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paultaghttps://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews <- we've got LP support in Debian's Wiki :)15:04
mhall119paultag: pretty cool stuff15:19
paultagmhall119: totally :)15:28
paultagmhall119: It's such a nice day out today15:28
nigelbpaultag: Nice work15:29
nigelbpaultag: How are you doing that?15:29
paultagnigelb: thanks, mang. Trying to get us all to play nice15:29
paultagnigelb: glitter and magicks :)15:29
paultagnigelb: a python CGI script to talk with Launchpad (lplib is *so* slow, so I might have to cache) which exposes a JSON output, javascript parses wiki links and re-formats them15:30
paultagnigelb: it's checked into VCS if you're interested in helping or bugfixes15:30
nigelbI did something similar for Launchpad itself, so I may have a trick for you ;)15:30
nigelblaunchpad has an internal API to do this. you could try using it instead of lplib :D15:31
paultagnigelb: It's moinmoin, so it's not the sort of thing were we can do much besides javascript, css and external scripts15:31
paultagnigelb: that's not a bad idea15:31
nigelbwhat are you using to find valid bugs?15:31
paultagnigelb: javascript15:31
nigelbif the search api is exposed over launchpad lib, use that.15:31
nigelbI meant, which api end point15:31
paultagoh just bug[N]15:31
nigelbif you're goign to check one bug at a time, that's slow.15:31
nigelblet me find you a better way.15:31
paultagnigelb: awesome15:32
nigelbIts what I used15:32
paultagnigelb: hold on a sec15:32
paultagnigelb: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/wiki.debian.org.git;a=blob;f=bin/launchpad;h=74666b763c83d20c935b362c748c1a03c9a5999a;hb=c350c7a9b5153eb16d3e3b45a804debaa5198b3815:32
paultagnigelb: deltas are super super welome, anything to take that process time off the server15:33
paultagI was going to cache, which sucks, but I had no idea there was another interface15:33
nigelblooking at API docs to see if its expoed 15:33
paultagso I'm really looking forward to your idea :)15:33
nigelbworking inside LP has an advantage of being able to do anything15:33
paultagnigelb: http://wiki.debian.org/cgi-bin/launchpad?bug=50000015:35
nigelblets move to a PM, instead of spammin here :)15:35
paultagnigelb: that's the output format and load time15:35
CrazyLemonhey guys - so i'm trying to figure out who's the owner of our loco mailing list..and so far no luck i've sent mail to ubuntu-si-owner @.. and no reply 18:27
CrazyLemonis it possible to check the database or smth ?18:27
paultagCrazyLemon: I don't see an owner on the interface18:30
CrazyLemonpaultag yea - same here18:30
paultagCrazyLemon: perhaps talk with canonical-sysadmins during the weekday, us community members can't be trusted :)18:30
CrazyLemonbut someone had to create it18:30
CrazyLemonmaybe i created it..but i really cant remember :D18:31
czajkowskiCrazyLemon: on the mailing list page does it not say who's the owner 18:31
czajkowskiwhat teams is this 18:31
czajkowski*team 18:31
paultagczajkowski: it does18:31
paultagczajkowski: on the bottom18:31
paultagand their entry is null, blank18:31
CrazyLemonczajkowski ubuntu-si    and no it doesnt :)18:31
czajkowskiwell that' just annoying 18:32
paultagsomeone ring up canonical18:32
czajkowskiCrazyLemon: whats the issue with the ml anwyays 18:32
paultagwe don't have access :)18:32
czajkowskipaultag: eh hell weekend :) 18:32
czajkowski*hello 18:32
paultagczajkowski: :)18:32
CrazyLemonczajkowski we don't know who's the owner18:32
CrazyLemoni.e we dont have access to ml18:32
paultagI'm sure y'all can get access18:32
CrazyLemonpaultag how?18:33
czajkowskipaultag: see pm18:33
czajkowskiCrazyLemon: gives a moment so we cna figure it out18:33
czajkowskibut again 18:33
czajkowskit's the weekend 18:33
CrazyLemonczajkowski i know :D and no problem..i'll just talk to canonical guys18:34
CrazyLemonwe are not in a rush :)18:34
CrazyLemonthank you both18:34
* paultag hugs18:34
paultaggood luck!18:34
