knomehmmm... have you googled that error? i've never seen that00:00
br1the guide worked just fine, i could get installed the driver i downloaded but theres no mention f this00:01
knomecan you get into the gdm login screen at all?00:01
br1no, monitor go black and i have to press Ctrl Alt F100:02
br1to get console00:02
br1and then i tried that00:02
br1maybe i got the wrong driver :S00:02
knomelooks like the driver just isn't working with your card00:02
knomewhat's your card?00:03
br1but i dont think so00:03
br1and oldie, Nvidia Geforce2 Mx 40000:03
knomemight be that not working with the driver00:03
knomedo you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf now?00:04
br1its so old that video doesnt work properly with the generic driver00:04
br1aparently yes, but i cant access it00:04
knomewith sudo, you should be00:04
knome'sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf'00:04
br1let me see, i have both computers side by side00:05
br1xorg in on00:07
ElderDryasThe 96.43.xx driver supports the following set of GPUs: GeForce2 MX/MX 40000:07
br1yes, i downloaded the 96.43.2000:08
br1installation went without troubles00:08
knomebr1, there should be a device section with the card information. comment that out (add # to the start of the lines), and try rebooting00:08
br1but after reboot i got the problem00:08
knomebr1, that should make you able to log in, at least...00:09
br1i found that section00:11
br1section "Device"00:11
knomeok, now add # to every line until endsection00:11
br1before every line? example #Driver               "nvidia"00:12
knomethat should make the boot use the generic driver, and you should be able to log in00:12
br1how do i save changes?00:13
knomectrl+O, then ctrl+X to exit00:13
knome(you might need to hit enter after ctrl+O :))00:14
br1nope, blank monitor :(00:17
knomehmmh :/00:17
br1hate this old video card :P00:17
br1always gave me trouble00:18
knomethey can be problematic, yeah00:18
br1i think i'll start over00:19
br1do u happen to know a step by step guide on installing video card driver on xubuntu?00:19
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:19
br1thank you, ill try that way00:20
knomenp, and good luck00:21
br1you too00:21
br1c ya00:21
sandra_G'day my fellow Xubuntu inmates :-)01:08
sandra_I trust you all are doing well .01:09
sandra_I am new to Xubuntu and too linux and I hope someone can be kind enough to help me.01:09
sandra_My son just installed Xubuntu on my laptop . I followed the instructions he left for updating my new OS .01:10
sandra_But unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the Oneiric repositories01:10
sandra_Is it me or anyone else experiencing problems connecting to the oneiric repositories ?01:11
sandra_zenrox: yes oneiric01:12
zenroxlet me look it up01:12
sandra_I attempt to update but I can't at this time.01:12
sandra_zenrox: Thank you01:12
zenroxthere repos might be down01:13
zenroxor something else01:13
zenroxi havnt even updated to that os yet01:14
zenroxi am still useing 11.0401:14
zenroxyour useing 11.1001:14
zenroxthat is not even released01:14
sandra_zenrox: My son installed it on my HP Laptop01:15
zenroxhe should of installed a stable ver not a devel ver01:15
zenroxslap your son01:15
sandra_zenrox: hahaha01:15
zenroxits his bad01:16
zenroxbut it is ok01:16
zenroxgo to your menu system and look for update manager01:16
sandra_zenrox: Well I do have to say it sure is different from windows.01:16
Unit193At this late in the cycle, not a whole lot is going to change01:17
sandra_zenrox: I did go to my update manager but it's a no go so far.01:18
zenroxyou do a check01:19
zenroxif it fails type the error here01:20
sandra_Yes I checked that is why I asked if anyone else was having problems along these lines too .01:20
sandra_But it seems I'm the only one currently using Xubuntu Oneiric on this channel lol01:22
zenroxi am gona update to it01:22
zenroxright now01:22
zenroxnow that i have a stable inet i can run a devel os01:23
zenroxi have bine with ubuntu from the first version that was released long time ago01:24
sandra_I have heard a lot of positive things about Ubuntu.01:25
zenroxubuntu just plain works01:27
sandra_zenrox: What slice of the globe do you call home ?01:28
zenroxsome ove the other ver of linux out thare all are getting to the point whare ubuntu is01:28
zenroxwashington state01:28
sandra_zenrox: wow I'm from washington state too.01:29
sandra_what a coincidence01:29
zenroxwhare at01:30
sandra_what part of washington state are you from ?01:30
zenroxmoses lake area01:30
sandra_I'm from Olympia01:31
zenroxso your in a big city you should fine a lug (linux users group)01:32
sandra_will look into that I might try Linuxmint too been reading about it too.01:34
zenroxlinuxmint is nice too but has its own qwerks01:36
sandra_what kind of qwerks would those be ?01:38
zenroxthats upto the hardware and config01:38
zenroxmy network card was harder to get worken01:38
sandra_But isn't Linuxmint like Xubuntu based on Ubuntu ?01:43
sandra_I just assumed the drivers would be the same.01:44
