lost127i have a number of linux servers (vm's and physical) is there a straightforward way to share home directory contents between them? how do i approach setting something like this up?00:24
Patrickdklost127, there are hundreds of ways00:28
Patrickdkmost simple is nfs mount00:28
Patrickdkharder is using something like a clustering filesystem00:29
RoyKlost127: the old way is nis/nfs, the new way is ldap/nfs00:46
RoyKPatrickdk: there aren't hundreds of ways to do that while keeping permissions etc - there are two ways - perhaps more - but not hundreds00:47
Patrickdkyou only listed two00:47
PatrickdkI listed gfs00:47
Patrickdkyou could use gluster, luster, afs, ...00:48
Patrickdkhell, even samba :)00:48
RoyKthat's not amusing00:48
Patrickdkbut ya, two things you have to solve00:48
Patrickdkuser id sync, and file sharing00:48
RoyKmeaning either nis or ldap00:49
RoyKprotocol used for sharing is optional00:49
RoyKbut nfs is probably preffered00:50
PatrickdkI use mysql :)00:50
Patrickdkmysql tied into pam00:50
RoyKpreferred, even00:50
Patrickdkevil isn't it?00:50
RoyKmysql is a dumb-ass database00:50
RoyKuse postgresql if you want a real dbms00:51
PatrickdkI thought about converting it to ldap, but it really isn't worth the hassle00:51
RoyKmysql is nothing but a hack00:51
Patrickdkwhy do I need a real dbms?00:51
RoyKworks well for small systems, but sucks at large ones00:51
PatrickdkI'm getting hundreds of thousands of transactions per sec from mysql00:51
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qman__where mysql really falls flat is when you need more than one server00:52
RoyKPatrickdk: mysql has several issues for large scale transaction databases00:52
qman__unless things have changed since I last worked with it00:52
Patrickdkqman, nope, still only have one option for replication00:53
RoyKPatrickdk: except postgresql?00:53
RoyKPatrickdk: which even has sync support for every transaction00:54
dknrunning into some trouble loading a intel SSD into my raid array00:54
Patrickdkroyk, ya, but why do I need sync support for every transaction?00:54
Patrickdkif I want sync support, I would turn it on, if I don't, turn it off00:54
PatrickdkI defently don't want to force that on the db's I use00:55
Patrickdkas they don't have to be consistant or reliable00:55
RoyKPatrickdk: you don't have to, but it's rather neat if you want to keep your data clean00:55
Patrickdkmy heavy traffic mysql servers are like scratch pads00:55
RoyKPatrickdk: postgresql is a real dbms, mysql is a hack00:56
Patrickdkso far, everytime I hit a performance issue with mysql, it was bad application programming00:56
Patrickdknothing worse that locating php code that loops over a table, then loops over the table again inside that loop00:56
Patrickdkand that code is called from cron every min00:57
RoyKPatrickdk: for large databases, say a few hundred gigs, mysql can lose its tolerance with a single unexpected reboot. that doesn't happen to postgresql00:58
RoyKmysql is a dirty hack, not a good DBMS00:59
Patrickdkwas this on ext3?00:59
RoyKor ext400:59
Patrickdkok royk, your repeating yourself00:59
RoyKPatrickdk: I may say it again if you like00:59
Patrickdkyou already did 3 times00:59
Patrickdkand I never said I didn't agree that mysql isn't a hack00:59
RoyKok, mysql is a dirty hack01:00
Patrickdkbut it still performs well01:00
RoyKit surely does01:00
RoyKso does postgresql01:00
Patrickdkand in my 10+ years of using it, I haven't once had it crap out and die01:00
Patrickdknow, my biggest mysql db is about 25gigs though01:00
RoyKprobably not a transactional database01:01
Patrickdkit is01:01
Patrickdkit's heavy transactions for that database01:01
RoyKusing mysql for a random transactional database seems to me a VERY bad idea01:01
RoyKmyisam uses table locking01:02
Patrickdkthere is your issue :)01:02
Patrickdkmyisam doesn't support transactions01:02
Patrickdktherefor you don't do transactions on myisam01:02
RoyKinnodb has row blocking, but has rather bad issues01:02
Patrickdkhaven't had issues with innodb at all01:02
Patrickdkit's just a ram hog01:02
