AlanBelloh dear czajkowski06:42
czajkowskibest not to come near me06:42
czajkowskifoul form06:42
pepitogood morning!07:43
pr0ph3tmorning all08:17
pr0ph3tI'm having some problems uploading my music on ubuntu one from oneric, can anybody help me out please?08:20
pr0ph3tI have 2.9 Gb of music to upload but it always stops syncing before really completing the upload08:21
pr0ph3tit says file sync is up to date but it's not08:22
pepitoanzone know how to join the mailing list_08:24
Andres-kaingood morning. i hope someone got good night sleep08:30
dwatkinsI think I did, not sure though - still waking up.08:31
czajkowskipr0ph3t: ask in #ubuntuone but it's a saturday and very early in the morning08:32
pr0ph3tczajkowski, thanks08:33
pr0ph3tanyone else getting the same issue?08:33
Myrttimeh, I should pack...08:35
dwatkinspr0ph3t: I don't know much about it, but have you tried form the command line, in case it gives you a more useful error to google?08:36
pr0ph3tdwatkins, I was not aware of a command line version, or do you mean starting it from the command line?08:38
dwatkinsI believe so, pr0ph3t: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/u1sdtool.1.html08:39
dwatkinsI only have ssh or very slow graphical access to my Ubuntu 10.10 machine, being 450 miles away from it, but this reminds me I should set up a directory to sync with it.08:40
* Myrtti likes SpiderOak08:40
dwatkinsAh yes, I was planning on trying that out too, thanks Myrtti.08:41
dwatkinsDoes anyone currently using SpiderOak want to give me a code so they might get free additional storage or something?08:41
Myrttidwatkins: https://spideroak.com/download/referral/eb01e09153ee18dd6133848a1d597e6008:45
Myrttiyou get additional storage too with it08:45
dwatkinsthanks Myrtti :)08:46
pr0ph3twhy not Ubuntu One Myrtti?08:48
brobostigonmorning everyone.08:50
Myrttipr0ph3t: encryption08:51
popeyshould banshee be able to see the music on my iphone?08:51
popeyI'm pretty sure it did in the past08:51
Andres-kainit did with my itouch i seem to recall.08:52
* popey does some bug chasing08:53
Myrttibackpain doesn't bode well for the flight08:54
Andres-kainryan air booking worked?08:55
Myrttisecond time a charm08:55
Andres-kaindid the price go up second time? heard rumour about that...08:56
Andres-kainsomething to do with cookies08:56
Andres-kainmight have been fud08:56
Andres-kainagain, 11.10 celebrateubuntu youtube is video very good. shared it loads.08:58
Andres-kainolaya waking up second time singing. priceless.09:00
Myrttiyeah, booking prices do actually go up because of cookies on Ryanair, when you are reserving09:02
MyrttiI fortunately were checking in.09:02
pepitolol @ Andres-kain.... I think I finally hit the sack around 2:3009:05
constrictorare there xubuntu 11.10 users here?09:06
pepitookay I am a brandnew ubuntu user (11.4) and I gotta say I am BLOWN AWAY09:08
constrictorpepito: in a good way or a bad way09:08
pepitojust discovered and installed it last night, quite by happenstance out of frustration stemming from the evilness that is Windows....@ constrictor -in a GOOD way-09:09
pepitobut I do have a TON of questions09:10
constrictorpepito: I suppose you're in the right place09:10
pepitolol I think so09:10
pepitolast night was already a huge help, just getting it installed, thanks to Andres-kain and Pernig (sp?)09:11
pepitoI can't stop being amazed by this09:11
pepitobut I keep hitting some brick walls, and I think it is mostly because I am extremely IT illiterate09:11
constrictorhappens to the best of us09:12
constrictorany particular issues you have?09:12
pepito:)   like for example, I cannot play any of my music with banshee (lots of wma files, lots of mp4 files, but even mp3 files wont play) but they will play in the movie player09:13
pepitoI downloaded the plugins that were automatically found, but after doing so I got a message saying they were insufficient09:13
pepitoyoutube videos wont play without a plug in, but I get a message saying there is no plug in to be found for flash player09:14
constrictorhave you installed a package called ubuntu-restricted-extras ?09:14
pepitono.  and I am wincing right now because it sounds really technical and as much as I would like to learn about this stuff I get clueless.   Pernig had to walk me through literally step by step last night#09:15
pepitowhere do I find ubuntu restricted extras?09:15
constrictorjust start up your synaptic package manager and type in the search ubuntu-restricted09:16
constrictorthat should find it09:16
brobostigonsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras in terminal.09:16
pepitothe synaptic package manager is... :-S09:16
pepitowhat used to be the windows button?09:16
constrictorthat's it brobostigon, i was going for the GUI approach09:16
brobostigonconstrictor: ok, good point, maybe better.09:17
constrictorclick on the ubuntu icon, for the applications09:17
pepitookay done09:17
constrictoror perhaps it's the button called system not sure09:17
constrictori don't use gnome09:17
constrictorlet me know how you get on09:18
brobostigonor from terminal, gksudo synaptic09:18
pepitoI am really confused09:18
pepitothink of me as a drooling three year old09:19
brobostigonpepito: hit the button in the top left, in the search, type synaptic.09:19
pepitookay got it!09:19
constrictorgood now search for ubuntu-restricted-extras09:19
pepitofour options pop up09:20
pepito3 look the same09:20
pepitoon says ubuntu-restricted-addons09:21
constrictorare you able to list them out here for us09:21
pepitoI assume it is not that one09:21
constrictornah you want the one that says ubuntu-restricted-extras09:21
pepitothe other three all say ubuntu-restricted-extras and have the number 43 next to them09:21
pepitowhatdoes the number mean?09:21
pepitoah okay, latest version...09:21
pepitoso they are probably all the same program?09:22
constrictorthey are all the same but for different desktop environments09:22
constrictoryou don't want the kubuntu-restricted-extras nor xubuntu-restricted-extras you want the one that starts with only U09:23
constrictorso ubuntu-restricted-extras09:23
