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andrejzcan anyone confirm a translation bug for me?12:18
head_victimandrejz: not sure, link it and I'll see12:21
andrejzopen the dash, start typing something12:21
andrejzif you have some music files which match12:21
andrejzyou will notice category "Music" is not translated12:21
andrejzbut Programs and Files and Folders are12:22
head_victimAh, I use an English based language :/12:22
head_victimI'll fire up a VM and change it12:22
trijntjeandrejz: what lens is that? Things look translated for me12:57
andrejzdefault lens13:07
andrejzjust press Win key and type13:08
andrejzmake sure you have some hits in your music, otherwise you won't see it13:08
trijntjeandrejz: you are right, the category 'Music' is untranslated in the main dash view13:11
trijntjeI would guess its not translatable, since unity is fully translated in my language13:14
andrejzthe same with us13:30
andrejzwe have 100% coverage this cycle13:30
andrejzit's funny cause i alreaday reported applications and files and folders untranslated a week ago, but forgot the music13:31
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NumbskullEvening all20:04
NumbskullHow would one go about getting involved with translating parts of Ubuntu, is it best to just ask here?20:04
trijntjeNumbskull: its probably best to contact the translation team for your language20:37
Numbskulltrinjntje: How would I go about doing that, through Launchpad?21:40

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