RoyKpostgresql doesn't use much memory - it leaves it to the system to do the caching01:03
RoyKwhich is good, with modern systems01:03
RoyK10-20 years ago, a database needed to do the caching on its own, because the filesystem/buffers weren't good enough01:04
RoyKnow that has changed01:04
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chronosGood night.03:34
chronosAll of guys here use ubuntu server in production servers without any prob?03:34
chronosI need to mount a new server for my work that will use python 2.7 and ubuntu already have it native.03:35
chronosbut people like debian and I'm trying to search points of comparisson to use ubuntu server instead debian03:35
lost127points of comparisson really boil down to project philosophy and ease of use.03:36
lost127between debian vs ubuntu03:36
lost127ubuntu is debian with a little more polishing to make it shine a bit more.03:37
qman__in production, one of the biggest advantages of ubuntu is LTS releases03:52
qman__you can count on keeping the same major versions but still have security updates03:53
qman__they're basically the same in many ways, since, as mentioned, ubuntu is debian based03:55
qman__the differences are mostly in packaging, releases, and such03:55
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koolhead17hi all09:09
Davieyadam_g / RoAkSoAx: don't suppose you are around?13:31
Davieysmoser: around?14:04
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dkni changed out both the drives on my raid-1 boot drive, they resync'ed fine, i did however move them to different sata ports then the original, is that why nothing is loading when i reboot the server?15:16
RoyKany idea how I can change the default home directory path from /home/ to somewhere else15:19
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pmatulisRoyK: when creating new users you mean?15:20
RoyKfound it - /etc/default/useradd15:20
dknok i made sure the bios was pointing to the right boot drive... but i still get a blinking cursor after the bios detects all the disks.... do i have to update grub?15:25
RoyKdkn: is grub installed on that drive?15:26
dknahhh.... i guess not, ahh dang... i created the partitions, then added it to the array, i assumed the resync process would do the grub stuff15:26
dknis it easier to do it from a live desktop usb stick or a server recovery cd?15:29
RoyKrsync works on the filesystem - grub is outside of that15:29
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ertyuihow to set date  on command line16:03
RoyKman date16:03
ertyuidate how to set ?16:05
RoyKertyui: the manual says that quite clearly :)16:06
ertyuii dont understand the manual16:08
RoyK       -s, --set=STRING16:09
RoyK              set time described by STRING16:09
ertyuijust a sec16:11
ertyuithis is what i done16:12
ertyuidate -s “25 DEC 2008 13:45:00″16:12
ertyuithis is what i got16:13
ertyuifor that : http://paste.ubuntu.com/704511/16:13
RoyKthen read the error message - it says 'Recognized formats for TIME.....'16:14
ertyuiwell how to written this one in number ? [[[[[YY]YY]MM]DD]hh]mm[.ss]16:14
RoyKertyui: transfer $100 to my account and I'll give you a one-liner for that16:15
RoyKYYYY is the year in four digits ... [something] is something that may be omitted16:15
ertyuithis one not working16:18
ertyuidate -s 2011-10-08 18:01[:30]16:18
dknah,,, can i run rescue mode from a server usb stick?16:18
RoyKtry without [:30]16:19
RoyKdkn: yes16:19
dkni'm stuck at the load cd drivers, and load files from cd16:19
* RoyK can only conclude that good old PCI sucks rather badly on performance16:20
ertyuisame error16:20
ertyuidate -s 2011-10-08 18:0116:20
RoyKadd quotes around the date16:23
RoyKdate -s "asdf"16:23
ertyuiperfect RoyK16:26
iToasti have a ubuntu server 8.416:26
ertyuican we talk about firmware here ?16:26
iToastHow do i setup a damn static ip >:C16:27
ertyuiis it easy to build firmware based on ubuntu ?16:27
RoyKiToast: /etc/network/interfaces16:27
iToastRoyK: i tried.16:28
iToastwhat do i put for network?16:28
RoyKiToast: the network address ;)16:28