zenroxnot necarly01:48
zenroxbut essently the same01:48
uofm49426can i still use bttv in xubuntu 10.1002:11
zenroxyou mean 11.10?02:12
sandra_Any chance anyone else here among my fellow Xubuntu inmates is having troubles connecting to oneiric repositories for updates ?02:12
zenroxsandra i dont think you can connect is cause the repos are overloaded02:13
zenroxi am d/l from them right at the moment02:13
sandra_wow I wonder why and what would cause that ?02:14
zenroxppl upgrading/getting updates just the repos or being over used02:14
zenroxjust wate 24hrs and it should be fine02:15
zenroxbrb ciggy break02:15
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zenroxok back02:23
sandra_I suppose I could try reloading Xubuntu Oneiric and see if my connections iron out.02:23
zenroxshouldent have to do that02:23
zenroxthe repos get over loaded from about now till 30 days after releace02:24
sandra_I shall return , tc everyone02:26
sandra_zenrox, Nice meeting you02:26
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XubuntuKrisSomeone ping me.02:51
zenroxXubuntuKris, you were pinged03:01
zenrox* Ping reply from XubuntuKris: 0.36 second(s)03:01
XubuntuKrisI'm talking about simply using my nick in channel...03:04
XubuntuKrisxchat isn't making any sounds anymore.03:05
zenroxturn them back on??03:06
XubuntuKrisI did, still doesn't work03:06
XubuntuKrisI did look under <settings>advanced>text events03:07
XubuntuKrisand found that my "beep" event has nothing listed...03:07
XubuntuKrisIt's the only one with nothing listed03:07
XubuntuKristhe rest have things like "%C21*%O$t%C21%B$1%O%C21 $2"03:08
DominosPizzaHello.  Will Xubuntu try and force a GUI nobody likes on it's users like Ubuntu in later releases ?05:02
zenroxjust xfce is all it will force on its users05:06
DominosPizzaotay.. Next question.. to LTS or not to LTS? Would I really be missing out in some 'latest mumbo jumbo' ?05:07
zenroxnaw you can keep uptodate with latest realices all you want05:08
zenroxlts is just one that thay will support longer05:08
DominosPizzaWell, I just didn't want to be bothered with distro upgrades that might go wrong for longer.05:08
zenroxi am dist upgrading right now05:08
zenroxi ant never had a prob i couldent fix05:09
DominosPizzaI see.05:09
zenroxbut eatch to there own05:09
zenroxi just keep up with the realices05:10
zenroxsince the beginning of ubuntu warty worthog05:10
DominosPizzaI'm just looking to get off of XP.05:11
DominosPizzasince this machine wont be used as a gaming machine anymore.05:11
zenroxubuntu/xubuntu/lbuntu all good for that05:11
zenroxubuntu not somuch05:11
m6lockslubuntu a very good replacement05:12
m6locksboots in seconds05:12
m6lockslubuntu comes with it, yes05:13
DominosPizzaa little TOO min.. I think..05:13
DominosPizzaalthough it ran good on a pentium205:14
DominosPizzaAnyway, I'm trying to figure out what is going to be new and greatest in the latest release and upcoming release vs the LTS ?05:15
DominosPizzais there really anything I would want in the latest editions vs the older LTS?05:15
DominosPizzaBTW: Lubuntu is now an offically supported OS ?05:18
DominosPizzalike Xubuntu/Kubuntu ?05:18
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.05:19
m6locksat least they keep releasing versions with the same development cycle05:20
DominosPizzaI thought they wasn't part of the offical support group? *Shrug* I guess times changed.05:20
gr8m8what is it with these ppl that turn up with adds for nicks?05:21
m6lockslubuntu wasnt mentioned in the release notes, so I guess its not official05:21
gr8m8it has it's own wiki on ubuntu.com ...05:22
gr8m8and a bot command05:22
m6locksaye, but it still does not make it official, it05:23
m6lockss just features05:23
gr8m8heh ;)05:23
DominosPizzaSeems lubuntu only comes in 32bit, not that that matters for this machine.05:24
DominosPizza"Lubuntu 11.10 will be the first version of Lubuntu that has official sanction as a member of the Ubuntu family." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubuntu05:33
gr8m8what is it with these ppl that turn up with adds for nicks?05:36
DominosPizza((12:22:10:am)) <gr8m8> what is it with these ppl that turn up with adds for nicks?((12:37:24:am)) <gr8m8> what is it with these ppl that turn up with adds for nicks?05:39
anandvenkat4Is there any way to differentiate between the ethernet, ppp and pptp interface in linux?07:18
Shirakawasunathey should have entirely separate interfaces07:26
Shirakawasunaifconfig -a (assuming all modules are properly loaded)07:26
anandvenkat4I know, but what is the distiguishing factor between these? Any flags set internally?07:28
anandvenkat4Shirakawwasuna: I need to differentiate them programatically07:29
AlgorithmHey guys can anyone help me?13:27
Algorithmi have a problem with xubuntu13:28
mrdoctorwhoHello. Who i can ask about beta xubuntu?13:53
DanielSenatAbiword makes a space that gets bigger some times after a table.. I reduce the space, but it comes back when i open the doc13:55
patricei installed a mod of a game, and i can't unistall it14:05
