glenhey, i did bzr merge ../some/other/branch; removing changes i did not want to merge this time with bzr revert. but i want to merge from branch again, i.e the same changes i did revert in first place :(08:04
jelmerglen: bzr will think it has already merged those revisions which you partially reverted10:04
jelmeryou can still merge those changes by explicitly specifying the range of revisions you want to merge10:05
glenjelmer: thanks. will try10:10
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poolieglen, hi, you should just give explicit revision numbers for the bits you want to merge again12:26
poolieeg bzr merge -r 9100.. ../other12:26
daveb_so, what does bzr do when it finds a device file?23:02
pooliehi daveb_, i guess it depends where it finds it23:03
poolieif if it's in the working tree it should be just skipped23:03
poolieyou can't add them23:03
daveb_thanks poolie23:03
fullermdWell, there go my hopes of branching /dev/zero to work on some optimizations...23:04
wgzanything else people find annoying about hydrazine while I'm there?23:13
fullermdGetting the hazmat placards right for shipping it?23:19
wgzhm, okay, maybe just one more.23:47

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