pepitookay I didnt even notice the lettering difference...09:23
pepitothanks for that09:24
pepitoI can build beautiful wood furniture in my sleep, and am really good at drawing.    Just to make myself feel better :)09:24
pepitookay it says I will have to remove some other applications.   should be okay, right?09:25
constrictorI believe that should be alright, they will be replaced by something else09:26
pepitookay.   I marked it for installation, and it automatically checkmarked the addons as well.  I assume it knows what it is doing09:26
constrictorit should be replaced by libavcodec-extra-5209:27
constrictorand libavutil50 will be replaced by labavutil-extra-50 consider them as upgrades09:28
pepitoI can only aspire to be as on the ball with this kind of stuff as you guys.   how you retain this kind of stuff I can only guess comes with lots of experience09:28
pepitookay so once I have marked them as downloads it does the rest automatically?  or do I need to initiate the installation process09:28
brobostigonpepito: it has taken a decade, and i am still learning, everyday.09:29
constrictorpepito: it comes with time I think09:29
constrictoryou need to click apply at the top09:29
constrictorthere will be some windows opening randomly to confirm that you accept some license of some sort, i think it's for fonts just tick the box and click forward when it comes up09:30
pepitoI really appreciate this stuff09:30
constrictorI also appreciated it when I was new09:31
pepitoI can't stop being amazed at this entire world of ubuntu, not just an amazingly well designed OS but the entire community behind it and the principles on which it all operaties09:31
pepitolinux, all of it.09:31
pepitoI had no idea it had ever existed until last night09:32
pepitoall i ever knew about was mac and windows09:32
constrictorthere's a really helpful wiki too09:32
Andres-kainyep felling never left me either. i became a real pain to my friends.09:32
pepitoo/ andres-kain09:33
pepitothought you left again09:33
Andres-kaini just posted 7 times a video from celebrateubuntu.09:33
Andres-kainleft but now on a short break from chores.09:33
pepitoI want to watch the youtube vids but they wont play yet09:34
Andres-kainhow are you getting along?09:34
popeypepito: ubuntu-restricted-extras will install adobe flash09:34
popeypepito: which will mean you can watch youtube videos09:34
Andres-kaingo to youtube.com\html509:34
popey(if you haven't instaleld it already)09:34
constrictorhi popey09:34
Andres-kainand say you want to opt in.09:34
pepitoI am trying to glean as much info as I can from various sources -that is really good to know popey- without questioning the room here to death09:34
pepitothe problem is its mostly written by techies for techies and it is entirely over my head lol09:35
constrictori wish bbc i player would do the HTML5 thing too09:36
Andres-kaini think next time you install ubuntu (for a friend) check a box that says "third party" software to install09:36
popeyconstrictor: they do, technically :D09:36
popeyconstrictor: I use get_iplayer09:36
Andres-kainfor bbc i use get-iplayer09:36
constrictorhow do I get_iplayer09:36
popeyit is, but thats old09:37
popeythere's a git repo09:37
Andres-kainbbc now have a linux client as well for downloads09:37
popeyyou also need flvstreamer or rtmpdump if you want to get HD stream dumps09:37
pepito@Andres-kain: I entered that address in my bar and it says it doesnt exist09:37
popeypepito: slash is the wrong way round09:38
constrictorAndres-kain: that's an adobe AIR application I think09:38
Andres-kainmight have typed it wrong. www.youtube.com/html509:38
Andres-kainopt in.09:38
popeynot all videos work in html5 on youtube though09:38
popeybest to just install ubuntu-restricted-extras then you get flash, and can watch any video09:38
Andres-kainand you will be able to see most except the ones with ads. so win win09:39
popeywell, not win if you actually want to watch those videos :D09:39
gordi have html5 mode enabled *and* flash installed :) generally a good idea to install flash09:39
popeyoo yay, compiz crash09:40
pepitookay I just opted in.   what is it exactly?   a better player?09:40
Andres-kainif you do not want to get into free-libre software dilemas. i do not have flash. but lets not go there.09:40
popeypepito: have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras?09:41
Andres-kainhtml5 is kinda like an advanced web language. you opted to translate flash language to html5 (html5 is open source flash isn't)09:41
popeyone step at a time09:42
Andres-kainyes. sorry i'll leave you in popey's capable hands09:42
Andres-kainbest get flash for starters.09:42
Andres-kaintimes up. see you!09:43
ali1234"normal" people that i know are starting to appear on google+09:44
popeysame here09:44
pepitookay okay09:46
pepitosorry I got distracted by my midget09:46
pepito(midget=3 yo son)09:47
pepitoso heres another question, already09:48
gordno one fills out the about section on google + so i have no idea who half the people that add me are :(09:48
pepitoI am new to irc chat since last night, but I can already tell I will on here a lot09:48
ali1234gord: you just keep saying that because you want more people to add you...09:49
pepitofrom the ubuntu uk website they mentioned using other programs to get on the chat (it IS kind of a pain in the ass to use the webbrowser)09:49
pepitoso I began exploring those options and I got confused.09:49
pepitothat happens easily09:49
pepitowhat is the best way to set up irc use and access for frequent and easy use?09:50
ali1234it depends09:50
pepitoon what exactly?09:51
ali1234on your preferences09:51
ali1234and what your idea of "easy" means09:51
brobostigoni have irssi + bitlbee inside byobu, on my vps.09:51
popeypepito: xchat-gnome09:51
popeyis generally considered easy for beginners to ubuntu09:52
pepitoeasy means my kid could figure it out.  then I have a fighting chance09:52
pepitoxchat-gnome.  okay googling now09:53
ali1234there are basically 4 options09:53
ali1234if you want it to be super easy xchat-gnome is best09:53
