toyowheelinanyone remember how to check which version of kubuntu you are running00:14
toyowheelinsomee terminal command00:15
toyowheelinoh wait I found it00:16
toyowheelinlsb_release -r00:16
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toyowheelinnot a whole lot of talk in here00:20
bazhangits the support channel, thats probably why00:20
bazhangyou might want to try the various -offtopic channels for chit chat00:21
toyowheelinah thanks00:21
bazhangxubuntu ubuntu lubuntu kubuntu-offtopic00:21
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semitoneshey, i newly installed kubuntu, and one annoyance I've found so far is that if I'm downloading something in chromium, if the screensaver comes on, and I have to log back in, the download is "interrupted" and I can't resume. What's going on? Can I still have a blank screen after some period of time without interrupting the functions of the computer?01:41
ssfdre38is the 11.10 on RC now or no?02:13
SIR_Tacossfdre38: not that I've heard... but it's so close to release that it should be02:15
ssfdre38well i looked on the wiki a week ago and it said that there will be one yesterday but today it got deleted02:15
ssfdre38i was going to do a video on it02:16
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ssfdre38guess i have to wait till thursday or friday to do it02:17
ssfdre38there is no RC for 11.1002:19
SIR_Tacossfdre38: I guess it depends on what you want to cover in your video. But the (major) updates have slowed down in the last few weeks, and it seems more upkeep now02:20
ssfdre38for me its first looks on the new features02:21
toyowheelinhmm yeah its odd that the beta 2 is still all you can download02:23
SIR_Tacowell at the moment it's sitting at KDE 4.7.1 (if the looks are what you're after)02:23
ssfdre38i know and i have beta2 and did a ubuntu first look i was going to do a RC first look on Kubuntu02:23
avihaysemitones: that sounds wired. screen saver doesn't force me to log in every time, unless I unable a feature called screen lock, and even then, it doesn't log me out of my session. sounds like either the screen saver somehow crashes x when you leave it (not likely) or your computer goes into some sort of suspend mode and logs you off.02:24
semitonesok. I'm very new to kubuntu settings, so where would I find those types of options?02:25
SIR_Tacosorry... 4.7.202:25
avihayok, you find them all in the setting manager, under display->screensaver and under power managment02:26
SIR_Tacolooks as though they're trying to rush a KDE version into 11.10 ;)02:27
avihaylet;s have a look at the screen-saver crashing X theory02:28
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semitoneshow should we look at that02:33
SIR_Tacoangily I would imagine02:34
semitonesI do have lock screen on resume02:34
SIR_Tacosemitones: is it sleeping and/or hibernating?02:35
semitonesi don't think so. in gnome, if my computer slept, it usually would not wake up02:36
semitonesso to speak02:36
SIR_Tacook... are you using Gnome or KDE?02:37
avihayyou can test the screen saver, is require password after: ticked? if so, remove the tick, and press test, hit a key, then readd the tick and press test, otherwise, just test02:37
semitonesok i'll give that a shot02:38
avihayI'd be happy if tasco will take over, I wanna try to sleep a little extra02:38
semitoneshhehe, no worries here :) thanks02:38
SIR_Tacoavihay: me too... but I'll take over I guess haha02:38
avihayonle selept for three hours... :-<02:39
SIR_Tacoyou don't want to know what I do... lol02:40
SIR_Tacoavihay: go to bed02:40
semitonesnight night02:40
avihayI am, but I set up notifications so that the computer reads messages addressed to me out loud, computer too close to bed...02:41
SIR_Tacosemitones: anyway.... it sounds like, if chrome quits/suspends downloads when you're away from your computer, you're going into sleep or hibernation mode (ie chrome is suspended and/or can't write to disk)02:44
semitonesthen maybe it is going into sleep mode, but if so, 1. Sleep Works (hooray!) and 2. Some setting not in power management is causing it to sleep.02:45
SIR_Tacodo the fans in your tower turn off?02:46
semitonesit is a laptop. I don't know if they do or not, hang on (i have screensaver set to 1 minute now.)02:49
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SIR_Tacosemitones: no stop of the download(s)?02:54
semitonesthe fans don't stop, neither does the screen turn off, it just goes black02:58
semitonesI'll try downloading soemthing again02:58
semitonesalright i'll let it sleep02:59
SIR_Tacohow long did you leave it before when you came back to see your downloads stopped?03:01
semitonesmaybe 10 minutes03:04
semitonesthe plug was unplugged though, i also had screen lock enabled, which I don't anymore03:04
SIR_Tacoscreen lock shouldn't have anything to do with it. But having the power cable unplugged will put the laptop into a different power profile and it likely went to sleep/hibernate03:07
SIR_Tacoby default that is03:07
semitonesok that makes sense. thanks for your help :)03:07
SIR_Tacosemitones: not a problem03:07
semitonesalso do you know how to make screen edges turn off the screen?03:07
semitonesI don't see that as an option under the screen edge settings03:08
SIR_Tacogo to the K menu ->  Computer -> System Settings -> Workspace Behaviour -> Screen Edges... click the edge you want and select the action you want03:10
SIR_Tacoif you set it to 'lock screen' it should turn off the screen in a couple minutes03:12
tomas__Hello, can someone help me with a problem installing Kubuntu 11.04?05:15
tomas__Hi, g0rs, my problem is I get to 75% install then an error saying "An error occured while removing packages, the following packages are broken: " then a blank list, and installation freezes05:22
tomas__Ack, sorry the installer rebooted me05:27
g0rstomas__: no problem05:33
g0rstomas__: are you installing with a cd or via usb or ftp?05:34
tomas__When it did reboot, I got a grub error 15.... and I thought this was going to be simpler than gentoo....05:34
g0rstomas__: it is very simple, perhahs its a cd issue? is it a good idea to burn the image on a usb drive and install everything via usb? i did install with usb.05:35
tomas__Hmmm.... don't have one handy.05:36
tomas__^The CD checks out ok.... this is weird05:36
g0rstomas__: do you have network access ?05:36
