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DarkwingAnyone know anyone that works on teh @ubuntu and @kubuntu forwards with Launchpad?05:10
claydohScottK: testing migration in kmail seems much  much better since your last upload: the migrator still fails, but after delting kmail-migratorrc and runnng it --interactive it all was migrated successfully, 1 imap(gmail), 2 d-imap and one pop account all went smoothly!,05:17
claydohplus all my previous dimap cached messgaes were savded it theor own folders . 05:17
claydohactually after running migrator manually, starting kmail prompted for the migrator again, which I rn just for fun, but it errored saying it had already been run. I closed it, then kmail opened to the well-migrated state.05:19
claydohso you got us somewhere ! No errror messages downloading mail, either05:20
claydohoops soory for draggin it on, but you do have  to reload any folders with previous mails to have then show, which will obviously not be obvious to users05:22
DarkwingSo KMail is fixed?05:23
claydohwell mostly,  filters are not migrated (but that is known) , and a previously fixed bug has re emerged (gotta get hte number, it is the one where you can't filter based on mailing list id05:27
claydohand I am awaiting spam to see if the spam filtering will move the junk mail  to the junk folder05:28
claydohDarkwing: this is in a vm atm, for migration testing, I have a mostly working kmail setup from scratch for daily use05:28
Darkwingclaydoh: Okay05:29
claydohgotta remember to not delte the spam when using my droid05:29
DarkwingI'm having massive issues with my email..05:30
claydohphone=timesucker lol05:30
DarkwingI changed primary email in launchpad and they stopped sending to my old but failed to start sending it to my new one.05:30
DarkwingYeah, it is. I love my galaxy s though.05:30
claydohDarkwing: yeah, in mine, there are errors everywhere on one account, and often massive  dupes on another, 05:31
claydohwish I could have one of those, have a droid charge, samsung and amoled  screen goodness so far, for this phone noob05:32
Darkwing:D I wanted a charge but all I could afford was a Fascinate. (Galaxy S)05:33
claydohlol same here, but amazon had a penny sale on everything but the newest (bionic) plus a 50 buck gift card, so i get paid for the phone lol 05:34
claydohthe wife has a fascinate, I am not allowed to touch it05:35
Darkwing:D I rooted mine and am running CyanogenMod7 on it.05:35
claydohI rooted mine this past monday, just running a leaked vzw gingerbread 05:36
claydohI lasted one week before rooting05:36
claydohI actually like the touchwhiz, tho have not played enough with any other launchers05:37
claydohgingerbread means front cam with skype/google05:38
DarkwingI've been running gingerbrad for a while. Had the first Droid and have been running GB on it since Google opened the souce.05:38
claydohI am getting decent battery life, though i can't really use it too much when I at work, so I get a full day before charging05:41
DarkwingI normally keep it plugged into my computer so, I think that UDS will be my first real test on batt life.05:42
claydohI hope there is 4g there, that would be nice05:43
claydohjust to see05:43
DarkwingYou don't have 4g where you are?05:44
claydohI don't know if there is any 4g in Maine05:45
DarkwingAhhh, fun.05:46
claydohno, but in reality, the 3g is almost as fast as te dsl I had not too long ago :)05:53
bulldog98_moin moin :)10:05
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* yofel goes reinstalling oneiric on his thinkpad10:29
yofelmight as well make an iso test while I'm at it10:29
yofelbulldog98_: btw. does gles work on your eeePC? Doesn't work on mine10:52
bulldog98_yofel: never tested that11:18
yofelfor me kwin says "incomplete GLES support" and disables compositing11:18
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yofelmgraesslin: do you know if kwin is supposed to work with MESA 7.11 GLES on intel? I'm getting http://paste.kde.org/13134711:23
mgraesslinyofel: no idea, have never seen that11:24
mgraesslinseems to be inside the mesa library11:24
yofelk, thanks11:24
alleeyofel: is this the inofficial i915g. In this case opengl 2.0 was reached annouced yesterday: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Phoronix/~3/G9XiSH1DxiE/vr.php12:36