iToastIll tell you want i want and know...16:28
RoyKiToast: pastebin your current interfaces file16:28
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:28
iToasti can't?16:28
iToastthe machine its on isnt able to get on the web.16:28
RoyKmy guess is your network will be
iToastsaid it cant put it up.16:29
RoyKdriver issue?16:29
RoyKtry setting the address manually - ifconfig eth0
iToastthe drivers are fine16:30
iToastit reconizes every bit of hardware :)16:30
ertyuican you do this two line iToast16:30
ertyuiifup eth016:30
ertyuithen /etc/init.d/network restart16:30
ertyuithen ping the your ip16:31
RoyKertyui: no need for the ifup first16:31
RoyKand it's /etc/init.d/networking restart16:31
ertyuican you do16:31
ertyuicat /etc/issue please16:32
ertyuiand paste it here16:32
RoyKertyui: are you drunk?16:32
iToastthat didnt work16:32
iToastertyui: i cant....16:32
iToastmy main box is windows, my first server is windows16:33
iToastMy new webserver is ubuntu16:33
RoyKiToast: any particular reason for using hardy?16:33
RoyKthat is, 8.0416:33
iToastRoyK: Just what i had on hand, and it works with everything i have16:33
RoyKiToast: ok16:33
RoyKiToast: 10.04 is the latest LTS release - should work too - but then - hardy works well as well16:34
iToasti have network netmask adress broadcast and gateway sent.16:34
ertyuiwell RoyK is it easy to build firmware ?16:34
ertyuifor router ?16:34
iToastit tells me  that im missing some lines....16:34
iToastThe ubuntu wiki isnt even helpful since its impossible to get through16:34
ertyuiwhat tell missing ?16:34
RoyKiToast: can you please try to pastebin the /etc/network/interfaces file? even if you have to type it16:34
iToastcant D:16:35
iToastits just a default config changed to static from DHCP16:35
ertyuiif you can't go away iToast16:35
ertyuiseriously you asking for help and don't want to cooporate16:35
ertyuithat's not cool16:36
RoyKiToast: set eth0 auto and correct address and never mind the rest - that should allow you to connect to the machin on the LAN16:36
iToastRoyK: What do you mean?16:36
RoyKor auto eth016:36
iToastin the interfaces file it has auto eth016:36
RoyKiToast: I mean 'auto eth0' ..... 'inet static' ..... address 192.168.2.whatever16:37
RoyKand restart networking16:37
RoyKor reboot16:37
iToastRoyK: and it will do the rest...?16:37
iToastIl try16:37
RoyKyou can do the gateway and network and netmask etc later16:37
ertyuihello anyone16:53
ertyuiRoyK: i setup the time16:54
ertyuibut if i reboot my box16:54
oakboxHi all, does anyone here have knowedge on noip2 and using it to update bind?  I have a script that will update bind and noip will run it when ever my ip changes.  The problem im having is I then have to restart bind manually, which defeats the object!16:54
ertyuii have to set the date again16:54
ertyuianyone other way to sync it ?16:54
ertyuiautomatically ?16:55
oakboxertyui, you could use a NTP (i think) service to sync your time to...16:55
RoyKertyui: apt-get install ntp16:56
RoyKertyui: please try to google first - the answers are all there :P16:56
ertyuiok thanks16:57
dkni'm still stuck trying to install grub to my new raid disks16:57
dknall the articles assume you're doing a regular HD..16:58
dknor you're creating a new array17:00
RoyKdkn: raid what_17:00
dkni had a raid 1, i changed out one disk, let it sync back17:00
dknthen changed out the second disk, let it sync back17:01
RoyKiirc linux needs a separate /boot partition for the boot17:01
RoyKdunno if grub understands md17:01
RoyKit does17:01
dknit's supposed to understand raid 1 i think...17:01
RoyKbut it needs to be raid-117:01
oakboxNo takers for help with restarting bind from a script without privileges? :)17:03
dknhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID i'm trying to run grub-install /dev/sde, but i get this... http://pastebin.comQsSYr01V17:04
dknsorry http://pastebin.com/QsSYr01V17:04
* RoyK listens to The Asylium Years17:08
oakboxdkn, silly question but does /dev/sde exist on your system?17:09
RoyKas for what oakbox said - cat /proc/partitions17:09