tomas__To what exactly?05:37
g0rstomas__: i dont know if its a package issue or if the cd was not burned correctly.  perhaps you can try buring a minimal image and installing everything via your LAN05:38
tomas__Hmmm... i'll check it out, thanks05:39
g0rstomas__: probably that would be the easiest instead of finding out whats wrong with your current approach05:39
tomas__cool man05:39
phoenix_firebrdNeed help regarding regarding nepomuk/strigi05:52
claydohphoenix_firebrd: ask away05:57
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh:  left my pc ON for the whole night for strigi to index my file on the morning , i saw it was crashed, i saw a bug report regarding it previously, is the problem fixed or is there a workaround05:59
claydohdunno, what bug report?05:59
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: i think this a similar one, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27630606:01
ubottuKDE bug 276306 in general "Crash coming out of standby" [Crash,Unconfirmed]06:01
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: do you use strigi to index files?06:03
claydohno, though I have had it enabled at times.06:04
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: any solution06:06
claydohphoenix_firebrd: which version KDE? This issue from digging through all the duplicate reports may be fixed in 4.7 ( so natty or oneiric)06:08
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: sorry , forgot to tell you, i am using kubuntu 11.10 beta 2 with kde 4.7.106:09
claydohditto here, I don't have the issue here. Perhaps for the initial index, let it stay awake maybe? iirc once the major indexing is done, it doesn't have to run constantly06:11
claydohI can06:11
claydohI can't get it to crash here on one of my systems , but it really hasn't run long enough06:12
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: Are you trueg ?06:12
claydohlol no06:13
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: ok06:13
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: that fellow told the same thing in a post, i agree with that, its just this one bug06:13
claydohhard to track if it is hard to reproduce :(06:17
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: ya06:19
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: the update-apt-xapi , takes a lot of cpu and sometime, the system hangs, any solution?06:21
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: update-apt-xapi ->process06:22
claydohphoenix_firebrd: dunno, i don't get hangs, tho it does slow for a spell,  but my main laptop is slightly older,   my reeeeaaaally old laptop just slows for a spell06:24
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: what is that process actually for?06:25
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claydohphoenix_firebrd: it indexes the apt database for the software center, for all the info06:28
claydohand muon06:28
* claydoh sleeps now, pretty late :(06:30
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: ok, thank you , good night06:30
claydohphoenix_firebrd: maybe others can chime in, too :)06:31
phoenix_firebrdclaydoh: ya06:31
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se7enhow can i share a folder so windows can access them?08:43
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szal!samba | se7en09:45
ubottuse7en: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:45
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dthackerLooks like flash is broken again.  In the past I've gotten around this by uninstalling and reinstalling flashplugin-installer.   THis time it's not working.  Any other tips?12:17
yofela) define broken b) which release?12:23
GirlyGirldthacker: What do you mean broken??12:29
dthackerGirlyGirl: brb,  need to restart for applying updates  :)12:29
Carnage__Hey guys. I've installed quite a few kde updates earlier this morning and after rebooting and logging in, I'm only presented with a grey screen now. Nothing is happing, I can only kill the kdm to get back to the login screen...12:29
Carnage__Has anyone had that problem with the recent updates too? Any ideas what could cause them and how I can fix them?12:30
Carnage__Oh yes, I have Kubuntu 11.04 with default repositories12:30
GirlyGirlCarnage__: Does it switch back to kdm on its own12:31
Carnage__Nope, it just remains grey12:32
Carnage__I checked .xsession-errors but it did not come up with something useful.12:32
GirlyGirlCarnage__: Pressing ALT + F2 shows you a run dialog12:32
Carnage__xorg.log is fine since kdm starts properly, things just get screwed up after login12:32
Carnage__Nope, I cannot do anything at all apart from changing to a tty or killing kdm12:33
dthackerand.....I'm back!12:33
GirlyGirlCarnage__: Do you have any important settings in KDE that you need, would you like to set defaults?12:34
Carnage__I already created a new account but after logging in, the behavior is exactly the same12:35
Carnage__So it does not seem to be a user setting but rather a kde problem12:35
yofelCarnage__: can you pastebin the .xsession-error from the new account?12:35
dthackerI am receiving the "Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page".   Click on "install missing plugins" and I get Adobe flash installer.   Click on that and it says "Already installed"12:35
yofelpastebinit can do it from the command line12:35
dthackerI've tried uninstalling flashplugin-installer and re-installing with KpackageKit,   That has worked in the past, but not this time.12:36
GirlyGirlyofel: For some reason some packages stupidly make apt remove kde-base-workspace somethimes ... I had this problem recently when but that was not with upgrading to 4..6.512:37
dthackerIs there another package I should be poking at?12:38
GirlyGirlI assume Carnage__ is going to 4.6.5 as it just went to natty updates12:38
yofelGirlyGirl: is that with 4.6.5 or 4.7.X ?12:38
yofelthen that's fine, kdebase-workspace is kde-workspace in 4.712:38
GirlyGirlyofel: Sorry I meant kde-workspace ... it got removed and killed the system had to manually install it from CLI12:39
yofelok, *that*s shouldn't have happened12:39
dthackerkpackagekit shows flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree installed.12:41
GirlyGirldthacker: Does flash not work with all browsers?12:41
yofelGirlyGirl: got the apt history from when it did that?12:41