yofel*shrug* - it's whatever driver we have in the oneiric archive12:37
alleeoh, I was guessing due to word gallium in your output: 'OpenGL renderer string:                 Gallium 0.4 on i915 (chipset: 945GME)'12:38
sheytanapachelogger: ping pin13:08
sheytanhey guys13:10
sheytani made the cd cover for oneirc13:11
sheytanwhere to upload it?13:11
claydohScottK: so, the append failed messages are back in kmail, assuming they never left13:32
claydohon d-imap13:32
GirlyGirlHi the pre rc iso for testing ... does it include KDE SC 4.7.2?13:37
GirlyGirlsheytan: Is the cd cover such a secret that it has to be kept private?13:41
sheytanGirlyGirl: why? Did  i hide it somehow?13:42
GirlyGirlsheytan: Clicking it gives me http://imageshack.us/img/blocked_login.jpg13:44
sheytanGirlyGirl: well, not for me and others :)13:44
GirlyGirlsheytan: Wow rekonq does that , opera shows it :d13:45
GirlyGirlsheytan: nice cover btw13:45
sheytanGirlyGirl: thank you :)13:46
GirlyGirlsheytan: What did you use for that ... Gimp , inkscape13:47
sheytanGirlyGirl: both :)13:47
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alleesheytan: cool cover!    14:59
alleeyofel: I'm curious what driver it is. On your eeepc    grep drivers/  /var/log/Xorg.0.log 15:04
ximionhi there! Could someone upload the Apper package to Ubuntu?15:07
ximionScottK: ping15:28
ScottKclaydoh: I don't think they did.15:31
ScottKximion: pong15:31
ScottKclaydoh: Great news on the migration.15:32
shadeslayerScottK: Mac ISO still doesn't boot and i think its because the kernel doesn't properly pick up the HDD15:33
shadeslayersomeone was working on that iirc15:34
ximionScottK: I don't think we will have an Apper release in time, so is it okay if I package a Git snapshot of Apper?15:34
ximionThe tools is very stable and I fixed some last issues upstream15:35
shadeslayerScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/782389/comments/2115:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 782389 in linux (Ubuntu) "DVD drive doesn't work on MacBookPro8,2" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:35
ximionthe bug mentioned by dantti last time has also been fixed last night15:35
claydohScottK: just wish we could suppress the error messages, the imap seems to work despite the error, 15:50
claydohI wonder why it is on one mail server (my webhost) and not gmail15:51
ScottKclaydoh: I've tried to trace where they are coming from and didn't find it yet.15:55
ScottKximion: Yes.15:55
ScottKshadeslayer: Make sure you mark the bug against the ISO testing results in the QA tracker.15:55
ScottKQuintasan: Could you take care of sponsoring ximion?15:56
shadeslayerAltho, i did manage to boot it off a normal PC with a BIOS15:56
shadeslayerworks just fine there15:56
yofelallee: 16:09
yofel[    10.727] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/intel_drv.so16:09
yofel[    10.816] (II) intel(0): [DRI2]   DRI driver: i91516:09
yofel[    10.965] (II) AIGLX: Trying DRI driver /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/i915_dri.so16:09
yofeland oneiric has16:10
yofel!info xserver-xorg-video-intel oneiric16:10
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-intel (source: xserver-xorg-video-intel): X.Org X server -- Intel i8xx, i9xx display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 2:2.15.901-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 234 kB, installed size 972 kB (Only available for amd64 i386)16:10
alleeyofel: strange I'm using intel too.  but my output mesa output is completly different   http://paste.ubuntu.com/704514/16:24
alleeseems to be that GL capabilities are strongly dependend some hw spec. support in kernelmod i91516:25
ximionScottK, Quintasan: Package is now available here: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/apper-1110081830/apper_0.7.0~20111008-0ubuntu1.dsc16:32
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ScottKximion: What about the packagekit update?17:07
ximionScottK: The PackageKit update is not necessary if apper is uploaded17:07
ScottKAh.  OK.17:07
ximion(then it would be stupid to ship a outdated lib)17:08
ximionthe new PackageKit-Qt2 library is nearly twice as fast as the old one :)17:08
ximionApper is noticeable faster than KPackageKit...17:09
ScottKThat was definitely one of the points against it.17:09