ali1234if you want it to look nice, then empathy09:53
brobostigonalso nice gnoem3 integration with empathy, :09:54
ali1234if you want it to look kind of nice but still work, then pidgin09:54
ali1234and if you want it to run in a shell then irssi09:54
pepitookay good point.  I noticed the empathy messaging09:54
pepitoI figured out how to sync it with FB09:54
ali1234empathy has irc support but it is pretty much worthless09:54
pepitobut thats as far as I got09:54
pepitoI assume I can connect it to various other chats, like irc09:55
ali1234not as many as pidgin though09:55
Myrttiempathy is fairly horrible IRC client09:55
Myrttipidgin is moderately so09:56
Myrttixchat-gnome is an improvement, xchat is ok.09:56
ali1234pidgin has many nice features not present in any of the other "multiple IM" clients09:56
pepitoso to summarize, simply xchat-gnome is best in terms of easiness09:56
Myrttipretty much yeah09:56
ali1234xchat-gnome comes preconfigured to connect to this channel, so it's pretty easy09:56
ali1234i don't think we ever figured out *why*, but there you go09:56
pepitowill xchat-gnome sync other chat formats too, like FB?09:57
ali1234irc only09:57
pepitookay, no big loss09:57
ali1234other than it being preconfigured, it isn't particularly easy to use09:57
pepitoI dont often chat on FB anyway09:57
brobostigonyou could connect it to a bitlbee server. to get those other protocols. ?09:57
ali1234or you could just install pidgin09:57
pepitoso I am looking at a website about it, and it is unfortunately full of jargon I dont quite grasp09:57
pepitoxchat-gnome packages can be obtained from repositories of almost all GNU/Linux/Unix/*BSD distributions that offer the GNOME desktop environment, so see your package management softwar09:58
pepitowhat the hell does that mean???09:58
popeypepito: Ubuntu Software Centre09:58
popeyopen that, search for xchat09:58
popeythats the "package management software"09:58
jacobwpidgin can do facebook chat09:59
pepitookay okay....09:59
pepitoso I have already in my system...09:59
pepitowhat is listed here?09:59
popeysome of it09:59
pepitoor are these only reccomendations based off my search?09:59
ali1234you have empathy already09:59
popeythe software centre is a place where you can install new stuff09:59
popeyin ubuntu we tend to recommend people use that10:00
popeyrather then pick software from random websites found via a google search10:00
pepitoaside from it being apparently much more intuitive and user friendly is there a particular reason why it is more reccomendable?10:00
pepito(Im thinking safety issues maybe?)10:00
popeyyou will get security and bug updates10:01
ali1234the software in software centre has been "approved" by ubuntu developers10:01
popeywhich you wont get if you install from a random 3rd party website10:01
ali1234possibly not directly, however there is a chain of trust10:01
popeythat too :D10:01
pepitoaha ok that is really cool10:01
popeyit also makes stuff easy to remove10:01
ali1234btw software centre and synaptic both get packages from the same place10:02
popeyso you can install all those chat clients via the software centre, and if you dont like them, remove them10:02
ali1234you can use whichever one you prefer10:02
pepitothat brings up another good question.   what is the difference?  why both?10:02
popeyUSC looks nicer :D10:02
ali1234synaptic is an advanced interface10:02
ali1234software centre has paid apps in addition to the traditional free software stuff10:03
brobostigonaptitude is like synaptic, but ncurses.10:03
ali1234aptitude is a mess :(10:03
popeybrobostigon: I suspect the word 'ncurses' means nothing to pepito10:03
pepitopopey is RIGHT10:03
popeyHappens once in a while10:03
brobostigonpopey: good point,10:03
popeyYou got lucky.10:03
brobostigonit is similer to synaptic, but command line.10:03
ali1234pepito: ncurses is a tool that lets you make graphical style interfaces on the command line. which is pointless and annoying imo :)10:04
pepitolol I will take your word for it since it all sounds really really alot like something I need a two year degree to understand10:05
ali1234pretty much10:05
pepitobaby steps to the elevator for me10:05
popeypepito: you're picking this up quickly :D10:05
pepito(extra kudos if you recognize the movie reference)10:05
popeyI don't10:05
pepitothanks popey.  I am a sharp tool, I just have never been in this realm before, and it is like being born again, but into a bright and fascinating new world10:06
* AlanBell is at a magic show10:06
pepitoI cant mention enough how great it is to have this kind of a help resource10:06
brobostigonwe try, :)10:07
popeyAlanBell: jelly and ice cream later?10:07
AlanBellno, sadly10:08
AlanBellat the library10:08
pepitoon a sidenote similarly related, I have been studying up a lot over the past year or two on alternative economies, especially gift economies and the like, which is exactly what ubuntu is and it is really neat to see these principles in action and actually working10:09
pepitoI reccomend Charles Eisenstein for anyone who has an interest in the subject.10:09
ali1234seen bitcoin?10:11
pepitoI just recently discovered it like, a week ago10:11
pepito!!! awesomeness to the 3rd degree!10:12
lubotu3pepito: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:12
pepitolol well for an unintelligent bot you have a stunning amount of wit10:12
pepitoali1234: what is your take on bitcoin?10:12
pepitoquestion goes for anyone in the room who is somewhat familiar with it....   I loved it from a principle point of view, but as a non techie I have no idea as to the functionality or feasability of it10:14
ali1234i wouldn't buy them10:14
ali1234however i would accept them10:14
ali1234the crypto side of it has help up well so far10:14
pepitoI wondered about that myself.... it seems as though cracking firewalls or whatever they are is always just a mattre of time10:15
pepitoit would take a sizeable amount of resources to keep the security up to snuff10:15
ali1234all the thefts and attacks so far have been based on wallet theft10:16
MartijnVdSali1234: that's the easiest way to do it really10:16