GirlyGirlyofel: Sorry no12:42
dthackerGirlyGirl: I will check another browser now...12:42
GirlyGirlyofel: I think it was suggested for removal with one of the kde wallpapers packages or something12:42
dthackerGirlyGirl: rekonq shows same error...12:42
yofelno idea without logs, we do upgrade tests before we release the packages, and this never happened there12:43
GirlyGirlyofel: Anyway its no big deal 4.7 isn't in the oficial release or something, people using backports do expect such stuff now and then12:44
GirlyGirldthacker: What error?12:44
dthackerGirlyGirl: "you need to upgrade your Adobe flash player"12:45
yofelthere was a recent release of flash from adobe, natty wasn't updated yet from what I see12:46
GirlyGirlFlash 1112:46
dthackerI'm on 10.04 for another week......12:46
GirlyGirldthacker: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=2143212:46
dthackerGirlyGirl: thanks, reading...12:47
Carnage__Sorry guys, I'm on the phone, I'll get back to you in a minute12:47
dthackerWould you recommend unintalling before trying that PPA?12:48
dthackeruninstalling even :)12:48
GirlyGirldthacker: I don't know I get this problem on Windows ... IE will say old version but FF works fine12:49
dthackerGirlyGirl: hehe.  I get this about every six months.   This time it's just been more effort to fix.   Kubuntu works pretty well and makes me lazy12:50
dthackerOk, new ppa added, but not seeing packanges for maverick.   I wonder if they made one.12:53
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Carnage__yofel, GirlyGirl: I have to boot Kubuntu again, I'll be back in a bit, I'll see if I have to reinstall kde-base-workspace12:56
no||shutdowncan someone give me a hand with Kwin?12:56
no||shutdownhey GirlyGirl12:56
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Describe the problem12:57
no||shutdownGG - i have 1 laptop lcd and 1 standard lcd, their preferred settings are 1280x800 and 1280x1024, saving these settings to be loaded at boot is what i'm after12:58
no||shutdownGG i have to use xRandR to adapt these settings in the CLI12:58
omega__someone can point me to a good tutorial for start to develop android apps with kdevelop?12:58
no||shutdownGG but i want to save these settings so i don't have to redo them12:58
no||shutdowni have no ./xprofile file from what i can see12:58
no||shutdownthats all12:58
no||shutdowni'd also like to get to the bottom of the OpenGL issues with these monitors, seeing as the shaders will only load in the standard config, not in the config i want, saying my OpenGl package is unsafe to use.12:59
no||shutdownthats my goal for this attempt :]12:59
no||shutdowni am reading http://userbase.kde.org/KWin13:00
BluesKajHiyas all13:00
omega__hi BluesKaj13:01
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Doesn't display settings sort the monitor fine?13:01
BluesKajhi omega__13:01
sancochitohow can I change the background colour in irc quassel please?13:01
dthackerwhen I run sudo apt-get update its putting ign in front of my newly added ppa.  Does ign mean ignore?13:01
no||shutdownGirly yes but I have to reconfigure every time i log13:01
no||shutdowngirly i need to find a file which has the default config already13:01
no||shutdowngirly - i think by finding that file that i'll be able to enter the proper settings, save them and never have to care again13:02
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Normally if you do not unplug monitors it should keep the config13:02
BluesKajdthacker, yes , nothing vailable13:02
no||shutdowngirly - not in this case.13:02
Carnage__Hey guys, I'm back. I reinstalled kdebase-workspace but it did not help. That's my .xsession-errors, nothing more: http://pastebin.com/yC1SsDvn13:02
no||shutdowngirly - i start with 1024x768 on both monitors, the lcd a clone of the laptop-lcd13:02
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Also you can press G and tab to auto complete my nick name its easier as it sends an attention request13:02
Carnage__I wonder why I get an openbox-message in there...13:02
dthackerBluesKaj: I see a plublished package for Maverick (what I'm running) in the PPA.13:03
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: ok, you see after i change the settings with xRandR the modes Kwin was installed in change and i lose window effects13:03
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: just want to properly configure it and save it.13:03
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: What graphic card do you have13:04
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: Intel GMA 95013:04
omega__do you know a good tutorial for s platform?tating developing android apps using kubuntu (kdevelop) as development13:04
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Give me a sec I have the same card let me check13:04
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: thanks :]13:04
dthackeromega__: many seem to favor using Eclipse.13:05
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Ok Press ALT + F2 and type "kdesu kate /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup"13:05
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: then press enter13:06
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: window pops up and then disappears13:06
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: followed by a nice sound13:06
omega__thankyou dthacker! I know...but kdevelop is faster and more integrated than a Java program like Eclipse. And I always have programs with Open SDK and oracle Java SDK...13:06
omega__in eclipese of course..13:07
BluesKajdthacker, ahh yeah , that one is problematic ..not sure if it's been replaced in the repos ..I tried to install that flash version from that ppa yesterday and i had to apt-get install , check your flash version after installing13:07
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Ok then run the same thing with "kwrite" in place of "kate"13:07
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Ok then run the same thing with "kwrite" in place of "kate" and kdesudo in place of kdesu13:07
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Which version of Kubuntu is this13:07
dthackerBluesKaj: did you pull from that PPA or just regular repository?13:07
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: now i see the Xsetup config file :) making progress13:08
