadminweatherje: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:15
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ShattersIf update manager is 'applying changes' which it claims 'may take some time', is there a way to suspend or stop the application until later?17:15
w30!grub > w3017:16
ubottuw30, please see my private message17:16
theadminShatters: killall -SIGSTOP update-manager17:16
theadminShatters: After which, to continue, killall -SIGCONT update-manager17:16
tomiro#ubuntu-marketing seems to be dead so I'll ask in here.  Since Shipit is closed, I was wondering about the feasibility of picking up the ball and offering free discs through our (On-Disk.com) Quick Ship program?  We have already sent thousands of free discs for Xubuntu since shipit didn't offer Xubuntu discs.  If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.17:16
Abhijittomiro, contact canonical on canonical.com17:16
tomiroWill do, thanks.17:18
Nikrousr13, noisewaterphd: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ...... [8086:0100] (rev 09) - not sure it helps17:18
Shattersback in a while.17:19
MonkeyDustalready miss you, sh7dow17:19
jimi_How can I adjust the idle time / lock ?17:21
weatherjeBoot/repair had worked now. i will try to reboot now. thanks17:21
FerniciaAnyone know roughly how big the performance drop is when you install Ubuntu inside Windows?17:24
theadminFernicia: Just do not, it will break very soon, that thing isn't working well17:24
FerniciaOh okay, thanks for the heads up.17:25
theadminFernicia: You can install Ubuntu alongside Windows quite easily without using the Windows installer17:25
FerniciaI suppose that means a reboot. Toodles17:25
Ferniciatheadmin: Can you still access windows files from inside Ubuntu if you do an installation alnogside rather than in Windows?17:26
=== mohammad is now known as Guest73848
noisewaterphdNikro, usr13, I don't even know what you guys were trying to do, I was just trying to help you get the model#17:26
theadminFernicia: Easily.17:26
Nikronoisewaterphd: thnx anyway :)17:26
FerniciaThanks for you help17:27
=== eviljtrucks is now known as jtrucks
mobaljust one more week and ubuntu 11.10 will be avaliable17:27
drapedupmobal: #ubuntu-offtopic is good for chatting17:27
noisewaterphdNikro: anytime. what's going on? maybe I can help17:28
Parsindthat music os trance?17:31
Parsindi thought it was house17:31
Nikronoisewaterphd: the thing is, I just bought core i5 with integrated GPU from nvidia, and just installed ubuntu 11.04 and it seems to have issues with GPU17:31
MonkeyDustParsind: please type /j #ubuntu-offtopic17:32
Nikronoisewaterphd: it blinks weirdly and then just dies17:32
ambujhey i have installed compiz in 11.0417:32
Nikronoisewaterphd: I've ran sudo apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and updated everything including Xorg.17:32
ambujand in that i have selected profile default and reseted to default17:32
ambujand now nothing coming except wallpaper17:33
ambujnot even taskbar17:33
ambujwhat should i do17:33
Nikronoisewaterphd: the thing is that I've just noticed my friend passed me the 32bit version, you think that might be the issue? I'll download the 64bit and reinstall it tomorrow anyway..17:33
ambuji have even tried restart but nothing happens17:33
ambujplease help me17:34
mang0!ask | ambuj17:34
ubottuambuj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:34
ambuj:'( did i have to install ubuntu again?17:35
=== cassel is now known as BeStTC
ambujatleast can anybody tell me how to run compiz i can change settings again!17:37
=== BeStTC is now known as Cassel
GirlyGirlambuj: compiz --replace17:38
Calinouso... is there any shortcut to disable keypad mouse controls?17:38
przemo_rexhi everybody17:39
ambujgirlygirl sorry its advanced desktop effects settings i have installed17:40
ambujgirlgirl and in that i have selected default profile and reset to defaults17:40
ambujgirlygirl now my whole taskbar gone just coming wallpaper17:40
Nikronoisewaterphd: hey thnx again, I'll get back here in a while, I have to close the office.17:40
Calinouso... is there any shortcut to disable keypad mouse controls?17:40
ambujgirlygirl i think it has disabled unity!17:40
pepojoin #frack17:41
GirlyGirlambuj: Try running compiz --replace17:41
ambujgirlygirl what to do? :'(17:41
ambujgirlygirl where to run? i can even run terminal17:41
GirlyGirlambuj: Try running compiz --replace If that works, I can't be of much help sorry because I am a KDE user17:41
ambujgirlygirl from where to run it?17:41
theadminGirlyGirl: Oh hey, welcome back, long time no see :D17:41
GirlyGirlambuj: CTRL ALT T17:41
GirlyGirltheadmin: :d17:42
CalinouFINALLY found it17:42
ambujgirlygirl nothing happening17:42
GirlyGirlambuj: Maybe restart ?17:42
ambujdone everything all that i can run is alt cntrl delete17:43
ambujgirlygirl where i can see options to shut down17:43
GirlyGirlambuj: Press CTRL + ALT + F117:43
theadminambuj: Okay fine, can you select "Ubuntu Classic" at the login screen and see if that works?17:43
theadminGirlyGirl: You can't deal with window managers from outside of X, no use with TTYs...17:43
GirlyGirltheadmin: Was going to tell restart17:44
theadminGirlyGirl: Ah I see17:44
ambujtheadmin i have set automatic login so cant change anything at login screen as it doesnt come!!!17:44
theadminambuj: Edit /etc/gdm.conf to disable autologin.17:44
ambujtheadmim ahhh where to write that even terminal isnt opening when i press alt cntrl t17:45
theadminambuj: Use a TTY as GirlyGirl has suggested.17:45
ambujtheadmin alt cntrl f1 works something coming shubham login17:46
GirlyGirlambuj: CTRL + ALT + F1, then logon, then nano /etc/gdm.conf17:46
foobar_hello everyone17:46
smit88ciao a tutti17:46
theadmin!es | smit8817:47
ubottusmit88: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:47
ambujgirlygirl ok now what?17:47