pepitothe major downside I see to it is that it is not a feasible system for a no-know-joe like me10:16
MartijnVdSali1234: Just like it's easier to torture your encryption password out of you than to try and break AES25610:16
pepitomeaning it seems as though to use it and grasp it you have to be an MIT grad10:17
ali1234it is perhaps too easy to use currently10:17
pepitoor employ one10:17
ali1234hence all the thefts10:17
ali1234anyway you can't really buy anything with them at the moment10:18
ali1234i think they are still over valued10:19
pepitotrue.   I think atm it is more or less a beginning phenomenon10:19
pepitoso I just discovered that for the software center to operate the synaptic must be closed10:20
pepito(see that?  I just used jargon and understood it)10:21
pepitoso now that my xchat gnome is installed, where should it appear for me to open it up?   its not in my launcher10:22
brobostigonpepito: as before, if you type into the search, it should filter to how it.10:23
brobostigonthat didnt make sense, i meant, it should then filter to the parameters you type in.10:25
pepitono i got it .....ok i am switching over10:27
pepitohow do i enter the chanel???10:28
brobostigonnot a clue, never used xchat, myself.10:29
gordonjcpurgh, xchat10:29
pepitogot it10:29
pepitohaha! i love new discoveries!10:29
pepito_new world10:30
gordonjcppepito_: now do /nick pepito to remove the underscore... ;-)10:30
=== pepito_ is now known as pepito
gordonjcpand you might want to register your nick10:31
pepito!!!!!!! friggin AWESOME10:31
pepitohow do I register it?10:31
ali1234 /msg nickserv help register10:31
pepitomy newborn is sleeping on my chest10:33
pepitoI love it, but makes it hard to type10:34
pepitookay nother question10:58
pepitosome youtube vids wont play and some will10:59
pepitoI assumed it was because I opted into the html5 test, but after opting back out the same problem persists10:59
pepitoit says I need the adobe flash player10:59
brobostigoncan you be more specific, define doesnt work?10:59
brobostigon!info flashplugin-installer11:00
lubotu3flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (natty), package size 8 kB, installed size 184 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)11:00
brobostigonpepito: install that package, that should install adobe flash for you.11:00
pepitonot finding it in the software center11:02
brobostigonpepito: try with synaptic.11:02
pepitook found it, it said somethuing about reinstalling.... guess i already had had it11:04
brobostigonyes. agreed.11:05
brobostigonthe metpackage, ubuntu-restricted-extras should have installed flash.11:05
pepitostill wont play the video11:05
brobostigonpepito: which browser are you using?11:06
brobostigonpepito: does it show in about:plugins ?11:06
pepito:s where is that?11:07
brobostigonpepito: type that into the address bar, and hit enter.11:07
brobostigonit shows the plugins, firefox currently sees.11:07
MartijnVdS(instead of http://something.com/ type about:plugins)11:07
brobostigonpepito: does it show flash?11:08
pepitoit shows...a bunch of ice tea11:08
pepitoa few quicktime11:08
pepitowindows media player11:08
pepitoVLC and DVX11:08
pepitoI see nothing about flash11:09
brobostigonthat means, firefox isnt seeing it, if it doesnt show it there.11:09
pepitois that a defect within firefox or a defect within my setup somewhere?11:10
pepitoiow, can I fix it?  or just get another browser?11:10
lubotu3To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:10
brobostigonpepito: it should show hoow to fix said error, on that page.11:11
pepitook I am looking at the site now, thanks.   already a question... how do I know if I have 64 bit or 32?   I did installations based on the assumption I had 32 last night, could this be a source of my problems?11:12
pepito<-----(doesnt know exactly what a bit is)11:12
brobostigonpepito: if you open terminal, and type "uname -a" and hit enter, it will tell you.11:13
gordonjcppepito: 32-bit is the safest option unless you have ridiculous amounts of memory11:13
gordonjcp99.999999999999% of users do not require 64-bit11:13
gordonjcpthe remaining tiny fraction of a percent don't, either11:13
pepitoam I getting too deep here?   what is terminal?    okay I am part of the 99%11:13
pepitolets forget about bits and terminals for now then11:14
brobostigonpepito: terminal, is a command line app.11:14
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: 64-bit + <4GB memory still increases the "Search space" if you're using address space randomization11:14
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: i.e. it's a bit more secure against memory overflow attacks11:14
pepitothat is what anonymous did on paypal and those other sites over wikileaks a while ago, right?11:15
Myrttino not really11:15
bigcalmGood morning :)11:16
pepitolol okay baby steps to the elevator11:16
pepitoit looks like I needed to completely restart my browser, I am doing that now11:16
pepitono, that wasnt it.... back to check the list again11:17
brobostigonsheldon, on big bang theory, just stated, ubuntu is his favorite linux based operating system. :)11:18
jacobwbrobostigon: i feel as if i should know which episode that is :P11:19
brobostigonjacobw: let me find out.11:19
brobostigonjacobw: an ep called, the staircase implementation.11:20
brobostigonjacobw: very close to the end.11:20
pepitoI figured it out!    I, me, this guy who just discovered ubuntu's existence less than 24 hours ago, has just figured it out!11:24
pepitoI am very pleased with myself.    ahem, not to mention awesome  help from y'all.  my youtube vids now work.11:25
dwatkinsexcellent, pepito11:32
pepitookay nother question!11:48
pepitoplaying around found somthing about preferred applications...11:48
pepitomost of it makes sense11:48
pepitothen there is something about mobility11:49
pepitooptions are either custom (current setting) or something called...11:49
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...11:49
pepitowhat is THAT?11:50
AlanBellonboard is an on-screen keyboard11:51