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Which version of Kubuntu is this?13:08
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: file is no longer Read-Only13:08
BluesKajdthacker, not sure , I haven't checked the versions yet13:08
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: its Backtrack 5r113:08
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: KDE413:08
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Open konsole press help > About KDE13:09
dthackerBluesKaj: ok,  I'm going to uninstall/reinstall and check versions.   Back in a few....13:09
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: ver 4.5.313:09
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: This is precisely why I dislike people using backtrack and comming to Ubuntu support ... that release is very old .. it has a bug that causes this ... has been fixed not in Kubuntu but you use backtrack13:10
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: understood13:10
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i can feel that.13:10
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: anyways appending the line "xrandr --output DVI-1 --auto --right-of DVI-0" in the xsetup file will fix it13:10
humehi... I'm running ubuntu 11.04 on a brand new Samsung 9-series. In gome, it connects nicely to the wifi network, but in kubuntu it does not connect. any ideas on this? what to do/check?13:10
BluesKajdthacker, I checked synaptic and version number is , same as the ppa13:11
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: alright, in this file xRandR settings are saved, I assume using the # before the command?13:11
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Anyways I advice you to go to Kubuntu Oneric when it comes out on the 17th ... that comes with KDE 4.7.2 which is years ahead in bug fixes and features13:11
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: no #13:11
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: thanks alot :]13:12
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: any idea on the  OpenGL packages, since we have the same gpu?13:12
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i just didn't know about Kesu,thats why  ;)13:12
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: thanks again.13:12
Carnage__GirlyGirl: Any ideas with respect to my problem of the grey screen after logging in? My .xsession-errors is not really helpful http://pastebin.com/yC1SsDvn Though I wonder why something related to openbox is in there...13:12
GirlyGirlCarnage__: You have openbox?13:13
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Is it working now?13:13
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i'm working on the commands atm13:13
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: am going to define both monitors statically the file13:13
Carnage__GirlyGirl: I use KDE, but I have openbox installed to use it for a separate xserver on my TV13:14
Carnage__And this setup used to work without any problems, until this morning...13:14
GirlyGirlCarnage__: Try a simple "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"13:14
Carnage__Ok, will do, brb :)13:14
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: As to why anyone would still use KDE 4.5.3 I have no clue ... Clearly backtrack cannot keep up with maintaining packages13:16
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: and when it comes to updating KDE?13:16
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: this is a fresh install, i will run the standard update packages, nm13:17
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: there are loads of update packages to be installed13:17
dthackerlooks like I'm trying to grab a version 10 update and failing.... http://paste.ubuntu.com/704431/13:18
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: KDE will still remain "back" in "backtrack"13:18
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: otherwise, about the Xsetup doc, the commands themselves on a new line, are there any delimeters ; or , etc?13:19
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: new line13:19
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: GirlyGirl which version of kubuntu are you using?13:20
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: KDE also13:20
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Depends where on one system Natt 11.04 on another Oneric Beta 213:20
Carnage\GirlyGirl: Got it back working :)13:20
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: 4.71 and 4.7.213:20
Carnage\For whatever weird reason, x-window-manager got configured to openbox13:21
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: 4.5X is like 2 years back13:21
Carnage\by the update...13:21
no||shutdownGirlyGirl:  4.7.2 should be available on apt-get ?13:21
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: No not yet on oneirc only it isn't there yet I compiled it13:21
Carnage\As it seems, kde-window-manager does not set the alternative properly on post-install...13:21
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i will fix this boot file and take a good look at the various components, I know your probably wondering why i'm using backtrack? there is a valid point ;)13:21
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i'm well aware there higher grade versions available, i should be able to cross install/compile this13:22
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no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i should be able to improve all of this, or are their limitations in your knowledge?13:22
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Old components of backtrack will give you are hard time with dependancies13:23
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: have noticed.13:23
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Besides the current Intel video driver on backtrack will not work well with 4.7X13:24
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Why do you use it anyway13:24
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: *sigh* because its all the rage13:24
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: actually, i have some work related projects requiring the aircrack program set13:24
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: You can install that on Kubuntu as well13:25