dknyup, it's showing up in fdisk -l with the two partitions, 4gb swap partition, and 70gb root partition,17:09
dknalso shows in /proc/partitions, and gparted17:10
dknweird hunh?17:11
dknboth the server, and the live stick are 10.04 lts17:11
* RoyK is down to 43˚C ib his drives after installing a fan......17:12
RoyKit was close to 70˚C last night :P17:13
RoyK70˚C doesn't seem too good for most drives :P17:14
dknany takers? really need to get this system up and running17:14
dkninstalling grub to disks already in a raid set that you can't boot into yet17:15
patdk-laphmm, my drives are pretty consistant, in this case, 35-3717:16
GeekyAdamhi all. can't get teamspeak-server to work. i do "sudo apt-get install teamspeak-server", it installs, seems to be up and working, i can log into it from my desktop with http://server.ip:14534 and change settings and users, but i cant connect with a teamspeak client and on the server when i do "nmap localhost" i dont see any teamspeak port(s) open.17:16
RoyKGeekyAdam: wtf - has teamspeak gone open?17:18
RoyKGeekyAdam: try mumble17:19
GeekyAdamRoyK: what do you mean? open-source? i dont think so. found it in default repos though17:19
GeekyAdamRoyK: i'd like to get TS working if possible.17:19
RoyKGeekyAdam: try mumble - it's better17:19
GeekyAdamRoyK: how so?17:20
RoyKseems teamspeak has changed license to BSD17:21
RoyKthat's good :)17:21
RoyKGeekyAdam: mumble is open and free and utilizes speex17:23
GeekyAdami have a feeling its something on my end or a server-side setting because i recently tried to get a Q3A server up and all looked fine, but the server didn't open any ports just like now...any ideas why that might [not] happen when installing a piece of server software on ubuntu server?17:23
RoyKthat's a good gaming voip thing17:23
GeekyAdamRoyK: whats the max users?17:23
RoyKno max users17:23
RoyKmax == what your server/connection can handle17:23
RoyKso if your machine can handle 1k users, well, fine17:24
oakboxGeekyAdam, have you checked things like firewalls?17:24
GeekyAdamoakbox: i've checked my desktops firewall, no problems there...i never installed one on the server, it doesnt install one by default does it?17:25
oakboxnot sure tbh ;)  check your iptables on the server would be my first place to look...17:27
GeekyAdami was afraid of that. i have no experience with iptables. i thought ubuntu-server kind of always did that on its own when isntalling software from repos?17:30
koolhead17GeekyAdam: Ubuntu is different :P17:46
GeekyAdamkoolhead17: how so?17:55
koolhead17Ubuntu is about simplifying things :)17:56
koolhead17RoyK: hody17:56
GeekyAdamkoolhead17: right, which is why ubuntu automatically sets up iptables when installing a software package from repos, right?17:57
RoyKkoolhead17: hi17:57
koolhead17GeekyAdam: i have not used iptables so cant say about that :P17:58
dknwow that was fun....19:38
dknfyi, server recovery doesn't work on a usb stick....19:38
dknand reinstalling grub on a server with 16 disks is really really confusing19:39
dknif my routes are all pointing to the right interface, br0, and br0 has an ip, why wouldn't my network connection be working? i can't even ping my router21:07
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dmc68aHello Everyone, I am checking on here to find a Developer who is pretty much a guru+ when it comes to Drupal. I am forming a very very elite team to handle time sensitive quick turnaround projects and I will need one front end and one back end developer. They must have incredible resumes that can be sold to clients. If you know this person please have them email me at wheresdave @22:02
dmc68agmail.com If you have any further questions private message me in the next 5 minutes. US Citizens only at this time please.22:02
Kiallwow - i hope that guy finds some really "elite" developer who turns out to be an idiot ;)22:05
ZanzacarHaha thats pretty funny.22:18
JanCall of 5 minutes?22:21
KiallJanC: he will probably move to another server to continue spamming .. ;)22:23
koolhead17that was quick22:32

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