foobar_i want to install a HP printer at my mum's laptop but hp-setup refuses to install the binary package because the signature is broken. is this a known problem?17:47
ambujgirlygirl am not liking the looks it lokking like old black and white computer!!!17:47
ambujgirlygirl :(17:47
GirlyGirlambuj: Disable auto logon17:47
smit88the list?17:48
przemo_rexhi, I've got difficulties seting up my new router Netgear WNR3500L, I'm not able to connect to it with wifi whatsoever and when I took it to the service they said everything was OK and worked splendit. Does anybody have any experience with this device17:48
GirlyGirlambuj: theadmin can be of better help there I am not familiar with GDM17:48
ambujgirlygirl how to disable it??17:48
theadminGirlyGirl: Do you think *I* am?17:48
foobar_somebody familiar with hp-setup from hplib package?17:49
ambujthe admin girlygirl i have opened etc/gdm.config now what to do?17:49
GirlyGirlambuj:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120904317:49
androidhave tried Linux now for 2hours first time ever and its very fast and think its great.........been looking at my wifi conection and seems like it cant find my realtek ethernet device HEEELPP17:49
theadminambuj: Now, comment out the line saying "AutomaticLoginEnable=true"17:49
B0g4r7argh, Google Earth hates me.17:50
escottandroid, you might want to use jockey-gtk to try and install proprietary drivers.17:50
Calinourealtek + linux = don't use.17:50
Calinouit's the ATI of the wifi17:50
ambujtheadmin nothing coming jst coming blinking cursor17:50
ambujtheadmin and top written /etc/gdm.config17:50
ActionParsniprealtek loves linux17:50
theadminambuj: Ugh, you wrote the filename wrong you...17:51
Calinouheh nope17:51
androidYES thats it what files i need=?17:51
ambujtheadmin and on bottom comminnew file and some commands17:51
theadminambuj: Exit nano, open /etc/gdm.conf17:51
GirlyGirlCalinou: I use so many realtek network cards and they all work17:51
cristian_cThe problem is about a keyboard called Wireless Media Desktop (by Labtec): many buttons do not work with KeyTouch. I noticed that the codes for keys do not match in KeyTouch and Xev17:51
theadminGirlyGirl: Mind replying to my PM? :D17:51
B0g4r7So I downloaded and installed "google-earth-stable_current_amd64.deb".  I end up with "googleearth-bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped" -- That sure doesn't look like an amd64 binary to me...17:51
ActionParsnipCalinou: there are even source files, you can make drivers17:51
ambujthe ok17:51
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GirlyGirlCalinou: Ah didn't read wifi17:51
B0g4r7When I run it, it just segfaults, despite my having installed the ia32-libs package.17:51
GirlyGirltheadmin: Chrome is playing tricks on me can't see the pm17:52
theadminGirlyGirl: Chrome?...17:52
theadminGirlyGirl: Try "/query theadmin" or just /msg me something random17:52
=== Fuchs is now known as evilfuchs
ActionParsnipB0g4r7: did you install googleearth-package from medibuntu repo?17:52
ambujtheadmin i have reset the laptop now booting up17:52
antihoaxsomeone tell her how to start x-chat17:52
noisewaterphdchrome has a couple irc plugins17:53
B0g4r7ActionParsnip, I downloaded the deb directly from google, I believe,17:53
ActionParsnipB0g4r7: I suggest you use the medibuntu repo17:53
B0g4r7ActionParsnip, will try that, thx.17:53
GirlyGirlambuj: Has it logged in normally17:53
=== KittyGirl is now known as NCC
antihoaxis this considered performance desktop? T: 0 (14374) P:80 I:   10000 C:   10000 Min:       4 Act:       4 Max:      3517:54
antihoax(<35us latency)17:54
=== NCC is now known as KittyGirl
ambujgirlygirl ya jst comes ubuntu wrritten while booting and than comes wallpaper and nothing else17:54
noisewaterphdB0g4r7: jumping in late here, but does your output give any clues to perhaps a missing library, or anything useful at all?17:54
hey_joei have been allowing my mysql server remote host connects from say what if i want to allow 12.12.X.X ? is that /16?17:54
ambujtheadmin ok now am in etc/gdm/conf17:54
w30ambuj, how is your box set up for networking? modem, router, broadband?17:54
ambujtheadmin now what17:54
ambujw30 router17:55
ActionParsniphey_joe: yes17:55
noisewaterphdB0g4r7: sorry, not keeping up here, ya try the different package first then we'll worry about it if you still have trouble17:55
w30ambuj, got another computer?17:55
theadminCould someone with more patience than me help ambuj configure GDM into a non-autologin mode via a TTY by editing the conf file?17:55
B0g4r7noisewaterphd, no output is shown other than the segfault notice.17:55
ambujw30 yaa obviously working from other computer coz the one am talking about not working jst coming wallpaper on it in that unity is not starting and neither i can change login option as its automatic login17:56
noisewaterphdambuj: can you ctrl-alt-f4 and then start classic?17:57
=== OY1R_ is now known as OY1R
hey_joei have been allowing my mysql server remote host connects from say what if i want to allow 12.12.X.X ? is that /16?17:58
ambujnoisewaterphd ok doing that bt right now am in ttyl in etc/gdm/config what to do abt that?17:58
w30ambuj, ssh into the troubled box with x and run ccms example:ssh -X kolklay@ ccsm  (in my box, adjust for yours17:58
fritschhey_joe: yes17:59
escottambuj, i think you just need to run sudo mv config config.bak; sudo service gdm restart;17:59
ambujits all due to advanced desktop effect settings bloody hell bad application :'(17:59
ActionParsnipw30: could also add -C option too :)17:59
ambujhey i cant start terminal!!! :( so how can i use sudo?18:00
w30ambuj, ActionParsnip what does that do?18:00
ActionParsnipambuj: can you use xterm?18:00
ActionParsnipw30: compression ;)18:00
escottambuj, you said you were at a ttyl. that is a terminal18:00
