krutoileshiiYep, I tried replacing the parts that check for 2.6 to 3 and it compiled, but it failed to install00:00
krutoileshiiNot sure what I missed yet, I'll do some investigating tomorrow. Thanks for the help.00:01
slangasekhallyn_: heh; vm-new tries to bring the VM up with virtio networking, which fails with 'failed to find romfile "pxe-virtio.bin"'.  are there some other options I'm supposed to be using?00:24
jfiHello, I would like to know if a fix to bug #811003 is acceptable for Oneiric, or this kind of "bug" (more a feature) is generally delayed to the next release. I just want to know whether is usefull that I provide a debdiff or just wait the next sync from debian.00:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 811003 in psensor (Ubuntu) "Psensor application indicator should use a mono-color icon" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81100300:29
hallyn_slangasek: oh?  that should spit an error, but not fail00:30
hallyn_slangasek: pxe-virtio is only for pxeboot over virtio00:30
slangasekhallyn_: ah.  well, I'm looking at logs because what I'm experiencing is that the VM never comes up after reboot00:31
hallyn_virsh list doesn't show it running?00:31
slangasekno, it *does* show it running00:32
hallyn_oh just ssh to it or gvncviewer :000:32
slangasekbut it's not meaningfully "up"00:32
slangasekoh, it does seem to respond to ssh, hmm00:34
slangasekbut vm-new doesn't finish because vm-ping fails?00:34
hallyn_yeah the reporting isn't perfect at vm-new.  but the big win with vm-tools is the vm-clone command00:34
hallyn_i don't use vm-new all that much00:34
hallyn_but clone every day00:34
slangasekwell, I'm not sure if I should ^C this vm-new command...?00:34
hallyn_look in / in the guest,00:35
hallyn_if there is still a post-install.sh, run it as root, otherwise you're done00:35
hallyn_so, your initramfs has 'udev.bak', will it run that?00:35
cjwatsonjfi: it's too late for UI adjustments at this point, so we're probably best just taking the next sync from Debian in precise00:38
cjwatsonjfi: although thank you for caring00:39
jficjwatson, thanks for the response00:39
hallyn_slangasek: scripts/init-bottom/udev is still not getting to the ps -ef (even when I add '|| /bin/true' after the pkill)00:42
hallyn_oops, missed the other line, lemme try a || true after udevadm control --exit00:43
slangasekhallyn_: Eduard points out on the bug that udevadm control --exit also exits non-zero if it hits the timeout... so you need a || true after that as well, sorry00:43
slangasekhallyn_: udev.bak?00:44
hallyn_yes, init-bottom/udev.bak existed in the initramfs.00:44
slangasekshouldn't be from anything I did00:45
hallyn_don't nkow how that happened00:45
slangasekbut if it's executable, it'd try to run that as well00:45
hallyn_it was00:45
hallyn_probably i messed it up before00:45
hallyn_haha no /bin/true in initrd00:53
slangasekright, should just be called as 'true'00:55
slangasek(shell builtin)00:55
slangasekhallyn_: and what's the right way to attach to the console?00:57
slangasek'virsh console' doesn't give me anything useful00:57
slangasekah, of course, there's a separate 'vm-view' command for that - sigh, why is all this separate from virt-manager01:01
slangasekhallyn_: vm-view doesn't provide much console scrollback... recommendations?01:05
hallyn_slangasek: i usually just use gvncviewer and store logs to scp off later.  But https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SergeHallyn_libvirtserial   should work01:37
hallyn_I used to do that for early boot kernel debugging...  Of course your vm then needs to define ttyS0 as a serial port in boot cmdline01:37
slangasekhallyn_: got it, thanks01:41
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slangasekhallyn_: this hang-on-tty-event thing is just weirding me out.  what's /proc/cmdline for these boots?01:55
slangaseki.e., do you have a serial console configured when this happens?01:55
slangasek(because, once again, a tty is the last event processed)01:56
hallyn_slangasek: no, i don't change cmdline at all02:12
hallyn_slangasek: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-12-server root=UUID=442917ed-fe24-4f00-858a-152dbae9db58 ro quiet02:14
hallyn_yeah no idea why those are always there02:15
slangasekhallyn_: huzzah, I've reproduced it here - just took me a bit to realize I'd done so, since the initramfs script is fixed here to not die on udevadm timeout :)02:51
slangasek(which means /dev actually gets mounted properly)02:51
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bbigras__It seems someone edited the main page of the wiki to create his own page. I reverted it and emailed him about it. I hope I did it right because I drank a bit.04:22
slangasekbbigras__: looks good now, thanks04:23
slangasekhistory also shows someone attaching their apt debugging logs to the page, heh04:24
bbigras__slangasek: Oh that's why I wasn't able to revert to those revisions.04:25
slangasekyeah, they aren't content changes to the page :)04:25
SanbarComputingI need to prototype an app for a client that implements peer-to-peer messaging over the internet.  Is there a specific channel for networking and internet oriented development on IRC anywhere?06:06
SanbarComputingthis messaging is not intended for chat or social networking type application, but to enable the application to do peer-to-peer message passing for the purposes of the application functionality unrelated to internet messaging or whatever - just uses the messaging mechanism to communicate between peers06:11
SanbarComputingindeed ...06:12
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slangasekhggdh, Daviey, hallyn_, adam_g: udev accepted into oneiric with a fix for at least *one* bug.  Please retest at your convenience so we can see what's left that needs stomping...09:05
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Laneydoko_: what happened to the maintainer of gdc-4.6 in debian?11:21
doko_Laney, ?11:22
doko_oops ...11:23
Laneymotu just got mailed about the ftbfs11:25
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fishor_hallo all, please can any one point me to some instruction, how to add patches to debin/patches. and is it possible to use git formated patches? I know i can edit every thing manually, but may be there is some script to do it13:53
penguin42fishor_: Most of them use quilt I think, so searching for stuff on quilt and debian often finds it13:56
frafuHi, In order to test whether a python program is running under GDM, I used the following command:14:01
frafuif os.environ.has_key('RUNNING_UNDER_GDM'):14:01
frafuCan anybody please tell me whether there is a similar command for lightdm?14:02
frafuif os.environ.has_key('RUNNING_UNDER_LIGHTDM')14:03
fishor_penguin42, thank you. i found this manual https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems14:05
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hggdhslangasek: will do15:42
hggdhslangasek: will a new ISO be generated, or is it a 0-day?15:43
infinityhggdh: There will be new ISOs spun on Sunday.15:56
hggdhinfinity: thank you16:12
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bdrungtumbleweed: around?22:11
tumbleweedbdrung: sort of22:17
tumbleweed(around, but up to my ears in pypy)22:17
bdrungtumbleweed: i pushed distro-info rearrangement22:19
bdrungtumbleweed: can you prepare the perl library for distro-info?22:19
binarymutantdoes xutils-dev provide xorg-macros?22:25
tumbleweedbdrung: pushed it, but haven't got to tests yet22:48
bdrungtumbleweed: now we have to split distro-info into three parts22:51
bdrungtumbleweed: what's with the remove me item?22:52
tumbleweedoops, that was from debugging, sorry still have my head in pypy22:53
bdrungtumbleweed: do you want to update your ubuntu email address?22:54
tumbleweedbdrung: eh?22:57
bdrungtumbleweed: ubu VS deb mail22:58
tumbleweedaah, in copyright.22:59
bdrungtumbleweed: git grep it22:59
bdrungthere are more places22:59

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