ximionScottK: theoretically, PK could be as fast as Synaptic, but the APT backend of PK is not in the best shape17:10
ximionand apt's api is just terrible...17:10
ScottKIIRC that was part of the motivation behind libqapt - to minimize the amount people had to deal with the apt API directly.17:11
ximionI talked with Richard Hughes about this issue at desktop summit and he showed me how the Zif backend works (Zif is a RPM package manager)17:11
* yofel remembers JT saying something along those lines while writing libqtapt ^^17:11
ximionif it is possible for apt what he did with Zif, PK would be super-fast17:12
ximionI would like a API on top of APT which queries APT directly for apt-specifig operations (e.g. holding of packages) and PK for the rest17:15
ximionmaybe write a small daemon for this17:15
ximionby doing it that way, we would only have to maintain one piece of terrible apt code17:16
ximion(the best option would be to replace aptdaemon with this api too)17:17
ximionI recently tested the PackageKit branch of the Ubuntu Software Center, and the native stuff is still faster, but APTcc becomes better with every release17:17
yofelI don't think slowness was the issue with kpackagekit, more that it simply didn't work right.17:21
yofelIt doesn't really help if your update get's stuck somewhere in the middle17:21
glatzorScottK, ximion: and that is why we use python-apt in aptdaemon17:29
glatzorximion, aptdaemon will provide a more complete implementation of the packagekit api in P compared to the aptcc backend17:30
glatzorximion, ScottK I am working on a compaitibility layer which provides the packagekit system dbus interface17:31
ximionglatzor: The only missing feature in aptcc is installation of local files at time, because apt doesn't support this...17:34
ximionjuliank is working on this17:35
ximionaptdaemon can maybe cover more features of apt than PK can, but the implementation of PK's session bus is the same in GNOME-PackageKit/Apper and your implementation17:36
glatzorximion, I am not talking about the session interface17:39
glatzorximion, you can run apper/gpk-application with aptdaemon already17:39
ximionglatzor: oh, that's nice! :)17:40
ximionbut what is missing in PK?17:40
ximionevery feature is implemented17:40
ximiononly the apt backend needs some love17:40
ximionis gpk-application faster with aptdaemon?17:42
glatzorximion, I haven't made any profiling yet17:46
ximionScottK: hmm, looks like Quintasan is missing...17:46
ximionglatzor: maybe I can do this later...17:46
glatzorximion, It is not yet part of the main branch.17:47
ximionat time, aptcc is a little bit slower if you do many fast requests, e.g. fetching descriptions17:47
ximionthis is because aptcc does not leave the cache open17:47
ximionPK has methods to handle opening/closing of caches17:47
ximionbut aptcc does not use them (yet)17:48
ximionglatzor: okay17:48
glatzorximion, how could pk help aptcc in handling its package cache?17:48
ximionat time I see aptdaemon as the Debian/Ubuntu-only variant of PackageKit, with less shared code and duplication of functionality, but as a good alternative to use until PK reaches APTd's functionality.17:49
ximioncan you tell me something _only_ APTd can do?17:49
ximionglatzor: it just tells the backend when to open/close the cache17:50
glatzorximion, in a first approach I even removed the need to queue query transaction (e.g. GetDetails). They could be processed before install/removal or even during an installation17:50
ximionvia plugins the native tool like Synaptic can also interrupt PK and force it to unload the cache17:50
ximionsounds like PK's parallel-transactions... A feature I started which is now continued by richard17:51
glatzorximion, metadata, plugins (was designed for automatically installing language packs), chaining of transactions, config file conflicts, terminal widget, hierachic policykit priviliges17:52
glatzorans some more17:52
ximionglatzor: do you process all query transactions at once or do they just live in a queue which is executed in parallel to write transactions?17:52
ximionokay, I don't know what chaining pf transactions is... that one transaction can invoke another?17:53
ximionthe terminal widget is impossible with hughsie17:53
ximionin his opinion showing a terminal is the UIs way of saying "I give up"17:53