w30ActionParsnip, never tried that; will next time :=)18:01
=== eviljtrucks is now known as jtrucks
ambujok i dont know that all am seeing ttyl in new black and white form i used to watch in purple!!! escott18:01
ambujactionparsnip what is xterm?18:02
ActionParsnipambuj: its an alternative to gnome-terminal18:02
ambujhey hey i think i need to repeat my problem18:02
ambujcoz everyone coming with different method18:02
mrtccould I get some help? Right click not working with Macbook pro / Natty18:02
ambuji have installed adanced desktop effect settings application from ubuntu software centre18:03
ActionParsnipambuj: you said "i cant start terminal"  so I gave an alternate app which does the same thing to try18:03
noisewaterphdmrtc: two finger tap?18:03
ambujthan in that i have changed profile from unity to default and reseted to default18:03
mrtcnoisewaterphd: no dice18:03
flashnotworkingHi, flash is not working on this laptop. I went to youtube, said I need to install a plugin. I don't get it, flash used to work on this laptop18:03
mrtcnoisewaterphd: tried instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro8-1/Natty as well18:04
ActionParsnipflashnotworking: can you give the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf'        use a pastebin to hold the outpupt18:04
ambujthan all of suddon unity stops and all i can see advanced desktop window i minimized it and hell know where it gone than i restarted system using power buttons18:04
flashnotworkingcan I get a link to pastebin18:05
AegirAegir heeft verlaten (Has Quit)18:05
mrtcnoisewaterphd: it's a newer model too, I heard there may be some problem with new product id's or something similar18:05
ActionParsnipambuj: press ALT+F2 and run:  unity --replace18:05
ambujnow each time i comes with wallpaper nothing else on screen when i start system18:05
io!pastebin | flashnotworking18:05
ubottuflashnotworking: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:05
noisewaterphdmrtc: I assume you have tinkered with all of your settings already? If youve already been through the mactel pages then I'm afraid I cant offer any more insight than you already have18:05
mrtcnoisewaterphd: yeah, lots of tinkering :(18:05
mrtcnoisewaterphd: thanks anyway18:05
B0g4r7Hm, Google Earth for Natty does not seem to be available via the medibuntu repo...18:05
noisewaterphdmrtc: that may be true, mine is about a year and a half old now, but I git everything working ok18:06
ambujactionparsnip ok doin it18:06
B0g4r7The help page notes "Currently only available for hardy, karmic and lucid".18:06
mrtcnoisewaterphd: what model's yours?18:06
ActionParsnipambuj: log into Ubuntu Classic and you can run: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz   and it will reset compiz to defaults18:06
ActionParsnipflashnotworking: ok so the dpkg command outputted nothing?18:06
ambujactionparnsnip alt f2 not working and my system automatically login so cant see login screen it doesnt come18:07
B0g4r7"Note that google does not provide a 64 bit version of Google Earth. Thus installation on x64 system will take some extra efforts."   Doh.18:07
ambujactionparsnip all it working is alt cntrl f118:07
flashnotworkingdpkg? I just copy and pasted that lsb release thing18:07
ActionParsnipflashnotworking: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer18:07
ActionParsnipambuj: log in to ubntu classic session at boot18:08
ambujactionparsnip i have said na its automatic login so login screen doesnt comes at boot18:08
ambujactionparsnip ubuntu directly started18:09
=== ``` is now known as DaZ
ActionParsnipambuj: edit the system to not autologin and reboot18:09
ambujhell what no one understanding my problem!!! :'(18:09
ambujactionparsnip how to do that18:09
ambujactionparsnip even alt cntrl t not working18:10
ActionParsnipambuj: the web will answer that, you need to edit gdm.conf but I gotta jet. Autologin stops you being able to solve basic things with the classic desktop (no compiz)18:10
flashnotworkingactionparsnip:thanks, thats fixed it now18:10
chirag_d_gr8Is it possible to order a ubuntu official disk?18:11
pocketprotectorHey, I'm having some general aptitude issues, can somebody take a look at this log? http://pastebin.ca/2087167  - thanks.18:11
ambujactionparsnip am in tty1 pressing alt cntrl f1 now what to do18:11
ambujactionparsnip nothing on net!18:12
=== MonkeyDust is now known as DustyMonk
flashnotworkingOk, that worked. Can someone tell actionparsnip that downloading the flash package worked18:12
w30ambuj, what do you mean when you say alt ctrl  t ?18:13
ambujw30 i mean terminal not opening!!18:13
BlueWolfHi, I foolishly formatted my Ipod like a flash stick, by right clicking it on the desktop and clicking format. Now it is not mounting in both my Ubuntu 10.10 or windows. when it's plugged in to my computer it restarts itself every ten seconds, does anyone know how I can fix it, Please?18:13
ambujanyone please solve my problem is i have to install ubuntu again??18:14
pocketprotectorambuj What's going on?18:14
w30did you press Alt Ctrl and F2 at the same time (all three keys)?18:15
B0g4r7BlueWolf, restore firmware with itunes.18:15
ambujpocketprotector  hey i have repeated my problem many times none can solve it.... :(18:15
ambujmy unity is disabled18:16
ambujall coming is desktop wallpaper18:16
pocketprotectorHas anybody ever seen the aptitude messages i pasted above? It's a vicious cycle, I can't seem to fully install the applications through aptitude and apt-get.18:16
Shattersstill can't figure out how to enable login screen at startup of ub. 10 persistent usb18:16
GirlyGirlambuj: mind using another de for a while then?18:16
ambujand i have automatic login18:16
w30ambuj, did you press Alt Ctrl and F2 at the same time (all three keys)?18:16
ambujgirlygirl whats this jst unity disabled everything works fine except that18:17
