aberhowso what are pre-release images?00:10
rwwaberhow: what do you mean?00:11
bazhangaberhow, no RC dl's00:11
aberhowrww: on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule , it has under Oct 6, pre-release images.00:12
rwwaberhow: oh, those. See http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/00:14
rwwaberhow: they're just tagged daily ISOs, though00:15
aberhowcool, thanks rww00:25
petersonHey guys!00:39
petersonI'm having a weird problem with how Ubuntu looks00:39
petersonspartan gtk theme, can't set icon themes00:39
petersonhaving a hard00:40
petersonhard time*00:40
petersoncan anyone help me out? =)00:40
petersonguys, can anybody help out?00:46
petersonI mean, I choose Ambiance again in the appearance settings and nothing changes... I go to dconf-editor, set the iconset again and nothing happens...00:47
robin0800peterson, try gnome-tweak-tool00:49
petersonhehe, funny, just removed gnome-shell as I was trying to figure out if it was the problem. I'll have to install it again to try it out =P00:50
petersonthanks, robin0800! =D00:50
petersonfunny thing00:51
petersonas I fumbled in gnome-tweak-tool00:51
petersonI changed the settings to what I wanted (even thought they were those already)00:52
petersonand then... Core dump! =)00:52
petersonis there a package that reverts the changes?00:52
petersonlike a kubuntu-default-settings, but for ubuntu? couldn't find it with apt-cache00:53
robin0800peterson, use gnome-tweak-tool and just set defaults00:54
petersonok, set them. Nothing changed, but I'll log out and back in again to see what happens00:55
petersonthere was no such option as "set everything to default", but I set them individually to defaults, which were always Adwaita00:59
petersonaaaand it's the same =/00:59
petersonshould I --reinstall unity?01:01
robin0800peterson, that is the gnome default ubuntu default is either ambiance or radiance01:01
petersonwindow border changes as fast as I choose it01:02
petersonbut gtk theme / icons don't01:02
peterson(I've chosen ambiance now)01:03
robin0800peterson, the icons are ubuntu mono light and ubuntu mono dark01:04
petersonyeah, I've chosen ubuntu mono dark01:04
SetiAmonso anyone running 11.10 beta?01:04
SetiAmonhow does 11.10 run compared to 11.04?01:04
robin0800peterson, the icons might need a log off and log on to appear01:05
petersonSetiAmon I like it so far =) pretty pretty good01:05
dorki've been using it for a few weeks now01:05
dorkthere's an annoying bug that makes my workstation do some sort of acpi suspend thing that is apparently a known bug01:05
dorkyet it still exists with the RC01:06
petersonrobin0800, ok I'll log off/on01:06
SetiAmondork well i imagine it will be fixed by 13th01:06
dorkother than that oneiric is great once you remove unity and install gnome301:06
dorkSetiAmon: i wouldn't hold my breath on it01:07
SetiAmonI thought gnome3 came preinstalled?01:07
robin0800dork thats just been fixed its in screen set it to never01:07
SetiAmonor is it just a supported desktop enviroment package?01:08
petersonrobin0800 didn't work =/01:08
SetiAmonbecause when i installed gnome 3 on 11.04 My system crashed completly,unrestorable,had to do a fresh install01:08
dorkrobin0800: as in screensaver or in the power settings?01:08
dorkSetiAmon: gnome3 was unstable at that time, have had no issues with it on oneiric01:09
dorkalso use gnome3 w/ fedora and it is good.01:09
petersonSetiAmon yeah, I have it installed alongside. But I don't like it01:09
SetiAmonwhats wrong with unity?just your openion because i went back to ubuntu classic when I isntalled 11.04 because it was slow and cumbersome01:09
robin0800dork neither the screen as I said look in system settings its a monitor with a padlock on the screen01:10
dorkrobin0800: ah ok will do01:10
dorkSetiAmon: personal preference, shared among a lot of people though01:11
dorkwhatever that is worth01:11
petersonrobin0800 Is there anything else I could do?01:12
robin0800peterson, what's the problem now?01:13
petersonrobin0800 well, the same as before --- The measures didn't work.01:14
robin0800peterson, is it just the icons?01:15
petersonrobin0800, no, gtk theme is awful too.01:16
petersonrobin0800 have a look http://imgur.com/f3N0p01:17
petersonrobin0800 it's like dconf and tweak tool are indifferent to what I choose there.01:17
robin0800peterson, where did you put this theme and is it for gtk3 or is it an old gtk2 theme the latter won't work01:20
petersonrobin0800 man, this theme being used now, I have no idea where it came from. Plus, I just want to use default Ambiance01:21
petersonrobin0800 the only deviance would be Faenza, which I added from its Oneiric PPA01:21
robin0800peterson, faenza the icon theme?01:22
petersonrobin0800 precisely01:23
petersonrobin0800 so the thing is, in tweak tool I've chosen ubuntu mono dark and ambiance. this gtk theme isn't ambiance, neither is this iconset ubuntu mono dark...01:23
petersonrobin0800 I mean I chose ubuntu mono dark like you asked me too earlier on...01:24
petersonrobin0800 me to*01:24
robin0800peterson, on mine as I change them in gnome-tweak-tool they change instantly01:26
petersonrobin0800 yes, that's what's weird01:27
petersonrobin0800 here nothing I do changes anything01:27