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i was running all this on a vm, but i decided to install the OS, because of performance issues13:25
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: well aware of that13:25
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: so when it comes to my video card, and dual core intel cpu's, which version would you recommend for a clean install?13:25
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: If backtrack wanted to do something sensible they should have just made a ppa with a meta package that modifes ubuntu13:26
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: i don't mind booting a different version, the point is to get the the best performance out of my laptop!13:26
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: wait for oneric13:26
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: nothing sensible about this OS, childish more like :P13:26
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: this nonsense needs to be ready by monday.13:26
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: :)13:26
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: or install 11.04 and put kde 4.7.1 will fix graphic issue in 4.6X http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.7.113:27
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: ill take a look13:28
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: thanks :)13:28
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: No problem13:28
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: brb, going to verify this Xsetup config13:28
no||shutdownGirlyGirl: nope :]13:31
no||shutdownanyway lets take a look at a reasonable install13:32
shallwehi guys14:05
shallwesomeone are using kubuntu 11.10 version netbook ?14:05
shallweim lost on this version hahaha,  i cant find the main menu for installed programs :(14:06
BluesKajshallwe, ask in#ubuntu+114:06
shallweBluesKaj: ty :D14:06
BluesKajerr #ubuntu+114:07
OerHeksi guess there is no netbook version anymore ..14:08
BluesKajyeah, I wasn't sure ...i think there's netbook login option14:09
BluesKajOerHeks, , but don't quote me :)14:09
shallweyes theres a version for netbok14:09
shallweim using :D i guess o.O14:10
shallwecuz theres only 1 bar now on top14:10
shallwelike unity14:10
dthackerOk,  grandchild duty is done for awhile.14:10
dthackerBluesKaj:  you said current version of flash is 11.01.29.   Even after apt-get update, I'm attemptiing to download 10.3.183.   How can I correct that?14:11
BluesKajdthacker, sorry I forgot to mention I'm using the 11.10 Oneiric ppa14:16
BluesKaj"yours may be bifferent"14:16
BluesKajerr different14:16
dthackerBluesKaj: oops :)   I don't think I want to upgrade today....14:17
dthackerI was going to wait for the official release...14:17
BluesKajyeah, that's on thurs14:17
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
mr-richCan someone tell me why (k)ubuntu has not updated LibreOffice to 3.4.3?14:42
darthanubismr-rich: your just using the wrong version. Kubuntu has14:51
darthanubisKubuntu Beta2 that is;)14:52
mr-richdarthanubis: I'm using Kubuntu 11.0414:52
mr-rich11.10 is due out soon ...14:52
darthanubisI said Beta2 my friend14:52
darthanubisthis month14:52
darthanubisI using it now, love it!14:53
darthanubisand I checked for you, yeah LO 3.4314:53
darthanubisI did a clean install btw14:54
darthanubisI never upgrade to beta, I used to, but stopped.14:54
darthanubisUprgading to final is alright I supposed14:55
=== insegnante is now known as markit
mr-richdarthanubis: Kubuntu is my main OS ... I have everything on here. Clean installs would mean loosing everything or spending countless hours recovering from backups. I'll wait and "upgrade" to 11.10 when it's out ...15:04
mr-richI use Windows as little as possable ...15:04
mr-richI used to use Fedora, but upgrades would often break stuff since it was bleeding edge. (k)ubuntu is a a lot more stable and upgrades are smooth(er) ...15:06
darthanubisI never lose anything and it never takes hours to do such a thing, since I have seperate drives and partiitions for my work. /home stays put the only thing that gets formatted is / and /boot.15:07
darthanubisPlan your drives and partitions for such things as early upgrades in the future15:08
darthanubisor you can always add a PPA to get the latest software which is great about Ubuntus15:08
darthanubismr-rich: you get that link?15:22
mr-richYes ... thank you.15:22
kaddihi, could someone take a look at dmesg output on a external hard drive and let me know if i'm looking at a failing hard drive or not?15:26
kaddithat's what I get when I connect the drive (without trying to mount it): http://pastebin.com/eStPFnaM Mounting fails15:27
darthanubiskaddi: nothing but fail there15:28
kaddifail as in hardware fail or corrupt patrition table or other?15:29
darthanubisthe partition has not even mounted yet, so I'd go with H/W fail15:29
kaddiyou know of a tool to confirm/test for that? (with ubuntu)15:30
darthanubiscan't test what aint connected15:30
darthanubisyou are looking at your test results15:30
kaddiit is connected, it's just not mounted15:30
kaddiubuntu recognized the drive just fine, also sees the partition on it, just not mounting it15:31
darthanubisit is not "connected" as far as the system is concerned15:31
kaddithe system is seeing the drive15:31
darthanubisbut no data can be read15:31
darthanubisor written15:31
darthanubisa drive that cannot read or write is no longer a working drive15:31
kaddiyes, but I want to find out if that is because it's not partitioned correctly or if it is due to a hardware issue15:32
darthanubisif you do get it do function again, it won't be long before it completely crashes15:32
kaddian unpartitionned drive can not be read or written to eiter15:32
darthanubishas nothing to do with the partition15:32
BluesKajkaddi, then try this  :  mount -o remount,rw /path/to/drive15:32
darthanubisan unpartitioned drive alaso does not give buffer i/o errors either15:33
kaddiit mounted15:34
kaddibacking up now... :)15:40
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BarkingFishHi guys.  I've asked this in #kde and #solid, neither seem to know, so I'll bring it here and see if someone can help me out.15:51