ambujgirlygirl even when i press alt cntrl dlete18:17
ambujgirlygirl scrren comes to select shutdown hibernate etc etc18:17
ambujgirlygirl even when i click on help of that section  its working but when i minimize or close that all gone nothing comes on scrren except wallpaper18:18
BlueWolfB0g4r7: It will not mount in Ubuntu or windows. It does not show. So what else do you suggest???18:18
GirlyGirlambuj: Can you open terminal18:18
ambujgirlygirl alt cntrl t not working18:19
w30ambuj, did you press Alt Ctrl and F2 at the same time (all three keys)?18:19
B0g4r7BlueWolf, it doesn't show in iTunes (on windows)?18:19
ambujgirlygirl all that working is alt cntrl f118:19
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Yes.. Nothing.18:20
Teh_Lemonexcept official help on non LTS versions18:20
ambujw30 yes alt cntrl f2 opens up now what18:20
Teh_Lemondoes apt-get work after they expire?18:20
Teh_Lemoni struggle between 10.10 and 10.0418:20
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
ambujw30 something coming shubham login:18:20
ambujw30 now what?18:20
B0g4r7BlueWolf, You may need to boot it (the ipod) into DFU mode then and then rewrite the firmware.  You will likely lose any content on the device by doing thes.18:20
w30ambuj, cd /etc/gdm18:21
ambujw30 its asking for password18:21
BlueWolfB0g4r7: The software on it is backed up, that's not the problem. The problem for me is getting it working again. Could you help me do that?18:22
phoenixsamprashow to play BLUERAY!!!! SOS HELP SOS HELP SOS HELP SOS HELP SOS HELP18:22
ambujw30 ok cd /etc/gdm opened now what?18:22
DustyMonk!helpme| phoenixsampras18:22
ubottuphoenixsampras: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude18:22
B0g4r7BlueWolf, You will basically want to enter DFU mode, connect it by USB, and iTunes should walk you through the rest.  There many tutorial pages and videos on the net that show how to enter DFU mode.18:23
ambujw30 ?? now what plz tell me18:23
w30ambuj, then sudo  nano custom.conf and change the lineAutomaticLoginEnable=true to false and save it18:23
w30ambuj, then reboot18:24
ambujw30 i have changed it to false now how to save it?18:24
GirlyGirlambuj: CTRL + X18:25
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Can't I do it in Ubuntu? And just so you know when it is connected it like restarts itself. This was the site I looked at and I found that it did not help (  http://geeknizer.com/how-to-fix-corrupted-ipod/  )18:25
pocketprotectori did some cleanup on my dpkg errors. please advise. http://pastebin.ca/208717418:25
w30ambuj, while in nano ctrl X and the yes18:25
phoenixsamprashow to play a Blueray disk?18:25
weatherjehello again18:25
ambujw30 ok done something written wrote 8 lines now what?18:25
GirlyGirlambuj: sudo init 618:26
B0g4r7BlueWolf, while it may be possible in Ubuntu, using iTunes is the way I would recommend.  This page describes the procedure to enbter DFU mode: http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=103418:26
theadminGirlyGirl: Bad idea, "sudo reboot"18:26
weatherjeI have repaired now my grub with the boot-repair tool. I can boot now Ubuntu 11.04, but it asks me to install release. Whats that?18:27
zebastianortisFP4 IS OUT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lx5l4HKq6s18:27
theadminGirlyGirl: They phased out runlevels... 0 and 6 are still there but not for long I think18:27
ambujgirlygirl u know nothing all giving working steps is w30!!18:27
w30ambuj, that will give you passwd login screen and you can pick ubuntu or classic at the bottom after you click on your user name18:27
ambujw30 ok rebooted now login screen coming now what?18:27
GirlyGirlambuj: That makes no sense grammatically18:27
GirlyGirlambuj: w30 is not a step18:28
oCean!google | test18:28
w30ambuj, that will give you passwd login screen and you can pick ubuntu or classic at the bottom after you click on your user name18:28
ubottutest: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.18:28
g0t_Results for | test on Google:18:28
g0t__Results for | test on Google:18:28
ambujgirlygirl u take grammer with u... :P i want help from u!!!18:28
weatherjeI have repaired now my grub with the boot-repair tool. I can boot now Ubuntu 11.04, but it asks me to install release. Whats that?18:28
B0g4r7GirlyGirl, realize please that English is not the first language of some people here, and that English grammar is not the easiest thing to learn.18:28
BlueWolfB0g4r7: But if I get stuck then I can't get help. And I don't use the internet on my windows, all I use it for is Games and my Ipod. But this site will explain? And how do I get it to mount?18:29
weatherjeCan anybody speak german here?18:29
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:29
oCean!de | weatherje18:29
ubottuweatherje: please see above18:29
GirlyGirlB0g4r7: It is also not polite to say "you know nothing"18:29
ambujw30 ok now i got taskbar but cant i use unity again??18:30
B0g4r7BlueWolf, forget about mounting it until you have performed the restore procedure.  You will need to be able to download the firmware file (which iTunes will do for you if able).18:30
w30ambuj, do any of those options give you a useable desktop?18:30
AssertionHi all I have a problem with my wifi connection. Since I changed it from channel 11 to 13 I'm not able to connect even I dont see it on wireles list. I'm sure that is a regional restriction but I cant find where to change it since I'm at spain.18:30
GirlyGirlB0g4r7: ambuj could have politely said "I do not want your help" instead18:31
chirag_d_gr8ubuntu 11.10 is releasing soon and i am thinking to install ubuntu 11.10 using wubi. It will replace my current mint bootloader. If i wish to restore my mint bootloader, how to do it?18:31
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Oh and my Ipod is a 5th Generation 16Gb. Can I download this file in Ubuntu then move it to windows?18:31
