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vibhavPlease Kick adriana10:00
vibhavPm Bot10:00
Unit193Myrtti: Meeting?10:10
Myrttiwhat meeting10:14
MyrttiUnit193: huh?10:15
Myrtticome on, dont have all day, leaving for airport10:15
Unit193Bah, fridge must be wrong10:16
MyrttiIm not aware of any meeting I have to attend10:16
Unit193Dangit, it's 6am now, guess there isn't going to be a meeting if you didn't even know about it :P10:17
Myrttithere may be one10:18
Myrttibut I dont know any that Im needed to attend10:18
Myrttiafaik I am not on agenda10:18
Unit193Well, sorry then10:19
Myrttithx. off to airport10:19
Unit193"Ubuntu IRC Council meeting" was on fridhe :P10:19
oCeanI think it IS the 2nd saturday of the month10:20
oCean@time utc10:20
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 08 2011, 10:20:2210:20
rww"Meetings take place on the second Saturday of each month at 11:00 UTC and on the last Sunday of each month at 18:00 UTC"10:20
rwwIt is not currently 11:00 UTC10:20
rwwGoogle Calendar is ridiculous and can't reliably schedule UTC meetings.10:20
rwwwhich makes me wonder why we use it for Ubuntu meetings, but still.10:21
Unit193Ah, that would explain it, thanks.  While you're here, will there be one?10:21
rwwDepends on if our IRC Council decide to meet their obligations this time.10:22
Unit193Eh, I guess I can stay up another 40 to find out. Sorry for the bother10:22
Myrttiand Im not a member of the council...10:24
rwwand this isn't where IRCC meetings happen..10:26
Unit193rww: I do know that part :P10:26
Unit193Ah, Melissa Draper != Myrtti -_-  Maybe I should sleep more10:28
rwwI'm now dreaming of Myrtti on IRCC.10:30
rwwLjL: nightmare would be a council that's paralyzed by infighting and communication failures, unable to get quorum because most of its members don't show up to most of its meetings, and dismissive of its teams opinions to the point that it ignores them and rubberstamps controversial decisions without discussion.10:34
LjLrww: good thing it's just a dream then10:35
rwwLjL: indeed10:35
Myrttirww: I love you too10:49
rwwMyrtti: at least someone does, I seem to be biting a lot these days10:51
* elky cuddles rww10:53
rwwand perhaps I should s/discussion/discussion beforehand/, since I'd be entirely unsurprised if we have a nice farce today where they pretend they're not set on pushing through #lubuntu as core over objections.10:53
elkyi might consider not liking you if you ever stop making me laugh. until then you're fine :P10:53
* Myrtti superglues a red nose on rww11:04
Myrttithat should take care of it11:04
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soreauHey guys, how can anyone know when #ubuntu-release-party is open?23:42
rwwsoreau: because various topics will change and people will start obsessively redirecting people there from #ubuntu23:51
soreaurww: It wasn't a 'why' question..23:54
soreauor 2) that doesn't answer the quesiton.23:54
Myrttiwell its not like the original question was clear23:55
Myrttihow can anyone know... when ... is open23:56
Myrttihow can you know when the sun comes up23:56
m4vI presume near the release date.23:56
Myrttihow can anyone know when the moon is blue23:57
pangolinsoreau: the -party channel usually opens 24-48hrs prior to release and it will be announced in various channel topics.23:58
rwwsoreau: sure it does. That is how people will know when #ubuntu-release-party is open.23:59

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