merfcan any one help with setting up wireless modem00:46
merfCan Anyone help I am running ubuntu 11.4 on a laptop what I need to find out is how to setup the internet using Telstra sierra 312U wireless usb modem (the account is setup with Telstra on my XP machine) now I want to do a setup on the Ubuntu PC00:48
sagacilooks like i should be there in time :-) 01:37
xannenYay ubuntu au party next week!  LOL05:26
sagacijust had ours05:55
iktfinally going to be able to make the meeting tomorrow07:40
iktlong time no meeting07:40
head_victimikt: good to hear, will be nice to hear how the Sydney event went.07:49
sagacihad three guys turned up, one with two daughters- the ampersand was a nice little place to have it, had a small round table upstairs where we just chatted about ubuntu and linux in general.. no wifi or powerpoints but we didnt really need any. were there for about 2 hours and were fine with the idea of doing something like it at least once a cycle07:54
head_victimsagaci: nice (didn't see you pop back in)07:55
head_victimDare I ask, photos?07:56
sagaciyeah but skipper took one of the group 07:56
ikthead_victim: I'm not in sydney :P07:56
sagacisince he has a proper camera07:56
head_victimikt: I know, I was just saying what I was looking forward to ;)07:56
iktme 207:56
iktI was just about to get the day off to maybe organise an adelaide one07:57
iktbut then they said I have to stay for nbn training :(07:57
head_victimAlright, I need to make use of the last 15 mins of daylight, bbl07:57
iktttyl :)07:57
head_victimikt: just pick a place, advertise it and rock up, no planning required07:57
sagacithere was a guy that had just been in australia for three weeks, just from budapest08:14
ikthead_victim: 08:20
iktah I can't really do that08:20
iktI work from 4pm-midnight08:20
ikthrmm could do it on sunday08:20
head_victimHmm I just got tomorrow night's reminder on my phone, is it going to be 7pm or 8pm?09:00
sagaci8est 9for nsw09:18
head_victimThat's what I thought but not what the ical is saying09:21
ikti stopped using the ical because the times were so far out09:26
iktsaying that meetings were at 2pm09:26
head_victimThe ical has been great for the last few months, just since daylight savings has come in09:34
head_victimAh the issue is it was set to est not utc+1009:35
sagaciyep 09:36
sagacii commented out our old status on our wiki page, wasnt sure where to archive it to09:37
head_victimCan just delete it really09:37
head_victimJust FYI I've updated out team's default time zone to utc+10 instead of plain old utc09:38
sagacihead_victim: ping10:54
head_victimsagaci: pong11:01
sagacicheck email soonish11:04
sagacilol wait11:04
sagacididn't attach it11:04
sagacithere we go, but still read the first part11:06
head_victimHeh yeah11:06
head_victimWell I'd ask permission and then upload to flickr11:06
head_victimThen you tag it as part of the group and it auto populates to loco.u.c11:06
sagacikk, whatever is the go11:07
head_victimThe loco.u.c stuff is linked to the flickr group so it just auto graps it11:07
head_victimWe have no control over loading or unloading pics other than the flickr. Not too bad a setup though really, means nothing is actually controlled via the loco.u.c site11:08
sagaciyeah so hopefully we'll be able to do something similar each cycle11:14
head_victimSounds good 11:16
sagacihead_victim: I got the photo taker's permission, just need that other one12:46
gorillahi all.12:53
iktheya gorilla :)13:01
ikt11:30... is kfc open at 11:30?13:02
gorillaikt: some are open 24 hours on saturday night.13:05
iktdon't think they do in adelaide though :(13:07
iktwhatcha up to anyway gorilla ?13:07
gorillaikt: Just chilling with the laptop. I should probably be asleep as I need to be up by 6:00AM.13:08
ikti'm off to mcdonalds if the kfc is closed :(13:10
gorilladon't do that.. they have a clown for a mascot :-P13:11
iktkfc was closed13:41
iktgot mcd's13:41
iktnever getting it again13:41
iktfeel sick13:41
gorillayepp.. McD's get me the same way.13:41
xannenis anyone getting diablo 3?13:42
gorillaif they took the toy out of the Mchappy meals, no one would buy them.13:42
xannenlol mctantrum?  :P13:43
gorillaMcSpat: Would you like a dummy with that?13:45
gorillaMcChunks: would you like a sick bag with that?13:57
iktxannen: yeah, would like to see how d3 is, hoping I get a beta invite14:03
xannenme too.  :(14:03
xanneni apply, but no invite yet. :(14:03
iktsame :<14:05
xannenQ1, 2012 means Q2.  LOL14:05
iktblizz never cared about release dates14:13
iktthey even said, nobody remembers missing release dates14:13
iktthey only care about good games14:13
iktprime example: duke nukem forever14:13
airtonixthe only way you'll 'acclimatise' yourself to mc donalds is if you keep on eating it everyday14:38
airtonixstop eating it for any serious length of time and you start having 'cold turkey' syndrome14:38

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