ambujgirlygirl sorry for my english and also my behaviour actually am bit too frustated now my system working fine thanks all specially w30!! :D18:32
ambujw30 ubuntu option not working all i get in that is wallpaper18:32
B0g4r7BlueWolf, You can...be sure to get the correct one for your device.18:32
Polahchirag_d_gr8, WUBI does not have it's own bootloader. It piggybacks on the Windows bootloader to load itself. For an actual common-use system, WUBI is not recommended either.18:32
ambujw30 ubuntu classic working fine but with no unity!!!18:32
ambujgirlygirl hope you dont mind!!1 am sorry!!!!18:33
w30ambuj, run ccsm from a terminal and put it back like it was.18:33
ambujgirlygirl its am frustated little bit!! sorry!!!18:33
GirlyGirlambuj: Never mind ...18:33
chirag_d_gr8Polah: if i install ubuntu on another primary drive, will it replace my current mint bootloader? and if i wish to restore my mint bootloader, how to do it?18:34
BlueWolfB0g4r7: This site you gave me where do I find my Ipod type?18:34
ambujw30 hey ur my hero its doing something and also culprit application advanced desktop effect open up automatically when i press ccsm18:35
Polahchirag_d_gr8: Yes, it will reinstall GRUB2 over Mint's install of it and use Ubuntu to configure it, you could reset it to be configured by Mint if you wish afterwards. GRUB will be able to load any system you have installed.18:35
w30ambuj, if you can't create a new user and copy his .compiz or .config directories to you and then chmod -R you.you those directories18:35
phoenixsamprashow to play a Blueray disk? <<<< hello?18:36
B0g4r7BlueWolf, hmm, that's a good question...I was assuming it was an iOS device (iPod Touch).  I believe the Classic iPods also have a Recover Mode of sorts...18:37
w30ambuj, w30 recommends everyone have a login and have grub with a timeout for when things f*ck up18:38
ambujw30 hey everytime i type ccsm advanced desktop effect  opens up and processing stops in terminal what to do?18:38
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Well is it the same with my Ancient hardware? An Ipod 5th Generation 16Gb??18:38
th0rphoenixsampras: have you even tried to help yourself? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD18:38
chirag_d_gr8Polah: actually my chipset or bios does not make me run linux on my laptop. I tried installing ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu all gave boot time error18:38
AssertionI have a problem with my wifi connection. Since I changed it from channel 11 to 13 I'm not able to connect even I dont see it on wireles list. I'm sure that is a regional restriction but I cant find where to change it since I'm at spain. I'm using broadcom sta driver (wl)18:38
chirag_d_gr8i do not want ubuntu grub to damage my current set of os18:39
chirag_d_gr8if i deallocate the space taken by ubuntu, its boot loader would be deleted and i am left with unusable hdd18:40
B0g4r7BlueWolf, I'm afraid I don't have much information for you there.  While I am pretty familiar with iOS devices, I haven't really any experience with the previous generations...18:40
w30ambuj, you should get compizconfig  settings manager by typing ccsm in a terminal18:40
chirag_d_gr8should i take the risk?18:40
ambujw30 but now what to do in that to make it normal again?18:41
ambujw30 select unity profile and reset it to default??18:41
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Ha ha ha ha, Ya that helps lots.... Is there anyone else who knows how to fix this problem?18:41
phoenixsamprasdoesnt work18:42
B0g4r7BlueWolf, possibly of help: http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/five_rs/ipod5gen/18:42
phoenixsamprashow to play a Blueray disk? <<<< hello?18:42
cosmicbI want to change everything purple/pink in ubuntu. stuff like splash, desktop background, gdm/lightdm is no problem, but how about the purple/pink menus in terminal ? like when doing f.example dpkg-reconfigure exim4, the menus are purple.... anyone got any pointers where to start looking into it ? or which phrase to google ?18:42
w30ambuj, well, on the right on each effect choice you can reset to default, do not know a way to mass reset offhand18:42
ambujw30 ok18:43
GirlyGirlphoenixsampras: Not possible18:43
GirlyGirlphoenixsampras: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD18:44
w30ambuj, ah found it preferences on the left then reset to defaults18:44
w30ambuj, try that18:44
antihoaxGirlyGirl<< dont you wanna use a chat program?18:44
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Well I have tryed most of the stuff there. Thanks for the help there. Thanks.18:44
ambujw30 i have created mess from there only in that initially profile unity selected i have selected profile default and reset to default and all problem started from than only!!!18:45
antihoaxGirlyGirl<< applications >> internet >> xchat18:45
GirlyGirlantihoax: ????????18:45
bjoswald83sudo apt-get install xchat18:46
Layke2Is it common to edit fstab file directly?18:46
th0rGirlyGirl: why are they picking on you all of a sudden?18:46
antihoaxGirlyGirl<< you know, a program like msn, connecting on IRC chat (here)18:46
Layke2Or is there something I can use graphically via shell to manage my file system partitions?18:46
GirlyGirlantihoax: Yes i know so ...18:46
w30ambuj, so, have you got a usable system now?18:47
B0g4r7Layke2, yes, editing fstab directly is fairly common.18:47
ambujw30 no still coming only wallpaper in ubuntu mode!!18:48
ambujw30 what to do for reset and which profile to select in ccsm unity or default?18:48
Layke2I have no idea what I'm doing really with fstab, I can clearly Google to figure it out, but was just wondering if there is something like a config manager which will help me.18:48
w30ambuj, try both I guess? I don't know........18:49