ximionfirst I was against him, but now I think he's right17:53
glatzorximion, it was in a separate  but now they just get queued as the rest - apt doesn't support threading. So you have to lock access to cache internally17:57
glatzorximion, depends on the use case. Could be true for Ubuntu but not for Debian.17:57
yofelno terminal is ok as long everything goes right, but when something goes wrong I don't know a GUI that handles the situation in a good way.17:57
glatzorximion, I have to leave for dinner now.17:58
yofelfor example: how does apper inform you that a package failed to install with an I/O error?17:58
glatzorximion, I will write an email to the pk list in the next days with the current state and the plans for the future17:58
ximionglatzor: That would be nice!17:59
ximionalthough I am a PK guy, I would like to hear something about aptd18:00
ximionaptd shows what Debian wants18:00
ximionyofel: it shows an error dialog with the error message18:00
yofelthe full message from dpkg?18:00
yofelthen ok18:01
ximionnot the full log, but the APT error18:02
ximione.g. if there's a file conflict it shows which files conflict18:02
yofelproblem is that *that* usually is something like "post-installation script failed with exit status 1" - which is useless with the error from dpkg18:02
ximionyofel: maybe we can attach the full log...18:04
ximionor write a PK plugin which forwads the output (bad idea, but possible)18:04
yofeladd a details view/tab that shows the actual dpkg output for that package (not the full log). That way people can get help on the error without having to look up files in /var/log/apt/18:05
ximionbes way ist to never make it fail :D18:07
Quintasanximion: I'm back18:16
ximionQuintasan: cool! Could you maybe take a look at the apper package and upload it if you find that the packaging is okay?18:24
QuintasanUhh, ximion, what is that desktop.db in debian/ ?18:28
* Quintasan has never seen this before18:28
Riddellweird e-mail du jour http://paste.kde.org/131479/18:28
Quintasanapp metadata18:29
Quintasanximion: Please file a bug with needs-packaging tag and give me the bug number, okay?18:30
QuintasanScottK: ping18:30
Quintasanximion: Or not. Wait a moment please18:30
ximionQuintasan: okay18:31
ximionI need to leave now, I'll be back late this evening18:31
Quintasanximion: Apart from stuff like transitions, I believe a debug package would be appropriate18:31
Quintasanximion: You have to add an entry in debian/control and then do override_dh_strip in debian/rules18:31
ximionQuintasan: Okay, I already did this for debconf-kde too18:32
ximionan I'll add an information that Apper breaks KPackageKit18:32
QuintasanI see18:32
Quintasanximion: We need Replaces, not breaks18:33
Quintasanand we needs transitional packages for smooth upgrade I believe18:33
ximionhmm... I really need to leave now... I will be back at 1:00 in the morning I guess...18:33
Quintasanbut I am not sure about transitional packages18:33
ximionimo it's not necessary, but I'm not sure too18:34
ximionneed to go... cu18:35
ScottKQuintasan: pong18:46
ScottKQuintasan: Needs packaging bug is totally optional.18:46
ScottKQuintasan: It should have transitional packages and Breaks/Replaces.18:47
shadeslayerRiddell: whoa, you're dealing with a price there19:21
shadeslayer"Prince Cassim Adepegba"19:21
ximionScottK: Should I add a transitional package for kpackagekit to the new apper pkg or should I just "break" the kpk package in the apper package?21:08
ScottKBoth.  The breaks needs to be versioned.21:08
ximionScottK: okay - but if the pkg gets uploaded to Debian, I have to remove the transitional package again21:13
ScottKMost people would have it installed due to kubuntu-desktop anyway.21:13
ScottKSo if it gets removed due to the upgrade and muon replaces it, that's not so bad.21:14
ximionQuintasan: new pkg ready.21:33
ximiondo you have a bug number which this new package should close?21:33
ximionentering my Debian ITP there seems a bit weird :P21:33
QuintasanNope, ScottK said it's not necessary21:33
Quintasanximion: Did you upload to REVU21:34
ximionyes, revu is processing it at time21:34
ximionQuintasan: ^21:34
ximionit's uploaded, but not yet shown in the UI21:35
ximionQuintasan: evu processed the package now, you can download it, I think :)21:36