pepitookay.   and now I am watching a tutorial vid on ytube he is customizng his launcher via something called Unity or compizconfig or something11:54
pepitohe doesnt explain how to get there and I cant find it in my system11:54
brobostigoncompizconfig-settingsmanager. it is, you need to install that.11:55
brobostigonsorry, wrong spelling.11:56
AlanBellinstall compizconfig-settings-manager then run ccsm to launch it11:56
pepitopython-compiz along with it I take it11:56
AlanBellyeah, that is fine11:57
pepitoaaaaaah.   bitchin!11:58
brobostigonlhsee rocks, :)11:58
pepitoI'd give you guys all a cookie if I could.11:58
pepitonot the computer kind either11:59
pepitoI think you call them biscuits?11:59
pr0ph3tI'm having some problems uploading my music on ubuntu one from oneric, can anybody help me out please? I have 2.9 Gb of music to upload but it always stops syncing before really completing the upload, it says file sync is up to date but it's not.11:59
pr0ph3tI tried on ubuntuone channel as dwatkins suggested11:59
pr0ph3tbut it seems very few people are on today12:00
pr0ph3tI was just wondering whether you had a similar experience perhaps12:00
pepitoThe new value for the edge binding for the action Reveal Mode in plugin Ubuntu Unity Plugin conflicts with the action Flip Down of the Desktop Wall plugin.12:01
pepitoDo you wish to disable Flip Down in the Desktop Wall plugin?12:01
pepitodo I wish to disable Flip Down?  not sure what the wall plugin is, I am trying to make the launcher reveal from multiple sides of the screen12:02
dwatkinspr0ph3t: did I? oh :) I was thinking the command line tool might be helpful too12:02
dwatkinsYou should be able to see what each of them does in the help, pepito - or on the plugin website12:03
pepitook checking thanks12:03
dwatkinsIt's probably just that they use the same key.12:03
AlanBellpepito: you might well end up messing things up or getting a bit crashy playing with that stuff12:04
AlanBellbut do carry on playing, it is fun :)12:04
pepitolol good point12:05
pepitoreally all I want is to make the navigating a bit more intuitive.   The thing I like (or maybe am just used to) from windows was the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, quickly being able to jump from one window to the next12:05
pepitoI am sure that there is a way for that to work here too, but I havent figured it out yet12:06
pepitoI can't always see what all I have opened unless i open them individually on each of my four desktops12:06
pepitoI was hoping this might be a solution for that12:06
dwatkinsyou can always reset to defaults if you lose certain key combinations, right?12:06
dwatkinsI should install a recent Ubuntu in VirtualBox so I actually know what Unity is like.12:07
pepitoyes, thats a good point.  it has the default reset button right next to it, that makes it a little reassuring12:07
* dwatkins installs 11.0412:15
jacobwpepito: hold down the super (windows) key and all the programs on the launcher get a number to launch them12:17
jacobwpepito: unity can be keyboard controlled, which saves alot of mousing around12:18
ali1234dwatkins: unity doesn't work properly in virtualbox12:21
dwatkinsali1234: oh, that's a shame - even in fullscreen mode?12:21
ali1234unity2d works though12:22
dwatkinsok, I assume I can select unity2d at some point during installation or at login-time12:22
ali1234if you install 11.10 it will default to unity2d12:23
brobostigonyes, similer issues with gnome-shell, gnome3 fallback, works though,12:23
ali1234until you install virtualbox guest utils12:23
ali1234then it will think you have 3d acceleration and switch to unity12:23
ali1234and it will fail to work properly12:23
ali1234but then you can select it on the login screen12:24
pepitookay I played around with the superkey feature, and you are right... it is great for navigating except that it only goes to ten keys12:28
pr0ph3tif it wasn't that I'm using a beta release I would say I've wasted my money on Ubuntu one12:30
dwatkinsYou forgot to mention it's free, pr0ph3t ;)12:31
pr0ph3tdwatkins, I paid for it though, I wanted the 25Gb and the Music streaming option :P12:32
pr0ph3tadmittedly it is very cheap though12:32
dwatkinsIs that Ubuntu Gold?12:33
pr0ph3tdwatkins, what is?12:34
dwatkinsI was making a joke, pr0ph3t - there's a meme about paying for Facebook and having a "Gold" account which gives you extra functionality.12:35
AlanBellali1234: it works for me12:35
pr0ph3tI geddit12:35
ali1234AlanBell: well it doesn't works for me12:35
AlanBellnot denying that :) but from my experience it is worth trying, install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 from the repos in the guest and it works fine12:36
dwatkinsthank, I shall try this AlanBell12:37
ali1234it loads up, works for about 10 minutes, then crashes. in my experience12:38
dwatkinsis this a new install, ali1234?12:41
dwatkinsbah, I was hoping I'd be able to have lots of bells and whistles.12:42
ali1234i haven't done a upgrade since... years ago12:42
ali1234if you want that, install KDE12:42
dwatkinsMaybe I'll have to wait until I get a larger hard disk so I can triple-boot my laptop with it.12:42
ali1234(it does not work properly in virtualbox either)12:42
ali1234KDE reminds me of a department store at christmas12:43
AlanBellI have been using unity in a virtualbox for hours on end12:43
ali1234everything is glowing and shiny12:43
AlanBelldid a customer demo on it yesterday12:43
dwatkinsKDE seems to have loads of keyboard shortcuts12:43
ali1234but you just know there's a fat guy dressed as santa smoking a cig out the back12:43
dwatkinsheh, yeah - I'd be able to smell him ;)12:43
dwatkins(being an ex-addict makes me particularly good at detecting this)12:44
pr0ph3tan ex-KDE addict?12:46
* dwatkins sniggers12:47
constrictorwhen's release candidate dropping?13:06
brobostigonhave a look at the release schedule on the wiki. :)13:07
brobostigonignore that url, it isnt correct.13:08
brobostigonconstrictor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule13:09
