16SAA0FCXlilstevie: I built u-boot.bin from an oneiric armel chroot, using ubuntu's gcc-4.4 and it *still* didn't display anything on screen00:34
16SAA0FCXHmm, WTF happened to my nick00:35
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GrueMasterinfinity: So the plan is to have both Rhythmbox & Banshee on the final image?00:45
twblilstevie: also the case for ubuntu armel gcc-4.6.00:56
twbPresumably I don't need to try with the linaro gcc because doko said those should have the linaro patches applied00:57
saliakis anyone using a beagle board xm rev c?  if so, can you tell me what you see when you do lsusb?01:55
GrueMastersaliak: Give me a sec, I'm currently flashing a new SD card.02:00
saliakGrueMaster : sure02:00
GrueMasterbtw, which image are you using?  Natty or Oneiric?02:01
saliakI tried natty before and had the exact same results02:06
GrueMasterHow are you powering your board?  DC adapter or OTG port?02:07
saliakOTG port02:07
saliakSo it's so wierd, when i boot the angstrom image it works02:08
saliakduring boot it finds usb002:08
saliakand the port lights up02:08
GrueMasterIf you can, try an AC adapter.  I am reading the SRM, and on Rev C they enabled SW power detection and a few other GPIO changes that may affect the USB controller.  We may not have the required changes in our kernel.02:09
saliakand lsusb returns 4 devices (2 hubs, and 2 more).  vs, when i boot the ubuntu image, there are only 2 root hubs02:09
saliakok, lemme grab a PS and try02:09
GrueMasterRight.  Sounds like our kernel is broken.02:09
saliakI setill get the "unable to enumerate usb device on port 2 error02:14
saliakand no network lights02:14
saliakeven with an external power supply02:15
GrueMasterhere's my lsusb btw:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/704285/02:17
GrueMasterThe last two are a 4 port usb switch I use as a poor-man's KVM, followed by an external sata drive.02:18
GrueMasterI have a rev B board though.  I think someone botched the usb hub driver in the kernel though when they tried to incorporate the Rev B > Rev C changes.02:20
saliakon my angstrom boot i see the first 402:22
saliakon my ubuntu boot, just the first two02:22
saliakI'm not the first person to see this, right?02:23
saliakGrueMaster: wouldn't those have been incorporated in the revC patch on Natty?02:26
GrueMastersadly, I think so.  I don't have that board rev.02:27
saliakdidn't someone have that board rev?  which is how they realized there needed to be a patch?02:27
GrueMasterI think the Natty patch was to just get the board ID into u-boot iirc.02:28
GrueMasterUnfortunately it isn't unusual for an SOC board to change and see the public before we know about the changes.02:29
GrueMasterAnd most of our focus is on omap4 this last cycle.02:29
saliakAh, I see.  That sucks.  So what's my best bet at this stage?02:30
GrueMasterFile a bug with details.  Also, if you can add to the testing info on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ that would greatly be appreciated (not required though).02:31
GrueMasterBest I can do is push our kernel guy to get hot on it and spin a test kernel, maybe Monday.  It would have to go through the proposed stage for testing and be added to the updates though.02:32
infinityGrueMaster: No, the plan is just rhythmbox, unless we can identify the banshee issue, then just banshee.02:36
GrueMasterinfinity: Leave both.  We can release note it and SRU if we can fix it.  It isn't getting fixed by Sunday thought.02:41
infinityGrueMaster: Not sure how the indicator UI will look with both installed.02:42
infinityI guess it just shows both.  Pretty ugly, since one won't work.02:43
infinityI'm not sure I'm comfy with that unless we're sure we can fix it.02:43
GrueMasterIt only shows banshee until you launch rhythmbox.02:43
GrueMasterI'm trying various things here, but I am also swamped with image testing.02:44
GrueMasterinfinity: I also reopened the alsa-utils portion of bug 820466.  No audio input.  I commented on the bug as such.  I think it is just a matter of mucking with the ucm files.02:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 820466 in alsa-utils "No sound on omap4 pandaboard" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82046602:58
GrueMasterDefinitely an SRU candidate.02:58
