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GeodudeI bought a new headset and my mic is not working. The sound control panel is not letting me switch the "choose sound input" to "headset" like it does with my old headset.03:22
holsteinGeodude: did you save the reciept?03:23
Geodudeit says "internal audio analog stereo"03:23
holsteinyou cant look at pavucontrol03:23
GeodudeAt first it was only working out of one side of the headset, now it's fine.03:23
holsteinyou can run arecord -l and see it its listed03:24
holsteini usually test with live CD's03:24
holsteindifferent kernels, or different ALSA versions... its easier for me to just use live CD's03:24
GeodudeNow it's working. uhg.03:27
holsteinGeodude: GREAT NEWS!03:27
GeodudeSo weird.03:27
GeodudeIt just needed a hot minute.03:28
* philipballew needs to learn to troubleshoot as well as holstein 03:32
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BlueProtomanI've got a bit of a problem...last night I got a new laptop.  It came with Windows 7, so I used UNetBootin and my dad's flash drive to install Ubuntu.  But it ran too late into the night, so I let it copy to the flash drive as I sleep.  But now, Windows 7 is mysteriously gone.  Trying UNetBootin again copies Ubuntu directly to the flash drive successfully...but I can't install it onto my laptop!  It gives me the "select an op13:56
BlueProtomanI really need to get this laptop up and running, this weekend is the only spare time I have for a while!13:57
BlueProtomanThe Powers That Be don't seem to want me to use Linux...14:06
Abhijitwindows 7 is in your internal hdd and you used unetbootin for pen drive14:08
Abhijithow this can cause any damage to windows?14:08
AbhijitBlueProtoman, ??14:09
BlueProtomanI have no idea.  More likely, it involved my battery (I left it unplugged thinking it would finish installing to the flash drive).14:09
Abhijiti dont know what caused the windows to vanish but now as you say its gone you first install windows and then install ubuntu14:10
BlueProtomanYes, but I've refreshed Windows now.14:13
Abhijitso there is windows now?14:13
BlueProtomanI'm going through the First Boot again.14:13
Abhijitthen just make another partition and install ubuntu there14:14
Sidewinder1It's not really a problem but I was wondering, why, occasionally when I mount external esata/usb hard drives (through Places-->Mount 1TB Filesystem) two instances of Nautilus opens with the associated directory structures. It only happens about 30% of the time and seems to be totally random. (10.04 i386 desktop)17:10
Sidewinder1Crosspost, I know, but I waited, unsuccessfully for about a half hour prior to asking here.17:11
SanbarComputingGood afternoon17:53
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Radiosn00bs :-)23:02
stlsaintRadios: hello23:07
stlsaintRadios: you stopping by for chat or you need assistance?23:13
Radiosjust snooping23:28
stlsaintRadios: aye cool23:29
Radiosjust what beginners need forget VPN23:32
stlsaintha...another vulnerabiliy for hackers to exploit23:33
Radios~vulnerability ?23:35
Radiosits feature23:37
Radioshave you tested it?23:38
stlsaintbut if your system is compromised than you exchange access codes and that code is sniffed than an attacker just gained access to the remote system23:39
Radiosso you cant say its a vuknerability23:39
Radiosif our system is comrmied its ot tha aictons fault23:40
stlsaintwell to me anything on the net is a potential vulnerability23:41
Radiosyou might as well disconect alltoghether from the internet if you think like that23:41
Radiosdo yu realize we live in th cloud?23:41
stlsaintno, i take security measures and tend to think like a "blackhat" to prevent such actions as much as possible23:42
Radiosgood luck with that23:42
stlsaintRadios: hey do me a favor please and join channel #ubuntu-beginners-team23:42
stlsaintRadios: wanna keep this room open for support really23:42
Radiosyou are just making your self noticed and becoming a higr rat target23:43
Radiosyou know the more you do to hide  the more they look for a way in23:43
Radiosyou are only making it hard for your self23:44
stlsaintRadios: join #ubuntu-beginners-team23:45
stlsaintthis channel is our primary support channel, the ubuntu-beginners-team channel is more offtopic based23:45
stlsaintthere we can continue the conversation23:45

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