quanghello, i'm new to Ubuntu... anyone know how to disable the "keyring" thing for Chrome ?18:49
GirlyGirlw30: I have the same symptom after an install of ubuntu-desktop on a system running Kubuntu Natty, but I'm not bothered as I use KDE and only put unity for test purposes18:49
ambujw30 can you please tell me all settings of ur ccsm individually?18:49
B0g4r7Layke2, man fstab should tell you a bit about it.  There may be a GUI tool to manage fstab, but I don't know of one.18:49
GirlyGirlw30: On oneric it works18:49
ambujw30 starting from general category?18:49
ambujw30 i will make changes accoring to ur system than maybe it will become usable system18:50
=== Teh_Lemon is now known as Lemon`BRB
tobeHello again. I have a problem. I dont have any volume. ( i install and uninstall some programs) how can i get sound back. also i dont have the volume button on my panel, any help please18:50
w30ambuj, if you can't create a new user and copy his .compiz or .config directories to you and then chmod -R you.you those directories18:50
nivekis trying to get camfrog wo work on ubunta with no luck18:51
usr13tobe: alsamixer18:51
w30ambuj, if you can't  fix ccms create a new user and copy his .compiz or .config directories to you and then chmod -R you.you those directories18:51
GirlyGirlambuj: Under Ubuntu classic run the following18:51
GirlyGirlambuj: unity --reset18:51
uhu01I have a small problem with my ubuntu installation: my .Xdefaults file gets ignored, which leads to wrong font etc. when I start xterm. I have to run xrdb -merge every time I restart that the settings get loaded. Is it by design that the ~/.Xdefaults file is not loaded?18:51
GirlyGirlambuj: unity --reset-icons18:51
usr13!sound | tobe18:52
ubottutobe: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.18:52
B0g4r7IMO, running unity is an exercise in pain, with classic desktop being vastly preferable.18:52
sammyanyone using earcandy?18:53
paulus68Hi I have a 1 terrabyte external harddrive with prox 450G free space (drive is formatted as NTFS) if I want to move a file from 100G to that drive it stops at aproximatly at 4G what am I overlooking here?18:53
Layke2B0g4r7,  Cheers.18:54
jerwaresleep 15 && conky  <-- doesn18:54
Layke2How can I find out how a partition is formatted?18:54
w30B0g4r7, I agree with Steve J. Who wants peanut butter all over their desktop screen!18:54
jerwaresleep 15 && conky  <-- doesn't work in startup applications18:54
sammypaulus68: when you try to move the file from the 100gb partition to the 4gb partition, what happens?18:54
sammypaulus68: I'm confused as to what youre asking is all18:55
sammyLayke2: are you running X? 'disk utility' is super handy.18:55
dv310p3ranyone got any suggestions for a good Navicat like application for ubuntu?18:55
Layke2sammy,  No I'm not.18:55
B0g4r7Layke2, 'file -s /path/to/the/device/containing/the/filesystem' should tell you18:56
paulus68sammy: well I have on my server a file of 100G that I want to move to my external HD where 400G is available however when I am using mv or cp the transfer stops after about 4G stating that there is not enough diskspace18:56
tobeDoes anyone know how to add the sound applet. i dont know what happened to it18:56
sammygold star to B0g4r7, you learn something new every day18:56
sammypaulus68: possibly because NTFS doesnt support files over 4gb?18:57
Layke2B0g4r7,  Yeah it does thanks. ext318:57
sammypaulus68: no that cant be right18:57
paulus68sammy: it can18:58
Layke2I couldn't get the mount to work when I specified ext3, so I changed fstab to "auto" and it seemed to them work.18:58
chirag_d_gr8is it possible to replace ubuntu boot loader with windows bootloader without windows recovery console?18:58
paulus68jerware: did you see these pages for your conky script? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865&page=15818:59
usr13sammy: I don't think that is it.  I think NTFS does support filesizes over 4G18:59
sammypaulus68: are you sure there is 400gb and not 4gb? sorry, have to ask you to confirm :P max file size on ntfs is bigger than 4gb18:59
B0g4r7I always have issues when trying to write an a USB drive containing a filesystem type other than the type preferred by the OS I'm currently using.  I've taken to making a few partitions containing differing fs types on these drives, and writing to whichever the OS I'm currently using likes best.18:59
usr13sammy: NTFS supports file sizes up to 17,592,185,978,880 bytes (according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS )19:00
B0g4r7It's too bad all these OS vendors don't all add good support for at least one "open" filesystem to their products out-of-the-box.19:01
paulus68sammy: http://pastebin.ca/208718119:01
sammypaulus68: and youre sure its ntfs and not fat32? do you know if the ntfs partition is "optimized for performance" in other words, is it compressed?19:02
paulus68sammy: I am sure it's ntfs19:02
sammypaulus68: I'm stumped. sorry.19:04
brontosaurusrexshould i go 64 bit on atom?19:05
paulus68sammy: however you make me wonder if it is really NTFS what is the command to find out if it is NTFS or another format?19:05
usr13paulus68: Which drive are you talking about? sda sdb sdc sdd or sde ?19:05
B0g4r7brontosaurusrex, I'm running 64-bit natty on an atom and it works fine for me.19:05
sammypaulus68: try just typing 'mount'19:05
usr13paulus68: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit19:05
B0g4r7brontosaurusrex, different atoms have different cababilities tho, so you should check yours.19:05
usr13paulus68: mount | pastebinit19:06
usr13let us see19:06
usr13Send resulting URLs19:06
B0g4r7I was disappointed to find that I could not run 64-bit VMs on mine, due to lack of vt-x.19:06
brontosaurusrex Intel Atom N330 dual-core 1.60GHz processor  it is19:06
usr13paulus68: What command are you using to transfer the file?19:07
B0g4r7brontosaurusrex, that's what I have also.19:07