ximionI did not run an explicit upgrade-test, but this should work. it always worked like this before when I renamed a package :P21:37
Riddellshadeslayer: fancy titles don't impress me21:45
ximionQuintasan: ping me, if you've any change/comment :)22:02
QuintasanWait, waht22:03
Quintasanximion: debian/control22:03
Quintasanno need for # Transitional dummy package22:03
Quintasan>Description: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - transitional package22:03
QuintasanHow KPK is a web browser?22:04
QuintasanReplaces: oldname (<<
QuintasanBreaks: oldname (<<
QuintasanThat would replace package "oldname"22:04
Quintasan!info kpackagekit22:05
ubottukpackagekit (source: kpackagekit): KDE package management tool using PackageKit. In component main, is extra. Version (natty), package size 475 kB, installed size 1688 kB22:05
ximionQuintasan: ? which version have you got?22:05
ximionone moment...22:05
Quintasanximion: I was wondering what version of kpk do we have in natty22:06
QuintasanYou have there so I don't think it will work22:06
QuintasanSection of kpackagekit transitional package should be "kde"22:07
QuintasanScottK: IMHO apper should Depend on debconf-kde-helper22:07
ScottKQuintasan: If you say so.22:08
* ScottK doesn't have time to sort out the details.22:08
ximionQuintasan: Why should the section be kde?22:08
Quintasanximion: Becasue it's a kde-related package?22:08
ximionif it is oldlibs, repo cleanup tools will suggest removing the transitional package22:08
ximionQuintasan: tools like deborphan (?) (don't know if this is the name of it) can delete transitional pkgs if they're marked as "oldlibs"22:10
Quintasanximion: Hmm, that makes sense. Leave it in oldlibs then22:11
ximionalso, shouldn't "" replace everything below and all possible backports/fixes22:11
QuintasanStill the Description is wrong22:11
Quintasanand remove the comment please22:12
ximionplease pull the package again from revu, looks like I uploaded crap last time :P22:12
Quintasanalso move debconf-kde-helper to Depends22:12
ximionQuintasan: debconf-kde-helper is a tool which makes command-line applications of PackageKit, like "pkcon" show debconf kde dialogs22:12
ximionit is not required to run apper22:12
ximion(although it is useful)22:13
ximionapper embeds debconf dialogs directly and does not need to spawn an external application22:13
Quintasanximion: Well, it is not but when you install some package using debconf and debconf-kde-helper is not installed then what happens?22:13
ximionQuintasan: If you install it via apper, a debconf-dialog is shown in Apper. If you install it via apt-get, a dialog is shown. If you install it via "pkcon", PackageKit will try the GNOME-dialogs and if this does not work set the debconf-frontend to passthrough22:14
ximionso the helper is only needed if a user uses PackageKit command line tools under KDE22:15
QuintasanOkay then, leave it as it is22:15
ximionApper already depends on debconf-kde to embed debconf dialogs send by PackageKit22:15
QuintasanThis looks sane to me22:15
* ximion checks if revu pkg and local pkg are the same - just to be sure this time...22:16
ximionQintasan: good :)22:17
ximion(and the revu package really is the pkg I have here locally :P)22:17
QuintasanLet me pbuild it and see what lintian has to say22:18
debfxximion: shouldn't apper break kpackagekit (<=
ximionI hope it is just the warning about a missing manpage  ^^22:19
ximiondebfx: I followed the usual instructions: http://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package22:20
ximionbut <= would make sense to me too.22:20
ximionbut "<<" also works22:20
debfxthose instructions suggest << 0.7.0~20111008-0ubuntu1~22:21
ximion(you can use dpkg --compare-versions to test it)22:21
ximionthis happens if you go out of the pub and sit down on your computer right afterwards...22:22
ximiondebfx: thank you for the attention!22:24
Quintasanyup, thanks debfx22:24
ximionI did this in a hurry before I left and simple forgot to be careful enough22:24
Quintasanximion: Yeah, it complains about missing manpage and watch file22:25
ximionQuintasan: I fixed the version issue at revu now22:25
ximionokay, that's okay22:25
QuintasanWell, it's not really okay but it's not an error22:25
ximionI will write a manpage later, if this is okay22:25
QuintasanFair enough22:25