petersonrobin0800 this all started pretty worse, actually. Unity wouldn't even load as I logged in. So I got around to launching ccsm and I saw Unity plugin was deactivated. I don't know why, I hadn't done that. So I activated it again and got Unity back. On the other hand, I just can't get it back to what it was before (gtk theme and iconset)01:28
petersonrobin0800 should I file a bug?01:29
robin0800peterson, is compiz crashing?01:30
petersonrobin0800 not really. It just all of a sudden stopped loading the unity plugin when I logged in.01:31
robin0800peterson, I am not sure someone may know if unity plug in is disabled can compiz and therefore unity still run01:33
petersonrobin0800 yeah, I know, it can't01:34
petersonit won't run if it's disabled01:34
petersonI didn't disable it01:34
petersonrobin0800 the system did it by itself, I don't know, maybe an update01:35
petersonrobin0800 now it's enabled again, because I enabled it01:35
robin0800peterson, set up a new user see if that works01:37
petersonrobin0800 great! I'll try it01:37
peterson_oh sweet goddess01:43
peterson_new user is perfect01:43
peterson_robin0800 what config folders do I need to copy from new user's home dir so I can restore things 'round here?01:44
robin0800peterson_, I think its just the home directory mostly the hidden files01:46
robin0800peterson_, I would delete files not just copy01:47
peterson_robin0800 hmmm01:47
peterson_robin0800 yeah but some refer to app configuration, such as firefox, etc01:47
peterson_robin0800 for example, .compiz, .gvfs might be good ones01:47
robin0800peterson_, If they are not in the new user home don't delete them in your home01:48
peterson_robin0800 and there we have a rule of thumb! =D01:49
peterson_robin0800 thanks a lot, sir! I'll start the process! =]01:49
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mikedep333-serenhi, I'm not an expert on debugging or apport02:00
mikedep333-serenhere's the bug report I'm contributing to02:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 854231 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "gnome-control-center crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash()" [Medium,Confirmed]02:00
mikedep333-serenwhen I try using apport-bug on the stacktrace file, I get an error02:01
mikedep333-serenis there a separate apport trace somewhere on my system?02:01
mikedep333-serenor some sort of apport file02:01
mikedep333-serennm, I found it under /var/crash02:05
robin0800mikedep333-seren, think that may be an old bug are you up to date with updates?02:05
mikedep333-serenrobin0800, yes02:06
mikedep333-serenI am a compulsive updater02:06
robin0800mikedep333-seren, how olds the bug report?02:07
mikedep333-serenrobin0800, the guy submitted it on sept 19th02:08
robin0800mikedep333-seren, not seen any comment in here about it and not seen it on my two systems can't really say much more02:13
atari2600ais anyone else having trouble connecting to AIM?02:30
atari2600aempathy just won't connect to it...02:31
TyphAnyone have an issue with middle click not registering unless done really quickly?02:56
mhall119ok, just upgraded to Oneiric, how the heck to I change the font sizes?02:58
jbichamhall119: there's a very simple config in System Settings>Universal Access but for more control you probably need gnome-tweak-tool03:00
mhall119ok, the old gnome appearance applet is gone then?03:00
jbichamhall119: yes, most of that has been removed in GNOME 3, but tweak tool brings a good amount of that back03:01
mhall119thanks jbicha03:01
jbichamhall119: no problem, thanks for what you do too :)03:01
mhall119happy to :)03:01
bjsnideri imagine a new app for appearance settings will be designed at some point03:02
jbichamhall119: I'll see you at UDS, right?03:02
mhall119I hope so, or the gnome 3 one improved03:02
jbichawell it's intentional design03:02
mhall119jbicha: yup, I'll be there every day, sequestered in the ISD room for most of it, but I'll be there03:02
jbichathe new GNOME Shell theme is named Adwaita which means something like "the one and only"03:02
bjsnideri think the tweak tool is intended as a placeholder in between what was used in gnome 2 and whatever comes along in gnome 3 eventually03:03
jbichabjsnider: I think it's the other way around, it has the pieces left over that GNOME Design doesn't want cluttering up their product03:04
mhall119I'm confident that Gnome will evolve towards a better solution03:04
bjsniderit's such a rough looking app that it looks almost like "we don't have anywhere to put these controls for now, so let's stick them in here"03:05
jbichathere's a big gap for a program that allows configuring the extra Unity options & the GNOME tweaks03:05
jbichaI don't like encouraging people to use CCSM as it's very complicated and can easily break Unity03:05
jbichathe GNOME Tweak Tool developer is quite friendly and will accept patches or bug reports to improve it, it's written in Python so the entry threshold isn't that bad03:07
jbichaI have a few minor patches that got in it :)03:07
bjsnideryou don't think there's be a bigger app to change themes and fonts and whatnot?03:09
mhall119jbicha: wasn't there a simple-ccsm?03:12
bjsniderthat's probably not giving the user enough controls03:13
jbichamhall119: yes but it was very simple and that particular app has kinda been abandoned03:14