paulus68usr13 http://pastebin.com/tHZh21jJ   I use mv19:07
brontosaurusrexcool, thanks19:07
Sean_i have a terminal command running atm and i need to boot into my other os for a moment, is there anyway i can pause the cammand and the start it again after i boot back into ubuntu?19:08
faLUCEHi, I can't login anymore from gdm ... It let me choose the user, but it doesn't show me the password dialog. and comes back to the user choose dialog... how can I solve? It seems a serious gdm/gnome bug19:09
sammySean_: you can pause commands in a shell, but their state doesn't stay preserved over reboot. what kind of command are you running?19:09
llutzSean_: reboot same machine? then no19:09
BlueWolfCould someone help me, I have formatted my Ipod 5th Generation my right clicking it on the desktop and it won't read on both my Linux and windows. It wont mount. Does anyone have a solution?19:09
Sean_im running cat, i joing some large files together19:09
usr13paulus68: mv  file /media/mybook  or  mv file /media/backup1  or  mv file /media/application  or mv file /media/personal19:09
bnjmnfree dropbox pro for life contest http://appsumo.com/~Bgam19:10
llutzbnjmn: stop spamming19:10
edbianHello ?19:10
paulus68usr13: mv *.tar /media/mybook/server-backup19:10
B0g4r7Sean_, I would just wait for it to finish.  FWIW, if your machine is fairly powerful, you might consider running windows in a VM using VirtualBox or similar.  That way you can boot Windows without shutting down your other OS.19:11
usr13paulus68: Ok, well that is /dev/sde1  and it is vfat19:12
Sean_B0g4r7, alright, ty. And i'll look in to the vm option19:12
faLUCEHi, I can't login anymore from gdm ... It let me choose the user, but it doesn't show me the password dialog. and comes back to the user choose dialog... how can I solve? It seems a serious gdm/gnome bug19:12
usr13paulus68: and it is 420G partition that is  56% full.19:12
B0g4r7faLUCE, yeah, that does sound rather bad.  Can you login on tty1?  I would check the system log for errors.19:13
faLUCEB0g4r7: yes, I can19:13
cccangelhello, is it recommended to upgrade the kernel in ubuntu from 2.6.x to 3.0.x?19:13
paulus68usr13: it's 1 TB with 420G available yes19:13
cccangelwould it break any dependencies or whatnot?19:13
faLUCEB0g4r7: what should I check ?19:13
usr13paulus68: And the file size limit for vfat is  4 GB minus 1 byte19:13
B0g4r7faLUCE, I would look at /var/log/system.log especially.19:13
Picicccangel: Best to wait until it comes as an upgrade if/when you move to 11.10.19:14
usr13paulus68: See:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vfat19:14
paulus68usr13: true19:14
newbie_hi all19:14
B0g4r7faLUCE, er, /var/log/syslog (if you're on natty).  And maybe also the Xorg log in the same dir.19:14
cccangelis the ubuntu team aware of the security fixes in the 3.0.x kernel?19:14
=== metalhead is now known as m3talh3ad
ikoniacccangel: yes19:15
cccangeland where can i find info about 11.10 so i can read about the changes?19:15
B0g4r7kernel 3.0 huh... :surfs over to kernel.org to have a look:19:15
ikoniacccangel: read the topic in #ubuntu+1 channel19:15
paulus68usr13: is there a way that I can convert it from vfat to ntfs without loosing the data on it as it is possible under windows?19:15
awesomenesshey all, does Ubuntu have a standart/downloadable application with what I can check my HDD in order to make sure does it work properly? or has it bad sectors ? I think I don't work as needed how may I check that?19:15
DustyMonkawesomeness: try fsck and badblocks19:16
faLUCEB0g4r7: the system was configured without login password. then, I configured it to ask login password again and it happened this mess19:16
BlueWolfI there anyone here who knows about fixing Ipods in Ubuntu?19:16
usr13paulus68: no19:16
th0rBlueWolf: a nano?19:17
paulus68usr13: ok thx19:17
ikoniaBlueWolf: define "fixing"19:17
faLUCEB0g4r7: there are not useful infos in the files you say19:17
BlueWolfth0r: A nano 5th Generation.19:17
usr13paulus68: Or at least not that I know of. Changing filesystem requires you to  format the partition.19:17
awesomenessDustyMonk, can i download both from Ubuntu software center ?19:17
DustyMonkawesomeness: they are Terminal commands19:18
BlueWolfikonia: It won't show up in my Ubuntu or windows, as when I plug it in it wont show up.19:18
awesomenessDustyMonk, oh i see thanks let me give a try and can i get something out of it19:18
th0rBlueWolf: I have been playing a lot with mine recently in preparation for my soon to arrive touch.From what I have learned, you cannot repair (restore) it from linux. I cannot even get it to work via xp in a vm, but it does restore in xp on another machine.19:18
fabio333_BlueWolf, try with rhytmbox19:18
Aniarany big networking geeks in here who are still using /etc/network/interfaces rather than network-manager ?19:18
ikoniaBlueWolf: sounds like a hardware issue if it's not showing up with both19:19
fabio333_or amarok if you are in the kde thing19:19
usr13paulus68: Is it possible under MS Windows to change format type from vfat to ntfs without loosing data?19:19
gnaddelIs my google-result, that it's currently not possible to use netatalk to create a time machine backup volume for osx-lion, correct?19:19
sammyanyone using earcandy? or have any experience with pulseaudio... at all? Im curious about its auto-volume-changing features when notifications are played.19:19
sammyAniar: ive used the interfaces file before, whats up19:19
AniarI'm trying to figure out if I can set the MTU on my network to 9000 if I have a specific IP address.19:19
awesomenessDustyMonk, fsck commands tells me "WARNING!!!  The filesystem is mounted.   If you continue you ***WILL***19:19
awesomenesscause ***SEVERE*** filesystem damage."19:19
fabio333_ipod isn't supposed to show up like a usb-storage19:19
paulus68usr13: yes19:19