AlanBell18:54 < skaet> AlanBell,  pre-release images are posted for testing on the ISO tracker http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/;  these are dry runs for the official candidates that will be cut on Monday, so testing is much appreciated.13:11
brobostigonthe new android market update to gingerbread, is quite more resource hungry, than the previous version. and i dont like all the ads, on the home screen of the app.14:03
DavieyHmm, you don't need to wait until RC.. very little is changing from the current spin to the RC.14:34
Davieyplease test early !14:34
* popey downloads the iso14:34
DavieyOh, please don't find bugs :)14:35
popeyheh, i have a machine where /var/run sym links to /run14:35
popeyand /run symlinks to /var/run14:35
popeyproperly broken14:35
popeynot sure how to fix that14:35
Davieyeek, i know the package that caused that!14:35
popeyits an old oneiric install I'm updating14:35
popeyprobably optimistic14:35
Davieypopey: i think you should just be able to delete /run14:35
Davieypopey: check /var/lock is valid aswell14:36
popeyand make /run14:36
popeyyay, thats better14:36
popeydpkg --configure -a continues okay14:36
DavieyI think it gets recreated if it doesn't exist14:36
popeyI wasnt sure which one to bin :D14:36
popeyit didnt for me, but it was in a sorry state14:36
popeyso i am not surprised :D14:37
Daviey /run is the king, the others are wannabe symlinks14:37
* popey restarts the dist-upgrade14:37
lubotu3Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:38
* Daviey is contemplating an installer change... :)14:39
popeyyay, all fixed14:41
* popey hugs Daviey 14:41
jacobwdoes anyone know of a utility that generates images like the one used here? http://xkcd.com/936/14:57
* jacobw wonders how difficult it'd be to make if it doesn't already exist14:57
dwatkinsjacobw: which part of that comic are you referring-to?14:58
jacobwhorse battery staple correct14:58
dwatkinsSo you want to make an image from some text?14:59
AlanBellbook + blindfold + pin14:59
jacobwno, i want to peice together an image from unlikely elements to get a passphrase from15:00
dwatkinsSo, choose random words from the dictionary then make an image showing them?15:00
jacobwAlanBell, that could be much simpler :)15:00
jacobwyes dwatkins15:00
dwatkinsImageMagick has an option to annotate text to an image in "convert" but I suspect this may be overkill.15:01
jacobwi think it is overkill now i'm thinking of the technical complexity15:02
dwatkinsshouldn't be difficult, much easier than the reverse (OCR) :)15:02
dwatkinsI imagine the simplest method would be to create a blank image then use "convert" to annotate it, the size of the image would depend on the number of characters, use a fixed-width font to ensure the size of the image itself is big enough etc.15:06
penguin42dwatkins: Actually, it will do convert foo.txt my.png   - although still need to work out image size15:10
dwatkinsoooh neat15:11
lubotu3Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/78415:13
gordonjcpjacobw: easy enough15:14
gordonjcpjacobw: investigate the cairo bindings for whatever language you are using15:14
dwatkinsjacobw: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/text/#label might help15:32
jacobwcheers gordonjcp dwatkins15:49
dwatkinswelcome :)15:49
danfishwindows is a parasite - my Dad has a dual boot ubuntu-xp system and after having to boot into xp to use a label printer found his MBR overwritten15:55
danfishno option to boot ubuntu15:57
dwatkinsdid it update itself, danfish?15:57
penguin42danfish: That's odd - anyway, can do a grub reinstall from a rescue cd15:57
danfishpenguin42: exactly - but there's an excellent live cd that does that and that alone - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:59
penguin42hmm never tried that15:59
danfishI got dad to download that and boot from it and bam - 2 mins later order restored16:00
* hamitron just has 1 comp per OS16:00
dwatkinsI wonder how it knows what to do.16:00
danfishhe's 250 miles away so not easy!16:00
hamitron>1 sorry16:00
danfishhe now wants me to 'nuke' xp at my earliest opportunity :D16:01
dwatkinsJust make it boot Ubuntu by default, just in case?16:01
danfishdwatkins: that's the odd thing, it was16:01
dwatkinsoh, strange that it would cause problems, then - I can only assume it automatically updated itself and overwrote the MBR when updating its kernel.16:02
danfishdwatkins: that's what I assume as well.16:07
danfishwhole family will soon be ubuntu :) I wonder if Landscape offer a family package ;)16:08
* penguin42 needs to do a bit of problem hunting on my dads oldest machine; its' a P2 400MHz so not exactly fast, but Lucid is really really crawling on it - even things like scrolling a terminal; recent Debian was OK speed wise16:10
danfishI think it might be kinder to put that processor out to pasture...16:12
Andres-kainsecond break of the day! yay!16:26
AlanBellI just crashed out with the OOM killer17:01
AlanBelland I only put an extra 5GB of ram in my laptop a couple of days ago17:01
AlanBellout of memory17:02
AlanBellthere is a process that goes round killing things if you run out of memory17:02
bigcalmSounds like fun17:03
AlanBellshould I update my laptop to Oneiric now I wonder17:03
MartijnVdSAlanBell: why not17:05
penguin42if you've just put more ram in and it's doing odd things, it might be a good idea to run a few hours of ram test 1st17:05
AlanBellpenguin42: interesting point, but it was an out of memory error rather than random crash17:06
DJones past17:07
DJonesIs Oneric at RC stage yet? Looking at the release schedule, it just says "pre release images" rather than RC as in the past17:07
AlanBellmonday will be candidate builds17:07
Joeb454AlanBell: what were you running to get OOM?17:13
AlanBellnothing much, firefox few other bits and bobs, maybe a gimp and inkscape doing nothing17:17
AlanBellsomething leaked no doubt17:17
AlanBelllooks like it was thunderbird17:19
Joeb454sounds like it. I think the only time I've ever come close to hitting even 4Gb is running a VM17:19
AlanBellyeah, I can see in the kern.log thunderbird-bin was using 3.5GB then 4GB and the OOM killer went round killing everything else and letting thunderbird just grow17:20