ximionmost of the time packaging new software you write manpages :P22:26
QuintasanNot really, go ahead and package a library22:26
ximionI'll send one upstream soon, so this gets solved for everyone22:27
ximionQuintasan: like projectM? :D22:27
ximionthis was my most complicated package.22:27
ximionnow I am projectM upstream...22:27
ximionwe apply over 15 patches to the source downstream to make the lib work somehow...22:27
Quintasansymbols etc.22:28
Quintasanmaintaining that is a hell sometimes22:28
ximionor debconf-kde lib - the symbols file is evil :P22:28
ximionyes, exactly!22:28
Quintasanximion: Did you test apper?22:28
ximionQuintasan: yes, I'm using the git version here, but I also removed the git snapshot to test the package22:29
ximionworks very well here22:29
* debfx would think that being upstream helps pushing patches upstream ;)22:29
Quintasanximion: Look at the screenshot22:29
ximionvery meaningful message...22:29
ximiondo you get a nice terminal output?22:30
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ximionI guess it's a query to desktop.db22:30
ximionbut then I wonder why I don't get this...22:30
Quintasanapper(24282)/kdecore (KLocale) KLocalizedStringPrivate::toString: Trying to convert empty KLocalizedString to QString.22:30
Quintasanapper(24282)/kdeui (KNotification) KNotificationManager::close: 344122:30
Quintasanapper(24282)/kdeui (KNotification) KNotificationManager::close: 345222:30
ximionQuintasan: works for me... => http://image-upload.de/image/WJVJD3/66e3595e77.png22:32
QuintasanWell, it doesn't work here22:33
ximionwhat happens if you "sudo rm /usr/share/app-install/desktop.db" ?22:33
ximiononeiric too...22:33
QuintasanLet me rebuild it and reinstall22:33
ximionpleas etry to start it without desktop.db first :)22:34
ximionQuintasan: ^22:34
QuintasanQSqlDatabasePrivate::database: unable to open database: "unable to open database file Error opening database" 22:36
QuintasanQSqlQuery::prepare: database not open22:36
ximionQuintasan: as an error message?22:38
ximionbecause we can disable the desktop.db, if it causes problems...22:38
* ximion has an idea22:38
Quintasanximion: konsole output when I try to double click a category22:38
utusandoes frozen means kubuntu 11.10  comes out not with 4.7.2?22:55
ximionQuintasan: if you remove the "-DAPPINSTALL=true" line in debian/rules, does this remove the issue too?22:55
Quintasanximion: No idea, how about you try that?22:56
ximionQuintasan: try it! :)22:56
Quintasanutusan: I believe it comes out with 4.7.1 but we will provide upgrade to 4.7.2 as soon as possible22:56
ximionApper works like a charm here...22:56
ScottKutusan: Yes.  We'll try to have it updated shortly after release.22:56
utusanQuintasan, thanks22:56
ximionif this flag is disabled, apper will loose it's application manager functionality.22:56
ScottKutusan: The kdepim related packages are updated though.22:56
* ScottK slid those in.22:56
Quintasanximion: LOL22:59
QuintasanMore categories somehow23:00
ximionit just stopped loading categories before... .P23:00
ximionbut why does this work for me?23:00
ximionwe're using exactly the same database...23:01
QuintasanI have absolutely no idea23:01
utusanScottK, thanks.23:01
Quintasanximion: I'm not really content with uploading apper like this23:01
ximionbut better have an Apper without AppInstall support in oneiric than having no apper :P23:01
ximionQuintasan: does everything else work?23:02
ximion(it should work)23:02
Quintasanshadeslayer: Can you testbuild and install apper with the -DAPPINSTALL=true flag and report back if clicking on categories does yield http://wstaw.org/m/2011/10/09/plasma-desktopFd2079.jpg ?23:02
ximionthis issue was the result of myself using a new script to generate desktop.db, because the old one was broken.23:02
Quintasanyofel: Same as above but without the -DAPPINSTALL=true flag23:02
* ximion investigates the database and Apper code regarding AppInstall support23:03
Quintasanximion: Upgrading doesn't work here23:04
ximionQuintasan: with which error?23:04
* yofel dgets23:04
Quintasanximion: http://i.imgur.com/vhUD2.png23:06
QuintasanDetails say23:06
Quintasan"couldn't find package"23:06
QuintasanProbably multi-arch magic23:06
yofelvery detailed...23:06
ximionQuintasan: sorry, what do you mean with upgrading? Upgrading from kpackagekit -> apper or doing an upgrade using Apper which works with Synaptic?23:07