patriceanyone can help me?14:05
m6locksrm -rf does not work?14:07
patriceyou mean to remove the folder?14:07
m6locksnot sure which other directories the installer has created14:07
m6locksor fiels modified14:08
patricei removed the folder already, but when i try to reinstall it, it says that it is already installed14:08
m6locksoh ok14:08
m6locksyou might need to google what the installer does14:08
patriceit's a .run14:08
m6locksdoesn't ring a bell14:09
genii-aroundWhat does: file installer-filename.run      say?14:09
patriceit says that it's already installed14:10
patricebut i removed the folder14:11
genii-aroundThats not a result that command would give. It would say something like POSIX shell script, or ELF 64 bit executable, or so on like that14:11
patricehow can i have that?14:12
genii-aroundpatrice: The idea here is to find out if the .run file you installed from is some binary file or a shell script. If it's a shell script, you can open it with a text editor and find out what it did when you ran it14:13
patricePOSIX shell script text executable14:14
patriceit says that14:14
patricesorry, i'm noob under linux14:14
patricePOSIX shell script text executable14:15
mrdoctorwhopatrice: chmod a+x name14:15
genii-aroundpatrice: cat true.combat.elite_0.49b-english-2.run | pastebinit                and then give us the URL please14:15
patricepastebinit is not installed14:16
genii-aroundsudo apt-get install pastebinit && cat true.combat.elite_0.49b-english-2.run | pastebinit14:17
genii-aroundKids these days, no patience.14:23
* genii-around makes more coffee14:23
xenoxaosif i want to install 11.10 early from beta2 will there be any issues upgrading to stable?16:56
charlie-tcaNo, there should not be. As long as you are updating it daily until the release. At the time of release, you will be at the same final release image level.16:57
xenoxaosthats what i was figuring...16:58
xenoxaosi know this will be a biased question.....gnome has been irking me lately, should i switch to kde or xfce?16:59
ElderDryasxenoxaos: imo,  xfce is more like gnome than kde...but both are quality DE's...it's a matter of taste17:00
ElderDryasgrab the liveCD/USB's and see.  In my experience, you'll be able to choose in 5 minutes :)17:01
charlie-tcaUm, I would guess if asked here, Xubuntu is the obvious answer. It is w-a-y better then Kubuntu from my perspective ;)17:02
charlie-tcaElderDryas: I agree with that17:02
ElderDryasWell, it's obvious to a casual observer, but I was trying not to be biased :)17:02
charlie-tcaYour answer is probably better than mine today. I like giving the user the livecd option17:03
Unit193Kubuntu is much more flashy, while Xubuntu is lighter and gets out of your way17:03
Unit193Note, I have used both and would recommend both depending on answers to questions17:04
ElderDryascharlie-tca: And with a USB option (as is built into 'buntu), it's easy and cheap to test them.17:05
charlie-tcaa-hem... I guess if you have a machine that boots from USB, a-hem17:05
ElderDryasDoesn't everybody?17:06
charlie-tcaI seldom think of USB since my machines are a bit older :)17:06
charlie-tcaOut of 5 computers, I think one does boot from usb now17:06
* charlie-tca burns through between 200 and 300 cd-r's every release cycle17:07
ElderDryasI have been looking at distros for the past six months (does that coincide with anything?), and have gotten to the point that I won't even look at a (minor) distro that won't work with unetbootin17:08
* ElderDryas thinks that's because charlie-tca just likes the whirly sound of the disks spinning17:09
charlie-tcaThat might be too17:09
xenoxaoscharlie-tca, you may look into getting a u3 flash drive and using u3-tool to replace the cd image on the drive...the computer thinks its a cd and will boot off of it like a cd17:10
ElderDryasor a new computer17:10
charlie-tcaI picked up a new computer this summer. It was U.S. 10 dollars at the yard sale17:11
charlie-tcaxenoxaos: u3 flash drive?17:11
charlie-tcaI will investigate that17:11
ElderDryascharlie-tca: Tell you what, you convince my wife to let me get a new computer and I'll GIVE you my old laptop :)17:11
xenoxaosessentially it partitions the drive into two different usb devices, a flash drive and a cd drive17:12
charlie-tcaI got one of them "old laptop" things now17:13
charlie-tcacan't be more than ?? years old, too. Even mostly works when I plug it in.17:13
ElderDryasOld laptop == what I'm using now17:13
charlie-tcahm, I guess that would be more towards 'new' here, if it boots from usb17:14
charlie-tcaWell, got to go feed the baby... bbl17:14
antonio_qualcuno in italiano?18:48
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:48
charlie-tcaoh, missed the 30 second response time18:49
zenroxoh well18:51
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christina_will the rc be released tomorrow?20:29
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WADSWill the LTS switch to a later supported firefox when Mozilla axes FireFox3 ?23:01

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