robin0800bjsnider, what do you think is missing from gnome-tweak-tool?03:15
Dougie187Can anyone explain the difference between NVIDIA's (version current) and (post-release updates) drivers are?03:17
bjsniderrobin0800, polish03:18
robin0800bjsnider, yea guess your right though it is still pretty good now IMHO03:21
bjsniderthe old theme switcher had previews of the themes03:22
jbichabjsnider: do you need a theme previewer when the options are instant apply?03:22
bjsnidertweak has that, without the previews, and with a lot of other settings that have nothing to do with themes joined in, as if themes are trivial03:22
robin0800bjsnider, you don't need it though they change instantly03:23
bjsnideri don't think the theme is as trivial as whether or not the "computer" icon appears on the desktop03:23
jbichabjsnider: desktop is a different panel than theme03:24
bjsniderit's a different tab within the same app, but cobbling all of that together suggests that the more trivial stuff is at the same level as themes and icons and whatnot03:25
bjsniderbut i suppose it would be ok with me if it didn't look like an ugly thing someone threw together one night03:26
jbicha"trivial" is hard to define, personally I have absolutely no need to mess with my font size, others like mhall119 really want that feature :)03:26
robin0800has any one found a really good theme for GTK303:26
bjsnideri wanted to use cantarell, so i could have a "pure" gnome-shell03:27
bjsnideri changed the font size to 14 for everything because my monitor is 3-4 feet away from my eyes03:27
jbichatrivial ;)03:28
bjsniderthere are 2 tabs int eh tweak tool that don't look right03:28
bjsnider"shell" and "windows" are cut off on the right, and you can't resize tweak's window03:28
jbichathey aren't cut off here, I guess that's because you increased your font size03:29
bjsniderright, if you turn it down it appears normally03:29
bjsniderso they're so unconcerned with these settings that they've got one guy developing this thing in python...03:30
jbichathat's correct (I believe he's a Ubuntu user by the way)03:31
jbichaat least the gsettings still exist so that a tweak tool still can work03:31
bjsniderif he's an ubuntu user then they _really_ don't care about these settings03:32
jbichawell he's also the gnome-sudoku guy03:32
robin0800jbicha, the main thing is to get it installed by default so more people can use and comment on it03:34
mhall119Radiance feels like it needs some more work in Gnome 3, some times buttons blend in with the background03:37
jbicharobin0800: yes I'd like to see g-t-t get better for P, it's nice to work with an already existing project when possible03:38
jbichait might not be quite what we need but it's got a decent start03:39
bjsniderDougie187, post-release updates will happen after oneiric is finished and have no relevance at the moment. the newer nvidia drivers will be the updates versions after oneiric is released03:44
Dougie187so, are the post-release updates the same as version current for now?03:44
Dougie187or are the post-release updates just junk for now?03:44
bjsniderthe same, for now03:46
Dougie187ok cool03:47
Dougie187and then after oneiric comes out they are going to update that, and version current will just stay at what it is now. right?03:47
Dougie187awesome, thanks03:48
SetiAmonanyone know a gui frontend for Snort03:50
robin0800jbicha, not sure what unclaimed means04:09
jbicharobin0800: unclaimed?04:12
robin0800jbicha, sorry wrong channel04:15
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=== DanaG_ is now known as DanaG
jan77I'm really missing my cpu-load applet and my litte workspace-preview-switcher in gnome3...06:43
raevolhow is fglrx looking in oeneric atm? safe to use?07:08
l00pb4ckhi, how do i switch to gnome 3 on oneiric?09:03
l00pb4cknm got it09:05
daavisi installed gnome with sudo apt-get install gnome.. now i have wierd Grub and it boots slower.. how to remove that?09:15
daavishow to remove gnome?09:15
ThomasWaldmannmoin. i have a fs issue (ext4):09:31
ThomasWaldmann$ touch '/home/tw/w/moin-2.0/dlc/.http%3A%2F%2Fpypi.python.org%2Fpackages%2Fsource%2FX%2FXStatic-jQuery-File-Upload%2FXStatic-jQuery-File-Upload-4.4.2.tar.gz.content-type.Hoo3LI'09:32
ThomasWaldmanntouch: cannot touch `/home/tw/w/moin-2.0/dlc/.http%3A%2F%2Fpypi.python.org%2Fpackages%2Fsource%2FX%2FXStatic-jQuery-File-Upload%2FXStatic-jQuery-File-Upload-4.4.2.tar.gz.content-type.Hoo3LI': File name too long09:32
ThomasWaldmann(originally this filename was used by rsync, which gave same error. i just wanted to check if it is a rsync issue or a general problem.)09:33
ThomasWaldmanni rsynced that file from my old installation (ext3) to a backup machine (ext3) and now tried to rsync back to new installation (ext4)09:34
ThomasWaldmannWP states max filename length for ext4 is 256bytes.09:35
ThomasWaldmannthat whole path is only 168 bytes long.09:35
ThomasWaldmann(this is ubuntu 11.10)09:36
ThomasWaldmannehrm, i have to add that my homedir is encrypted now, so it is ecryptfs and this problem seems to be known09:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 344878 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "file name too long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup: lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)" [High,In progress]09:40