QuintasanDoing any upgrade with Apper23:07
QuintasanI don't care if it's working in Synaptic23:07
ximionQuintasan: *any*!? Does this include *updates*, meaning if no package gets removed?23:08
* ximion wants dantti here23:08
yofellol, uploading screenshot23:08
Quintasanximion: yes for Christ's sake, UPDATE did not work here23:08
Quintasanwith this very detailed message23:09
yofelximion: this is what apper looks like for me http://people.ubuntu.com/~yofel/pics/apper.png23:09
Quintasanyofel: kbuildsycoca423:09
QuintasanThis shit is somehow a plague here too23:09
yofelah, makes sense, trying again23:09
ximionQuintasan: is packagekit installed?23:10
Quintasanximion: Are you seriously asking me this?23:10
ximionwhat happens if you run "pkmon" in a second terminal?23:10
Quintasanximion: http://paste.kde.org/13153323:10
ximionQuintasan: this is an expression of "I don't know why this stuff does not work" ^^23:10
yofelnext issue: http://people.ubuntu.com/~yofel/pics/apper1.png23:11
yofelI managed to open one category, now everyone fails23:11
Quintasanyofel: So you built it with -DAPPINSTALL=true, right?23:11
QuintasanThis is broken then23:11
yofelQuintasan: ah no, I built the package23:11
Quintasanyofel: No, no, it's good23:11
Quintasanthe package from REVU has this flag23:12
yofeloh wait, I can open fonts23:12
Quintasanyofel: I could open them too, but nothing else23:12
QuintasanBuilding Apper without -DAPPINSTALL=true seems to be fixing the issue23:12
yofeland accessibility, those 2 work23:12
yofelwait... is packagekitd seriously taking like 2 _minutes_ to create the package DB o.O?23:13
ximionokay... => http://i.imgur.com/IAv5y.png23:14
ximionAppInstall is broken23:14
yofelon an intel i7 2.6GHz23:14
ximionat least with an updated desktop.db23:14
ximionusing the db from natty would work...23:14
Quintasanximion: That's not really a problem now, you know23:14
QuintasanHow I am to upload a package manager that can't upgrade?23:14
* yofel is still waiting for packagekitd to finish reading the package lists so he can try to update23:15
yofelI think I remember now why I started hating packagekit at some point23:16
ximionyofel: that's weird - I never got any of these issues reported with GNOME-PackageKit...23:16
ximionso it is apper23:16
yofelwell, the process that's using 100% CPU now for a while is packagekitd23:16
ximionQuintasan: right, if this won't work today, I hope dantti will show up tomorrow23:16
yofel 4816 root      20   0  258m  93m  41m S   97  1.2   3:37.71 /usr/lib/packagekit/packagekitd                                                                                                   23:16
ximionyofel: kill it and try again :(23:17
QuintasanWell, either way ximion I'm heading to bed since I'm kinda tired23:17
yofelyay, it finished23:17
QuintasanAhh governmental elections tomorrow23:17
* Quintasan is getting to vote this year23:17
ximionQuintasan: okay. thanks for your patience, I'll contact you tomorrow with a solution, I hope :P23:18
yofelok, updating seems to work WITHOUT multiarch (I'm not using it)23:18
QuintasanThat's the main problem then.23:18
ximionyofel, Quintasan: I use multiarch... and it works :P23:18
ximionPK itself supports multiarch23:19
ximionand apper should support it23:19
yofelximion: even if you have package conflicts? because aptitude works with multiarch too - until you have a conflict23:19
yofelthen it'll happily remove libc6 etc...23:19
QuintasanWell then, good night23:19
ximionyofel: aptcc, the apt backend of PK, is based on Synaptics code. So I guess it will suggest the same things :P23:20
ximionyofel: I uploaded a new pkg to revu, this one hould work now23:21
ximionbut it does not solve the update issue23:21
ximionhmm, dantti said something about it23:21
ximionbut he told be this bug was fixed...23:21
ximionbow! Muon is running amok...23:22
DarkwingStill no emails.23:22
claydohDarkwing: kmail?23:27
yofelximion: the last upload was supposed to fix... what?23:27
ximionyofel: the "invalid query" issues23:36
yofelwhat I get from http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=9295 doesn't fix it23:36
ximionokay, diabling the feature completely then23:37
Darkwingclaydoh: No, my @ubuntu/@kubuntu forwards23:58

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