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GOVATENTI am currently playing around with mIRC on my windows partiton. Being that I love gui's I must say, I find xchat to be a lot cleaner and easier to use. 20:10
mhall119GOVATENT: there's xchat for windows, btw20:15
GOVATENTmind blown. :)20:18
GOVATENThow's it going? 23:29
crashsystemsgood, and you?23:29
GOVATENTgood. working on a research paper. "the history of the internet" :P23:30
GOVATENTschool paper. 23:30
crashsystemssounds like fun23:30
GOVATENTvery 23:30
GOVATENTalthough its more about how the internet has had an impact in societies23:31
GOVATENTlast i spoke to you, you were moving. how did that all go? 23:31
crashsystemsvery well. I'm living in sunnyvale ca currently23:33
GOVATENTglad to hear that. 23:37
GOVATENTi am trying to figure out what ill make of myself. 2 weeks left of school. no certs yet. 23:38
crashsystemswhat are you majoring in?23:41
crashsystemsGOVATENT ^23:43
GOVATENTits a Bachelors in Network Communications management23:44
GOVATENTmy courses were generic stuff23:44
GOVATENTcisco, ms, linux, um..just about everything related to telco stuff 23:44
crashsystemsif you decide you'd be interested in going into web security, let me know23:45
GOVATENTi need to decide what id like to work with and get the certs for it. 23:45
GOVATENTi assume your doing web security? 23:46
crashsystemsYesterday I had the opportunity to use an html5 audio tag in a cross site scripting injection. That pretty much made my day.23:47
GOVATENTmind blown. while i understand a fair amount of this stuff, its not my thing at all. 23:48
GOVATENTalthough i do enjoy doing network security. 23:48
crashsystemsmost of what I know I learned on the job23:48
GOVATENTI was avoiding applying for jobs cause i feel like even for entry level i want to make sure i really understand as much as i can. 23:49
GOVATENTI was actually thinking about trying to see if i can get in with military telecommunications23:50
GOVATENTare you going to make it to uds? 23:55

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