ThomasWaldmannsince 2009.09:42
ThomasWaldmannlooks like i have to go back to dmcrypt/luks, i don't want to have all sorts of issues due to that. fsck.09:43
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maxbIs there any supported means of enabling touchpad circular scrolling in oneiric?11:05
maxbThe only ways I've found are command-line synclient, or GUI gpointing-device-settings (which doesn't persist over a reboot)11:05
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* penguin42 really shouldn't blame PA when I forgot to switch the amp on11:43
Fire^foxquestion, where are the mounted disk's on the desktop gone ?11:47
DaekdroomFire^fox, unity launcher?11:49
Fire^foxnothing teher also11:49
DaekdroomIs it mounted?11:49
Fire^foxyes they are 2 truecrypt volumes11:49
DaekdroomUnity Launcher doesn't show by default disks that aren't mounted.11:49
Fire^foxno shown11:49
Fire^foxenabled show all volumes on ccsm11:50
Fire^foxalso problems with vlc11:51
Fire^foxany idea ?11:53
brad[]Hi folks has anyone tried VMware Workstation 8 on an Oneiric host?12:22
brianlI am having a problem where when i have an application open, and i move my mouse all the way to the left, it doesnt pull up the unity bar, i have to go to desktop to see it?12:50
Stanley00brianl: did you "wait" for a few secs? It need some time to show up...12:51
brianlStanley00, yes, its not showing up at all12:52
Stanley00brianl: then, sorry, I dont know why, it works fine on my system...12:53
ali1234sometimes it does that12:53
brianlIve been looking for a setting that maybe got reset or something, but can't find anything12:53
ali1234just move all your windows around a bit, that usually fixes it here12:54
brianlthere we go, got it working ;/12:55
jawadcan anyone help me ?12:58
jawadi did reinstall wine and now i lost my permission for my files , when i try to convert file to excutable it unchick it file i change it instantly12:59
BluesKajHiyas all13:00
jawadthat what i get "he file '/media/2250019F50017B35/Program Files (x86)/Diablo II/Diablo II.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit."13:01
Stanley00jawad: file on FAT or NTFS fs dont have the "x" mode to execute, afaik13:04
Stanley00jawad: try run it with "wine /path/to/your/file.exe"13:05
jawadits ntfs13:05
jawadbut it was working ok tell i reinstall wine13:06
jawadwhen i run google crom now he tell me that lost some privlege becase i dont have full permission13:06
jawad"Your profile could not be opened correctly.13:07
jawadSome features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents."13:07
jawadi did change my account for admin in system setting , but it didnt work13:09
BluesKajso what's up with flash , the 7machines version stiill requires nswrapper?13:11
BluesKajyeah, ok whatever it's called ..it's still a pita ..not working properly in that wrapper13:13
trijntjeHi all, does anyone have a problem with gnome3? The top bar is blurry and unreadable, and the screen flickers a lot. I have fglrx driver enabled and Unity/unity 2d/ classic gnome all work fine13:18
hasenjnautilus can't start because 'net usershare info' fails to run13:29
hasenjis this a known issue, or just me?13:30
madjoeI've lost my clock at the top panel :( in new oneiric.. a recent upgrade has removed it13:48
madjoeIs there a way to get it back?13:48
Stanley00madjoe: try System Settings. Time and Date setting...13:50
madjoeStanley00: will do, thanks13:51
Stanley00madjoe: np ;)13:51
madjoeStanley00: strange... I can't see Time and Date in my System Settings :)13:52
hasenjre my nautilus problem13:54
hasenjit looks like samba wasn't installed ..13:55
hasenjok, installed it13:55
hasenjbut nautilus still fails13:55
hasenj(nautilus:10732): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_action_set_visible: assertion `GTK_IS_ACTION (action)' failed13:55
hasenjSegmentation fault (core dumped)13:55
Stanley00madjoe: hmm... try running this in terminal "gnome-control-center datetime"13:57
madjoeStanley00: ** (gnome-control-center:20075): WARNING **: Could not find settings panel "datetime"13:58
Stanley00madjoe: it's strange, are you using the default DE, I mean unity?14:00
madjoeStanley00: I didn't change the defaults... maybe this could help: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/36811014:01
Stanley00madjoe: idk either, when did you update your system?14:05
madjoeStanley00: do you know how can I be sure if I have Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 installed on my PC?  I used sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -d dist-upgrade after I installed Beta 1, so I'm pretty sure there should be Beta 2 in there already...14:06
madjoeStanley00: I updated my system for the last time a few minutes ago.. I keep it updated every here and there.. on daily basis14:06
Stanley00madjoe: I just updated a few hours ago, and my system is still fine...14:07
shallwehi guys14:08
madjoeStanley00: did you upgrade it from Beta 1? or is it a vlean Beta 2 installation on your system?14:08
shallwesomeone are using kubuntu 11.10 version netbook ?14:08
shallweim lost on this version hahaha, i cant find the main menu for installed programs :(14:08