infinityI need to find a microphone to test that...02:59
infinityOr an 1/8th to 1/8th cable.02:59
GrueMasterNo, you need to plug into your cell phone or something powered.  It is an unpowered jack.02:59
GrueMasterline-in only.03:00
infinityWell, I have no 1/8th to 1/8th cable. :P03:00
infinityI'll dig through boxes of bits later.03:00
infinityAre we sure it worked before?03:00
GrueMasterAgain, not critical.03:00
infinityCause the profiles should be identical now.03:01
GrueMasteryes, it worked in Natty.03:01
GrueMasterThe kernel driver changed.  I need to look at it more.03:01
infinityAhh, but not necessarily in oneiric-before-the-rename.03:01
infinityAnyhow, yeah, not critical.03:01
GrueMasterSigh, alsa is one area I do have experience in.03:01
infinityTrying to nail a few software-center bugs right now.03:02
infinityI'm so glad we keep reinventing these wheels.03:02
GrueMasterWow.  Beaglexm looks much better when I change the default 1280x720-16 to 1280x1024-24 on my 19" LCD monitor.03:25
GrueMasterWish edid worked.03:25
* cooloney hands a beer to GrueMaster 03:26
* GrueMaster is already drinking a bottle of Moose Drool, but doesn't mind double fisting the beer.03:27
cooloneyGrueMaster: hey, man, what's the holiday in US next Monday?03:36
GrueMasterWe have a holiday?03:36
* GrueMaster looks03:36
GrueMasterOh, Columbus day.  The day we celebrate some European who thinks he discovered a new land (oddly full of people standing on the beach and staring wildly at the crazy white man in the boat).03:38
GrueMasterHmm.  I already signed it off as a holiday and had it approved.  Isn't that...special.03:39
cooloneyGrueMaster: good holiday, 10/10 is my marriage anniversory03:48
GrueMasterTime for the Angry Dragon?03:50
cooloneyGrueMaster: last year a week before 10/10, we were in Texas. thanks for taking me around in Frys03:50
cooloneyGrueMaster: oh, what's Angry Dragon?03:51
GrueMasterI remember.  I also remember Budhapest.03:51
GrueMasterHeh heh.  You'll have to look it up.  Same area as Donkey Punch.03:52
GrueMasterBut seriously, I hope you and your wife have a great 1st anniversary.03:52
cooloneyGrueMaster: OMG, i like the English lesson03:53
* GrueMaster has been debugging banshee all week and is feeling a bit rummy.03:53
cooloneyGrueMaster: Thanks a lot, man03:53
GrueMasterNo problem.  Thats why I'm here.  :P03:53
cooloneyGrueMaster: i assume you are working on ARM server image instead of Banshee03:53
GrueMasterNo, I spent most of the cycle pipe cleaning server loads.  Now with release next week I need to test desktop heavily and other images.03:54
MrCurious_does the latest 11.10 have issues with loopign on install?03:58
MrCurious_i am on my 3rd time through :(03:58
GrueMasterMrCurious_: I have a workaround.  Go to a text console (<ctrl><alt><F1>) and type "sudo oem-config-remove; sudo reboot".03:59
MrCurious_ty, trying04:00
GrueMasterFor some reason, oem-config-remove is not getting launched and the config restarts.04:00
infinityI sure would love to be able to reproduce that here.04:01
GrueMasterWe haven't been able to figure it out yet, but we believe it is a timing issue.  I "sometimes" get it, depending on the SD card I use and the platform I am running on.04:01
infinityI have a feeling I'll just have a Panda looping the install over and over in London until I can get it to fail.04:01
infinityMaybe I can borrow differing SDs from other people.04:01
MrCurious_race conditions suck04:02
infinityGrueMaster: If you can sort of reliably fix it, maybe editing oem-config-firstboot to redirect output from oem-config-wrapper to a logfile would prove enlightening.04:03
infinityBrain fried.  Turkey coma.04:03
GrueMasterI'll give it a whirl.04:03
GrueMasterKind of fried here myself though.04:04
infinityDon't blame you.04:04
infinityAnd, honestly, if this desktop release isn't our shiniest and most wonderful, I'm not sure it's a huge deal.  Still sucks that we were all so focussed on other things until, uhm, last week. :/04:05
MrCurious_any idea if the omap addons metapackage plays nice?04:12
infinityMrCurious_: It's completely empty right now.04:12
infinity(The one for oneiric)04:12
infinitySo, yeah, it plays well. )04:12
MrCurious_that would be a no :)04:12
infinityIt'll be updated "soon".04:12