BarkingFishI have network manager running, I have a brilliant wifi signal, and obviously I'm connected to the net :)  But network manager's graph which shows me incoming and outgoing signal is totally flatlined.  It's literally showing no traffic whatsoever.15:52
BarkingFishKDE 4.7.1, Kubuntu 11.04, and my Wifi is on a USB stick (AR5523, Siemens Gigaset USB 108, over ndiswrapper)15:52
BarkingFishAnyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?  It worked perfectly prior to a kernel change from 2.6.38-11-generic, to the pae version of the same kernel15:54
OerHeksBarkingFish, did you try a speedtest ?15:56
OerHeksjust using IRC would give not much datatraffic15:56
BarkingFishI'm not just using IRC, OerHeks15:57
BarkingFishI have firefox open too, and I'm surfing some high intensity websites, a lot of flash, streaming video and so on15:57
BarkingFishNM is still flatlined15:57
utusan.j #kubuntu-devel16:13
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=== mach is now known as cod3name47
BarkingFishhi cod3name47 :)16:33
cod3name47whats up?16:33
gedOGuys, I have problem with Skype16:42
gedOSkype always starts up whene I log in16:42
gedOhow to disable that?16:42
gedOGuys, how to disable skype from starting up at log in??16:45
=== claydoh is now known as claydroid
yofelgedO: Either check systemsettings -> Startup and shutdown if it's in autostart, or if it isn't then make sure it's not running at logout17:04
[Raiden]kde 4.7.2 fall into release?17:59
OerHeksyes, as an update, i read17:59
avihaygedO: I think you need to logout and select settings from the login screen18:12
n8wdoes any of u have been experiencing cpu freq lock(800Mhz in my case) in 11.04?18:26
BarkingFish!info network manager natty18:34
ubottu'manager' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable18:34
BarkingFish!info network-manager natty18:34
ubottunetwork-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.4~git.20110319t175609.d14809b-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 438 kB, installed size 1472 kB18:35
wolfromsso im running kubuntu and for some reason icant get sound out of my headphoines/speakers. i had sound when i had my tv hooked up via hdmi18:35
BarkingFish!info network-manager natty-proposed18:36
ubottuPackage network-manager does not exist in natty-proposed18:36
n8wdoes any of u have been experiencing cpu freq lock(800Mhz in my case) in 11.04?18:40
GirlyGirln8w: no, is this a laptop?18:44
n8wGirlyGirl:  ye...18:44
GirlyGirln8w: Install "powertop" and run that in terminal18:44
GirlyGirln8w: See what output it gives18:45
n8wGirlyGirl:  it feels like it doesnt know that it bein powered ...18:45
=== patrick is now known as Guest62494
n8wGirlyGirl:  ye ive got the output...what do u wanna know?:)) i mean yes it shows 3 freqs avaiable,but its bein locked on the lowest one18:48
GirlyGirln8w: What CPU is this18:49
n8wGirlyGirl:  c2d 2ghz18:50
n8wGirlyGirl:  when i start the system it works just fine,but after some time it locks on 800mhz18:51
n8wGirlyGirl:  http://pastebin.com/JvpqaarZ18:52
=== alper is now known as BadJoke
GirlyGirln8w: Do you find any bottleneck performance wise?18:54
n8wGirlyGirl:  r u kiddin me?18:55
n8wGirlyGirl:  fcourse i do...its a big difference rtunnin it on 2ghz n 800mhz18:56
GirlyGirln8w: Is your power profile on performance18:57
n8wGirlyGirl:  the thing is that it doesnt kick up when no power avaiable..it keeps runin on 800..normally it would kick up,18:57
n8wGirlyGirl:  ye...these things were the first ones ive checked out18:57
GirlyGirln8w: If you disable speedstep in bios, it should stay on 2Ghz permanently19:00
n8wGirlyGirl:  ye well, so whats up the on demand?:)19:00
n8wGirlyGirl:  the on demand could work in 9.4+ so why not now?19:01
GirlyGirln8w: no idea ... file a bug report mentioning your cpu model etc19:03
GirlyGirln8w: or wait for 11.10 and see if it works19:03
n8wGirlyGirl:  ye lets see...thx for help19:05
GirlyGirln8w: no problem19:07
draqsterhi all19:58
draqsterafter "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade" on my Kubuntu machine, I seem to have Ubuntu! Any ideas how that could happen?19:58
well_laid_lawndraqster: are you using a ppa for kde?20:00
well_laid_lawnthat's the first thing that comes to mind20:00
well_laid_lawndoesn't dpkg keep a log? you could check in there for what happened20:02
draqsterok, I checked again and there where indeed PPA packages20:15
draqsterI removed the corresponding lines. But now, how can I roll back to the official kde versions?20:15
draqsterI.e. how can I say "for each installed program that was taken from the PPA repo, uninstall it and install the official package"?20:16
GirlyGirldraqster: ppapurge and reinstall?20:18
GirlyGirldraqster: And its difficult because somethimes names change20:19
draqsterI tried that on kde-workspace,  but aptitude didn't automatically purge all the related packages. So do I now have to go through all package and check the Version whether it is ppa?20:19
[Raiden]draqster: try ppapurge20:21
[Raiden]and reinstall kubuntu-desktop20:22
draqsterwhere do I find that program?20:22
[Raiden]apt-cache search ppapurge20:22
draqstertried already, didn't find anything20:22
draqsterfunny: kubuntu-desktop isn't even installed right now.20:24
draqsterinstalling kubuntu-desktop gives me KDE 4.6.5 - is that the latest official?20:25
draqstersolved that one: everything works now20:29
draqsterThat brings me to my second problem :-)20:29
draqsterI installed 11.04 on my wife's laptop. Everything went fine, except that when she logs in I see the loading animation and then we are again at the login screen.20:30
draqsterThat is with Kubuntu 11.04. I tried Ubuntu 11.04, which lets her logging in.20:30
draqsterPrevious versions of Kubuntu worked just fine.20:31
[Raiden]wait until 11.10 :)20:33
draqsterI told her :-) but she dosn't want to wait. And she specifically disliked Ubuntu20:33
ricky1966hi everybody, i've migration to kubuntu 11.10 beta2, but i've a problem with the migration to kmail2, abybody can help me, i can't go on, and a window said me to try kmail --migration and something else, nut i don't wrote it and i don't remembre what i've to write to try  to solve the prblem20:37
Daskreechricky1966: you can try kmail --help20:42
ricky1966try it, but nothing about migration....20:43
=== wr is now known as draqster
phiscribei know not to ask if its ok to ask, so im warning...i got 5 machines with kubuntu and i am pulling my hair out....i feel the need to summon a yoda of kubuntu20:55