madjoevlean = clean*14:08
Stanley00madjoe: I update almost daily, from alpha2...14:08
madjoeStanley00: I remember that an update 2 weeks ago complained that not all updates could be performed, so I needed to disable/remove a few packages.. maybe that's how I got rid of the timedate as well :(14:09
madjoeis there a way to "restore" some missing default packages? or to review my logs to see the list of all removed packages?14:11
penguin42madjoe: Try /var/log/dpkg.log14:11
Stanley00madjoe: there a History in Ubuntu Software Center too...14:11
madjoeah, right... checking...14:11
Stanley00madjoe: did you try reinstalling package indicator-datetime?14:12
madjoeStanley00: no14:12
madjoeThere's only a single removed item in a history of Ubuntu Software Center: apache2-mpm-worker :( will check dpkg.log now14:15
madjoepenguin42: what should I use for grep in my dpkg.log to list all removed packages?14:17
madjoehm.. there are lots of half-installed stuff in there... such as compiz-core, libgnome-desktop-3-2 3.2.0-0ubuntu2, etc.14:19
penguin42madjoe: 'remove' is what my log gets14:20
madjoegrep remove dpkg.log yields with no results14:21
madjoeStanley00: how could I reinstall datetime?14:21
Stanley00madjoe: try "sudo apt-get --reinstall install indicator-datetime "14:22
madjoeStanley00: SUCCESS! :)14:24
Stanley00madjoe: congrats! ;)14:24
madjoeStanley00: can you give me the same hint for the battery indicator as well, please? it's missing from my panel...14:25
Stanley00madjoe: it's called indicator-power14:25
madjoegreat... I'll have to reboot to see the changes... brb thanks a lot Stanley0014:27
Stanley00madjoe: you are welcome :)14:27
SuhelHi :-)14:32
madjoeit works! yay!!14:36
SuhelYes it works14:36
Suhelmadjoe: hi14:36
madjoeSuhel: hi14:36
MoMo65was there suppose to be a RC?14:37
Suhelmadjoe: its my first time here :-)14:37
SuhelMomo65: donno but 13 is not to far mate :-)14:38
madjoenice to meet you, welcome aboard... but it's ubuntu support channel here, not a dating channel :)14:38
SuhelMadjoe: yup I know but I can't see anyone to get support from :-(14:39
madjoeSuhel: patience my friend, patience... and try to keep your questions simple, but Google it first14:40
SuhelMadjoe: that's what am trying,  I was diverted here from #ubuntu I'm still tryin to get hold of irc its just the second time am using it14:41
madjoegot it14:42
SuhelI wish the final release solves the power consumption bug, I've just started to love ubuntu but this power thing makes me go crazy14:43
bjsniderthe power issues are a linux kernel problem, not an ubuntu per se problem14:45
Suhelbjsnider: but if a certain version of ubuntu uses that kernel it makes it a ubuntu problem..  normal users like me who have less tech knowledge would obviously think this way14:48
ErickMorenoanyone else is having problems with a java process that starts time to time and consumes more than 100% of cpu?14:50
penguin42Suhel: Of course Ubuntu has some kernel guys, but I suspect it's a hard problem - otherwise it would have been solved by now!14:50
ErickMorenothis it the process:14:50
ErickMoreno/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java Xbootclasspath/a:/usr/share/icedtea-web/netx.jar:/usr/share/icedtea-web/plugin.jar /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/rt.jar sun.applet.PluginMain /tmp/icedteaplugin-erick/16296-icedteanp-plugin-to-appletviewer /tmp/icedteaplugin-erick/16296-icedteanp-appletviewer-to-plugin14:50
escottSuhel, there are good reasons the behavior is as it is. they don't want to break one persons machine just to save someone elses battery life. the workaround is well documented, and you should just add it to your /etc/default/grub14:51
bjsnideri think the power issue was revealed to be something that by, design, is going to be around a long time14:51
SuhelPenguin42: yup I guess so, I hope they succeed in cracking the code..14:51
SuhelEscott: really? Can you post me the link of the workaround?  Thats an awesome news14:53
penguin42ErickMoreno: That looks like something from a website?14:55
ErickMorenopenguin42,  looks like my home bank site that uses java is burning my laptop14:57
ErickMorenopenguin42,  the strange thing is that I usually used java form sun14:57
ErickMorenobut, this time I just installed default java and java plugin (open jdk) and this is burning my pc14:58
escottSuhel, http://lwn.net/Articles/449448/14:58
Suhelescott: Thanks ill try it15:02
SuhelEscott: thanks mate I will try it15:03
DanaGMy question on that PCIe ASPM thing: would it make sense to obey what the BIOS says?15:18
DanaGThat is, if the BIOS says "I don't support it", but enables it anyway on certain ports, then accept:15:18
DanaGHow do you not support it?  YOu've enabled it, so you must support it.15:18
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penguin42Matthew's blog is mostly about lying bioss and dumb things in PCs15:21
allu2Question, ubuntu one keeps trying to upload same files and download one file and keep announching it to me every now and then, file sizes are all together less then 1mb and it really shoulnd't take this long, is this known problem, any one know how to fix?15:34
pythonsnakewhat is daemon file ?15:36
penguin42pythonsnake: Daemon processes are programs that run in the background15:39
