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pwuertzhi, there is a bug in python-sympy I reported a few months ago, but nobody replied so far10:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 776559 in sympy (Ubuntu) "expand returns incorrect results for non-commutative symbols" [Undecided,New]10:33
pwuertzcan someone update or remove this package please?10:34
* Laney wonders how motu managed to become a maintainer11:19
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pwuertzLaney, well.. the package is in universe... so I'm asking the masters of the universe to update or remove it, right?11:30
Laneyoh no, I wasn't talking to you.11:30
Laneyideally the debian python maintainers would take care of sympy11:31
jtaylorthere is some discussion here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=63536411:32
ubottuDebian bug 635364 in python-sympy "please package fresh upstream release (7.0 ATM)" [Normal,Open]11:32
jtaylorbut it seems progress is slow11:32
jtaylorbtw is there a tool to forward ubuntu bugs to debian? the reverse of import-bug-from-debian?11:33
Laneydont know of one11:34
OwaisLCould someone please help me use dh_girepository? I'm using {gir:Depends  ${gir:Depends} in debian/control. What I want is an automated way to add used gir modules to depends.12:45
jtaylorwhat is the problem?12:47
OwaisLjtaylor, I'm not sure if dh_girepository is meant for it.  I've  a python package and I want to extract gir* packages it depends on. So, I'd like something that scans the source files and looks for from gi.repository import X and adds that gir* package to depends. Anything like that available?12:56
jtaylordon't think so13:06
jtaylorbut I also don#t know how this gir stuff works13:07
ScottKDon't forget we are still accepting bug fixes for unseeded Universe packages ...19:35
jtaylorwhen is the last sync run?19:36
ScottKProbably Monday.19:36
ScottKIs there stuff you've got in the queue now?19:36
jtaylorone but its only been uploaded to debian today19:38
jtaylorstill in incoming19:39
ScottKOK.  Should be doable.19:43
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