Joeb454don't you love it when things 'just work' ;)17:21
AlanBellOOM killer doesn't like killing things that use the disk apparently17:21
Joeb454actually that does make sense, because you'd risk having corrupt files if you killed something mid write17:22
AlanBellmakes sense, up to a point17:22
Joeb454up to the point over 3GB RAM is being used by 1 process?17:23
popeyoi gord! why is my machine coming up in unity2d?17:25
popeyintel sandybridge17:25
popey(same machine different install gives 3d unity)17:25
penguin42popey: What's difference between the installs?17:34
gordpopey, maybe packagng broke in upgrade/install? i don't know much about that kind of thing, see what unity --reset does though17:36
DJones!mn Matthew Reilly - Hover Car Racer (epub).rar17:37
lubotu3DJones: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:37
MartijnVdSDJones: uhrm...17:37
popeygord: nope, unity --reset doesnt fix it17:46
penguin42popey: Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for errors?17:46
popeypenguin42: one is upgrade, one is clean install17:46
popeyno errors17:47
penguin42(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)17:48
penguin42popey: This a machine which had an NVidia driver at one point?17:49
popeyooh, good call!17:49
popeysorry :D17:49
popeydisk was yanked from a machine with nvidia, forgot that17:49
gordoh dear ;)17:50
penguin42popey: Use jocket to uninstall the nvidia driver properly17:53
penguin42jockey even17:54
penguin42it's a pity the nvidia install screws stuff up so badly that the existing drivers don't work for other stuff18:05
MartijnVdSHmm.. have to get up early tomorrow18:08
MartijnVdSF1 at 6am18:08
hamitronMartijnVdS, nvm that, 2:40pm the replay?18:09
MartijnVdSreplays aren't as much fun18:09
* MartijnVdS is considering buying tickets for Spa next year18:09
hamitronwell, I shall for sure have to isolate myself from the world18:09
MartijnVdSJust the cheap ones ("bronze"?).. but I've never been to a race before18:10
hamitronI think this will be my last year of watching F118:10
MartijnVdShamitron: With the whole sky deal? I can imagine18:10
hamitronif half the races are on Sky, will be watching something like British Touring Car18:10
popeypenguin42: i suspect it's because i had an xorg.conf18:11
popeywhich i shouldnt have had18:11
hamitronI prefer the classic type of race tracks, to all these foreign fancy rubbish things18:11
hamitrongravel trap is sooooooooooo much better than pink paint18:11
hamitrongreen grass is nice too18:12
hamitronreal grass ofc18:12
hamitronMartijnVdS, I've been watching some Formula 3 recently18:13
* phillw hiyas guys... any ideas as to why I get this?... You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has been automatically rejected.  If you think that your messages are being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at ubuntu-uk-owner@lists.ubuntu.com.18:16
phillwmaybe lp has fallen out with google educational accounts, that would be fun :P18:18
AlanBellit isn't launchpad, it is mailman18:22
AlanBelland no, you are not intentionally banned from the list :)18:22
phillwAlanBell: trying to set up the google educational email system is a nightmare enough, without you guys bouncing it :P18:23
phillwAt present, it has gone on strike with itself :).... Ah, well, the more people report bugs, the better chance we have of them being fixed.18:25
AlanBellI am not one of the admins, popey or Daviey might be able to explain what is going on18:25
phillwAlanBell: I saw you stood down from council... Why?18:26
AlanBellI didn't stand down from anything??18:26
* phillw is sure you were you on old member old ubuntu council?18:27
AlanBellpopey (Alan Pope) will be standing down from the community council18:27
phillwah, I was close... alan :P18:28
DJonesAlanBell: Did you update your laptop to Oneiric? Just debating whether to do the same on mine18:32
phillwDJones: we are at RC stage, update if you wish... Just ensure you have a backup :)18:34
AlanBellDJones: doing a bit of a backup still18:34
DJonesphillw: I understand that, this will be the latest I've updated for quite a few releases18:34
DJonesLiveUSB works fine anyway18:35
constrictortried it a few weeks ago, the xfce variation that is. Not a bit unity fan18:45
constrictorhad to fall back to 11.04, I got an upgrade and got stuck in a loop during boot up18:49
* AlanBell wonders if a class 10 SD card is faster than a CD18:52
Adriannomlo.  how do i edit a grub2 menu item permanently?  /etc/grub.d/ right?18:53
lubotu3GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:54
brobostigonAdriannom: the latter page discribes it in good detail.18:54
Adriannomthat's what i've been reading18:54
Adriannombut it seems like editing the menu is more like programming18:54
Adriannomi need to remove the option about gfx payload18:55
Adriannomand it doesn't seem obvious which lines need to be commented or changed18:55
Adriannomi basically can't boot into ubuntu (or even the console) unless i remove that option in grub every boot18:57
hamitronif it was obvious and easy, it would not be so rewarding18:57
Adriannomhehe yeah, lovely.  however i want to use ubuntu, not fix it ;)18:58
brobostigonAdriannom: most likely in /etc/default/grub i reckon.18:59
Adriannombrobostigon, looked there, nothing.  i'm pretty sure it's in /etc/grub.d/10_linux - which is just a whole bunch of code and i have no idea how to fix it19:00
brobostigonAdriannom: me neither. sorry, i am just going by what is in that page.19:00
Adriannomaye, it's all changed from grub1, editing menus is now an epic undertaking ;(19:01
Adriannomactually screw this, i'm not spending any more time on 11.04.  back to 10.04 so i can actually get some work done19:02
Adriannomthanks brobostigon19:02
brobostigonok, sorry.19:02
Adriannomno worries :)19:02
Myrtti♥ UK19:03
* AlanBell is on oneiric on a live USB19:07
hamitronAlanBell, going well?19:08
* hamitron is looking forward to 12.0419:08
AlanBellgood so far19:09
AlanBellali1234: what was that dual screen close on the wrong screen bug number?19:09
ali1234bug 86570119:10