penguin42pythonsnake: They take care of stuff like hot plug of disks and messages between other things15:39
edgyHi, when I try to start virt-manager I get15:40
edgyError starting domain: internal error Network 'default' is not active.15:40
edgypythonsnake, penguin42: a daemon is a background process that never ends15:41
penguin42well, you can but hope15:41
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jbicha^ well I was trying to join that channel but you could try asking your question there15:50
DanaGargh, since /proc/acpi/thermal_zone no longer exists, I can't tell which of my 5 temperatures (shown in 'sensors') corresponds to which of my 5 thermal zones.16:08
DanaGSo now I get temp1,temp2,temp3,temp4,temp5.  Lovely.16:08
DanaGI used to get CPUZ,GFXZ,BATZ,LOCZ,DTSZ.16:09
DanaGAlso, is it supposed to be possible to tune the delay before the Ubuntu alt-tab thingy appears?16:10
penguin42DanaG: What's in /sys/class/hwmon ?16:16
DanaGthat's "grep . /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0"16:16
DanaGhwmon1 just has ueent and device/ and power/ and subsystem/16:17
DanaGlost a 'v' there.16:17
penguin42hmm less useful16:18
DanaGer, and it was grep hwmon0/*16:18
DanaGEasy way of getting "name:contents"16:18
DanaGweird... the alt-tab in 11.10 is like in OS X.16:20
DanaGIt's application-based.16:20
DanaGAnd alt-` to get window-based.16:20
Ang3hello ! i got a macbok pro do you know if the touchpad support is better with Oneiric?16:24
penguin42Ang3: Try the install cd, it lets you try it out without installing16:24
DanaGI actually kind of like the new alt-tab.16:28
DanaGJust wish I could tweak the delay.16:28
DanaGoh, and that whole "disable touchpad while typing" feature in Gnome... I'd love to see Gnome's developers "type" with just the arrow keys.16:29
DanaGYeah, it considers the arrow keys "typing".16:29
Ang3i'll penguin42 i just wanna know before tested it :)16:32
Tixosdid rc1 not get release?16:36
charlie-tcaTixos: rc1 was replaced by beta216:40
Tixosokies :)16:41
Tixosintel 64bit?16:42
charlie-tcawhat about it?16:43
charlie-tcaIs there a question there that I am not seeing?16:43
Tixostheres no download link ?16:43
jtaylorthere is no intel 64 bit16:44
jtayloronly amd6416:44
penguin42same thing16:44
jtaylorintel chips also run it16:44
jtaylorwell ok there is, ia64 but thats 64 bit only and sucks ^^16:44
Tixoso right16:45
penguin42yeh, Intel call it i32e for no apparent reason16:45
charlie-tcaapparently, there is an issue with the text used for both releases and daily-live pages:16:46
charlie-tcaunder 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD16:47
charlie-tcaIf you have a non-64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the Intel x86 images instead.16:47
charlie-tcawhich seems to say if you have an Intel 64, you don't have a 64bit image to use16:47
penguin42yeh that's very confusing16:47
jtayloryou rarely go wrong with 32 bit installations16:48
jtaylorso its not soo bad advice16:48
charlie-tcaThen the "intel chips also use it" doesn't apply to the AMD64 image?16:49
jtayloramd64 runs on most intels16:50
jtaylorall 64 bit intels that aren't ia6416:50
yofelI don't get why it was called amd64 in the first place16:50
yofelthe kernel uses x86_64. much less confusing16:50
jtaylorbecause amd invented it16:50
jtayloryes that is less confusing16:50
penguin42and lets face it , if you had an ia64 you're going to know about it and not even look16:51
penguin42still, they're useful for keeping warm in the winter16:51
jtaylorand in future there will be another variant: x32 :)16:51
yofelwhat was that again?16:52
jtaylorI hope it comes soon because its quite nice16:52
penguin42x32 is 64bit but built to use 32 bit address space16:52
jtaylora 32 bit abi exposed by a 64 bit kernel16:52
penguin4264bit has a cache penalty, but is faster for some other stuff - x32 is a nie trade off16:52
jtaylorallowing them to use all 8 registers and still have lower memory consumption16:52
yofelwell, that would be useful I guess. Cache isn't as easy to get as RAM16:54
jtaylorvery useful, cache is a large bottleneck16:54
jtayloralso 99% of all programs don't need more than 4GB address space16:54
penguin42and pretty much whenever you make it bigger you make it slower16:54
jtayloralso you get 4GB addressspace with it not 2 like with i38616:54
penguin42jtaylor: I'm not sure if there would actually need to be a new distro build - just some stuff in the 64bit built would be built in x32 - e.g. stuff that doesn't benefit - like most programs16:55
TyphAnyone have an issue with middle click not registering unless done really quickly?16:56
penguin42seems OK here16:56
Typhspecifically when I try to open a link (firefox, chrome), if I hold it for longer than an instant, nothing happens. Bizarre.16:57
Typhalthough I should test with other mice, as it might be a thinkpad issue16:57
dfgsgfdFresh installation of Ubuntu 11.10 (RC). Installed proprietary driver for the graphics card. Rebooted. Worked. Yet it still says "No proprietary drivers installed". Any idea why?17:19
brad[]Anyone here using VMware Workstation 8 in oneiric?17:33
edgyHi, I have never used korganizer before but now korganizer -> New Event is disabled, is this a bug?18:25