GrueMasterYou asked if it plays well, not if it works well.04:12
infinityWell, it works perfectly too, for an empty package...04:13
infinityDoes everything I'd expect an empty package to do.04:13
infinitysoftware-center, on the other hand, is making me want to kick puppies.04:13
infinityAnd I don't mean a little nudge, I mean propping them up on the noses and kicking them through the uprights.04:14
infinitys/on the/on their/04:14
lilstevietwb: sorry I was at a developer workshop06:57
lilstevietwb: hmm, well idk what is causing your issues06:58
infinityGrueMaster: Oh, feh.  The reason banshee stayed on the desktop is cause other stuff recommends it (like unity-lens-music, for instance)09:59
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brandiniAHA! With today's dist-update Go's time test finally passes!14:52
saliakGrueMaster : for what it's worth, i was finally able to boot ubuntu with the custom kernel from http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Demo_Image16:53
saliakGrueMaster : with network support working16:54
robclarkGrueMaster, is it just me, or does oneirick ubuntu-core img miss something to start a login console on ttyO2?17:16
ogra_robclark, the ourpose of -core is to be just enough OS to run apt-get, nothing more17:37
ogra_its thought as a base for people wanting to create rootfses17:38
robclarkhow can I run apt-get without a login console ;-)17:38
ogra_(read: its up to you to put something like that in place)17:38
robclarkwhere do I read?17:39
ogra_though i agree that its a bug that upstart doesnt ship a job for serial consoles by default17:39
robclarkanyways, it seems like it would be a lot more useful to folks who just want a bare img if a serial console came up :-)17:40
robclarkgotcha, thx17:40
ogra_well, its for example the base of IVI images where you dont have any login at all17:40
ogra_(it think the most people currently use it as a cheap debootstrap replacement to quickly get a chroot)17:42
* robclark is just looking for something to easily get baseport/kernel folks off of ancient busybox fs of unknown origin..17:44
ogra_ah, yeah, seems to be the right thing (after you created a ttyO0.conf indeed)17:45
ogra_or O2 :)17:45
robclarkmaybe I'll just tar up after I have ttyO2.conf and give that to other folks internally..17:46
robclarkeasier to just explain "tar xzf ..." than other steps17:47
robclarkogra_, btw, do firmware files (ie /lib/firmware/...) usually get packaged in uInitrd?18:02
robclarkI've been playing w/ syslink3 stuff, and seems like linux firmware loading infrastructure doesn't play nice w/ uInitrd..18:03
robclarkfails to find firmware file18:03
* robclark is wondering if rpmsg driver should have some mechanism to try again later to find the firmware, after real rootfs is loaded18:03
infinityrobclark: By default, it packs up any firmware referred to by a module.18:04
robclarkhmm, ok.. so then the firmware really needs to be packaged w/ the kernel, and can't come separately?18:04
infinityrobclark: See manual_add_modules() in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions18:04
infinityNo, we package ours seperately.18:05
infinityBut see that function for how it's detected, might give you hints about the driver doing something wrong.18:05
robclarkwell, I'm not trying to package yet.. I was just manually copying /lib/firmware/ducati-m3.bin and scratching my head for a while about why it wasn't getting found..18:06
robclarkuntil I realized it worked if I bypassed uInitrd18:06
robclarkso I guess uInitrd must get regenerated when firmware is installed?18:07
infinityrobclark: Yeah, we re-run update-initramfs when we install new kernels, drivers, or firmware.18:21
infinity(Or anything in the initrd, for that matter)18:22
robclarkok, that works18:22
GrueMasterogra_: Are you testing the AC100 image?18:46
GrueMasterI know we really want to make jasper die a fiery death, but it would be nice if it could at least put a serial console config file on the desktop images.  Make testing a little easier for me.18:58
GrueMasterThat or openssh-server.18:58
infinityGrueMaster: jasper automatically copies serial.conf into the root if you have console=tty* on the command line.19:10
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