* achiang wonders if poolie is around01:23
achiangor anyone that knows the launchpad api, really...01:24
achiangdoing some hydrazine hacking and wondering why i can't convince the 'status' command to do what i think it should01:26
achiangresults in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/704269/01:27
achiangmaybe wgrant might know?01:28
wgrantachiang: You're authenticated as a user that can see that bug?01:30
achiangwgrant: yes01:30
achiangwgrant: i can do other things, like set tags on it, etc. (via hydrazine)01:30
wgrantachiang: Can you print repr(t.target) and repr(self.pillar) instead of just t.target and self.pillar?01:31
wgrantI wonder if the types differ.01:32
achiangone sec01:32
achiangwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/704271/01:33
achiangwgrant: the output on line 2 is another debug print in there, i said, "print t"01:33
wgrantachiang: You may have to change hydrazine to compare the self_link attribute of the objects.01:34
achiangwgrant: let me play with that01:34
achiangi think hydrazine might not get lots of use?01:35
achiangseems like this would have been discovered long ago01:35
wgrantPossibly not that bit of it.01:35
achiangdo you know anyone who *does* use it actively?01:36
achiangi'm adding a major bit of functionality (batch processing) and would like to get UI feedback01:36
achiangcomparing self_link works as expected, thanks01:37
wgrantNot sure, sorry.01:38
poolieachiang, hi, i am01:38
achiangpoolie: i got squared away by wgrant, but if you want to read a few lines of scrollback, maybe you have additional insight?01:39
poolieistr something about object identity changed in lplib and i think hydrazine has not been updated01:40
poolieis this on oneiric?01:40
achiangpoolie: indeed, it is oneiric01:41
poolieachiang, i do use this a bit01:42
pooliesince i got dkim signed mail landed i use it a bit less01:42
achiangpoolie: would this be a valid patch? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/704274/01:42
pooliethe blocking roundtrips are a bit annoying01:43
pooliei think so01:43
achiangpoolie: ok, i'll go with it01:43
achiangpoolie: i've spent a few days trying to add sensible batch processing to hydrazine01:43
achiangpoolie: with that last bit up there, i think it mostly works now01:44
pooliethat's great!01:44
pooliehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpadlib/+bug/264098 is one of the things i was thinking of01:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 264098 in launchpadlib "launchpadlib should implement __eq__ and __ne__" [High,Fix released]01:44
poolieit compares the entire local proxy object state01:44
poolieso it will match or mismatch depending on the state of the local cache, i think01:45
pooliewhich is probably not what you want01:45
achiangah, no01:45
poolieperhaps it didn't change01:45
poolieoh, not the whole state, just the etag and dirty attribute01:45
poolieyes that looks like a good patch01:46
pooliecongratulations, you have commit access :) please put it in01:47
achiangpoolie: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/704279/01:48
achiangpoolie: that's a sample session of what i've been working on01:48
achiangpoolie: actually, read this one first: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/704280/01:49
poolieoh that's great01:50
pooliei have been doing some lp client hacking towards using text clustering to find dupes01:50
poolienothing actually useful yet, but it may work01:50
achiangpoolie: our use case is, we have a project that is driving towards a milestone... devs mark bugs as 'fixcommitted' as we go. QA and project managers sign off on release, and we release the project to the customer01:51
achiangpoolie: now, we want to set say, 60 bugs to fixreleased01:51
pooliethere is already a script somewhere that does this specific thing, i think01:52
achiangpoolie: so, the idea is you filter on milestone01:52
pooliethough i would be very happy to see it in hydrazine, which would make it more generally useful01:52
achiangand status fixcommitted01:52
achiangthen you batch status fixreleased01:52
achiangand life is good!01:52
pooliei'd like to see lp eventually unify those statuses and just show the bug as "fixed in milestone X, which is now released"01:53
achiangpoolie: OEM had a horribly ugly hack of hydrazine that did this, but ugly syntax01:53
pooliebut it takes some work to be sure that will be ok for everyone01:53
pooliethat's great01:53
achiangso i've been generalizing it01:53
achiang(it had an ugly implementation too)01:53
pooliei really hope this can be a nucleus for generally useful clients, rather than everyone writing one-offs01:53
poolieok, i've got to go out01:54
achiangok, cool01:54
achianglook for a MP next week01:54
pooliesure, thanks01:54
achiangthanks for the help (and wgrant!)01:55
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