phiscribeso...i want a configuration with maybe roaming profiles like active directory or a way to sync profiles...ill have a windows logon in the mix everyonce and while....maybe some way to store users directories in a single place....but i am on a budget an the $ is running out....what suggestions do you fine peole have?  i am looking and samba, nfs, puppet...i would like some kinda groupware....i think just a push would help20:58
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
phiscribethese machines have a bit of age....20:59
phiscribealright how about this, the printer applet lists current print jobs and can show completed ones....the User and Document colums show 'Unknown'  and the Printer column is blank, I would realy like to see the document name in the list, any ideas?21:11
avihayphiscribe: my school does it, so it's definitely possible21:11
phiscribeah avihay, yes possible i belive, just how possbile for my fumbling and how timely hehe21:12
avihaywell, since they don't copy my home directory every-time like wingdows, I guess they have a script that mounts your home folder on logon21:13
phiscribei think the printer applet is an ibus screw up21:13
phiscribeprobably fstab and and a network file share, i know the top level ideas....sorta, but not so good on implementation, i guess i jsut need to think some more, i like to chat just to solidify my thoughts, thanks for sounding back21:14
avihayI'm curious aswell21:14
phiscribefrom what i read, samba can, (in addtion to being a bridge to windows shares) be a windows active directory, this would give me roaming profiles, but i am not sure if a ldap server would do the same, be better and work in win and lin21:15
phiscribewhat i dont want is what Windows does, make 4-10 gigabyte proviles that have to load on the network each time you boot21:16
phiscribeprofiles that is21:16
phiscribei need a linux yoda21:17
phiscribeyoda are you being entering the room?21:18
phiscribewhere in kubuntu might i tweak the ibus settings21:22
tomas__I keep getting this error when running sudo apt-get install: "gzip: stdout: No space left on device" even though there's 40GB+ left on the drive21:48
chertomas__: Can you create a bunch of small files on the drive?21:50
chertomas__: Maybe the fs ran out of inodes.21:50
tomas__Example command? I can create new blank text files in Dolphin and save files from Firefox21:52
cherHmm. What partitions do you have for linux? (i.e. output of df command in a pastebin)21:53
tomas__Ah, boot partition is 100% used.... why?21:55
Githzeraitomas__: it's too small21:55
Githzeraikernel images are there21:56
tomas__How buig should it be?21:56
tomas__It was fine under Gentoo21:56
Githzeraidepends on how many kernels do you keep21:56
tomas__I just migrated with a complete reformat so I should only have one21:57
Githzeraitomas__: then you should check what remains there21:57
cherYep, maybe there's an old kernel lying around which you no longer need.21:58
[Raiden]du -h /var/cache/apt/archives21:58
skreech_tomas__: try sudo apt-get clean21:58
tomas__skreech_:  did that.21:58
skreech_tomas__: didn't clear up any space?21:59
tomas__Unfortunately no21:59
Githzeraihe doesn0t have separate /var partition so there is enough free space21:59
chertomas__: On kubuntu 35 mb are enough for /boot for 1 kernel. However, if you install a new kernel, the old kernels still are there. Look at /boot and maybe delete old files. However, be careful.21:59
tomas__Well, I'm currently in and it seems like it wants to upgrade me to I should be OK to delete the files no?22:02
cherToday I've changed my system from single monitor (1920x1200) to dual monitor (screen 1: 1280x1024, screen 2: 1920x1200). Now the task bar seems to have width 1920 but as screen 1 is 1280 parts of the task bar are not visible. How could I fix that?22:02
[Raiden]a separate section under boot only creates unnecessary problems22:03
tomas__[Raiden]:  What exactly do you mean?22:04
cherOh, and how can I stop nepomuk from starting when I log in? I couldn't find it in Autostart, .profile or .bashrc. (I hate nepomuk, and I don't know why anyone would want to use it.)22:05
dieterd_Hi, what's wrong with initrd.img created by update from 10.04.2 to 10.04.3. Since then I have grub error 18. Any ideas for repair?  Grub repair and reinstall can't solve this.22:05
Lithos84cher: System Settings -> Desktop Search22:06
Githzeraicher: just nepomuk or nepomuk+akonsdi alltogether?22:06
cherWhat is akonsdi?22:06
[Raiden]tomas__: a separate section to boot just doesn't make sense to do if no exotic file systems  - google tranlator, my english is bad22:06
GithzeraiTHats Akonadi, sry22:06
cherOkay, then what's akonadi?22:07
tomas__[Raiden]:  Interesting. That's always what I learned to do, coming from the world of Gentoo22:07
tomas__But then they like things to be complicated.22:07
dieterd_changed to xubuntu22:07
Githzeraicher: http://community.kde.org/KDE_PIM/Akonadi22:07
Githzeraicher: if you don't know what it is, you probably don't need it, Unless you use KDEPIM (kmail and stuff)22:08
[Raiden]tomas__: as they explain the need for?22:08
tomas__No, just the way they said to do it.22:09
[Raiden]tomas__: I did a separate section only 1 time watched reiserfs4. In all other cases not useful22:11
tomas__[Raiden]: Thanks. Good to know22:12
[Raiden]may be still need to encrypt the root fs...22:13
[Raiden]I hope you understand me, I enjoyed the electronic translator :)22:15
tomas__Gonna try resizing the partitions, brb22:17
tomas__Holla! That worked. You guys are geniuses!22:19
g0rstomas__: was your installation succesful?22:23
tomas__Yes, KPackage kit can now read it's history, etc. which was the initial problem. Except now, I have to start it in a terminal with sudo, or it complains about improper authorization (without giving me a chance in-program to authenticate)22:25
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tomas__Ok, next on the list, I have no sound from Adobe Flash, but all other sound apps (MPlayer, Amarok, etc.) work fine.23:04
Githzeraitomas__: flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound23:06
tomas__Githzerai: Where do I get that>23:08
Githzerairepoes :)23:08
Githzeraiit's in multiverse23:08
tomas__Ok, I;m new to Ubuntu/Debian... apt-get and KPackageKit don't find it.23:09