czajkowskiok so http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-si18:34
czajkowskiis your team18:35
CrazyLemondo i need it? are canonical guys that scary? :D18:35
CrazyLemonczajkowski yup..that's it18:35
czajkowskino they're not scary at all 18:35
czajkowskihave you spoken to the admins on that list 18:35
czajkowskiBigWhale for example ?18:35
BigWhaleYou rang?18:36
CrazyLemonBigWhale wasn't on the team when ML was created18:36
czajkowskiso on first search of mailing lists I get https://lists.ubuntu.com/#Ubuntu+Worldwide+LoCo+Teams18:36
czajkowskihave you mailed mailman@lists.ubuntu.com.18:37
BigWhaleWhat seems to be the broplem?18:37
czajkowskiBigWhale: CrazyLemon wants to know who is the ML owner 18:38
czajkowskiCrazyLemon: did you mail the mailman address to resolve the issue ? 18:38
CrazyLemonczajkowski i have not18:39
BigWhaleYeah, I came on board later.18:39
czajkowskiCrazyLemon: ok mail there and cc the loco council 18:39
czajkowskiand we can then go from there ok 18:39
BigWhaleI haven't got a clue.18:39
czajkowskibut you have to do that first 18:39
CrazyLemonlike i said...i only sent mail to ubuntu-si-owner 18:39
BigWhaleWhoever created the list isn't active anymore or they forgot that they created it.18:39
CrazyLemonor they have changed their email address18:40
czajkowskiBigWhale: grand so in order to change that the above address needs to be mailed and explained this to them 18:40
czajkowskiuntil that is done we can't really do anything 18:40
czajkowskiif you cc us then we can track it 18:40
czajkowskiwe dont have access to anyting 18:40
czajkowskiI have a poking stick that seems to work :) 18:41
BigWhaleCrazyLemon, will sent that email and also CC it to me. :)18:41
CrazyLemonhumm..whats loco's mail address ? :D18:41
BigWhaleczajkowski, I'm glad it is only a poking stick, not a bat :>18:41
ubot4lococouncil is The Loco Council is itnet7, czajkowski, paultag, huats, leogg, popey - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com18:41
czajkowskiBigWhale: with the amound of pokes ya never know :) 18:42
CrazyLemonis mailman a real person or just a mail daemon ? :D18:45
czajkowskino idea sorry 18:45
CrazyLemoni just wanna know if i should be nice or not :D18:45
czajkowskiI'm sure there are admins behind it 18:45
czajkowskibe nice 18:46
czajkowskialways be nice 18:46
czajkowskias I'll be on the other side of the email 18:46
CrazyLemoni mean..i am nice..but respectfully polite :D18:46
czajkowskibest to be nice :) 18:46
BigWhaleALWAYS be nice... especially to robots :>18:47
CrazyLemonok..finally i've sent it18:51
czajkowskiCrazyLemon: BigWhale so after all that who is the team leader/team contact 19:02
CrazyLemonczajkowski BigWhale is (currently)19:02
czajkowskimight have been better coming from him or saying please contract BigWhale as he is the team lead19:03
czajkowskias it will need to be verfied19:03
CrazyLemonwell..i'm a member quite long..that has to count something! :D19:04
czajkowskiI'm not sayig it is19:05
czajkowskibut you have to verify it against someone 19:05
czajkowskiso thye'll go by the team leader and us 19:05
czajkowskithere is a reason we have that field 19:06
BigWhaleczajkowski, I'll mail mailmain tomorrow if needed. Today I'm running on 2.5 hours of sleep and I don't feel capable of doing anything productive :>19:16
czajkowskiBigWhale: no worries 19:21
czajkowskiI'm in the same boat19:21
* BigWhale highfives czajkowski.19:21
czajkowskiBigWhale: CrazyLemon I'll chase up on it next week 19:21
czajkowskiand give the folks some time over the week to get on top of it ok19:21
czajkowskiCrazyLemon: BigWhale anything else just give us a shout ok 19:22
CrazyLemonczajkowski will do.. thanks! :)19:22
BigWhaleIt will be more like a growl than a shout. I have no voice.19:22
czajkowskino bother19:22
czajkowskiI idle here but just leave me a message as I'm at work mid week but do try and get back to people 19:23

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