lubotu3Launchpad bug 865701 in unity (Ubuntu) "Maximized windows can be accidentally closed from wrong monitor." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86570119:10
* AlanBell clicks the me too bit19:11
AlanBellall seems to be working fine really19:16
DJonesAlanBell: About another 150 packages to download on my upgrade19:25
GirlyGirlDJones: Upgrading to oneric?19:26
AlanBellreasonably happy with oneiric on a live USB19:39
AlanBellcompizconfig-settings-manager seemed to fail to do anything at all, but I think it should on a real install19:39
* AlanBell runs do-release-upgrade19:40
AlanBellYou have to download a total of 1675 M. This download should take19:41
AlanBellabout 11 minutes with your connection.19:41
AlanBellnice :)19:41
dwatkinsMyrtti: what's your username on SpiderOak, please? I'm being asked it to add the referral bonus to our accounts. ta.19:46
Joeb454AlanBell: 11 minutes? At one point while downloading the GM release of iOS 5 earlier I still had 17 minutes to wait20:05
Joeb454worth keeping in mind I'd already got about 300/720 MB at this point20:05
GirlyGirlAlanBell: Upgrade done then?20:05
AlanBellinstalling packages20:10
AlanBellcould take quite a while20:10
AlanBellit has disconnected from wifi20:12
Myrttidwatkins: Myrtti, obviously :-P20:55
* bigcalm ponders drunk purchasing20:59
Joeb454bigcalm: if you have to ponder it's usually a bad idea :P21:00
bigcalmNothing in mind, just terribly bored21:03
bigcalmMaybe an SSD for my laptop21:04
Joeb454ah, that kind of drunk purchasing21:04
bigcalmOr for the revo21:04
Joeb454I'm good at that21:05
Joeb454I want an SSD for my laptop, but A) can't afford it, and B) the sizes are still too small21:05
bigcalmI have one in my workstation21:06
bigcalmImproved it no end21:06
andres-kainwow, tomboy has a bit too much dependancies for my taste...21:06
bigcalm50% used of 60gb device. Pleasing21:07
andres-kainmono this, mono that...21:08
* bigcalm ponts andres-kain at directhex :)21:09
andres-kainwhatś that?21:10
bigcalmWhat's directhex?21:10
bigcalmA user in this channel :)21:11
Laneywho can magically reduce dependency requirements?21:11
bigcalmI'm bored and easily amused :)21:13
AlanBellstill upgrading ...21:15
andres-kainOK, tomboy syncing... do any of you use irc in pidgin?21:18
andres-kainwhat is the addon name?21:18
andres-kainI only really want to connect to ubuntu-uk and maybe one other channel21:18
andres-kainso xchat seems overkill for me.21:18
dwatkinsMyrtti: thanks, I suspected that might be your login name :)21:27
hamitronandres-kain, didn't realise you needed an addon21:27
andres-kainhamitron you are probably right. I am sure I just do not know how to use irc21:28
andres-kainI think i just registered my nick.21:28
andres-kainyep there I am.21:29
andres-kaini am an idiot.21:29
andres-kainOK, no need for xchat now.21:29
dwatkinswho needs xchat? ;) <--- irssi user21:30
hamitronI actually like xchat21:30
directhexandres-kain1: counterintuitively, the increased *number* of tomboy dependencies in oneiric is paired with decreased *size* of dependencies21:31
directhexandres-kain1: there's 1 package per library, rather than bundling libraries together - so there are zero unneeded dependencies, ever21:31
=== dwatkins is now known as dominetd
directhexandres-kain1: the package names are also longer than they used to be. libmono-system-runtime-serialization-formatters-soap4.0-cil doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.21:35
andres-kain1dwatkins hamitron now i have google, facebook, twitter, identi.ca and #ubuntu-uk all in one place. Gwibber can keep facebook posts only. it was slowing down21:35
directhexwhich used to be libmono-system-runtime2.0-cil in natty21:36
=== dominetd is now known as dwatkins
andres-kain1directhex would the same thing happen in xubuntu?21:37
dwatkinsandres-kain1: in irssi, xchat or something else?21:37
directhexyes. it's a change in mono packaging between natty and oneiric21:37
DJonesHmmh, screen resolution on oneiric seems to be low, even though its reporting 1600*90021:37
andres-kain1dwatkins pidgin i think is the answer21:38
andres-kain1I just wanted something that would sync my conboy notes on my n900 with my netbook.21:38
andres-kain1via ubuntu one21:38
andres-kain1seems like tomboy is the only option.21:38
dwatkinsI'm not familiar with conboy.21:40
dwatkinsah I see, sync tomboy notes21:41
directhexgnote still has no u1 support afaik21:41
andres-kain1yeah gnote was my first option. I dont think gnote will ever have support for u1.21:42
directhexit just needs someone who cares to write the support. but nobody cares.21:44
andres-kain1really? I thought it was a licence thing...21:45
andres-kain1in a completely unrelated note. I have the board game of world of warcraft in spanish. Is anybody interested?21:45
andres-kain1no takers? wow, no one for wow? well maybe in freecycle.21:48
andres-kain1what about a ps2 with around 10 games, memory card two controllers and eyetoy?21:56
DJonesIs there a volumes_visible setting for Nautilus on Oneiric?22:04
andres-kain1what is ibus for? i keep thinking it will configure my keyboard seems like an advanced tool for something.22:18
bigcalmWhy doesn't get_iplayer see everything that the website does?22:23
andres-kain1what are you missing?22:24
andres-kain1I usually have all I want with it.22:24
bigcalmNewsjack, Mark Thomas: The Manifesto22:24
bigcalmFor example22:24
bigcalmBoth are radio programmes22:25
andres-kain1do other radio programs work?22:26
bigcalmCurrently listening to "So Wrong it's Right"22:26
andres-kain1sorry cannot help you there. I just used it for torchwood and dr who, and gpodder for radio podcasts (material world)22:27
andres-kain1bigcalm have you tried http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/install22:29
andres-kain1desktop client from bbc22:29
bigcalmI like keeping things for longer :)22:30
penguin42hmm reason why the slow machine is slow is because PA is battering the heck out of it spewing stuff to its log23:13
* andres-kain scratches head23:58

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