Githzeraitomas__: 11.04?23:09
Githzeraitomas__: go to software sources and enable multiverse repository23:10
Githzeraisudo software-properties-kde23:12
tomas__It's enabled... I think... deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty multiverse is checked23:12
Githzeraihm, thats wierd23:12
tomas__It's enabled under software-properties-kde23:12
Githzeraishows that there is a flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound package in multiverse23:13
GithzeraiHave you updated package list?23:13
tomas__How do I do that exactly?23:14
Githzeraifastest way: sudo apt-get update23:14
Githzeraiand: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound23:15
tomas__Same thing23:15
Githzerai hm, wtf??23:16
GithzeraiIt exists in your mirror :/23:17
g0rsGithzerai: what is extra sound for? i installed the norma adobe-non-free plugin23:17
Githzerai Is there a '#' in fornt of deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty multiverse?23:17
well_laid_lawn!info flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound23:17
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree-extrasound (source: flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound): Adobe Flash Player platform support library for Esound and OSS. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.0.svn2431-3 (natty), package size 7 kB, installed size 64 kB (Only available for i386)23:17
Githzeraig0rs: it enables flash to use pulseaudio23:18
toyowheelinwoah you can do that?23:18
g0rsGithzerai: can we disable pulseaudio and use oss or ALSA?23:18
Githzeraig0rs: yes we can, but why? :)23:18
g0rsGithzerai: what is the big deal about pulse audio anyway?23:19
g0rsGithzerai: why have they changed alsa or oss with pulse audio?23:19
toyowheelinthe description for extrasound says it is for esound and oss23:19
Githzeraig0rs: check PA wiki, too long for IRC23:20
g0rsGithzerai: will do23:20
cherWhy disable pulseaudio? Because it sucks, that's why.23:20
cherWith alsa I had full control of my sound card. Now with pulse audio I cannot even change the volume on left separately from right.23:21
Githzeraitoyowheelin: PA is a successor too Esound, so Flash uses Esound code to output to PA23:21
g0rscher: exactly. it seemed like lot of features of a sound card are not enabled or visible by default23:21
toyowheelinGithzerai: oh I see23:22
cherYes, and it's difficult to enable them, maybe even impossible. I've tried for 10 minutes or so and failed. I just can't find out how to gain control over my sound card again.23:22
GithzeraiI had nos such problems with PA23:22
g0rscher: I wanted to disable PA and switch back to ALSA or OSS23:22
cherI just don't know how to disable pulse audio.23:24
Torchcher: uninstall it.23:24
Githzeraicher: cant you just uninstall it?23:24
toyowheelincher: in the mixer just right click the playback device and hit split channels23:24
chertoyowheelin: Okay, thanks! Now the next thing I'd like to know is how I control the headphone separately.23:25
cherAnd how to enable bass boost and such stuff.23:26
toyowheelinhmm not sure about bass boost23:26
Githzeraicher: for bass boost you need an eqalizer23:26
cherAn equalizer? Erm no, it's just a flag of my sound card, and it used to be accessible in Alsa.23:27
toyowheelinwell if its built into the card you can simply open alsamixer in a terminal and turn it on but thats not a very clean solution23:27
Githzeraiis it still accesible?23:27
well_laid_lawntry   alsamixer -c 023:28
Githzeraisee. PA is a server that runs on top of ALSA23:28
cherWell, alsamixer on a terminal doesn't work properly as long as pulse audio is running.23:28
Githzeraicher hint : F623:28
toyowheelincher: the selection of bass boost should23:28
toyowheelinjust the volume controls will be overridden23:28
toyowheelincher: http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/PulseAudioStoleMyVolumes23:29
toyowheelincheck that out also23:30
toyowheelinmay be helpful in getting PA under control23:30
Githzeraitoyowheelin: it basically sums to F6 :)23:30
cherI'll just uninstall this pulseaudio crap. It sucks.23:31
Githzeraithat's your choice... and opinion ;)23:31
cherThat I cannot change the volume of my headphones independently of the speakers is not an opinion, it's a fact.23:32
cherAnd that pulseaudio hides sound card features instead of making them accessible also is not an opinion but a fact.23:33
toyowheelinyeah its kinda annoying23:33
g0rscher: alsamixer is accessible on terminal23:33
toyowheeling0rs: almost all settings in alsamixer get overridden by pulse23:34
cherYes, and what's the point in that if pulseaudio took control of volume control? Even in alsamixer I nolonger can change the headphone volume independently :(23:34
Githzeraicher: well, I wouldn't argue on how you use it, but I for one don't have much use of all that options in my face all the time23:34
g0rstoyowheelin: i could increase or decrease volume with alsamixer and the effects are immediate23:34
GithzeraiI set it up once and thats about it23:34
cherI change the volume of my headphones regularly, not just once.23:35
cherAt least I'd like to.23:35
toyowheeling0rs: yes then change the pulse volume and anything you changed will be reset23:35
g0rstoyowheelin: its better to disable PA.23:35
toyowheelinyeah its not really a big deal for me but I can see how others might be pretty frustrated with PA23:37
GithzeraiWhat about bluetooth headphones?23:37
toyowheelinwhat about them23:37
GithzeraiWell, never managet to get zhem to work with ALSA23:38
Githzeraisry for typos23:38
toyowheelinnever tried it23:38
GithzeraiAlso, there is Veromix plasmoid23:38
Githzeraiwhich is similar to Pavucontrol in Gnome23:39
toyowheelinhmm I will have to try it23:41
Githzeraitoyowheelin: music streaming from your smartphone to your PC via bluetooth is a lot of fun :)23:43
toyowheelinhow do you do that23:43
toyowheelinsuppose your phone has to support it23:43
GithzeraiPulseaudio :)23:44
GithzeraiIt's a server, so you just set your phone to use it as a sound output.23:44
GithzeraiSetting up the phone is a bit tricky23:45
toyowheelinyeah figured it would be23:45
Githzeraibut linux on N900 is just the same as any :)23:45
GithzeraiI'm just waiting for bluetooth tethering in Bledevil+Plasma NetworkManagement, so that I can say that KDE has everything I want....23:48

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