Aniarsammy: everything *else* on my net uses jumbo frames, so I want my laptop to, as well, but not if I'm on site at a customer who won't support it.19:20
B0g4r7fabio333_, bear in mind, this is a "classic ipod", not an iOS device like Touch.19:20
DustyMonkawesomeness: http://linuxmanpages.com/man8/fsck.8.php19:20
usr13paulus68: Thanks for that.  (I was un-aware.)19:20
sammyAniar: but there's nothing about MTU in the man page or docs for the interface file?19:20
paulus68usr13: convert <volume>:/fs:ntfs19:20
Aniarit's not the mtu that's the problem19:20
Aniarit's the condition19:20
Jordan_Uawesomeness: You need to run fsck from a LiveCD. The filesystem can't be mounted while it's being checked.19:20
sammyAniar: connecting wirelessly?19:20
Aniarand I don't think mapping is right, because I want to use DHCP for everything19:20
Aniarsammy: no, wired interface only19:20
w30awesomeness, you better do that with it umounted or else from a live cd19:21
BlueWolfikonia: Well I am to blame, it was doing stupid things so I decided to format it, but I did not think when I did it, I right clicked the Icon on the desktop and clicked format, Twice and now it wont show up.19:21
B0g4r7awesomeness, yes, if you suspect damage to a disk, do not boot from it or use it in any normal way until you can fix it or verify that it is OK.19:21
Aniarsomething like: if [`ip addr show dev eth0` = 192.168.0.x]; then ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000; else ifconfig eth0 mtu 1500; fi19:22
sammyAniar: I dont think you can set a condition based on the ip received or the network attached to without an ssid. there's no good way for it to tell one network from the next. you could create some sort of script to be run every time dhcp gets a new address, and have it check the current IP and set the mtu19:22
sammyI believe dhcpcd has support for running post-connection scripts19:22
Aniarsammy: that's what I was expecting from reading man interfaces19:23
sammyusually used to use the information retreived from the dhcp server to run custom commands19:23
Aniarsammy: I was just hoping I was missing something19:23
TheLegacedoes anyone here know much about openCV19:23
Aniarsammy: hrm, I'll look at that, thanks19:23
sammyAniar: good luck19:23
TheLegacei just wanted to know if the binary on respository has ffmpeg enabled?19:23
Aniarsammy: thanks!19:23
sammyTheLegace: which binary?19:24
th0rBlueWolf: have you tried to reset it?19:24
awesomenessw38 Jordan_U B0g4r7 thanks all of u19:24
TheLegacefor natty i guess19:24
Jordan_Uawesomeness: You're welcome.19:24
B0g4r7"OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision." -- argh...recursive definition.19:24
BlueWolfth0r: I have tryed it all. Any other suggestions?19:24
th0rBlueWolf: if you have tried it all, there are no other suggestions19:25
sammyB0g4r7: HERD and HURD! linux is all about recursive definitions and acronyms :)19:25
B0g4r7BlueWolf, does the device still work normally when not connected to a computer?  What if you do "reset all" or whatever from within the device's menus?19:25
sammyTheLegace: can you be more specific about which package? maybe its in a repository I dont have enabled...19:26
TheLegaceno no its installed19:26
TheLegacebut the issue is i want know how it was compiled19:26
sammyTheLegace: if you can download the source version of the package I believe you can see how it is compiled19:27
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Well it works normally when it's not plugged into the computer. I have reset it and it does not make a difference.19:27
B0g4r7TheLegace, you can try 'ldd /path/to/the/binary' and see if it links to any ffmpeg-looking libs.19:27
TheLegaceB0g4r7, sweet19:28
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twotenI just got my Ubuntu Studio 11.04 working but compiz is not being activated, where's the effects dialog that says advanced effects, I thought it was inder appearance?19:28
=== EveilG7 is now known as G7nocanspellz
Layke2How would I copy anything that ends in .conf from target directory to my current directory?19:28
BlueWolfB0g4r7: It says it has 9.5Gb full buy when I go to the music menu it says 0 songs19:28
=== G7nocanspellz is now known as G7|Cloud
Layke2ie.. sudo cp /data/etc/apache/*\.conf .19:28
B0g4r7BlueWolf, Yeah, you might take it to the Apple Genius Bar if there's one near you.19:29
deebee_Layke2: sudo cp /target/dir/*.conf .19:29
Aniarsammy: heh - friend reminded me about /etc/network/if-up.d/ - putting my script in there solves it.  This is the problem with looking a bit too targetted in your search sometimes, 'eh? :)19:29
BlueWolfB0g4r7: Do you know I there is one near me, I mean I'm in southern Africa.19:30
sammyAniar: ah! I knew there was somewhere to run scripts at interface up and down, too :) thanks for reporting back.19:30
ss0I'm trying to install a redhat 5.2 guest in kvm, but after the initial splash screen it goes black, the guest appears to be running but doesn't respond. Is it because of ncurses or?19:30
TheLegacehmm it looks like it depends on libavcodec19:31
m3talh3adanyone a good tutorial for ltsp?19:31
faLUCEHi, I can't login anymore from gdm ... It let me choose the user, but it doesn't show me the password dialog. and comes back to the user choose dialog... how can I solve? It seems a serious gdm/gnome bug19:31
twotenhow do I get compiz to take over from Metacity?19:31
B0g4r7BlueWolf, http://www.apple.com/za/buy/locator/19:31
TheLegaceok whats the difference between libavcodec and ffmpeg19:32
sammyfaLUCE: what happens when you try to log in as that user from the console, or ssh into that computer as that user?19:32
ss0The host is ubuntu 11.0419:32
BlueWolfB0g4r7: it's bugging me that I can't get it to work... Let me try this site.19:32
sammyTheLegace: two completely different audio/visual codecs, I believe19:32