penguin42edgy: Just playing with it, I think you have to select a calendar using the ticks at the bottom left first18:45
edgypenguin42: sorry I don't have buttons on the left bottom, can you show me a screenshot or a menu option?18:46
penguin42sure just give me a sec18:47
edgypenguin42: you mean "View -> Month View" e.g?18:47
penguin42edgy> No18:48
* penguin42 waits for imagebin18:49
penguin42edgy: http://imagebin.org/17805818:49
penguin42edgy: See at the bottom left I have 'Personal Calendar' clicked18:49
edgypenguin42: !!! i don't have those views you have18:51
edgypenguin42: how did you launch korganizer?18:51
penguin42edgy: Just found it on the K menu18:53
edgypenguin42: me too18:57
edgypenguin42: let me paste my screenshot for you ...18:57
edgypenguin42: http://imagebin.org/17805918:59
penguin42hmm that's a bit more minimal18:59
edgypenguin42: I also just rm /home/edgy/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/ -rf to reset the settings but nothing changed19:00
* penguin42 doesn't know19:00
penguin42edgy: My korganizer is 4:4.7.1+git110930-0ubuntu119:01
edgypenguin42: mine is 4:4.7.2+git111007-0ubuntu1 which is more updated than you ;)19:02
* penguin42 hasn't run the update this week yet - hmm - I'll kick it off now19:02
edgypenguin42: I figured it out19:03
edgypenguin42: rm .kde/share/config/korganizerrc solved it!19:03
penguin42hmm - shouldn't need to do something like that - ho hum19:03
edgypenguin42: really appreciate your help19:10
penguin42no prob19:10
yofelkdepim has issues on every end TBH. Problem is that 4.7 is the only version that upstream currently supports...19:12
Andy80hi guys... don't know if this is the right channel where to tell this, but.... I think there is something wrong with Ubuntu Countdown Banner or with Oneiric schedule.... the banner says "8 days to go" while the Oneiric schedule says that it will be released on 13th, who is wrong? Thanks.19:13
edgyyofel: TBH means what?19:14
yofelto be honest19:14
yofelAndy80: from what I know, it should be the 13th19:14
edgyyofel: aha! thanks19:14
Andy80yofel: so the banner is wrong :P19:15
FernandoMiguelhey penguin42 yofel19:15
yofelFernandoMiguel: o/19:22
Tixosguys, how can i switch to GNOME ? the new login screen, i cant see the option, whats ubuntu 2D supposed to be>?19:24
yofelis gnome shell or the fallback session installed? By default you only get unity and unity-2d in ubuntu oneiric19:25
ubottuUbuntu Oneiric uses GNOME 3 with the !Unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.19:25
Tixoslol thanks19:26
Tixosi dont know why unity doesnt agree with me, its just so frustrating19:26
Tixosso in unity, everytime i want to open a window, i have to mess about with the bar on the left??19:31
Tixosthats going to add hours to my work..19:31
yofelalt+f2 -> find the app you want and open it?19:32
Tixosno i mean, say i have 20 tasks running19:32
Tixosnormally they are all in the taskbar at the bottom19:32
yofelah, dunno then, I use KDE19:33
Tixoswith unity i have to click each program and mess about with windwos etc19:33
Tixosso 'Ubuntu Classic' in natty, is GNOME2?19:33
yofelit is19:33
Tixosunity just seems like its there for windows migration19:33
Tixosas a gimick19:33
Tixoscant believe is the only option in 11.10 by default19:34
yofelwell, gnome2 is unsupported by gnome, so you have the choice between unity or gnome-shell, and unity-2d or gnome-panel fallback mode. I think unity isn't that worst choice there19:35
yofels/that worst/the worst/19:36
rwwI've used them all. I'd tend to disagree ^.^19:39
yofel*shrug* - I'm using KDE, if it breaks I've got Xfce installed as well19:41
yofelenough for me19:41
Tixosim reading on it19:41
Tixos it's hard not to love the GNOME Shell - particularly if you're working  on a small screen device where the reduced window clutter is a welcome  change.19:41
Tixoswtf? who wants to run ubuntu on a small screen device lol,19:41
Tixosthis is desktop not tablet19:41
Tixosseriously, how long does it take to get a window open... i am used to having so many things running, it takes forever to get a window back up19:42
Tixosthe Shell stays out of your way until you need it.19:42
Tixosi need it all the time!19:43
yofelyeah, I'm switching windows all the time too19:44
yofelso I was left with alt+tab while I was trying out gnome-shell19:44
Tixosyea, what a pain in the ass though,19:44
Tixosi see there are shortcuts19:45
Tixosbut if ive got my hand on the mouse alot, it makes for a long process to switch windows no?19:45
Tixossay ive got a program running, with more than one window, ie ive got pidgin running, when i click the pidgin launcher, it shows the chatbox, not the main pidgin window? so how do you go about that19:47
mongyTixos: thats the compiz scale effect.  I set a mouse gesture to initiate it for all apps19:54
mongythen there's plain old alt+tab19:55
bjsniderTixos, if you're using gnome-shell you can switch windows and desktop by moving the mouse to the top left corner19:57
Tixosyouve both lost me19:57
Tixosbjsnider: i dont see that ?19:58
Tixostop left corner gives me window title bar19:58
bjsniderok, you're using unity i think19:58
Tixosmongy: why would i want to press alt tab 20 times, when i could click the mouse once with a taskbar ?19:59
Tixosyes its default 11.1019:59
