ibeardsleeajmitch: I find that one of the mirrors in .au is the one that Ubuntu reccomends20:41
ibeardsleewell except when I am at work20:41
* ibeardslee is currently working out how to 'preseed' his apt-cacher-ng cache with the files from an Oneiric DVD iso20:43
ibeardsleeseems to be on the to-do list .. does the netbook upgrade from USB and sets the proxy info before the update22:11
* ajmitch is all upgraded now, most things are working22:13
ibeardsleeI decided to put 64bit on the netbook22:14
ibeardsleeso I just cache the one arch22:14
ibeardsleealthough my server is still lucid i38622:14
ajmitchit helped that I still had 10GB left on my cap for the month, and I upgraded to oneiric the day before a new billing month started22:15
ibeardsleeubuntu release cycles are often the killer for my bandwidth cap22:17
* ajmitch only used 11.4GB in total last month22:17
ibeardsleealthough saved this time around by mainly working from the netbook that got updated through work .. the upgraded PC, hardly got used22:18
ajmitchprobably helped a bit by ipv6 traffic still seemingly uncapped22:18
* ajmitch uses a linode vps in the US, streaming on hulu works well there :)22:19
ibeardsleeahh .. I did notice that TelstraClear have added more to their unmetered22:21
* ibeardslee is considering a campaign to nag them to add a Ubuntu mirror into that22:22
ajmitchsnap have been adding a bit22:22
ajmitchit'd be nice for snap to have an ubuntu or debian mirror as well22:22
ibeardsleeyou saw my comment about an .au mirror being preferred?22:23
ajmitchtelstraclear's routing is also a bit broken at times22:23
ajmitchI was getting abotu 2MB/sec from nz2.a.u.c, which is vodafone now iirc22:24
ibeardsleeand yay something in the kernel has stopped the laptop locking up with the network cable plugged in22:24
ajmitchit was just a bit surprising to only get 500k/sec from citylink22:24
ibeardsleegoing via .us ?22:25
ajmitchmtr showed it going straight to the wellington mirror22:25
ajmitchgiven how it only took a few minutes to download everything from nz2, I didn't care too much :)22:26
ibeardsleeit's a pity our local mirror at work gets ignored by upgrades22:26
ibeardsleedistribution upgrades22:26
ajmitchthat is a pain, I'm sure there must be some way around that22:26
ajmitchthe most worrying problem that I had was games not starting from steam after the pgrade, turns out it's just a wine bug that can be worked around :)22:46
* ibeardslee doesn't play many (at all) games22:54
ajmitchthere are only a few there that I play occasionally - civ iv & v22:55
ibeardsleeof course with a fresh install you have to wander through wonder what you had installed previously23:00

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