pleia2ok, added planet posts03:49
philipballewcan I manually add mine pleia2 ?03:56
philipballewI just made it like not long ago03:58
philipballewbut it might be boring. I am kinda a bad writer :)04:04
pleia2philipballew: how long ago?04:06
philipballew10 minutes maybe04:06
pleia2ah, I see it now04:07
pleia2the planet section is better for news and things about what people are working on04:08
philipballewalright. just wondering :)04:09
pleia2a how-to to submitting bugs with the ubuntu bug tools would be good04:09
pleia2but we have a lot of posts, so a generic "submit bugs, it makes ubuntu better" generally doesn't make the cut :)04:09
philipballewmakes since. some weeks we are low. good to know were high now:)04:10
pleia2yeah, tons of announcements this week04:10
pleia2it's release time, so everything is crazy04:10
pleia2akgraner: I haven't had the bandwidth for news this week so I haven't added many 3rd party articles (04:11
philipballewoh yeah. I was gonna upgrade tonight. want to avoid the rush. I can help if needed with that04:11
pleia2we just look for news and add the news to the in the press and in the blogosphere sections04:12
pleia2if you're unsure about one you're welcome to post it here first04:12
philipballewIve done it before. Ill do a few.there is a list somewhere of good sites to visit?04:13
philipballewOr should I go to one's I know then04:13
pleia2you can go to ones you know, but I'll grab the wiki page with the massive list..04:14
philipballewi can find it. Its saved somewhere04:14
* philipballew boots the laptop04:15
pleia2that's the one :)04:18
pleia2I just put tons of them in my rss reader, it's like 500 articles a day and I haven't had time to look these past couple days04:18
pleia2and a bunch of articles were incorrectly saying the "thisisthecountdown" site was the countdown to release, which is incorrect :(04:18
pleia2so I didn't want to include those04:19
philipballewAlright, ill put up like 5ish acticles04:22
pleia2thanks :)04:23
pleia2ok, boarding in a few minutes, see you on the other side!04:28
philipballewalright! have fun wherever you go!04:30
akgranerpleia2, no worries - I'll go through my RSS feed soon...:-)13:51
pleia2akgraner: i will send the email out to summary writers later (out with family now)20:47

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