bjsnidergnome-shell is different that that19:59
bjsnideryou can take a look at some youtube videos of how gnome-shell works19:59
bjsnideryou don't need the keyboard as much with it20:00
Tixosgnome-shell being GNOME3 yes?20:00
yofelgnome-shell being gnome3's default shell20:00
yofelubuntu uses gnome3 with unity as shell20:00
bjsniderthat one's not too bad20:02
Tixosill view a few vids and come back rant some more :)20:02
Tixosjust from that video it looks like the gnome-shell would eat the unity shell for breakfast?20:23
Tixoswho decide to take the gnome-shell and make it worse? should be fired!20:24
penguin42Tixos: I don't like either, but I prefer Unity to gnome-shell20:25
* penguin42 pats KDE20:25
bjsniderit's subjective and based on what you're needs are and how the shell you use facilitates those needs20:27
Tixosyes bjsnider, but when they say its good for small screen, that worries me from the off lol20:28
Tixospenguin42: at least gnome-shell gives you somewhere you can see your windows?20:28
Tixosunity doesnt have this right ?20:29
penguin42see all of the windows?20:29
Tixosyea, say i have 20 windows open, in unity the only way to see what i have running/open is to click the program icon?20:30
Tixosor alt+tab...20:30
* penguin42 admits to not being sure - I thought there was still a way of doing that20:30
Tixosfor me, its a 'core' feature of a PC, being able to manage/see all of your working tasks20:31
Tixoshow you can remove this is beyond me20:32
Tixosyes the gnome-shell way of 'activities' look still slightly annoying, but at least theres somewhere to view them20:32
krutoileshiiHi everyone could someone assist me in modifying the driver for RocketRaid 2640x4 to compile under linux kernel 3.020:33
* Tixos hides20:34
krutoileshiithese instructions get you close, but still need to bypass the kernel version check and actually get it to install. It should copile without problems afer that20:34
krutoileshiiHi everyone could someone assist me in modifying the driver for RocketRaid 2640x4 to compile under linux kernel 3.020:42
Tixosubuntu wallpaper that everyone must like http://wallpapers.ubuntu4life.com/d/22-1/380232291_d14c618f04_o.jpg20:44
icerootTixos: please stop that here20:53
Tixossorry, what else did i need to do to use gnome-shell? i installed the package, and it shows up on login screen20:53
Tixosi got 'gnome-shell' closed unexpectedly20:53
Tixosiceroot: ?20:53
javier_hi! How to upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10? thanks!20:57
bjsniderupdate-manager -d20:57
FernandoMiguel!upgrade > javier_20:57
ubottujavier_, please see my private message20:57
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: will not work if set to LTS :)20:58
TixosFernandoMiguel: can you bot me the gnome-shell instructions20:58
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Tixosit froze me totally when i installed the package20:59
Tixosi think i missed something about a tweaks package?20:59
bjsniderin a basic sense, you need the gnome-shell package and to select it at the login screen20:59
Tixosyea i did that21:00
Tixosand it crashed21:00
javier_FernandoMiguel: I know some things, but maybe I should and better wait to final release21:00
bjsniderthe code's in pretty good shape right now21:00
andantinoi have noticed on some laptops that the touchpads have a jittery pointer in ubuntu 11.04 but not in fedora21:00
andantinoi wonder if oneiric has solved this problem21:00
Tixosbjsnider: theres really nothing else to it ? should i just report the bug then ?21:01
bjsniderwhat exactly happens?21:02
Tixosnothing lol, i clicked the new GNOME option from login, and screen just stayed on ubuntu background for 2minutes, then got an error 'gnome-shell' closed unexpectedly21:03
bjsniderso login to unity and check .xsession-errors21:04
Tixoswow theres tons...21:05
Tixosnot sure whats relevant21:06
Tixosmostly unity-2d errors21:07
physically_fitthe left panel needs to be fixed ASAP: sometimes it doens't appear unless i minimize my applications. so i learnt that i have to execute "unity --replace" to fix it. also, i can't find the bug to add myself as affected by it.21:07
physically_fitjust saying21:07
yofelfile a bug yourself? ubuntu-bug unity21:08
physically_fityofel,  are you talking to me?21:08
physically_fityofel i bet that bug exists already21:08
physically_fitbut i can't find it21:08
physically_fiti wonder if someone here knows about it to give me its number21:09
yofelbetter file a duplicate than the bug not being filed by anybody21:09
Tixosgnome-shell doesnt work at all21:17
Tixoshad to REISUB21:17
bjsniderworks great here21:30
physically_fitwhat's the official name of the left panel? is it called "launcher"?21:30
physically_fiti blame ATI21:38
physically_fitpeople are not very talkative here, eh?21:40
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pooltablewhen is lubuntu 11.10 out and xubuntu ?22:45
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule22:46
charlie-tcaWe all follow the schedule, 11.10 is due out October 1322:47
qkumbersanyone running gnome shell?22:52
bjsniderqkumbers, i am23:17
qkumbersbjsnider: were you able to install any extensions? i couldn't even get user-theme to work23:25
bjsnideryes i was23:40
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